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Salt Lake County Mayor Admits To CAFR Fund Wealth

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I’d like to dedicate this to two of the bravest, most honorable men in the world: Walter Burien (cafr1.com), and Gerald Klatt (cafrman.com).
Rest in peace – and thank you doesn’t even come close – Lieutenant Colonel Klatt…
The following is an interview on Utah’s local K-Talk AM630 radio station with myself, Dale Williams of FreeWestRadio.com, and the Mayor of Salt Lake County, Peter Corroon.
Hear the 25 minute interview only here:
Download here: http://realitybloger.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/carroon-interveiw-edit.mp3
Or listen to the full 90 minute radio show here:
Download here: http://realitybloger.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/carroon-interview-full.mp3
In this rare historical confession, the Salt Lake County Mayor not only reveals his complete knowledge of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) of his county, local, and state government, but tells us that indeed his new “Unified Police District” is a private corporation, and that the elected Sheriff was appointed as the CEO of that private corporate police force after dissolving the Sheriff’s Department, leaving no lawful protection of the people, and creating a gangland style police-state in the “unified” Utah and Salt Lake County.
This completely verifies my previous article, “The Sheriff Who Sold his County”, located here:

Please download, re-post, and forward this interview and article freely, with no copyright or other restrictions.
And be vigilant for this in your own Sheriff’s Department, before you loose yours as well.
Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
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The Pima County Sheriff Department has been thoughtful enough to post names and pictures of their upper chain of command on their own website.

A little more online research. The department website mentions the Bearcat vehicles used by their SWAT unit. A little more research on the vehicles at military.com reveals an advertisement that the vehicle is a high performance wheeled APC, of which "The federal government buys dozens each year for local police departments".

A look at the video will reveal an interior and engine noise very similar to that shown in the Bearcat armored vehicle promotional videos.

Given how the federal funding grants work, the personnel and equipment must be deployed according to federal government and grant program guidelines, so that is why there is such a strong defense for the actions of this SWAT team, they were effectively acting as a contracted arm of the federal government under the federal guidelines of a federally funded program. Now I wonder which one. Now under those guidelines and programs, there may not even be a federal officer present, as what usually happens is they are handled by local "authorities" as part of the contract, and then the cases referred to the US Attorney's office when appropriate. So in a case like this, had they found illegal weapons, cash and drugs. The state would prosecute and get further funding depending on the amount of dope, the state may or may not prosecute on the weapons (they generally prosecute on the stolen guns, feds prosecute on NFA items and felon in posession of weapon charges), and the cash proceeds split up on forfeiture according to the rules of the "contract". It is "shoot and loot" in its truest form.

The issue though, when acting under federal contract and on a federally funded program, the locals who might normally not have immunity under federal law do have immunity under federal law, and are unlikely to be prosecuted. It is the old mafia-like understanding that US attorneys are priveleaged to grant and must respect among each other, "if youse workin for us, youse workin for us and immune from prosecution because we be loyal to our own". Not just the nebulous "thin blue line" backing each other up, but buried in the legal language of the funding contracts and task force operating agreements. The perpetrators will never see federal civil rights prosecution, and if some upstart new US attorney presses the charges (unlikely) they will never get past a federal magistrate, who is 90% of the time, a former federal prosecutor who got "promoted" to the next step in being a judge.

If the details so far are true, that this was a "neighborhood raid" directed by an "informant" whose identity is of course "protected", then what it amounted to was a paramilitary attack on unsuspecting American Citizens in their own homes. The victims of this raid were practically picked at random in order to make a "show of force" in the neighborhood, I dare say, in the style of an "army of occupation". I hate to bring up such an obviously leftist terminology on that, but has anyone noticed the deafening silence over at the primarily Democrat controlled discussion sites?

The police union lawyer for that area has done some video interviews. He claims that Guerna had been part of a dope hijacker crew and the warrants were after evidence that Guerna had been impersonating a law enforcement officer during false raids on dope world people.

OK, so part of this reveals where the "information" was coming from, it was coming from dopers who reported it to the police, allegedly.

Now on another note, you watch the video of the lawyer talking and if you have had any lessons on spotting both the tics associated with dope users, and liars, the lawyer exhibits both. One is the touching of the face shortly before and sometimes after telling a lie. The other thing, the part of his face he touches appears to be a habitual squeezing of a part of the sinus cavity where cocaine residue tends to collect. Frequent powder cocaine users are aware of the spot in the sinus cavity where the drug tends to collect, and will have various little actions they take to get a "hit of the reserve" throughout the day when they are not "high". In person, it almost like a sniffle, or as in the case with the lawyer, he presses a part of the sinus then quickly inhales.

It is basically a confidence building thing, as the drug is in common use among lawyers in order to build self confidence, and one of the reasons it is particularly popular among the classes of people whose professions "require" them to lie with a high degree of self confidence.

I personally think some of this might go hand in hand with who Guerna's crew may have stepped on if they had been playing vigilante. They stepped on someone well connected and that well connected party called in the hit which was carried out by the SWAT unit. Of course, you are talking overconfident dope users calling the shots on the raid anyway, so who knows, maybe it just made them feel good to put a hit out on some square who would not play ball for them.

I am also going to have to throw a good guess out there that although the police involved are publicly showing a united front on this, the release of the video from someone's helmet cam showing facts which are obviously inconsistent with statements and reports is also showing that someone somewhere has decided to throw a little more truth out there and is willing to led the dice fall where they fall.

I hate to be a dick especially since this guy was pretty much murdered in front of his family but...

Nothing is going to change.

They will kill more kids, women and innocent men tomorrow. Next week. Next year and as long as they can. Who will stop them?

They will use the full force of the federal government to crush one lone person and lie, deny, falsify and pervert justice. IF they are caught WE will pay for damages from the JBT while they get a promotion and paid vacations.

IF someone even hints at the idea of resisting like Hutaree was accused of doing then the dumb asses who make up this country will flock to the side of the JBT. "You don't kill cops".

Kahl. Weaver. Koresh. Woodring. Cooper. 1000s of others.

Given the information that is coming out at this point, I strongly suspect that the "Marine Corps Mafia" is at work within the related agencies and some folks are being "convinced" to leak more information.

Yeah, if the AR has no bullet damage and the guy was shot to hell with over 60 hits, then it was definitely a throwdown weapon. I never thought of it before, but with all of the weapons bristling from SWAT guys running into a house, it is easy to include an "extra" AR with the numbers rubbed off so that it can be "found" near the perp, but undamaged by gunfire, that is something the wife would probably remember, as when an AR/M16 gets hit by high velocity bullets, there is likely to be extensive visible damage. I have only seen one rifle (an SKS) that took multiple hits which were not immediately recognizable.

In the instance of the battle damaged SKS, it came from the "discount bin" $79 pile of Yugoslav SKS rifles from Century, had blood stains on it, the buttstock cleaning gear compartment full of cigarette butts that still smelled like an ashtray, and three holes where the guy who had been holding the rifle at roughly port arms got stitched up center mass with another 7.62 weapon. Any AR type rifle taking such hits would be irreparably shattered.

No way that many professionals aiming center mass could 'miss" the rifle with at least a few bullets. All pros are trained to fire center mass, then maybe finish with headshots. In some cases, pros get trained to double tap the pelvic area, then go center mass then head. In any event, the rifle would have been hit at some point.

I strongly suspect that some of the cops know this turned out to be a drug organization directed hit carried out by dupes in the department. Could be the warrants get sealed because the informant could be identified through them and that informant is being protected or 'disappeared".

The thing is, in cases where there is an actual victim and an actual guilty party, why conceal the identity of the complainant? A real perp knows who his real victim would be, so what would give with the secrecy?

Real perps always have a pretty good idea who their victims were, but in a fake "anonymous complaint" of a serious violent crime (especially home invasion), then yeah, its probably (99.9% chance) fake.

I think the way this is going to have to work is the department gives up the guilty parties or anyone even thinking of wearing the same uniform of them better watch the fuck out. Payback is a bitch. You don't need to be an oathkeeper to see the injustice in some SWAT unit going dirty and doing dirty work for local turd dope informants. Even the most vile JBTs understand that concept, selling the badge to do hits for dopers is a death penalty offense and the pricks in Pima County with their coke sniffing union lawyer are going to be learning that the very very hard way.

Sit and watch the movie Scarface in the presence of any LE types, Oathekeepers or JBTs and in that part where Tony Montana gut shoots the SWAT commander after the SWAT commander offers the services of his "death squad", you will see looks of approval. Yeah, grease that motherfucker. Its something just about everyone openly agrees on, although privately, most of the doper organizations hope to develop the sorts of relationships which put legalized death squads at their disposal (as is often the case in Mexico).

Group protests SWAT death of Tucson Marine

Dupnik's Death Squad. Read this excellent tactical analysis of the Guerena murder.


Rant *On*. Choke on Your Memorial Day, America.

I am completely unable to get Jose Guerena's murder out of my head.

Maybe it's because I know I too respond to unknown situations in my home with a rifle in hand.

Maybe it's because I know I'd damned sure respond armed and ready if my door were being kicked in.  In fact, if my door were kicked in, it's safe to say my selector switch would not be on "safe" (spare me the range safety lessons and read on, please).

That could have been me helplessly bleeding out on my own floor.  That could have been my wife held outside as I died on my floor.


If I hear "Freedom Isn't Free", one more time, I'm going to explode.  Just shut up with it.  Now.

Our freedom was not won or lost in Germany, France, Vietnam, Guadalcanal, Iraq, or Afghanistan.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not demeaning what went on in those places.  I am not making light of the sacrifices of those who fought in those places, only emphasizing our utter failure as citizens.  Stay with me here. Freedom isn't free, and we've sold ours, or worse, given it away.  A soldier can defend liberty in faraway places, but it is not his role to defend it on our shores.  That is your job, and it is mine.

In this, we are abject failures.

Our nation, our ideals, our liberty has been lost, in peacetime, at home, by us.


We host parades, and speeches, and put flowers on graves, and talk reverently of "the brave folks who died for our freedom", AND SIT BACK AND RELAX AS POLICE RAIDS OCCUR DAILY THAT WOULD HAVE MADE THE GESTAPO AND THE KGB / NKVD PROUD! 

At least their secret police didn't usually murder their victims outright.

There are not riots in our streets, America.  Indiana is quiet.  Arizona is quiet.  We are all quiet tonight.

We have accepted Guerena's murder.



It is our meek acceptance of what has happened to our country that makes it possible for his murderers to go to work everyday, attend their Crossfit sessions, and generally live in complete and utter disdain and lack of fear of the people they kill and oppress.

Don't fool yourself, "patriot".

Your government does not fear you in the least.

This is not about the "drug war", or the use of military force to kill a man who could have been simply arrested as he left for work or went for groceries (It is way easier to kick in a door and kill the suspect than it is to gather evidence, however).  It's not about if he had a rifle in hand, or whatever other extraneous bit of disinformation is thrown our way.  I don't care about that.

This is about the sanctity of the home, sure, but more importantly, it is about the assumed and demonstrated right and ability of our government, at any level, to kill with impunity,  





We are there, people.

We are bloody there.

So, happy Memorial Day, America.

Celebrate with your beers and cookouts and obesity and subservience.  Celebrate how we urinate on the graves of the dead as we indulge in nationwide gluttony.  I bet the glorious, brave, heroic hit team that gallantly pumped 60 rounds into Guerena's body will have a hell of a celebration this weekend.  Maybe on the taxpayers' dime.

Choke on your Memorial Day, America.  I know I have.

For meekly accepting the murder of Jose Guerena, as well as the countless others who have been killed with impunity by our government, we're not worthy of the blood that has been spilled on our behalf.

I honor Jose Guerena this Memorial Day, not as a Marine or veteran of Iraq (which he undeniably was), but as a fallen American hero, slain by the bullets of malignant and hostile enemy forces while acting the man and defending his home.  Slain by people he paid, with bullets and weapons he bought.

It is, indeed, us vs. them.

I can no longer see it in any other light.

Remember Jose Guerena.

Welcome to the Insurgency.

Enjoy your hot dogs and parades.

I'm staying home.




During my police days, my most effective training was that I undertook on my own time and money, taking courses such as those offered by Chuck Taylor, among others, where I learned proper submachine gun handling and tactical employment. I am, in fact, certified by Taylor’s American Small Arms Academy to teach, among other things, the submachine gun. I also hold NRA training certification. No such training was available though my LEO which simply could not afford it, particularly for an entire SWAT team.

It is at least in part in recognition of this reality that SWAT teams try to obtain advanced training, and sufficient time and money to practice—a great deal--with their weapons. Exposed only to cinematic machine gun handling, many people have formed a very wrong idea of the proper employment of submachine guns, which consists primarily of spraying magazines of ammunition with a seemingly endless number of rounds from the hip, ventilating the landscape as far as the eye can see. In reality, such weapons should virtually always be employed only from the shoulder, sights must be used, and only two to three round bursts employed. With proper training, this is much faster and far more accurate. In SWAT missions, putting the minimum number of rounds necessary precisely on target at precisely the right moment with no margin for error is the expected level of performance. In fact, many real pros consider any mission where they had to fire a single round a failure. They understand that this will certainly not always be possible, but it is their goal.
Most LEOs cannot afford a full-time, dedicated SWAT team. There is simply not sufficient call for it, and it is far too expensive. They deal with this by appointing various officers from various bureaus to a team, equipping them as they can afford, and indulging in what training they can afford. This is a significant limitation because when the team trains, all of those officers are not doing their usual duties, which often requires calling in off-duty officers to work overtime shifts to cover for missing SWAT troops. Many agencies try to minimize this significant problem by forming joint teams comprised of officers from two or more local agencies. While this helps somewhat with costs, it produces unique problems in terms of arguments over authority, leadership, cost sharing, and a variety of other issues.


(1) There appears to be no organization at all. The officers are not organized into an entry stack, they are not apparently taking pre-determined positions, and they mill about, apparently not knowing what should happen next.

(2) They are apparently announcing themselves, but their words are muted. It would be entirely possible for people in the home to be unable to hear what they are saying.

(3) The activation of the siren appears to be uncoordinated with the action at the door. I cannot hear any radio traffic asking for such activation, and there are no visual signals requesting it. If the residents heard it at all, it could be easily mistaken for a car alarm.

(4) Music, apparently playing in the police vehicle, is a very disturbing sign. It indicates a lack of training and concentration that would be potentially deadly in any SWAT operation. This is an amazing bit of foolishness. It is hard enough to clearly hear radio traffic and voices in fast moving, stressful situations. Adding extraneous music is incredibly stupid and dangerous.

(5) Whoever knocks does so very quietly and makes only 4-5 knocks. It’s not possible to tell whether the home has a doorbell, but from the knock to the kick that opens the door only about seven seconds elapse, not nearly enough time for any resident to answer the knock even if they did hear it.

The evidence currently suggests that Vanessa Guerena, Jose’s wife, spotted armed men roaming about the yard. Telling Jose, he directed her to hide in a closet with their four year old child, and taking up an AR-15, crouched in a hallway to intercept what he likely thought were armed home invaders. The exact time frame of these actions is currently unknown.

That the officers take the time to knock and sound a siren indicates that they did not consider time to be of the essence. They were apparently not concerned that the residents of the home would be armed and waiting for them, or that they might be trying to dispose of evidence. Had this been the case, they would have obtained a no-knock warrant and entered without warning, maximizing shock and surprise and minimizing the danger. As it is, their actions indicate a poor state of planning and readiness, haphazardly combining elements of a low-risk warrant service-albeit with a fully armed SWAT team, which makes no sense—and a high-risk, no-knock entry, for which a SWAT team makes sense.

(6) When the door is kicked open, the officer who apparently opened the door has to hastily retreat through several other officers, indicating very poor planning. In proper dynamic entries, the breaching officer or officers are positioned so that they can immediately swing out of the way without obstructing others, allowing the stack to immediately enter. Here, no one moves toward the door in a coordinated manner.
(7) After the door swings open, it takes about five seconds for an officer to apparently enter the door on the right, the shield man to stand in the doorway, blocking it, and the officer on the left of the door to lean in and point his weapon into the home.

(8) An important consideration here is that the officers were standing in bright sunlight. Upon entering, or looking into the home, unless they took appropriate steps to compensate, their vision would be compromised. Anyone who has been outside in bright sunlight and stepped into a building without lights on understands what I’m talking about. It is likely that when they saw Guerena, and the specifics of that encounter are far from clear, they saw only a dark and/or indistinct outline. It is impossible to see if the officers are wearing goggles or dark glasses, which would allow them to see clearly in a darkened dwelling upon entry, but there is no apparent sign of them adjusting such eyewear off their eyes as they stand in the doorway. It is entirely possible that those who fired had no real idea why they were firing because they could not clearly see the “threat” that was drawing their fire.

(9) The shooting begins with 4-5 evenly spaced shots, apparently on semi-automatic. Those shots are quickly joined by a wild melee of fire which lasts about eight seconds, followed by a two second silence and one final shot. According to media accounts, the SWAT team “leader” said that the officers involved exhausted their ammunition. That’s not at all hard to believe, and it is possible that more than 71 rounds were fired.

What is absolutely clear is that the firing was not professionally done. Professional operators fire in two-three rounds bursts, take the milliseconds necessary to asses whether their fire has had the desired effect, and fire again, in a carefully controlled, highly accurate manner, only if necessary. What I heard on the video was panicky fire. Two officers heard the first firing, and they simply opened up and held their triggers down, or kept pulling the trigger, until their bolts locked back, their magazines having been emptied. No doubt their trigger fingers were still jerking even then.

Considering the nature and volume of fire, it is amazing that Guerena was hit some 60 times. It is also amazing that the entire neighborhood was not ventilated. Apparently at least one round did strike a neighboring home—which indicates that the police recognized the reckless manner of their fusillade sufficiently to check out the surrounding area—which caused to police to break into that home to ensure they hadn’t killed anyone. Apparently, they were lucky and did not. It is equally amazing that they did not shoot each other.

UPDATE 052911, 1329 CT: According to a more recent local news story, the medical examiner has reported that Guerena was hit not 60 times as originally suggested by doctors, but only 22 times. This is far more in line with common results of police shootings where most rounds fired do not hit their intended targets. This is also far more in line with what would be expected of the wild and uncontrolled fire of the SWAT shooters in this particular incident, particularly those firing on full-auto. Highly skilled operators can control fully automatic fire in a submachine gun or light carbine such as the AR-15, untrained operators cannot. In any case, carefully controlled and aimed short bursts are always preferred. Police officers are directly responsible for each and every bullet they fire. In this case, nearly 70% of the rounds fired by the police missed. This might make more likely my contention that the officer's vision was compromised and that at least some of them had no real idea of their target or why they were shooting at it, other than the knowledge that one of their number was initially shooting at something. As shocking as all of this might be, the hit rate is about average for police shootings. SWAT teams should do much better. Knowing this, it is even more incredible that the officers did not shoot Mrs. Guerena, her child, themselves, or anyone else in the neighborhood.

(10) That the shield man never actually entered the home, but merely stood in the doorway, perfectly silhouetted, in the very center of a textbook fatal funnel speaks very poorly of the team’s training and experience. It’s not clear how he ended up on his back in that doorway. Did he trip and fall? Perhaps he was knocked off his feet by his teammates, eager to get in on the action. It is also possible that the fourth officer who hastily ran up to the door and thrust his handgun between two of his fellow officers may have fired it so closely to the head and face of the shield man that he was momentarily stunned--or injured--and knocked off his feet. Other officers block the view of the camera, so it is not, from the video alone, possible to know what happened.

(11) Perhaps the most egregious and telling indicator of little or no training, planning, experience and ability is the officer who runs to the doorway, thrusts his handgun between two fellow officers, likely shooting very close to their ears and eyes, to fire off some “me too” rounds. It is highly unlikely that this officer could have had any idea of his target, if he saw one at all. To be completely fair, he was probably acting as police officers do, tending toward action rather than inaction, but proper SWAT training teaches only appropriate, effective action. There is absolutely no room for “me too” shooting, on the street or during SWAT operations.

(12) It is not, of course, possible to know what the officers did prior to the video, but they had obviously been there for at least a short time before the videotaping began.


Notice that there is no information to indicate that any drugs or money were found in Guerena’s home, or that Guerena or his home, were in any way directly related to criminal activity. In fact, the police have, to date, not released the search warrant affidavit, warrant and return for Guerena’s home. However, there is no evidence to indicate that they found anything at all illegal in Guerena’s home. If they had, considering the public and Internet attention this case is generating, they surely would have made it public. Any drug case they were working has long been blown. Secrecy is no longer an issue.

None of the items listed as having been found in Guerena’s home are illegal, or indeed, unusual, particularly for a former Marine who had served two combat tours. One reason that the warrant information has not been released is likely that it was non-specific. In other words, the grounds for searching Guerena’s home may have been shaky at best.

Another media reports notes:

“According to a report, a detective interviewing Jose Guerena's younger brother, Jesus Gerardo Guerena, asked him about the slayings of Manuel and Cynthia Orozco. Jesus Guerena said he knew the couple because they were related to his brother Alejandro's wife.

According to Star archives, Manuel and Cynthia Orozco were killed during a home invasion in March 2010.”

This seems to indicate the police straining to find justification for SWAT involvement in the search, to say nothing of justifying the search itself. Guerena’s younger brother knew two people killed in a 2010 home invasion because they were related to his brother’s wife? Hopefully this is not the extent of the police’s justification for the search, or of Guerena’s being “linked to a double homicide.”

Very disturbing is the fact that the police did not allow Guerena medical help for about an hour and a quarter.



New addition to the blogroll...


Jet Planes and Helicopters, how irregular forces negate air power
The US had air superiority in Vietnam.  The USSR had air superiority in Afghanistan.  Victory through Air Power right?  Wrong.

Americans in 1950 rediscovered something that since Hiroshima they had forgotten: you may fly over a land forever; you may bomb it, atomize it, pulverize it and wipe it clean of life—but if you desire to defend it, protect it and keep it for civilization, you must do this on the ground, the way the Roman legions did, by putting your young men in the mud. "
— T.R. Fehrenbach

T.R. was talking about Korea, but even by putting boots on the ground in Vietnam the wars were not decisively won.  Third generation warfare CANNOT be decisively won.  Third generation warfare is not won on the battlefield where decisive engagements take place, it is won on the political scene by the will of the people being represented by the government of their choosing (and while there are those who believe we are in 4th Gen or even 5th Gen warfare, the differences aren't enough to worry about).

I don't believe that the North Vietnamese wanted "communism" other than it represented their first real chance for a truly native government in CENTURIES.  I don't believe that the Mujahadeen were fighting Communists for anything other than the same view on self determination.  Man, self determination is a helluva reason to fight isn't it?

So how did the Muj in the desert and mountains and the VC/NVA in the jungles, deal with the worlds two most powerful Air Forces?  They didn't.  They hid whenever they could.  They fought the ground forces that they could, and slowly built capacity through OUTSIDE HELP to get heavy weapons capable of attacking LOW FLYING AIRCRAFT.  Fast movers were shot down as well, but at the time North Vietnam had more SAMS than any other place on the planet.

Guerrilla warfare ain't sexy.  Lots of people die.

In Vietnam three .51 caliber machine guns would be place into a triangle formation pointing inward, when a helicopter flew through the "kill zone" the ambush would kick off and the pilot would have to react to contact from three directions.  The idea was to "overwhelm" the pilots ability to process data, or "get inside his OODA loop".  What is funny is that I didn't learn about this technique from studying Vietnam, I learned about it from Iraq.  But the Iraqi insurgents were just recycling Vietnamese tactics.  Shame on me for not knowing that sooner.

So, don't have your cache of supplies and munitions out in the middle of nowhere.  A Predator or Reaper flying at oh damn feet above reality will call down the wrath of God quick fast and in a hurry.  Your cache sights need to be in a place where you have a reason to be so that you don't raise suspicion by being there, have overhead cover to mask your activities and normal traffic to and from so that your movement doesn't stand out.

You know who will have freedom of movement?  Appliance delivery trucks, plumbers, carpenters, and such in the service or skilled labor industries.  Need to move that SVD from Baghdad to Baqubah?  Why not break it into components and stuff it in the empty space of a washing machine between the drum and cover?  Need a new barrel for your Savage or AR?  Call a plumber to come and fix your leak or place a bid estimate on a bathroom remodel.  In Iraq large scale smuggling operations happened using gravel trucks (and are probably still happening).  But just like the French Partizans or other operating under an oppressive occupying regime, make sure your paperwork is in order for the inevitable "flash traffic control point" that will pop up. 

So you don't have to take the Chinese Spy Satellite out of the sky to deny the .gov any actionable intelligence.  You just have to be smart, accept that the Chinese can fly over Tibet with impunity, and build robust networks on the ground.  Once you have the ground networks in place to RECEIVE the munitions to destroy aircraft, DISTRIBUTE those munitions to the appropriate cells and destinations, and COORDINATE attacks and resupply, just like the Muj did against the Soviets.

To sum it up, when the big dog controls the skies it LIMITS but does not stop the underdog from conducting operations.  Stupid underdogs get spotted, and then they get killed.  The Big Dog tries to fight an intelligence driven fight, so not sticking out like a sore thumb from an overhead perspective keeps the under dog from providing the Big Dog intelligence.  Cause as the US and USSR learned the hard way, it isn't the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog that wins in irregular warfare.

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Here is the comprehension key to unlocking the big vault door on this issue:

1. Government investment outsourced internationally starting the exodus of well positioned massive government investment funds in the 80's, expanded in the 90's, and had a primary world market share come 2000. The investment returns first from Mexico in the 80's, soviet block countries in the 90's, and now China 2000 forward taking advantage of cheap labor were impressive to say the least. Mexico yielded 400% to 3400% annual returns; Soviet block countries 65% to 300%; China 500% to 7000%.  Greed as always focused on accentuating those circumstances contrary to "others" interests (The work-force of people from the United States).

Open-door government trade policies were set to guarantee massive returns on those well placed international investments. At each turn of the investment cycle for those international investments as the wealth transfer from those products being sold in the USA took place guaranteed massive profits. Over the last four decades the biggest conflict of interests from Government International investments vs. the work-force of the United States was at play here.

Anyone from the syndicated media, organized education, or political party who had any though of making this circumstance public knowledge stood the same chance as a fly buzzing around in a 10,000 watt fly zapper "due to the money and profit involved" and the world economic take-over facilitated in the same. The interconnected power-base was as far reaching and big as it gets here.

2. When examining any primary government policy set since the 80's, as the public was masterfully entertained being given a song and dance on the "why" the International policy was being enacted and implemented as it was (NAFTA - GATT, world currency movements, etc.)  the underlying core motive was guaranteeing those massive profits for US Government on those well placed and actively traded international investments trough the flood gates of trade pouring into the US and that wealth transfer taking place.

Keep in mind the US Government investments by the 70's, primarily by investment ownership already exerted primary influence over the large domestic corporations in the US. Quietly through private membership associations they exerted their influence to perpetuate the exodus of manufacturing from the US to international locations where the takeover investment plays were taking place through the use of those massive US Government Institutional investment funds to thus again guarantee massive returns on those well placed international government investments.

3. The ease of how the world markets could be manipulated by the US Government Institutional corporate investment cartel outside of public comprehension led to circumstances out of simple greed and opportunity to orchestrate massive theft and conquest on a grand scale by contrived circumstance being created as the pubic as  a mushroom was fed b*ll sh*t and kept in the dark. Done so based on the massive and easy wealth transfer out of simple opportunity wanting to build their own fortunes from those contrived circumstance.

Per the masterful entertainment of the public by the controlling parties it was like taking candy from a baby without any consequences or genuine liability for having done so. The two largest contrived circumstance in the last decade that guaranteed the quick transfer of wealth in the trillions of dollars were 911 in 2001 and the housing bubble collapse backed up with a massive international and very profitable (to the tune of 25 to 30 trillion dollars liberated from the domestic and international marks) derivatives play at the end of 2008.

As has been said from many, many generations ago: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" My personal favorite though is: TREASON: "Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612
How can this general and now all so pervasive circumstance be corrected for the public's behalf?

The public needs to become the "first line beneficiary". Up until this point the public over the last 1000 years was primarily left out of the loop being looked at by government as a "productivity resource to be drained and managed". (the primary motive and intent of government policy). This was not nor ever will be a "good thing".

Just as much as the comprehension was very effectively held back from the populace per what is stated above due to the massive money; investment return; and control derived therefrom, a void in comprehension will be diligently maintained by the government syndicate to maintain the current in place standard of government corporate operations. What CAFR1 has presented through the TRF - http://TaxRetirement.com/TRFA.html will if enacted make the population the "First Line Beneficiary", inevitably phase out all taxation, make it a win - win for all involved (public; government; and the financial cartels) and most important of all it changes the primary motive and intent of government policy from looking at the public as a productivity resource to be drained and managed into the intent now being to see the public as wealthy and as prosperous as possible.

You see under the TRF mode of operation within government, the more wealthy and prosperous the public is, the greater the truck loads of cash coming in for government and the financial cartels will be. Again a win - win for all involved. 

On a special note there is one other fringe benefit of the TRF mode of operation: The orchestrated events such as 911 and the housing bubble collapse would probably not happen again being that it would upset the apple cart of a very prosperous circumstance for "all". You see under the old of the public being a productivity resource to be drained and managed, in the very exclusive "Big Boys Club" there was a tendency to behind closed doors pat the players on the back that "pulled it off". Under the mode of operation of the TRF once in place, if the same was done disrupting the very profitable structured operation of the TRF mode of operation, those pulling off the same would disappear rather violently by directives of the Big Boys Club for have rocked the millennium in place apple cart. See that, even the ultimate greed principle at that point protects the people and all involved. So for the last time a win - win for one and all.

On a last note with emphasis added: If things stay the way they are I don't believe we as a people or a civilization will survive the final circumstances of the inevitable end result and that end could be sooner than you think if and when a snowball world circumstance presents itself that spirals out of anyone's control. In the alternative if and when the TRF mode of operation goes into full play we may just overt the before mentioned and the age-old promised period of the millennium could be at hand and in motion. A thousand years of prosperity for one and all. On a global note the same will work for every country on this planet in the same fashion.

Per stories, lets go back to the first, the story of Adam and Eve choosing between given paradise or eating from the tree of knowledge whereby if they did so they would loose given paradise and have the choice to create their own paradise (or Hell) with the knowledge obtained. My choice is paradise and I have staked my life upon it, what about your choice that through knowledge now present(s) itself to you?

Please share this communication by all means with all that you know and ask them to do the same.
Sent FYI and truly yours,
Walter Burien - CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 445-3532


A few days ago, Rawles of survivalblog.com proposed a redoubt for patriots.


...Which is nothing that hasn't been proposed before.  This is my response at Western Rifle Shooters:

Hmmm, William Johnstone proposed this some decades back via his Ben Raines post apocalypse novels-about the “Tri States” that occupy the same sparsely populated, rugged part of America. The US government went in and eventually won.

Remember we’re dealing with a pack of bastards who made Texas back down on a bill to stop the TSA from getting their rape on with whoever they think is sexy to them. Used the threat of shutting down air travel in and out of Texas to accomplish this.

Looking at the map alone and knowing the likely numbers of patriots and resources vs a beast that is slowly digesting small businesses, farms, gun owners and anyone and anything else that might become independent and a redoubt by itself just gives the enemy a place to mass their forces.

No-Our America’s sovereignty will come from both redoubts and outposts in enemy territory. Whole states and single towns. Established groups and lone wolves working together against a common enemy.

The point is we have to present the enemy with too many targets to take out at the same time being able to marshall our resources as needed. Rawles version of the Tri-States won’t even work as proposed because you need local political control, which is something most people forget and which I’ve been emphasizing endlessly about.

Now, Arctic Patriot had his own reply which bears repeating here:

Thoughts on the "American Redoubt", posted by Rawles, linked at WRSA.

I prefer Alaska personally, but then, I'm biased...and I'm already here.

Mr Rawles, in my opinion, often presents unaffordable and unrealistic "survival" options, but his ideas are valuable in that they give a person a basic frame of reference to work from.  Building a fully-stocked second home or "retreat" is a non-starter for most people, and I recommend learning how to produce rather than storing food for twenty years.  Have "preps", for sure, but "preps" in my mind are only to tide you over until you adjust to the situation.  I digress...

On the subject of secession, and an autonomous breakaway region in North America, I know there is a lot of debate about the feasability of such a movement's success.

The US government's military might is fearful.  No doubt.  Consider though, if you would, the one thing many fail to realize, namely, that the US government is great at blowing things up, but is utterly incapable of winning wars, being stuck in a WW1/WW2 mindset.

Name me one war America has clearly won and exited in the last sixty years...

Just one.

You cannot. (Well, there's Grenada, I suppose...)

America is repeatedly spanked -or at least fought to an ugly stalemate- by peasants with AKs, Mosin-Nagants, and LPC (leather personnel carrier) technology.

An "American Redoubt", if executed with proper (crisis) timing, combined with a healthy dose of offensive 4GW to destabilize the failing artificial nationalized democracy, is likely the last best hope for the idealogical preservation of "America".

Face it folks, there is no hope of salvaging what is left of this nation.

Still unwinnable, you claim? 

Well, how's your plan to "vote" or elect your way to liberty going?  How did it work out for Jose Guerena?  The thousands molested each day at the hands of the TSA?  The recent smackdown of Texas vs. TSA?

Our system is irretrievably broken, and as unlikely as some may think succession will be, one thing is certain-

There have been absolutely no positive steps taken politically in our nation for the past sixty or so years.  Not one. 

Why not?

We have to move beyond mere politics. and look at meta-politics, namely, the forces, premises, and foundations upon which our politics are based.

Liberty is nowhere to be found in the meta-politics of this nation.  Therefore, political movement toward liberty is less likely to succeed than is secession.  You cannot mine gold or recover oil from ground that does not contain ore or oil deposits.  Likewise, liberty cannot be hoped for when it is not even in the foundation of our politics.

More on this later.  This subject really has my interest.  Not specifically the "American Redoubt", but the one of secession.  Secession seems unlikely for now...

just as unlikely as American Independence must have seemed in 1774.

I do not want a "civil war", ie one fought to wrest control of the government from the currently elected government.  The majority of the people in this nation do want a nanny state, along with some degree of statism.

I do want a peaceful secession from our artificial nationalized democracy.

Make no mistake though, there will never be a peaceful secession.  There never has been in this nation, and there never will be.

Keep this in mind also as you mull it over...

National Socialist Germany, in the height of its expansionist power, never tried to invade Switzerland.  One of the (several) reasons why -and this is pure speculation- might have been the daunting task of subjugating a mountainous nation full of citizens who were armed, trained, and resistant to invasion.

The US military is awesome at blowing things up.  I am not sure it could decisively win a 4th Generation conflict with a breakaway region, if the secession/breakaway was executed with the right timing.

I'd like to hear your thoughts.

At least think on it...

Remember Jose Guerena.


...In his comments, one guy has I think the summation of what we're doing wrong, and what we need to do:

Alan W. Mullenax said...
Oh, for Christ's sake. More jaw jacking. More key pounding. It's getting monotonous.

Listen up gentlemen. You're gonna have to reach down in to your scrotum and find out if you do in fact have testicles.

Lessee. Now I'm gonna have to move. I've gotta have food for a year. I have to have ammo to take on half the country. Yada, yada, yada.


You fucking people are gonna have to rid yourselves of that yellow streak down your back. You're gonna have to come to the understanding that we have to come together some how, somewhere, and make a stand. We need to make history and not let history make us.

I am so sick of this of I'm only gonna protect mine. Jesus! What horseshit.

Imagine for a moment those men on the Lexington Green. If they thought as you do, they never would have been there. The Redcoats would have just waltzed through and history would be quite different from what it now is.

I can be anywhere in the continental US within 36 hours. You call me, I will come. Sorry. I don't fly. Besides, they probably wouldn't allow my 30lb chest rig and weapons.

Pick the Green gentlemen. Pick the Green. Time to get jam up and jelly tight. I'll lead or I'll follow. I just wanna know I have a man to my left and a man to my right.

Times up. We can keep talking about radios, gear, weapons, capabilities, politics, etc.

Ain't gonna change. Nothing is gonna change.

Leave all that prep for the wife and kids. Pray that they make it.

I can assure you that if you don't stand up, somewhere, some how, they won't.

Now, you sons of bitches know how I feel.

Sorry Justin. Had to be said. Even if nothing comes of it.

...There isn't going to be a redoubt formed in the NW before the shooting starts, there's no time.

What IS time... time past... is to rally to the aid of fellow patriots being picked off one by one by the enemy.  Dave Olofson, Jose Guerna, Gordon Kahl, Richard Sabo, Charles Dyer... several thousand others forgotten by all but the beast as they rot in their graves or rot in their prison cells.

Some ask for a Lexington-look locally, there's plenty of choices to be had.

As much as it violates PERSEC and OPSEC we need a comm network-if one patriot is going down those that can need to back him up-RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

Now, the national debt sized question is, will you answer the call?  Because in the end you can risk all now or certainly lose all later when the beast targets you in it's most winning strategy of this 'dagger war'.


Thursday, May 26, 2011



The most likely scenario for the next decade starts with the resumption of global economic depression (D2).  Economies shrink.  Wealth evaporates as former "assets" become worthless.  Commodities fall (even energy) due to declines in economic activity.  Currencies gyrate, explode, and/or evaporate.
In this environment, sovereigns will begin to default as the industrial nation-state model runs out of gas.  Developed nation-states will find themselves crushed between bailouts of their cronies and excess spending (i.e. social spending (EU), national security spending (US), or mercantilist over-investment (China).  Developing nations will just implode.
Things will continue on this track until one of two things happen:
  • things really begin to fail (complete system breakdown) or 
  • new, better economic and social systems become viable as replacements to our broken one.
I'm betting on new economic and social systems.  Part of that bet, and something many people now get, is accomplished through the establishment of self-reliant resilient communities.  However, resilient communities aren't a sufficient replacement, in and of themselves (unless you want to turn back the clock to the 1800s).  By themselves, they don't represent a superior alternative to a failing and flailing global system.  Something else is needed, but what?
It's simple.  What's needed are (note the plural here), virtual global economic systems built on a sound footing (i.e. better and more sensible rules than we currently have), prosperous participants, and a hard currency.  Systems that people can flee to when currencies become scarce (deflation) or worthless (inflation) or nation-state political systems fail (corruption/crime) or flail (repression).
My advice to you:  when you see a system that looks like the one outlined above, start to diversify your economic activity into it as soon as is practicable.



The Economic Juggernaut of Genghis Khan

Some fun thinking for Wednesday...
Here are some of the economic reforms that turned the horde of Genghis Khan into a steamroller than flattened most of the world's kingdoms/empires.*  He:
  1. Delayed gratification.  He banned the sacking of the enemy's camp/city until all of the fleeing soldiers, baggage, etc. were rounded up.  This radically increased the loot accumulated and ensured it could be shared among all of the participants (he confliscated the wealth of those men that cheated by looting early).
  2. Systematically shared the loot based on contribution and merit.  He disregarded title or status and systematically rewarded loot to everyone in the horde that earned it (the traditional approach was to let a few take it all -- sound familiar?).  Of course, that fairness pissed off the nobility since they were used to backroom dealing and hereditary rights.  However, the benefits of this system, were far greater than the costs.  To wit:  He cemented the loyalty of the men and was able to attract thousands to his banner for every noble lost.
  3. Protected those that make sacrifices.  For men killed in the campaign, he paid their share of loot to their widows/orphans posthumously.  
*of course, the first unsaid lesson is:  attack the places with the most loot.
The economic strategy of Genghis Khan works well against any corrupt, top-heavy system (loot rich targets that are defended by nobility + serfs).  Sounds somewhat similar to today's global economic formula.  Of course, it's also important to view this simple but effective strategy as something apart from the figure that used it.  For example, a decent/moral decentralized system that replicates this merit based approach could reproduce some of the success Genghis had against the feudal holdings and petty tyrannies of today's marketplace.



Deadly Radioactive Water Leaking From Tank At Fukushima
Kiss the groundwater goodbye.
Fukushima Parents Rage Over Govt Failure To Act On Radiation
This is a global genocide operation, what they need is a revolution.
Radioactivity Spreading On Fukushima Coast - 'Worse Than Thought'
Kiss the Pacific goodbye.
IAEA To Send 18 To Study Fukushima Catastrophe
TEPCO - Kashiwazaki Plant Iodine May Be From Fukushima
Japanese From Nuke Town Allaowed First Visit Home
Spent Reactor Fuel Risk Greater in US Than Japan - Vid 
There isn't an area east of the Mississippi that doesn't have a nuclear power plant nearby.
Nuclear Waste - Into Eternity - Vid
A Staggering 204 Sieverts An Hour In Reactor 1 Drywell
Hawaii Dairy Farmers Fight Radiation With Boron
IAEA Lied About 3 Fukushima Meltdowns For 6 Weeks
Parts Of Melted Cores Have Broken Into Drywell
Cesium 137 Levels Rise In Sonoma CA Milk Samples
Multiple 4 Inch Holes In #2 Containment, 1 & 3 Also Leaking
We're fucked.