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By a 73-25 vote the United States Senate has made your garden, your food co-op a target for the armies of bureaucrats and thug troopers just wanting more power.
Their hunger for power is all consuming.  So will be the hunger that will consume you as they cut off your food supply.
War's coming.  Two Americas and only one can exist on this continent.



No hiding place from new U.S. Army rifles that use radio-controlled smart bullets

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 4:09 PM on 30th November 2010

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Weapon hailed as a game-changer that can fire up and over barriers and down into trenches

Soldiers will start using them in Afghanistan later this month

The U.S. army is to begin using a futuristic rifle that fires radio-controlled 'smart' bullets in Afghanistan for the first time, it has emerged.

The XM25 rifle uses bullets that are programmed to explode when they have travelled a set distance, allowing enemies to be targeted no matter where they are hiding.

The rifle also has a range of 2,300 feet making it possible to hit targets which are well out of the reach of conventional rifles.

The XM25 is being developed specially for the U.S. army and will be deployed with troops from later this month, it was revealed today.

The rifle's gunsight uses a laser rangefinder to determine the exact distance to the obstruction, after which the soldier can add or subtract up to 3 metres from that distance to enable the bullets to clear the barrier and explode above or beside the target.

Soldiers will be able to use them to target snipers hidden in trenches rather than calling in air strikes.

The 25-millimetre round contains a chip that receives a radio signal from the gunsight as to the precise distance to the target.

Lt. Col. Christopher Lehner, project manager for the system, described the weapon as a ‘game-changer’ that other nations will try and copy.

He expects the Army to buy 12,500 of the XM25 rifles this year, enough for every member of the infantry and special forces.

Lehner told FoxNews: ‘With this weapon system, we take away cover from [enemy targets] forever.

‘Tactics are going to have to be rewritten. The only thing we can see [enemies] being able to do is run away.’

from wikipedia:


Caliber: Low-velocity 25 x 40 mm grenade.

Thermobaric http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/m1060.htm

Armor Piercing http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/m1049.htm
High-explosive airbursting. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/m1019.htm

Range: 500 m point, 1000 m area.

Operation: Gas operated semi-automatic.

System weight: 14 lbs (6.35 kg).

Target acquisition/fire control (XM104).

Weight: 2.54 lbs

4x thermal sight with zoom.

2x direct view optical sight.

Ballistic computer.

Digital compass.

Laser rangefinder.

Ammunition fuze setter.

Environmental sensors.

[edit] Program status

April 2005 - First prototypes are delivered to the U.S. Army for field-testing.[4]

September 2005 - Test firing by regular troops at Grafenwöhr Training Area.[5]

Summer 2009 - Field tests in Iraq or Afghanistan. 2012 forecasted deployment.[1]

November 2010 - Actual Field deployment in Afghanistan. [6]

COMMENT:  Could be a game changer, but that high tech grenade launcher still needs to be aimed properly, the marksmanship fundamentals applied so that electronically fuzed grenade is lobbed correctly-these things don't steer midflight.  Ammunition supply could be a problem, the grenadier could carry some but a magazine per squadmate would also be needed. 

Anyone humping this thing is a priority target....



More On Fourth And Fifth Generation Warfare

The Architect And Fifth Generation Warfare http://www.thestrategist.org/archives/2006/06/the_architect_o.html

The Two Sides Of Grozny

Preparing For Urban Operations (scroll down for series of .pdf files)

Tactics For Urban Combat

Read and think, please.


Yes, they are trying to pass all they can before the TEA Party Congressmen lock things up.

Everything is scripted.  They're going after the food, they will try to do something desperately grand about our guns.  Obamacare is going to really clamp down on our ability to make and keep money.

They WILL attempt to assert more authority over you.

I REJECT their assumption in total, and any attempt to rob the American People of their Right to Life is an act of war.  Hell they've been waging war against us for over a century-taken Pursuit of Happiness and Liberty. 


This is to secure transit against people not licensed to drive or who don't have a car.

This bullshit will spread rapidly, as the still awake majority of Americans accept this propaganda piece as gospel truth and go along with it.

No, the TEA Party is not going to stop this before it's implemented in your city.  Maybe not before you get on that city bus... or are about to but you got some mouth breathing rapist about to feel you up-or take a shot of deadly radiation.

"It's good that the government is making certain I won't blow up something."

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WRSA: We Are All German Jews Now


We Are All German Jews Now

Take the time, please, for this brief essay from Whiskey And Gunpowder.

Set-up for the author's point:

...The ultimate horrors in Nazi Germany were, indeed, much more terrible than anything close to what has occurred so far in America. But one should do more than only consider just the ultimate horrors of what went on in Nazi Germany. One must think about the road that was traveled by the Germans to get to that point.
I believe one of the most serious misunderstandings about totalitarianism is that it arrives as a full package that requires no assembly. That it is put on the people, like a winter coat. All at one time, and in full view for all to see.
This is a grave misunderstanding...
Read the rest, and pass it on.

Insider Selling To Buying Ratio Approaches Five Digits, Hits Record 8,280x In Week Ending November 19


Insider Selling To Buying Ratio Approaches Five Digits, Hits Record 8,280x In Week Ending November 19

Tyler Durden's picture

In the first full week of the latest iteration of post-QE2 POMO, which was supposed to see a dramatic ramp in stocks, the only thing we have seen is the biggest insider buying to selling imbalance since the data has been tracked. Overall, selling by S&P500 insiders was 8,279.5x times greater than buying (per Bloomberg). There were 5 insider buys for a total of $150,673, and 117 sales for a total of $1,247,500,249. There is no point to even discuss what this data point indicates.

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U.S. Military War Gaming for Large Scale Economic Breakdown and Civil Unrest


U.S. Military War Gaming for Large Scale Economic Breakdown and Civil Unrest 

Nov 22, 2010 - 02:04 PM
The majority of Americans believe that recent government intervention into financial markets, the economy and corporate insolvency has reversed the economic downturn which was described by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson as being “on the brink” in 2008. The stimulus, bailouts and unrelenting quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve have thus far been perceived as having averted the further erosion of the U.S. real estate and equities markets. And though the Federal Reserve and economic analysts have recently readjusted their economic growth forecasts downward for the next six months, Americans no longer have to worry about, as Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) said on the house floor in October of 2008, the sky falling, multi-thousand point drops in stock markets and martial law in America.

The recovery - if our government, the Federal Reserve and mainstream media are to be believed - is on the road to recovery - albeit slowly and with some more pain ahead.
If we’ve “prevented economic collapse” and “avoided the depression many feared,” according to President Obama, inquiring minds are asking why the Pentagon and US Military are actively and aggressively engaged in planning responsive action to large scale economic breakdown and civil unrest scenarios:
Ever since the crash of 2008 the defense intelligence establishment has really been paying a lot of attention to global markets and how they can serve as a threat to U.S. national security interests. At one upcoming seminar next month they’re taking a look at a lot of the issues.
source: see CNBC video report below
According to the report, the Army has spent time on financial market trading floors with JP Morgan and others, in the hopes that they can learn more about how a financial and economic attack may occur, and what the ramifications of such attacks on US stocks and bonds may be.
The Army, in a year-long war games series called Unified Quest 2011, is looking at a variety of possibilities and how to deal with them, including:
  • the implications of “large scale economic breakdown” inside of the United States
  • how to maintain “domestic order amid civil unrest”
  • and ways to deal with fragmented global power and drastically lower budgets

    Clearly, the U.S. government is making contingency plans to deal with a worst-case, all-out-collapse scenario of not only the economy, but our social and political systems.

    The war gaming, according to reports, began in 2008 at the onset of the economic crisis, but planners from not just the United States, but around the globe, may have been aware of the dire possibility of economic collapse even earlier. It’s well known that the U.S. government as well as foreign counterparts have been preparing bunkers and continuity of government for decades, but recent preparedness activities suggest that the planning in some aspects has been expedited. Anecdotal evidence indicates that the US government has been the leading buyer of freeze died foods for the last couple of years, and private emergency shelter contractors have reported a shortage in equipment and supplies for building personal-sized bunkers.

    In a previous report titled Homeland Security To “Regionalize” Emergency Supplies Over Next 90 Days, we pointed out that FEMA, headed by Department of Homeland Security, is decentralizing emergency supplies from one main distribution facility in Washington D.C. to fifteen regional facilities around the country. Even the Russians and the EU are in high gear. Russia has reportedly begun planning and development of 5,000 new underground bunkers for the city of Moscow scheduled for completion no later than 2012. The EU, in 2006, commissioned the building of a “Doomsday Seed Vault” in a mountainside several hundred miles above sea level. The facility was built and fully stocked with millions of seeds from around the world within 18 months.

    Though the activities of global governments in recent years could potentially be chalked up to standard national security preparedness and contingency planning, the most alarming indicator that the U.S. government is not just looking at one-in-a-million possibilities in terms of economic collapse is the training of several thousand U.S. Army soldiers to respond to domestic policing and enforcement issues that may include evacuation, detainment and riot response. The real possibility of the need to deploy U.S. military under martial law exists, and the U.S. government is spending millions of dollars training and equipping soldiers to do so if necessary.

    For those who may have their doubts about some of the scenarios these soldiers are training for, we point out the sign being held by one of the riot role players below.

    (Photo taken by U.S. Airforce Tech. Sgt. Brian E. Christiansen, North Carolina National Guard at Vigilant Guard training exercise Ft. Richardson, Alaska - April 2010)

    More military training exercise pictures and descriptions
    It is hard to imagine an America under an economic attack so serious that the U.S. economy could suffer a collapse that would essentially put an end to the world as we have come to know it. But for those who think rationally, especially given the current malaise in financial markets and the U.S. dollar, the possibility cannot be ruled out.

    As such, any government acting in the interests of national security would take steps to deal with and respond to such an event(s).

    For the average populace prole, however, there may not be any real assistance should something like this occur. First and foremost, any government response to an attack on our financial and economic systems will have the primary goal of maintaining order and the rule of law, as well as continuity of government. This is a given.

    This means that if, for whatever reason, be it a collapse of the US dollar that leads to disruptions in the flow of U.S. food supplies or an economic war that goes “hot” leading to worst-case scenarios like cyber attacks on U.S. infrastructure elements like electric and water utility plants or an EMP attack, the government’s mandate will not be to provide food and security for your family, but rather, for those who are deemed essential to accomplishing the primary goals.

    This means that when and/or if it hits the fan, you’re going to be on your own.

    If you haven’t yet, we recommend taking the advice of FEMA (pdf), who suggest that every family have emergency preparedness supplies on hand, including food and water, for at least a couple of weeks.

    For the hard core “preppers” amongst us, you may have already considered this possibility and the chance that the fallout from an economic collapse may lead to an inability to perform daily transactions with the U.S. dollar,  food supply disruptions, violence and looting, and even a completely ‘down-grid’ where utilities are completely out of service. If you haven’t, what would you do if you awoke to news of a total meltdown in the US dollar - one that led to rejection of the US dollar as a currency for international settlement?

    Will you be the one facing off against highly trained U.S. military personnel holding a “Food Now” sign at an inner city riot?

    The U.S. government and many of their counterparts around the world are getting ready - just in case - maybe you should be too.

    By Mac Slavo
    Mac Slavo is a small business owner and independent investor focusing on global strategies to protect, preserve and increase wealth during times of economic distress and uncertainty. To read our commentary, news reports and strategies, please visit www.SHTFplan.com

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11/22/10 J4P UPDATE

From Breacher at A Well Regulated Militia:


The Girlfriend's 6 year old daughter was returned to either her or her family last week on the condition that they have no further contact with Charles Dyer. Not sure if this means his girlfriend is allowed any contact, but apparently the impetus of this was just a phone call or short meeting in a public place to say goodbye until the end of the trial. CPS had the kid picked up over what was apparently a phone call, naming it as a violation of a court order against "contact".

The trial had originally been scheduled for last week also, but local supporters had organized a rally in Dyer's favor. The trial was then postponed because the opposition did not want a confrontation while the child custody issue was still pending. They apparently knew that of all issues in the J4P case, this one was getting the most people ticked off.

The CPS people apparently became more divided on the molestation and child endangerment issues as they did more investigation. Apparently there had been some child endangerment charges filed against his girlfriend, and then subsequently dropped, but under dispute among the DHS workers.

Apparently with the girl being 6 years old and capable of using phones and the internet, the family was able to keep track of her whereabouts, albeit unreliably. There was also some information being provided by sympathizers within one or more of the CPS agencies, one of whom witnessed some heated discussion between the main CPS case officer and her supervisor. The case officer originally assigned to the case in Oklahoma had apparently threatened her supervisor and the prosecution with testimony against them and on behalf of Dyers' girlfriend if they did not release the child from state custody. I was told her name but forgot it already, but it was apparently the same woman who had told Charles Dyer that she thought he was guilty no matter what, and has now changed her opinion.

We don't know what face saving story the government will come up with this, but can accept it at face value except, some of the informants have disclosed that there are at least six other currently disputed cases where children have been taken for about the same reasons, they think under the directives of the same task force, and for the same purpose - to gain criminal convictions against people who otherwise are either innocent, would demand an open trial or both.

Some of those other families in the patriot movement have been contacted by people other than myself, and the shame of being under accusation or the threat of being under accusation of child molestation or endangerment vs the hope of seeing their kids again is being used to coerce various actions. We think that some of those "various actions" are in fact cooperation in the prosecution of their comrades.

I am apparently not being put totally in the loop on this due to some comments made by me, and some folks apparently associated with me which might imply that I think it is OK to use violence in the furtherance of child recovery, or the threat of violence to facilitate the recovery of children being held as a tool for ransoming criminal convictions or the "cooperation" of people in the furtherance of criminal cases.

I will address those issues. I am not encouraging or discouraging any particular act of violence that I would not personally participate in. I simply don't know what other people might or might not be doing, threatening to do, or where their limits of tolerance are or could be if their children are forcibly taken to be used as bargaining chips in a legal conflict.

My personal take on it is that the taking of children as a tool to coerce confessions in any criminal matter, or political alignment or labor on behalf of any party is something that needs to be entirely off the table. Furthermore, forcing people to labor as agents of any law enforcement agency by holding their children hostage is downright evil. Many of us previously had government careers, a few still do. I fail to see how coercive methods such as holding children hostage is going to produce fair and honest cases against criminal defendants which would not otherwise be accomplished fairly and professionally by lawfully appointed criminal investigations specialists who are fairly compensated and enjoy the rights, benefits and privileges of regular government employees.

As a movement, and as any group or website or publication that I support, lead, get respect in or whatever, We will NOT tolerate the taking of children as "bargaining chips" in political conflict, or in the furtherance of the pursuit of any criminal case that comes to our attention. We are also going to clearly note that not too many governments are doing this sort of thing against any other people they consider "sovereign". If some generals kids from Venezuela visit New York to shop for clothes are they picked up by the government and then held as a bargaining chip in some negotiation? How often did the Soviets pick up American kids to use as blackmail? How about among their own dissidents?

I'll say it again, this is not going to be tolerated. I don't even personally know what the other six situations are, but if the government is not holding some pretty darn compelling evidence of child endangerment on those, and be willing to make it available in open trial, that alone make it look like a political coercion child grabbing incident.

False accusations are an unfortunately common tool of social conflict, but child grabbing is not. It needs to stop, and whatever those other six to eight other situations are will need to get resolved sooner than later also.



There’s certain people in the alternative media who lay the blame of the world’s ills on the Illuminati-dependent on what they think that is.

Some think they’re old European and Asian aristocracy, and there is a startling amount of direct blood relations of nearly all American Presidents, for example.  That this is the same clan that has branches extending back to Rome, Persia, China, and that this clan has been ruling and running the planet since the days of Sumer.

Some say they’re the Bildeburgers-the term given to a cabal of leading politicians, bankers and industrialists who meet every so often under the heaviest security possible.  Jim Tucker has spent his career, his life, covering their meetings and their leaked agendas have a tendency to become front page news, history.

Some say part of the Illuminati is the Roman Catholic Church itself-two thousand year old institution whose stored riches could literally end poverty, who keep a lot of history hidden behind the walls of Vatican City, whose Jesuit Order is rumored to have engaged in social engineering in America since the time of the Revolution.  Greg Syzmanski of arcticbeacon.com has contended they are the true power.

Some say it’s the Jews.  Aside from die-hard nazis there are people who assert that there is a Jewish Cabal that has maneuvered the nations of the world to the point where as asserted in the Protocols of Zion they will induce the gentiles to destroy themselves so they can present themselves as the saviors from the apocalypse they created.
There certainly is a Jewish Cabal that controls Hollywood.  Ask Rick Sanchez about speaking about that truth; it’s an acknowledged fact by Hollywood itself but if you’re not Chosen then you’re a racist for pointing out the obvious.

The Neoconservatives worship at the altar of Zionism.  Israel certainly has been lavished with American money and American weaponry.  When Palestinians are used for target practice the media bends into a bowtie to find an excuse for Israel.

Why am I writing this?

I posted an article from J. Bruce Campbell, “Defense Against Jewish Aggression”. http://freedomguide.blogspot.com/2010/11/jb-campbell-defense-against-jewish.html Why?  Because as much as we need to watch out for rogue federal law enforcement agents, infiltrators into the movement and economic sabotage, we need to stand against anyone… anyone… who seeks to destroy us and our Freedom.  Since there’s this cloak of silence about the Jewish ELITE component of the problem… note the emphasis… due to the Holocaust this acts as the perfect shield for the Zionists, the Neoconservatives and anyone looking for the world to blow up so they can get raptured.




tsa agents took my son

As I sit and write this post, 24 hours after this event took place, my hands still shake… with rage and with terror.
I woke up this morning to my husband’s alarm clock, sat straight up in bed and thought “Where’s Jackson?” with fear paralyzing me.
My worst nightmare took place yesterday. Worse than events that have taken place and that I have survived in my short 28 years of living. Worse than my wildest of dreams could conjure.
My son was taken from me.
My son was taken from me by the TSA agents at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport yesterday.
He was taken away from me and OUT OF MY SIGHT because his pacifier clip went off when I carried him through the metal detector.
According to the Transportation Security Administration website,We will not ask you to do anything that will separate you from your child or children.”
Bullshit TSA.
You took my son. MY SON.
Here’s what took place… minute by terrifying minute…
I had Jackson in his stroller, his diaper bag, and a duffle bag which contained my mac book as I entered security. I placed all of these items on the conveyor belt to go through the metal detector. Jackson was in my arms, and in the midst of getting all of our gear on the conveyor belt, my mistake was neglecting to take off my son’s pacifier clip that hangs from his shirt, which is metal.
The instant I walked through the metal detector with Jackson in my arms, we beeped. I knew exactly why.
I told the TSA agent, who asked me to back up and walk through again, “It’s my son’s pacifier clip, can I put it on the conveyor belt?
Ma’am turn around and come back please,” I was told.
Of course Jackson’s clip went off again. Both Jackson and I were then escorted to a 6 ft tall plastic holding box because I was forced to wait for a female TSA agent to search me.
At this point in time, all of my belongings were sitting at the opposite end of the conveyor belt, thereby backing up every other passengers belongings because I was not there to gather mine.
A woman out of the kindness of her heart (and if you are out there somewhere reading this, THANK YOU) saw me just standing and waiting in my 6 ft plastic box and gathered my belongings for me. She waited with my stroller, my diaper bag, my duffle bag and my mac book. This woman motioned to me that everything (including my flip flops) was all together and then she left.
She must be a mother.
She understood.
I was so grateful.
4 female TSA agents stood at the end of 2 conveyor belts, gloves on their hands, none of them searching anyone, none of them doing anything but watching luggage pass through the conveyor belts.
It was at this point in time that I realized my flight was leaving in less than 45 minutes. I had not even been searched yet. I began to panic.
Through the 6 holes in the plastic box that contained Jackson and I, I began asking for help. I waved to all 4 female TSA agents, each of them looked at me and then looked away. Then I started speaking through the 6 holes, and said, “Can someone please search me? My flight leaves in less than 45 minutes.”
Each of the 4 women answered me using the same exact phrase…
Ma’am you need to wait. I don’t care about your departure time.
Eventually one of the four female TSA agents opened the door and let Jackson and I out of our plastic containment box. We were escorted to a chair that was opposite from where my belongings were. I asked if I could bring my belongings over or take a seat closer to where they were. I was told no and to take my seat.
At this point in time, my heart began to race, thinking we would miss our flight and I would be stuck in the Atlanta airport with Jackson for who knows how long until there was another flight to Baltimore.
The female TSA agent stood in front of me while I sat with Jackson and she continued to watch luggage come through the conveyor belt.
Ma’am, can someone please just search me so we can be on our way? We are going to miss our flight,” I said.
The female agent then called an older gentleman, also a TSA agent over. The male TSA agent stood in front of me and said “I’m going to have to pat down your son.
With Jackson still sitting in my lap (he was being so good despite all of this chaos) I said ok and continued to hold on to my son, expecting the male TSA agent to start touching Jackson.
He then told me, “I’m going to have to pick him up to inspect him.”
I rolled my eyes and sternly told him “It’s his pacifier clip that went off, can’t you just run that back through the belt and let us go. We are going to miss our flight.”
The female TSA agent, who had been standing there the entire time said to me, “You need to adjust your attitude and do as you are told.
The male TSA agent repeated, “I’m going to have to pick him up to inspect him.
I handed him my son.
I handed him my son and he walked away with my child.
My eyes welled up with tears, I stood up from my chair and I asked the female TSA agent, “Where is he going? Where is he taking my child? Why is he leaving?”
Jackson, while being whisked away looked at the male TSA agent awkwardly and repeated “no no no no.
I started crying.
The female TSA agent did not answer me.
Panic set in. My hands began to shake. My body was sweating. My breath was short and my heart was racing.
They had taken my child and not told me.
Jackson was out of my eye sight.
I could not see my son.
Now sobbing, I repeated my questions to the female TSA agent.
She told me “Ma’am, we’re trying to be nice to you. We don’t know which one of you went off in the metal detector. Stay here so I can search you.”
But my son… where is my son?” I asked over and over again.
The female TSA agent called a second female TSA agent over as she began to search me. Apparently the second female TSA agent could hear me protesting and asking for my son.
Ma’am you need to calm down or I’m going to have to involve the authorities,” she told me.
Now I was pissed.
Horrified. Terrified. Enraged.
You fucking get the authorities,” I told the female TSA agent while the other continued to wand me and forced me to unbutton my jeans because the button beeped when she went over my abdomen with her wand.
You get the goddamn authorities right the fuck now and tell them to GIVE ME MY SON,” I said.
I began to black out. I knew I was having a full on panic attack. I feared passing out.
I was told to take my seat again, after being searched, but I was not allowed to collect my belongings.
My cell phone was within reach and I grabbed it without being seen by the TSA agents.
I called my husband. I do not remember what I told him on the phone in terms of Jackson and what took place.
I do recall asking him to calm me down because I could not breathe. As a father, he couldn’t. I imagine any father would do the same. Paul had questions, tons of questions. Questions that I was not capable of answering because I literally was losing my breath and on the verge of blacking out.
I hung up and called my mother.
Jackson’s gone,” I remember telling her. I do not remember what she said in return, but she instantly could tell I was having a panic attack. She began breathing with me on the phone in an attempt to calm me down.
She told me, “Nic, you’re going to have to stop crying. You need to be strong for Jackson. He’s going to be that much more scared if he sees mommy so upset. In through your nose… out through your mouth…” I think she may have counted, or had me count, I don’t know.
Jackson was still gone.
My guess is that all of this took place within a period of 10 minutes or less.
It felt like hours… days even.
My son was gone.
Sobbing and seated, I watched both female TSA agents walk away from me and go back to monitoring luggage come through the conveyor belt.
Finally the male TSA agent who took Jackson brought him back.
Jackson was in my sight and immediately started yelling, “Mommy!”
I was hysterical.
Running to my son and grabbing him from the male TSA agent’s arms, I sobbed and yelled obscenities at every single TSA agent who stood guard at the end of the conveyor belts.
One of them asked me if I wanted to speak to a supervisor.
Through tears I told him (or her, I don’t remember) that I had a flight I was about to miss.
With Jackson in my arms, I gathered our belongings, through him in the stroller and ran to the elevator that took us down to the tram to take us to our concourse where our plane waited.
Sobbing as we traveled down the elevator, then during the tram ride, and up the next elevator to our concourse, I began running to our gate. I approached two female Delta agents at the desk of gate B-25.
How much time do I have before this flight leaves?” I asked, knowing I needed to get to a bathroom due to my panic attack.
Looking at me concerned, I was told I had 5 minutes.
I ran to the bathroom. I placed Jackson on the diaper changing station with his juice and then I hit the floor. I could not see. I had no peripheral vision.
Channeling my mother, thinking of my phone call with her, I began to calm down.
I had an emergency Xanax in my jeans pocket. I always carry an emergency Xanax in my pocket. The result of severe anxiety.
I took the pill, but it did very little. I was so traumatized that it would’ve taken probably 4 Xanax to get my blood pressure back down to a normal level.
Splashing my face with cold water, then grabbing Jackson, I ran back to gate B-25.
Both female Delta agents looked at me and asked how they could help. I told them that my ticket had me at an aisle seat and if I could switch to a window (Jackson LOVES the window).
They told me that if I didn’t mind sitting at the back of the plane, they could give me an entire row to myself.
I started crying again. I told them a shortened version of what had just taken place and how grateful I was for their kindness.
One of the female Delta agents walked me down the jetway, helping me with the stroller and getting it a gate-claim ticket.
I hugged her. I thanked her. I got on the plane.
I had my son and we were on the plane.
I called my mother again, telling her briefly that I was on and to please call Paul. I didn’t remember that I had spoken to Paul earlier, and thought he did not know any of what had taken place.
Mom said she would call Paul and tell him everything. She reminded me that I had my son and we were on our way home.
Both Jackson and I slept during the flight. I held him so close that when he woke up, his head was drenched in sweat.
Our nightmare ended once the plane landed in Baltimore. Jackson and I exited, walked out of the concourse and Jackson demanded to get out of the stroller.
He ran to his daddy.
We were home.
I’m unsure how to end this post. I do not know what my story will lead to (if anything) but I needed to do more than file a complaint or write a letter. My hope is that this post of mine will be read by mothers and fathers, passed along to parents traveling with their children… most of all, my hope is that NO PARENT HAS THEIR CHILD TAKEN FROM THEM.

Wait until you encounter the TSA at the bus station, the train station, roving checkpoints...



If you haven't bought food buy NOW, the enemy will not hesitate to use denial of food as a weapon to gain compliance... or your death.  They love starving people, they suffer so exquisitely.

SEAL Training, slave training.

This article shows how the enemy conditions people-soldiers or slaves.  
All are slaves of course so long as they serve the beast.

This conditioning process has been used on you: push you until you protest then back up just enough for you to accept a little less than was originally taken... but you were still taken!


SEAL Training & Trained Seals

by Hellesponte & Kerodin
November 20, 2010 
Consider: Anyone familiar with BUD/s knows that one mental and physical technique used to weed out the weaker minds and bodies is to put Sailors in the cold pacific surf until they reach the very limits of physiologic ability, skirting hypothermia.  A physician is on-hand to monitor core temperatures and enable Instructors to push and push and push, right to the edge.  

At the right moment the Sailors are called from the surf and allowed to circle a fire...just beyond the warmth.  They can see it, they know that a single step nearer the fire will provide some comfort.  They stand there, shivering uncontrollably, teeth chattering, minds screaming for warmth and respite.  As their bodies creep a bit back into the safe-zone of core temperature, the call is made and the order given - back into the surf!
The lesson here is that Government, in this case US Navy SEAL Instructors, understand just how far they can push before something snaps.  If you do not push hard enough, you will end up with weak links in the Teams.  Push too hard, and the organism fails - sailors die in the surf.

Push just right...you end up with a Navy SEAL.

Look across our society and see if you can find that same pattern being employed by those who would be our Masters.

Taxes: They take enough to ensure that you and your family must work constantly.  We do not have the time or energy to march on Washington.  We are too busy to even pay attention, most of the time.  They do not dare man-up and just admit that they are going to take 70% or more of every dollar you earn, but they get it anyway.

The taxes that come out of your check are only the chunk they are bold enough to take from you, daring you to do anything about it.  They get the rest of it every time you buy a good or service.  Buy a loaf of bread, the Government gets a cut.  Buy a meal at a restaurant, the Government gets a cut.  Put gas in your tank, fix a leaky toilet, install windows in your home, hold a yard sale, and Government gets a cut.
Die, and Government gets a cut of everything you leave behind.

They constantly fiddle with the flame under the pot.  They add a bit more heat (taking more money) when we'll tolerate it, and they turn the heat down a bit when we start to get grumpy.  Remember the Sailors running to and from the surf?

Same same.

Fuel: When I was courting my wife in 2002, gas was $1 a gallon.  A few summers ago it shot to $4.50 in the DC area.  I was driving my dream truck - a black Chevy Dooley 4x4 with the 8100 engine.  Not at $4.50 per gallon!

Americans threw a fit, and prices eased, and have now crept back to just about $3 per gallon.  There was no legitimate market force driving gasoline to $4.50/gallon.  The Instructors were running us to the surf and the fire, determining just how much they could charge for gasoline.  They wanted to find that sweet-spot just before we revolt.

It seems to be about $3/gallon.

TSA: Our Masters want to know everything.  Knowledge is power.  Right now we are in the surf and paying $4.50/gallon as regards the Fourth Amendment.  They are putting their hands on you wife's rack!
They'll back off, but you'd better believe the line marking the New Normal for Fourth Amendment encroachment will be leaps and bounds past where it was just a week before TSA started going knuckle deep.

Americans will settle for the New Normal, and Government will enjoy a net gain in power and knowledge about Americans, who will settle for almost anything, so long as it isn't knuckle-bumping the mons.
Patterns.  Look for them, and you will see them.  Then you can begin to counter.
But you will be swimming upstream, because the majority of Americans won't understand or care.  Most of them agree with the violations, with only shades of gray between them as to just how far is too far, or how much is too much.

Government always advances in power.  That is the pattern.

America is doing to itself what no power on Earth would be able to force upon us.

We are running, full speed and with abandon, into the arms of what History will one day record as the most efficient Police State ever to exist on the planet.

Codrea exposes just one facet of what our Masters have planned for us in his Gun Rights Examiner column here.

Snitches are a tool used very effectively by Government.

Snitches often ply their trade covertly, though the most successful are often right out in public, for everyone to see, wearing camouflage and singing the song you want to hear.

Snitches get paid by Government.  Sometimes it is with cash or by check.  Sometimes it is through favors. 
Look for it, you'll see the payoff, even if you don't want to admit it.

Perhaps the height of success in our lifetimes as regards Citizens snitching on one another was under the legendary Mischa Wolf and his Stasi.  

Those in America who would be our Masters know the tools and methods of State oppression and subjugation.  They know too that to bring America under control is a generational endeavor.  They have been at it for many generations, and they are near their end move.  

Government serves as a generation-spanning tool in their efforts, for it provides institutional memory.  Today's newest Federal LEO is taught the techniques of running snitches by the retiring class, and they will refine and improve the art, recording it in training manuals, and handing off the methodology to the next generation.  But it is not restricted to snitches.  Every tool of Collectivist encroachment advances in parallel.

Control is not simply a matter of trained seals (Americans) following laws, regulations and taxes...it is also $4.50 gasoline.

The next time you are offered the lesser of evils, for instance: Pat-down or x-ray, take a moment and examine the premise of the offer.

Is there a third option?

There is always a third option...



Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Attacking anything Jewish is a thicket of controversy but there IS a Jewish Mafia in large part controlling Hollywood and the Neoconservatives wanting to blow up the world to get raptured or take over. 

Until we're willing to call a murderer a murderer-even a kosher one-we're not getting anywhere.

Defense Against Jewish Aggression

15th November 2010

by J.B.Campbell

e-mail: jb_campbell@yahoo.com

Once we acknowledge the threat that faces us – Jewish Aggression – we are left with the problem of how to remove that threat. Jews are in controlling positions in every segment of our lives, from the financial collapse of Wall Street, to the collapse of our currency by the Federal Reserve Corporation, the collapse of the US military from Jewish wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a de facto Jewish war against Pakistan and a threatened Jewish war against Iran. Trillions of tax dollars have been lost to the pockets of Jewish bankers and speculators.

The news media have always been and continue to be in the hands of Jews. These lie factories, thanks to the Internet, are in freefall collapse and deservedly so. If the news media had been honest, we would have been informed and warned of the criminal conspiracy so that we could have dealt with it legally. But we were not informed or warned. It was not in the interest of the Jews to do so, as they explained in their Jewish Protocols a hundred years ago. So to save ourselves we must take the law into our own hands, where it belongs anyway. This is where the failure of news has put us.

Jews are the masters of destruction. They now admit that they possess several hundred nuclear weapons, quite illegally in terms of international agreements, but very logically since it was Jewish mad scientists who designed and developed nuclear weapons and supervised the use of two of them on helpless Japanese civilians. Whether the Jewish nukes actually will work is open to question, since much of what the Israeli military does ends in failure, as we saw with the Lavi jet fighter and Merkava tank and their disastrous invasion of Lebanon in 2006, which ended in a rout. The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was a catastrophic failure that destroyed an elaborate US/Israeli operation to sink the ship and blame it on the Egyptians, which would have “forced” the US military to join Israel and invade and occupy the Arab countries. It is now generally acknowledged that Israel engineered the shock and awe attacks on 9-11, with the complicity of the US air force and intelligence agencies. This attack was finally successful in putting the US at war with Islam.

Israel’s military strategy is completely dependent on the US military backing it up. The fact that Israel now slyly brags about its illegal nukes and even threatens to burn European cities with them indicates they may not actually function, that they are bluffing. Reports of American missile sites being mysteriously knocked out suggest that much of the world’s nuclear arsenal is kaput. But it has been Jews such as Einstein, Oppenheimer and Teller who have been behind the dropping of nuclear weapons on people in the past and Jews such as Netanyahu and Lieberman who want to drop them on people now.

I am proposing that we neutralize the Jewish threat before they try to use them again.

Jewish aggression is caused by their control of our money system. If this is taken away from them, and only if this is taken away from them, we could regain our national health, and the rest of the world could do so, too. There is a very simple way to do this. It has been done before in this country. The two presidents who did it were shot in the head soon afterward, so there is a risk involved. The Austrian leader of Germany also did this quite successfully until stopped by the combined forces of the Jewish allies (America, England and the Soviet Union) some years later. The Jews were successful in stopping these men mainly because the people didn’t understand the nature of money and debt, which the Jews call “credit.”

Once we understand that Jewish Rule depends on their control of our money system we can figure out how to beat them. Events have shown that there is no political solution, i.e., by elected politicians. The politicians can’t save us even if they wanted to, which they don’t. The police and FBI are controlled by Jewish agencies such as the ADL and SPLC. There is lately talk of a US military coup against the Jews but this is frankly unlikely, since there is no curriculum in the military academies teaching the army, navy and air force about Jewish subversion. The Jews have made sure that the only curriculum is about the Moslem threat and the threat presented by American “patriots.”

The way Jews control our money and our lives should be basically understood. It has been done by Privatization of the only legitimate function of the federal government, the creation of our money. This writer is not an admirer of the US Constitution for reasons explained in other essays, but Article 1, Section 8 does specify that “the Congress shall have power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.”

Nevertheless, Alexander Hamilton persuaded President Washington and the Congress to allow the private Bank of New York to become the first Bank of the United States in 1791, in a charter lasting twenty years until 1811. On the Caribbean island of Nevus, Hamilton’s birthplace, it is known and openly recorded that Hamilton’s actual father was named “Levy.” Hamilton was a Rothschild agent. The Bank of New York, aka the Bank of the United States, was a private, profit-making company owned mainly (at least 72 %) by the Rothschild-owned central bank in London – the Bank of England. So, from the very beginning of this country, the financial system has been owned and controlled by foreign Jews and their agents here. Despite a bloody war for independence from England, our money and credit was still run by the Bank of England – and is to this day. Dividends to investors have continued virtually uninterrupted for 219 years! The Bank of New York is today known as the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the actual headquarters of the Federal Reserve System.

Anyone still dumb enough to pay Jewish income taxes should examine the back of his canceled check to the IRS. It will say, “Pay to the order of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.” Why do you suppose it doesn’t designate the IRS or Treasury Department? Why does your tax money go to a private, profit-making English corporation owned by Jews?

The (first) Bank of the United States lost its charter in 1811. Due to our second war with England in thirty-six years, the War of 1812, it was not possible to charter a second Bank of the United States – owned by the Bank of England! – until 1819, when another twenty-year charter was granted. In 1833, President Jackson cut off its funds and this private British-Jewish company calling itself the Bank of the United States died six years before its charter would have expired.

People were a lot smarter or more educated in the 19th Century and they would not allow the Congress to create another private, foreign-owned central bank that would profit by lending us our own currency at interest. By 1913, however, the persistence of the Jews finally paid off when Paul Warburg of Germany bribed and manipulated American politicians to pass the Federal Reserve Act, which gave us our third and current private central bank.

Paul Warburg’s brother, Max, was Germany’s chief financial advisor to the Kaiser as well as the head of the German espionage service during World War I, while Paul was on the board of the Federal Reserve – while Germany and America were at war! Only Jews can get away with such wild criminality.

Our corrupt government pretends to sell treasury bonds on Wall Street which are converted by the Federal Reserve into Federal Reserve Notes for which we pay the Fed to use our own currency! In other words, our government can print and sell bonds but cannot print and distribute currency. The currency must be supplied to us from a private, British/Jewish company (printed at the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving!) at great profit to itself. The US government is now trillions of dollars in debt to this artificial company calling itself by the grandiose name of the Federal Reserve System.

This scam must have irritated John F. Kennedy because he attempted to put an end to it, sort of in the manner of Andrew Jackson, by ordering the issuance of Series 1963 United States Notes – about $4.3 billion worth. That was just the beginning of his move to destroy the Fed. He tied the US Note to silver and this would have meant the end of the Federal Reserve Note, for who would have wanted something backed only by smoke and mirrors? But, five months later, JFK was dead and the US Notes were withdrawn from circulation. I still have one.

But, what Jack Kennedy did can be done again and must be done again. The Federal Reserve Note must be replaced by the United States Note and be issued by the Congress interest-free. This is exactly how the economic miracle of Germany was produced starting in 1933, when Germans were still starving due to our rapacious and sadistic program of “reparations payments to the victors” of World War I. Hitler and Schacht issued interest-free currency tied only to the productivity of the German worker, since we had stolen all of Germany’s gold ten years earlier. By 1935, while American farmers were starving to death and trekking to California to pick other people’s prunes or working themselves to death building dams, six million formerly unemployed German workers were taking paid vacations on cruise ships and buying their first cars. Germany was manufacturing again and exporting goods while the rest of the world was mired in the Great Depression, engineered by the Jewish-owned central banks – the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve. To the Jewish banker, German success was an outrage that had to be controlled or destroyed, and so we became the military partners of the Soviet Union for three and a half years, something America can never live down. Together, we, the Jewish allies, destroyed Germany and millions of Germans for the crime of being successful. To be successful, though, requires the removal of Jews from power. That’s what Germany did, or attempted to do. For that they had to die. For that we were ordered to kill them, which we did by the millions.

Today we face the modern version of the Great Depression. Actual unemployment in 1933 was 25%. Today it is 22% and climbing. This writer was “laid off” a very good job and subsequently homeless for 21 months and was lucky to get his old job back – but for how long? Those 21 months were the most terrible, degrading and frightening of his life during which he and his wife lost their home and vehicles and horses and virtually all of their belongings. Millions of Americans are experiencing this terror right now, with 43 million of us on food stamps! All of this misery has been caused by Jewish bankers and Jewish speculators on Wall Street.

George W. Bush lied us into two evil wars of aggression for the benefit of Israel and the Jewish war profiteers on Wall Street and the banks.

We are the victims of Jewish aggression. I have spent much space on our money system, since it is the heart of our lives. No money – no lives. We must remove the Jews from our money or we will die, and soon. Now, of course, the Jews cannot let go of our veins, arteries and bank accounts. It would be against their religion, the control of all money. We must pry them loose.

There is no legal way to do this, because Jews are the law. The Jews are God and they are the law. So, to bring them under control we must ignore Jewish law and make our own law. What law is that? It is the law of survival.

The Jewish Problem is much more terrible than we even know. Jewish subversion has saturated our lives with death and filth and our minds with confusion and an inability to defend ourselves. If you wonder how this was done, read a few of the twenty-four Jewish Protocols. You’ll get the picture very quickly. Few can read all twenty-four of them – they are too revolting.

Defense Against Jewish Aggression requires that Jews be disfranchised from all positions of power and influence in the important aspects of our lives. Starting with government, of course. Medicine, law, banking, finance, news, publishing, entertainment – all must be free of Jews and Jewish influence. Our actions should start against the powerful Jewish organizations of subversion, such as the Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC, the Jews-only Masonic lodge they call B’nai B’rith and the Council on Foreign Relations, which is roughly 70% Jewish. There are hundreds and hundreds of Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee, the Zionist Organization. Quite simply, these subversive organizations must be destroyed. Jews must be put on notice that their dreamy days of power are ending. All things must end and Jewish power is one of them.

Naturally, the Jews will fight hard to prevent losing their unearned power over us. That is, they will hire as many of us as they can to fight us. Jews can’t fight. They can kill, assassinate, murder and just about anything by stealth, but they can’t fight. When the Jew is confronted with his Jewishness, he splits.

The filmmaker John Carpenter made a great training film for us in this coming struggle. THEY LIVE. Malevolent aliens live among us. But most of us can’t tell who’s who, or realize how they control our lives. A small group of resistance fighters have special glasses that reveal the hideous faces of the aliens, who have taken over the organs of power. The aliens are so evil that no mercy can be shown them. If you see the scary face, start shooting, because they mean to enslave all of us and kill some of us. The only way to save ourselves is to kill them and keep killing them until the source of their power can be turned off – forever.

Carpenter’s aliens are the Jews. Most of them actually look like us. Carpenter’s special glasses represent the Jewish Protocols. Once you read a few of them, you see immediately what we’re up against. That’s why the Jews always freak out whenever the Protocols are mentioned. They are probably the most important writings you will ever read, even if you can only manage a few of them. Victor Marsden of the London Morning Post translated them in a special room in the British Museum but could only manage a page or so per day, so malevolent and disturbing were they. He died shortly after finishing his work.

Just look at Palestine! Do you want to live the way those people live, showing your papers to some creepy armed Jew at a checkpoint twice a day, fearful that he may refuse to let you pass today? This is how life is under Jewish Rule. But forget Palestine – now we’re getting a well-deserved dose of Jewish Rule at our airports. In case you hadn’t considered it, the only reason for “airport security” is the fake fear that enraged, crazy Moslems are trying to get on board with bombs and guns, which the TSA can’t seem to find at the best of times. And why are these Moslems supposedly enraged and crazy? Because of Israel, right? Isn’t airport security all about Moslems being angry about Israel? Now there may have been a couple of fake Muslems with phony explosives in their pants or shoes, but real Palestinians? Name one. Not to mention that most airport security is run by Israeli companies.

TSA now stands for The Sex Aggressors. These morons are now authorized to squeeze your private parts for Glocks and grenades. Little kids, too! A friend of mine’s wife was strip-searched in June after she’d passed successfully through the metal detector because the moron thought she “didn’t look right.” “Airport security” is the result of what Israel does to Arabs. When you get your crotch squeezed, if you haven’t got the brains to stop flying, think about Defense Against Jewish Aggression.

DAJA. First step: Recognize the Jewish Problem. Where does the Problem originate? Well, probably in the synagogues, in Hebrew school, in all the brainwash programs the Jews have for their kids. These kids are born and bred to hate us, to feel nothing when they cheat us, steal from us and kill us. It’s all laid out in the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, and of course in the Talmud. The problem is with the rabbis. I’ve written it before but Defense Against Jewish Aggression means the entire rabbinical class has to be wiped out. That means all the rabbis who preach Jewish hate and all the Jews who accept it. The rabbis are the political commissars who keep the party members in line, just like the Jewish commissars under Stalin who shot Russian soldiers from behind to terrorize the rest into attacking the Germans. I’d bet that a lot of Jews who’d like to assimilate with us would even help wipe out some of the hate-mongering rabbis.

Theodor Herzl comes to mind. Herzl, the supposed designer of Zionism, actually hated the Jewish ruling class and all typically Jewish ways. What he wanted was to blend with the Gentiles, whom he greatly admired. He was rejected because in those days, it was hard to trust a Jew, no matter how much he wanted to be a Gentile, or a Christian. Sad story. So Plan B was to get the Jews out of Europe, out of polite society, and into a land for Jews only. Herzl knew that most Jews just couldn’t behave properly, so the humane thing was to put them somewhere they couldn’t do any harm. What he didn’t count on was the rise of the Russian Jews, the real Zionists, whom he’d never heard of before his 1897 Zionist Congress in Basel. These uncouth roughnecks from the Pale showed up, demanding to go to Palestine. Not Uganda, not Madagascar, not America, not South America – Palestine. These were the phony Jews, the poseurs, the Khazar converts to Judaism but converts who possessed the deadliest zeal in the history of the world. They wanted to kill all the Palestinians and take over “the holy land.” Well?

My late friend, Heinz Weichardt, was another. His mother was Jewish, a famous opera singer in Berlin, his father a well-known journalist with the big German papers. Heinz was a life-long supporter of Hitler and of National Socialism. I recommend his memoir, “Under Two Flags,” on the Gnostic Liberation Front website. Jews such as Aaron Russo and David Cole have done more to hurt the Jewish racket than anyone on our side. So we mustn’t be indiscriminant in our Defense Against Jewish Aggression.

Anti-Jewish operations must be designed carefully. The big organizations must be taken out first.

The US military has never exactly covered itself in glory. Actually, it has been a total disgrace to America. The military has done the Jews’ dirty work, and I do mean dirty, ever since the Civil War and the Indian Wars. World Wars I & II? Imagine, Americans going to fight Germans in Europe! Most Americans in those days were of German descent. Korea, Vietnam… Total disgraces. Desert Storm? Burying alive thousands of Iraqis with their hands up. Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay, Bagram, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman, Fallujah, Predator drones – Jesus, what a shower of shit the US military has always been, including the glory days against the fascists. (Read Other Losses, Crimes & Mercies, Operation Keelhaul if you’re craving US military glory.)

And, soldier boys, I have news for you. The Jews consider YOU to be the fascists. That’s what the military is for, to absorb the “fascistic element” of society (masculine men) into a controllable organization, because you scare the hell out of the Jews. They dread the day that you will turn on them, stop killing their enemies like the fools you are, and aim your guns at them. Watch THEY LIVE. How do you think the guards at Abu Ghraib could become so sadistic so early in our invasion and occupation of Iraq? They were conditioned by Jews with Jewish hate before they ever got out of the US.

I do have one good story to tell about the marines. A buddy of mine, Mike Hanson, was at the airport in West Beirut in ’83, near where Arafat and his men were holed up. A half-dozen Israeli tanks came rolling up to wipe them out. The marines just looked at them but the captain in charge of the airport detail climbed up on the lead tank and held the muzzle of his .45 against the Jew commander’s head. “If this tank moves another foot, your brains are gonna be all over this tank.” Jew commander ordered everyone to leave. This is the only language Jews understand. The upshot was, a truck bomb soon killed over 240 marines nearby. Victor Ostravsky, a Mossad officer, revealed that the Mossad knew about the plot but deliberately withheld the information. Translation: the bombing of the marine barracks was a Mossad operation, probably in retaliation for the marine captain’s heroism. Mike bunked in the open and escaped the blast at the barracks. He carried out a lot of bodies.

But that captain was the exception that proves the rule: the US military man is always obeying Jewish orders. So, the only way for a US military man to gain his honor is to join with this DAJA program – Defense Against Jewish Aggression. It’s the only way to gain honor. You can’t regain something you never had. You joined up to fight, didn’t you? Against all enemies, foreign and domestic? The only foreign enemies we have are in Israel. You don’t need to mess with them. The real enemy is domestic, the Jew who sends you to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran to kill people who never threatened us but who are hated by Jews. We have to clean up this country by wiping out the Jewish organization. Once the organization is wiped out, the Federal Reserve and its stinking Note can be wiped out and replaced by the debt-free US Note.

And that’s how we’re going to clean up this Jewish mess.


told ya
Gulf hero Dr. Soto: Detox or move only ways millions will survive

November 16th, 2010 5:01 pm ET. Greatest disaster of mankind

The humanitarian known as "An American Treasure" who has been consistently advocating for the Gulf people for almost seven months since the Gulf operation began,(1) Mr. Jeff Rense, on national and international Rense Radio, interviewed Gulf hero, Dr. Rodney Soto who advised to fearlessly keep trying to get information to the public that the Gulf crime against humanity will be the greatest disaster of mankind. The only two way for up to 40 million people as far as 1,000 miles inland to survive toxic exposure, Dr. Soto said, is either relocate or be on an intensive, long-term, well-managed detoxification regime.

“They are killing our American citizens, especially the children” and “Cancer is going to surge” are two statements in the radio program unreported by mainstream press.

Born in Equador and completing university work in the U.S. including specialist degrees, Dr. Soto stated that he is regularly finding 5-7 VOCs in his patients. These patients include people not directly involved in clean-up and residents not right on the coast.

“In my opinion, we should not let people eat any of the Gulf seafood,” said Dr. Soto. Dr. Soto believes the seafood is what will kill the most people.

The so-called “safe” amount of toxins is 1.3ppm. Dr. Soto highlighted that in Pensacola and other areas, soon after the Gulf Operation began, the toxic level was 1000’s ppm. Then, “they stopped reporting it.”

Mr. Rense asked how people are being poisoned; “How would you describe the vectors?”

Without hesitation, Dr. Soto listed ways people have been and are being injured:

1. Air

2. Skin (playing in the sand)

3. Food

Dr. Soto said, “The food being distributed now will be the most common way to kill people.”

Mr. Rense’s response about the Gulf seafood was, “It is obviously tainted. They don’t care about human life."

"Where does the body keep toxins it cannot rid?” asked Mr. Rense.

“These compounds are fat soluble,” said Dr. Soto, explaining that among other places is the brain because the brain is 70% fat.

“You willl see cancers in the precious organs,” he said, plus “all forms of brain disorders.”

While it might be argued by some “environmentalists” that “plants and animals have taken the brunt of this murderous operation,” 20-40 million people have been poisoned according to doctors including Dr. Soto. Deliberately sprayed Corexit, banned in other countries due to its human injury of body and mind - in unprecedented amounts, is a crime against humanity continuing today.

Most of these millions of people are not suffering yet, thousands are - all neglected aside from what a few medical people of integrity are doing.

Dr. Soto on RenseRadio and Mr. Jeff Rense provided an international reality check on November 15, both agreeing that truth and courage to publicly share personal information is critical to saving people.

Dr. Soto is one of the relatively few doctors actually testing, diagnosing and treating many of the people poisoned, as all doctors pledged to do when they took an oath to do no harm.

Covering this up and not taking direct action to halt this unprecedented crime is complicity - as Germans were for German Nazi criminals, many covertly working toward their goal in the U.S. since Operation Paperclip.

On Rense Radio tonight, November 16, Mr. Rense will interview two other unsung Gulf heroes, Dr. Tom Termotto and “Picola” Gregg Hall.

Listeners can go to www.renseradio.com - and click on LISTEN LIVE to access the current evening's show between 7 and 9 p.m. Pacific Time.

Following the Rense Raddio shows, for 24 hours, the show is re-run. (The first re-run directly following the Live Show.) Subsequent re-runs of the evening show can be accessed at the up/down arrows at the top of the Listen Live page.

Subscriptions are necessary to listen to Rense Radio Archives. Tabs for Subscribing and Subscribers.' Login are at top of the Listen Live page. Subscribers can also access the show on iTunes.

Copyright Deborah Dupre, Examiner 2010. All rights reserved.

Deborah Dupré, B.Sci, MA. Sci, DipContEd, QMHP from U.S. and Australian universities, human and environmental rights advocate for over 25 years in the U.S., Vanuatu and Australia. Support her work by subscribing to her articles and forwarding the link of this article to friends and colleagues or reposting only title and first paragraph linked to this Examiner page. Emails info@DeborahDupre.com. Send targeting and Gulf illness news tips to her with your name or anonymously. See her Vaccine Liberty or Death book plus Compassion Film Project DVDs.

For information about how to contact commercial fisherman James Martin to lend a helping hand, kindly leave a comment below this article and email info@DeborahDupre.com

Obtain a Toxic Survival Kit or to have one delivered to a Gulf Coast resident in need. See Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors online or email info@gcbarefootdocs.org. Learn to become a Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctor here.

Sign Louisiana's Petition to stop BP/NOAA PR campaign in Louisiana Schools teaching that oil and Corexit are safe.

Make Gulf incident reports and view the ongoing, rapidly increasing incidents at oilspill.labucketbrigade.org. Mobile phone users text or call in reports to (504) 27 27 OIL. Send reports to bpspillmap@gmail.com and through Twitter with the hashtag #BPspillmap. If in danger or witness an emergency, contact your local emergency response agency immediately.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Federal Reserve Is Our Largest Creditor, Not China


The Federal Reserve Is Our Largest Creditor, Not China

The GAO is out with their latest audit of the public debt and the good news is that it presents fairly in all material respects. The bad news is that it's jam-packed with far too many zeros than should ever be included in a public debt report.

Here's my question: how much of this includes debt owed to our own Federal Reserve? Says the GAO about public debt:

Federal debt managed by BPD consists of Treasury securities held by the public and by certain federal government accounts, referred to as intragovernmental debt holdings. Debt held by the public primarily represents the amount the federal government has borrowed to finance cumulative cash deficits. Intragovernmental debt holdings represent balances of Treasury securities held by federal government accounts, primarily federal trust funds, that typically have an obligation to invest their excess annual receipts (including interest earnings) over disbursements in federal securities.

Nowhere in there do I see anything about the Treasury securities purchased by the Fed from banks which we, the taxpayer, are liable to the Fed for (remember, principal PLUS interest, kiddies) but I doubt they'd be so kind as to break that down for the unwashed masses since they are already trying to make it confusing by putting $13,551 into billions of dollars ($13,551,000,000,000). But that's fine, JDA knows where to find the other number. Hold tight. Apparently the numbers are correct but let us also keep in mind that the government does not use GAAP and therefore these numbers are barely a step up from being totally made up.

In GAO’s opinion, BPD’s Schedules of Federal Debt for fiscal years 2010 and 2009 were fairly presented in all material respects, and BPD maintained effective internal control over financial reporting relevant to the Schedule of Federal Debt as of September 30, 2010. GAO’s tests of BPD’s compliance with the statutory debt limit for fiscal year 2010 disclosed no instances of reportable noncompliance.

As of September 30, 2010 and 2009, federal debt managed by BPD totaled about $13,551 billion and $11,898 billion, respectively. Total gross federal debt outstanding increased over each of the last four fiscal years.

Now, back to that debt. $13,551,000,000,000 is what we owe in total to whomever, be that China or "Caribbean Banking Centers". To see to whom we owe what, the Treasury publishes this helpful little chart.

 As you can see by the chart, China is still the largest foreign holder of US Treasurys according to the Treasury. What you wouldn't know, by looking at the chart, is that an even larger holder of Treasurys (therefore, creditor of the United States) is, in fact, the Federal Reserve. That's right, China is not our biggest creditor, it's the Fed.

Because I know those zeros can make it confusing (and likely on purpose since few among us are actually mathletes), let's translate that. The Fed holds $839,000,000,000 in Treasurys, meaning they have surpassed China as #1. Fantastic, ain't it? Don't be dumb and think owing them is any different from owing China, it's all a hostile foreign body as far as I am concerned.

Add $600 billion (QE 2) to that number and China's proclivity towards slyly dumping Treasurys and it's very likely that the Fed could beat our second largest creditor by twice as much once all's said and done.

And hey, don't let anyone tell you the Fed isn't printing money. According to their latest balance sheet release, they're printing it at a rate of $3,385,000,000 a week (or $49,677,000,000 for the year). Surely that doesn't affect their price stability mandate.

Recommended supplementary reading: Who Owes What, and To Whom? Public Debt, Ricardian Equivalence, and Govermmemtal Form by Richard E. Wagner
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Mounting Evidence Points To 2 Wellheads at Macondo

Deciphering the Da Vinci Code of BP’s Well Deception.
-BK Lim
11 Nov 2010 – dedicated to Sharyn Burley & Gary Simmons for their efforts to spread the truth.
There have been consistent rumors since the disaster broke out that BP had drilled two wells. Figure 135-1 shows 2 different well heads placed side by side. Lately we have also seen the corrosive effects of the “potent mixture” that is pouring out not only from the broken wells but also through the crevices in the seafloor. Naturally the vessels working the longest would suffer the most corrosion. See the many you-tube video postings on the “rumors” of hull corrosion. The difference in the “age” of the two wells is most telling if you examine in close up view the yellow marker band. Test your observation and investigative skills on the number of differences between these two well heads.

Naturally 2 well heads means 2 well locations which also mean at least 2 wells were drilled, right? However, it might be difficult for some to grasp this obvious logic.  See figure 135-2 on the official email reply from BP Press office in UK.
“There was only ever one well drilled on the MC252 lease”….. BP Press Office, London
In case there are doubts the “newer and less corroded” well head at well B location is real, figure 135-3 gives the full details of the well location complete with the signature deceptive movement of the well head. If these videos are fakes or video of other well heads in other parts of the world (not from the Macondo Lease itself as asserted by BP) then the many people who recorded and posted these videos independently on the you-tube, must have been robotically controlled and synchronized within seconds to come out with amazingly identical adulteration.

Just as in genetic decoding in DNA analyses, all mutations leave a pattern of coding errors; a distinct departure from any random errors. We have seen the “flying ROVs”, “time-travel drilling rigs” and many wonderful “time-space magic” technology introduced by BP and company.  But can you actually transport a well-head embedded in the seabed through 557ft in less than 16 seconds? We must ask BP to reveal this important technology. If the world is going to be destroyed by all these senseless mass destructive activities, we may need to transport the White House to a safer location. Or we may need to transport ourselves out of this world to another planet. So BP please help, in the name of HUMANITY!
01-Aug-10..….Well A Inspection, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEKyWhPDmwQ
03-Sep-10………..BOP Recovery, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hnR16azv0Q
02-Nov-10.Well Head Inspection, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2It7vcsQg7s
26-Oct-10……Well A Inspection, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cJZyO7NzWY
29-Oct-10……Well A Inspection, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtS0dh_Y1M4