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What needs to happen is that rat judge be run out of office!

Judge Lanny Moriarty
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Racists are everywhere.

Black racists, white racists, muslim racists, asian racists... jewish racists:
  1. Ofcourse
    Medium Size Shadchan
    There's a Shul in Boro Park, whose Rov spoke on Yom Tov about how Goyim will clean our shoes after Moshiach comes, and other such lowly tasks, with Goyim caretakers listening closely.
    I was thinking these statements, made in English, were not much worse than other racist remarks heard regularly from non-Jewish preachers, and criticized by us.
    I walked home sickened.
    On a similar vein, I was thinking that if G-d wants us to rejoice in the humiliation of non Jews, then after Yetzias Mitzraim, after the Mitzriim caused us much pain and degradation, we were nevertheless scolded by Hashem "Maasei Yodai Tovlim Bayom v'Atem Omrim Shira, teaching us how we have to relate to Maasei Hashem, other nations.
    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. Helpful
    The Rov shlita is correct! And the goyim will do so willingly and happily, so even they will WANT to do all that to serve G-d.
    I agree it might have been better to say the drosha in yiddish. But unfortunately too many of us aren't fluent in it. Whether it was still worthwhile relating in English, is another shaila.
    But if you felt it was a c"h, how is repeating it on a public website which has many more hundreds plus goyish readers than the couple of goyish handymen in a small shul, less so?
    Posted 1 year ago #
  3. coffee addict
    Once killed a Troll with his bare hands
    we have to be careful about our words
    everyone should realize were still in galus
    also everyone is given lips and teeth to not say whatever you think
    Posted 1 year ago #
  4. Imanonov
    You are 100% right that the Rav should never have said such things. There is absolutely no need to elaborate on what will be after Moshiach's coming and specially here in Golus we have to be extra sensitive to the walls having ears.
    Just one correction. We were not scolded as our Shirah was allowed and probably even required. It were the Malochim who also wanted to sing Shirah who were rebuked.
    But that is not relevant to your observation about that Rav
    Posted 1 year ago #
  5. Ben Torah
    Being the President's shoe polisher is a royal honor. Being the Prince's doorman is a royal privilege.
    The goyinm will be fighting over which of them gets the royal honor of serving G-d's children in any capacity.
    And the whole entire world will by then acknowledge Klal Yisroel are G-d's children, and everyone will want to help facilitate them serving Hashem in every possible way.
    Posted 1 year ago #
  6. WIY
    "I walked home sickened."
    You should have been "sickened" that you completely missed the boat in what your Rav said. Its as Ben Torah says above, its an honor to serve a prince or a member of royalty.
    Maybe you just dont have enough pride in who you are?
    Posted 1 year ago #
  7. Ben Torah
    Exactly. The correct title for this thread should have been Kiddush Hashem from the pulpit.
    Posted 1 year ago #
  8. coffee addict
    Once killed a Troll with his bare hands
    Being the President's shoe polisher is a royal honor. Being the Prince's doorman is a royal privilege.
    The goyinm will be fighting over which of them gets the royal honor of serving G-d's children in any capacity.
    And the whole entire world will by then acknowledge Klal Yisroel are G-d's children, and everyone will want to help facilitate them serving Hashem in every possible way.
    Exactly. The correct title for this thread should have been Kiddush Hashem from the pulpit.
    it's true that that in the future it will be considered an honor but now it will only stir anomosity
    Posted 1 year ago #
  9. Helpful
    Incorrect. If explained properly, the honor of serving G-d's servants, is wonderful. Besides, we are talking about a post-messiah period, and I don't think goyim are worried about -- or even BELIEVE -- that "future." And additionally, this was said in a shul of yidden on Shabbos/Yom Tov.
    Posted 1 year ago #
  10. Ofcourse
    Medium Size Shadchan
    Folks, put yourselves in others shoes. We dont need to ask for more enemies. I doubt real Gedolim would have been pleased with that Drasha.
    Posted 1 year ago #
  11. Helpful
    I doubt real Gedolim would even hesitate before saying the very same thing.


It's important not to simply look at national or world events, or to pay attention to who is in public office in your town, but to the largest questions.

The enemy has managed the scientific community and academia and has suppressed a LOT of knowledge.

A lot of pre-Sumerian knowledge.

Why are there pyramids everywhere on Earth?

How did a Latvian immigrant to Florida in the 1950's build his Coral Castle by himself using limestone blocks weighing many tons?

Hyperdimensional physics is real.  The fundamentals of mainstream physics are fundamentally flawed as we don't get the truth.  Read the article...



Did Obama Kill His Grandmother?
Saturday, May 26, 2012 8:22
100% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

Did Obama murder his grandmother, Toot, who held a deep dark secret that would have crushed his candidacy--the fact that both she and his grandfather were Communists that had been investigated by the House UnAmerican Committee. This video examines the many questions surrounding her death, Obama's motive, his curious behavior, and the method he used to kill her. Obama has many questions to answer, including why she was not brought back to the hospital after it was learned she was suffering from a "relapse" of cancer, why she was cremated instead of being buried next to her husband, and why Obama left her apartment and snuck around the back of her building in an attempt to hide the evidence of his poisoning by mercury. It is clear that Toot suffered classic symptoms of mercury poisoning shortly after Obama's first visit in August, 2008, and died only 9 days after his second visit in November, 2008. Since mercury poisoning is cumulative, Obama's second dosing of his grandmother surely killed her. He could not allow his grandmother, an active Communist in the 1950s, to remain alive, to give interviews and potentially derail his campaign.
Such a coincidence that Obama's grandmother die on the eve of election day, I don't think so, watch this video and decides yourself.




Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state for 16 members of the United Nations and also heads the British Commonwealth:

From Wikipedia:


The prime ministers of five members of the Commonwealth at the 1944 Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference.
In 1884, while visiting Australia, Lord Rosebery described the changing British Empire, as some of its colonies became more independent, as a "Commonwealth of Nations".[5] Conferences of British and colonial prime ministers occurred periodically from the first one in 1887, leading to the creation of the Imperial Conferences in 1911.[6] The commonwealth developed from the Imperial Conferences. A specific proposal was presented by Jan Christiaan Smuts in 1917 when he coined the term "the British Commonwealth of Nations," and envisioned the "future constitutional relations and readjustments in essence at the all-important Versailles Conference of 1919 by delegates from the dominions as well as Britain.[7][8] In the Balfour Declaration at the 1926 Imperial Conference, Britain and its dominions agreed they were "equal in status, in no way subordinate one to another in any aspect of their domestic or external affairs, though united by common allegiance to the Crown, and freely associated as members of the British Commonwealth of Nations". These aspects to the relationship were formalised by the Statute of Westminster in 1931. The statute applied to Canada without the need for ratification, but Australia, New Zealand, and Newfoundland had to ratify the statute for it to take effect. Newfoundland never did, as on 16 February 1934, with the consent of its parliament, the Government of Newfoundland voluntarily ended, and governance reverted to direct control from London. Newfoundland later joined Canada as its tenth province in 1949.[9] Australia and New Zealand ratified the Statute in 1942 and 1947 respectively.[10][11]

[edit] Remaining members gain independence

After World War II ended, the British Empire was gradually dismantled to the 14 British overseas territories still held by the United Kingdom. In April 1949, following the London Declaration, the word "British" was dropped from the title of the Commonwealth to reflect its changing nature.[12] Burma (also known as Myanmar, 1948) and Aden (1967) are the only states that were British colonies at the time of the war not to have joined the Commonwealth upon independence. Former British protectorates and mandates that did not become members of the Commonwealth are Egypt (independent in 1922), Iraq (1932), Transjordan (1946), British Palestine (part of which became the state of Israel in 1948), Sudan (1956), British Somaliland (which united with the former Italian Somaliland in 1960 to form Somalia), Kuwait (1961), Bahrain (1971), Oman (1971), Qatar (1971), and the United Arab Emirates (1971).

[edit] Members with heads of state other than the Sovereign

The issue of countries with constitutional structures not based on a shared Crown but that wanted to remain members of the Commonwealth came to a head in 1948 with passage of the Republic of Ireland Act 1948, in which Ireland renounced the sovereignty of the Crown[13] and thus left the Commonwealth. The Ireland Act 1949 passed by the Parliament of Westminster offered citizens of the Republic of Ireland a status similar to that of citizens of the Commonwealth in UK law. The issue was resolved in April 1949 at a Commonwealth prime ministers' meeting in London. Under the London Declaration, India agreed that, when it became a republic in January 1950, it would accept the British Sovereign as a "symbol of the free association of its independent member nations and as such the Head of the Commonwealth". Upon hearing this, King George VI told the Indian politician Krishna Menon: "So, I've become 'as such'".[14]
The other Commonwealth countries recognised India's continuing membership of the association. At Pakistan's insistence, India was not regarded as an exceptional case and it was assumed that other states would be accorded the same treatment as India.
The London Declaration is often seen as marking the beginning of the modern Commonwealth. Following India's precedent, other nations became republics, or constitutional monarchies with their own monarchs, while some countries retained the same monarch as the United Kingdom, but their monarchies developed differently and soon became fully independent of the British monarchy. The monarch of each Commonwealth realm, whilst the same person, is regarded as a separate legal personality for each realm.

[edit] New Commonwealth

As the Commonwealth grew, Britain and the pre-1945 dominions became informally known as the "Old Commonwealth", and planners in the interwar period, like Lord Davies, who had also taken "a prominent part in building up the League of Nations Union" in the United Kingdom, in 1932 founded the New Commonwealth Movement, of which Winston Churchill was the president.[citation needed] The New Commonwealth was a society aimed at creation of an international air force to be the arm of the League of Nations, to allow nations to disarm and safeguard the peace. Some of these ideas were reflected in the United Nations Charter, drafted in Dumbarton Oaks (21 August to 7 October 1944) and San Francisco (25 April to 26 June 1945).[citation needed]
The term "New Commonwealth" has also sometimes been used in the United Kingdom (especially in the 1960s and 1970s) to refer to recently decolonised countries, which are predominantly non-white and developing. It was often used in debates about immigration from these countries.[15]

[edit] Objectives and activities

The Commonwealth's objectives were first outlined in the 1971 Singapore Declaration, which committed the Commonwealth to the institution of world peace; promotion of representative democracy and individual liberty; the pursuit of equality and opposition to racism; the fight against poverty, ignorance, and disease; and free trade.[1] To these were added opposition to discrimination on the basis of gender by the Lusaka Declaration of 1979,[16] and environmental sustainability by the Langkawi Declaration of 1989.[17] These objectives were reinforced by the Harare Declaration in 1991.
The Commonwealth's current highest-priority aims are on the promotion of democracy and development, as outlined in the 2003 Aso Rock Declaration,[18] which built on those in Singapore and Harare and clarified their terms of reference, stating, "We are committed to democracy, good governance, human rights, gender equality, and a more equitable sharing of the benefits of globalisation."[19] The Commonwealth website lists its areas of work as: Democracy, Economics, Education, Gender, Governance, Human Rights, Law, Small States, Sport, Sustainability, and Youth.[20]
The Commonwealth has long been distinctive as an international forum where developed economies (such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and New Zealand) and many of the world's poorer countries seek to reach agreement by consensus. This aim has sometimes been difficult to achieve, as when disagreements over Rhodesia in the late 1960s and 1970s and over apartheid in South Africa in the 1980s led to a cooling of relations between the United Kingdom and African members.
Through a separate voluntary fund, Commonwealth governments support the Commonwealth Youth Programme, a division of the Secretariat with offices in Gulu (Uganda), Lusaka (Zambia), Chandigarh (India), Georgetown (Guyana) and Honiara (Solomon Islands).

[edit] Structure

[edit] Head of the Commonwealth

Under that formula of the London Declaration, Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of the Commonwealth, a title that is currently individually shared with that of Commonwealth realms.[21] However, when the monarch dies the successor to the crown does not automatically become Head of the Commonwealth.[22] The position is symbolic, representing the free association of independent members.[21] Sixteen members of the Commonwealth, known as Commonwealth realms, recognise the Queen as their head of state. The majority of members (33) are republics, and five have monarchs of different royal houses.

[edit] Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

The main decision-making forum of the organisation is the biennial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), where Commonwealth Heads of Government, including (amongst others) Prime Ministers and Presidents, assemble for several days to discuss matters of mutual interest. CHOGM is the successor to the Meetings of Commonwealth Prime Ministers and earlier Imperial Conferences and Colonial Conferences dating back to 1887. There are also regular meetings of finance ministers, law ministers, health ministers, etc. Members in Arrears, as Special Members before them, are not invited to send representatives to either ministerial meetings or CHOGMs.[21]
The head of government hosting the Head of Government Meeting is called the Commonwealth Chairperson-in-Office, and retains the position until the following CHOGM.[23] After the most recent CHOGM, in Perth in October 2011, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard became Chairperson-in-Office.

[edit] Commonwealth Secretariat

Marlborough House, in London, is the headquarters of the Commonwealth Secretariat, which is the main intergovernmental institution of the Commonwealth.
The Commonwealth Secretariat, established in 1965, is the main intergovernmental agency of the Commonwealth, facilitating consultation and cooperation among member governments and countries. It is responsible to member governments collectively. The Commonwealth of Nations is represented in the United Nations General Assembly by the Secretariat, as an observer.
The Secretariat organises Commonwealth summits, meetings of ministers, consultative meetings and technical discussions; it assists policy development and provides policy advice, and facilitates multilateral communication among the member governments. It also provides technical assistance to help governments in the social and economic development of their countries and in support of the Commonwealth's fundamental political values.
The Secretariat is headed by the Commonwealth Secretary-General who is elected by Commonwealth Heads of Government for no more than two four-year terms. The Secretary-General and two Deputy Secretaries-General direct the divisions of the Secretariat. The present Secretary-General is Kamalesh Sharma, from India, who took office on 1 April 2008, succeeding Don McKinnon of New Zealand (2000–2008), and was re-elected in 2011 to begin his second term in 2012. The first Secretary-General was Arnold Smith of Canada (1965–75), followed by Sir Shridath Ramphal of Guyana (1975–90) and Emeka Anyaoku of Nigeria (1990-99).

[edit] Membership

[edit] Members

Flags of the members of the Commonwealth in Horse Guards Road, next to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London
The Commonwealth flag flies at the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa
The Commonwealth comprises 54 countries (including one currently suspended member), across all six inhabited continents. The members have a combined population of 2.1 billion people, almost a third of the world population, of which 1.17 billion live in India and 94% live in Asia and Africa combined.[33] After India, the next-largest Commonwealth countries by population are Pakistan (176 million), Bangladesh (156 million), Nigeria (154 million), the United Kingdom (61 million) and South Africa (49 million). Tuvalu is the smallest member, with about 10,000 people.[34]
The land area of the Commonwealth nations is about 31,500,000 km2 (12,200,000 sq mi), or about 21% of the total world land area. The three largest Commonwealth nations by area are Canada at 10,000,000 km2 (3,900,000 sq mi), Australia at 7,700,000 km2 (3,000,000 sq mi), and India at 3,300,000 km2 (1,300,000 sq mi).[35] The Commonwealth members have a combined gross domestic product of over $10 trillion, 50% of which is accounted for by the three largest economies: the United Kingdom ($2.2 trillion), India ($1.7 trillion), and Canada ($1.5 trillion).[36]
The status of "Member in Arrears" is used to denote those that are in arrears in paying subscription dues. The status was originally known as "special membership", but was renamed on the Committee on Commonwealth Membership's recommendation.[37] There are currently no Members in Arrears. The most recent Member in Arrears, Nauru, returned to full membership in June 2011.[38] Nauru has alternated between special and full membership since joining the Commonwealth, depending on its financial situation.[39]



An American Revolution Contextual Resource

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Some of you may find the following .pdf file available at to be of some value: The Pulpit of the American Revolution, or The political sermons of the period of 1776, with a historical introduction, notes, and illustrations(1876) This book contains quite a bit of valuable contextual information for those interested in the founding of America as an independent nation, and the Revolution in general. The more I read and study the subject, the more I am convinced that in addition to earthly concerns and grievances, the American Revolution was as much a product of the pulpit ... more »

ROTFL...MAO (Takes on a New Meaning)

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Mindweapons in Ragnarok links to a story about the Chinese "back door" in US computer chips. Hey... Good thing the US Government is saving money when it comes to national defense... we wouldn't want to cut into entitlements or government funding of La Raza or ACORN. Or the First Lady's visits to known terrorists. What's the funniest part? *The US Government put Mao (the harmless "agrarian reformer") into power, and established Marxist-Maoist China. * more »

The US Government Violates Yet Another Nation's Sovereignty

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Can you go hard? I mean, can you drop the civility and the reflex polite smiles when you are face to face with a Liberal idiot? Most of you have seen that I am usually patient and tolerant. I can also speak up and get ugly quickly, both online and in person. And I do not believe in proportional response. Consider: Your Liberal co-worker or neighbor goes to the polls and pulls the lever for politicians who will go to your City Hall, State House and DC to tax you more, restrict you more, and reduce the quality of life for you and yours. Does that co-worker/neighbor deserve your po... more »


John Mosby at NousDefions-We Defy! - 18 hours ago
So, in the interest of spreading rapport and knowledge amongst the American resistance-to-be, I'd like to point out that I'm not the only SF/former SF guy currently teaching classes/clinics. The guys over at SFMedics are currently offering clinics. I don't know everything they're offering, but, while I DO teach TC3, up to the Tactical Field Care, inclusive of both the current doctrinal protocols and expedient modifications for guerrilla/resistance elements (taught it this weekend, in fact, with an AAR forthcoming from a participant), I guarantee you that the 18Deltas (SF medics, for... more »

Gulag Bound: "Hunger Games" Review

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A Two-Part review of *The Hunger Games*, from Gulag Bound. Part One Part Two It's not the standard *"The Hunger Games is a good movie because it's against the evil government"* review. This review is quite a bit better than that, in my opinion. more »

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Perspective: Gloom & Doom

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Yes, the world around us is moving in directions we do not appreciate. Yes, finances are tough for most of us and the jobs picture sucks. Yes, Communists and petty tyrants are seeking to have their way with us. Breathe. Every generation has faced and will face most of the same challenges of life. Tribes will seek to dominate or eradicate other Tribes. In every age there will be men who mean to be Masters. Every man and woman will run into people who do not like them. Every man and woman will have to endure the pettiest among us, once in a while. Breathe. In our little piece of... more »

Militia Medical Training- Leave the Classroom

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I posted much of the following in response to this post at WRSA. I think that some of the best field medical training I ever partook in wasn't classroom stuff, but a field exercise complete with OPFOR. Under somewhat miserable (and wet) conditions, we took our classroom knowledge to the field, and were evaluated in treating different types of casualties under different simulated circumstances. The difference was in the stress, and the possibility that a wrong move could not only mean the medical provider becoming a casualty, but in the squad-killing ramifications of having two woun... more »

Memorial Day - Rememberance and Outrage

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April 19, 1775 - American Patriots are struck down in an attempt to prevent their firearms from being confiscated by British troops, which would have suppressed their means of their God given rights to self-defense. Their deaths were not in vain and led to the birth of the united States of America. Not to diminish those who fought and died in other wars, such as the War of 1812, WW1 and WW2, more »

Casualties in Chicago this Weekend: 25

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Two dozen shot in utterly disarmed Chicago this weekend, again proving the idiocy that is the logic behind citizen disarmament. *More than two dozen people were shot across the city between late Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning.* *One died and several others are in critical condition in shootings that left a total of 25 people injured, according to police. A 6-year-old girl was among the wounded.* *Five people were shot on the West Side within 20 minutes of each other in two separate attacks about 2:10 a.m. and 2:30 a.m. Police are investigating the possibility that t... more »

Occupy DC: Not so much...

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Update: Here's the map and schedule for Rolling Thunder Memorial Day in DC. Here's the link. ~ K ~~ Mrs. Kerodin and I have been in and around DC the last few days, and the next few days will be more of the same. Occupy: Nowhere to be found. Probably a good idea for them, anyway. It's Rolling Thunder in DC this weekend, and you can't move 20 feet in any direction without finding a cluster of bikes that are worth $250k. The Mall was blocked off today, and we enjoyed the bikes from the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia into every section of the city we traveled. Flags are flying, ... more »

Praxis: More discussion on Guerrilla Logistics.

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Trayvon and those innocent skittles.

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Department of Homeland Insecurity List of Keywords.

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Battlefield Prayer: John Paul Strain

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"Battlefield Prayer" by John Paul Strain

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California Government Hides Billions From Taxpayers

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The Big Lie
Over the past weekend, Gov. Jerry Brown of California took to the safety of YouTube to reveal that the Golden State’s budget deficit is now $15.7 billion, far greater than the original $9.2 billion estimate in January. (CNN, May 15, 2012)
The Simple Truth
The State Government of California has $100′s of billions in liquid investments and assets, could easily pay off all of its debt tomorrow, and would have $100′s of billions left over.
What if I could show you over $577 billion in investment fund balances that aren’t being reported by the California State Government on its budget report?
Well that is what I’m about to do…
In this article we will once again show the purposeful omission of massive amounts of wealth by your government. If you live in California, this may well be the most important thing that you read this year. If you live elsewhere… rest assured that the same holds true in your State, County, Municipality, School and other districts.
In what can only be called a recently government produced propaganda video, California Governor Jerry Brown is addressing and purposefully lying to the people of California, where he nicely threatens to cut school funding by multiple billions if the people of the State do not vote in favor of his new budget plan:

“Gov. Jerry Brown’s 2012-13 budget would slash $5.2 billion in public school funding if voters reject the tax increases he is trying to put on the November ballot…”
So… is California in such a financial deficit, as the Governor and his proposed and revised budget plan so matter-of-factly states?
This is the question that we will be answering today. But in order to answer this question, we must go to the true source of financial auditing for government, the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). This report – the full accounting of government and its investments – is virtually never spoken of publicly. It is not mentioned on the nightly news. And it is not referred to when addressing the people about taxpayer issues and budgetary considerations and shortfalls. In short, this CAFR report is the Holy Grail of government accounting; very difficult to read and comprehend, and worse of all… it is hidden in plain sight.
Here is a link for the 2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the State government (corporation) of California – a 300 page, independently audited report required by federal law, and which will be the subject of the following information.
And for previous years back through fiscal year 1999:
Now, the first thing that must be understood is the difference between the partial “budget report” as referred to above by the Governor, and that of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report – which is the full audit of the California government. The following paragraph is taken directly from the 2011 CAFR report, and explains this difference quite succinctly…
On page 200, the 2011 California State CAFR explains the following (emphasis mine):
“On a budgetary basis, the State’s funds are classified as either governmental cost funds or nongovernmental cost funds. The governmental cost funds include the General Fund, most of the funds that comprise the Transportation Fund, and many other funds that make up the nonmajor governmental funds reported in these financial statements. Governmental cost funds derive their revenue from taxes, licenses, and fees that support the general operations of the State. The appropriations of the budgetary basis governmental cost funds form the annual appropriated budget of the State.
Nongovernmental cost funds consist of funds that derive their receipts from sources other than general and special taxes, licenses, fees, or state revenues and mainly represent the proprietary and fiduciary funds reported in these financial statements. Expenditures of these funds do not represent a cost of government and most of the nongovernmental cost funds are not included in the annual appropriated budget…”
And so we can see that governments participate in many business activities; and we must first and foremost understand that a large portion of liquid investment assets are held within what the government calls “non-governmental” activities, including “Enterprise Operations”. These investment assets are usually kept in what are called “Investment Funds”.
But government is only obligated (by its own law) to report what it refers to as “governmental” or “taxpayer” activities to the citizenry on its “Budget/Appropriations Report”. Tax in… Tax out…
In short, the Governor of the great corporate State of California is lying to his taxpayers through the act of omission of these CAFR facts, by only referring to a hand selected portion of that CAFR, which is called the State’s annual budget report. While this should be tried as perjury, the laws of the State/Federal government protect him from this ever happening.



The discussion began with a very experienced and right-minded shooter discussing the need for rigor in teaching the proper use of a sling during basic rifle marksmanship training.
Another hard-hearted, very competent man then replied:
In my experience, really becoming effective with sling-supported positions takes a lot of time, some painful stretching of unused muscles, and a reasonable height/weight ratio. In USMC bootcamp, we spent an entire 6day/12hour week “snapping-in” on reduced size targets before allowed to bust a single live round. The “snapping-in” was interspaced with classes on sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, doping the sights for range and conditions, and of course, sling-supported positions. It hurt every single &*%$#! day and was one of the most tedious and exhausting weeks of boot camp.
My current observations suggest that all you can reasonably hope to achieve over the course of a single day event with civies is to help them understand the very basics and motivate them to push forward on thier own time. There is no way to shortcut poor physical condition and lack of skill in one day. To get the most out of these events they need to do their share and bring something to the table. Once they get tired and sore, this “exciting” new shooting sport with the lofty historical overtures doesn’t seem so much fun anymore. Always makes me wonder just how they think they are going to handle the third day of hard wilderness pursuit, with the stress of knowing their family, friends and business associates are seeing thier face all over TV portrayed as a “murderer”.
A friend of mine used to say concerning women, “When you are eyeing that good looking gal in short skirt and heels, you really need to picture her sitting across a very expensive desk with her very expensive lawyer as they lay out their new plan for your finances.”
It’s also pretty sage advice for the lovers of liberty. It’s all internet back slapping and “I love ya man”, but the reality of it is battle rifles are for killing other men, folks that are respected and loved by the majority. Their killing is not going to have folks standing up and cheering.
It’s going to scare the *^%! out of most.
Let me tell you one more thing about killing and the effect it has on your peers. It scares the folks around you and they will think of you differently. Killing in self-defense in the heat of the moment with a group is very different than striking from ambush or even mounting a well-done raid. This concept should not to be taken lightly, nor should the effects it will have on you and your peers, which at that point will be a very small few indeed by the security issues related to your new legal status.
Ever consider what you are going to have do when one of your life long buddies decides he has made a big mistake and wants to go home?
Point being you really can’t think of your “shooting buddies” as they are eating dinner and drinking some beers after the shoot. You need to think of them under very different circumstances. I bring this up because spending the time and money to shoot well are just tiny parts of the big picture and folks that don’t have the gumption to stay in shape and bring minimal skills to the table now don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever being effective.
I know this got a little side tracked from sling positions, but not really. IMO, they are both a mental thing. There are no secrets to good shooting – the skills are well documented. It’s just a matter of deciding you are going to do it.
All mental.






There are thousands of fuel rods sitting in a pool a hundred feet off the ground and open to the air, only with water continuously pumped back in to block the worst of the radiation and to keep the rods from melting down.


Three of my videos have had bitching aimed at them by Youtube on the behalf of corporations intolerant of Free Speech:

Cops... Wake Up has been banned worlwide:

These corporations are nothing but bullies, here's me disputing their claims:

Cops ...wake up
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Langley Productions
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This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law.
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I have a good faith belief that the claim(s) described above have been made in error, and that I have the right(s) necessary to use the contents of my video for the reasons I have stated. I have not knowingly made any false statements, nor am I intentionally abusing this dispute process in order to interfere with the rights of others. I understand that filing fraudulent disputes may result in termination of my YouTube account.
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All material was used under the 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech, and under Fair Use for Freedom of Speech about political and current events, in particular about the epidemic of police brutality and official sanction of police brutality which has only intensified since this video was compiled nearly 3 years ago.  I claim no copyright to the video, make no attempt to profit.  Fullscreen 2, FOX, and Langley Productions are engaging in censorship because their actions belie a likely pro-police state attitude and therefore find this video offensive to their worldview.  Freedom of Speech is Constitutionally protected and that includes dissent under Fair Use.

How Hard Is It To Help A Patriot
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"Helmet-Unsung (Album Version)", sound recording administered by:
Reason for dispute
This video uses copyrighted material in a manner that does not require approval of the copyright holder. It is a fair use under copyright law.
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I have a good faith belief that the claim(s) described above have been made in error, and that I have the right(s) necessary to use the contents of my video for the reasons I have stated. I have not knowingly made any false statements, nor am I intentionally abusing this dispute process in order to interfere with the rights of others. I understand that filing fraudulent disputes may result in termination of my YouTube account.
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All content used under Fair Use in the United States of America for Free Speech use in a political context.  No attempt to profit or steal legally or otherwise was or is being made.

So that's where all that stands.  E-mail YouTube, tell them Free Speech is exactly that.  Don't let them bully you.