Monday, November 26, 2012



J. Croft

Patriot Unity.  Nice slogan but it’s a cruel joke.

The Movement has been stopped, repeatedly, almost all efforts to counter the risen tide of tyranny laughably pushed aside… aside from the growing number of awake, aware Americans who are armed but going into December 2012 the arms and ammunition supply’s being cut as you read this.  The U.N. Small Arms Treaty is being enacted.  A revamped 1994 gun control bill will be made permanent as well as be strengthened to ban any weapon the Attorney General Eric Holder wants.  Same oath traitor who was operational head of Fast and Furious-the arming of primarily the Sinaloa Cartel of weapons either obviously straw purchased in gun shops or straight delivered from ATF evidence rooms, from American gun owners who were almost universally set up, or arrested on the flimsiest banana republic pretexts.  I mean claiming a defective semi-automatic rifle was a actual operational machine gun instead, and getting a jury of apparent retards to convict David Olofson on their bullshit.

Or pressuring a backwoods recluse for years until he sawed the barrels of a pair of single-shot shotguns a half inch below the 18 inch legal limit as defined in the 1934 National Firearms Act… an act anyone who can operate a hacksaw and a rat tail file could do themselves but instead he gets besieged by Feds after they frag one of their own with a classic shot in the back and murder his son and wife and infant daughter.  You might have heard of him, his name’s Randy Weaver.

Tyranny isn’t coming, it’s been here!  Since Obama was ‘re-selected’:
This screen snapshot was taken mere WEEKS before the election, it appeared briefly and a Patriot recorded it… yeah Obama won, we know that but they showed this-Presidents are selected.

This selected President has the resources of the greatest police state ever constructed, its purpose is to crush, subjugate and destroy you.  New York, Katrina, 9/11, Oklahoma City, the War on Drugs, it’s been building since JFK was assassinated.  It’s been building since FDR stole the gold, declared bankruptcy and instituted national gun control and made the bankster created depression worse.  It’s been building since the income tax and the federal reserve act were passed by three pedophile senators on Christmas Eve in 1912.  It’s been building since… since the Civil War… since 1789.

The obvious enemy has been advancing steadily, surely, and certainly not stopped.  Slowed-thanks to Patriots in the many movements that have forestalled our utter defeat however the Patriot Movement has regrettably been foreseen as a response and if you can see a threat you can stop it, you can divert it, you can sabotage it.  Certainly, if you vilify and ridicule patriotism to the point of parody, frugality to the point of poverty, being a small businessman to the point of being the same as tax dodging rich, self-sufficiency to the point of ridicule, God to the point of hatred, self-defense to the point of committing murder, and the unorganized Militia to the point of being seen as domestic terrorists; turn the average, state schooled, 8 hours of TV watching, unhealthy, job or welfare dependant, willfully ignorant by cultural instillation U.S. Citizen will of course NOT LISTEN TO YOU. 

Certainly not listen to the likes of myself and hopefully yourself so long as that particular member of your target audience has their cash flow, roof over their head, TV, music, internet, games, car, drug of choice and can bullshit themselves into thinking ‘it doesn’t matter to them’.  Such is the extant and power of the enemy’s long term war against us.  Silent weapons for quiet wars, and the best enemy is the enemy that doesn’t even know they’re being warred against.

I could go back in time ten, fifteen, twenty years ago-the same forces would be at work undermining the Movement from without; the same social and cultural rot within each and every one of us having been brought up in the modern United States would undermine our hearts and decision making.

The key is to recognize the Truth-we have been utterly and completely subverted and sabotaged on a scale and depth unparalleled in recorded history.  It’s something nearly impossible to even imagine, conceive of, even after eight long years of personally trying to get the Patriot Movement to actually MOVE.   Move and actually be effective.

We have been made weak.

We have been made cowardly.

We have been made ignorant.

We have been made slothful.

We have been made dependent.

We have been made naïve.

We have been made superficial, silly.

We have been made disloyal.

We have been made selfish.

All that we have been made into was but a prerequisite necessary for the systematic deconstruction of America: the conditioning of Americans to come to the cities via economic destruction of small town farms and businesses to gain work in factories; the urbanization of Americans which went hand in hand with making them dependent on others for services and as gun control became more accepted, disarmed and unskilled in their use; the corporate owned industry exported, the corresponding living wage jobs vanished; the corresponding decay and decline of our country’s basic infrastructure; the destruction of the blacks in the inner cities turned ghettos; the de facto policy of luring in the Mexican underclass by the tens of millions, and the creation between them and urban blacks of a barbaric gang culture; that gang culture spawning tremendous amounts of criminal activity to drive unarmed Americans to call for help from the government; the government increasing the size and scope of the police state.

Which is where we’re at; impoverished, ignorant, dependent, unpatriotic, cowardly.  All that remains is one more good, well calculated shock to induce those who have guns but obey the enemy’s laws to turn them in.  Maybe they’ll actually come up with an excuse that they’ll buy, or maybe they’ll just have an DHS provided armored vehicle rumbling outside their door, a belt fed machine gun aimed menacingly at their front door, some obnoxiously officious bureaucrats flanked by a SWAT team with automatic weapons demanding so and so firearm you were foolish enough to sign a 4473 form to ask their permission to have. 

You ask permission and by tacit agreement said permission can be withdrawn.  Something most people reading these words are going to learn a very hard lesson about.  Americans have been asking permission to be free for too long, it’s the very heart of the deception that the enemy perpetrates. 

Americans are the most bullshitted people on Earth.

Patriots are the most bullshitted of Americans. 

Not that Middle Class Americans who consciously avoid as much truth as possible don’t bullshit themselves that everything… no, everything that relates to themselves are alright because they still have a job.  Not that urban and rural poor of all colors don’t bullshit themselves by being willfully ignorant.  Not that the real middle class didn’t bullshit themselves by going along with the Republican party line in vain hopes of keeping their businesses, or that the true Left didn’t bullshit themselves by aligning and riding the coattails of the disciples of Saul Alinsky that have brought us all the depradations of the Clinton and Obama administrations.  Not that those who serve the beast don’t bullshit themselves into thinking THEY won’t be on the chopping block sooner or later…

It’s that…

It’s that people who call themselves Patriot, they still operate under at least one level of the enemy’s bullshit.  And the deceptions are more precisely aimed.

I’ll break it down:

Your average American, of whatever social, racial, or tribal sub-group, operates under the world model instilled by government, media, their religion.   This world view is interpreted through both their own personal experience and personality, and the world view of the sub-group(s) they belong to.  In plainer language, it’s how they and their parents, friends and neighbors were individually and collectively brought up.

A family is a natural, biological collective.

A neighborhood is a collective of people.  Different neighborhoods will have differing impacts on someone’s upbringing and viewpoints; a neighborhood housing workers for a factory will be industrious and mostly virtuous, a good place to have the family nest.  Now the factory owner, under regulatory and taxation pressures engineered by minions of the Council on Foreign Relations in both the legislative and executive branches of the United States Government, and at the same time having inducements dangled in his face by yet more CFR minions in a quasi-governmental agency such as the Export/Import Bank will naturally seek to keep what’s his as much as his workers and managerial staff would… so he moves HIS factory to where he can maintain, or increase his profit margins, and at the same time exploit the more generous tax benefits deliberately engineered to grease the wheels for him to ship that factory to China. 

When Mr. Factory Owner ships that factory to China to exploit literally slave labor, Buy American be damned, what happens to that neighborhood?  It becomes poorer.  The resources that were available when those Americans working at those high factory wages are no longer there; they’re on unemployment, until that runs out.  They’re on food stamps.  They wind up on welfare.  They’ll try to find work but that factory was the economic nexus of that whole town, and certainly of the community; those now unemployed factory workers will NOT be eating out, buying a new car, get their homes repaired, take vacations, pursue their hobbies, go take college courses, start their own businesses.  Because they no longer have that income-hell they’re lucky if they can afford their mortgage payments.  The businesses that did service the neighborhood, the community, they suffer the general decrease in economic input from all the freshly unemployed, they scale back, shut down, or they sell a lot more liquor and lotto tickets.

Those that can find new work, string something together or move, will do so.  Everyone else will be trapped in that community’s depressed economy as surely as if there were physical prison walls surrounding the town.  Those Americans will become bitter, and many of them will become increasingly desperate.

So, they’ve had the first level of bullshit forcibly ripped away-that this is the land of milk and honey and everything’s alright.  Things are most decidedly NOT alright when the pink slip is given and you still have a mortgage, a car note, little Suzie’s college fund to finance, your hunting trips, your nights out with the wife.  Cuts have to be made, painful cuts but you won’t be able to make even those cuts once the unemployment runs out.  What then?  No more nights out, Suzie’s just going to have to manage, the car’s repossessed, and you’re about to get a foreclosure notice.

Some people turn to alcohol.  Drugs.  Some form of escape and mind addling substances plus anger and desperation will lead one to wind up committing some infraction or actually commit a crime.  When they’re caught they become the property of the legal system-the court and their officials, the prison-industrial complex to work as slave labor in whatever jobs are retained in America by the enemy.  Many will wind up moving back in with Mom and Dad because they have a home still, but a whole lot of them wind up homeless.  And become targets of armed court officials (known colloquially as cops).

At least some who commit crimes will be smart and skilled enough to continue.  Lacking any further awareness of what happened to them and why they strike out like common predators at whatever targets of opportunity present themselves-you likely.  Now, a lot of their victims will have fully internalized and integrated the American Mass Media Culture, which is the hapless shade of their Left and hope 911 will work for them, or the legalistic shade of their Right and ask the very enemy that has been perpetrating all the ills against them for permission to buy and carry a common pistol for their God Given Right to Self-Defense. 

Declining economy, drugs, crime, police state; most people, having been successfully indoctrinated by state run schools will not do the math and figure out something is wrong, and they try to win at a game they never will.  A lot of people will go for themselves and either in our out of government service feed the enemy created and nurtured pathologies. 

Many people however, see bullshit for what it is.  Never a majority, they bust right through the first layer of deception, and become some manner of activist, usually attracted from the social and political background they came from.  Disgruntled ex-factory workers are likely to join some Democratic organization-run by Alinsky leftists.  Disgruntled, failing business proprietors will solidly be in the Republican organizations-subverted by upper level Republican types who in reality have as little in common with a small business owner as a Alinsky pattern community organizer.  They of course would ironically have a lot in common with each other; power hungry, devious, traitorous, and cowardly.

(Oh, Saul Alinsky: ruthless Communist who penned ‘Rules for Radicals’ which dispensed utterly with any pretense of Leftist ideological purity and preached pure power politics and manipulation of the ignorant masses as needed to gain the means to institute their own brand of tyranny.

Conversely, the Taxed Enough Already Party was started by Patriots but was infiltrated and subverted by the Republican Party and is now synonymous with their big business blind flag waving fascism.)

…A percentage however sees the puppet strings on the strategically placed insiders, the agenda twisting, and catch that level of enemy bullshit.  They will go WTF in their heads until they come upon answers that compute with their world-view and backgrounds: who they were up to this moment of clarity.

So now the enemy has a honest dissident to have to handle.  Now the enemy has to become much more shrewd with their bullshit because one honest dissident, operating from who they are, will seek others of like-mind… I mean you don’t see a liberal Seattle pot head beaten half to death by the hippie and nigger stomping Seattle cops seek out and join a Militia who’s had its working class conservative members be entrapped by the gun cops of the BATFaggots for the wrong part on their imported AK type rifle.  About as likely as those Militia going in full battle gear and being the security shield of an Occupy protest.

(Oh yeah, TJ Ready and his fighting group did just that in Phoenix.  Actually kept succeeded in keeping the peace, no incidents of police brutality happened while his group was there protecting the Occupy protesters.  He was assassinated months later, by a third party for stopping up their drug trade.  That is if you don’t believe the enemy media bullshit he flipped and shot his own family and then himself a few times.)

No, the enemy has made, or infiltrated and subverted many if not all of the dissident organizations: ACLU, SPLC, Heritage Foundation, John Birch Society, which after the dissident leaves dissatisfied leads those that still strive for Truth and maybe actual answers to the Patriot Movement.

I have a lot of firsthand experience with the Patriot Movement…

They have been all show and about no result other than to discourage others by induced failure and impotence and that has been by design.  Of that there is no doubt:

There’s no doubt after, personally, eight years of online activism where there hasn’t been a forum I’ve participated and shared where there wasn’t a enemy deep cover operative… or not so deep cover TOOL to deflect, bury, or ridicule any talk of actual political, cultural, and social activity.  Activity, not endless keyboard bitching that leads to nothing getting done; that’s the enemy’s purpose for your internet activism, not organizing say, local campaigns along the lines of the GI’s of Athens Tennessee in 1946.

(Look up The Battle of Athens, Tennessee)

There’s no doubt after attempts to gain support for the support of the Patriot Charles Dyer/aka July4Patriot, who suffered three separate prosecutions to end his rousing Patriot, which wound up being ignored by Alex Jones or attacked by COINTEL operatives who on the face of it ought to know better like Mamaliberty over at Claire Wolfe’s The Mental Militia forums, the proverbial denying three times before sunrise Stewart Rhodes’ 501(c)3 registered oathkeepers organization done.

Oh, yes, no doubt: Oath Keepers was quickly brought to bridle by ratstewie, a onetime apparatchik of Ron Paul’s who quickly brought in covert operatives and quickly stifled any militia or activist talk-‘reach, teach, and inspire’… to enemy personnel comfortable in their U.S. issued putrid bullshit-so long as they have power over those they consider inferior to themselves?  Take away their power for some concept as Freedom?  How does THAT ever work?

No doubt after trying to reach the ever-more open-minded New Age types that look to restricted forums like Rumor Mill News, who buried practical steps I advocate in favor of utterly fanciful bullshit like the ‘packets’… get this… all the money they stole from us?  We could get them back if ‘they’ delivered these packets and this BS monger nicknamed Hobie would say oh, the Queen has it or the Pentagon but then he claims they were destroyed but, hey, they’ll print new ones.  Or Rayelan… who tried to actually hustle me over my blog-tried to get me to plug into the very system I divorced myself from by going into a business where her partner Valentina Parker would publish Freedom Guide… wasn’t falling for it when the nasty particulars came out.  At any rate, anything I published?  Buried by their editor Patriotlad.

There’s no doubt after Ron Paul takes 30 million dollars from earnest Patriotic Americans each Presidential campaign ‘run’ and doesn’t challenge the obvious vote fraud.  Or Alex Jones deflects any criticism or truth about Ron Paul and the true state of the Patriot Movement, keeps begging for moneybombs to build more studio space-as pathetic as the guy who buys books and thinks that just because they’re on the shelf, unread, that he’s knowledgeable. 

Speaking of Alex Jones, he’s a profiteering fearmonger who has been maneuvered into becoming the Patriot Movement’s primary muscle-and therefore gatekeeper.  I should know, I was banned four times from his site.  The first time was when I found and posted this photograph:

Description: JBTwithChild

…The moderator, named ‘Sane’ (ha) bans me because he alleged it was fake.

I would be banned a couple more times-the last time would be in early 2010 after Alex Jones staged a COINTELPRO assault on a Austin Gun Show Rally and derailed at the last minute the campaign of Deborah Medina for Texas Governor; Ron Paul was being talked up for his 2012 run for President and I wrote that Ron Paul should not only account for the 30 million in prior campaign dollars, he should actively and aggressively get his followers… his devoted followers, to start local campaigns using a full ticket of candidates-the Athens 1946 solution. 

Alex’s response upon reading my words?  “If this guys’ going to cause trouble, ban him.”

So a couple years later he started his Planet Infowars social media site.  I posted Second American Revolution Victory Guide and Freedom Guide Omnibus, and some fresh articles such as How To Start A Militia-And Get Away With It.  Got banned.  Alex Jones does not want solutions, he wants fresh crises so he and his guests like Steve Quayle can wail on the air “IT’S TOO LATE!!!”  “YOU CAN’T RESIST!!!”  They will wail that when someone presents honest solutions with the requirement that their audience do more than listen and take concrete, positive steps that work.  Their job as COINTELPRO is to not let THAT message get out, at any price-but buy his movies, t-shirts, and subscribe to and keep in that Infowar.

He’s not the only turd in the Patriot punch bowl; posted my first… I suppose you could call it a hit, “Message To The Police Officer” but tacked on a editorial by a cop-worshipper that ad hominim’d me, then posted a copy of “Martial Law Survival Guide” that couldn’t be bothered to put my name for author nor link to my blog, Freedom Guide.  It’s all I ever ask. 

Free State Project?  One post of the earlier version of “Second American Revolution Victory Guide” and I get called racist and banned.  Because I endlessly advocate taking local, concrete steps with others in regaining Freedom, regaining Our America.  Effective counsel cannot be tolerated, not when there’s useless, polarizing protests to be made, and videos to purchase….

All these ‘alternative’ news sites are like this; print the bad news you won’t ever see on the obviously enemy owned and operated networks but these are fronts as well to bullshit the discerning; the proof is always the lack of concrete solutions and the call to take personal responsibility and do things that will be effective.

The Militia Movement… had contact with a number of enemy operatives in those ranks.  Oh yes; most of them are admitted freemasons who will deflect and discourage and dissemble.  One fetid turd however took matters a step further; he went by the handle Azuurlin over at AWRM.ORG but his name’s Joshua Clough.  He is of the Hutaree.  One day Google threatened to shut down my gmail account if I didn’t answer questions so I brazenly called them on it on my blog and perhaps a few other places… Azuurlin led about 12-15 others on a personal attack on my own blog.  I later called him a fed snitch out of the blue, but in response and he was unrepentant, I mean, to attack someone who’s supposed to be a fellow Patriot for ripping on Google?  With a bunch of other no-lifers?  I didn’t get an attack like that again until I reproduced under Fair Use a basic article by some lawyer about shutting the hell up in front of the cops-even though I gave address and attribution… Anyway, later on Clough would get popped with the rest of the Hutaree Militia and being human, and that being Azuurlin’s group I took a swipe at them.  A pretty mean one.

A pretty mean, undeserving to that group one for the actions of one rat.  Josh Clough confirmed that when later he offered to turn rat on the rest of Hutaree to avoid decades in the joint… supposedly on the behalf of his parents and lawyer but if he had the lack of character to attack a fellow Patriot for standing up to Google you think he’d have the character to stay steadfast by his fellow Hutaree?  He’d be free and clear right now but instead he confirmed he’s either a fed snitch or had more than enough of the aforementioned enemy bullshit lack of knowledge, character and connection to God to do the right thing.  He was dissembling and dividing-and I proved I was all too human and as fallible as anyone else by associating that rat with the rest of his group.  Whom I’m happy to report beat the odds and the enemy’s plans and showed them in court to be utterly bankrupt.

More seriously, the Militias have been infiltrated, or founded as honey traps.  The reasons are to gather names, divert and dissemble, and to get people busted by obvious conspiracy.  B.A. Brooks the founder of A.R.M. e-mailed me and told me to reproduce his warning about public Militias:

By: B.A. Brooks
When I first got active in the patriot movement, one of my goals was to unite all militia units within The United States under some kind of allegiance with a main purpose of communication and unity. What I learned was that most militias operating in America are using the patriot movement to further their own personal agendas which range from many extreme and radical theologies. Some are pure racists while others are religious radicals, and then you have the radical religious racists. There are only a handful of actual militias operating today and I have found the rest to be just a bunch of guys with guns who wear camo. I would also be inclined to say that 99% of American militias have been infiltrated by FBI agents and or informants, if not actually being started and run by the FBI.

I have also learned that many individuals within the patriot movement are really informants/narcs and this is why I have now isolated myself from most people and organizations. It is not that hard to point out these individuals if you just sit back and watch what people are doing. Who is always starting trouble within the movement? Who is always pointing fingers and blame at others within the movement when in reality they should be focusing on the true political problems we are all facing? Who is always trying to create infighting within the movement? Who among you is trying to insight violence? When you start looking and listening, you will see clearly who these people are. I have found out in life that the person that is constantly telling you they are your best friend and will always have your back, is the first person to put a knife in your back. I do not talk about others in the movement but will tell you that a few of these individuals are highly revered by many and when they are exposed, most will be totally caught off guard and shocked. Many of you reading this article right now have unknowingly befriended FBI/CIA/ATF Agents, undercover law enforcement, informants and narcs. This is the main reason why I have disassociated my self with The American Resistance Movement, while also isolating myself from most others within the so called patriot or truth movements.

Many of these people are the real deal

but with that said, most have been seriously infiltrated or are actual federal agents. Learning the truth about all of these things has been very hard for me to accept because I have been such a huge supporter of A.R.M. and other organizations over the past several years that I must now walk away from. It was a good idea but it is over now and I urge you all to move in new directions. You can only really trust yourself, close friends and family in these Orwellian times.
I have always said that knowledge is power and that you should share your power. What do you think I meant when I said this? I meant to learn about the truth and share what you learn. Not to share your personal information with others which they can use against you in the future. When it comes to your past and personal background, it is always best to keep these things private, especially if you have had any kind of felony arrest in your past. When you share knowledge about your personal background, you are giving away your power and making yourself vulnerable and a possible target of law enforcement. Keep your private information private. Never reveal too much about yourself or your family and friends. Loose lips sink ships! Remember that you never really know who you are talking to on the internet. Even if you have progressed into phone conversations and even meet-ups, you still never know what is motivating another. Some informants do it for the added excitement that it gives to their lives, while others do it because they have been caught up in a felony arrest and have chosen to turn in others in order to save their own skin.

I have removed the forums and chat rooms from within my website because I will not stand by while some people with a low mentality end up representing everyone. Some call these people shills or trolls, and all you have to do is read the comments at most patriot sites to get a good idea of this mean, childish and hateful speech. Myself, Alex Jones and a few others within the movement have been the focus of much talk over the past several months on message boards and comment forums, in an effort to discredit our work. Mostly verbal attacks using fabricated lies and cointelpro tactics in a clear attempt to confuse issues and destroy reputations. My own mission is the same as it always has been, and that is to expose the truth within a world of lies. To stop the new world order and their agendas dead in their tracks and I will continue to report what I find, continue to write articles while working on my newest full length movie. I have added a few links under this article that will demonstrate a little of what I speak of today. Watch your backs people!

Americans are being set up

Attorney: FBI Trained NJ Blogger To Incite Others

Hal Turner Admits He Worked for the FBI

Turning the US army against Americans

Pentagon Caught Subverting Protest Group

EXCLUSIVE: Defense analyst in spy case was FBI double agent

The III’er movement, very much a dissident offshoot of the Oath keeper Movement as much as it’s a new generation of Militia, as much as it’s arming a new generation of Americans is also mutating, as much to disillusionment with Our America as enemy COINTEL operatives and way too many of them are advocating merely retreating to whatever redoubt or community of their own and like the Militia Movement avoid any kind of even non-violent counter-offensive.  Many are more aligned with the relabeled survivalist wave calling themselves Preppers who have been demonized as wackos and con artists and are being for now quietly mopped up like they’ve been attempting with the Militias.  They just want to have their cabins in the woods or enclaves and let all the trouble go unopposed until they can re-emerge.  Which removes a whole lot of guns on our side from the equation the enemy comes up with for their OPFOR, which is all of us, and will simply make rounding up and disarming uppity gun owners all the easier-or drop a bomb from a drone on their home’s GPS coordinates and pawn the attack off as a ‘natural gas explosion’ which after Indianapolis and Maryland is becoming the in vogue enemy method of removing opponents.     Infighting… yes there’s a lot of flak between Mike Vanderboegh and a blogger named Kerodin and all anyone can do about that is learn from Mr. Vanderboegh as he has decades of experience in the Patriot Movement and to hope for the very best from Kerodin as he’s spearheading an arms factory and III community in rural Idaho.  For the most part however they operate under varying levels of awareness, beset by various levels of enemy cultural, social, and political bullshit that obscures just what’s needed.

Get a clue already after fifteen pages-they’re at war with us.  They always have been but their primary strategy in putting off any day of reckoning with largest body of privately armed people on the planet has been deception. 

I’ve spent the past 10 hours on this monograph, but in truth it’s been fermenting in my heart for years; God called on me to put heartfelt conviction and experience to word.  We who are Americans, who know there are Two Americas and love Freedom, Truth, Justice, Love-we know we have the final battle against the beast that is the United States Government it’s minions from the membership of the Council on Foreign Relations, the York and Scot Rite Freemasons, and it’s masters in the elite families of Europe, the banks, the British Crown.  All have been waging a multi-generational war against the American People and all of the races of Man on Earth.

We the Americans of the Patriot Movement must unify in purpose, in common cause which is the last stand, the final war of America, the Second American Revolution that must and shall cleanse our land of anyone and everyone who has a hand in dividing and conquering and dominating and destroying us.  All of us. 

The Black Flag is the answer, the only answer now as they’ve successfully diverted and derailed us too successfully for a purely peaceable solution.  Certainly for no shyster’s ‘infowar’.  War without limit, without mercy, without end until the enemy is rooted out of Our America and utterly destroyed.

Once we purge our land of the enemy, we can rebuild and without the enemy parasites at every turn taking all but a single percentage of the fruits of our labor at every turn we could build a new American Civilization within a generation.  Then, with Americans from literally every nation on Earth they and their families and friends in their old homelands as agents the American Revolution can be exported to all nations, to all peoples and the entire Earth can be freed of tyranny.

With the burden of war removed, Man can finally assume our species destiny among the stars.

All that starts with you, now.  Your immediate priorities are stocking up on food, weapons, ammunition, tools, power sources, knowledge both in book and computer file.  Make alliances with like-minded… those who recognize the need for Patriot Unity and action, make those alliances and train in secret-follow the principles outlined in “How To Start A Militia-And Get Away With It.”

Talk to other people-you see someone at Wal-Mart checking out an M-4 type carbine… they’re selling them again there as the enemy wants everyone to wipe each other out in both race war and a struggle for food and resources when they shut down the economy… ask them “who you think you’re going to need that against?” 

They say they’re stocking up just in case tell them a gun alone isn’t the whole answer but to have skills, food, training, and most importantly, allies and community. 

They act any more ignorant than that ask them why you think after Wal-Mart wet their pants and stopped selling guns they now sell ‘assault rifles’ when the economy’s obviously collapsing.  Ask them that, then steer the conversation to where you can get them on the right path.  The one we took.

You have a computer make up CDs and pass them around, the things are only a few cents per.  Gather Truth and knowhow and a address to a dead drop and put them everywhere.

You need dead drops they’re going to be your base form of communication.  Find a place like… like use YOUR imagination to find a place that won’t be disturbed, to plant messages and whatnot.  Treat each new contact as a cut out, build from there, be careful-be damn careful.

No more using the cell phone it’s an enemy tracking/listening device; they can shut off service and still use it against you. 

If you use any kind of electromagnetic communication use code and be extremely judicious where and how you use it, like, away from where you actually live.

And you need a place to live that’s not registered in your ID with the enemy.

Airsoft.  Learn and teach others how to shoot and fight with airsoft replicas.

Getting back to arms, the assault rifle calibers are drying up-Obama’s jerking the ammo importers around so either no more (relatively) cheap ammo or no more ammo in .223, 7.62x39.  .308 surplus is GONE(but the enemy has plenty in machine gun belts). 

There’s still 7.62x54R, so you can stock up on Mosin-Nagant rifles as the 91/30s are still at 100 bucks each… for now.  Stock up on as much ammunition as you can for these rifles though.

If you can, have a 30.06.  It’s powerful, accurate, long range and will be about the last ammunition to dry up.  Millions of rifles are chambered in this venerable and easy to get caliber.

For pistol, stick to 9mm, .40, 45ACP.  Revolvers are 38/357.  Any other caliber and unless you can reload for it they will run dry.

22 isn’t just for a rifle or a quieted pistol, its good money even now.

Learn to reload your empty cases.  Learn to make copper jacketed bullets in lead… steel.  Smokeless powder is basically processed nitrated cotton and your primer had its start in the early 1800s.  Brass you’ll need to learn how to build a multi stage press to stamp new cartridge cases but you can use steel or aluminum as well as brass.  He who can produce ammunition will be rich.

He who can grow good, healthy food could be rich but they will have to defend it against the enemy.  Which will require community, which will require the Militia.  Which is you and me.

Unless the fellow Patriot really isn’t a Patriot, squash it.

Alternate electronic communications-radio and internet… our own internet: join the effort or start your own and hopefully network up and DO NOT INTEGRATE PATRIOT COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE ENEMY’S EVER.

Be ready to bug out in a minute, have at least five friends within travel distance you can count your life on.  Have room for any of them if they need likewise help.

Learn.  Something new, every day.  Learn how to build, grow, repair, fight, and learn how to teach.

The time comes we will need to act with aggression and speed.  The enemy expects to be able to lob a JDAM onto a GPS coordinate that’s your home, or rumble through your community in armored vehicles with machine guns going door to door to steal your food and arms.  That will be the time to hunt down the drone dorks, and shove their toys up their ass.  A good resource for ideals is The Intelligence Report on Liberty Tree Radio; Google it while the net’s up and go into their archives.  Start downloading their episodes.

Other great online resources are:

Sipsey Street Irregulars, a blog by Mike Vanderboegh; his Praxis posts are as good info as any you’ll find.

The Lizard Farmer has great tactical suggestions as does Mosby.  You can also find great information from Arctic Patriot as well.  Also, Resistor in the Rockies and Western Rifle Shooters Association are good blogs to go through and data mine.

One treasure trove you have to dive into is though you will have to register to access their forums.

You can find a lot of books to download from on,,, or Google.  Also, the torrent file sharing site The Pirate Bay.

DO NOT DO YOUR PATRIOT COMPUTING FROM YOUR HOME COMPUTER OR A COMPUTER THAT YOU SIGNED A WARRANTY FOR OR PAID USING A CHECK OR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD!!!!   You use someone else’s computer such as a public library’s that you don’t have to use your ID for.  Or you take a sterile-not in your name-computer and you wi-fi surf wherever you can get a good connection without logging in  using a traceable ID.  If you use a computer for downloading and uploading use a separate computer for Patriot activity, such as making articles, music and movies or compiling CDs to pass out.  Wear gloves at all times when handling the discs or the paper sleeves.  Teach people how to survive, communicate, fight, win-that’s an Infowar!

J. Croft


Anonymous said...

Merci, j'aime beaucoup votre message et je vous souhaite une très bonne année 2020 ......

Anonymous said...

Merci, j'aime beaucoup votre message et je vous souhaite une très bonne année 2020 ......