Monday, December 12, 2011


Yes the guy is rude, loudmouthed, likes to cut people off.

Yes, Alex Jones has a knack for being cheesy and overly dramatic.

Yes, he fucks the dog-the band Pokerface, the infamous Austin Gun Show Rally and stabbing Deborah Medina in the back-ensuring Rick Perry's a contender in the 2012 er... election?  Can you call it a election or a selection?

Yes he on the air had me banned from his forum...

Anyhow, he does cover the news, it's just a matter of practicing discernment. 

I went over and here are some stories-with comments:

Drones Officially Take Flight For Domestic Law Enforcement

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Heralding a New Level of the Police State
Michael Edwards
Activist Post
Monday, December 12, 2011
It is a sign of just how fast the police state is advancing that drones in American skies have gone from conspiracy theory to admitted fact in about a year.
In a precedent-setting event, local law enforcement in North Dakota nabbed three suspected armed men with the help of a Predator B unmanned drone.  It was only after the drone confirmed that the men were unarmed that police moved in to make the arrest.
It has now become clear that, as we have written and warned about for the past year, the drones that were supposedly commissioned strictly as tools for border control will now patrol inland for suspected criminals on American soil, heralding a new level of police state oppression.

In April I wrote about the future expansion of unmanned drones over America based on the admissions made by two-star General, John Priddy, from the U.S. National Air Security Operations Center, evidenced in the video below, that the continued expansion of predator drone surveillance was a stated goal for the coming years.
His comments were echoed by Al Palmer, Director of Unmanned Aircraft Training at the world’s largest center at the University of North Dakota, which just so happens to be the location of the arrest alluded to above, that “The world is going to spend $80 billion on unmanned aircraft between now and 2016.”


Okay, covered that yesterday.  Yes it's a no brainer that they will be using remote controlled drones both in the air and on the ground.  With the current state of enemy resources they're relatively cheap and provide a force multiplier-guided by obese, diabetic nerds dozens, hundreds, even thousands of miles away in a secure locale.  Although Iran showed the control beam can be overriden so the next phase of drone development will be fully autonomous drones, which will require leaps in artificial intelligence.

And it's not just the Land of the Free using them:

Video has emerged of Russian pro Democracy protesters being watched by hovering surveillance drones overhead.
25,000 people gathered in Bolotnaya Square in Moscow Saturday, were stunned to witness the strange hovering object directly above them. Some climbed trees to take pictures and get a closer look at the “UFO”.
The craft is clearly some kind of small quadricopter drone similar to the one pictured below:

These drones can be controlled via a touch screen interface and the video can be transmitted in real time via wireless modem or Wi-Fi to 3 km by iPhone, iPad connected to the network, laptop or a similar device.
They also have automatic tracking and some can even electrify and incapacitate protesters or “suspects”, “insurgents”, whatever you want to call people expressing their rights.

Interesting Steve Watson says similar but I guess nobody snapped an image of the Russian drone.

Another article details how the British are testing a man-portable laser that blinds:

And it's not just the 'good guys' (snort) that have them-as stated above, Iran managed to hack the signal of a Sentinel drone, and didn't crash it... they landed that bird:

Iran ready to clone US drone

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December 12, 2011
Iran is set to produce its own drones modeled on a US spy craft intercepted over its territory. Experts are at the final stages of decoding the US RQ-170 Sentinel drone and are to copy it using reverse engineering technology.
Iranian lawmaker Parviz Sorouri, a member of parliament’s national security and foreign policy committee, said the country has the capability to reproduce the drone, Iranian TV reports.
If Iran successfully reverse-engineers the drone it will get access to high-tech secrets such as the chemical composition of the device’s radar-deflecting paint or its sophisticated optics.
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Drone lands in Iran.

NOTE: Iran has had 30 years to prepare for a war with the US and they've bought thousands of supersonic cruise missiles.  As I've noted recently Iran also has a absolute geographical advantage, not only with the Strait of Hormuz but that Iran is mountainous and it wouldn't be hard to conceal thousands of launch sites along the Persian Gulf.

See, Alex Jones builds credibility by posting alternate news, then spends that credibiility in acts of uncontrollable hubris.  Sad really.  Just filter the big guy out when he gets loud, annoying, or gets around any dogs.

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