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We've been lied to.

They are not only deliberately hiding that the oil spillage is MUCH worse than their media advertises, they are lying about sealing the oil volcano-they haven't.  In fact they're doing their damndest to get you to go down to the Gulf Coast and breathe in all those VOC and corexit.  They're doing their damndest to get you to eat the poisoned seafood.  They're doing their damndest to cover this up-no evacuations as I thought they'd do-THIS IS AN ACT OF GENOCIDE AGAINST THE GULF COAST AND THE SOUTH, AND ULTIMATELY AGAINST THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE WHEN, WHEN ALL THAT OIL AND COREXIT GETS OUT OF THE GULF EITHER BY DRIFTING OR BEING SUCKED UP BY A HURRICANE!!

We have been extremely lucky on the hurricane part of this ecological 9/11 but our luck cannot hold out forever.

Prepare:  learn hydroponics, greenhouse growing.  Get involved in your local government so you can take it over via recall election-SO YOU CAN KEEP YOUR GREENHOUSES SO YOU DON'T STARVE.  Arm up and train.

We must hold those who have perpetrated this responsible.  By however means we can.

J. Croft

Houston, We Have A HUGE Problem ! ! ! (BP America is headquartered in Houston, TX)

Posted on August 29, 2010 by concernedcitizensofflorida

Compelling Evidence Points To A Different Well Being Capped

What would the world say, if the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico that gushed for 87 days, is not the same well location which BP identified to the world as the Gusher Of All Time?

BK Lim is a geohazards specialist who has dissected the entire “Macondo prospect gushing wells scenario” with the penetrating forensic analysis and well-honed investigative techniques. He has broken down so many facets of this apparent deception that one is left with only one conclusion.

When a foreign, multinational corporation perpetrates a deception in the marketplace, it is usually considered business as usual and life goes on without so much as a bleep on the radar screen.

If the US Federal Government, and especially the current Administration which has enabled so much of what has gone wrong in the Gulf, was an accomplice in such a deception, then we have a problem. And, therefore, our friends in DC, and particularly BP will then have a HUGE problem!

We certainly have a problem that rises to a much higher level than a bunch of bungling burglars in a hotel complex known as Watergate, don’t we?!

Let’s get busy, shall we, and start holding the Obama Administration accountable for their part in the greatest manmade environmental catastrophe, and coverup, in American history.

If we allow this moment to pass without an appropriate response, future generations will rightfully label us as the nation who failed humankind … as well as the planet, Herself.

Dr. Tom Termotto

Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference

Tallahassee, FL


The diagrammatic illustration that says it all.

by BK Lim

Within 4 days of publishing this article, Why is-BP’s Macondo Blowout so disastrous and Beyond Patch-up with this diagrammatic illustration, visits to my column shot up by almost 20,000%.

This diagram which had been pasted all over the world had been ridiculed as total nonsense, comical, garbage and many other terms which I will not post here.

Please judge for yourself the accuracy of this qualitative model and the predictions that had since proven to be true with recent events.

The label “Well Location” intentionally left out the alphabet “A” as it was intended to be the well that was actually drilled which forensic analyses of the seabed debris determined to be 720 ft NNW of Well A. This mysterious “well that never was” (referred to as “S20BC”) is still being ignored publicly by the Authorities, BP and all those involved in the cover-up to continue duping the American public and world at large. This damaged S20BC well is the real gusher and the vertical conduit draining oil and gas out of the giant reservoir at 18,300 ft below mud line; not the bogus capped Well A.

Well A was drilled down to 5000 ft or thereof. It had to be abandoned on 13 Feb 2010 due to a broken drilling rod string which was jammed in the well. One must ask why a drill string of steel pipes could be jammed inside the well bore. Recently we hear BP admitting the possibility of formation collapse. And how could the formation collapse into the well bore without pressurized fluid forcing debris and jamming the drilling rods in the open section of the well?

So my independent geological model was right. Dr Bea was right. Matt Simmons was right. So did millions all over the world who did not fall for the Bogus Press releases and the blatant acts of Mass Deception.

Well A could not be the well that blew up on 20 April 2010. At 5000 ft bml, the base of Well A is still 13,000 ft above the reservoir. Well A was already leaking hydrocarbon migrating through the faults, GWSF zone and the pervious flanks of the Dome or whatever vertical structural deformities. Well B was drilled to 13,100 ft.

The mysterious “well that never was” (S20BC) reached the targeted reservoir at 18,300 ft bml. It was this well that blew on 20 April 2010. This well had to stay hidden to hide the many dark secrets of the Macondo well. Credit must be given to the determined few who against all odds and the myriad of half truths, distorted facts and Bogus Press information, persevered to bring to the world the truth.

Drilling at Well B and S20BC only made a precarious geological situation worse, by acting as vertical conduits to the shallower 176 ft thick gas-charged siltstone bed discovered by the Texaco Rigel Well in 1999 and BP’s targeted giant reservoir at 18,000 ft bml.

As long been suspected, Well A was deviously capped to mesmerize the world into a hypnotic trance, diverted from the real environmental disaster. A 5000 ft deep Well A would explain the many unexplainable inconsistencies and mysterious evidence that are surfacing now in killing the zombie well that refused to lay dead.

This geological illustration that says it all was independently created on 25 July 2010 based on limited publicly available information, thousands of miles from the crime scene. It explains the need for so many cover-ups. And if these cover-ups are any indication of BP’s misconduct, integrity and credibility, we should be worried about Another Deepwater Production Platform in the Gulf called Thunderhorse at Prospect 778/822.

by BK Lim

How Feds can say that NO Corexit found nearshore: EPA SETS DISPERSANT SCREENING LEVEL at 750 ppm! (VIDEO)
Large Oil-Corexit Plumes, Fish Kill Coverup and Wackenhut

August 27, 2010 by Alex

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Photo by Project Gulf Impact © 2010

The Intel Hub

Everyday it seems we get more and more proof that oil and dispersant are still poisoning the Gulf of Mexico. Project Gulf Impact recently took their second boat trip in the last week. The first trip brought us photos of freshly sprayed dispersant, totally destroying the myth that this disaster is reaching its end.

Large oil and dispersant plumes still linger, continually poisoning and destroying our precious oceans. Internal BP documents show that there were not one but TWO wells, raising the possibility that the ROV cameras may have never been placed near the real leak.

I spoke to Project Gulf Impact about their trip and they had this to say:

“In some places you could see oil, in others it was clearly freshly sprayed dispersant. In certain areas there was a heavy chemical smell, in others it was oddly quiet.”

“As far as that trip goes, it was defintly the worse i have seen the dispersant. It was scarey because some of the dispersant was still in powder form which would indicate that it was from a plane. It was horrifying to see the jelly fish and dolphins attempting to get away from the plumes, especially when certain plumes were over a mile long!“

Photo by Project Gulf Impact © 2010

When they reached the shore they came across a massive fish kill. Later that day they attempted to go back to the area of the fish kill and found that it was crawling with private security. That’s right, BP has hired private security to cover up the damage caused by the oil spill and the subsequent dispersant overkill.

“When we were coming in we saw a fish kill, that was the hardest part. When we came back later a huge cover up had begun. The beach was full of private security, Wackenhut security called in our plates and forced us off the beach. Private security on a public beach! This all happened in a matter of hours.”

Wake up people, this chemical rape will continue until the American people demand it is stopped. How has Wackenhut, with their reputation after Hurricane Katrina, been able to control and dictate the American people?

Photo by Project Gulf Impact © 2010

Photo by Project Gulf Impact © 2010

Photo by Project Gulf Impact © 2010

Censored Gulf news: Deadly denial of 'Core Exit.' Evacuations. Griff's Agenda 21 facts.

August 27th, 2010 4:29 pm ET "Agenda 21's written goals are the same as the outcome of their actions in the Gulf of Mexico." A.C. Griffith

Deadly Denial of Core Exit

Denial that Americans are under a planned chemical warfare attack by their own own government gassing Gulf coast residents is resulting in a deadly slow-kill, rendering it impossible for most locals to self-relocate. Project Gulf Impact filmmaker has learned from government officials that "forced evacuation will begin within days" as Agenda 21 escalates, impacting not only Gulf Coast residents but also, in a domino effect, the entire nation equally in denial due to the unprecedented petrochemical-military-industrial-complex (PMIC) cover-up of the continuing U.S. crime against humanity for its ultimate "Full Spectrum Dominance."

Hugh Kaufman' words, "Americans can't handle truth" about the Gulf ring truer each passing day.

Matt Smith of Project Gulf Impact has spoken to numerous government officials who all say the same thing: Forced evacuation will begin soon.

Since mid-June, the military and FEMA have been engaged in Emergency Plans for 36 urban areas from Texas to Florida due to the unstoppable Gulf oil volcano the size of Mt. Everest according to WMR.

Smith has documented the abundance of oil, the Corexit still being sprayed, the people influenced by chemicals, unable to move from denial, the first stage of the death of their beloved Louisiana home. (See Wherethereistruth Youtube video below; Intel Hub “We’re seeing way more dispersant than ever before” Large, thick oil plumes, freshly sprayed with poison!", Aug 25; and Intel Hub: Photos: Oil And Dispersants in Ocean Springs Mississippi In Newly Opened Fishing Waters)

"Aerial spraying is a primary Department of Defense (DoD) chemical and biological weapon of war to achieve its stated goal, Full Spectrum Dominance by 2020 of which Agenda 21 is part... As far back as 1925, the U.S. has been a world leader in research, development and application of poisonous gas as a weapon to further political agendas in "the hope of reducing the barbarity of modern warfare." (Censored Gulf News: State sponsored terrorism targets Deep South for Agenda 21, Examiner, August 3, 2010)

People are "literally being gassed" and they are "asleep," in "denial," according to Smith.

An Examiner Human Rights article reader, "Johnny," commented:

"At the core of a human is their soul, their life - if you will. When I compute that into an analogy by name - I sadly come to the conclusion of a deeper meaning behind the name "COREXIT" or perhaps more appropriately "CORE - EXIT". The "nickname" for the dispersant is "TOP KILL" - how apt for it WILL kill many on "the top" as will their poisoning of the gulf will kill underwater life as well."

Ocean Energy Institute founder has stated that a new hurricane will require gulf evacuation. (See:

Smith's filming, documenting the reality of the situation has resulted in his being followed over the past several days. When he returned to his Los Angeles resident a couple of week ago, he was subjected to an intimidating late night call by two men, first ringing his doorbell and then pounding on his door.

A former intelligence officer has told the author that he answered his door, he probably would not be alive.

"We've really got to stand up as a country," says Smith. "They probably want us to revolt... We have to be smarter than them."

PMIC thugs are also threatening scientists that have found Corexit and oil according to Alexander Higgins.

NWO Agenda 21 Seven Facts

Corexit still being sprayed and now found inland, photos of oil slips and sludge on water and land, tons of poisonous crude toxins dumped into landfills, children having sand fights now a lethal game, and public health declining along the Gulf Coast region with no relief - all point to seven Agenda 21 facts. (See Censored Gulf News: State sponsored terrorism targets Deep South for Agenda 21, Examiner, August 3, 2010)

Agenda 21 is the United Nations programme for so-called "sustainable development."

Bloomberg News' article, "BP's Wells Doesn't Know Who Was in Charge Aboard Gulf Rig During Explosion

is just one among many of one level of operators not knowing what the others are doing, standard operating procedure in a military operation according to Griffith. "That's all by design," he said.

"You have people who had to evacuate because of mandatory evacuation, and when they come back, now it's surrounded by barbed wire and they can't get back in," said Spike Lee. (NY Times, For Spike Lee, a New Requiem for New Orleans) Corporate-Government relocating people and taking over their property is part of the Agenda 21.

"We are under attack and we are losing out country by design but people do not understand, have not been educated about it," said AC Griffith.

"Clearly, our country is under massive Agenda 21 attack by Obama and his forces. The Gulf situation is deliberate and orchestrated by very powerful forces," Griffith told the writer th first part of August.

In the 3-Part Gulf-Agenda 21 series, it was reported:

"On Freedom Link Radio August 1, (archived below) people listening heard A.C. Griffith discuss that the Deep Water Horizon explosion was no "accident."(2) Griffith discussed that when people are repeatedly warned for months that their reckless planned act will harm, injure, and/or kill - but they proceed in conducting that act, it is criminal. Such was the Gulf explosion and all transpiring since, including the rapid dispersant application afterwards. According to Griffith, these acts are part of Agenda 21, including relocation, full control of survivors and even depopulation."

In another exclusive interview with the Examiner, Griffith pin-pointed seven facts about the Gulf petrochemical-military-industrial-complex operation resulting in Agenda 21:

"Fact 1: I know the effect of spraying Corexit and other unknown chemicals on the Gulf of Mexico has the outcome effect of Agenda 21 regardless of motive.

Fact 2: From the beginning BP and U.S. Government appeared to act in concert to cover up and deceive the people they were hurting.

Fact 3: They consistently covered up factual data from local coastal governments and lied to all via media broadcasts. BP and government aggressively suppressed observation and information from citizens and press.

Fact 4: U.S. Government representatives said in the press, BP refused to stop spraying Corexit over Gulf waters and populated areas. Government did not demand BP stop releasing Corexit and other chemicals.

Fact 5: In a recent press release BP said, most of the oil has disappeared from the Gulf. A case could me made that the + millions of gallons of oil never existed and that excuse was used to justify use of millions of gallons of Corexit and other chemicals into waters playing into Agenda 21.

Fact 6: Every action of man has a reason. Everything has a reason. Both BP and U.S. Government had reasons for their actions. Even if their reasons are different, Agenda 21's written goals are the same as the outcome of their actions in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fact 7: Axiom in law, "People do what they want to do." Both BP and Government wanted to do what they did."

Copyright 2010 Deborah Dupré. All rights reserved. This article cannot be copied, reposted or republished without consent of author.

Deborah Dupré, with post-graduate science and education degrees from U.S. and Australian universities, has been a human and environmental rights advocate for over 25 years in the U.S., Vanuatu and Australia. Support her work by subscribing to her articles and forwarding the link of this article to friends and colleagues or reposting only the title and first paragraph linked to this Examiner page. Dupre welcomes emails: See her Vaccine Liberty or Death book plus Compassion Film Project DVDs.

When asked what Americans can do, Griffith told the author, "If you don't apply street mentality, a cunning end run approach and play hardball, you will not accomplish anything. Before us is a life or death contest....Time is short."

Copyright 2010 Deborah Dupré. All rights reserved. This article cannot be copied, reposted or republished without consent of author.

Deborah Dupré, with post-graduate science and education degrees from U.S. and Australian universities, has been a human and environmental rights advocate for over 25 years in the U.S., Vanuatu and Australia. Support her work by subscribing to her articles and forwarding the link of this article to friends and colleagues or reposting only the title and first paragraph linked to this Examiner page. Dupre welcomes emails: See her Vaccine Liberty or Death book plus Compassion Film Project DVDs.

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Relax America, The Global Elites Love You…

By Giordano Bruno
Neithercorp Press – 08/25/2010
In the grand scheme of history, in the great wash of the collective American cosmos, in the midst of the day to day howls and earth rattles of towering financial and political giants, many of us tend to see ourselves as “the little people”. We consider ourselves inconsequential in the wake of epic events that appear to rise and fall like irregular tides and determined by some frenetic force of chance; a great cultural roulette wheel. In fact, we are often encouraged to emulate this belief. Better to roll with the river of difficult times than to fight against the current in a fruitless attempt at changing its direction. Better to let more important and more powerful men blaze the trails that we will later follow, right…?

Human beings have a strange attachment to the concept of the “decision makers vs. the decision followers”, even in the U.S. The Declaration of Independence was meant to herald the birth of a society which dissolved the separation between the rulers and those who are ruled. Our country was built upon the premise that every citizen has a right to participate in the making of his own providence, to play a part in the decisions that directly or indirectly affect his future. Of course, those were the days when average Americans saw themselves as giants, as innovators of history, not as little people.
Today, in the face of globalization, some American’s see the evolution of a rulership class as natural and even necessary.

One of the most overwhelming aspects of the so called globalization (corporatization) of Western civilization has been the incredible amounts of lost time. We are thrust into a 70% service based economy in which the average person feels little to no pride in their work and absolutely no fulfillment. That same person then goes home at the end of the day to his digital cable T.V., which immerses him in visions of a happy-go-lucky planet, a fantasy realm that promises better days ahead but bears no resemblance to the world outside his living room. Like ‘Alice in Wonderland’, he finds himself surrounded by confusion, hypocrisy, and misdirection. A land of madmen and clowns. All the “professionals” he is told to trust make claims that seem outrageously incongruent with reality. Nothing is what it appears to be, and so, he stops questioning the illusion and pretends that the abracadabra of our elitist run America doesn’t bother him. He stops caring, and so, his time on this Earth loses its value.
For the past several decades, those of us who have been aware of the smoke and mirrors and refuse to ignore their effects have paid a dear price; the anguish of witnessing the deconstruction of our nation, as well as the infantization of our friends and family.

When I was very young, I had certain assumptions about the path to adulthood. I believed that it was a transition that came as naturally to every person as walking or talking. Surely, I thought, there simply came a time when a man crossed a biological threshold that made him more responsible, more principled, more intuitive, more courageous, more compassionate, more wise. Now that I am much older, I find to my disappointment that wisdom does not necessarily come with age. Some people choose to remain children forever.

In a society driven by a fabricated sense of affluence, Americans have lost the memory of what it was like to deliberately build their futures. The concept of debt creation, mass credit movements, free money bonanzas, facilitated by the policies of the private Federal Reserve, made overgrown babies out of us all. We came to demand a pre-constructed future, one in which we were entitled to whatever we wanted NOW, not later. We never earned the engineered prosperity we have enjoyed since the baby-boom of the 1950’s, and so we never learned to appreciate what true prosperity actually was; that it requires effort, and sometimes sacrifice. We merely expected that this was the way things were supposed to be, and that they would never change…
Infantized people are driven by a desperate search for ways to offload the responsibilities they inherit when they are forced to set off on their own lives. The idea of ‘struggle’ is abhorrent to them. As a result, they gravitate towards environments in which centralized authorities offer them the chance to simplify their existence in an ultimate sense. Essentially, like the children that they are, they look for a government which is willing to assume the role of ‘parent’ or legal guardian. They believe that out there, somewhere, a government system exists that is capable of cradling them in a blanket of pure safety and contentment from birth until death; a mother government. They believe in a ruling class that loves them unconditionally. They must! Why else would they blindly leave their fates in the hands of global bankers who now run both major parties of our political dynamic, dominate the ebb and flow of our economy, and write domestic policy? Why else would they ignore the signs of crisis that are ripping through the veil all around them? They must trust the Elites complicitly.

Many of us, when we were children, could not wait to take charge of our own lives without the constant prying eyes and prattling of our elders. Sometimes we forget that being a child can be carefree, but it also means doing what you are told. So, what price will the perpetual children of our society have to pay to be included in the feudal nanny state lifestyle of what globalist bankers and aristocrats commonly call the “New World Order”?



ALERT: 13.3 ppm of COREXIT found INLAND, near Florida border — Chemist says tests show “toxic solvent” 2-butoxyethanol that “RUPTURES red blood cells” (VIDEO & PHOTOS)


Corexit found in Orange Beach Waters, WKRG Channel 5, August 19, 2010:
[Cotton Bayou, Ala. resident] Margaret Long… first got suspicious when she saw something in the water she had never seen before. She even took photographs, “Some times it’s about the size of a half dollar. Some times it streams along and its like floating sand.”
She got samples and sent them to chemist Bob Naman in Mobile whose tests results show 13.3 ppm of the chemical dispersant corexit. …
“It concerns me,” says Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon.

Bob Naman is the analytical chemist who performed the tests featured in WKRG’s broadcast. He was interviewed by Washington’s Blog for an August 24 report. Highlights include:
  • Naman found 2-butoxyethanol in the Cotton Bayou sample. [Ingredient in 'discontinued' Corexit 9527.]
  • Naman said found no propylene glycol, the main ingredient of Corexit 9500.
  • Naman said he went to Dauphin Island, Alabama last night and while there observed many 250-500 gallon barrels which were labeled Corexit 9527. Naman took pictures that he will soon be sharing.
  • Naman said he saw men applying the Corexit 9527 while he was in Dauphin Island and also in Bayou La Batre, Alabama.
  • Naman said the Corexit 9527 is being haphazardly sprayed at night and is impacting beach sands in a highly concentrated form.
Scientists oppose the use of dispersant chemicals in the Gulf of Mexico, MSNBC, July 16, 2010:
Corexit 9527A contains 2-BTE (2-butoxyethanol), a toxic solvent that ruptures red blood cells, causing hemolysis (bleeding) and liver and kidney damage (Johanson and Bowman, 1991, Nalco, 2010). Both Corexit dispersants contain petroleum solvents that mix with the crude oil mass and move through it, thus increasing the uptake of oil by organisms (NRC, 2005, Nalco, 2010). Signed by:
  • Sylvia A. Earle, PhD, Oceanographer, Ocean Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic Society,
    Washington DC.
  • David E. Guggenheim, PhD, Marine Biologist/Conservationist, President, 1planet1ocean – a project of
    The Ocean Foundation, Washington DC
  • Susan D. Shaw, DrPH, Marine Toxicologist, Founder, Marine Environmental Research Institute, Blue Hill,
  • David Gallo, PhD, Oceanographer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA

“We’re seeing way more dispersant than ever before” Large, thick oil plumes, freshly sprayed with poison!

The Intel Hub

Photo by Project Gulf Impact/Intel Hub © 2010
Today, Project Gulf Impact is out on the waters in and around Orange Beach Alabama. What they have found is exactly the opposite of what BP and the federal government have told the American people. Not only did they find oil but they apparently found what looks to be freshly sprayed dispersant, still in powder form.
Why is this toxic dispersant still being sprayed? Warnings from scientists and independent journalists have indicated that Corexit could effect the gulf for at least twenty years.
“Dead fish in Alabama – cells ruptured with lots of corexit and dispersed oil all around….The oil is thick, dispersant already trying to hide it, with dead catfish in plumes.”
As I am writing this article, Project Gulf Impact is still out on the waters. They are documenting the existence of oil and dispersant and will be uploading more videos/pictures. This is absolutely disgusting.
The federal government needs to stand up and tell BP that they will  NOT be allowed to continually screw the American people. Why is CNN openly lying and covering up for the very corporations that have financially and chemically attacked the Gulf?
While our Gulf is being chemically raped, CNN has not only kept quiet, they have actually ran stories which indicate that if you aren’t for banksters than you are a domestic terrorist.
As more and more people wake up, the corporate news will continue to change the story, demonizing all movements against the banks, and continually lying about the severity of the Gulf Oil Disaster.


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What Obamacare looks like in a chart... or about a third of it.

Committee News


Updated Chart Shows Obamacare's Bewildering Complexity

Aug 02 2010

Download High Resolution PDF of Chart »

Washington, DC – Four months after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously declared “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it,” a congressional panel has released the first chart illustrating the 2,801 page health care law President Obama signed into law in March.

Developed by the Joint Economic Committee minority, led by U.S Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas and Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, the detailed organization chart displays a bewildering array of new government agencies, regulations and mandates.

“For Americans, as well as Congressional Democrats who didn’t bother to read the bill, this first look at the final health care law confirms what many fear, that reform morphed into a monstrosity of new bureaucracies, mandates, taxes and rationing that will drive up health care costs, hurt seniors and force our most intimate health care choices into the hands of Washington bureaucrats,” said Brady, the committee’s senior House Republican. “If this is what passes for health care reform in America, then God help us all.”

Brownback, the committee’s ranking member, added, “This updated chart illustrates the overwhelming expansion of government control over health choices and the bewildering complexity facing everyone affected by this law. It doesn’t take long to see how the recently signed health care bill causes a hugely expensive and explosive expansion of federal control over health care. Personal choices that should be between a doctor and a patient will quickly be strangled in a never ending web of bureaucracy.”

Senate Steering Committee Chairman Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) called Obamacare “a bureaucratic nightmare. The Democrats’ takeover of health care creates a byzantine network of 159 new federal programs and bureaucracies to make decisions that should be between just the patient and their doctor. It should concern everyone that at the center of this regulatory web is the new CMS chief, Donald Berwick, who has championed rationing and European socialized medicine. Americans were rightly outraged that this big government bill was rushed through Congress before anyone read or fully understood the bill’s consequences. Republicans will fight to repeal this reckless takeover and to ensure health care freedom to American families.”

In addition to capturing the massive expansion of government and the overwhelming complexity of new regulations and taxes, the chart portrays:

$569 billion in higher taxes;

$529 billion in cuts to Medicare;

swelling of the ranks of Medicaid by 16 million;

17 major insurance mandates; and

the creation of two new bureaucracies with powers to impose future rationing: the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute and the Independent Payments Advisory Board.

Brady admits committee analysts could not fit the entire health care bill on one chart. “This portrays only about one-third of the complexity of the final bill. It’s actually worse than this.”

Official Press Release:

Genetically Manipulated Crops: the GMO nightmare

We are going to have to rely on greenhouses and hydroponics if we want a secure healthy food supply-between the GMO and the Gulf Oil and Corexit seeding the ecosystem...

To defend those greenhouses we will need two things: 

1. Control of local governments.  Something I've been advocating for years now. 

2. A backup plan.  That means you not only knowing how to fight but to be willing to do so.  For survival.  Because the enemy loves busting up organic food co-ops and Amish raw milk dealers.



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Vanderboegh Speech From RTC 8/14 Rally

Yes, late in reporting but click the link to get some inspiration... Americans bearing arms with full provision of ammunition meeting to hear inspirational speakers-the most inspirational being Mike Vanderboegh who defied park rules and kept speaking... having backup from about a Company's worth of Armed Americans does wonders for shutting up public servants with god complexes.

Click now:

Ray Bradbury calls for Revolution



From BREACHER at A WELL REGULATED MILITIA:;f=47;t=000017;p=5#000179

7/19/2010 update first:
Update, not sure of the status of the original charge but the government is making the following moves:

1. They have added some sort of firearms theft or receiving stolen property charge to the state charges, apparently a firearm passed from federal custody to state custody was attributed to one confiscated from his house and had a serial number removed or altered. The new charge is a state charge, not federal, as the federal case has been closed since his acquittal on the stolen grenade launcher charge.

2 No plea offer has been made by either side.

3 The state has initiated action to remove the 5 year old daughter from the custody of Dyer's girlfriend and place the child in custody of the state. Dyer's girlfriend has been living with him and after his arrest, with his parents since the beginning of this case. The government had originally duped her into giving permission to search his house when this all started, and apparently had expected her "continued cooperation". The threat being that if she were not "cooperative enough" her child would be taken away. It looks like the government (state level) is making moves to make good on its threat.

Now for the worse news: 8/15/2010 update from BREACHER:

Another update:

One set of new state level charges deals with essentially the same issues that the original federal charges did, a clear violation of the double jeopardy issue in the constitution, but prosecutors have been playing that game in other cases for a long time. They will make attempts on someone in every jurisdiction they can, and coordinate their efforts to gain a conviction.

No word on the molestation charges being dropped as a lot of us expected to happen, but few if anyone outside the local prosecutor's office is treating those charges right now as having any credibility.

And another word from TEXAS RESISTANCE:

A woman in our unit who speaks with Sgt. Dyer's mother said she was told today that they are also charging him with having stolen firearms and that she thinks he will be railroaded to prison on the false charges of molesting his daughter. She tells me that Sgt. Dyer will be put in the corrupt prison that he used to work at as guard but lost his job there for blowing the whistle on the ongoing corruption. The woman in our unit said she thinks Sgt. Dyer will be falsely convicted, chained to the floor in the prison and beaten to death by the guards that he blew the whistle on.



It's been put up or shut up time for all of us who want Freedom.  BEEN. 

Are we going to let another Patriot, none less than the founder of the Oath Keeper Movement get railroaded into prison?

If you're about to buy another safe queen rifle maybe you should reconsider, send that money to the official chip-in?

If you're about to get another case of ammo for your rifle, maybe you should instead send AT LEAST a few boxes worth of that cash to Sgt. Dyer's chip in? 

The man stands up, risks everything to awaken Patriotic Americans serving in the Armed Forces and Police.  He's going down for that stand-in large part because SUPPOSEDLY GOOD MEN AND WOMEN DO NOTHING.

What?  You haven't heard about July4Patriot on Alex Jones?  He's not going to talk about him, he's firmly in rat stewie's pocket.  His "militia" guest is Mike Hollingsworth, the rat who set up July4Patriot to be arrested on those proven to be false charges.

It is up to YOU to do SOMETHING. 

Spread the word. 

Watch these... then kick some cash to this Man.  He is a Man-much more so than about the rest of us.


Satellite Image of Pakistan in normal times.  Pakistan is basically a river valley and the western edge of the Hindu Kush.  India is just to the right of the Indus River Valley.

Satellite image of Pakistan now.  The Indus has become a very long, two-forked lake.  Pakistan has hundreds of millions of people and a lot of them hug the Indus...
If we don't save Pakistan the Taliban will and when they do they will get both nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles...
You really want those kinds of people to have the ability to murder millions at the push of a button?



...Do you really expect the media(owned by the same people who own British Petroleum and Bathhouse Obama) to tell the TRUTH about the enviromental 9/11 perpetrated on us all?

Tests Show Gap In Well Column, Loss Of Pressure
(Oil's going out someplace else.)

New Reports On Lasting Effects Of Gulf Oil
(The oceans will NOT be the same.  Not in our lifetime)

Gulf Sub-Surface Oil Heads East, May Surface
(That's where most of the oil is-underwater.  Maybe it might sink to the seafloor but you want to believe fairy tales, go ahead.)

Scientists Rage Over Disappearing Oil Act Scam
(Yes, there still are people of conscience attached to the er... "cleanup".  Think they'll avoid going out like Matt Simmons-you remember him right?)

Seafloor Cracking Open
(Anybody want to hazard a guess if the ENTIRE SEAFLOOR blows open?)

Fish Kills Up And Down The East Coast
(The Gulf Current may be largely shut down but there's plenty of Corexit and Crude to cause death.)

The Now Toxic Gulf Of Mexico
(I was watching the Weather Channel and they had one of their jackoff reporters with a basket full of oily shrimp shiteating grinning and claiming he was going to take them home with him.  Maybe for fuel...)

Feds Rely On BP To Report Sea Bed Anomalies!

DC Newsman Suspended - Reported BP Obama $

Was Simmons Removed Because Of This?
(They silenced him.)

Toxic Rain Killing Plants Wisconsin
North Alabama - Toxic Rain Or Heat Wave?
(Worse than I thought.  NO Katrinas blasting the South... yet but this is a slow kill.  And they're not evacuating because the enemy wants all the gun tottin' hicks dead.)

Want To Get Out Of The Gulf? Here's Help

Thursday, August 05, 2010


2010: Humanity’s Choice as Foreseen by Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was an Austrian philosopher and esotericist and founder of one of the key modern spiritual movements in the West. He is best known for his books and lectures before and after World War I, when he founded the Anthroposophical Society with its present-day headquarters in Dornach, Switzerland. After World War I, Steiner and his work were criticized viciously by right-wing nationalists in Germany, which caused him to give up his residence in Berlin. Among the critics was Adolf Hitler, who attacked him in print as a traitor to Germany for his efforts to promote peace.

The work of prophetic thinkers like Rudolf Steiner makes clear that the history of humanity proceeds through the evolution of consciousness, where changes take place in the psyche of people well in advance of their outward manifestations. Thus an understanding of what is happening before our eyes is never simple, nor can it be taken at face value. Discernment requires a level of knowledge that can only be achieved through study and insight.

But only an approach that penetrates deeply into human nature allows us to see the real inner causes of events. Such causes can be positive or negative, constructive or destructive. It is the genius and dilemma of man that we can choose which influences we serve. As Steiner prophesied almost a century ago, we appear today to be at a pivotal point where how we make such choices can determine the fate of the world.

It is perfectly clear that we are living in an era of technological achievement that, historically speaking, began just a short time ago. Steiner said what today is accepted as a truism: that the present era arose from discoveries in the 15th century that marked the beginning of the Renaissance, when the intellect of Western man became able systematically to apply the scientific method to phenomena of motion and matter.

The invention that made all else possible was operational by the 1450s: the printing press, first made practical by Johannes Gutenberg of Germany. Over the next four-and-a-half centuries, until the dawn of the 20th, technology surged in every field, but exploded with the near-simultaneous harnessing of electricity and the widespread exploitation of fossil fuels.

The latest phase took place long after Steiner’s death: the use of electrical impulses for high-speed data processing, such that computers are rapidly taking over the human workload. With only slight exaggeration, it can be said that humans are needed less all the time, except to program the computers and keep them humming or to carry out the leftover menial labor that machines cannot yet perform.

The unsolved problem lies in the fact that no one knows how, with declining need for employment, to continue to deliver purchasing power to the jobless masses that businesses require for them to purchase the products which machines can increasingly manufacture on their own. Until now, such purchasing power was delivered through debt-based money creation—consumer lending, mortgages against inflated home prices, etc. The collapse of this system is the cause of the current global recession and has set the stage for the huge disruptions that may come next.

Not all nations have been equal participants in the forging of the modern world that is now in crisis. The best at it have been the British and Americans, whose hegemony was established through several centuries of ruthless empire-building, followed by two world wars during which their Eurasian rivals—mainly Germany, Japan, and the Ottoman Empire—were smashed.

The Anglo-American combination, now with America supplying the muscle, is intertwined with a powerful Zionist element centered in the state of Israel but aligned with dominant domestic influences. What can accurately be called the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire is reaching today for total global domination.

The Asian nations of Japan, India, and even the somewhat restless China, have largely been incorporated into the imperial order. Latin America has long been within the American sphere of influence, and Africa is being re-colonized commercially. The Islamic world has been under imperial attack since Britain and France dismembered the Ottoman Empire after 1918.

Only the enigmatic Russians seem to stand today on the outside looking in, their nation oddly still alive and increasingly powerful after the furious financial assault from the West, leading to the “collapse” of the Soviet Union in the 1990s. This took place when a fall in world oil prices was engineered, causing the Soviet Union to lose access to hard currency.

How have the Anglo-American-Zionists come so far in what is historically such a short period of time? Two features stand out.



Someone tell me again why the shooting hasn't started...

Portland lemonade stand runs into health inspectors, needs $120 license to operate

Published: Wednesday, August 04, 2010, 6:19 PM Updated: Thursday, August 05, 2010, 10:30 AM

Helen Jung, The Oregonian

Torsten Kjellstrand / The OregonianSeven-year-old Julie Murphy of Oregon City still smiles about her enterprise despite running afoul of county inspectors for an unlicensed lemonade stand at Last Thursday.

It's hardly unusual to hear small-business owners gripe about licensing requirements or complain that heavy-handed regulations are driving them into the red.

So when Multnomah County shut down an enterprise last week for operating without a license, you might just sigh and say, there they go again.

Except this entrepreneur was a 7-year-old named Julie Murphy. Her business was a lemonade stand at the Last Thursday monthly art fair in Northeast Portland. The government regulation she violated? Failing to get a $120 temporary restaurant license.

Turns out that kids' lemonade stands -- those constants of summertime -- are supposed to get a permit in Oregon, particularly at big events that happen to be patrolled regularly by county health inspectors.

"I understand the reason behind what they're doing and it's a neighborhood event, and they're trying to generate revenue," said Jon Kawaguchi, environmental health supervisor for the Multnomah County Health Department. "But we still need to put the public's health first."

Julie had become enamored of the idea of having a stand after watching an episode of cartoon pig Olivia running one, said her mother, Maria Fife. The two live in Oregon City, but Fife knew her daughter would get few customers if she set up her stand at home.

Plus, Fife had just attended Last Thursday along Portland's Northeast Alberta Street for the first time and loved the friendly feel and the diversity of the grass-roots event. She put the two things together and promised to take her daughter in July.

The girl worked on a sign, coloring in the letters and decorating it with a drawing of a person saying "Yummy." She made a list of supplies.

Then, with gallons of bottled water and packets of Kool-Aid, they drove up last Thursday with a friend and her daughter. They loaded a wheelbarrow that Julie steered to the corner of Northeast 26th and Alberta and settled into a space between a painter and a couple who sold handmade bags and kids' clothing.

Even before her daughter had finished making the first batch of lemonade, a man walked up to buy a 50-cent cup.

"They wanted to support a little 7-year-old to earn a little extra summer loot," she said. "People know what's going on."

Even so, Julie was careful about making the lemonade, cleaning her hands with hand sanitizer, using a scoop for the bagged ice and keeping everything covered when it wasn't in use, Fife said.

After 20 minutes, a "lady with a clipboard" came over and asked for their license. When Fife explained they didn't have one, the woman told them they would need to leave or possibly face a $500 fine.

Surprised, Fife started to pack up. The people staffing the booths next to them encouraged the two to stay, telling them the inspectors had no right to kick them out of the neighborhood gathering. They also suggested that they give away the lemonade and accept donations instead and one of them made an announcement to the crowd to support the lemonade stand.

That's when business really picked up -- and two inspectors came back, Fife said. Julie started crying, while her mother packed up and others confronted the inspectors. "It was a very big scene," Fife said.

Technically, any lemonade stand -- even one on your front lawn -- must be licensed under state law, said Eric Pippert, the food-borne illness prevention program manager for the state's public health division. But county inspectors are unlikely to go after kids selling lemonade on their front lawn unless, he conceded, their front lawn happens to be on Alberta Street during Last Thursday.

"When you go to a public event and set up shop, you're suddenly engaging in commerce," he said. "The fact that you're small-scale I don't think is relevant."

Kawaguchi, who oversees the two county inspectors involved, said they must be fair and consistent in their monitoring, no matter the age of the person. "Our role is to protect the public," he said.

The county's shutdown of the lemonade stand was publicized by Michael Franklin, the man at the booth next to Fife and her daughter. Franklin contributes to the Bottom Up Radio Network, an online anarchist site, and interviewed Fife for his show.

Franklin is also organizing a "Lemonade Revolt" for Last Thursday in August. He's calling on anarchists, neighbors and others to come early for the event and grab space for lemonade stands on Alberta between Northeast 25th and Northeast 26th.

As for Julie, the 7-year-old still tells her mother "it was a bad day." When she complains about the health inspector, Fife reminds her that the woman was just doing her job. She also promised to help her try again -- at an upcoming neighborhood garage sale.

While Fife said she does see the need for some food safety regulation, she thinks the county went too far in trying to control events as unstructured as Last Thursday.

"As far as Last Thursday is concerned, people know when they are coming there that it's more or less a free-for-all," she said. "It's gotten to the point where they need to be in all of our decisions. They don't trust us to make good choices on our own."

-- Helen Jung

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

...But what if your loyalty is to the US Constitution?

But what happens when a large (but minority) portion of the population becomes convinced that the Federal government has abandoned the founding legal structure it supposedly "protects and defends?"
My answer at that time:

Our Constitutionally enumerated and protected individual rights are under constant legal assault under the aegis of the War on Crime, the War on Drugs, and the War on Terror, and all three branches of the government are complicit. The media - the unacknowledged Fourth Branch - largely is too.
What prevents another Civil War?
Thomas Jefferson predicted it long, long ago in his letter to William Smith concerning Shay's Rebellion of 1787:

And can history produce an instance of a rebellion so honourably conducted? I say nothing of it's motives. They were founded in ignorance, not wickedness. God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, & always, well informed. The past which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive; if they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty.

And Jefferson was right, as we have seen. Jefferson continued, though:

We have had 13. states independant 11. years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century & a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century & half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve it's liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is it's natural manure.

Seems that Jefferson counciled a bit of revolution from time to time.
Libertarian pundit Claire Wolfe wrote a while back, "America's at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." Claire had it wrong. The time to shoot the bastards is early on. Now it's too late.
What prevents another Civil War here isn't the Army or the fact that we hold a higher loyalty to our Nation than to our State of residence, it's ignorance and apathy.

The second piece by the same title came just last year, after the DHS released their report Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.
After listing off the groups that truly frighten those currently in power, I noted:

They missed the single biggest group out there: those of us who aren't anti-government, we just want our elected and appointed officials to do what they swear to do upon taking their offices: uphold and defend The Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic. As one ARFCOMmer put it:

This "homeland" shit that suddenly started up in the last couple years pisses me off. It reeks of the "fatherland" and "motherland" propaganda shit our enemies used throughout the 20th century. The Nazi regime was "father" to the German people. The Soviet regime was "mother" to the Russian people.
This guy is our uncle and that's as close as I want the fucker.
I don't need the government to be my big brother, my parent, my nanny, or my caretaker. It needs to maintain public services (roads, etc.), maintain foreign relations and the military, keep the states from squabbling, and stay the fuck out of my life.

This desire, apparently, makes us "antigovernment rightwing extremists."
So be it.

rest at the above link



J. Croft

This was the last success by ordinary Americans over the tyrannical beast that has been growing in our country for the past 200 years.  Returning GI's fresh from fighting Nazi and Japanese tyranny sought to root out the tyrants in their own hometown.  The Cantrell political/crime machine was a bunch of Good Ol' Boys no different really than all the Good Ol' Boy masonic cliques who control government today. 

These veterans, these Real Oath Keepers mounted a recall election campaign and did it right: they organized a full campaign ticket, campaigned and would have won quietly had not the Cantrell machine decide to seize the ballots by force, kidnap some of the GI campaign workers and hold up in the town jail.

The GIs did the right thing; they requisistioned from a nearby National Guard Armory some weapons and ammunition all our taxes paid for and laid siege to the traitors until they surrendered.  Should have strung them up but the GIs decided not to. 

An example?  Yes...

A triumph?  No. 

The tyrants that occupy America were  smarter than their Nazi and Japanesse counterparts.  They were Fabians-they took over quietly bit by bit as Americans celebrated life and thought things were alright after a generation of bankster created deprivation known as the Great Depression, and the bankster set up and initiated Second World War. 

I mean, look at them:

...All of them happy, smiling.  Not having a clue that there were tyrants who would brainwash their children, string them up on debt and that they and their grandchildren would see the country they defended so magnificently be systematically destroyed.

No, not even the GIs of Athens, Tennessee saw the homegrown tyrants and their bankster massahs for what they really were.  They went back to life as normal.  They saw their own town taken over once again by criminals with law degrees... only this bunch and legions of like-minded knew to bide their time, to move slowly.  Use obsfucating language and neutral terminology, not tax too much at once, to exploit a crisis real or set up to take that next step.  To dumb the children down slowly, in increments; using them as a moral shield to lay claim over all our homes, our money, our Freedom.  To move most gradually of all on the subject of firearms.

Remember the GIs of Athens TN, 1946.  Keep in mind what might have been if they only could have sustained that righteous anger, that mission that took out the Nazis and Japanese Militarists; sustained it in a late 40's Tea Party movement that could have averted 60 years of our America's gradual dismantlement.

Remember-and ARISE

















The Story-from American Heritage:


by Lones Seiber

The GIs came home to find that a political machine had taken over their Tennessee county. What they did about it astounded the nation.

In McMinn County, Tennessee, in the early 1940s, the question was not if you farmed, but where you farmed. Athens, the county seat, lay between Knoxville and Chattanooga along U.S. Highway 11, which wound its way through eastern Tennessee. This was the meeting place for farmers from all the surrounding communities. Traveling along narrow roads planted with signs urging them to “See Rock City” and “Get Right with God,” they would gather on Saturdays beneath the courthouse elms to discuss politics and crops. There were barely seven thousand people in Athens, and many of its streets were still unpaved. The two “big” cities some fifty miles away had not yet begun their inevitable expansion, and the farmers’ lives were simple and essentially unaffected by what they would have called the “modern world.” Many of them were without electricity. The land, their families, religion, politics, and the war dominated their talk and thoughts. They learned about God from the family Bible and in tiny chapels along yellow-dust roads. Their newspaper, the Daily Post-Athenian, told them something of politics and war, but since it chose to avoid intrigue or scandal, a story that smacked of both could be found only in the conversations of the folks who milled about the courthouse lawn on Saturdays.

Since the Civil War, political offices in McMinn County had gone to the Republicans, but in the 1930s Tennessee began to fall under the control of Democratic bosses. To the west, in Shelby County, E.H. Crump, the Memphis mayor who had been ousted during his term for failing to enforce Prohibition, fathered what would become the state’s most powerful political machine. Crump eventually controlled most of Tennessee along with the governor’s office and a United States senator. In eastern Tennessee local and regional machines developed, which, lacking the sophistication and power of a Crump, relied on intimidation and violence to control their constituents.

In 1936 the system descended upon McMinn County in the person of one Paul Cantrell, the Democratic candidate for sheriff. Cantrell, who came from a family of money and influence in nearby Etowah, tied his campaign closely to the popularity of the Roosevelt administration and rode FDR’s coattails to victory over his Republican opponent.

Fraud was suspected—to this day many Athens citizens firmly believe that ballot boxes were swapped—but there was no proof. Over the following months and years, however, those who questioned the election would see their suspicions vindicated. The laws of Tennessee provided an opportunity for the unscrupulous to prosper. The sheriff and his deputies received a fee for every person they booked, incarcerated, and released; the more human transactions, the more money they got. A voucher signed by the sheriff was all that was needed to collect the money from the courthouse. Deputies routinely boarded buses passing through and dragged sleepy-eyed passengers to the jail to pay their $16.50 fine for drunkenness, whether they were guilty or not. Arrests ran as high as 115 per weekend. The fee system was profitable, but record-keeping was required, and the money could be traced. It was less troublesome to collect kickbacks for allowing roadhouses to operate openly. Cooperative owners would point out influential patrons. They were not bothered, but the rest were subject to shakedowns. Prostitution, liquor, and gambling grew so prevalent that it became common knowledge in Tennessee that Athens was “wide open.”

Encouraged by his initial success, Cantrell began what would become a tenyear reign as the king of McMinn politics. In subsequent elections, ballot boxes were collected from the precincts and the results tabulated in secret at McMinn County Jail in Athens. Opposition poll watchers were labeled as troublemakers and ejected from precinct houses.

The 1940 election sent George Woods, a plump and affable Etowah crony of Cantrell, to the state legislature. Woods promptly introduced “An Act to Redistrict McMinn County.” It reduced the number of voting precincts from twenty-three to twelve and cut down the number of justices of the peace from fourteen to seven. Of these seven, four were openly Cantrell men. When Gov. Prentice Cooper signed Woods’s bill into law on February 15, 1941, effective Republican opposition died in McMinn County.

McMinn County Court, which was still dominated by Republicans, directed the county to purchase voting machines. The Cantrell Democrats countered by having Woods get a bill passed in Nashville abolishing the court and then selling the machines to “save the county money.” Department of Justice records show investigations of electoral fraud in McMinn County in 1940, 1942, and 1944 —all without resolution.

During the Civil War, deep from within secessionist territory, McMinn County had sided with the Union; in 1898 she had declared war on Spain two weeks before Washington got around to it. How could Cantrell have such undisputed control over a county noted for its independent and cantankerous spirit? One answer lies in the Second World War: 3,526 young men, or about 10 percent of McMinn’s population, went off to fight. Most of those left behind—older and perhaps more timid—contributed to the Cantrell machine’s growth by remaining silent. Still, as the war dragged on, people began to tell each other, “Wait until the GIs get back—things will be different.”

In the summer of 1945 veterans began returning home; by 1946 the streets of Athens overflowed with uniforms. The Cantrell forces were not worried.

The more GIs they arrested,” one vet recalled, “the more they beat up, the madder we got.”

Bill White recalled coming home from overseas with mustering-out pay in his pocket: “There were several beer joints and honky-tonks around Athens; we were pretty wild; we started having trouble with the law enforcement at that time because they started making a habit of picking up GIs and fining them heavily for most anything—they were kind of making a racket out of it.

“After long hard years of service—most of us were hard-core veterans of World War II—we were used to drinking our liquor and our beer without being molested. When these things happened, the GIs got madder—the more GIs they arrested, the more they beat up, the madder we got …”

At last the veterans chose to use the most basic right of the democracy for which they had gone to war: the right to vote. In the early months of 1946 they decided in secret meetings to field a slate of their own candidates for the August elections. In May they formed a nonpartisan political party.

As the election approached, there were few overt signs of impending trouble, although to the citizens of McMinn County it was apparent that something had to happen: there was too much at stake on both sides. The Daily Post-Athenian was characteristically silent. The most significant news item appeared on election eve, July 31,1946, at the bottom of page one: VFW members in neighboring Blount County said that four hundred and fifty veterans were ready to respond to any need in McMinn County. Above this was a report that Tony Pierce had killed a muskrat in his front yard.

The veterans fielded candidates for five offices, but interest centered on the race for sheriff between Knox Henry, who had served in the North African campaign, and Paul Cantrell. Since the 1936 election Cantrell had gone on to the legislature as state senator and installed Pat Mansfield as sheriff of McMinn County. A big, jovial sometime engineer for the Louisville & Nashville, Mansfield had done very nicely for himself during his term of office: his four years as sheriff had netted him an estimated $104,000. But now, in 1946, Cantrell was running for sheriff and Mansfield for state senator.

In the final week a flurry of advertisements appeared in the Post-Athenian; Cantrell enumerated the accomplishments of the Democratic party; Mansfield denied that two men arrested on July 30 with a shipment of liquor were deputies, even though they admitted they were and had been delivering “election whiskey”; downtown merchants announced that all stores would be closed on Election Day to give employees a chance to vote, although this had not been necessary in previous elections (the merchants were perhaps following the example of the mayor of Athens, Paul Walker, who would be vacationing on Election Day); Cantrell warned that the veterans had printed sample ballots with the intention of stuffing ballot boxes; the veterans offered a one-thousand-dollar reward for verifiable information about election fraud and repeated a slogan that for weeks had sounded again and again from their carmounted loudspeakers: YOUR VOTE WILL BE COUNTED AS CAST.

Two days before the election the GIs ran an advertisement in the Post-Athenian: “These young men fought and won a war for good government. They know what it takes and what it means to have a clean government—and they are energetic enough, honest enough and intelligent enough to give us good, clean government.” A couple of pages farther on, the Democrats had their say: “Look at the facts—and you will vote for the Democratic ticket. The campaign fight is as old as the hills—it is the story of the outs wanting back in.”

The next day, the paper reported that veterans from Blount County had offered to come help watch the polls. Mansfield began building an army of his own. “It has come to my attention,” he announced, “that certain elements intend to create a disturbance at and around the polls. … In order to see that law and order is maintained … I will have several hundred deputies patrolling the county.” He hired all of them from outside the county, some from out of state. They would crowd inside every voting precinct. And they would be armed.

August 1, 1946: Election Day found voters lined up early in the largest turnout in local history. Joining them were some three hundred of Sheriff Mansfield’s special deputies. Trouble began early. At 9:30 A.M. Walter Ellis, a legally appointed GI representative at the first precinct in the courthouse, was arrested and jailed for protesting irregularities.

Sirens wailed throughout the morning, and police cruisers were seen speeding toward the jail. GIs began gathering on Washington Street outside L. L. Shaefer’s jewelry store, which served as an office for their campaign manager, Jim Buttram, who had seen action in Africa, Sicily, Italy, and Normandy. Above the door a sign read: “Phone 787, Jim Buttram,” the number to which voters were to report election fraud. Only after prolonged pounding did a harried Buttram cautiously open the door to his comrades. As more than two hundred GIs filled the small store, the somber mood of their leader told them they were in trouble. He showed them copies of two telegrams dated July 22: one he had addressed to Gov. Jim McCord, Nashville, Tennessee; the other to Att. Gen. Tom Clark, Washington, D.C. They requested assistance to ensure a fair election. Neither had been answered.

Otto Kennedy, not an ex-GI himself but a political adviser to the veterans, entered the office and announced that Cantrell had posted armed guards at each precinct. They all knew that this move was in preparation for the 4:00 P.M. poll closings when the ballot boxes would be moved to the jail for counting. A small group of the veterans demanded an armed mobilization and called for a leader. Buttram declined. So did Kennedy, but he offered the rear of his Essankay Garage and Tire Shop across the street as a meeting hall.

The group crossed the street, held a meeting, and agreed that those who did not have weapons should get them and return as quickly as possible.

By 3:00 P.M. most were back at the Essankay and most were armed. At about this time, Tom Gillespie, an elderly black farmer from Union Road, stepped inside the eleventh-precinct polling place in the Athens Water Works on Jackson Street. Windy Wise, a Cantrell guard, told Gillespie, “Nigger, you can’t vote here.” When Tom protested, Wise struck him with brass knuckles. Gillespie dropped his ballot and ran for the door. Wise pulled a pistol and shot him in the back as he reached the sidewalk.

The crowd began to demand the lives of the captives; some veterans agreed.

The first shot of the day brought crowds streaming up Jackson from the courthouse. Sheriff Mansfield’s cruiser turned off College Street and screeched to a halt in front of the Water Works, and deputies loaded the bleeding Gillespie into the car. Mansfield ordered the precinct closed, posted four deputies outside to guard the Water Works, and then took Gillespie to jail. A dozen veterans from the Essankay started up Jackson toward the Water Works. They were unarmed.

During the confusion following the shooting, the two GI poll watchers, Ed Vestal and Charles Scott, had been seized and held hostage inside the Water Works by Wise and another Cantrell deputy, Karl Neil. When the veterans reached the Water Works, the crowd began taunting the armed guards. As Wise and Neil stood at a window watching the angry throng outside, Vestal and Scott plunged through the plate-glass windows and ran bleeding for the protection of the crowd. Wise stepped through the broken glass, waving his pistol; several veterans rushed forward but were quickly pulled back to safety. One of them shouted, “Let’s go get our guns!” and they left for the Essankay.

In the meantime Chief Deputy Boe Dunn had his men form a cordon from the building to his cruiser, and the ballot box was carried out to the car. Wise told Dunn about the GIs’ threat; the chief deputy ordered two of his men to GI headquarters to arrest those whom Wise could identify. The rest of the deputies piled into the cruiser, which sped back toward the jail.

When the two deputies reached the GI headquarters, they were disarmed and taken prisoner; so were two others sent later as reinforcements. A crowd began to gather outside; three more deputies came with pistols drawn, only to be pummeled and dragged inside. The crowd began to demand the lives of the captives; some of the veterans agreed. This talk alarmed Otto Kennedy, and he left, vowing to have no part in murder. The crowd began to disperse, and most of the GIs left; soon a small nucleus of veterans was alone with seven hostages. The veterans took the hostages to the woods, ten miles out of town, beat them, and shackled them to trees.

A polling place for the twelfth precinct had been set up in the back of the Dixie Cafe, across Hornsby Alley from the jail, and it was commanded by Minus Wilburn for Cantrell. Bob Hairrell and Leslie Dooley, who had lost an arm in North Africa, were assigned as the Gl poll watchers. Throughout the day they had observed Wilburn letting minors vote and handing cash to adult voters. At 3:45 P.M., when Wilburn attempted to allow a young woman to vote despite the fact that she had no poll-tax receipt and that her name did not appear on the registration list, Hairrell’s patience gave out. As Wilburn reached to deposit the ballot, Hairrell grabbed his wrist. Wilburn slapped him across the head with a blackjack and kicked him in the face as he fell to the floor. Then he closed the precinct, ordered Hornsby Alley blocked at both ends, and, with a procession of guards, crossed the lawn to the jail with the ballot box and the GIs as captives.

The Cantrell forces had calculated that if they could control the first, eleventh and twelfth precincts in Athens and the one in Etowah, the election was theirs. The ballot boxes from the Water Works (the eleventh) and the Dixie Cafe (the twelfth) were safely in the jail. The voting place for the first precinct, the courthouse, was barricaded by deputies who held four GIs hostage, and Paul Cantrell himself had Etowah under control.

By 6:00 P.M. it seemed to be over. GI headquarters was deserted, and unhappy crowds moved quietly along the streets. Another election had been stolen, and nothing could be done about it.

At the Strand Movie Theater across from the courthouse, the marquee read: “Coming Soon: Gunning for Vengeance.”

Bill White, who had fought in the Pacific while still in his teens and come home an ex-sergeant, had gotten angrier as the day wore on. At two in the afternoon he had harangued the group of veterans in the Essankay, saying: “You call yourselves GIs—you go over there and fight for three and four years—you come back and you let a bunch of draft dodgers who stayed here where it was safe, and you were making it safe for them, push you around. … If you people don’t stop this, and now is the time and place, you people wouldn’t make a pimple on a fighting GI’s ass. Get guns…”

In the early evening White went to get the guns himself. He sent two GIs to get a truck and, with a few other veterans, perhaps a dozen, he headed for the National Guard armory. There, he said in a 1969 interview, he “broke down the armory doors and took all the rifles, two Thompson sub-machine guns, and all the ammunition we could carry, loaded it up in the two-ton truck and went back to GI headquarters and passed out seventy high-powered rifles and two bandoleers of ammunition with each one.” By 9:00 P.M. Paul Cantrell, Pat Mansfield, State Rep. George Woods, who was also a member of the election commission, and about fifty deputies were locked inside the jail and going through the ballot boxes. The presence of Mansfield and Woods meant that a majority of the election commission was on hand, so the tallies could be certified and validated on the spot. More deputies were still barricaded in the courthouse, but along the streets none were to be seen. If the Cantrell forces had been a bit more wary, they might have spotted some shadows slipping up the embankment directly across the street from the jail.

Opinion differs on exactly how the challenge was issued. White says he was the one to call it out: “Would you damn bastards bring those damn ballot boxes out here or we are going to set siege against the jail and blow it down!” Moments later the night exploded in automatic weapons fire punctuated by shotgun blasts. “I fired the first shot,” White claimed, “then everybody started shooting from our side.” A deputy ran for the jail. “I shot him; he wheeled and fell inside of the jail.” Bullets ricocheted up and down White Street. “I shot a second man; his leg flew out from under him, and he crawled under a car.” The veterans bombarded the jail for hours, but Cantrell and his accomplices, secure behind the red-brick walls, refused to surrender. As the uncertain battle dragged past midnight, the GIs began to have some uneasy second thoughts. They knew that they had violated local, state, and federal laws that night, and if Cantrell was not routed before his rescuers arrived, they might spend the rest of their lives in prison. Rumors compounded their fears: “The National Guard is on the way!” “The state troopers are here!” “Birch Biggs and his gang are coming!” (Biggs ran Polk County more ruthlessly than Cantrell ran McMinn.)

If the veterans had known the truth, they would have been less apprehensive. George Woods had telephoned Biggs earlier that night for help. Biggs was not there, but his son, Broughton, took the call. His answer: “Do you think I’m crazy?” Woods then slipped out of town.

The veterans were eager to end the battle. Some of them made Molotov cocktails, others went to the county supply house for dynamite. The gasoline bombs proved ineffective, but at 2:30 A.M. the dynamite arrived. At about this time an ambulance pulled around to the north side of the jail. Assuming it was for the evacuation of the wounded, the veterans let it pass. Two men jumped in, but then, instead of returning to the hospital, the ambulance sped north out of town. The men were Paul Cantrell and Pat Mansfield.

At 2:48 A.M. the first dynamite was tossed toward the jail; it landed under Boe Dunn’s cruiser, and the explosion flipped the vehicle over on its top, leaving its wheels spinning. Three more bundles of dynamite were thrown almost simultaneously; one landed on the jail porch roof, another under Mansfield’s car, and the third struck the jail wall. The explosions rattled windows throughout the town; leaves fell from the trees, debris scattered for blocks, and the jailhouse porch jumped off its foundation. The deputies barricaded in the courthouse a block away rushed onto the balcony, eager to surrender. The jail’s defenders staggered from their ruined stronghold and handed the ballot boxes over to the veterans.

With the Cantrell forces conquered, ten years of suppressed rage exploded. The townspeople set upon the captured deputies and, but for the GIs, probably would have killed them all. Minus Wilburn, a particularly unpopular deputy, had his throat slashed; Biscuit Farris, Cantrell’s prison superintendent, had his jaw shattered by a bullet; and Windy Wise was kicked and beaten senseless. Joined by a number of their fellows, the GIs cleared the jail of the rioters and locked up their prisoners for the night.

At dawn the veterans slipped from the jail, made their way through the detritus of the battle, and dispersed into what they hoped would be anonymity. Miraculously there had been no deaths. But on August 2 a page-one headline in The New York Times wrongly trumpeted the news: TENNESSEE SHERIFF is SLAIN IN PRIMARY DAY VIOLENCE. All day long reporters with cameras and notebooks poured into town to photograph, question, analyze, and write. And every newcomer passed the sign on Highway 11:


“The Friendly City”

The “victory” of the veterans that night in August 1946 appeared, at first, to have settled nothing. The national press was almost unanimous in condemning the action of the GIs. In an editorial perhaps best reflecting the ambivalence of a startled nation, The New York Times concluded: “Corruption, when and where it exists, demands reform, and even in the most corrupt and boss-ridden communities, there are peaceful means by which reform can be achieved. But there is no substitute, in a democracy, for orderly process.” The syndicated columnist Robert C. Ruark commented: “There is very little difference, essentially, between a vigilante and a member of a lynch mob, and if we are seeking an answer to crooked politics, the one that the Athens boys just propounded sure ain’t it.” Commonweal cautiously compared the battle to the American Revolution, then went on to say that “nothing could be more dangerous both for our liberties and our welfare than the making of the McMinn County Revolution into a habit.”

In the early days of August 1946 a power vacuum existed in McMinn County that easily could have spawned anarchy. Armed GIs patrolled streets that were still tense with rumors of a Mansfield army poised to reclaim Athens. Hundreds of men were issued permits to carry weapons, and machine guns on rooftops guarded the approaches to town. Several times groups of veterans rushed to barricade roads and occasionally they terrorized innocent travelers in their attempt to thwart an invasion that never came.

On August 4 Pat Mansfield telegraphed his resignation as sheriff of McMinn County to Governor McCord and requested that Knox Henry fill his unexpired term, which would end on September 1. Henry was appointed immediately, and the next day State Rep. George Woods returned to the county under GI protection to convene the election commission and certify the election. A cheer rang out in the courthouse when Woods rose as the canvass ended and announced that Knox Henry was elected sheriff by a vote of 2,175 to 1,270.

After their victory, GIs with machine guns waited for a Cantrell counterattack.

On August 11, 1946, the five GIs elected to office in McMinn announced that they would return to the county all fees in excess of five thousand dollars. Elsewhere in Tennessee, E. H. Crump and his machine were finally on the way out, with the election of Gov. Gordon Browning and a young United States senator, Estes Kefauver.

For a full year afterward the national press seized upon the most insignificant news from Athens as evidence of the veterans’ “lawlessness.” There was, indeed, remarkably little criminal prosecution in the wake of that violent night. Only one man had charges brought against him: Windy Wise, the deputy who shot the old black farmer, Tom Gillespie, drew a sentence of one to three years.

As for the larger results of the Athens rebellion, the GIs universally hailed the return of the “independent vote” to the community and the election of “fine people” to lead it. The national press continued to show interest in what had happened (the best, if incomplete, account of it at the time was a Harper’s article by Theodore White).

Finally, on the first anniversary of the violent election, the Times reported, “Today it appears that this political coalition of World War II veterans for direct action in community affairs, which many at the time regarded as a factor likely to develop nationally in the postwar period, was purely [a] local phenomenon in which veteran participation was incidental.” With this epilogue the press turned away from tiny Athens.

Knox Henry served two terms as sheriff of McMinn County and was succeeded by Otto Kennedy. Paul Cantrell, after seeking temporary asylum in Chattanooga, returned to Etowah and continued to operate the bank there with his brothers. They are all dead now, as is Jim Buttram. Otto Kennedy still lives in Athens. Pat Mansfield returned secretly to Athens on August 8, 1946, to resign his membership on the election commission. He met with Otto Kennedy for two hours, apparently with no ill feeling on either side, and then announced: “I’m through with politics for good. It’ll sure mess you up sometimes. I’m going back to railroading.”

Athens has not changed that much in forty years. There is a new courthouse, an imposing structure that is too large for its site. The old one burned down during renovations in 1964. Farmers no longer gather on the square; there is no place for them. An effort at downtown renovation can only be described as timid, a cautious imitation of similar projects in the larger cities. They have a new jail, an austere building that seems to embody the adage that crime does not pay. The Daily Post-Athenian is alive and well and still comfortably middle-of-the-road.

In the mid-fifties Athens was isolated by a new highway that intercepts Highway 11 south of Niota and rejoins it at Riceville. Along it a new Athens grew, a town of McDonald’s, Kawasaki, and Pizza Hut. If you ask people along the street about the election of August 1946, they will point up White Street and mumble something vague about a shoot-out. There are no signs or monuments to commemorate the event; people have forgotten or do not wish to remember. But the graying manager of a local store, a friendly sort and so gentle with his grandchildren, squeezed off round after round at the jail that night. And the driver snoozing behind the wheel of his cab, not really caring whether he catches a fare or not, helped wrap and toss the deadly bundles of dynamite that sailed through the night air. You can bet they remember.

A native Tennessean, Lones Selber was seven at the time of the events he describes here. He watched the battle from the corner of White and Washington streets.

The editors wish to thank Thomas J. Baker, Jr., whose study of the McMinn County political machine provided valuable additional information.