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Oleg Volk can't let a bad point go so I got to correct him some more, in italics:

The Preferred Role of Guns in the Political Process

Posted on October 31, 2012 by Oleg Volk

Recently, I wrote of the limited utility of sharpshooters in standing battles.

Demonstrating your lack of knowlege as well as courage.

I also write often about the importance of marksmanship and gun ownership. How do these two statements fit together?

Where most of the population is unarmed and untrained, a relatively small junta can make considerable progress by not playing by the rules. That approach doesn’t work as well if every segment of the population is capable to self-defense. Of course, it is possible for one group to overmatch another, but the amount of logistical organization and preparation necessary for such a feat would also enable them to win elections…at which point victory by force becomes unnecessary.

America has not only the largest number of guns in private hands, our nation has the largest number of militarily effective arms in private hands.

Oleg DORK forgets not only the millions of veterans out there... the millions who haven't sold out like he has for the futile hope he'd be permitted to keep his as he plays rat, he forgets the large and exponentially growing number of underground MILITIA units and unknowable number of fire teams-3 or 4 people who train together and can move and shoot... an do it well. Also I suspect there's more than a few Real Americans among the ranks of the enemy but I won't elaborate.

Their logistics tail can and will become ours. They know they can't win a fight even now so they employ everything from Hollywood to false opposition orgs like the National Rifle Association, to COINTEL operatives who stoke unreasoned fear such as Alex Jones or who bang the drums of defeatism such as American Mercenary or a jockrider like Oleg DORK. Distraction, hype, fear are their weapons but even though they control the Diebold machines and can move the markets as they please they cannot know just how many ants are going to come out of the ground to counterattack when they start stomping the ground to kill us en masse.

In effect, elections can be viewed as non-violent proxies for civil wars.

I have to say elections in America are a pageant designed to hand the crown over to the next selected candidate while truly Freedom minded Americans are systematically locked out. Those in the Patriot Movement have to contend with the likes of Alex Jones who promote shysters like Ronald Paul and his bucktooth backstabbing boy Randi. He's a COINTEL operative who sabotaged the candidacy of Deborah Medina in 2010 when she had the chance to gain the office of Governor in Texas from Rick Perry. Alex Jones will NEVER whip up support for campaign efforts on a local level-which would give Patriotic Americans a political and territorial base of operations as well as provide a model of how America should operate, thereby spreading the Second American Revolution much faster on a political basis. No, we're going to be forced to fight so potential fighters much be discouraged.

The same is true of personal safety: in some countries, dissidents and merely insufficiently enthusiastic supporters of the ruling party could be rounded up at little cost to the government.

Some countries, like the United States where individuals in the movement have been targeted for decades in a kind of dagger war. Charles Dyer, Mark Koernke, Dave Olofson are just three people that come to mind, there have been THOUSANDS. When you wield the biggest, most powerful government on Earth going after any one individual is cheap.

In the US, every individual may be presumed armed and unpredictable, increasing the required manpower and decreasing the ability to arrest political opponents without repercussions.

Not if they listen to the likes of a horsefaced gun photographer who is playing suck up to the state in a vain hope of being permitted to keep his because he's trying to dissuade Patriots from resisting.

So guns and other weapons in private hands keep certain political optimists from trying their luck at establishing the Second Caliphate or building Worker’s Paradise or Restoring the Republic.

"Restoring the Republic" gets mentioned in the same breath as the Second Caliphate or Worker's Paradise?! You Oleg cocksucking DORK equate the Patriot Movement with deluded Muslims and Marxists?!

They end up trying to make it happen by means other than bloody mayhem.

I need to further educate: Muslims and Marxists and their fellow Aztlan nutsacks DO plan on using violence. Largely, they plan on using the US government and their agenda to destroy Patriot opposition to advance their agendas. The Marxists are all over the Obama Administration and large swaths of the US Government already. Muslims are just another enemy within. The Mexican fascists want the Southwest. At least. All part of destroying America because a strong, united and Free America that truly belongs to the American People would stop globalization in its tracks.

The American civilian arms basically make violent political shortcuts backfire on those who try. That is why marksmanship and access to arms are important.

Which is why you crap on rifle marksmanship, the foundation of making those arms effective bulwarks against tyranny. Your last sentence that you just throw out there just shows you are as weasely as you look.

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