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The Love Song by Mary Sparrowdancer.

Several years ago at a bookstore I came upon a book called 'The Love Song of the Universe' by Mary Sparrowdancer, and all of a sudden I had this urge, URGE to buy it. I didn't.

Next day or so, she posts this article up on

...Every last book was sold out.

So, Mary Sparrowdancer published a second edition. Can't find it anywhere and I've been looking for years so the other day I find her e-mail and wrote her stating as such.

She replied:

Dear J. Croft,

Yes, he's still talking to me. Right now he's instructing me on how to garden and grow foods easily. I will write an article on this sensible gardening after this growing season.

My books are sold out at this time, and I'll have to wait till I have funds in order to print another run. Maybe in the fall... After the Judas paper came out, there was a tremendous demand for Love Song on Amazon and it became the #2 bestseller at Hampton Roads (the publisher). Someone must have felt very threatened by what I was writing because the publisher of Hampton Roads then killed my book from print with orders still coming in, and he refused to give me back my publishing rights for about a half a year. In other words, he silenced me.

I'm attaching a free PDF of the first book for you. Please feel free to print it out and share it with anyone.

Thank you for your kind wishes - and I hope you're doing well, too.

Tallahassee, FL

So as I'm reading this I put it up on my account to fulfill her wishes to the maximum:

Love Song, Part One Official Version

AND available here:

Only too happy to stick it to censorship...


A lot of the visions in the book have a Native American framework to them, but I say that's okay because a lot of the tribes of the Americas recorded a... for this point I'll just come out and say Jesus walked among them. Even in the Gospels Jesus stated He had other peoples to take care of.

I'll state we cannot trust the Bible as presented-a simple exercise of logic proves my point. If Christianity's holy book is the Bible, then:

1. How come Jesus' own words and deeds occupy a few bookmark's worth of pages?

2. How come most of the New Testament is dominated by the writings of a man who not only was NOT part of Jesus' trope, but whose teachings twisted and subverted what Jesus taught?

3. How come the Old Testament and in particular the actions and words of Jehovah contradict what Jesus taught?

And those answers are:

1. Because Jesus preached radical Freedom and equality, which was a mortal threat to both the Judean religious state, but to the Roman Empire in general. If you try to outright destroy a message of Love and Freedom you only give strength; the answer for tyrants is always to subvert, which happened to the American Patriot Movement. For Jesus it was Saul of Tarsus, a Pharisee-they were one of Jesus' favorite targets of what wrath He chose to show them. Saul changed his name to Paul but preached that women be inferior and that slaves serve and love their masters.

2. The Holy Bible was cobbled together by the Roman Emperor Constantine with his Council of Nicea in 326; basically he threatened to kill them if they didn't give him what he wanted-a new religion, a new ideology to reunify the Roman Empire. That creation of the Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church maintained control over Europe even as the political institutions under papal authority warred and grew and withered and died. Along with millions of lives who had already had their pockets picked by the church. The Roman Catholic Church has the knowledge of the ancients and enough wealth to make Earth a paradise-what's Christ-like of keeping that away from Man?

3. The Old Testament... just looking at Genesis, it's a heavily edited compilation of earlier Sumerian texts. Abraham was Sumerian. In the beginning God created the universe and Earth, then it's 'elohim'-gods-created Man telling them they can have all the animals and plants on earth. Then the LORD... seemingly turns and says don't eat of the trees of knowledge or life, then boots Man out of Eden for wanting to know of good from evil and not dying... how evil is that? By the time of Abraham it's THE LORD Jehovah who actions are as far from Jesus as you'll ever find, murdering a nation's children to compel a forced ethnic cleansing, then taking the descendants of Abraham through a 40 year Long March and make them into a tribe of warlike fanatics. The OT doesn't improve from there as Judaism is imposed, a insular enslaving religious cult. Modern day Christians, even those who honestly try to do, be good and to be a good follower of Jesus, are hampered and thwarted by this great deception.

Personal accounts of meeting Jesus, going to Heaven are as subjective as they come, especially Heaven as you're taking it all on a article of faith. Howard Storm comes to mind as a current example.

Ms. Sparrowdancer has some believability overall because she was one of the first voices right after 9/11 was perpetrated on us to not retaliate as we didn't know who really did that.

I believe she's had, is having, personal encounters with Jesus.


Jesus stated 'there are none good but the Father', that being God the Creator. That is who I pray to, try to listen to and to follow. Freedom Guide is the fruit of that effort.

It's hard to pick out whose telling the truth but a certain clue is 'who gets shut up?' I've had my difficulties with the larger Patriot Movement and Mary Sparrowdancer has had contracts breached in an effort to keep her silent. Perhaps you should get a free account and download this gift she's presented to us. If you're interested in helping to fund her republishing her second book contact her at

J. Croft

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Angel Ginel said...

I've received a copy of the first edition by Ms. Sparrowdancer. It's changed my life