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K, people this is to keep you informed on his case. We are well aware of how horrible this topic is. We must not let that keep all of us from being aware, this can be any one of you. Please see below.

Yes, on April 19, 2012 J4P was found guilty on emotion and hearsay ONLY. I promise you and will supply to anyone what is needed proof J4P NEVER had his day in court.

People, when the day comes, and we know J4P is not alone, that someone can be found guilty on "hearsay" or a "story" ...we are all in trouble. As I have been saying, "this can happen to anyone of you."

1. J4 was promised he would have his day in court. He faithfully reviewed all the discovery with his lawyer, and knew if all this was shown to a jury they will see he had and would NEVER do such a horrible crime.

2. As a matter of fact the family has an audio of Ken Western, FBI, recorded from the FBI office by his family. In this audio Western and other agents state, clearly, "we make sure we have people charged with child abuse and sexual abuse on their own children to be sure to have no support..."

This audio was not used in his April 16 2012 trial. The family is saving it for the firearms charges BUT, I beg to differ....I think it should have been used.

3. J4P had no way of knowing all of his evidence was not going to be used by his lawyer or that the judge was going to shut the defense down. The family didn't find out until Sunday morning the lawyer simply said "I rest," without talking to J4P about it. Also most of the discussions took place in judges chambers. J4 told his family he was stunned by this action and never expected it.

He was offered on Monday, after jury selection I believe if he were guilty he would have taken this plea and disappeared into the sunset. HE COULD HAVE WALKED OUT OF THAT JAIL A FREE MAN ON APRIL 16, 2012. J4P did turn the plea down. Lets never forget that he stood strong, proud and with out fear in court.

4. The Negative DNA report was not used this would have created reasonable doubt for the jury. There was NO reasonable doubt at all used or allowed by the judge.

5. Valerie Dyers uncle, James Hekia, a class 3 sex offender, had access to the child, was allowed on the witness list. Hekia was brought to Stephens, County Jail, Duncan OK, to be a witness for the defense. This was done at the expense of the Dyer family. The judge disallowed hekia to be put on the stand, why you ask? Think about it, if you cant create reasonable doubt, you WILL Get a conviction.

I am waiting on some court docs now, you all have seen the negative DNA report, if not, PM me for a copy I want to double check this lawyer.

Note on Hekia conviction record, to show how they play dirty, hekia had been convicted of sexually abusing two little girls and one little boy. After he was added to the defense witness list, his record was changed to read "indecent exposure" The attorney has a copy of the original convictions on Hekia.
see link below

Now you tell me, who wanted J4P behind bars???

to be continued

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