Friday, September 26, 2008



An open letter to Congress, and their puppetmasters

J. Croft

740 billion dollars.

That’s what those crooks in Washington want to pay their employers on Wall Street; 740 billion dollars to cover all the bad bets, the scams perpetrated on the American People. I suppose it’s natural to take a dumbed down, masterfully conditioned to slit their own throat kind of people as modern Americans and fleece them for every last cent-which is what you’ve done.

Meanwhile, Americans of at least even worth in everything but multi-billion dollar portfolios are having their businesses foreclosed on, their homes foreclosed on, their cars repo’d, their lines of credit shut down, their bank accounts seized. You crooks skate off with all the world’s wealth while we sleep in cars and under bridges waiting for the 1st Brigade Combat Team to clear us out? The biggest banks and the fraudulent federal reserve and the federal government can save their own asses, but we have to be finished off?

Hell no!

Why should you pin striped motherfuckers get a bailout of all that bad paper when you’re going to make us fulfill Thomas Jefferson’s prediction about you child raping greedy bastards dispossessing us in our own land. We’ll hang you from the lampposts after we’ve worked you to death as prison labor rebuilding all the cities you’ve starved of investment-BY HAND. Ever use those soft, pink hands for anything beyond feeling up your dad’s inbred ass? I bet not.

I can be… practical. I can see the wisdom in sparing my country, my world anymore grief than you’ve already inflicted on it consolidating your ill gotten power. So get your depraved little minds off how sexy your kids are and pay attention to my proposal:

1.)You want to bail yourself out? You bail the American People out with that same sweet deal you’re cutting for yourselves-except we require payment in Constitutionally correct silver and gold specie… yes, real money not that toilet paper you can print up all you want with that federal reserve bank you own. Which brings me to-

2.)Federal reserve system’s got to go. Abolish it, restore a legal gold and silver backed dollar and never ever even try to set up another central bank on American soil. Ever. We are NOT going to tolerate inflation and usury eating our substance again.

3.)I would say repeal the 16th amendment but you know and I know that it wasn’t really passed, but it’s treated as Constitutional law. The income tax is history as well as the IRS and anyone working for them will be subject to review by Grand Jury for purposes of indictment and prosecution for violations of civil and Constitutional Rights.

3a.)For that matter, ALL government officials will be subject to Grand Jury investigation. ATF(especially them)FBI, CIA, NSA, DSA, EPA, Homeland Security and all other existing agencies will be subject.

4.)The US government has millions of acres, trillions of dollars of hard assets from surplus items to housing to God knows what. There are Americans driving around in rust buckets, homeless, had everything they had stolen by their public servants-what have you. Give it back to the People as well, letting them pick what they want.

5.)An apology to the Native Americans for stealing their lands, injecting poisons labeled vaccines and then we’ll have to figure out where to go from there.

6.)Opening of all books of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports and giving all investments and assets back to the American People-anything not covered by public assets.

7.)Full disclosure of all black projects, technological developments and machines developed in secret and making them freely available to the American People.

8.)Employment of the US military to fix all the enviromental and social destruction you’ve caused.

9.)Full disclosure and prosecution under Grand Jury of all participants in vote fraud.

10.)Full disclosure and prosecution under Grand Jury of all participants in government shielded drug and gun running.

11.)Immediate repeal of all gun control laws, rules, regulations nationwide. Immediate release of all persons incarcerated under gun control laws.

12.)Immediate and unconditional provision of aid for those suffering under your staged economic collapse, abolishment of the export/import bank, all “free trade” agreements, and compensation to all American companies and workers for rigging economic and political conditions to cause them the loss of their livelihoods in the first place.

13.)Crash program to rehabilitate the generations of Americans that were subjected to mind conditioning and denial of a proper education through government schools, the abolishment of the Department of Education and the immediate disbanding of the NEA.

14.)Immediate vote and ratification of the following Constitutional Amendments:

*Abolishment of the interstate commerce clause.

*Abolishment of eminent domain.

*Aligning all Congressional elections so they all occur in the same election year.

*Reduce the size of the Supreme Court to seven and 4 year term limits.

*Strengthening the 2nd Amendment with the following: “The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms shall not be infringed, nor regulated, nor shall training necessary for the maintenance of the Unorganized Militia shall be infringed, nor the knowledge, nor any future developments in arms be denied. No government official can claim sovereign immunity when violating said rights nor shall persons defending themselves from said violators of their rights be prosecuted.”

15.)Review and repeal of all laws that violate the Bill of Rights.

16.)Prosecution for war crimes of all guilty parties.

17.)Disbanding of Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, a permanent ban on all think tanks in government service.

18.)Immediate end to attacks on the free internet.

19.)Divestment of media conglomerates of all communications assets.

These points are a good start and more than easily within your power to implement given you own and/or control of the vast majority of assets on Earth. Just do it: give up your mad dreams, your lusts to crush us, fulfill the points and go back to your mansions and retreats and we’ll let you screw your family members into inbred imbecility.

It’s that or you will lose the hardest way.

Thursday, September 25, 2008



A plea for help in changing the course of American History before its too late-it almost is!

J. Croft

We’re in a lot of trouble. I don’t need to tell you what you know first hand. For two generations now, America has been in economic and social decline. You been serving long enough, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The factories and jobs have been systematically shipped overseas, creating pockets of poverty-and as you know, the poor are the most likely to resort to robbery, theft, drug dealing and using, prostitution and murder. Not too many middle class suburbs with a high crime rate… yet. America has fallen to the curse of lowered expectations; the attitude of “oh well, the good jobs are gone let’s take on a loan we can’t afford or get some lotto tickets” pervades a once prosperous, productive People as they willfully enter into the bonds of debt slavery. Someone came up with the “bright” ideal of welfare for anyone with a beating heart and generations of government dependants were raised-born expecting less for themselves and for their nation.

Decadence-the willful sloth and decay of moral standards of a once upright, proud American People… or enough of a rotted segment to bring the whole nation down. It seems Americans are allowing the rot, or don’t recognize the fall of a once great nation for what it is. Or they watch in dismay, helpless as to what they could possibly do to stem the tide of collapse.

Drugs; they’ve been pouring into the country for decades. The more money and resources devoted to capping the supply the more it springs back up. Too much money for people not to risk everything to smuggle it in, and distributed to people with typically too little money not to sell them on the street. Not to mention too much demand from people looking for any kind of out, even if it’s at the end of a hot crack pipe.

Addiction begets more crime as those desperate enough for a blast of crack or meth or the psychic comfort blanket of heroin will do whatever it takes to get and stay high. Many a pawn shop and drug house stays fat with cash from all the crimes the addicts commit to maintain their habits.

And while in certain jurisdictions you have your hands full dealing with the addicts and the street dealers that like weeds never disappear, corruption has taken over business and government like a insidious virus. Businessmen and government officials work together to weigh the rules of the “game” in their favor and fleece the American People of every last dollar, every last possession they can wring out of them… when they’re not trying to screw each other. Worse, they wield enough power and influence to warp the all-too-many laws you’re enforcing in their favor. The only word for it is predatory-and that mindset has crept into every position of power; people reveling in their financial power, their political power. Taking their power and shoving it in the faces of everyone below them. You too, if you object.

What’s worse is the seemingly magical spell of apathy about it all that hangs over the land like a toxic pall; a resignation, a denial of the nation’s problems and their causes to the point of either feigned or actual mental retardation. This stems from not only the poor quality of the public schools, but also the commercial mass media that pumps out the same propaganda whether you’re watching ABC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, or FOX. No not the left-right drivel over hot button social issues designed to be cause for division and distraction but all the problems stated above.

And a lot more… oh so much more than could be practicably listed in an essay.

So that’s where we’re at Officer. How do we solve our problems together-and it is ONLY by being TOGETHER could we begin to solve our problems… how?

Well, to solve a problem you have to know what originally caused the problem. What are all the sources of America’s problems? Let us review the regrettably incomplete list above:

Factories gone, jobs gone-creating economically depressed areas where poverty, deliberately bred lack of morality, drugs and the expectations of the “American Dream” collide to create crime ridden ghettos? First off, it has been official government policy to export American industry and jobs overseas; the Export/Inport Bank is the US government agency tasked with guiding American corporations overseas to the cheapest, least regulated “job markets.” Second, multi-national corporations sponsor and probably even draft treaties like NAFTA and GATT that drop any protective barriers, further draining the corpse that was the American economy.

This latest round of theft-I mean, the economic crash happening as I type this-is all a giant scam to take liabilities like debt and other toxic financial insturments off the books of the rich and have the U.S. government buy it up. Judging from past performance of government agencies, particularly the IRS, the government isn’t just going to write it off… they’ll make ALL OF US pay… for the scams of the ‘elite’. Economic treason-all for a few more bucks.

Selling debt as “credit” wasn’t hard once the jobs started disappearing, the dollars started to buy less and less(as more were printed or created by “credit” by the private Federal Reserve). People needed money. They weren’t getting enough from their jobs as effective wages factoring inflation have declined since 1970. The banks-run by the same upper class crooks as any other corporation-stepped in and offered easier and easier credit. The nation’s debts, the people’s debts, increased at an exponential rate as “keeping up with the Jones” came at a price of the rest of your life.

With the loss of time due to working more and more to make the bills our “public servants” increased taxes, came up with more taxes, fees, fines-all to increase their own revenue. Any and every excuse to nip a few more dollars from us was used… do you know what makes this theft all the more criminal? The government DOESN’T NEED OUR MONEY!

See, governments took money raised from taxes and invested it… they invested it-bought everything from municipal bonds to stocks, to real estate… they invested in whatever they could make a buck off. Government from your hometown to the federal government has invested so much their holdings, including stocks, bonds and real estate comprise the MAJORITY of the American economy. Don’t believe me? Look at your town’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and learn the Truth.

So why all the taxes? Because a poor people are a dependent people. People with their own investments don’t need a corporate wage slave job-get maybe two or three percent of the value back of every dollar you earn your boss… have at least half of that meager crumb stolen by the government. People running their own store or gas station or some other kind of shop don’t have to apply for welfare, which serves as an excuse to not only tax those that do work, but also gives license to the government to run the recipients lives, violating their Rights(remember those?)

Same with most fines; as police officers you issue out fines for speeding or burn out license plate lights or “weaving”-traffic tickets that are mostly b.s. …The person you detained and pulled over wasn’t necessarily driving in an unsafe manner or had a truly dangerous vehicle to drive… there was an opportunity under the traffic laws to bust him and you did it. Now under coercion for basically nothing that driver has to go to court and pay fines… he’s been hit with a tax of opportunity collected by you, an armed individual. Highway robbery! Don’t state it’s for “safety “; that excuse is as abused by government at all levels as “implied”, “reasonable”, “legal”, or “it’s for the children”.

See, the beast this nation’s government has become has incorporated you in its evils. You: disciplined, willing to serve, sacrifice by becoming a police officer, and all around you are slothful, weak, brain dead, heartless fools. Yes, most Americans have been reduced to such so it’s understandable you having that opinion…. ever consider such opinions might be exploited by unscrupulous men who present themselves like you to further detach yourselves from the People?

Everything in America is manipulated; television programming is manipulation on a scale and technique unparalleled. The very technology is based on a visual signal sent at 60 cycles a second-the best rate to induce a hypnotic state. Just start watching the TV and see if you don’t waste a hour or two flipping through channels for something to watch instead of doing something productive? And what’s on the TV? Liberal ideology, lies, and a lot of materialism, cruelty, and egotism; all skewered to dumb everyone’s thought processes down even more than what’s inflicted on us in public schools.

“Public” schools: 12 years of substandard learning, conditioning, and the killing of curiosity and intellect. American schools are patterned after the old Prussian model designed to turn out soldiers for Frederick the Great for the neverending wars he was involved in. Today’s publik skoolz are designed to turn out dumbed down, ignorant, apathetic worker drones. A certain small percentage actually thrive in that enviroment and so are groomed for college-where they’re further conditioned with more knowledge… the kind once taught to everyone a century ago… but more importantly they’re fed the bullshit that they’re the “intelligentsia”, and it’s done by high ranking professors. Couched in nice sounding terms what these people learn is communism-state theft of our Rights, our Property, and our Lives.

They become university professors, bureaucrats, lawyers, politicians, business leaders-our rulers.

Our rulers as described above have a interest in continuing the self-serving system that’s been designed and imposed as a yoke on America. Imposed by very powerful, very smart and very secretive men but going into who they are is beyond the scope of this article. It’s more than enough to try to awaken you to

I wish this was a complete list but that’s not all they do, not by a long shot!

So who specifically is responsible?


Neo-Marxist arrogant nerds who impose a totalitarian collectivist ideology known as “political correctness” to a population already softened by years of bad schools and overtly liberal mass culture. It’s bad enough that, as a group, they show utter contempt for the best about America while daily drubbing young minds in the tragedies and wrongs-these bastards are brainwashing college students to enact the same communist philosophy they preach. Yes, communist: every one of the ten planks of communism have been enacted in this country. Planks you’re charged with enforcing.


Give a useful idiot a degree and they think they’re God. Give that idiot with a degree a position of authority and God help us! This has become a title of authority and Americans are programmed to always obey the “experts”.

It has been “experts” that have redirected the American economy toward divestment of it’s World War Two economic heritage, creating the underlying poverty that crime flourishes in. It has been “experts” that bullshitted generations of Americans into suicidal consumerism, suicidal means of income, suicidal eating of bad food, suicidal political beliefs-yes, suicide is NOT too strong a word to describe what we’ve been conned into doing to ourselves, to have permitted done to us.


Whores in three piece suits who think only of their own power and wealth. They’ve harnessed the political system for their own gain. They’ve spent this nation into the same abyss of debt and deindustrialization that doomed postwar Britain to becoming a dependency of the US-who are they going to make us a dependency of?


Petty, needling creatures who get their twisted sense of self worth off honest working Americans. Not you nor others you know?

You sure about that? Are you even being truthful to yourself?

Every day bureaucrats can impose fines, issue summons to court. Every day bureaucrats put people in jail, steal their time, their money, their property. Their edicts are the laws you’re tasked to enforce-without any sense of justice nor weighing the merits of the law yourself.

Don’t try and tell me that’s not true; cops every day judge who is going to get a “field interview”, and issued a fine or arrested. Bureaucrats do the same damn thing only they’re too cowardly to strap on a vest and pistol, they rule behind guarded offices and use you to inflict their petty games on the People.


Scum who’ve used the government to impose a legalistic Taliban on America. Millions of pages of millions of laws, backed up by millions more pages of millions more regulations to help enforce all those millions of laws in the first place.

Hell, lawyers have been screwing America up since the country’s founding! You can consider this next statement the proverbial bridge too far but the very Constitution you swore an oath to uphold and defend(at your discretion, of course)was rigged in the first place. Provide a illusion, a hologram of liberty but in reality provide the foundational framework for the tyrannical uberstate you serve and we all suffer under.

…There are of course another source of trouble. They enforce what the above pack of traitors decree. Those are your fellow cops.

Many of you instinctually react to the toxic mass media culture, the lack of a foundation of morality. Yes, you should-but the obvious glaring fault there is that you’re operating at about the same level of ignorance as most Americans. And it’s that basic ignorance about what Americans are supposed to be that our common enemies exploit; to them you’re cannon fodder, pawns, useful idiots to wield the batons, the tasers, the German built machine guns.

You are even more conditioned than ordinary Americans. You have to be because, you wield the state’s weapons. So you, full of respect for the law, country go into the police academies…

…Police academies do their best to instill into you that you are a ‘breed apart’; that you ‘can’t count on Citizens’ for assistance, that you could expect a threat from anyone, even children and the elderly. They teach you to look for any legal pretext to ‘make a bust’, even if the law’s ridiculous, or it would be wrong to enforce that law(s).

Then you start serving, patrolling the streets and people hate you, fear you. You retreat further into the police culture, absorbing and adopting the us versus them mentality, the covetous attitude over your powers, the exclusive license you have in keeping and bearing arms. The daily swim in the open sewer two generations of economic warfare and cultural sabotage instituted by our common enemies the 'elite' have created.

Yet your also under pressure from your own department-the way the rules are rigged so that you file out MORE paperwork for letting people off than manufacturing pretext to arrest them. You're under pressure to pick on homeless, attack anyone wearing certain outfits and lifestyles no matter their innocence, come down the hardest on those trying to peacefully reform and simply defend themselves from this toxic society.

Don’t you ever feel like a tool? Don’t you feel used enforcing rules and laws made by elitist lawyers, judged over by elitist lawyers and judges? Don’t you feel the misery you and your fellow cops impose on the People-when you pull them over, stress them out over a cracked windshield, a burnt out license plate light, imposing fines that bust too tight budgets, taking days off for court?

Don’t you feel any guilt when your partner decides to plant evidence to get the bust? Or delete video that could prove innocence? Or decide to arrest Americans just defending themselves? Don’t you feel as much a criminal as any gangbanger when you watch as those ‘cops’ who have no moral boundaries tune someone up for no reason? ‘Pinch’ them in exchange for letting them go? Look forward to serving in riot squads busting women up, pepper spraying small children for peacefully protesting the criminals in government service that pit you against us?

You ever do those things yourself?

Would you do those things to your Spouse, your Parents, your Children, your Friends?

Your silence, your inaction is as good as doing the above crimes against your fellow countrymen yourself.

So what can you do? A lot!

First, network with your fellow officers. Time’s run out on this nation for people to just go about their lives and things need to be done. Find out how many of like-minded cops there are in your department, that will determine what you do from here.

If you have a majority of Patriots you should try taking over the entire department. Run off the thugs and criminals that make the People hate you. Run off the corrupt chief with a revelation of some kind of dirt.

Certainly, begin to go among your neighbors and friends, start getting them ready. Ready not only for the coming horrors but to politically organize them to take back their governments. Ready them by providing the leadership, the discipline and the training to reconstitute the Militia. Yes, the Militia is ALL the People.
If Militia is too harsh a political term for you, call it “neighborhood watch” or whatever. Just so long as you provide those you awaken and activate training and heads up on police state activities.

Anyway, you know gun safety, the basics of shooting, tactics, how to organize and fight. Many of you have military experience. Train and practice in secret and toughen them up. Teach them what and how cops cue in on and how to avoid trouble or at least ameliorate the danger.

You know martial law is coming. You know you’re going to be tasked with going door to door stealing the People’s guns, rounding up dissidents-I have first hand knowledge. Whatever contingency plans you got, keep them secret-TELL NOBODY. Someone will brag, someone will be a snitch.

The military’s being brought back from Iraq and Afghanistan to enforce the final destruction of America. In it’s place will arise a tyranny that once established will not be overthrown for a very long time. Man has struggled for thousands of years to fight for the Freedom we won in the American Revolution. The enemy is crafty, intelligent, ruthless-as you know-and now we face the need for a Second American Revolution to regain our Freedom, to throw off their rule once and for all. Join your fellow Americans…

…Or are you just another Tin Badge God? Rather keep your power and privilege than work to rebuild a Free Nation for our children? If you think for one second that the beast won't fuck you over when they're done using you to oppress us you're an even bigger fool than I thought-because they will and we won't let you win.




My call for a tax revolt

J. Croft

It’s time for a tax revolt. Way past time. We the People of America have let criminals in three piece suits steal our economy, our money, our Rights-and criminals in battle dress uniform wielding machine guns have enforced their theft.

What have they done?

What haven’t they done! The banksters and the lawyers long ago hijacked our money and our laws-making them into weapons of war to be used against us. The federal reserve system-a private banking cartel whose shareholders are in Europe-run a racket whereby they LOAN the government the currency it issues AT INTEREST… they profit from printing the cash in our pockets! The lawyers… they write the millions of laws securing their, in reality, lawless rule over us and protect the federal reserve banksters from the justice they so surely deserve.

Banksters and lawyers manipulated the economic policies to enable corporations to export the American domestic economy, creating ghettos, trailer parks and crime in the wake. Banksters and lawyers discouraged American industry and innovation at every turn, making us subsist on wage jobs whose rates never climbed, whose dollars always purchase less, and less, and less. All the time they and their stocks and investments increased in value, their power ever increasing as we were forced to go to those motherfuckers for loans to have the homes and cars and college educations our parents and grandparents could pay for out of pocket themselves. Now the same banksters and lawyers are finishing America off; having strip mined the economy and exported it to every other nation on Earth they’re foreclosing on the rest with this Wall Street ‘bailout’.

Need it you say? Let me tell you something; the stock market’s a ponzi scam, a hustle of the highest order. You were told by your god the TV set to invest on stocks when they’re at their peak. “Momentum” the stock touters like to say. The same crooks then crash the stock, you lose your shirt and you sell at the bottom, and they scoop it up. Wait a few months or a few years then pump up the stock and then get their stooges on CNBC to make their sales pitch to you. Again. But wait, that game got boring for the banksters and lawyers so they came up with derivatives-“insurance” on the stocks, and bonds, and mortage notes and all the other debts and what not.

So you not only throw money at them when you work and pay excessive taxes to feed the beast, you throw much of what’s left into Wall Street stocks into, yes, their hands. No matter what you do, they get your money, but like all games this one’s at an end because we have no more savings, no more businesses, no more money under the mattress. We have no more credit because we’ve maxed out on every possible insturment to keep this Potemkin Economy going. It can’t go any further, we can’t be milked for another cent, which is why the banks are failing.

Which is why the banksters and lawyers are finishing us off with this “bailout”-all it does is cover the losses they incurred by draining too much blood out of us. They are robbing us so they wind up paying NOTHING out of pocket! And they’ll do their damndest to make certain we’ll pay; the 3rd Infantry Division’s 1st Brigade Combat Team is already deployed for action in Georgia (our Georgia) against the American People when we revolt-and we should! Tanks, Apache Attack Helicoptors, artillery, 5,000 soldiers who've spent nearly 3 years in Iraq busting doors, shooting anyone and everyone... a brutal, brutalized bunch and they're as brainwashed as most cops about their own supposed superiority. More military units battle hardened and conditioned to be as brutal as possible against anyone they’re thrown against will be joining them.

Why do you think they’ve been building up the SWAT units in every community in America? Why do you think the Department of Homeland Security has grown into our nation’s Gestapo? Why do you think they’ve struggled so hard to take our guns away, to take away the skills necessary to use them? Why do you think they’ve been trying to murder the veterans with everything from bad hospitals to Agent Orange to Depleted Uranium? Why do you think they’ve spent so much time and effort to make us soft and dependent and stupid? They want to win this upcoming Civil War, Revolution-whatever you want to call it. Those that don’t resist will be literal slaves, working a lifetime for a bowl of porridge and enough power to keep the TV going in their shanty.

So why do we suffer them their lives-let alone keep paying the taxes, fines, fees and whatever else they levy on us?

Enough! No more!

No more filling out their tax forms. No more sending in checks, or signing away on W2’s permission to take taxes out of our paychecks even before we see them.

Time to stop paying taxes. Time to stop feeding the beast our money, our livelihood, our fear. We are 300,000,000 people-and if even HALF, even a QUARTER of the American People overcame their fear and said NO MORE taxes, no more quavering obedience to the bureaucrats, the lawyers, the banksters, the tin badge gods we could be Free.

George Bush was on the TV trying to fearmonger us into going along with his bankster massahs great swindle. He stated that if this bill didn’t pass that large sections of the economy would grind to a halt-LARGE SECTIONS OF THE ECONOMY HAVE ALREADY GROUND TO A HALT, THEY WERE BOXED UP AND EXPORTED TO FUCKING CHINA!!! THEY GET TO MAKE OFF WITH THE LAST OF AMERICA’S WEALTH AND WE GET TO STARVE!!!

Screaming won’t solve the problem, although screaming your outrage at the gang rape of America to all the ignorants still obsessed over the weekend ball game or the latest hollywood hijinks. Not too effective unless they finally get a clue that their way of life is over.

Yes this Potemkin America, this Potemkin economy, a movie set of prosperity has been rigged for demolition. We have almost no domestic industry, almost no family farms left. Our paid for public interstates are being sold to foreign companies, our infrastructure left to crumble and rust. Even our homes are but plywood and sheetrock-no substance. The fuze has been lit and the charge of either credit seize up or hyperinflation will destroy the movie set.

So your first order is, always, survival. Get food, extra fuel, essential items, start networking with neighbors to share items, look out for each other. Have a good rifle, good pistol, airsoft replicas of your weapons and PRACTICE at least an hour a day. Go to hit the message boards and start downloading info while there's an internet! Get active by joining a Ron Paul group or, get educated and hit and learn the Truth.

More important is to resist the beast. Now is the time to stand, united, and say no more tax money for you, no more obeying, no more quavering in fear. The Second American Revolution begins NOW with you joining your fellow Americans in civil disobedience by not filing and paying taxes. Neither federal, nor local, nor state.

Demand accountability for your community's finances-get educated by going to and then demand of the crooks that run your town, state, and federal government just how much investments, how much money they really got and why have they been hustling us for taxes for generations? If they don't, organize a emergency recall campaign and get rid of the crooks and prosecute them for fraud.

Demand that the federal reserve system be immediately dismantled for the illegal operation it is as the 16th Amendment was passed on Christmas Eve by 3 senators as the Senate is allowed to pass legislation with that few members in session. More than one state listed the amendment as passed when it wasn't.

Mind you this will not be a easy road. People will suffer, probably die for peaceable activities but that’s the fate the banksters and lawyers and their toady bureaucrats and tin badge gods have in store for you anyway, so why fret? You’re going out, go out on your terms.

Enough of us do this, we could win this. We might even pull off a peaceful revolution-in the meantime prepare for martial law, battle hardened troops in the streets, bureaucrats unleashed like never before. Each of us will have to decide their level of commitment, what skills they have to contribute to the Cause. Know yourself, your talents, know when to act and when to walk away. Resistance however is mandatory and the best peaceful means, the first order is a national tax strike.


Friday, September 05, 2008



J. Croft

Or so according to the Time Monks at a website tracking events using a technology called web bots, that in part inspired this report. Web bots? Web bots are a complex computer system that tracks language used on the internet; the underlying theory being that the human subconscious can shape reality, and that reality is expressed in many ways, one of them being word usage. The web bots predicted an event on 9/11… which was collaborated by a university experiment measuring random numbers-which aligned up on the same date.

Didn’t you feel on September 11, 2001 something special about that day-not just the attack perpetrated on us all but the very energy of the day?

Intuition, the subconscious mind, taps into something we don’t understand, something very powerful. A few understand it, and mostly keep the knowledge to themselves. The rest of us get to bumble and stumble along, blind. Such feelings could be called occultic; the beast and its minions are obsessed with the occult. There are hidden occultic symbols everywhere; the entire city of Washington DC

... churches, skyscrapers, the one dollar bill.

The way the numbers 19 and 39 and 666 and other numerological significant numbers are used. (See Codex Magica by Texe Marrs)Politicians, celebrities all use occultic hand gestures at significant moments…

The entire history of NASA is one of missions timed with stellar and numerological alignments, somehow suggestive of a suppressed field of science known as Hyperdimensional Physics(

My point: there IS something to it, in large part by belief and assent of those they entwine their spells over but also by scientific principles far beyond Newton and Einstein. Besides, way too much is happening in the news on every front-the enviroment, culture, the 2008 presidential election, Russia, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran. The web bots for example, if you’ve been paying attention to or have a subscription, have been right enough times to pay attention to.

Could October 7th be the Perfect Storm of economic and geopolitical events that swamp America and the world? If you’ve been paying attention to alternative media sites such as,,, and others you know there’s going to be a confluence of events in the next month. It could happen earlier; it doesn’t even have to be on October 7th-although the web bots at have been warning about this for a long time.


What can we gleam from hard news about our current predicament?

The dance of death between the US government and Russia over Georgia could easily get out of hand-fast! Sacrificial US Navy ships are in the Black Sea-Russia’s Persian Gulf-and have no hope of defending themselves against mach 3+ Yakhount supersonic anti-ship missiles. That tie chewing babbling idiot of a coward Georgian president and covert Mossad agent Saakhasvili could be duped again into launching a sneak attack. A similar conflict could start in the Ukraine or Poland over NATO expansion and encirclement of Russia as per CFR/Brezezinski policy.

A shooting war could rapidly escalate; sleeper agents could be activated to carry out their final missions against American infrastructure, causing disruptions in food, fuel, electricity. Such will lead to riots and martial law.

The fa├žade that the foreign-born, marxist Barrack Obama is eligible to run for President is going to be shattered by the Berg suit. With the surprise nomination of the new American Darling Sarah Palin as Vice President… putting aside how genuine she really could be-or not. Putting aside how she “somehow” got enough money to overcome lifetime Alaskan politicos to become Governor-like she’s been raised up for this like Obama has… the apparent plan of using McCain as a straw man candidate is ruined. Palin’s nomination is just the catalyst for knocking Obama out of the race… Hillary Clinton having held onto her delegates by a technicality she’ll be raised up as the democratic candidate. This will spell utter chaos, and will definitely lead to mass protest, maybe even racial conflict as hoped for by ‘elites’, and lead to yes, martial law.

The collapse of the global economy and globalism continues to accelerate into an apparent Kondratieff Winter scenario. Deflation finally catching up to the central bankers with bank failures due to defaults and bankruptcies… because they wouldn’t take care of and maintain all the ‘little people’ whose productivity is the well spring of their wealth. With the coming shutdown of the banks, the debts will be no good-they and the IOU’s bound to them will be WORTHLESS. With the collapse of the derivatives market like Mickey Mouse’s broomstick army in Fantasia drowning everyone, deflation in most paper assets and most stocks and corporations will hit like Russia’s nuclear arsenal… now… tangible assets-the means for survival and wealth preservation-those will go up in value.

Also, anything imported will suffer price inflation-a seeming contradiction yes but it costs money to ship goods across oceans and if there’s no guarantee of payment for those goods they won’t be shipped. What happens to US/China relations then if we can’t pay for their slave labor good anymore-what use are the 1 trillion plus in US Treasury Notes China holds? What worth is going along with a global economy destroyed by the way too rich inbred psychopathic bluebloods that set it up-what worth is peace to a government as ruthless as the Chinese Communist Party?

Worse, the dollar will suffer hits not just from the final loss of confidence worldwide as it’s intrinsic value of zero is finally manifested, but also because to stem off the economic cannibalism a deflationary enviroment brings. In response to pay the bills, the federal reserve will turn the volume of their FRN creation up to 11… or 20. This means that as the value of your home and stocks plummets the cost of basic items like food, fuel, ammunition, or anything else of tangible value in a survival situation will skyrocket. The resulting riots and chaos will be the excuse the US government needs to have a martial law situation that enough Americans will stupidly go along with for them to attempt to secure power.

Yes, this is but a giant scam perpetrated by the ‘elites’ the super rich and their sock puppet the US government to consolidate power and crush any competition for the future of this world-us. They manipulate the levers of power, maneuvering everyone into their crosshairs, and economic collapse, martial law and world war 3 are what they’re going to use to blast us to hell and gone. They don’t have everything in hand however-the sun is sunspot free.

The sun has no sunspots. First time in 200 years this has happened and what happened 200 years ago? The Little Ice Age; in one year there literally was NO SUMMER-SNOW WAS ON THE GROUND IN JUNE!

Recent discoveries from ice cores suggest that rapid climate shifts can happen in as little as a year… maybe even less if the Art Bell/Whitley Streiber book The Coming Global Superstorm and the movie inspired by it The Day After Tomorrow are in anyway accurate…. barring a The Day After.

A British document the 2006 Development Concepts and Doctrine Center (you’ll have to Google for it) report can confirm a lot of what I’m writing about as would a day studying the recent posts at the web sites I’ve mentioned. A couple of quote:

Globalization will result in critical interdependencies that will link members of a globalizes society that includes a small super-rich and a substantial underclass of slum and substinence dwellers, who will make up 20% of the world population in 2020. A severe price shock, possibly caused by an energy spike or a series of harvest failures, could trigger a domino effect involving the collapse of key international markets across a range of sectors. The impacts of this collapse could be transmitted throughout the global economy, possibly resulting in a breakdown of the international political system, as states attempt to respond to domestic crises and the local effects of wider economic collapse. Sophisticated societies that depend on complex, transnational networks for the supply of basic human needs, such as food that cannot be provided indigenously, are likely to face severe infrastructure failure, collapse of public services, and societal conflict.”(p. 79/pdf 94)

“The middle classes could become a revolutionary class, taking the role envisioned for the proletariat by Marx. The globalization of labour markets and reducing levels of national welfare provision and employment could reduce peoples’ attachments to particular states. The growing gap between themselves and a small number of highly visible super-rich individuals might fuel disillusion with meritocracy, while the growing urban underclasses are likely to pose an increasing threat to social order and stability, as the burden of acquired debt and the failure of pension provision begins to bite. Faced by these twin challenges, the world’s middle classes might unite, using access to knowledge, resources, and skills to shape transnational processes in their own class interest.”(p 81/pdf 96)

They’re expecting trouble! They’re expecting mass resistance to genocide and enslavement! They’ll have prearranged paths to destruction for those ignorant yet struggle, but mostly they hope you’ll keep watching the soaps and sports until they shut off the power and the trucks roll down your street to haul you away…

You’re not supposed to know about this stuff; you’re supposed to be caught by surprise and die so the inbred psychopathic bluebloods can inherit the earth. Well, I’m here to put a monkeywrench in that plan. I do it with the greatest pleasure. Since the preceding excerpts provide such a view of these bastards line of thinking , lets analyze and see how we can still prepare in the coming month. There’s a lot to be done and no more time to waste!


That’s clean water, food stores, a roof over your head. You not only have to have such things, you need the means to acquire them.

Know how to dig a well, to make a rain cistern.

Have storage containers for potable water. Have water filters to strain out contaminants and microorganisms.

Have food: buy in bulk.

Buy rice and wheat by the bag, your canned goods by the case. Have lots of toilet paper. An outhouse in case the plumbing stops working.

Have an alternative means to the gas stove for cooking your food-a dutch oven or a charcoal or wood fired stove or grill works. Put in a garden-have a window cill garden, or hydroponics since it’s September. Hopefully you’ll have enough food stores to make it to Spring where you should have seed ready for planting… if there’s going to be a Spring. If not, then you’ll have to construct a south-facing hothouse.

How is your housing situation? Perhaps a debt free home or a country farm is out of the question; see about consolidating debt right now. You need a home base in order to survive, or your challenges will become a hundred times more severe out on the streets with nothing, in a brutal winter, in a depression. Several million Americans died of famine during the last one and this nation was 80% rural-what will it be like now?!

Have knowledge, basic skills, trades that are depression proof. There’s many files on the internet right now, so get away from checking out Lindsay Lohan’s latest boob slip and go to these sites:

Download NOW! Anything on survival, anything on shooting, tactics, equipment. Download anything and everything on gardening, woodcraft and carpentry, masonry, machine shop operation, welding, repair work. If you can, take some classes at your community college or equivalent on welding, repair work, computers. Have more than one means of making a living-for example, you know how to weld, have hunted since childhood, are an expert marksman, have had combat experience, and are fairly creative. You could offer repair work, learn how to run a machine shop so you can offer a complete machinery repair service. You can harvest and sell game. You can offer shooting lessons with airguns and lots of bb’s and self-defense courses for the millions of Americans with guns but with little ammo and training. Your back yard can become a survival garden… there are more options but the time is NOW to give yourself those options with some carefully chosen items(tools, home machine shop, generator) and know how (get a Lindsay’s Technical Books catalog, a Paladin Press catalog, and start buying books or hunt at or the torrent files for online copies. Start downloading, start printing, start reading and learning.


Now is the time to start talking to your neighbors about current events; if they act like their priority is still the weekend ball game or how fine Lindsay Lohan’s breasts are then they’ll be either a mooch of what you got or a potential threat. If they agree, and sound like they too are worried then perhaps they might be a partner in some small way-maybe they have a van for hauling items or scrap, or they have tools that can complement what you got.

More importantly is to gauge how they feel about what little they have and their willingness to defend it from… whomever. Express your desire to defend what’s yours as well, and agree to mutually defend each other and your neighborhood. You get more than one person in agreement, back it up with guns, rifle training, and some airsoft CQB training and guess what? You’re one of those Militias the US gooberment spends so much time and effort demonizing…

would you rather be dependent on cops who in better times(like now)relish the opportunity to inflict grievous bodily harm and death, and think nothing of economically ruining you with their petty rules and outlandish fines?

Know and ally with the old-they have knowledge.

Know and ally with the young-they’re not only the future, they likely know the streets and what’s going on in the neighborhood.

Know and (hopefully if they haven’t gone completely mad with power) ally with the neighborhood cop or other government official-they can provide knowledge, training and give heads up on any further government theft of what little we’ll have left-be it property, rights or our very lives.

Know and try to ally with everyone, because anyone could be of use EVEN IF YOU DISAGREE WITH THEM. Know that we all have a common enemy in the beast that built us up just to tear us down. Be of use to others yourself. Then again American society seems to breed more useless people, more scumbags than ever-the product of deliberate design and decadence. Beware and don’t let them get away with scamming you. Make an example out of them!


This means not using your checks, ATM and having your bank shuttered and locked. Or they do open and they got cops just looking to arrest you in your justifiable distress at not being able to pay your bills. So do yourself a HUGE favor: this month, today even, withdraw your next check and hold onto cash. I wish I could tell you with certainly how the collapse will swing, but having dollars in hand in the face of deflationary collapse is a smart move. Cash could allow you to get your needed supplies in advance, or buy any silver left for sale. You might need gas for that dash to your country home before the collapse sets in…

It could be deflation overwhelms the central bankers but then again they could recover and hyperinflate-making your dollars worthless. So have some spending cash but a good part in tangible trade items, and a part in silver. This way you’re covered. Basically, assume your bank’s gonna close in a month and withdraw all the money you can. Don’t forget to buy food, fuel and ammo!


Want straight teeth? That surgery to straighten something out? Spare eyeglasses and contacts or LASIK if you’re so inclined? Get it now while there’s a economy to support the doctors and dentists, before they figure out it’s better to run to the hills before you figure out it’s a good ideal.


If they have any brains they too will note what’s going on. Talk with them about how they’d function with half the business they get now… or ten percent. Ask under what conditions could they keep you employed and whether a kind of work shared proposal would be feasable. And does your work cater to needs or luxuries-that’s an important question to ask yourself.

If your job’s not gonna last a downturn, get more than one means of making a living. Get some trades going, start selling items of use or make them. Start growing that garden.


Get a solar array or some kind of generator. Figure out how to reduce your electrical demand as much as possible. You can make a generator out of a car alternator and a lawnmower engine that could power a power tool, a computer or a television. Stock up on fuel. Google home built generators and such. Cruise and Google for downloadable books-use survival catalogs as a guide.


Stock a duffel bag or backpack with as much emergency supplies as you can muster. Have a larger kit in your vehicle along with a couple of jerry cans of fuel. I’d even go so far as constructing a mini-pack for a purse or buttpack. A list:

Toilet Paper
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Map of your area
Pocket Survival or Wilderness Guide
Folding Shovel
Spare prescription glasses and contact lenses
Pack Pistol w/holster, spare magazines and ammo.
Pocket Cooking Stove
Sewing Kit
Space Blanket
Magnesium Fire Starter
Plastic Sheeting
MRE or other pack food
Purification tablets
Portable Water Filter/straw
Limb Saw
Fishing Hooks, line
.22 rifle, either shortened or a takedown design like the Marlin Papoose
Bandages, First Aid Kit
Extra clothes-long sleeve shirt, denim jeans, socks
Spare hiking boots
Knife Sharpener
Wind up radio
Roll up hat

This probably ain’t even half of what you could get.

Remember, pack your kits for not only compactness but ease of removal/replacement. Structure your kits so that you have the barest means of survival on your belt. Your backpack/duffel bag has enough to reasonably get by and your car kit is everything you could use plus tools and parts to keep your vehicle running.


Four rules of gun safety:

All guns are loaded, even when they’re not.

Don’t point your barrel at anything you don’t intend to destroy.

Keep your finger off the trigger until it’s time to shoot.

Mind your background, what’s behind your target; even if you don’t miss your bullet could overpenetrate…

Now onto the advice.

Get a .22 rifle. A brick of ammo-500 rounds-costs under 10 bucks there’s no excuse for not stocking up and a .22 can kill deer and threats out to 50 yards.

The Marlin tube fed .22 runs about eighty bucks used and holds 14-18 rounds in a tube magazine. Single short and CB rounds can be chamber fed. Attach a 50 buck Tasco scope and a sling, you’re set. A step up is the Ruger 10/22, which can be configured into a Liberty Trainer(see for rifleman training. Also for quiet pest control as longer barrels can reduce the crack a standard velocity .22 rimfire round makes.

A .22 Ruger autoloading pistol (MK 1,2, 2/45) provides pistol training and quiet pest control.

A pistol is for if you’re attacked and for concealed carry. Revolvers carry 5-6 rounds and are clumsier to reload. Semi Automatics carry at least 7. Stick with common, effective calibers (9mm, .40, .45) or stock up a lot if you’re a .357 SIG or 10mm Auto fan. Stick with proven designs; Glock, Browning Hi-power, later Smith and Wesson, Sig-Sauer, H&K USP for double column designs.

The M-1911 are experts guns. I don’t care for Rugers, their ergonomics suck but apparantly a lot of people like them enough. Sub compacts like the Kel-Tec, Seecamp and such offer greater concealabillty but at the cost of magazine capacity and sight radius/accuracy. STAY AWAY from Hi-points, Tec-9’s, and other junk guns, you can get the same 30 round firepower with extended magazines for all the Glocks, Hi-power, Smith and Wesson, Sig-Sauer, etc.
Carry as many as feasable in a submachine gun pouch, you’re going to be alone and you’ll have to fight your way out of trouble.

A riot shotgun with 5-8 round tubes, 18-20 inch barrels, ghost ring sights and a folding stock are good for home defense.

A reliable semi-auto like the newer models or the recoil operated Browning Auto 5 can provide good vehicle defense.
I really like the new Saiga 12 gauge AK’s, you can get 8 round detaching magazines, switch from buckshot to slugs instantly. Otherwise you stoke your tube up and unless they’re in close you load one, shoot one like it’s a single shot, keeping your tube shells in reserve. If you’ve got a double or single barrel shotgun learn to hold a couple shells in your support hand between your fingers-hold them tight! Each time you expend your barrels, they’ll be in hand instead of your pocket or bandolier saving precious seconds reloading.

Rifles transform you from subject to Citizen.

They allow the elimination of threats outside of their effective ranges-provided you know how to wield one. Go to and order Fred’s Guide to Becoming a Rifleman. Get a air gun or a airsoft replica of the rifle you have and PRACTICE. Your first priority gun is an UNPAPERED PRIVATELY PURCHASED-NO FFL LICENSED DEALER INVOLVED-.308 semiautomatic military pattern rifle-M-14,

Scour the classifieds, hit the gun shows while we still have em. Get web gear(to hold your magazines) with suspenders so the belt doesn’t slip down, or a tactical vest. Buy as many extra magazines as you can. Get as much milsurp .308 as you can-go to the gun shows, buy with cash. Get a .308 even if you have to sell silver to get one. Devote a good portion of your ammo for training-get Fred’s Guide to becoming a Rifleman at

A M-1 Garand in 30.06 is a acceptable alternative, you use top loading 8 round en bloc clips and there’s currently surplus being imported that’s cheaper than .308. If budget’s biting you, get a war surplus Enfield, Mauser, or Mosin-Nagant; all will still kill out to at least 500 yards and they can be accurized for much better performance. I’d recommend the Mosin mainly because of all the cheap 7.62x54R steel core currently imported. Try not to get isolated and swamped with these old rifles, use team tactics and have one man with an assault rifle to cover any needed escape. Practice reloading with the stripper clips, discard any that won’t feed reliably. Get Fred’s Guide.

“Assault rifle” offer more rounds on tap in exchange for less performance at longer ranges either with accuracy or power.
The AK series are reliable, but their short sight radius cripples their long range shooting capability as does the typical crap ammo produced for them. Get a side mounted rifle scope. Save the folding stock models for duffel bag/car duty. If you don’t have the SKS-D that feeds the AK magazines, stick with the original 10 round magazine.

Those SKS duck bill magazines are just too cumbersome to reload at best and the zytels were made to malfunction. The 7.62x39mm is about a .30-30 in raw power and can penetrate some cover but drops off in power and trajectory rapidly after 300 yards. A lot of the production of this round, quality control wasn’t top priority so test your brands as you train with Fred’s Guide from and stock up on the most accurate brand.

The AR15-M16 series are much more maintenance intensive, although the new piston models and piston retrofit kits solve a lot of the problems with this rifle. .223 can tear flesh up but is useless against heavy cover.
Get magpul brand magazines, they WORK. Try not to buy every gadget for your weapon, you’ll be carrying and trying to hit at long range with it. A .22 long rifle retrofit kit allows cheaper training with Fred’s Guide from so get shooting.

If you can, get night vision scopes and goggles, and an gun mounted IR laser. A suppressor will increase your effectiveness even more but legal requirements will negate any efforts at private purchasing of needed weapons.

If you’ve got say Dad’s lever action or a bolt action hunting rifle, be sure you can stock the caliber it’s for. Practice reloading it rapidly; grab several cartridges at once in your hand and practice reloading the magazine. Fred’s Guide from can help you shoot better-as will a proper shooting sling; get the military M-1907 sling.
Set up correctly you can be looped in and hold your rifle steadier in seconds, and get out just as fast.

A muzzleloading rifle, especially a flintlock, will allow you to stretch your ammo out, and make great training in holding your aim as you fire.

Practice dry firing your weapons. Concentrate on the fundamentals of every shot. Make each shot count.

Attend an Appleseed Shoot and get the basic training. Then PRACTICE what they taught you-practice every day with dry firing, and target practice with airsoft replicas of your weapons. Get as much training in as possible before martial law!

I emphasize rifle training so much because the Rifleman is the most basic component of a Free People. A man with a rifle becomes a Citizen-and having mastered such a deadly insturment has confidence enough to master the rest of his own life. Mastering his own life, he and she will see what is wrong around them in their neighborhood, their town, their nation and will do what is needed to fix those problems as well. Fred has it right: teach rifle marksmanship and the rest will fall into place.

For a MUCH more complete tome on firearms I recommend Boston’s Gun Bible available at


Dark ages are here; the government in order to make you dependent on them or otherwise kill you off will kill the internet shortly. Hit the torrent files, hit scribd, hit Google and download catalogs of survival and military manuals and download all of them by pdf’s onto 8 and 16 gigabyte flash drives.

Get a current production laptop computer, dual core, a USB powered scanner, printer and a FOLDING SOLAR ARRAY. A handcrank charger would be a good ideal as well as constructing a faraday cage. Do this now, because pending legislation will make sharing files of 90’s survivalist manuals and general how to information illegal. Download the archives of sites like because the articles tell the tale of how paradise wasn’t lost-it was never ours. Scan your how to books and manuals and put them on the web like or some other file sharing site and network.

Each of us will have to be ready to be the ember of Civilization that repository of knowledge for the survivors.


Don’t use your own computer for this. Use public access internet anonymously. Use fake names, fake addresses(you should be lying about this anyway!) Meet at busy public places with lots of ways in and out. Be very, very, very, very careful. …Or if you’re into activism there’s or but you won’t need a Public Enemy T Shirt to have crosshairs on you-but still protest activities are a great way to keep those of the great American herd that know what’s going on that they’re not alone in this.


Alright, they already are at war otherwise we wouldn’t be in the spot we’re in!

The beast will step it up if the predictions from Wall Street insiders and anon politicians and the Time Monks at are right about late September/October 7 being a time of great surprise and doom… “transformaton” they labeled it as. Even if they're not, sooner or later we will face the final push. Times get desperate and the government will take the gloves off in crushing any perceived dissent so have friends. Have safe houses or safe places to go. Have spare gear food and ammo in 5 gallon pails, buried. Have spare rifles and ammo in pvc pipe with epoxied end caps and dessesicant buried or otherwise stashed. Have a bicycle with spare inner tubes.

Get in shape already! Walk, run, lift weights, play that self-defense video you’ve been letting collect dust for the past five years.

Get Battle Dress Uniforms that slip easily over your civilian clothing. Know your area intimately; all the caves, tunnels, side roads, trails, alleyways, side exits, forests, hills. Know what allies you can reasonably trust and try not to impose on them.

Never ever accept vaccine shots, they’re lethal poison-it’s just a eugenics operation designed to dumb you down and thin the herd. The more of us dead or dumbed down until they’re done with you, the better for them so stay healthy, get informed, get in shape and get armed and proficient.


News reports state that yes, the sun’s output is down but the ice caps are still melting. Confused? So am I but predictions of a brutal winter should motivate everyone to winterize their cars, their gear, their homes and themselves. Have snow shovels-the kind that are bent down funny-and rock salt. Be prepared to mount your roofs to shovel snow off. Have lots of candles, handcrank radios, blankets, and stored foods.

If the ice caps do start to melt and the coastlines start to rise-move! Have friends and or land way inland. Those Time Monks predict a “global coastal event” in 2009 and seeing how in some unconscious way we make our own reality… y’know that’s a big part of the enemy plan? Manipulate our subconsciousness to manifest things they want.

Underground homes can be built, or dug out of the earth. Use the south side of a hill when possible. Cut down timber, plastic, a treatment for the logs, wheelbarrow, shovels and some stout backs can get you a earth home warm in winter and cool in summer. Get Mike Oehler’s 50 dollar and up Underground House Book.


Good question. Nobody making normal incomes, with normal bills can. Even better-off people will be hard pressed to meet the challenges coming by themselves. So team up; someone will have guns, someone will have ammo, or seeds, or tools, or a van, or a country home, or items that could constitute survival gear, or a laptop computer, or farmland. Or know someone.

We have to get past this “Me first” survivalism because that’s how we WON’T survive!

The beast has us atomized, isolated, alone. Divide and conquer. A lone man’s just that. Most people don’t have what it takes to stand alone, so people stick with obeying the beast because that way they’re not alone-even if they are slaves. We’ll only get through this together.


I don’t advocate any religion I advocate getting back to God in a personal way, without any need for intermediaries. Jesus stated that there are none good but the Father. Jesus taught us to pray to Our Father in Heaven.

So let’s pray.

Find a quiet area. A room. Your car. A little used park.

Clear your mind. Close your eyes. Feel your heart, your spirit; there Our Father awaits. He wants to speak to you.

Just let Our Father speak… this is a skill and your initial efforts will probably be frustrating but soon you’ll start to feel… then just… know. You’ll have feelings on what you need to do-do them! Don’t think you’re going crazy, crazy is not enjoying a relationship with God… something the beast has worked hardest at denying you. When I go to bed I say the Lord’s Prayer, and at the end I ask Him to watch over those I care about and if I have a Destiny, a mission for Him to guide me to fulfilling it. Nothing egotistical about that; there HAS to be a reason we’ve been put here, at this time.

The forces of evil are mounting their all out attack. We’re here to stop that attack and crush them once and for all. Only with the removal of the so-called ‘illuminati’ can Man assume his proper path, his proper destiny. We’ll have to fight, fight harder than any other time in history. We’ll have to rebuild a poisoned, blasted, diseased, irradiated world and rediscover the lost sciences-but after that, the stars will be ours.
You can share in that destiny if you’re willing to surmount the challenges of Doomsday.


The beast is trying to finish Free Humanity off. It’s our job to stop that from happening. The levers of political power in their current form are insulated at the top and require deep cover agents hiding their true agenda for years, decades to get access to. Third party candidates for most political offices lack the media access, the political machine and funds to undertake such a campaign, and I’ve been personally told that even billionaires can be outspent if needed. (Once upon a night at a bar, with a traitor at for my personal account of meeting one of these inbreeds.)

So, any political freedom movement has to start at the grass roots. Get together with like-minded folks and take over a small town. Garner local support-it shouldn’t be hard given the universal and systemic corruption and arrogance of today’s breed of “public servant”. DO NOT DISCLOSE YOUR FREEDOM AGENDA, YOU WILL BE TARGETED. Have your real offices and paperwork at a secret location, the public front office is expendable in case of a raid. Loudly protest any secretive ballot counting and use of fraudulant electronic voting machines.

Win the election, take it over, repatriate all funds siphoned off into investments-look up the town's Consolidated Annual Financial Report. Scrap all laws that don’t directly contribute to a Free and safe society… you’ll know which ones. Eliminate all taxes for mom and pop local businesses. Fire all the bureaucrats and tin badge gods. Get good people, downsize government, revitalize the Militia and train weekly.

When people see your liberated town still has a functioning local economy and real Freedom they’ll want to move there. You and your like minded Patriots have a duty to expand, propagate the Second American Revolution. Form Committees of Correspondence-they work like political parties and efforts can be coordinated to liberate the remaining towns in your county-at which point you challenge the county officials to a election and take over the county… particularly the Sheriff’s office. By then the enemy will know who you are, what you’re about and things can get dicey. Have the Militias trained and ready for self-defense, if needed.

You take over the county, and the Sheriff’s office in particular you can bar federal officials from entering your county, at least officially. Lend support to surrounding towns and counties as they too throw off the beast. As we gain whole states, we can then challenge the inbred psychopathic bluebloods for America’s national offices. We can win-unless they declare martial law to stop the political movement in which case I recommend the steps outlined in my essays Martial Law Survival Guide, Message to the Patriot Movement, and Second American Revolution Victory Guide at my blog It is our duty to spread the Second American Revolution and never ever stop. There are Two Americas and this land’s not big enough for the both of them.

It only took 3% of the American People to kick off the First American Revolution. 3% of the American People today is 9,000,000-that’s plenty for the Second American Revolution.