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Both Hitler and Churchill were pawns of the Zionist bankers. According to historian Thomas J. O'Keefe,   Churchill said in his Memoirs that ex-German Chancellor (1930-1932) Heinrich BrĂ¼ning  revealed  the identities of Hitler's backers in a 1937 letter:

 'I didn't, and do not even today for understandable reasons, wish to reveal from October 1928, the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany."

Churchill was funded by a different branch of the same Illuminati Jewish banking syndicate. O'Keefe cites a speech by David Irving on the "Focus Group" set up by Bernard Waley Cohen, a prominent Zionist banker.  

"The Focus was financed by a slush fund set up by some of London's wealthiest businessmen -- principally, businessmen organized by the Board of Jewish Deputies in England, whose Chairman was a man called Sir Bernard Waley Cohen, left. Sir Bernard Waley Cohen held a private dinner party at his apartment on July 29, 1936. This is in Waley Cohen's memoirs.

 ... The 29th of July, 1936, Waley Cohen set up a slush fund of 50,000 pounds for The Focus, the Churchill pressure group. Now, 50,000 pounds in 1936, multiply that by ten, at least, to get today's figures. By another three or four to multiply that into US dollars. So, 40 times 50,000 pounds -- about $2 million in US terms -- was given by Bernard Waley Cohen to this secret pressure group of Churchill in July 1936. The purpose was -- the tune that Churchill had to play was -- fight Germany. Start warning the world about Germany, about Nazi Germany. Churchill, of course, one of our most brilliant orators, a magnificent writer, did precisely that.

    For two years, The Focus continued to militate, in fact, right through until 1939. And I managed to find the secret files of The Focus, I know the names of all the members. I know all their secrets. I know how much money they were getting, not just from The Focus, but from other governments. I use the word "other governments" advisedly because one of my sources of information for my Churchill biography is, in fact, the Chaim Weizmann Papers in the State of Israel.
Irving then revealed further details of Churchill's financing by the Czechs, as well as the facts of Churchill's financial rescue by a wealthy banker of Austro-Jewish origins, Sir Henry Strakosch, left, who, in Irving's words, emerged "out of the woodwork of the City of London, that great pure international financial institution." When Churchill was bankrupted overnight in the American stock market crash of 1937-1938, it was Strakosch who was instrumental in setting up the central banks of South Africa and India, who bought up all Churchill's debts. When Strakosch died in 1943, the details of his will, published in the London Times, included a bequest of £20,000 to the then Prime Minister, eliminating the entire debt.

Irving dealt with Churchill's performance as a wartime leader, first as Britain's First Lord of the Admiralty and then as Prime Minister. The British historian adverted to Churchill's "great military defeat in Norway, which he himself engineered and pioneered," and mentioned the suspicion of Captain Ralph Edwards, who was on Churchill's staff at the time, that Churchill had deliberately caused the fiasco to bring down Neville Chamberlain and replace him as prime minister, which subsequently happened."
The Second World War was orchestrated to fulfill the long term Zionist goal of Illuminati one world government. Irving spoke of Dunkirk:

"In May 1940, Dunkirk, the biggest Churchill defeat of the lot....Letters between Churchill and the French Prime Minister, Paul Reynaud, revealed the ugly truth that Churchill, himself, gave the secret order to Lord Gort, the British General in command of the British expeditionary force at Dunkirk, "Withdraw, fall back," or as Churchill put it, "Advance to the coast." That was Churchill's wording. "And you are forbidden to tell any of your neighboring allies that you are pulling out. The French and the Belgians were left in the dark that we were pulling out."

Well, that explains some things about WWII.

Zionists don't equal every Jew in existence, just as Neocon doesn't equal every American who has ever turned on Fox News.

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Yeah, that fits.  Hoping you and yours are doing well.

You cannot just hope that things get better you have to make them happen.  It's those that act that make things happen so make plans and carry them out.

God really is on our side, we have to be willing to act.  It's because we haven't that evil has made so many gains.  We can change that.


Rodney King 2011. The ghettos are the hunting grounds of murderers and sadists. Yes a lot of crime is generated but that's what we get when our parents, grandparents trusted their public servants; they kept pushing until they became our massa. Likely there will be an acquittal, and this town's insurance will pay the fines when it gets settled out of court because the defense lawyers are on the same team as the court and cops.

Learn to shoot, get rifles, train together, kyms.


Flash mission perogative, intel op needed for the Iowa Caucus
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Word is that the Republican Caucus in Iowa is going to have their meeting in secret in order to prevent a Ron Paul nomination victory. Someone needs to get boots on the ground, find the location of the meeting and make it public, then stake out as many of the alternate locations as possible.

Caucus members tend to not be the best secret keepers, and will be made up up VIPs mostly from around the state, however national level VIPs will travel to the area in order to push their own agendas.

With these VIPs go their personal entourages, and that also ALWAYS means some advance people. The Advance teams usually involve at least one security person, a protocol person, and a travel manager. Lower level people will have one person or firm conduction all three functions.

The advance people tend to need to be in charge of booking lodging, arranging security and meeting some representatives of the press ahead of time in order to schedule news releases and interviews. They also may be in contact with lobbyists and delegates. Identification of the advance people and their activities can be used to determine the overall travel agenda of the VIPs, which in turn will give you a pretty good idea on where to look for the larger scale meeting taking place.

You will be looking for the following:
A surge in vehicle rentals in a given area (check airports to see if reservations are backlogged for any reason). Check for some new type of gathering, like a convention listed under some other cause or purpose which did not appear to be scheduled very far out, or does not have fairly well known keynote speakers in a given industry that is associated with that convention.

If you are in the security business, check for inquiries for bodyguard and security services at a convention or gathering that usually does not involve them. Whatever this thing is, it will involve a fair number of security contracts. On the upper end, that means jobs for ex-cops, people who are part time US Marshals, sometimes ex-military people with VIP security experience. See if someone who does not normally work in Iowa is suddenly getting scheduled to work there, and find out which town. People who previously had been scheduled to work the caucus will probably at least know the town they are expected to show up to, the town where they are expected to get their hotel rooms and stay ect.

Look for notices of an increase in law enforcement activity in some particular area for no obvious reason.

Delegates like entertainment, so the upscale hookers and escort agencies will likely be given backdoor intel on where to be ready to handle business. Likewise, the security guys and feds for some reason seem to really like Hooters, you might get intel there. Otherwise, look for an upsurge in business at middle to upscale stripper clubs, 30-something in shape military looking guys with not much of any explanation of why they are in town.

Spikes in hotel reservations are a biggie, people booking limo services, executive sedan services, and busses. Caterers will also be contacted by advance people and need to arrange things ahead of time. Gas station attendants, caterers and drivers for those services can be a source of intel.

The most important information to gain at this point will be the location of the caucus. Preferably roughly two days notice in the closed forums, one days notice in the open forums. A month or a week would be nice, but I am guessing the intel would only have a half life of hours before it becomes fairly well known.

The other task will of course be vetting the false info, verifying information and sorting out who is BS and who is not. Remember for future reference who is passing correct information vs those who were given bad information and passed it along vs those who prove to be intentionally passing false information. Keep in mind who those people are, especially those who later prove to have been intentionally passing false information.

I would have to check the laws on this, but it may also be possible that the whole thing could legitimately be conducted in another state, but I am not sure. If so, then it would likely be in a neighboring state.

I have not been an ardent Ron Paul supporter for a number of reasons, but secrecy and subterfuge in selecting a presidential candidate is absolutely unacceptable. If we don't do something, a lot of something, then this could be the end of the Republican party as we know it, and effectively put this country into one party rule. Ron Paul, win or lose, has to be given an honest and fair chance at a presidential nomination or the credibility of the electoral system, and the long term interests of Republicans, will be over.

You know how little play we have with the Democrats and how badly third parties traditionally perform, but the third party option remains as a fallback plan, not the main plan. Plan A is for Ron Paul to run on the ticket of an established first party, not represent a spoiler vote like Ross Perot did.

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Life liberty, and the pursuit of those who threaten them.

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Senate version:
House version:

A bill to add engaging in or supporting hostilities against the United States to the list of acts for which United States nationals would lose their nationality.



Things have changed at the jail, J4P and all of the other inmates are not being treated very well. We have a list of grievances, for example, they do not get to see daylight, its been months now, not even for one hour a day and the lights are left on 24 / 7, and more. We have also found that when he was first taken into custody it was real bad, the infections were not taken care of and J4P did suffer much. The attorney is handling much of this now. His lawyer is really good. Thanks for asking I will be sure to pass this along to Mrs Dyer.

Mail is not all getting to him, but we need you to keep on writing. If you wish you can sent letters to his mom who will add a some each week to an envelope to send or hand deliver to him.

It seems mail from family is getting through, ok. Some have reported receiving mail back from J4P, the process is very slow....PLEASE keep on writing to Sgt. Dyer. He looks forward to hearing from all of you. Anything not delivered will go to his property and his mother picks that up to save for him.

If you send only letters, with return address on it to the jail they will get to J4P, or use his moms address. You guys are the greatest and he really does enjoy the mail he is getting.

Remember all mail is read by the jail, incoming and outgoing. All addresses for the family and for Sgt. Dyer are posted on the new CHIP IN link.

Today the chip in for 2011 has expired. The CHIP IN for 2012 is already created and has three donations. Here is the link:

I know, Mrs.Dyer knows and Sgt. Dyer knows you have the widget on this forum and other personal web pages...*please change the widget to the new 2012 CHIP IN.* Let me know if you need any help with this.

Guys, thanks for caring so much, it means the world to the Dyer family, they have all expressed this to me and this news makes me happy, realizing all of you are helping by spreading the CHIP IN link.

People have added as little as $1.00 and as much as $500.00 in the chip in they all count they all add up!!!! So many more have mailed well wishes and funds directly to the family this year.

If you cant add funds that's fine, we know your heart is in the right place, then please, through out the year, keep on sharing the new 2012 CHIP IN LINK and widget.

This new CHIP IN link will need to be posted constantly during 2012, for all new members and to make it convenient for people to share the link and add funds to the link.

Thanks and Happy New Year to all of you!! God bless all of you and be safe!!

ps: we will know more about the court date this week. It could be a change to February now, in-case you are making travel plans, please hold off.
1. 2012

2. 2011 CHIP IN ended after a year, with $3025.00 in contributions.

3. 2010 CHIP IN ended after one year with $5001.00 in contributions.

If this many months has gone by without his jail situation improving, then as hard as the lawyer is working, it is obvious that it is not getting results.

I know of two other situations where untreated infection problems in jail led to medical problems later on. The more common issues are lumped into the category of "staph infections" which often enter the jail through the homeless/vagrant population and are made worse by the unclean environment. Inmates are supposed to have access to cleaning supplies and prescription antibiotics but it is often denied "for security reasons". Antibiotics in particular have no "entertainment value" so are not legitimately denied to inmates except to create more sickness and discomfort, partially because prosecutors get more leverage when a defendant looks like a pale meth scarred tweaker when they get to court.



The Carl Gustav, affectionately known as "The Goose."
A tip of the boonie hat to Irregular Michael, who provides us this link to "Tank Snipers!" by Jack Murphy:
More and more reports are coming out telling us that the Taliban in Afghanistan has finally figured out the limited range of American rifles and other small arms. Acting accordingly, we are told that they are maintaining as much stand off as possible when engaging US forces, remaining just outside the maximum effective range of our soldier’s ammunition while firing at them with heavy machine guns and RPGs. The Carl Gustaf has the potential to change that when employed properly. “Existing systems…such as the M141 Bunker Defeat Munition, M72 LAW, M136 AT-4 and the SMAW, are only effective inside of 500 meters. The Army says the Carl-Gustaf [max effective range 1,000m] is more effective than waiting on mortars and less expensive than artillery or Javelin missiles.”
Afghanistan has also seen the resurgence in interest of the old M40 series 106mm recoilless rifle as well. Murphy follows up with another story on the ins and outs of the Goose: Carl Gustaf, Tactical Employment and Training

Related: XM-25 after action report:


This is a response from Breacher to this article:,0,3213641.story about TSA VIPER teams conducting searches at bus terminals and train stations.  From AWRM which you now have to register to gain access.

The fact that they are harassing people LEAVING the trains tells you that safety is not an issue. It is just another mechanism for mass shakedown. I am told that the Portland commuter train system (known as the "MAX" is a training ground for this. They set the train up for an unscheduled stop and do a mass offload and search of passengers, but usually keep the searches to the less than legitimate looking people which nets enough dope and outstanding warrant arrests to keep public outcry from getting very far.

The personnel I have seen are not exactly the flatfoot donut shop crowd. Lots of tough guys, the sort who probably did some time in the military, definitely go to the gym and want to get some "front lines" type of law enforcement work. The general population is visibly supportive with a few notable exceptions, then there is little or no sympathy for those who oppose them, however you can see the "mood" when some big quiet guy just gives them dirty looks (like I do) and they decide to move on and bother someone else, but sometimes they swarm a train pretty hard and are looking for anyone to even think wrong in their direction. Even then though, it is loud rowdy punk teenagers who usually get the brunt of it, then there are a couple of neighborhoods where they had been getting hit every few days, mainly where there are concentrations of low end apartment buildings, ex-convicts and teenagers. The Apartment complex owners usually respond by raising rents, putting in gates and running background checks on applicants. That keeps the openly declared felons out, but lots of misdemeanor level miscreants who snitch their way out of real prison time tend to be the bulk of the problems anyway.

What I see is a combined force of about 20 officers from various jurisdictions per "raid" location, and it usually results in two to five people taken into custody (I am told it is usually for dope they were carrying or outstanding warrants). The firepower is generally very light (no visible long guns), dogs relatively polite and no unusual equipment visible. In some cases there are local transit security people who appear to be unarmed. I suspect the unarmed people avoid confrontation with the targeted hoodlums if there is intel on there being any danger, and then wait to direct action until the task force is assembled. The mass stop and searches are not initiated by the unarmed persons though. What I tended to see was a classic prisoner search format where the armed persons (usually appearing to be regular police of some sort) stayed nearby, but most of the actual hands-on with the mixed crowds is the unarmed people, then once someone in the crowd is singled out/identified, it will be a mix of armed and unarmed people dealing with them.

Someone deciding to go hard core as a group would see themselves in a target rich environment since the cop types have usually already declared turf and segregate themselves from the crowd. The outer cordon (usually armed) is usually about half still looking and dealing inward, the inner cordon generally half unarmed. It is very clear from their behavior that they do not realistically expect someone on the inside to simply get on the cell phone and call in for an armed extraction, but the design of the plan indicates that the original tactical planners have set the their tactics up to deal with such a hit, just in practice, it is so rare that it is not something the guys on the ground condition themselves to expect.

The teams also tend to make use of natural barriers, like speeding traffic. The traffic, mixed crowd and their own people mingled in the crowd are probably the main reasons these teams don't appear to be sporting much (if any) paramilitary hardware. Their tactics when encountering a troublemaker or targeted person usually involve segregate, surround, subdue. It just is not set up for dealing with someone who is toting a subgun and a couple of grenades.



J. Croft

The title says it all.  Jesus needs you to fight back.  Never mind what your favorite televangelist says he’s some kind of fallen liar to begin with.  I mean look at a megachurch: a huge, gaudy edifice to sanctimony, where people go get a false salve of religion as the pastor uses neurolinguistic programming on them to 1.)finance his megachurch and his lifestyle of hookers and blow, and 2.)follow IRS and government mandates to not go into politics, and certainly not tell the truth.  The US government being the enemy of all mankind as there are two Americas; Our America that we and our ancestors believe in, and died to protect and grow, and the US-that beast that is the product of illuminists, freemasons, and banksters and that has taken Our America and prostituted it to use as this country’s happy face.
Evil flourishes and grows because those that presume themselves ‘good’ don’t oppose, either enough or at all.  You know this in your heart because that’s from God, and this has always been true.
America-yes you have to acknowledge the truth it was founded as an freemasonic grand project for a ‘new atlantis’; read Francis Bacon’s book on that name, it’s a blueprint not a vision.  A blueprint that’s been carried out as well as freemason Albert Pike’s ‘three world wars’ prophecy/blueprint:
1st world war was to bring down the monarchies-Russia, Austria-Hungary and Germany lost those as well as introduce communism and shatter a European Golden Age.  Unfortunately those people had a fanciful attachment to the romance of war and an entire generation of men was murdered in the trenches, on attacks usually coinciding with occult numerology.
2nd world war was to pit fascism against democracy.  Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were built up by wall street banksters and gave a good run at world conquest.  Things looked scary as the Nazis pulled far ahead in military technology but Adolf Hitler was in charge so every strategic blunder was made.  Roosevelt, having introduced socialism to America as a response to the banksters pulling the rug out from under the planet through depression, forced Japan to attack us through embargo-Japan has few natural resources.  He had the Pacific Fleet park it’s battleships at Pearl in neat rows to be torpedoed… a set up.  The United Nations, nuclear warfare, and the ascendancy of the USA and the Soviet Union resulted.  Don’t worry the banksters were still in control, they always are.
3rd world war is to pit Islam vs Christian/Zionism and suck in every nation on Earth until nearly everyone was killed, everything destroyed.  Then those that enacted Pike’s blueprint would arise from their bunkers and compounds and take over.  Yeah, this war’s happening now.
…Speaking of blueprints have you not been paying attention to even the mainstream media of late?  It’s like the illuminati are arranging all their pieces to stage an enactment of Ezekiel; Gog and Magog and the Kings of the South invade Israel, while Mesach and Tubal don’t respond.  Most people who study biblical prophecy translate that as Russia invades Israel along with the Moslem World while the West doesn’t respond.  And that Iran would be turned into a wasteland never to be inhabited again.  China and India-Kings of the East-jump in as well; Ezekiel and Albert Pike are in accord.
The question that begs is, why?!
Why follow through on biblical prophecy?  If that book states in the end the devil goes down in defeat, why do everything possible to follow those words to the letter if it results in their defeat?
…Well, that question depends on whether ‘they’ or their ancestors didn’t at least have a hand in writing those prophecies-that they use as their blueprint for action.  Craziest thing you’ve ever read from me-no.
Who wrote the Bible?
Well, a more correct question would be: who wrote what parts of the Bible?  You have to look at the origins of each component.
The Pentatuch, the first five books of Moses, the Torah, were written at once.  Genesis is a highly edited and compressed version of the Sumerian creation accounts.  Sumer itself considering itself having gotten their civilization from ‘gods’.  Abraham himself was a Sumerian so the Hebrews were an offshoot of Sumer.  Those Hebrews settled in Egypt and prospered as a minority, so that particular god decided to make conditions bad enough there so that they were driven out.  That same god fanaticized the Hebrews by a 40 year forced march through the desert until they were ready to invade and conquer Canaan-committing genocide and utter destruction in order to ethnically cleanse the land.  A very strict code of laws forced onto them to further culturally insulate them from outside influences.
Is any of that what Jesus would do?  I mean, the Hebrews took slaves, ripped people off, waged genocidal wars-if that Hebrew god was Our Father, where was Jesus?  Why wait until after Rome had taken over Judea?  Why not THEN? 
Jesus saw the Disciples on their knees and giving thanks in prayer and the question is asked “who are you praying to?”  What you’re praying to is the devil, a liar, and a murderer from the beginning-and if you read the OT/Torah you’d know that to be truth.  Jesus did NOT consider the OT god His Father or anyone elses.
The devil never rests and after Jesus was murdered Saul of Tarsus took Jesus’ message and twisted it-and being a Pharisee Paul was an expert at it; the surviving Disciples repeatedly warned about Paul but whose writings dominate the New Testament?
Who physically put the Bible together?  A Roman Emperor who wanted a new unifying religion to reunify the Roman Empire, and by then Christianity had devolved back into an authoritarian religion like any other.  We all know how debauched the Romans are but you may not know that the modern day elites can trace their genaeologies back to the elites of Rome and Sumer. 
Basically it’s the same clans of inbred psychopathic bluebloods that rule now that have ruled since the dawn of recorded history.  If they had a hand in shaping and breaking whole nations, shaping religion and inserting their plans as ‘prophecy’ wouldn’t be impossible.  Not for that far thinking bunch. 
So, how is biblical prophecy being used today?  For people calling themselves Christian it’s an excuse to just sit back, live their lives and let evil run its course-which fulfills their ‘prophecy’.
We need to turn away from our apathy, our defeat, it’s what the devil wants.  We need to face what we’ve allowed to fester and destroy Our America.  We need to take ACTION and do it now, because the United States of America is like a stack of Jenga blocks with but a few of them at the bottom-and they’re being yanked out as you read this.  For us. 
For them, they’ve been digging out bunkers and stocking them for a generation now.  FEMA is set to become the emergency government once this grand charade known as Modern America falls, and for us it will be genocide through starvation, disease, race and civil war.  At the cusp of 2012, they’re looking to building a unassailable technological advantage.  Plus they got us all targeted, but there are things you can do:
Remove yourself from the enemy.  They use every lever of power unfortunately: food, fuel, culture, religion, economy, government, health. 
Grow your own food, under a greenhouse to shield it from GMO and radiation contamination.  Use organic seed, look up aquaculture, hydroponics.  It’s all too easy to cut off the flow of fuel and food-which would empty your supermarket in days.
Wean yourself from using centrally controlled energy sources.  This will require a substantial investment and a significant sacrifice.  Look up alternative energy and free energy.  Learn to tinker, use tools.
Unplug the cable and dish.  Look for alternative media.  Mainstream media sucks anyway.  They’ll be shutting down the internet soon so you’re going to have to make your own and copy others.  Think for yourselves!
Any 501(c)3 religious institution is co-opted.  They promote pacifism, escapism, and a false gospel.  Worse under Homeland Security they’re to lull you into disarming and guide you into the camps.  Besides, all they do with your tithes is finance their mansions and drug/sex habits.  You’re better off finding Our Father on your own-which is what organized religion was created to prevent in the first place while presenting a placebo of religion.
The economy’s been destroyed.  What’s out there?  One minimum wage job per 100 applicants?  The problem’s twofold-no jobs so there’s no money being injected into the economy at our level, and since nobody has spare money, what you can sell is going to be limited to items in high demand in a depression setting.  Worse, federal reserve notes are being quantitative eased into toilet paper, and precious metals are being forced down in price to the point where they’ll be abandoned as an investment.  At the top the enemy is smart, even if their underlings are the definition of dumb so you will have to provide goods and services people NEED.
Removing yourself from the beast that is the United States Government is going to be far trickier.  All levels of US government are actively involved with our suppression and ultimate destruction so this is a multi-level task.
Find a place to live that isn’t in your name.  The enemy relies on reliable records to be able to come down and steal from you, and one day murder you.  Find a place-do a house swap, find an apartment, dig a underground house in a south facing hill.  However you do it, do it now.
Militia up.  Form fighting groups of rifle teams.  Learn to shoot, fight, and sustain you and your group as a fighting force.  Buy guns, ammo, spare parts, cammo, gear, communications.  Lone wolves will not make it in the long run regrettably as that’s the only reliable way to avoid the militia honey traps of set up orgs and snitches.  Find people who have enough sense to never sign up to a public militia group-your shooting buds who are as aware as you?  Guess what, you’re a militia-get it?   Jesus commanded to sell everything else if you have to in order to have arms.
Reassert control over YOUR government.  The leviathan we face?  They’re our PUBLIC SERVANTS.  Remind them we are the master, We the People are Sovereign.  Be sensible and start local-start a recall election drive, field a full ticket of candidates and sweep YOUR government clean of the scum politicians and the scum bureaucrats and oath traitors. 
Band together, network, make alliances, talk to people not like you and find common ground-and go from there.
Beyond that you build strength, oppose evil whenever and wherever you find it.

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Those globalist warmongers have been the key management for the inbred psychopathic bluebloods during the last century and now they're kicking up World War III pissing their pants on how Iran's going to have the bomb.

Iran already has the bomb-lots of them from the Former Soviet Union paid for with petrodollars.

China has already pledged to defend Iran if attacked, and those cocksuckers have helped China become a world power.  There are going to be a lot of nasty surprises in store for us if we let the CFR go forward with this.

For example:



Local Police Employing Aerial Drones to Spy From Sky. On a related note, Marlin Goose Guns are still available.

"Forget Iran and Afghanistan. Americans have unmanned drones flying over their own heads, and more are coming."
On a related note, Marlin Goose guns are still available.



AmMerc: Two Minutes Of Precision

American Mercenary preaches truth.
Supplemental gospel:
USMC – Rifle Marksmanship MCRP 3-01A
Dan Newberry’s Optimal Charge Weight Load Development
JBM Ballistics Trajectory Calculator
Scoped Hunting Rifles As Long-Range Rifles
Contrary Action: Defending Your AO Against Hostiles

Oh, and Arctic Patriot recommends  and now so do I; it's on the links.

And a video:

Using A Rifle Sling from Shooting Voodoo on Vimeo.

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Study the video See how they react See how they counter Perhaps the best solution is to not be where you've stated as your address, but a semi-automatic rifle and quick trigger work can duplicate the hail of bullets a full auto weapon can put out without the legal issues. Also, think about your home and how you can surreptitiously fortify it. And remember-those guys are weighted down by armor and are geared mostly for quick action. You step outside, keep light, move fast, use cover and marksmanship you throw the whole SWAT strategy off.




Ex-Indy Officer Won't Go to Jail For Arsons

Story by
Posted: Fri, 12/23/2011 - 09:23pm
Updated: Fri, 12/23/2011 - 09:23pm

A former Indianapolis police officer who set a string of apartment fires won't serve time in jail.
Jesse Russell Jr., 33, was convicted of arson in September for setting a fire at the Lake View Terrace Apartments that caused $30,000 worth of damage. He pleaded guilty to another count of arson for setting fire to a box truck in the 8400 block of East Washington Street.
Russell was sentenced Friday to three years suspended and six years on probation.
Judge Grant Hawkins expressed concern about Russell's safety if he sentenced him to prison.
Prosecutors wanted Russell to serve prison time.
"It damages all of us, and it damages our credibility to stand in front of a jury and stand in front of our officers when they are on the witness stand, and say, 'This is someone we trust and believe in,'" said Deputy Prosecutor Mark Busby. "When someone like Jesse Russell tarnishes that image, it tarnishes it for everybody."

OH please!  It's the same team and when one gets caught its circle the wagons time...

Unarmed 54-Year-Old Bloodied In Raid

by Thomas MacMillan | Dec 23, 2011 12:09 pm
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Posted to: Legal Writes, West River

A state police raid on a Winthrop Avenue apartment netted no drugs or arrests—but it left Tomas Torres hospitalized and his apartment in tatters.
Torres (pictured), who’s 54, said state cops broke down the door of his first-floor Winthrop Avenue apartment Wednesday afternoon, punched him in the face, stomped on his head, and then laughed at him as they tossed his apartment looking for drugs.
Police said he tried to jump out the window, then resisted their efforts to detain and handcuff him.
They had the wrong guy, said Torres. The police found nothing in his apartment and released him to go to the hospital, where he said he was told he has a fractured arm, he said.
It’s the second recent incident in which an unarmed New Havener has accused a state drug cop of brutality. (Click here to read about the previous one.)
Lt. J. Paul Vance, spokesman for the state police, said he had no record of state police action anywhere in New Haven on Wednesday. That doesn’t mean that a search warrant wasn’t executed, he said. He’d have a record if an arrest were made, he said.
“That sounds a little suspect right off the bat,” Vance said when told of Torres’ complaints. “We don’t beat people up as a regular course of business.”

Like I stated, you want to learn how to bullshit, hang around cops, lawyers and bureaucrats you'll have a PhD in no time.

Family suing city of Snyder, claiming they were prohibited from performing CPR on man

The family of a man who died of an apparent heart attack in 2009 has filed a lawsuit against the city of Snyder and five police officers, claiming police restrained the family from performing potentially lifesaving treatment.
The lawsuit was filed Nov. 28 in Lubbock federal court on behalf of Darlene Bollinger and her daughter Debra Bollinger, and asks for an unspecified amount of money.
The lawsuit alleges Benny Bollinger, the husband of Darlene Bollinger and father of Debra Bollinger, was alive when Snyder police officers arrived at their home on Dec. 6, 2009, in response to a 911 call.
The officers immediately restrained Debra Bollinger, took her in a separate room and forced her to stop CPR, the lawsuit states.
Darlene Bollinger also was prohibited from assisting, according to the lawsuit.

Cops do this all the time: not lift a finger to help someone whose life is in genuine jeopardy but go one mph over the speed limit and they're on your ass like a college football coach at youth camp.

Madness: Even School Children Are Being Pepper-Sprayed and Shocked with Tasers

An alarming series of incidents offers some insight into how casual police have become about deploying "less lethal" weapons.
There is something truly disturbing about a society that seeks to control the behavior of schoolchildren through fear and violence, a tactic that harkens back to an era of paddle-bruised behinds and ruler-slapped wrists. Yet, some American school districts are pushing the boundaries of corporal punishment even further with the use of Tasers against unruly schoolchildren.
The deployment of Tasers against “problem” students coincides with the introduction of police officers on school campuses, also known as School Resource Officers (SROs). According to the Los Angeles Times, as of 2009, the number of SROs carrying Tasers was well over 4,000.
As far back as 1988, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, National Congress of Parents and Teachers, American Medical Association, National Education Association, American Bar Association, and American Academy of Pediatrics recognized that inflicting pain and fear upon disobedient children is far more harmful than helpful. Yet, we continue to do it with disturbing results, despite mountains of evidence of more effective methods of discipline.
Torturing Kids Into Compliance
Neil Davison, author of "Non-Lethal” Weapons, has carried out extensive research on the history of weapons like the Taser, used to subdue individuals without causing permanent injury or death.
In a 2006 study on the early history of less-lethal weapons, Davison observes, “Electrical-shock weapons have their roots not in policing or riot control but in farming and torture.” He references Argentina, which replaced the barbed cattle prod “with an electrical version, the picana electrica, in the 1930s” which is considered “the first electronic stun technology” and “was soon adopted by the Argentinean police as a torture device for use during interrogation.” Davison adds that an “examination of the US patent record illustrates the close connection between the development of electrical weapons for use against animals, which had been patented from the early 1900’s onwards, and those for use against humans.”
Basically, the devices used to control animals and torture Argentineans, both abhorrent practices, have entered the realm of school discipline...and the results have been appalling, to say the least.
In April, the Wichita Eagle reported on Jonathan Villarreal, a sophomore at Derby High School who was ordered to pull his pants up by two school police officers while walking to the bus after school. The 17-year-old refused, arguing that he “could wear them how he wanted because school was out.” According to Villarreal, corroborated by three student witnesses, one officer “pulled him to the ground by the neck and told him to stop resisting arrest,” which Villarreal denied he was doing.
The officers then “kneed him in the back and neck while he was on the ground.” As he struggled to get up, Villarreal was repeatedly “pushed back down,” at which point “he felt his arm break.” As Villarreal was held on the ground by two officers with a broken arm, “one officer fired a Taser at his chest.”
A police department investigation determined that the officers were “justified and reasonable” in their response because Villarreal was allegedly “yelling racial slurs at a group of students” and resisting arrest, which they faulted for the teen’s broken arm.

What?  You expect your gods to burn calories whuppin your ass when they can electrocute you?

The Bill of Rights is no more. On December 15th, 2011 at the hands of a metastasizing malignancy, masquerading as purveyors of freedom, whatever hope we had of liberty and the pursuit of peace was officially assassinated. We are now a police state.
Overwhelming feelings of searing rage and disgust at the wicked abomination that is our Congress and President cannot be contained. Our government, courts, military and law enforcement — which have been controlled by socio/psychopaths for decades — continues to decompose into a rabid, sleazy, moronic, delusional group of arrogant, self-serving, sycophantic, greedy, whores.
It’s time to dispense with semantic subtleties meant to placate and avoid offense. Diplomacy is reserved for those who are worthy. No more time to waste on pandering to, analyzing, intellectualizing or sugar-coating treachery. The State is the enemy of the people. Those responsible for instilling fear, subjugation, humiliation, imprisonment, torture and murder are our own government terrorists–the U.S. Congress, the President of the United States and their minions.
They have betrayed the American citizenry, as they have the rest of the world. They have defiled and destroyed the Constitution. They have committed treason. They are grinding the 99% into the ground with every stroke of the pen; every vote cast in the name of enriching their corporate umbilical cords and bank accounts. They do not deserve respect. They are thieves who have hijacked their positions of power. They deserve exactly what the National Defense Authorization Act will now so freely foist upon the rest of us — to be tossed into a hole to rot somewhere without benefit of charges, trial, or protection from torture and murder, for the rest of their miserable, worthless existences.

So now you or I can be disappeared just as easily as you could in East Germany or the Soviet Union.





Italy is under the banksters tyranny now.  As part of the further crushing of the debt slaves they're prohibiting large cash transactions-which is enforceable against licensed businesses but for the flea marketeer or private seller it doesn't work.  Which is why flea markets are going to be targted and websites where you can post stuff for sale for free will be targeted as well.

Get your networks going, militia up.


Congress To Fund Massive Expansion Of TSA Checkpoints

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Fears over burgeoning police state increase after passage of NDAA
Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, December 23, 2011
Congress is set to give the green light on funding for a massive expansion of TSA checkpoints, with the federal agency already responsible for over 9,000 such checkpoints in the last year amidst increased fears America is turning into a police state following the passage of the ‘indefinite detention’ bill.

The increase in funding has nothing to do with the TSA’s role in airports – this is about creating 12 more VIPR teams to add the federal agency’s 25 units that are already scattered across the country and responsible for manning checkpoints on highways, in bus and train terminals, at sports events and even high school prom nights.
“The TSA’s 25 “viper” teams — for Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response — have run more than 9,300 unannounced checkpoints and other search operations in the last year. Department of Homeland Security officials have asked Congress for funding to add 12 more teams next year,” reports the L.A. Times.
The demand for $24 million in extra funding is in addition to the $110 million spent in fiscal year 2011. The figures are completely independent from the federal agency’s role inside the nation’s airports, which costs taxpayers $5 billion a year.
The extra money is being demanded despite the fact that there is “no proof that the roving viper teams have foiled any terrorist plots or thwarted any major threat to public safety,” according to the L.A. Times report, which also highlights how the TSA’s sniffer dogs are used to single out people for questioning if the dog smells the scent of the owner’s pets on their clothing.
The appearance of thousands more checkpoints on America’s highways and at key transport hubs will only heighten concerns that the country is headed towards a Soviet-style police state.
Such fears were again expressed last week following the passage of the National Authorization Defense Act, a provision of which empowers the government to arrest Americans and hold them in a detention camp with no legal recourse.
With the federal government now seeking contractors to provide staff and supplies for “emergency camps” located around the country, the possibility of innocent Americans being swept up in a dragnet following a declaration of a national emergency has never been more of a threat.
The TSA is being used as a literal occupying army to ensure Americans who travel anywhere are constantly under the scrutiny of Big Brother.
  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
Back in October we reported on how Tennessee’s Homeland Security Commissioner announced that a raft of new “security checkpoints” would be in place over the Halloween period to “keep roadways safe for trick-or-treaters”.
Earlier that same month it was announced that Transportation Security Administration officials would be manning highway checkpoints in Tennessee targeting truck drivers.
After public outrage, the TSA attempted to neutralize the controversy by claiming that the inspections were carried out by State Troopers (the TSA agents were there to try to recruit truck drivers into becoming snitches for the ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign), and that the checkpoints were merely temporary.
In reality, the program was the latest phase of the TSA’s rapidly expanding VIPR program, under which TSA agents have been deployed to shake down Americans at everywhere from bus depots, to ferry terminals, to train stations, in one instance conducting pat downs of passengers, including children, who had already completed their journey when arriving in Savannah.
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.


Napoleonic Ammunition Conservation

Nominee for Quote of the Decade, over at WRSA:

If the absolute best that the so-called intelligentsia of the freedom movement can come up with is “Wait behind your door, trembling, until you are confronted with an overwhelmingly superior force who has come to kill you”, we are indeed completely screwed.
Or those folks pushing that position are completely full of....

One or the other.

Holiday talk at an American fast-food restaurant

This is not the situation of Team Freedom- 


This is not the enemy faced by liberty in our nation-

This is the situation, and the enemy we face.

This is how the enemy approaches citizens now, in their homes.  This is "whites of their eyes" in practice-

So is this-

And this-

And, sadly, this-

It's not too hard to understand, really.

Contemporary America has absolutely NOTHING to do with Bunker Hill, or an admonition based on Napoleonic tactics, smoothbore musket best practices, maximum effective ranges, and attempts to conserve ammunition.  Given the initiative and modern firearms, the "whites of their eyes" admonition would never had been uttered.  

In reality, had the defenders had sufficient ammunition, it never would have been uttered.

How foolish is it to choose to die with a full cartridge box.

The enemies of liberty are all around, and close.  You can see them on TV and on the internet.  They are "whites of their eyes" close to us every day.

This is not Bunker Hill.  Patriots are not nearly out of ammunition.  Smoothbore muskets are for enthusiasts, re-enactors, and museums.  The initiative is still there for the taking. 

Jose Guerena saw the whites of their eyes.  So did Solzhenitsyn, and millions of Russians.

Wait, if you wish, for many reason.  Just don't wait until it is too late.  Do not decide now to give the enemy the initiative in all cases.

Do not be the lone crossbowman holding his fire until he sees the whites of the armored knight's eyes behind his visor.  Shoot that horse down as far away as you can.  Then run, and do it again when you must.

You can see "the whites of their eyes" quite well while strapped to a torture chair.  Likewise from your cell.  You can see the whites of their eyes while standing against the wall.  There's plenty of time for that, later.

The hardest part of all that AP is for Americans conditioned their whole lives by every institution to obey to stop doing just that. It's a mindfuck to realize that you've been lied to, used, abused.
Get past that then there's the despair, and apathy-that's where a education on Freedom and those who fought for it can come in handy.

It can also be as simple as say, seeing your daughter run over and you get arrested for trying to see her. Or sticking up for what the cops like to call your 'perceived' rights. Or simply because some rookie or some copcunt has to make their bones so they can truly be 'part of the team'.

That team runs this on a local level; cops, agents, bureaucrats, prosecutors, judges, 'your' defense attorney. They get hired and take their orders from the local elected officials, which is why I've been advocating recall elections featuring full campaign tickets since 2005, why I advocated Ron Paul get some 'coat tails' going in 08.

Most of the tyranny is on a local level and will remain so even during straight FEMA martial law. I got friends who say the government will collapse with the economy but seeing the hints on how much FEMA is preparing for this and the enemy's desire to collapse the economy to starve us, that's the last thing that will happen-on it's own.

You have to MAKE it happen: get real and find a town and stage that recall election like the GIs of Athens Tennessee did in 1946, or hunt them down and shoot at them-but not like the GIs of Athens Tennessee did in 1946-you hit to kill.