Friday, December 29, 2006



J. Croft

What do you do that is so important that it keeps you from facing what’s wrong with America?

What the hell could be so fascinating about some billionaire owned sports club or some skank celebrity that it keeps you glued to that electronic narcotic known as the TV set for hours at a time?

Is it that there’s so much wonderful sh!t on that it keeps you from finding out what’s really going on-like how come cops nowadays are so psychotic they tazer and shoot children?!

How come voting Democrat isn’t cleaning up the government?! Or stopping inflation or the continued disembowelment of America’s economy, or stopping the stage managed drug war?

Maybe it isn’t that American culture is so fascinating, maybe it’s just plain FEAR.

You’re not alone:

There’s a Working Family; Dad, Mom, maybe two or three Children. There’s love, but they’re not together. They can’t be. Dad works the night shift at the auto plant-because his Dad got him in and it was good money(relatively speaking)for a wage job. Yet Dad’s constantly worrying not only about pleasing his demanding bosses, but about threats of wage cuts, benefit cuts-kids gotta have braces and shots full of mercury and viruses, and other modern day hustles like health insurance.

Mom works through the day, at a diner-dealing with all kinds of customers, the leering stares of her boss sexually fantasizing about her… not that she’d be tempted by his slovenly greasy ass. She hates her job, but she needs it, oh so badly, and that lecherous pervert she calls “sir” knows it. Job performance is key; it’s a frantic pace serving the lunch rush and screw ups wreck the whole rhythm of work flow. In the back of her mind Mom worries about her kids, how much she and her husband haven’t been around for them.

Both FEAR that despite their best efforts they won’t be able to give their Children the opportunity to go to college and raise themselves up in status-although that FEAR is never, ever talked about since everybody KNOWS America is all about equality… unless you’re black or latino, or some other kind of white trash.

There are millions of Americans, of all ages, ethnicities and cultures. They all get up at a time they don’t want to, travel to a job they don’t care for. They endure a gauntlet of stultifying work, horrible managers and bosses, and then commute back and forth hoping they don’t get pulled over for going at the wrong speed or noticing their taillight’s broke because they had to spend the money on rent or groceries or gas-the last two items the prices never seem to fall! They come home and after that physical and mental ordeal they’re so drained understanding how their nation and destiny have been systematically stolen is… just not happening.

You think all these Americans don’t have the dread of their bosses deciding their job’s the next to be outsourced to Chinese slave labor, and their paycheck-to-paycheck existence will come to a end in a alleyway begging for change?

Yet, without much hope they set their alarm clocks to get up the next morning and do it all over again.

There are thousands of otherwise decent folks who made the horrible lapse of judgement and became government bureaucrats. Whether it’s for the pay or they perceived they were doing society some good they went to college, took the requisite pol sci courses with the neo-Marxist professors and whatnot. They passed their civil service exams. Then they found out the real deal; they found themselves a part of the beast, the amalgamation of federal, state and local government that through the tyranny of (supposedly) good intentions robs us all of our money, our time, our wellbeing, our Lives and our very Freedom. They work with power hungry little trolls, each of them brainwashed by their college professors to believing themselves the “intelligentsia” the “elite”, each of them the king of their own anthill. They work for a caste of neo-marxist administrators, career politicians-all lawyers, all traitors.

You think these Americans don’t live in constant FEAR that they serve the beast and it’s sole purpose is to conquer and to consume and to destroy the futures of our nation, our planet and every person it can? That all the purposely designed bureaucratic misery they and their kind come down on each and every one of us-that somehow if they can’t stop it or even slow it down they just might face judgment for their crimes one day?

Yet without much hope they get up each morning and pick their battles as best they can without getting fed to the beast themselves.

There are millions of Americans, born in the backwoods, the trailer parks, the gutted out factory and mining towns of what their-our common-enemies dub “flyover country”. Born without, they struggle with hunger, with poor health, poor education. They struggle with trying to make ends meet in a economic dead zone, that “American Dream” exported long ago. Most of all they struggle with class and racial bigotry licensed by their enemies-our enemies-through the culture and official government policy. America’s white n!ggers, the peoples of the South and Appalachia, if they would wake up, shed their blind loyalties, their blind hatreds perhaps they and the blacks and all the latinos exploited like slave labor could forge a new America, truer to what we think this nation should be.

Except they still hang on to their delusions and prejudices, in FEAR that their lives truly are that worthless, that the stereotypes are that true. Or even that they have always been and always will be America’s white n!ggers.

Yet they get up at four in the morning, and get to the factories and coal mines and try to make their bills.

There are hundreds, thousands of beautiful, talented men and women who every day attempt to make their childhood dreams reality in the cesspool known as the entertainment industry. Most are crushed in the attempt at penetrating what amounts to a racket that demands you sell out-put out on the casting couch-to a ideology and a lifestyle that does great harm not only to themselves but to the nation as they’re used as pawns for social engineering and thought control. A few actually make it. Most don’t and either head back home to salvage what’s left of their lives or use themselves up salving the pain of having their dreams crushed with drugs. Some are in a hellish no man’s land of being one great project from success yet so terrifyingly close to oblivion-and time is not on their side. They’ve made horrible mistakes or twists of fate and they try to struggle on, but as much as their friends and family support them those that run the entertainment industry treat them like plutonium… as if their scandals and treasons don’t deserve the death penalty. They’d love to blow the lid on the whole sordid thing but know their voice would never be heard.

You think these men and women don’t have their fears, and dread how inevitable they are?

Yet they go from one audition to another, not giving up, going for Greatness irregardless of their past failure, the tragedy that hangs over their head like a sword.

There are Police Officers who stay true to their oaths to protect and uphold the Constitution. These lone souls do their best to protect the People from not just the criminal element on the streets, but the criminal element that has entrenched itself in positions of power. Daily they walk a tightrope between doing what’s right and being able to do their jobs amidst the sneers of those that love their jobs, love their power, love that no matter what happens to America they’ll most likely keep their jobs as massah state’s overseers.

You think the brave cops that work in that enviroment don’t have moments of fear, of despair?

Yet they strap their bulletproof vest and gun on every day and face their own mission impossible.

There are millions of Americans-probably a lot like you in some ways yet different. The existence they live doesn’t have nearly the opportunity to work a 9 to 5 job for the reward of maybe 5% of the effort they put into it. No, these Americans are stuck in economic and social dead zones, trapped by poverty, lack of opportunity and culture. These Americans could just say the hell with it and resign themselves to being without, being beaten or shot for the crumb they struggled to get. Most do, but some don’t; they band together and however way they can… even if it means hurting you… they struggle against their circumstance, against the power structure oppressing them. All to even TRY to grab a peace of that American Dream that’s promised on the TV.

You think these gangbangers, these criminals, these Designated Urban Boogeymen don’t have their moments of despair, of FEAR it’s all futile?

Yet they get up every morning and do what they got to, against us, because the rest of us ceded control of our Nation to those criminals in three piece suits that proclaimed themselves “experts”.

There are hundreds of thousands of Americans who remember what that meant once. Remember in their hearts and minds our history, our true purpose. Not to die with the most toys but to help kindle the flame of Freedom, to be an example to the rest of Man to emulate, to even improve on. They write, make videos, pass out flyers, get on the low powered nearly unnoticed college radio station week after week. They wage a herculean struggle against the socially engineered apathy, resignation, and most of all, the FEAR of nearly everyone around them. Apathy enough to tune out the in-our-face treason, resigned enough to settle for perhaps enjoying the weekend ball game as the sum of one’s purpose, fearful enough to forget that together, united as one voice they still have the power to say NO!

This collective psychological surrender is what those hundreds of thousands of Patriot Americans struggle against. You think for one second they don’t reckon with the certain knowledge that they’re playing with fire by speaking out? I know for a fact I struggle with that FEAR of futility, of being brutally and permanetly silenced.

Yet, we still lay their hands on the keyboard. Grab the latest bunch of flyers, our camcorders, sit by the mikes and at their assigned time thousands of people listen to them for the Truth, hoping that they remain on the air, that they don’t burn out and quit, or worse be silenced by massah state.


It rules our lives, our thoughts.

FEAR has shaped us, molded us into worker bees for massah corporation and massah state. Molded us into overseers. Molded some of us into resisting being enslaved by massah by either criminal activity or practically accepting a vow of poverty and a perpetual set of crosshairs on our foreheads by assuming the lonely, despised title of Patriot.

FEAR is what most Americans grow up with. FEAR of being hit by Mom and Dad. FEAR of being punished by those entrusted with what’s known as “education”. FEAR we’ll violate some infraction and suffer the wrath of authority… which dovetails nicely into the slots massah state and massah corporation had planned for us all along. FEAR that, if we’re not “productive citizens” that not only will we not partake in the cruel, increasingly fleeting mirage known as the er, “American Dream”, that we’ll even wind up as homeless, or common criminals.

FEAR of exclusion-which the homeless and common criminals face every day. Of being socially exiled into a underclass in a nation trained by college “educated” social scientist to both think in terms of class, status and at the same time hold oh so desperately onto the mortgage, the no interest lease on the family land yacht, the slave labor made baubles that once upon a time, fucking Americans made for themselves!

Yeah, if you’ve followed my writings at and now at I’ve written repeatedly and at times excessive length about how enslaved we are.

Enslaved by a century of government and corporate policy in how we gain our sustenance, how we shelter, clothe and feed ourselves. Enslaved by the opinions and thoughts of others that out of deliberately engineered childish ignorance we adopt as our own because it came out of that electronic narcotic, the TV.

Most of all, we’re enslaved by simple, craven FEAR. Animalistic, natural FEAR of being dependent on a inherently evil system, of losing what little we’re permitted by it. And that reaction is counted on by those social scientists that prostitute themselves to the beast, to massah state and massah corporation.

We are owned by massah, slave-mind, body and soul. That is the root of your FEAR-that you’re really a slave.

Well, you are. So am I.

We’re property; our birth certificates are filed with the goddamn federal department of commerce!

Massah state owns the land your mortgaged home sits on. Want to dispute that, try not paying the rent-er, property tax for a single year. Try it and then you can experience just how wonderful being dirty, hungry, cold and a constant target of thugs and thug cops is.

We have millions of miles worth of PUBLIC ROADS we paid taxes to create, yet we have to apply to massah state for permission to use them with a car that they can revoke at any time.

We have a Constitutional Right to Bear Arms except where prohibited by law and by what type.

More and more places you can’t smoke. Social drinkers become the target of DUI law racketeering that feeds back to the court, the prison system and the lobbyists that get a piece of that action.

Nazi-ass “political correctness” chokes free debate-there are certain subjects that can get you labeled a “racist” or “radical” or “kook”. You know which ones; like the FACTS about 9/11, or how many people really died in Nazi concentration camps during World War II, or who really shot Kennedy. People have literally been imprisoned for saying the wrong thing.

Want to exercise your religion? Better be a minority because the nazi-assed ACLU will jump down your throat for any “public displays” if you’re a mainstream Christian. Have a church? That had better be registered by the internal revenue service if you want it tax free-and then there’s “political activity” that you’re prohibited from engaging in.

You can forget about a fair trial even if the enemy doesn’t declare you a “terrorist” and “rendition” you to a foreign country to be tortured.

All your other Constitutional Rights are simply not recognized by massah-and do you even know what the hell they are?! When’s the last time you read YOUR Bill of Rights?

We have what’s bullshitted to us as a representative government yet most of these clowns are related to each other by ancient bloodlines. It’s the truth: Google BURKE’S PEERAGE. They certainly act like royalty spending our money and at the same time stealing our rights until we’re now keeping quiet in honest fear we’ll be picked up on suspicion of terrorist activity. And spend the rest of our lives being tortured for that suspicion.

You’re afraid all the above and a lot more are true, which is why you willfully hide from facing the terror every day. Just keep working fo’ massahs an’ bide your time for the weekend where you can hit the bar or watch the game or take that road trip or whatever else nonsense you keep yourself occupied with to unwind while your nation-OUR NATION-is systematically destroyed.

Guess what slave? Things will never, ever get better until you make up your mind to face your FEAR.

Nothing of consequence to restore what’s been stolen from us will be gained until we are willing to sacrifice our comfort, our very lives in order regain our Freedom.

That means facing our FEAR.

Funny thing about “fear”, it’s like a schoolyard bully; it’s a real menance, and looks like it’ll crush your ass and go grab a six pack for all it’ll think of you. You face it down and give it a good asskicking and it don’t come back.

Oh, the troubles will certainly still be there but it’s the FEAR that is the central pillar that supports the structure of tyranny that keeps you and me enslaved. Yes massah state and massah corporation are formidable but take away that central, supporting pillar of FEAR and their whole house comes crashing down upon them. It’s just that massah’s still in business because not enough people have faced their ingrained fear down.

How do you face down your FEAR?

Good question, because the answer’s different with every individual.

Some will FEAR having to change their views… okay a lot of people will. Fools of all ages, vocations and colors hold onto their timeworn prejudices like family heirlooms. If you consider your great grandpa’s ball and chain from slavery a priceless heirloom you could make that argument.

For what? You really think, white people, that to keep hating blacks is going to lift you out of your home grown third world hellhole called Appalachia? Or save your dying Middle America-murdered by the same pack of blueblooded traitors that run our nation into the ground like it’s a birthright?

You really think, black, that every white person’s a Klan member? You KNOW how fucked up America is, the shafting that’s the real deal. You think blame all whiteys is going to lift you out of the home grown third world hellhole called the inner city? Or save your dying dream of making it in Middle America-murdered by the same pack of blueblooded traitors that run our nation into the ground like it’s a birthright?

You really think, latino, that you’re going to pull off this “reconquista” daydream-or at least get even from those greedy enough to exploit you for seven bucks a day(is it lower?) You think-considering you pull off the impossible and make it past all the millions of Americans who will fight you to the bitter end, and make a blood enemy for generations to come-that this “Aztlan” is going to get you Freedom? Prosperity? Consider whose running the campaign; all they want is a empire of their own so they too can exploit you for seven bucks a day.

See the hustle of race hatred? It’s perpetrated by the very people you’re taught-programmed-to look up to. They try to frame America in the ideal of race or even to a safe point for them, class. Those are lies-America is a IDEAL of Freedom brought into reality. Freedom is for everyone and while THIS America has truly betrayed Freedom, has done it’s utmost to kill it and get away with it, OUR America will rise again… or could if you’d get over your FEAR.

Maybe loss of your most cherished hatreds isn’t your problem… maybe it’s what you think you have:

Some will FEAR losing what they perceive as their friends. Americans make “friends” way too easily so they don’t value people, just like they’re trained to not value anything else. What you need to truly fear is not having anything you hold precious, that means something. What in your miserable lives is worth more than living free in a land clean of toxicity, in a society that upholds that Freedom?

Some will FEAR losing their jobs, their lifestyle-your lifestyle’s slavery! Wake the hell up and know that the five percent of the fruits of your labors massah corporation kicks to you for all your sweat and tears, government takes half, and your mortgage, car loan and credit cards bills take the rest. All of it benefiting a few thousand way too rich old white men that control the corporations, the government. What is it about being dependent on massah is more attractive than freeing yourselves from their chains and learning how to sustain yourself and work for yourself?

A whole lot will FEAR the time and effort it will take liberating yourself-it might mean missing your favorite shows on TV. Thirty seconds into watching that damn thing your mind essentially falls into a sleep-like state… so ask yourself what is it about allowing our enemies to literally PROGRAM you that is worth more than taking time away from TV worship to waging a peaceful revolution?

…While we still have a political system we can affect change with?

Some will FEAR losing what they reckon as their “freedom”. First off, you know you’re really not Free; otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far! To massah state you’re sure as hell not free to:

*work one’s profession
*bear arms in defense of one’s self and theirs
*conduct business
*buy or sell

without massah’s tax or license. Certainly not without the blessings of massah’s army of bureaucrats and agents and thugs who exploit that we won’t stand for our rights. Certainly not unite with others being oppressed like cr*ckers or n!ggers or b&aners who’s being crushed by massah when they get uppity.

And certainly, everyone will FEAR losing their lives. Know this: your body’s genes will make more mistakes than can be fixed and you’ll wear out, but you, your soul is eternal. Everyone’s going to face death someday and the only cure for that is to have a purpose from God to set things right. Again:


And no I’m not talking about that bucktooth douche Joel Osteen’s self indulgent me generation pandering garbage. You people have had enough of being made to feel good. You feel so good it’s killing you; everyone going through bankruptcy now, or are gonna, you think they don’t regret not facing reality before the party ended?

Your party will end too. You know this, otherwise like I stated, you wouldn’t have read this far.

I’ll spell your purpose out to you: it’s to help reclaim the America we’ve all let go of for the false promises that have made you a debt slave. That have made you forget one of the most important lessons of history… you can’t count on your enemies to respect what’s yours. It takes fire and spilled blood and inflicting unbearable tragedy and death to secure what’s yours. And yes, that’s NOT a lesson taught in the state run publik skools and the megacorporate owned media and cultural outlets. Teaching Freedom doesn’t make for good slaves.

Two centuries ago brave men, some of them rich, gave all to gain Freedom. I have some examples here, cribbed from a favorite book of mine, Hologram of Liberty: Signers of the Declaration of Independence…

FRANCIS LEWIS had his home burned and his wife tortured by the British for two years. She died shortly after her release.

JOHN HART’S home was looted and burned, his ailing wife died and his 13 children scattered. He eluded capture by sleeping in caves.

The 1,000 acre estate of LEWIS MORRIS was ransacked and burned. His home was destroyed, his cattle butchered, and his family driven off.

RICHARD STOCKTON was imprison and repeatedly beaten at the brink of starvation. His home was destroyed, his papers burned.

CARTER BRAXTON saw virtually every merchant ship he owned sunk or captured. He was forced to sell off his land.

THOMAS NELSON, JR. led 3,000 Virginia militia against the British. Redcoats took refuge in his own home, so he turned a cannon on it.

Doesn’t sound like you or me does it?

I’ll tell you the truth: the only difference between them and us is they realized that there are Ideals worth fighting for that are more precious than their own loved ones lives. That to struggle for a Future of their own design is worth more than all the gold, all the land and businesses and ships and goods they could ever hope to acquire. has some more philosophical thoughts about the greater need of humanity has to overcome one’s own intolerable losses. Yes the struggle for Freedom will get this ugly.

Order Hologram of Liberty at learn how a pack of bankers and lawyers hijacked the American Revolution-OUR Revolution and turned it into the beast we all struggle with every day. Then order Boston’s Gun Bible.


Yes-a SMART, hopefully PEACEFUL Revolution but I’m not counting on our enemies to be peaceful.

See, elements in government actually WANT a armed uprising of some kind after they’re done using this country up to forge their “new world order”. Collapse the economy when the Americans are no longer needed or wanted as consumers and soldiers.

Being without the knowhow to fight properly or even just to survive, millions will starve helpless. Millions more will throw themselves blindly at government forces, guns at their hips blazing away wasting ammo as the TV taught them that gosh, the good guys shot this way and the bullets hit the bad guys why ain’t this work-ugh.

Millions more will toady up to their enslavers, now fully unveiled for the beasts they are hoping for another piece of bread to fuel their starving bodies in another day of abject slavery.

Yes, millions will die when the financial props holding the corpse of America’s economy are kicked out from under us… with all the factories gone, everyone a debt slave to keep up the appearances of prosperity, our military stretched to a breaking point so it’ll destroy itself destroying the rest of the planet… So that means learning some basic trades, like repair work, metallurgy, agriculture. Google Lindsay’s Technical Books, spend a couple hundred bucks and then find something that matches your temperment. Kurt Saxon also has some good info in his Survivor series-order that at . Also, check out for a lot more articles.

As for guns… violence will be unavoidable-it’s the enemy’s plan and sooner or later somebody will snap and wage war on the government. At that point martial law plans will be implemented and that hapless rebel will be used as a domestic Osama Bin Ladin-a straw man to justify the government finally being honest in how much they hate us. All the patriots who think just buying some gun show special SKS, some clips and taking their marksmanship lessons from the TV set are going to be easy pickings for all the over testosteroned psychopathic cops and agents massah state has been psyching up for decades… to take YOU out.

More fools tricked into thinking they’re superior for some stupid neo-marxist reason.

So if you want to stand a chance, learn how to shoot. Go to the Revolutionary War Veterans Association. Keep the rhetoric to yourself and concentrate on learning how to shoot. Then hit a gun show to buy unpapered(unregistered to the government) firearms and ammo and TRAIN. SWAT shoots a thousand rounds a week in training-what’s your excuse, Real World Denver on?

Make five quality friends that you can depend on with your life. Make them EARN your friendship for a change-hopefully they’ll do likewise. Fast “friends” will become fast enemies when everything is gone.

Get a mountain bike and extra chains and innertubes. The fuel will be cut off. Be prepared to abandon your worldly goods and become a nomad to stay Free.

Stock up on hand tools, basic 19th and 20th century technical books, basic foodstuffs, seeds. This society’s designed to implode easily so you’ll have to sustain yourselves. Get land near a small town with adequete mix of goods and services well away from the highways and cities. Start growing your own food.

Learn a basic trade or three or more. Survival won’t be the best hunter, trapper, or nut gatherer it’ll be the person who can weld, machine, cook, repair, shoot or train others to do likewise.

Go for some road trips. Find some abandoned homes half collapsed, or some caves nobody uses. It could be in the country on in some cracked out ‘hood. You might piss off massah and will have to make a run for it.

Find a militia unit on the internet and train with them, learn. Do it now while you still can associate relatively freely.

GET YOUR FLABBY ASS INTO SHAPE. WEAN YOURSELVES FROM MASSAH CORPORATION’S PROCESSED FOODS, EAT ORGANIC. Massah likes to put all sorts of poisons into us to make us dull and lazy. Eating organic as God intended will clean you out-I speak from personal experience.

Learn how your local government works, who runs it, and look for ways to take over.

I could go on all day but the Revolution must be a peaceful one if possible. Go to my blog, look up Message to Mr. and Mrs. America, it’s my basic plan to retake our nation peacefully through self reliance and team work in taking over government from the grassroots.

But the Revolution must first start in your heart. You must face down your faults, your prejudices, your FEAR before you’re able to stand against the coming storm and be counted as worthy of Freedom.

You can’t-you won’t-be able to stand unless you’re truly right with God.

Don’t’ roll your eyes I’m not talking about joining a church. In fact I say avoid them. They preach lies and being IRS approved will get down on both knees for massah state.

No, your true church is in your heart, your soul. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within.

Ever take the time to just tune everything else out and just feel your heart?

Hint: that’s where Our Father lies. Take time, make some silence, or just cruise in your car that’ll work and just listen.

Next thing you’ll know, you’ll be changing your diet, you’ll be exercising, stop watching TV.

You might even start figuring out your true talents, and what it would take to do what you’re meant to do.

You might even stop working so much at massah corporation’s peon job-which’ll cut into your shopping budget but you’ll be selling off all that crap you’ve accumulated as a salve.

You might even start challenging all those “authority figures” you’ve been trained to think are good in spite of being so rough. You might start thinking “no they’re not overworked they’re just assholes” and fight for your rights.

You might start going to websites like, and and start asking for advice on how to properly arm up. You might start hitting all those evil gun shows, start looking for tables with prices with no cents or “private seller” signs. You might start acquiring a couple good firearms like a FAL, HK-91 type, or M-14, a dozen or more magazines, web gear to hold your mags, spare parts and all the cased surplus .308 you can lay your hands on. And a good fighting scope and mount. You might sign up for an Appleseed shoot and learn how to use your new purchase properly out to 500 yards(if not more!)

You might actually read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You might start going to your local city council meetings, and quickly becoming the local political hacks worst nightmare. You might start raising awareness of others-not all at once because that didn’t work for you either and the person who tried came off as a babbling kook… but only because you were so ignorant.

No, you might start at points the average ignorant FEARFUL ‘murikan can relate to, like how jobs have become America’s number two export(behind weapons and wars)and how illegals are imported to further depress your slave wages. Then you might go into how corporations are run and how the CEO’s and the Boards of Directors are also on other corporations and subsidiaries Boards, revealing how all the corporations really do work in lockstep. gives a graphic Flash presentation.

You might go further next time you talk with your mark and talk about how those CEO’s are all lawyers and not only that, of old line royal blood, and how their cousins and whatnot also dominate national and state politics like it was their royal birthright. You might go on and state with all that power that they control how these “royals” could NOT POSSIBLY REFUSE TO RIG THE RULES TO THEIR FAVOR.

You might start telling your new friend just how fearful he’s become-how fear has been inoculated into his very psyche by the very centrally controlled American culture. How FEAR controls him, rules him. Or her. You might even go so far as to state the only way to get rid of your FEAR is to face it, with COURAGE-and that you’ve found the only source for that in a nation of fearful sheep is by communing in a quiet place directly with God, Our Father.

You might make some new friends. Together, you might start training together as one of those (gasp)UNDERGROUND militia units. You might start becoming active in your local town’s politics; getting candidates for all the offices and aldermen. You might run on a platform of radical reduction in taxes and revelation of your town's true finances with the Consolidated Annual Financial Report which shows where your tax dollars truly go to make more cash by investing in massah corporation(they and massah state truly are one and the same!) That and ending corruption and firing bully cops.

You might win. You might actually keep your election promises and turn your town into a example of Freedom. The People might actually become inspired, make pilgrimages to breathe some Freedom into their starved souls, and inspired replicate what you’ve done in their community.

You might be the one who starts a snowball of profound political change-a political revolution of many individuals and parties working together to secure a common goal; the bottom-up transformation of the American political structure to what the common folk of the First American Revolution fought and died for-and had cruelly stolen from them by the ancestors of the bankers and lawyers that have been laying siege to Our America for the past 220 years!

You might be able to do all that-but only if you will face your FEAR! Only with God given COURAGE to say NO MORE! and be willing to sacrifice as our forefathers did will you and your children have a chance to live Free.

If you’re on the internet here’s a quick test of how willing you are to struggle for your Freedom; go to Edit, click SELECT ALL, then click COPY. Go to all your favorite message boards and whatnot and PASTE this essay, or some other essays that inspire you. Or COPY and PASTE the link from wherever you read this. Or, if this doesn’t quite do the job PLEASE write something that will! I don’t write these essays for myself, but for the hope that people will learn to overcome their FEAR. That everyone will in their own way lead themselves and us all to Freedom.

J. Croft

Friday, October 27, 2006



J. Croft


Yes: I’m some (white)dude you’ve never heard of, and this is going to be a long read so you can put this down, find out how “your” sports team did today… or you can make some quality time if you’re sick enough of the way your life’s going to read this.

You’re sick of having so many enemies, and I’m not just talking about the cops and courts and correctional facilities, or someone from a rival gang-that’s pretty much like you.

What I’m talking about is not only all of them, but your neighbors who some of you rob or steal from, or otherwise terrorize.

I’m talking about every single stranger you run across; that working man or woman you’re stalking right now, getting ready to strike to jack the few pitiful bucks they bust their asses for every day. Every day: busting their asses, killing themselves just a little more, for only a tiny percent of the EFFORT they put in to survive.

I’m talking about all the brain dead “middle class” ‘Murikans-trying to sustain that fleeting consumerist mirage, that FRAUD known as the “American Dream”-who don’t question for a second all the programming from the TV and government that paint you as a Threat… A picture you reinforce when you actually victimize someone outside of your ghetto. That gets you into even more trouble.

I’m talking about all the other po’ folk-cr*ckers, gre*sers, w*ps, m*cks, g*oks, kr*uts, n*ggers, h*cks, bums, crackheads, chickenheads, pimps, fry cooks, mechanics, drivers, waitresses, clerks, line workers… Who you’d seem to rather attack than, say for hypothetical example, all the motherfucking lawyers who write the laws in “our” representative bodies, who sign them into Law and then direct their bureaucratic stooges to enforce. Meanwhile, you and I are forced to hire those same motherfucking lawyers to “defend” us in their motherfucking courts-where they judge us all to whatever rules they want.

It’s not like there ain’t scarce-open up a fucking phone book!

YET, you got this Don Corleone/Scarface/ name-your-favorite-rapper-here fantasy that only makes you a menace to those around you, all your Family, Friends, and any random person at the wrong place at the wrong time. Ruthlessness wielded stupidly and I’m actually happy that so many of you ignorant gangbangers get locked up so easily.

That’s right; I don’t care to being a target of your misplaced wrath. That’s what it is; you can’t defeat the beast-the state, the corporate CEO’s and Directors, lawyers, banksters, and all the useful idiot socialist change agents(1) and thugs.

You’d love to but you could never do it on your own. Too many cops itching to battle you. Yet you feel that need to band together and stand, to hit at something, ANYTHING to reclaim some of that pride, that humanity that being the Designated Urban Boogeyman and target of hate has stripped from you… along with being deliberately trapped in a socioeconomic hellhole you call the ghetto.

Most of you not completely crazy or otherwise hopeless yearn to be the Hero, yet settle for a cheap imitation of a cartoonish hollywood ghetto anti-hero. We’ve all fallen short of who we want to be. Certainly, even what we want to be falls short of what we need to be-which tells you just how fucked we all are!

Really, we’re all fucked because we won’t hold personally accountable those who have stolen our nation, our future, our very lives from us. We’re afraid of paying the price it would take-the price of whatever comfort our sad little lives we can get-or allotted by our master, the beast. The beast-that corporate/government amalgam of tyranny that pays out our slave wages, loans us at 18% and up, that finances our retarded-as-fuck mall spending sprees for shit that we don’t use or won’t last, owns the mortgages and car notes, bullshits us with their “education” and “entertainment”.

We’d rather say “yas suh boss I’m on it, thanks fer not firing me yet”, than quit to free up the time needed to prepare ourselves for the coming struggle-mentally with knowledge about how to survive independently of the beast system, as in economic, cultural and political self-reliance. Spiritually with a renewed connection to God Our Father so we remain strong in heart and don’t falter. Physically with exercise, proper nutrition, practicing all means of self and community defense.

We’d rather play fantasy football(?!)than take that time to study how we got to be slaves, and who is personally responsible for perpetuating our slavery. How all the various groups, and peoples have been turned against each other for profit and control. How Freedom and human rights have been used by the beast to wave in our faces as it perpetrates crime after crime-all the while slowly whittling away at Our Rights.

Not me, but a lot of you would rather take massah state’s enslaving handouts than reject this theft from those just trying to get by with a job, and find a way to live outside of using taxable incomes.

We’d rather buy new junk that’ll break down in a few years using debt than freeing ourselves from that form of banker slavery, rejecting the call of the corporations to spend what little scraps are thrown your way for the labor you give in return.

We’d rather suck down another chicken wing-grown in the filthiest conditions in corporate farms, pumped full of antibiotics that will breed new strains of incurable bacteria, than eat fresh locally grown food and cleanse our bodies. Not to mention keep our money local, instead of some megacorporate traitor’s hands.

We’d rather zone out for hours flipping through about 200 channels of crap than do… damn what couldn’t we do:

*Work out, get in shape. Lift weights, walk around the block. Learn some new fighting moves. Learn how to be more self-reliant, survive.

*Spend time with those you love. Taking care of them, showing them what you learned, and them doing likewise.

*Make a new friend, even somebody outside of the circles you’re used to running.

*Make peace with those you’ve wronged, or wronged you-not just because you’ll need each other to survive in the coming years, but that we’re all in this together and if we don’t get together we’ll all surely die separately. Alone. Helpless.

*Find out everything you can about the yuppie dork who runs your ward-the one with the buttplug up his ass for turning your section of town into a open-air prison, with all the security cameras, declaring you “terrorists” that have not even a pretense of rights.

Look: I’m coming at you straight. I’m not trying to sell you religion or a new studio-manufactured artist, or a new pair of slave labor made sneakers you buy at 200 bucks because LeBron James sells them. What I am doing, is trying to address the heart of the problem we all face. That problem is we’ve been enslaved and the conditions of our slavery are about to become much, much worse. Lethally worse.

See, Americans are the most psychologically programmed people in human history. We’re programmed to associate anyone, anything waving Old Glory about as being patriotic, on their side. The beast-big government getting bigger at our expense(and lives), but they shove the flag in our faces and we shut the fuck up, remembering our programming about it supposedly being “our” government. The beast-big corporations getting bigger off selling us slave labor made crap as they steal our jobs…

…And anyway-what kind of deal is it to be a employee?! “Wage Slave” isn’t just slang-it’s reality.

The corporation-the CEO’s Directors on the board and major stockholders get about 95% of the fruits of your labor. They don’t have to own it, they just have to control it. Out of the pitiful five percent(and that percentage is rapidly dwindling)massah CEO allots us, massah state takes half of the rest through every tax it can throw at us without sparking revolt.

(Like that would happen with everyone dependent on their jobs to get by, because entrepenurialism-having your own business-has been all but killed in this country, and done so people are dependent on the beast. Hoping their job isn’t the next one shipped to China and they wind up on the streets as homeless… being equivelant to being fucked in this country.)

No wonder people turn to stealing, selling the CIA’s drugs.

It’s all done with a purpose!

You gangbangers are socially engineered to be a part of that purpose.

See, to justify a police state, there must be a “threat”. Who better than the offspring of fucked over blue collar workers trapped in inner city neighborhoods? When our common enemies, the CEO’s, bureaucrats and professional lawyer/politicians decided to start shipping your parents jobs-where as described above you get just a tiny percentage of the fruit of your labors-to Mexicans for a tenth of what they paid your parents and grandparents. Make where you live a economic dead zone. Throw in some class and racial bigotry by the lawyer/politicians and police and gangs form as a means of self-defense(at first). Have another, higher up branch of that government ship in drugs they make illegal, and enough junk guns like Lorcins, TEC-9’s, and M-11’s and you’re ready to scare Mr. and Mrs. ‘Murka into giving up more of ALL OF OUR FREEDOM… for a little blue lie of security.

More cameras are set up-the new models in England actually have loudspeakers so the “operators” can shout down on you like Big Brother. It is Big Brother.

More psychotic, over testosteroned cops from lied to death blue collar conservative roots, further mindfucked by their paramilitary training and their fetid little subculture. Who are selected more for being able to blindly follow orders than to preserve life, liberty and justice. Those three concepts are as quaint to today’s law enforcement officer as horse drawn carriages.

More enemies among the rest of America as you mindlessly, stupidly criminally lash out at folks you ought to be making amends to, try to wake them up as to their slavery. Perhaps even making some alliances-for survival sake.

More money for more prisons as your ranks are constantly culled from the streets, your property seized. As the corporate prison industry gorges on all of our tax dollars you get to spend decades caged; pumping iron, fighting over cell blocks and being degraded by forcibly made into homosexual rapists. Meanwhile, the next generation that joins your gang don’t know better because you’re locked up.

You’re tools. All of you. The beast has made a tidy profit off their socially engineered “War on Crime”.

You can’t win. With all the viciousness the United States has bred into you, all the government supplied cocaine that funds you, you’re isolated, divided, weak, actually inept at combat if you’re willing to be honest.

Yet in spite of being tools you’re still potentially dangerous to the beast.


You band together. Not too many people in America outside of tight ethnic groups do that. That alone is a threat to the beast that has systematically isolated, tamed, enslaved us. This entire society is a form of opulent, open air prison; lots of distractions, plenty of food, a illusion of Freedom and some flag waiving makes for a physically and spiritually soft people. You can be traced anywhere-in large part because you’re trained to be traceable; from your credit cards to your driver’s permits and plates.

Knowing that, it’s also important to know that there are “permitted” forms of “free assembly” allowed and forms that are not as freely allowed. Gathering at sports events, bars, malls, the beach-that’s okay because you’re merely involved in making massah CEO rich off your too-hard earned for money. Gathering together for self defense, to make yourselves money however you can in this shattered economy-that’s not allowed and you know it. In the eyes of the beast and it’s appendages in the form of the state and the media dominated mass culture, individual and collective self-defense is a cardinal sin.

You’re willing to defend yourselves. You have numbers, have (junk)guns and are willing to use them(with no skill). This makes you a issue for the beast, but nothing it isn’t skilled at turning for it’s own use. It has: you running around being a menace to your own does nothing but get the sorry excuse that passes for the American People to allow more and more of, I’ll say it yet again ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS TAKEN AWAY FROM US.


Get it? As you are, you’re no threat to the very forces that have kept you down(and done a good job of it). You are however, a threat to the very people who could support you, could fill your ranks, could provide your entrepeneurs with legitimate cash flow that could be kept in your communities, helping to revive your local economies-independently of massah bankers. You’re only a threat to those outside your sorry ass hoods PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU who you could unite with in common cause. There’s plenty of those; there’s a whole society made of, by, and for the rich and connected, that locks the rest of us-all of us-out.

Your isolation may help give you strength and a image of being bad assed, but it makes you vulnerable. When the state’s done using you as fear insturments to scare Mr. and Mrs. America into giving up the last of their Freedom, using you to keep yourselves and your communities down, they will wipe you out and grab a few cold ones.


According to the government, you’re terrorists now.

As if law enforcement and society don’t have enough incentives to go after you, the department of homeland security lists you as terrorist threats… along with animal rights activists, tax protestors and white bread militia members. The Military Commissions Act has as I write this just been signed into Law. That means you’ll get the Jose Padilla treatment; locked up indefinetely, with no contact with family or legal assistance, or receive even the pretense of a trial that’s foisted as the justice system.

You can’t stand alone!

You’ve had that lesson burned into you growing up in the government engineered ghettos. Yet even with the support of your gang you’re still alone. Your neighborhood’s afraid you’ll rob, rape or kill them. You know damn well the government and it’s agents are counting the days until martial law is declared and they can cut loose on you-strapping on the body armor, hunting you down, M-16’s blazing! The rest of America would cheerfully greet their own slavery, the loss of Freedom to take you Designated Urban Boogeymen out. Yet… and yet you and your sorry ass rivals in other gangs are too busy fighting over C.I.A. supplied drugs, turf and avenging each others dead to see how isolated you fools really are.

You won’t make it alone.

You can only steal so much from a community. You can only rely on your own numbers and talents for so long if all goods run out because the gasoline’s gone. No power, no news, no food or water-certainly no ammunition(not that you can hit anything you aim at). You can only live isolated in your own group when the entire world’s arrayed against you. At best, you go to prison or the cemetary, the shorties grow up just as ignorant as you, and the gang remains to be a tool to scare Middle Class America into accepting slavery-FOR ALL OF US. At best, because as you are you’re not much of a threat.


For starters, recognize who your real enemies are.

Who engineered urban ghettos in the first place? Joe Six Pack you’re about to jack? No.

I’ll tell you: it’s a pack of old Eastern Establishment rich. Violent, psychotic inbred bluebloods who have so much money and power, they got nothing better to do than to create a global slave state they like to call the “New World Order”. They have a number of “secret societies” they belong to:

Council on Foreign Relations
Trilateral Commission
Pilgrim’s Society
Any Yale Fraternity

Also with them are Neoconservatives and Zionists-utterly ruthless, elitist Jews, or not-Jews who’s ancestors never lived in the Middle East, yet wage war by proxy to conquer. They even went so far as to sacrifice their own people to the Nazis to help create political sympathy points to take Palestine.

And somewhere in the shadows of Catholic Church are the Jesuits, who have their own plans for a return of the Holy Roman Empire and the Inquisition. Sounds like some tin foil hat stuff but it’s regrettably true; go to,,,,, and start reading.

They the elite that control the beast-government, banks, media, churches, military. All of it. The “elite” use the lawyers in and out of public office to “evolve” the law to squeeze you. Their never ending production of enslaving edicts are obeyed, ususally without question, by the bureaucrats and the cops-who make us all obey them!

The “elite” are so powerful that over decades they can raise nations like the United States to world dominance, then without a care build up other powerful nations through economics and theft of military secrets like the ex-Soviet Union, China, India. So powerful they can keep Americans deluded that their nation is still the greatest on Earth, when it’s economy has been hollowed out by those crooks for profit and it takes all kinds of debt to sustain the illusion. Debt owed to the very “elite” that plot daily to destroy us all.

And America, this fraudulant version will fall it’s only a matter of time. Everything’s so centralized, so precariously interdependent, propped up by finance, so overstretched militarily that a engineered collapse is certain to work. We’re just strong enough to wreck the planet, but this nation will be expended and destroyed doing it. That’s the plan.

So, can you fight back? Now?

Between you gangbangers, the rural patriots, average folks trying to survive and the cops running amok… by the time everyone’s spent their ammo, run out of food, become too sick to fight THEN the “elite” will choose to ride in, offer their solution of permanent slavery and the extinction of our future for staying alive.

Right now they’re plotting to bring about their “North American Union”; Mexico, Canada, and the USA merged… picture Mexican squalor, maddeningly inefficient Canadian socialism but without any pretense of Freedom. Picture hopping through endless bureaucratic hoops, abused by cops at checkpoints every few blocks like you’re Palestinians and then having to compete with Latino rednecks for dollar-er, Amero(new currency after they finish devaluating the dollar into toilet paper)-a day slave work that maybe will either feed you or pay your rent?

Who are these “elite” that have kept us all down and plan on finishing the job?

In America, they’re the Council on Foreign Relations-a evil three piece suit wearing think tank that has been managing America for about a century now. Located at the Pratt House on 58 E. 68th Street, on the corner of Park Avenue in Manhatten-just so you know because their lackeys obviously know where you live. Their members are in every position of power imaginable.

Also, there’s a overlapping group known as the Bilderbergers-named after the European resort they originally met at. They boast members from not only America but also Europe and Asia. They meet yearly to set the agenda-want a reliable predictor of future events? Find out what they talk about and you’ll know. usually has coverage of their agenda, as does .

Remember finding out that both Bush and Kerry are members of Skull and Bones? It’s a rigged game…. They like to have occultic initiation rites where they have gay sex with each other in a crypt, rob graves of famous people and generally plot to use the stage managed left/right, elephant and donkey show they call politics to form a dialectic problem-reaction-solution toward their own brand of world domination. That when they’re not fucking their teenage assistants.

They in turn take their orders from a even more shadowy group known as the Pilgrims Society. Only the richest of the rich-and all Presidents-belong. Their mission is to literally concentrate all the world’s wealth into their hands. Since you’re probably reading this on the Internet go to go into the archives and look up articles by Charles Savoie.

All of them are of a type; respectable looking, superficially charming but utterly ruthless. Believe it or not I met one of them. has that encounter under “Once upon a night at a bar, with a traitor”. Read it and know your enemy. Know how arrogant, how overconfident, and how vulnerable they can be-hell anyone with a gun could blow one of their brains out if he was willing to take Responsibility.

THESE are the people you should be directing your hate toward!

THESE are the people you need to be preparing to wage war against-not some futile shootout with some rival gang who are just as fucked as you.

So, you agree that there are much bigger issues to combat than who dissed who or who’s selling where? Think you’re ready right now to face the Long Struggle to reclaim your Freedom? Not unless you do the following to prepare:


Do you have extra food, fuel, water filtration, tools, emergency generators for power? Noting how perilous the times are is it wise to spend every dollar you make on bullshit when any disruption could cause the supermarkets and gas stations to empty out in a couple days. A tire garden can be set up. Greenhouses, hydroponics driven by solar panels and batteries-yes that technology isn’t just for pot plants. That little old lady you stupidly terrorize might know how to keep everyone alive WHEN the party stops in this country., have the survival info you’ll need.

Security-you have most of the resources for this already but right now you’re a threat to those that can support you. You attack the people you as your community’s mindfucked dogmen are supposed to defend. Anyway you’ll never be secure if your own people are the enemy so start making amends. Don’t talk about it-just do it. Be respectful of others and their property. Clean out your ranks of those who won’t see things clearly. Guard your elders, your women, your children. Some of them might see the change, might even start doing business with you-NOT DRUGS-but just about everything else.

Physical preparation-as a group you’re more fit than most Americans but a lot of you are still out of shape, eat bad food. You know what you need to do; if you’re fat, eat less and do more, if you’re weak pump some iron. Self discipline is actually a good thing-and this is from someone who’s had a lifetime hatred of the word. Control yourselves and you can control your fate.

Financial independence-a lot of you are entrepeneurs but the deliberately engineered economic depression and racial apartheid of your ghettos needs to be overcome. Take some of those profits off that C.I.A. crack you sell and use it positively. Go to for some ideals. If you’re working a wage job it’s a nowhere proposition, find your gifts and milk them for some cash. Those with money must finance those who need it if they’re able to carry out their vision.

Inner city ghettos are highly dependent on outside power, fuel, food, sanitation. Attempts to make inner city ghettos self-sufficient(free, really) have in the past met with fierce government resistance. The early efforts of the Latin Kings to the recent shutdown by Los Angeles government of the Compton agricultural co-op make independence impossible… without seizing control of the local government.

So it’s time you found among you (or your neighborhood) loyal, attractive candidates that can pass political smear fests with flying colors. Finance their election campaigns to your wards, your school boards, your chief of police, city council. STAY THE FUCK IN THE BACKGROUND, and man the phones, post flyers, help organize rallies. A well backed slate of candidates for your local political offices could mean the beginning of you seizing back your destiny… isn’t that why you joined your gang in the first place?

I recommend the book “How to win a local election”. Should be in your local bookstore.

With control of your local public offices you can begin to make laws you can live under. Being “reformed”-actually using your unity and power you can help lead your people back to freedom-and then make your community self sufficient. INTENSE pressure from state and federal government will follow when your community rebels from the script of being a disaster zone that breeds crime and slaves for the prison system. Interference from bureaucrats, agents, state troopers, perhaps even intervention by military forces is possible, so it’s very important that you coordinate your efforts with other communities around because like the lone individual being easy pickings, isolated communities are vulnerable.

Things could get ugly. Far, far uglier than the Rodney King riots or Katrina.

You’ll need all the allies you can make before that day. Every person you meet you have to start thinking “could he be at least an ally”? You’re not looking for friends or anything like that, just new “business partners”. Deal honestly with them, and maybe they’ll even be good enough to start spreading the word that there are some of you gangbangers, like (INSERT YOUR NAME) that aren’t crazy, that can be dealt with like good folks. Not that everyone’s like that; Americans are trained to fuck each other over for their own selfish goals but there’s a surprising number of folks who won’t succumb to that cultural poison. And a lot of those are willing to cross race and class lines imposed by our common enemies.

Most importantly, you’ll need true inner strength to carry you through the scary prospect of Resisting the beast. Fortunately, Our Father hates the beast as well, but just as the devil relies on minions a lot to screw things up, so God relies on those who know and hear the Voice in their souls to do Justice. Unfortunately most of those claiming to be “born again” or whatever don’t know or don’t care-they’re just fat, lazy cowardly ‘murkans with crosses. God could get a lot more done to make our world Free and at peace if we’d stop looking for the lie of a “rapture”and a easy ticket out of our Responsibility.

Responsibility-the price of Freedom. Our ancestors were all fools and put this nation on political autopilot and got all caught up in that mirage known as the “American Dream”. Those traitors that serve the beast took advantage of their short sightedness-you know the rest. Freedom really does require eternal vigilence against not only politicians and police, but businessmen and supposed holy men that steal your money for telling religious lies spouted by liars long dead, but still useful for spiritually enslaving us.

The beast wants you to not resist, to just look out for yourselves until some supposed “rapture” comes, but God demands everything you’ve got to offer in the struggle to free this world. Any thing you can do-even something seemingly stupid-can and will help. God will find a way to use it.

God’s gonna win this anyway, but we’ll all have it easier if YOU will do your part, help God win this.

(1)CHANGE AGENT-College brainwashed fool put in a position to trick or otherwise hustle everyone into giving up just a little bit of Freedom in exchange for some fraud that either steals what little money they got or winds up taking even more Freedom.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My 9/11

MY 9/11

J. Croft

Waking up about 9:30 or so in the AM on September 11, 2001 I thought it’d be just another day off:

Go back to bed for a few more hours of sleep.

Eat, shower, get in my ride and cruise around town in the afternoon. Maybe see a movie.

Do some shopping, go out and drink in the evening.

…But sometimes you can’t get back to sleep. So I turned on the electronic narcotic that manages to rob me of my time…

What I wound up turning on was the live news coverage that day. I stared at the TV, and my first thought was “must be some kind of disaster movie. They’re spending a lot of money cuz they got the World Trade Center on fire and everything-but why is it in broadcast news video?”

Then it hit me that 9:30 in the morning’s a rather odd time to show a faux live drama… maybe some programming executive was doing some way out of character experimenting.

THE N it hit me-this is really happening! A jet really did crash into the World Trade Center!

I start flipping through the channels: all the networks, both Foxnews and CNN, all the Turner channels, MTV, CNBC-all were covering the crash.

Then the second plane hits.

This is an attack.

Has to be terrorists hijacking the airliners, yes.

Then news comes of the Pentagon getting hit.

The Pentagon? ! Wait a second, where the hell’s the Air Force?! They intercept small planes going off course all the time, and they miss three hijacked airliners?

From the initial news accounts they came out of Boston and flew jagged, obviously off course flight paths. Commercial jetliners aren’t exactly the fastest things in the air, and America’s eastern seaboard’s dotted with not only SAC air bases, but Air Force tactical wings and the National Guard squadrons as well…

…Where the hell were they? That was what was going through my mind as I watched the World Trade Center and Pentagon burn.

I join my parents at their place, as one of the towers suddenly collapses-you’ve seen the video. It was kind of like watching a rocket take off, only it’s form smoothly compresses and disappears amid a violent explosion of dust and debris.

I pace back and forth, angry beyond belief we were being attacked.

Then my father, says something that helped me put it back into perspective:

“You’re angry aren’t you?”

Yes, I said. Oh yes.

“That’s what you’re supposed to feel.” To him, he saw this was a setup of colossal proportions. Not thinking clearly at the moment I argued with him about the planes taking the buildings down, as he in frustration shook his head, reminding me they found bombs in those towers.

I went back to my place. Out of a useless, but primeval need I checked, made certain my pistol and my military pattern semiautomatic rifle(of which I had been properly trained in it’s use) were ready… but ready for what? Jihadists to roll through my town shooting up the neighborhoods in drive-bys shouting “Allah Ackbar”?

So I watched television some more: just about the only channel not putting it’s spin on that darkest day was Turner Classic Movies. That pox on God known as TBN was spinning it like it was “prophetic”; I turned the channel before I did something stupid to the set, as I had just gotten it for Saturnalia-er, x-mas.

It was coming out that there were 19 Arab hijackers that were responsible. 19 Arabs who kamikaze the whole world into World War III. The teleprompter readers on all the networks were all of a sudden introducing new buzzwords:

“War on Terror”

“New Normality-get used to it”

“Homeland Security”.

And the way they trotted those words out, it was like that too was scripted-

-Scripted?! This whole attack, scripted?! I had to get the hell outta the house. I couldn’t think.

So I drove, listened to the radio as they too were tripping over that day. Everywhere I went there was this universal feeling of violation, of outrage, of wanting to go to war. Still had a hard time thinking through the raw anger that was burning inside me, yet the clues were jumbling around in my head. The absence of our trillion dollar air defenses, the reported bombs by cops and firemen before the towers imploded like they were demolished(which they were), the rollout of new slogans to help paradigm shift Americans thinking. The reports on the internet that I was slowly recalling about shadowy deals with the Taliban that fell apart about oil pipelines, about warnings of terrorist attacks scattered throughout the media.

Rolling on by the gas stations, seeing the long lines for gas-some stations were out. Hearing reports of greedy gas stations jacking the prices all the way to 4 dollars a gallon(a outrageous sum at the time).

It was too much, so I hit the bar to drink(the same bar I had inspiration to go to about a year and a half later to have that talk with that traitor).

Everyone was in as much a state of disbelief and anger as I was. Everyone…

…Everyone except this short, stout, well built, buzzcut dude. I believe his name was Mike, but it’s been five years, so who knows. He was actually grinning of all things, like this was fucking x-mas for him!

Over beers, we talked.

I fingered him as being in the military-he stated he was a Army Ranger and that he’d be going over to Afghanistan soon.

They were that certain? Or was his mission already planned before 9/11?

Yes he was excited, as he had been anticipating this himself.

I was cautious. I had my doubts-not only about the true nature of the events of that day, but of our ability to win if we’re going into the Middle East and Central Asia-a place as far removed from America’s ocean based power as you could imagine.

Didn’t even faze him: “Hell, we’re worse than the Germans! There’s nothing worse than Americans pissed off!” Trying to work the pissed off patriot angle, all I saw was how thoroughly the planning for WW III, how deep the brainwashing of our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, and friends in the military.

He went further: “We’re going to have to give up some rights, some Freedom in order to win this”(the way he said it, it was like we’re loosing our Freedom no matter what kind of false flag operation had to be executed)

“No way!” I shouted, “No way in hell the American People would accept such a thing!”

That traitor shrugged his shoulders, smiled at me, like he knew better about such things.

That was five years ago. Seeing how things have deteriorated, how the war in Iraq has been proven a fraud, how average folks have rolled over for massa state when they grope their wives and kids privates, how much more surveillance, how much more law we’re subject to… well, he did know better about such things.

I left. I called my people alerting them to fill up their gas tanks fearing a shortage-which didn’t come.

Over the next days, weeks I scoured the Internet; a whole lot of chest beating and flag waving oh yes, but also a lot of numerological coincidences started coming out. There are a lot of astrological and numerological “coincidences” that occur throughout human history, through the design of America’s symbols, architecture. 9/11 was a day that had been in planning for a VERY long time.

I had also been visiting, the website of the now self-exiled Mike Ruppert who had participated in the fraud that was the drug war-busting street corner gangstas for drugs Bush, Clinton and Ollie North smuggled in. He was one of the first on the internet to call bullshit on the day’s events, at least as far as intent goes.

Over the years I read hundreds of internet reports on 9/11, printed out thousands of pages documenting the vast, murderous fraud that the shadow government perpetrated. Same shadow government that people get persecuted for if they talk about it-like if they were talking about UFO’s or Santa Claus.

The mainstream culture has kept a lid on the 9/11 truth movement, kept the brain-deadened, craven, materialism-enslaved, cowardly ‘murikans asleep. That movement has just about had it’s day, and with the upcoming operations against Syria and Iran I suspect any leeway we’ll have to seek out the truth and do something about it-peacefully-will evaporate when full martial law is in effect and soldiers go door to door looking for those on that “red list”.

Stop looking for "leaders" to lead you out of the death spiral of this once great nation. Learn to lead yourselves-at least get together some basics like stored food, firearms and training, ammo, fuel. Better yet, move to a small community with a balanced locally self-sufficient economy, water resources and hopefully locally generated electricity form a party and take over the local government. Deconstruct the beast in your own backyard and become a example of what Freedom is, so that others can be inspired and encouraged to do likewise. Form militias to resist and repel the inevitable backlash that will come... this won't be the start of a civil war because we've BEEN in one-it's just that nobody's fought back yet against the beast that perpretrated 9/11.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006



J. Croft

WARNING: The following is absolutely made up, it’s just some drunken ranting so you can just go back to sleep Mr. and Mrs. ‘Murika. Chumps.

This happened a few years ago, right before we invaded and conquered Iraq. It was at a stereotypical chain sports bar, in the middle of suburbia amid the great mass of Middle America-“flyover country” to the person I had this bar conversation with.

I was on my computer, and… you ever get a feeling you should do something, go someplace? I’m not talking the average notions that enter our noggins, I’m talking grab you by your very soul and go do it right now, damnit!

I did there and then, and that compulsion was to hit this one bar. (1)

Now, I like hanging out at bars and drinking, having some food to soak up the beer so you’re still good to go on the drive home afterward.(2) So this was looking to be a good ideal, cuz I like hanging at this particular bar… it’s one of those chain bars but they have decently sized drafts at decent prices and the food’s good (tasting) enough so I went.

I go in, hang at the bar and it’s in a horseshoe configuration. I go and sit: in the middle,sat this howdy-doody redhead looking yuppie dude. I’m talking bowl cut redhead, a flaming rich assed preppie with the gay gator shirt, shit-eating grin, texas drawl, y’all and he was so obviously SLUMMING IT at my bar.

This person’s air… I got to comment on the “air”, the attitude people give off.

People have a presence that goes beyond the sum of posture, cleanliness, health, dress, the look on their face; it’s the manifestation of their spirit. Their spirit that reflects the totality of their lives; what they’ve experienced, learned, done.

And this cat’s presence… it was like watching a great white shark in a school of minnows… in a rare moment of contentment with his appetite, yet perfectly capable of using a hundred different means to literally destroy any one of us at that bar that night.

His beady gaze, his eyes: underneath the well-practiced joviality he had the eyes of a cobra. This, in other words, was a man to reckon with in spite of the preppie frat boy image he pumped out so hard.

And this dude was unusually outgoing, engaging. The dozen or so other dudes and one withered up old bar skank-and especially myself-would say a few things, between beers and eating watch the NASCAR. Or, zone out in thoughts about the half dozen or so things in our small, ordinary lives, that crop up to the beat of Metallica and Pearl Jam.

But not the Texan. His voice booming he’d talk to anyone and everyone-this asshole’s some kind of politician! Okay, he’s young so he’s some kind of aspiring politician-which is even worse because everyone knows a aspiring politician has a whore’s morality with the hungry ruthlessness of a crackhead… There’s a bit more to this though-his voice is familiar to me somehow, I heard it before but I’m racking my beer-soaked brain trying to figure out where…

Anyway, this dude, first time at this bar, wants to get everyone involved in a big across the bar conversation, manufacturing a social moment, and the first comment was on NASCAR. Now me with a couple of drafts in me, I let it rip. I tell everyone “NASCAR is the redneck golf.” (C’mon. It is, admit it; unless you’re actually DRIVING it’s a colossal waste of time.)

“Only way that “sport” could get my attention is if they mounted machine guns on their cars”.

That got Tex’s attention, which is what he wanted as politicians are attention junkies. He mainly took offense at me using golf to rip on NASCAR. Being drunk-and a rifleman/patriot-and not having the best of judgement I tell him that golf ranges are a waste and should be made into rifle ranges.

Yes, in spite of the less that subtle sense this guy was dangerous, I shoot my mouth off.(A tactical mistake, yes, revealing my politics so brazenly-but see, I was drinking at the time and I’m typing this now so it’s all good.)

That ended that for a couple minutes, and some folks cleared out. I drank, ate my food, listened to the metal, watching howdy-doodie charm the bar skank and the others. Most of them cleared out.

“Hey, come over her and sit by me. I’ll buy you a beer.”

You’d do the same thing; amble on over and get that drink. So I went and dude spazes all of a sudden:


He said it in a outwardly stern voice-yet underneath there was a palpable sense of fear, like he felt vulnerable... as vulnerable as any of us "common folk".

At this point out of the corner of my eye I see this Mr. Clean looking weightlifter in the tight fitting white t-shirt rise, looking ready to do battle. He was obviously a Soldier, and a very experienced one at that, and any battle with him wouldn’t have made him break a sweat.

Having left my gun at home(see note #1) anyway I could tell him the truth: uh, no, I say exactly.

“Good.” The political crack whore says. Mr. Clean sits back down and becomes irrelevant to the rest of this completely fictional story, dude then throws down his politics in a confrontational manner: “you support Israel don’t you?” Confronting me with a “you’d better say the right damn thing” attitude.

Now I fucking lie: Yeah. Sure. I say. And here it hits me where I heard him before when he introduces himself(3). Hits me like lightning when I realize I heard him on the radio!

(Tex was a caller at a popular talk show I at onetime listened to ‘til they showed their true colors and stuck with the official line about 9/11. They had on this author who wrote a book about two prominent politicians belonging to this secret society at this prestigious university. Tex identified himself as a member-from a old political family dating back hundreds of years, and with royal ancestry to boot. He talked about how when he was a kid, he broke into his Granddad’s footlocker full of the crap their secret society used. Talked about how his Granddad, who never was hostile to him beat Tex like he’s never been beat before or since. He called in mainly to defend that power cult he was in, that everything wasn’t so conspiritorial as the author was claiming. )

So: here was the reason I was so compelled to come to this particular bar on this particular night. Embracing Destiny, I sit next to him, he orders me a beer having paid by credit card as millions of brainwashed ‘murikans have been trained to do at 18% APR, and up.

Dude throws some flattery in my way, complimenting me about my leather jacket; then makes a comment that styles repeat themselves, showing off a little of his extensive education.

He starts talking about his family; his was in politics since the Revolutionary War he states. Feeling my cojones, wanting to test him a bit I ask a question to probe a conspiracy theory: “So, you’re like royalty, aren’t you?”( Through my years of study I’ve found that there are a few, interbred “royal” clans that really run this planet’s civilizations. ______ was I believe one of those. Google “Illuminati families”)

Yeah, that tested him; he suddenly got uncomfortable on me, catching him off guard: he was actually shaken, like I stumbled upon some vile family secret-and I bet I did.

“Uh, yeah.”

He talked about the coming second round of fighting with Iraq; about how his brother went off to war(SUPPOSEDLY), and his parents laying out the plan for his life. Basically, he’d get this symbolic post where his signature would be used for one of the many licenses the state requires of you. Dude was in town because he had a swearing in ceremony 9 AM, so logically one of his “regality” would want to get bombed to numb the obvious discomfort of dealing with the commoners.

So, I thought, let’s ask him another penetrating question; this time about foreign policy. So I ask him about the at that time Islamic Gold Dinar being pushed by the Malaysian President Mahtahir as a trade substitute for the dollar. I also asked about Saddam Hussein’s attempt before we invaded to lead a Muslim uprising in switching payment of crude oil to the euro.

“Well, you have to understand that the coming war is about keeping control of the oil.” Understanding that America’s economic hegemony has been reduced by deliberate surrendering of our economic infrastructure to the dollar being the universal reserve currency backed by our military.

Dude then got nasty, suspicious and troubled I could ask such a question: “How did you find this out?!”

Not thinking ahead enough, I told him the truth; got it off the internet.

“We’re gonna have to do something about that” he mutters in disgust. I mean, he actually deflated a bit in a mix of disgust and anger. But being the political player he was, my boy bounces right back to his practiced joviality.

We then talked about his political family (you’d know the name if I revealed it) and aspirations of getting a congressional seat; his attitude was that it was as guaranteed to him as a king’s crown would be to a prince. An attitude which totally disgusts me as this is supposed to be a Republic.

So I press again: How about if someone runs against you?

“Doesn’t matter; I’d still win.” As certain as if we were talking about the sun rising tomorrow.

“But, what if he’s got money”-thinking of Ross Perot, perhaps the last real challenge to the farce that is American politics.

“Doesn’t matter, we’d outspend him. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

Thing about politicians like Tex is, they’re sociopathic in nature; they don’t give a damn about what they do to folks, so long as they can retain power. Oh, they care if you threaten to take their power away, so if they can’t shut you up they’ll bullshit you. Tex here now pulls his lame ass psychological game, trying to make what he just admitted to seem as nothing.

“You’re too cynical.” He says, papering over the obvious admittance of corruption. “Have faith in your government, and your leaders. Pay your taxes.”

It was then he gets around to asking about me. I tell him I invest, which seems a pleasant surprise to him so, what do I invest in? I tell him silver(at the time it was below $6.00/0z)

“Worst possible investment you could make” Tex says, with the certainty he KNOWS that market’s manipulated and supressed by friends and relations of his, in spite of that commodity’s actual scarcity-and that if investment demand revives sufficiently it could and will cause a disruption as supply would never catch up with demand.

This bar conversation was wrapping up; he was wrapping it up as he got the bartender’s attention to cash out with his credit card. He makes this comment.

“Yep, in three to five years this is what we’ll be using instead of cash”.

(Can only be counting on the dollar being so devalued in the near future-much nearer now-that a new currency is instituted. The federal reserve bank cartel’s not reporting m3 money data anymore. A North American Union is quietly being forged and a new, unified currency called the amero will come with it. Americans have been trained for years to use credit cards instead of cash and increasingly, written checks. Do the math!)

I answer back: “Or live like Daniel Boone.”

(My forced out acknowledgement that such a evil scheme is all but unstoppable with the way you chumps-yes you reading this-are. The only hope a Free Individual has is total separation from the beast. Yes, my second tactical mistake of the night, and it helped him home in on my political stance-but I’m still here typing this, so maybe I lucked out.)

So that ended my talk with the blueblood. He went on for a few minutes with the withered up bar skank talking about how some judges were being punished because they were taking more in kickbacks than they were “allowed”. I left.

I couldn’t take being in the fucker’s presence any longer. (3)

I drove home, the conversation the whole night imprinted in my memory as deep as 9/11-including another conversation with a Army Ranger who basically was having a hard on about the coming “war on terror” and how things were going to change in this country-how we’d have to live with fewer rights. Something I vehemently disagreed with, but looking back see that chump knew Americans better than I did. Knew the way things really are in this fraud of a nation better than I did. Perhaps he was even on a mission to evaluate firsthand peoples reaction to the 9/11 black op.

That’s for another time; what do I conclude?

First off, all those conspiracy books, reports-their warnings about how corrupt America is were brought to stunning, horrid life to me. Confirmation that these traitors run the government and they go along with a master plan in exchange for personal power. That they own the political processes, and that it’s no wonder that even a billionaire outsider, a patriotic populist like Ross Perot couldn’t win-had no chance of winning.

Second, that sitting next to Tex it also was revealed that these blueblood traitors are as human, as frail, as mistake prone as you or I-and as fearful of the same things we are. That being out in the public they’re no different as to strength and weakness as you or I. Draw your own conclusion on that one.

Third, and this came later, that their power is not absolute. They’re not omnipotent, nor invincible. They can be cornered. They can be surprised. They can be fooled. They could even have what they’ve built turned on them if only people would wake up, realize what’s really important and get activated.

Fourth, as much as the Patriot Movement has been thwarted, we ARE having a effect. That people still struggle against the beast HAS slowed it down. If we could learn to exploit the beast’s weaknesses: the Internet and local political offices in small towns capable of being self-sufficient, and build a ground-up decentralized Freedom Movement it could have a chance. A chance because not everyone in government serves the dark side. That if the People could rise up and effectively challenge the beast on a national level, that that would be the window of opportunity for them to show their true colors, make the moves that could truly free America, and save this nation from it’s planned destruction.

Yet, like I stated in the beginning; this is a work of complete fiction, I’m making all of this up. Draw your own conclusions.

(1)Curious, as I got that compelling urge in my heart to hit that bar that particular night, at the same time I was also getting this thought that didn’t seem like it came from my own head. That thought was to grab my gun and take it with me…, blasting dude in a public place is a great way to scorching the rest of your life, and next time I shot that gun for the first time it jammed up on me and I had to dump it at a gun show.

(2)When I was little, I nearly got killed by a DRUNK driver, and several years ago I came so close you wouldn’t believe to getting run over by a DRUNKEN hick at a accident scene. That being said, I gots to say FUCK THE STATE, THEIR NAZI DUI LAWS AND THEIR FUCKING CHECKPOINTS!! Fuck their insurance and seatbelt laws too.

(3)I still wonder if perhaps I should have had that gun, to shoot that traitor-but I realize then I’d been caught, and his execution wouldn’t have sparked a Revolution, it would only result in me spending the rest of my life tortured 24/7. No future. No chance, no hope of making change in this rotten society.

Monday, July 10, 2006



J. Croft


Really, why should you? This is coming from a regular citizen-some Jane or Johnny Paycheck blowing off some steam at all the taxes they have to pay, the ever increasing body of laws, rules and regulations they must suffer. Suffer the ever increasing contacts with government officials of all types enforcing the millions of pages of law-or is it millions of laws-that they require us all to obey. The article itself even looks long-like it’s some kind of overblown antigovernment rant. Well, it is.

Who do you think wrote this diatribe? Was it some useless Berkely liberal: no, it must be some “right wing” rant-like from these unwashed government-hating mutants:

So I guess for you it’d be okay to stop reading this, throw it in the trash and get on with your job…

…and that’s the problem all of us have to face as Americans. You just doing your job as mandated by your superiors enacting government policy is destroying living free in this country. IS destroying this country. Has just about destroyed it to tell the truth. Millions of pages, I’ll repeat, of local, state and federal dictate enforced by an army of government power-loving lawyer/politicians, socialist social workers, some naïve do-gooders, and a lot of crass careerists who know who butters their bread.

You love your job, your pay, your benefits, your power. Especially your power. Yet while you love your job, we’re hurting under the oppression of your collective efforts. If it isn’t taxes it’s regulations, or court rulings, or some whim by a rogue bureaucrat.

“Rogue bureaucrat”? That’s a person in government service who thinks they’re above the People-that they’re supposed to serve and protect… so far above they regard We the People as nothing. Not just the obvious corrupt types but also the ones who heartlessly enforce all the laws, rules and regulations pumped out by lawyers over the years that that exclusive group has had exclusive control over what laws are made.

You’re wanting to say something like “can’t make a omlette without breaking some eggs” or “we gotta have rules or there would be anarchy” or something to the effect? Some defense of the beast as being a better civilization than none? Guess what? To those that control the beast we’re all going to be omlettes. Sooner or later, one of your superiors will decide to break you.

You know it’s happened. You’ve probably seen it. You’ve closed your eyes to the havoc you do to us all in the name of being the bitch of the federal government by repeating to yourself that you’re doing this for the United States of America. You’re not, and you need to awake from that delusion before your job completely steals your soul. I know in your quiet moments you worry about it-you should.

Read this: and know the true state affairs with the beast and our Nation.

“So what the hell can be done?!”

Damn good question. The political process is sown up by those really in charge of this nation-the scripted banality reminds me of a pro wrestling show if it were produced by C-SPAN. Which is intended of course to discourage political participation by a “people” of dumbed-down, civically ignorant, anesthetized sheep. That is, when they could be pried from their couches watching Paris Hilton perfect the art of practiced stupidity.

See, the degeneration of the American People into adult-sized spoiled children kept busy making money for the few way too rich old white men who run this Nation into the ground for world domination-it wasn’t a overnight affair. Americans didn’t one moment decide to take on a lifetime of debt, trust big corporations with their financial future and see how fat they can get instead of maintaining themselves, their own finances and what’s supposed to be THEIR GOVERNMENT.

It was a process-a kind of (mostly)non-military form of social war, waged with skill, subtlety, patience on many fronts that has victimized many generations. Think about it: you think the 19th century American, who knew and practiced law on his own, could fix or make most things on his own, could run successfully his own business, grow his own food, school his own children, knew how to use guns and wasn’t afraid to turn them against the bad guys-you think such People would sit still for a second for:

*Being subject to millions of pages of law that NOBODY ON EARTH would have a hope in hell of knowing, and being subject to knowing perfectly that titanic body of “law, yet being held accountable as if we were a nation of Rain Men? Maybe we’re all idiots-sans the savant.

*Stolen elections using rigged computer systems with untraceable paper ballot readouts manufactured by corporations whose CEO’s are allied with one of the presidential candidates? Who run regularly with some Supreme Court “Justices”?

*Federal agents-just like you-assaulting and murdering peaceable men, women and children with automatic weapons and flammable CS gas that when ignited becomes poisonous cyanide? Have you seen Waco: the Rules of Engagement and seen the forensic pictures of CHILDREN bent backward, incinerated?

*Drug and gun running by two Presidents through Arkansas; murdering anyone, including children who stumble upon their operations, turning the inner cities of America into crack central? The punchline being one of those drug smuggling fatherfuckers has the gall to open a office in one of the communities he helped pollute with his smuggled drugs?!

*Federal invasion and eavesdropping of their private communications, with the fig leaf excuse of “we’re fighting a ‘war on terror’”, a excuse that could mean anything from insurgents we make in Iraq when our Troops driven crazy by war pop caps into innocent people and their relatives want revenge, to naïve fools attracted by false-flag Al Qaeda(the toilet seat), to seven dumb angry Blacks getting entrapped by the same breed of criminal scum that would plant drugs or murder mothers with their infant children in their arms?

*Theft of up to half of their earnings through every tax scheme imaginable, claiming there was a budget shortfall-yet their consolidated annual financial reports indicated investments worth multiples of the debts incurred-so that the taxes remain high and we all struggle?

*Using money that is unsound, backed by nothing, is worth less and less each year do to “inflation”? The issuing of that inflating, depreciating currency by a cartel of private banks that’s never ever held accountable for the credit booms and economic busts it deliberately manufactures for the sole benefit of the richest-while everyone else-YOU INCLUDED-suffer?

No. The 19th century American-who could and WOULD defend himself-wouldn’t stand for it. Didn’t stand for it… at first. But “they” the inbred psychotic blueblooded “elite”, the masters of the beast, managed to tame their descendants-slowly, incrementally, over several generations of slow “progress.

Kept them distracted as they snuck in their laws, careful not to go too far too fast and arouse their enemy.

Kept raising the standard of living, while making everything more expensive. Kept sneaking in fees, licenses, permits, regulations, laws nobody held their Representatives accountable for anymore because they became too engrossed with living in this modern day bastardization of what America was supposed to be about. Freedom, instead of the permitted liberties that get more and more curtailed with each act of state terrorism. Pursuit of happiness, instead of the vapid pursuit of shoddy material crap manufactured by Chinese slave labor(we should be ashamed!) borrowed at 18%APR and a shattered domestic economy.

Now, the 21st century “murikan”, between working for both massa corporation and massa state, and anesthetizing his seared body and soul with mind numbing alcohol and TV. Any people who’ve endured the losses we have, yet still seem eager to put their Nation down even further just to keep the good times going-such a craven, “lazy”, cowardly people probably deserve all the crap that you and your compatriots in federal service have planned. Don’t they?

I mean, world war, economic collapse, deliberately bungled post disaster recovery operations-you’re just waiting for the orders to finish communizing this once gloriously free nation. Gather all those fat ignorant sheep wandering around in a daze when the power’s gone, the malls are closed, the restaurants close, there’s no more gas, the gangs are roaming the streets ruthlessly scavanging for whatever’s left.

Your bosses feed you some lines about you really being in charge when such a worthless people let themselves get herded into those Halliburton built “community centers”? Get to be the concentration camp guards as you take that broken people and mold them into obedient worker slaves?

Isn’t that what Americans are now? Obedient worker slaves-but with too much license to get fat of bad food, too much leisure time, too much Freedom “permitted”? No reason to fear; you’re here to save the day for “the people”-which really means the state, it’s corporate partners and the way things are-or are planned to be.

Born in the Land of the Free and get spend the best years of your life as a communist apparatchik. If you knew when you applied for your job what you do now, what would you do?

Seriously. Would you just “go along”?

If you’ve read this far, and all that repressed anger’s welling back to the surface and you’re ready to cut loose with some righteous rage, I think you’d fight back.

I know you want to fight back now, if only you had a way of overcoming the beast. How the hell does one do that when it’s effectively tamed and all but enslaved what was at one time the freest People to ever walk the Earth?

You know the beast has had the lawmaking processes secured since about Day One. Secured enough through cronyism, ideological conditioning, media control and the sheer costs of election campaigning that only the corrupted attain office. The corrupted can be controlled well enough.

You know the beast has the courts secured. What are judges but politicians in a different branch of government? ALL of them are lawyers-a breed that’s been given way too much leeway in influencing American life. A giant racket the law; they write the laws, make more rulings in the courts about the law-or in spite of it-and their guild gets to profit off of both prosecuting and defending those that get drug before it-like the poor bastard who got entrapped by ATF agents into making a 18 inch shotgun barrel into a 17 inch or so unlicensed short barreled weapon-a National Firearms Act violation. To feed his starving family living in a ramshackle mountain hovel the poor bastard nicks less than a inch of steel off a single shot shotgun and the whole weight of the federal government comes down, murders his son, his wife and his infant child.

You know the beast controls the strings of power in the various military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies. The beast always has it’s corrupted and compromised where it needs them. Those that are permitted to office are as corrupted as those in Congress and the courts.

You know the beast controls the state and local governing bodies and agencies. All the wannabes toadying along with the party line, hoping for a shot at the big time federal league of politics; if they can just be the one with the thickest coating of brown on their nose. They got their handlers, their enforcers to keep them in line-as if they already weren’t brainwashed by the universities they go to, that the beast controls through it’s communist puppets in the “left”, preaching state power over all.

You know the beast’s minions are everywhere in government-that they watch your movements, your attitudes to various tasks that destroy average American’s lives. Watch you-comrade federal agent-just as if you were living in North Korea, Romania, East Germany, the Soviet Union… any misstep in thought or action that might advertise you as one of those unwashed populist “patriots”…

You know the beast isn’t just in government; it’s minions run the corporations, especially the media. TV, movies, music, celebrities-all are used to keep a People being robbed of everything drowsy with petty materialism and trivia. Like those minions in government, the beast’s minions in the cultural institutions get indoctrinated in college by the same funky tenured useless idiot marxists that feed the crap to the future bureaucrats, politicians, and you the federal agent that you are some kind of “elite”.

You know the beast is efficient when dealing with dissenters. If they can’t be kept asleep they’re steered into easily controlled front groups that run them in circles with useless acts of protest that only satisfy their egos that something gets done. Fed lies and half-truths and otherwise kept ignorant so that nothing they think of as a solution will work because it isn’t rooted in the truth of the situation. These efforts are sufficient for the average dissenter until they tire of the real sense of lack of progress and go back to being obedient “productive citizens”.

Politics is structured-scripted-so that there’s a “left” and a “right” of hot button issues to divide folks, to distract folks, as they’re taxed and legislated into slavery. Racism? It isn’t so overt, at least in front of “mainstream ‘murika” to maintain that “politically correct” front, but it’s planted as subtly cultivated attitudes in the culture. Promotion of the most ignorant of celebrities, with drugs, with deliberate neglect of the cities, with mismanaged funding for all those dependant on government so that the generated inequalities make Black and White and Brown blame each other instead of those that should be responsible-those who make policy.

Those that cause trouble in spite of these efforts to brainwash are subjected to everything from ridicule by the beast’s tools in the media and academia, to harassment by you, the federal agent. There are enough laws that it’s impossible to live a normal life without breaking them. Those that persist even after threat of loss of their lives, possessions, family, career and liberty, the beast eliminates.

You know the beast actually WANTS someone to snap. Yes, provoke them to do something desperate and attempt a resolution by force-so that the majority of Americans it’s already conquered mind, body and soul will approve of the government’s preplanned “solution” of martial law and the final foreclosing on what Freedom remains. That they would willingly go along with literally, your jackboot on their necks so long as they can retain their borrowed comforts of the lazy boy, the plasma screen parading Christina Aguilera and their six pack.

The charade cannot go on forever, that someday people will run out of credit, the world will tire of being America’s economic and political bitches, the “elite” will have set their final war in motion and don’t need America as the consumer suction pump of the world’s wealth-as that model of economic exploitation will be obsolete when the nukes fly and the markets crash. Hell, the country’s already been de-industrialized, what’s left but to dismantle what can be foreclosed and sold to Asia?

So why the hell not provoke the Patriots into a futile last stand and wipe them out in one fell swoop, leaving a distressed, docile, and decimated slave population to exploit?

Sounds too far fetched? Read the following you can track the government’s logic in this strategy and why it would attempt it:

There are roughly 70,000,000 (legal) gun owners in this country-that’s all 85% of them are, they just own a gun without the knowledge of how to properly use it in combat… let alone would. The fifteen percent that could conceivably be a threat-police officers, veterans, seasoned hunters, hard core patriots and survivalists… most are brainwashed that things are hunky-dory as the average American. Many are even as conditioned as you being government employees. Most of the rest, that see things as they truly are, have at best rudimentary training in military operations, marksmanship, primitive survival. A few isolated, lonely groups; nothing enough soldiers can’t overcome given enough time.

Of those, how many have sufficient knowledge of guerilla warfare, propaganda and counter-propaganda, logistics, basic weapons manufacturing? Who among them has a clear picture of the Problem, and the Many Steps that could lead to a Possible Solution given enough time and success? Who among them has the vision and strength of Washington, Simon Bolivar, Cromwell, Che Guerverra, Lee, Alexander to pull such a incredible coup as to take down the beast?

No wonder you think it safer to go along with the beast to get along-going along and destroying your fellow countrymen. Who can stand up to such a behemoth and even survive…


Think again! Think back to what you’ve read: the beast is made up of people-like you or worse, or better.

Each of those persons, like you, can be persuaded, given enough information and enlightenment. Each of those persons could lose their health, or their job, or become a victim of the beast themselves.

Each of those persons can realize that yes, you can and probably will lose everything in struggling against the beast, including their lives.

Each of your fellow Agents can also realize these Truths:

1.)We’re all going to die sooner or later. Sooner or later the DNA in your cells deteriorate, break down, start making more mistakes than the rest of the body can compensate for. Your hair starts to turn gray, your skin starts to sag, you start losing muscle mass, your metabolism slows down. You grow fat, frail, your faculties start to fail, your mind fogs, you can’t see so sharp or hear so good, you lose control of your bowels at the worst possible moments, you fall and you can’t get up. Without cellular renewal, entropy is inevitable, and hence, old age homes and death. Which leads to:

2.)What will people remember you for? What actions that you do or do not do, how will that make their lives better? How do you justify taking part in monstrous manipulations, conspiracies, murder with leaving the world in a better shape than you entered in? What in the way of Freedom, a society that uplifts the Individual, a livable planet, a civilization that will carry Man into the future will your personal efforts to help the beast suppress everyone from political dissenters to inventors of devices that threaten government and corporate domination bring? Ultimately:

3.)What if there really is a God I’ll have to answer to for my life’s work? Or lack of…

Somehow everything came into existence-everything came from something. The Universe, from the structure of the largest of it’s galactic supergroups to the smallest of subatomic particles reveals a intricacy, vibrancy, and most importantly a design of such wonder we will never catch the full measure of. Since it’s God, Our Father’s Creation, we are all of us Our Father’s Children.

How have you treated Our Father’s Children, Federal Agent of the United States Government? How have you treated the society they’ve been brought up in? How have you personally treated those of Our Father’s Children who don’t share your color, your culture, your ideology, your class or income level?

And, having done what you’ve done in your life, how do you think Our Father will treat you WHEN, and this is an ABSOLUTE, WHEN He gets his hands on you after your shot, worn out body takes it’s last breath?

That WILL come, and it won’t matter how many church appearances you made, how many fifty dollar bills you stuffed into the Salvation Army kettle on holidays, how many self-congratulatory awards you get for your years of loyal service to the public(or in a way you don’t realize, it will)…

…What will matter to Our Father is whether you helped out that woman the IRS is trying to steal her home, business, and future over a tax mistake.

…Whether you disregarded personal danger in stopping the beast’s minions from pressuring a desperate backwoods “undesirable” to sawing a inch of steel off a single barrel shotgun, averting a frightening show of force by them.

…Whether you did your best-even if meant career suicide-in averting a massacre of women and children by being simultaniously burnt alive and poison gassed to death.

…Whether you tried to warn agents, police officers, those in authority who still hold themselves accountable to the People of a plot to stage a false flag terrorist operation-even if you had to do a end run around the official channels and risk your very lives against the beast if but to foil a plot to whip up yet another war started for false reasons.

…Whether you decided yourself to seek out those Americans still owning themselves, still willing to gamble all they have like their ancestors have done for Freedom. Help them however way you can, with training, advice, intel. To warn them when the beast decides to wage the final offensive against those that would be Free, enact martial law and wage another civil war in order to wipe out the last vestiges of Freedom… even with the approval of all they’ve sucessfully enslaved.

That you did or did not these things and more, THAT is what will matter to Our Father. Your Father who loves you and would love to see you STAND as a FREE MAN in common cause with your Brothers and Sisters, even against the beast that runs this country and runs it into the ground in a last, great effort to consolidate it’s control over us all.

You can be Free.

You can, standing with others intelligently, resist.

You, especially being a federal agent, can help slow the beast down, and together we could slay it.



What do you really need to live and be happy? That half-million dollar plywood and sheet rock millstone you and probably your kids will spend the rest of your days paying on? That huge, honking SUV your spouse can barely handle in traffic? That collection of credit cards that you’ll never pay off because you just gotta hit that mall for more crap made by slave labor you’ll use maybe twice?

You’ve brown nosed to the beast for all that crap, it’s tainted with the blood and suffering of innocent people.

Besides, being so craven and cowardly should be embarrassing to a big, strapping lawman.

Point is, no matter what choice you make you’re gonna lose something-you can keep serving the beast and lose your Freedom, forever. Or, you can lose your fear-among them losing the materialist chains of debt slavery that keep you dependant on the beast and it’s trinkets it loans you for some mirage of happiness.

So if you’re committed to the Cause, it’s time to do a gut check. You can’t have freedom of action if you’re tied down with debt payments and love of comfort. Truth is, your life is going to get damn uncomfortable from here on out, no matter what choice you make, you might as well make the choice that’ll guarantee a real future for your children.

You do have children, a spouse, right? You’ll have to have a big sit-down with the little debt slaves-in-training and share your epiphany.

THEN, provided your loved one doesn’t speed dial their attorney to begin divorce proceedings you get to figure out a plan to wean yourself of the false trappings of success you ignorantly bought-borrowed-into:

*Turn off the TV. All it does is lie and hustle for your money-after the government’s done shaking you down. Soon you’ll discover you can actually think for yourselves, you’ll start spending “quality time” with your family and you’ll see how things really are in America today.

*Sell the house. As of July, 2006 there’s still a housing market. SELL NOW!! Sell while there are still buyers dumb enough to believe the hype on CNBC and FOX. Sell and rent a older home in the country, where there will be some degree of safety when the preplanned collapse is triggered.

*Get rid of the SUV if you haven’t paid it off. You’ll take a loss on it anyway, but the point is to get out of debt and get out of gas hogs your 100lb wife or 300lb husband can’t handle. Get a older car that’s reliable-it’s possible.

*Cut up the credit cards. Debt obligations masquerading as “cash on hand”. In fact, go cash only for all, any purchases.

*Go out a hell of a lot less to eat. Find and patronize a organic food store, eat natural food, drink non flouridated spring water and notice not only how much weight you lose, but also how much healthier you feel, how better you can think, how less apathetic more free spirited you are, and how much more cash you have in your pocket. Stock up on extra food in case of something going to hell with the food supply.

*Find a way for your family to start becoming “self-employed”; under the table cash only business. It’ll teach business and money handling skill that’ll benefit yours the rest of their lives. Plus add another stream of cash flow or two.


You know that speech you gave to your family before you rescued yourselves from being debt slaves? Give a condensed version to the next person you encounter-could be on the job. Could be at a bar. Could be at the supermarket.

The Average American still looks up to authority figures, and to hear the unvarnished truth from a Federal Agent about how things really are could wake some people up. Some-because the educational and cultural programming of the sheeple by the beast is rock solid. Truth be told, the average ‘murikan’s mind has been so debased, so miseducated, so devoid of character or internal strength that they’ll mentally tune you out or change the subject. Nobody likes being told their life’s been a fraud.

Some will listen; it’s up to you to help organize them into effective political and self-defensive groups.


Standing alone is for the suicidal, the stupid, or the desperate. Acting together, with a plan while doing your best to not be exposed works.

Get involved with citizens working intelligently with local politics, or start your own local group. Plenty of issues to address.

Cover each others asses when the beast gets set to crush some more of your fellow citizens.


You know perfectly well that those people represent the best, most patriotic Americans left. Sadly they are a handful, and need your help badly. Besides, WHEN the beast targets you…and it will… you’re going to need some stone reliable folks to back you up.

Help the Militias infiltrate government positions with new members so that they can be a fifth column-keeping in mind to keep these infiltrators off any “official” militia circles.

Help the Militias form front organizations. Why? To take over town and village governments, start dismantling the beast at the local level-it’s where the fucker is most vulnerable while we still have a multilevel representative form of government. When they build a working, real world example of Freedom and use effective propaganda to spread the message, a thousand more liberated towns will spring up.

I go into detail about this at



What the hell is this about-isn’t this a plan of action in the real world?

It is, and you and Our Father reuniting is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART.

Men lie. They do it every day. Men ordained in religious doctrines made by men lie whether they know it or not, because the religious doctrines they preach-propagandize actually-were made by men. There’s a lot of power, money, control in religion. It’s a racket used by states throughout history to corral, control the very thoughts and beliefs of Man.

Religions-especially Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, are contrary creations of different teachings and doctrines by different people with contrary motives. Some actually wanted a better world. Most just wanted loyal followers to enrich themselves with, to control, to use as cannon fodder in the next war.

If the Universe was created-and it’s getting harder with each discovery to discount that-then there’s a Creator.

A Creator of the Universe has to be by nature a intelligent and loving being because creativity requires intelligence, love, and the catalyst of inspiration.

So if Our Father was inspired to create a sentient being-us-that could commune in spirit with Him, has(in theory)intelligence, capable of love, can be inspired to do great and noble things-WHERE IN THAT STRING OF LOGIC COULD OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN POSSIBLY WANT US TO BE MURDERED?

To be murderers, of ourselves and Our Father’s Creation for the sake of some manmade paper entity’s bottom line?

To enslave, when it is Human Desire given freely by Our Father to be Free, and at the same time take it upon ourselves to personally guarantee other’s Freedom?

To stealing from others, including everything they’ve worked for their entire lives because some bureaucrat decided that was appropriate for a hundred fifty dollars, federal reserve notes that are worth less and less each year?

To regulating a person in every part of his and her life to the point where Freedom becomes another vague word?

To subjecting the youth to life destroying state run “public schools” that take people full of energy, creativity and curiosity and after 13 years of grinding down turn out brain dead consumer slaves-‘murikans.

To use the holy ideals of Life, Freedom, the Pursuit of Happiness, a responsible representative government as fig leaves for conquest, genocide, plundering, domination?

Our Father would NOT want that!

When YOU realize that, then and only then can you accept the example of Jesus as laid out in the Gospels when encountering the bankers (moneychangers) and lawyers (pharisees)-they got not one moment’s rest. Jesus wasn’t about pacifism, Jesus and Our Father were about reacting in the strongest possible manner to tyrants and the other ilk that toadies to them.

When YOU realize that, and that the conclusion is only YOU can forge YOUR OWN CONNECTION to Our Father, and that THAT is the path to your salvation…

…that only your actions count as only actions are worth anything in this world…

…that only by standing with others like minded in being awakened, aware, and willing to pay the price for their Freedom…

…only then does Man have a chance of Salvation, for themselves and the world we’ve all helped trash because of the evil of foolish, craven men and the demons of power and greed that rule them.

How about you?