Thursday, September 23, 2004

What have we died for? On fighting other people's wars.

What have our people died for?
I'm writing this on Memorial Day; established by the Government to commemorate all the people who died fighting for it… and presumably our Country. Presumably, because what have our people fight and hurt and die for? Here's a overview, in roughly chronological order of all the wars the United States of America has fought, and some commentary as to why.

The American Revolution(approx 1775-1783)

Remember, pre-Revolution, Americans were British Citizens… they were Subjects of the Crown. So, the British Colonials were looking for a new opportunity beyond the long settled and parcelled up England that had formed a crusty class system. The lower classes, rather than crudding up British cities more than they already were, were encouraged to come to America. There, they settled new farms, businesses, and pushed west-no, the British Crown set a stringent limit on settlements west of the Appalachian Mountains. A settler, even after seven years of indentured servitude(willingly selling yourself into slavery) to get over here became trapped between breaking the law and heading out into the frontier, and all the Native Americans not happy you're invading, or trying to buy ever more expensive legally settleable land. They certainly didn't appreciate the taxes Britain levied to pay off the debts incurred from fighting the Seven Years War, which was certainly a world war. Populist anger grew…

The landed rich in America also resented England's policies; so much so they sought to assert their own colonial governments. The British Crown, being a imperialistic government, resented their colonials attempts at usurping authority so they sent troops to round up conspirators and confiscate arms. The Colonial British, having tasted freedom, were not so easily shackled to government authority as their modern day descendents are, so at Lexington and Concord they fought the Redcoats… and THAT'S when they can rightly begin to be called Americans!

It was eight years of desperate fighting, a British Civil War-ordinary, and some not so ordinary citizens, pitting themselves against their own government. The British were the strongest single empire on Earth and had more than enough resources to crush this rebellion. Yet, they didn't.


People romanticize guerilla warfare too much. Certainly if you know your battlefield and were willing to put up with whatever deprivations came along and were smart and resourceful and sucessful you can wage such hit and run raids for a long time. Sooner or later however, if you want victory, you have to take on the enemy force and defeat them. Guerilla fighters with scavanged and otherwise second rate arms and training are at a huge disadvantage because to win against a determined enemy you have to meet them on the battlefield and defeat them. This can only be done against a determined adversary if you develop resources and industry to turn out soldiers and their weaponry and this can only be done by securing territory to safekeep those resources and industry, or securing weaponry from a third party. We had France, yet they didn't have command of the seas-England did. And the British Army went nearly anywhere they wanted in their Colonies because despite our ingenuity, tenacity, initiative and our much better marksmanship, when the Redcoats bore down on you en masse they were nearly unstoppable. They were the 18th century version of our modern military.

So how the hell did the British lose the Revolutionary War?!

Certainly when isolated or caught by surprise the Americans could win, but force to force-no. The British had the Colonials at Bunker Hill, but they escaped "somehow" across New York Harbor under the cannons of the Royal Navy. They were left alone to half freeze to death at Valley Forge. There were plenty of battles where the British should've won. And Yorktown! The British willingly let their forces get sandwiched between the bitchslapped to death Colonials and the French navy?! With England ruling the seas and thousands of Redcoats in New York City(we never did capture it)? It was a 18th century Dien Bien Phu for the British, and a thinking man can contend that certain high up elements might've set out to lose.


The British had a caste based society(which we inherited) and those that commanded came from the upper end of that society. Yes there were incompetents and fools but there were also geniuses. The British commander in chief, Burgoyne, was such a genius and for him to be able to understand his opponent's many weaknesses and not expoit them, with the material advantages he posessed? He and those immediately under him had what it took to put this rebellion down.

He was a British Gentleman, a genius, and a Mason.

The Masons virtually dominated British high society… which meant they virtually dominated Colonial American high society. Their ranks were filled with nearly all the leading figures on both sides of the conflict. The Masons have stamped this Nation with it's symbology for two centuries. Our Federal Reserve Notes, our fraternal organizations, our architecture, our government and law-Masons have dominated America. The Masons are secretive and although you'd think they're just a bunch of businessmen, local polical hacks and cops who get together, higher up there are some serious circles of power who get together…

So whose to say the American Revolution wasn't thrown by the British generals? No other reason for American victory seems plausible. And saying that, is it totally out of the realm of thought that the reasons for the American Revolution were staged managed as well? As you read on, stage managed conflicts that whip up Righteous American Patriotism for viciously evil purposes become a staple of American history.
Oh, before we go on, I have a question: have any of you read the Paris Treaty of 1783 formally ending the Revolutionary War? To sum it up, why all the flowery language and concessions towards King George III? Didn't we win the damn war? You'd think we were still technically part of the British Empire. If that's true then what did our ancestors fight and freeze and die for?

Shay's Rebellion

America was independent. Under the Articles of Confederation, each State was almost like a independent nation only they pooled together for common defense. There were however massive debts from the war and in some of the states taxes were ruthlessly levied. In Massechusettes, farms were foreclosed on for missing a tax payment, and without a "safety net" those farmers and their families would perish. BUT, instead there was a rebellion, and a sucessful one because the tax collectors backed off. It would be one of the few sucessful standoffs against government authority in American History(ironic, no?).

Perhaps this is what prompted the Constitutional Convention-and did you know it was originally intended to amend the Articles of Confederation? The people who were in that convention had a different agenda-they were Federalists and they had a slick game plan. A banker's puppet, who were the creditors of the war debt, Alexander Hamilton pushed with all his might to sneak-SNEAK our current Constitution into being.

And it's funny. We give lip worship to it, yet most Americans today don't even know what's in it. Essentially, it gives a form of representative government that was designed to on the surface mollify the well educated, well armed People just enough not to stage another rebellion, yet have enough wriggle room to expand the government. Quietly. Which is exactly what happened. Their opponents, the even more barely remembered Anti-Federalists, didn't pick up on the game plan in time to derail it. Jefferson was in Paris being a diplomat-and he'd never go along with such crap. But our hero, the masonic George Washington certainly did and his moral leadership was crucial.

I recommend a book "Hologram of Liberty" by Kenneth W. Royce. Look for a distributor on the Internet and be ready for a rude awakening.

War of 1812-15

Round two between Great Britain and it's breakaway colonies, partly because our ships and men were being dragooned on the high seas for fighting the Napoleonic Wars. Really it was another world war between European powers and we got sucked into it because we weren't strong enough to NOT be. Britain invaded, and probably could've beaten us-but all they did was do some raids, bombard some forts, and probably kept us occupied on our own turf long enough to not make another dumb mistake and help Napoleon.

The American Wars of Conquest during the 19th Century

The various Indian Wars, the Mexican-American War, the annexation of Hawaii. It was the same hustle; poor white trash would be encouraged to stake out a homestead on some native's turf, or a business(by some Mason)would go in and do the 19th century version of Wal Mart and monopolize trade. The natives would get screwed, naturally go to war to free their land, and then the U.S. Cavalry would literally ride out of the sun to protect the white folks. Actually, they were tools and I bet more than a few saw through the b.s. But what does a soldier trained to obey orders and is used to butcher other people and steal their land to do? Social consciousness was out of the question for these basic 19th century types and the powers that be used that unfortunate trait to send our warriors and corporate thieves across the continent. On their backs was America expanded into a federal empire.

If I'm cracking on peoples concepts-too bad. It's past time for America to face itself honestly. What the hell do our soldiers fight for? Were we defending Red Cloud's freedom? Geronimo's freedom? Or were we dying for some blue blood chumps greed?

Civil War

500,000 dead. Nearly half the nation devastated. New, more terrible advances in weaponry developed and the power of the Federal Government expanded. Yeah, we freed the slaves but that was a wartime political move by Lincoln to further weaken the Confederacy. Fort Sumter wasn't blasted because Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation after South Carolina formally seceded. I'll say it again-the freeing the slaves thing was a cynical wartime ploy. Lincoln said it himself if not freeing the slaves would win the war, he'd do it.

Speaking of Lincoln; that election of 1860 was a strange one at that. Never before, and never again would there be a four ring circus of candidates. It was a turning point, and Lincoln's election (as a Abolitonist(?!)) guaranteed the South breaking away.

Why couldn't the government simply buy the freedom of the slaves or something? Did freeing the slaves really require the utter devastation the South endured? Did freeing the slaves justify making the federal government a unstoppable colossus? I'm sorry if you're black that your ancestors got a shit deal, but don't blame MY ancestors for that-they were brought over as rent-a-slaves and worked to death. But look at our government today, hiding behind the flag, the constitution, and buzzwords like "freedom". With 2 million or more laws on the books and nearly half our incomes taxed before we see it, are we not their slaves?

Spanish American War(1898)

The prototype of 9/11, or the USS Cole happened a century before in Havana harbor. the USS Maine, a old battleship parked in the middle of the harbor when it's coal bins-stupidly located next to it's ammunition-exploded. William Randolph Hearst sent his photographer to Cuba shortly before to make a case for war-and told him one would be made. It was. We fought the Spanish, who were by then a has been with some relic colonial territories. America on the other hand had just completed consolidating the west and needed some fresh brown skinned fools to whup ass on. And colonies. And so with that war, America became a world power.

World War One

There were no "good guys".

Imperial Germany didn't start the war, the Austro-Hungarian Hapsburgs did. And people forget that at the time a QUARTER of the Earth was under British rule. The Lusitania was a munitions ship gussied up as a passenger liner. And for all the evils of German submarine warfare, Great Britain had a blockade of German shipping that nothing could break. American billionaires made great fortunes in loans and armaments manufacturing during that war.

There were however victims. The tens of millions of brainwashed soldiers flung in suicidal charges against machine guns and poison gasses. A generation was gutted. Worse, civilization itself was blighted by the incredible trauma-like a great blood sacrifice. And yet more terrible weapons were produced.

What would history have been like if that nobody blue blood hadn't gotten himself capped in a open motorcade cruising like a idiot in hostile, occupied territory? Would the prosperity of Europe and America have trickled down to Asia, Africa, Latin America? Would there have been a World War if the peoples of the world insisted their governments stopped spending up to a quarter of their gross national products on vast armies and fleets of warships?

What the hell did America have to fight for if all the nations of Europe at the time were pretty much the same?

War is man's biggest folly, it's greatest vice. It acts like a tax on human progress and productivity, and lives. World War One traumatized the whole human race, enough for it to fight a second one.

World War Two

So those blue blooded Masons set the terms-set the screws to Germany after the armistice(they weren't defeated, they were settling for peace). They put the screws to that nation so bad it drove enough Germans desperate enough to vote for Adolph Hitler.

In today's terms, Adolph Hitler would've been called a nerd. As bad and stunting it is for the human race to degrade it's intellectuals in general, some need it. Hitler was one of the latter. All he did was mooch off his friends so he could watch cheesy Wagner operas and make paintings. In today's terms, he'd probably be a really off putting trekkie with permanent body odor.

But events and people were behind him, guided him as he was the right personality at the right time for the wrong cause. And he was a tool… until he got into power and turned renegade on his handlers and the whole human race. Hitler was a intellectual beserker, the love of war bred from being a psychotic in four years of trench warfare making him willing to throw the whole planet into the fire. Hitler's Nazi Party had serious cash behind it though. The Bush family. Henry Ford. Rockefeller. Right through World War Two, Standard Oil shipped oil to Spain, which shipped it to the Third Reich to power their U-Boats and Stukas and Tiger tanks. Certain factories belonging to Henry Ford were designated off limits to bombing.

Nobody lifted a finger to help the average Eastern European Jew being shipped off in cattle cars.

And Japan-we build them up, knowing they were imperialistic assholes, THEN turn around and be in shock when they acted like imperialistic assholes. So we embargo them, push them against the war, force them to risk going to war against us-when we're many times more powerful than they were. And presented them with a collection of obsolescent warships to bomb because we knew their plan down the line.

World War Two was no accident, nor was it Hitler and Tojo's sole doing. Elements planned the deaths of sixty million people for… well, the United Nations came into being. And the United States of America became the tool of global government. How else do you reckon the stationing of our forces in 145 foreign countries?


We Americans acted under United Nations authority-and the Soviet Union was a member! We HAD to give our battle plans to the Chinese and North Koreans. No wonder 53,000 of ours were murdered. Of course we murdered a couple million of theirs in turn… we are Americans, the most fearsome race of warriors on Earth. And for what? It's a stalemate.


We picked up from the French. How sad's that? This was yet another preventable war; Ho Chi Minh wanted to link up with us-literally wanting Vietnam to join the United States if you can believe that! But no-our leaders wanted to make more darker skinned enemies for us to whomp on. And we whomped on the Vietnamese for over a decade. We lost 58,000. They lost millions. And we straight up fought it not to win. Why go to war if you're not going to win? If you're going to go around being imperialists, at least have the desire to win.

Gulf Wars

We arm Saddam, then have April Glaspie encourage him to invade Kuwait-who were slant drilling into Iraqi oil fields across the border. I guess we needed to whomp some more weakling darkies and keep control of the oil…
The oil! Our blue blood Masonic elite conspire to make civilization dependent on a finite resource that's available in only a few strategic areas and create a oligarchy to control it's flow. So that's why we slaughtered a hundred thousand Iraqi solders, and bomb their nation for a decade after-and then finished conquering them and wrecking everything.

What are we fighting for? What have our brothers, sisters, parents and friends died for?

Freedom? That word's becoming sadly quaint, like "fair play" or "doing what's right".
Freedom's out. How about something more venal-prosperity? Are you more prosperous? If you're already rich and have no problem exploiting others, you probably are. Everyone else is either barely hanging on or falling down.

God? How does murdering others for their land and goods, or for a false sense of fighting for a just cause-how is that fighting for God? It isn't! Despite what American culture pushes, God does not want Wal-Mart, GE, and the Federal Government running the world. You shouldn't either.

We are all here on Earth, now. We are supposed to make this place better for those that follow after us, but we have allowed ourselves to be deceived and lulled into sleeping off the destruction of our civilization. We must fight for our land, our culture, our freedom and ourselves. We must fight all of this back to the point of willingly dying for it.

We must win back our world, and forge a new civilization of free individuals in free societies. A world of free nations counterbalancing and complementing each other so that all benefit and no one nation is in a position that the occasional collapse into degeneracy and imperialism will threaten the world. This free world must also put the tightest of reins on those whose power extends beyond borders, and affects a global influence. These institutions and individuals must not ever be permitted to influence legislatures, leaders, institutions, either publicly or in secret. They must be immediately and ruthlessly dealt with upon discovery as any traitor should. Same with any nation that falls into degenerate imperialism.

We must be willing to fight for freedom-our own and others. We must be willing to die for our freedom if it will help bring our final victory.