Saturday, June 16, 2012


The Best Defense


The best defense is a good offense, once you know that someone is trying to kill you.  Once you know it, anything goes.

There is only one way to defend yourself and that’s with a loaded and cocked gun in your hand, or hands, finger on the trigger and the safety off.  You be careful where you point the gun but if a threatening object appears, you must shoot it before it shoots you.   A threatening object is someone with a gun aimed in your general direction.  If you can see the muzzle, that’s good enough.  If the threatening object gives you an order or makes any unfriendly sound, shoot it.  Surrender is not an option.

Don’t think you can bluff a government killer and make him drop his weapon.  He’s going to shoot you as soon as he can because he knows that he will be rewarded and promoted for doing so.  Regular criminals can be bluffed because they just want your money, but government killers want to kill you.

Government killers need to be killed, not captured.  What are you going to do with a captured killer?  When you’re killing rats you don’t take any rats prisoner.  Expect no mercy from these guys and give none to them.

A loaded gun is no guarantee of survival against a government killer, or killer gang, but it is a prerequisite.  Without it, you can’t survive.  You’ve got to have a loaded and cocked gun AND get the drop on the government killer, who’s going to have one, too.  The first person to shoot and hit the other person wins, and that first person must be you.  If the government killer is still moving after being hit, you shoot him again until he stops threatening you.   A government killer is a threat until he’s dead.

If this sounds too harsh, then you have no idea what’s going on.

We’ve got way too much law in this rotten country.  The government has devised thousands of excuses to arrest us and put us in prison where we can be gruesomely killed.  Or just kill us outright for resisting arrest.  It happens every day.

Stop worrying about the Bilderbergs if you’re not going to kill them.  The Bilderbergs can’t do anything to us.  The cops do it for them.  Cops and soldiers and marines and airmen.   It’s okay to be aware of the invisible government and some of us definitely have to destroy it, meaning, kill all the greedy gangsters who are in it – at least the ones whom we can find in America.  But yelling at them and waving signs at them as they motor by doesn’t achieve a thing.  They need to be killed.  Protests mean just about nothing.

The only way to remain safe is to be feared.  In these dangerous days, any abuse of power must carry the death penalty.  There’s a lot of bad guys who need killing, which must be our way. 

The only way to remain fairly safe is to be ready to kill at the drop of a hat, whatever sort of criminal that confronts us.  Cops are the most dangerous criminals we’re likely to encounter due to the supposed authority to kill us that they carry around.  The combination of a badge and a gun is illegitimate.  We normal people have the natural authority to kill in self-defense.  Cops have the contrived authority to kill us for any reason or for no reason at all. 

Their illegitimate power has made cops very contemptuous of the rest of us, which comes out in virtually all encounters we have with them.  They might start out politely but their license to kill us quickly reveals itself.  They demand total obedience.  Cops consider their safety to be paramount, that their lives are more valuable than ours.  This is a myth.  Firemen are more valuable than cops, but nowhere as valuable as we are, we normal people who mind our own business as we try to make a living. 

Sure, there are lots of criminals who need to be removed from the gene pool.  But cops don’t do that.  They play the law game, making violent arrests of mostly people who don’t threaten anyone.  They harass us and eat out our substance, just as it was written in the Declaration of Independence centuries ago.  They violate our basic rights and dignity countless times a day.  They usually make things worse when they show up.

We don’t need cops – we just need to take care of ourselves.  A handgun makes any girl or granny just as tough and independent as any man, with a minimum of training.  I instruct females to start out shooting a .38 from the hip, not offhand.  When you shoot from the hip you’re not bothered by recoil and there’s no reason to flinch.  Same with a rifle and shotgun.  It gives the shooter a lot of self-confidence and control of his/her situation.  And it’s unnerving for a suspect to have an intended victim coolly keeping him covered without “aiming.”

Again, you can do what you want with common criminals.  Turn them over to the cops if you want to go through the legal hassle and explanations.  Depends on the situation.  But gun police?  Tax police?  FBIs and other feds?  Soldiers and marines?  Cops you suspect are coming for you extra-judicially?  No.  These renegades cannot be allowed to live and come after you again.

Here’s how bad it’s getting:  The Council on Foreign Relations of NYC and Washington DC and Chicago has just released an essay in the current issue of its house organ, Foreign Affairs, written by the US Army Chief of Staff Raymond Odierno, in which he makes the CFR’s case for the army taking over law enforcement in America. 

Yep, that’s what the CFR has always planned and now it’s out in the open. 

This is why I’m always on about the CFR and saying that it must be wiped out and all its thousands of members executed in the street as the most dangerous enemies we have in this world.  They must be Ceausescued and then barbequed.

Odierno and his CFR masters are proposing a formal and official state of permanent martial law, for no particular reason!

This, friends, is the definition of treason and the most diabolical treachery and calls for the summary execution of everyone involved.  This has made the military – all of the military – our Soviet enemy.  There is now no distinction between the US Army of today and the Red Army of yesteryear, other than the fact that the Red Army doesn’t exist anymore. 

The leadership of the US Army and presumably that of the US Marine Corps, led by my old Carmel High School classmate and fellow football player, Jim Amos, is treasonous and by definition the enemy class, just as much as the membership of the CFR.  Amos has addressed the CFR and didn’t produce his service pistol to lead an assault on those rats by his marines.  So we must assume that the Marine Corps will turn on us right along with the army.  The Army National Guard, ditto.

Obama’s murdering drones are supplied by the US Air Force and no doubt the US Navy will cooperate in any way directed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, probably in its willingness to shanghai us onto prison ships where we can be tortured and murdered and fed to the sharks.  There’s nothing new under the sun.  This happened to Americans during the Revolution and it happened during the so-called Civil War.  It’s been happening to other people ever since Bush the Moron lied us into his war against Islam.

Again, friends, we’re on notice.  I don’t want the reader to wait for something bad to happen and react.  It could be too late by then.  The point of these writings and radio shows is to create a civilian army of freedom fighters, making up the resistance, who will destroy the domestic enemies mentioned and sworn to in every oath of office in this country. 

We will not be fighting domestic enemies to defend the US Constitution.  The Bill of Rights, sure.   The Constitution, the first seven articles, is how we got in this mess.  There’s nothing in the first seven articles that protects us or our way of life.  Those seven articles just lay out how to run an all-powerful central government, which you’ve got to have to protect a privately-owned central bank. 

We were left a Bill of Rights, which was tacked on years later, to defend us from the tyranny of the Constitution.  If you shy away from my describing the Constitution as tyrannical, read this:

The Constitution has protected us from precisely nothing.  It has made possible the tyrannies of George Washington (Whiskey Rebellion), Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt & Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson and all the other lying, bloody warmongers ever since, for the simple reason that there was no president under the Articles of Confederation.  The Supreme Court decides everything five to four, which makes that unelected swing voter the most powerful person in America.  Again, there was no Supreme Court under the Articles of Confederation.  So all the horrible transmogrification of America into the mass-murdering monster of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century and today is because of the Constitution.  Wake up and start thinking!

But don’t think too much.  That’s why we’re not doing anything to save ourselves, because we’re thinking too much.  We need direct action, based on good thinking, of course.  But this isn’t a chess game.  It’s really pretty simple:  Some greedy gangsters – mainly bankers – in New York quietly run the federal government in Washington from behind the scenes.  They’ve got a special private club in New York they call the Council on Foreign Relations.  All US policy is created at that private clubhouse at E. 68th Street and Park Avenue.  Then it’s written about in Foreign Affairs and before you know it – worse things are happening than last year.  This has been going on non-stop since 1921. 

The ONLY way to stop this is to kill every member of that club.  Do you disagree?  If you don’t disagree then join with me in attacking and destroying the clubhouse, and the one in DC and Chicago, and in killing every one of the four thousand plus members.  This simple action would save us and the world from mass death by the CFR’s military and police goons.  This is the only thing that will do so.  Showing up at their watering holes with signs and bullhorns and shouting how mean they are is a joke.  The only thing that will stop them is killing them.  Does anyone really believe that protesting will make them stop what they’re doing?  Did one of them leave Chantilly this week, go home and think, Geez – those protesters really made me change my ideas! ?

Protesting is like voting and is just as meaningless.  No one cares.  The only thing in this violent day and age that makes bad people care is when their cronies get killed.  That does get their attention.  But we don’t care about getting their attention.  We care about killing them so that they can do no more harm to us and the rest of the world.  The CFRs and all the clones and all who serve them are walking, breathing cancers.

Again, the two main duties of the resistance:

Destroy the planners of the dictatorship beginning with the Council on Foreign Relations;


Defend ourselves with deadly force from the military and police who intend to put us under the CFR’s martial law and into prison camps where we would be tortured and murdered and disappeared. 

Such atrocities go on every day, conducted by the CIA and the US Army in bloody dungeons all around the world.  With the CFR’s latest plan revealed in this month’s Foreign Affairs, written by the US Army Chief of Staff, we now know that identical atrocities are planned for us, right here in America.

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