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J. Croft

Remember that symbol?

Millions of Askenazi Jews were forced to sew them onto their garments at gunpoint by the Nazis.  Same Nazis who had confiscated what meager arms they had before herding them at gunpoint into walled off ghettos, then herded them at gunpoint into cattle cars to concentration camps where they were worked and starved-all at gunpoint.  Of course, those millions were disarmed well before that; obeying their rabbis, their political leaders, not questioning, and certainly not asserting themselves over their public servants.

The enemy likes to repeat history.  They want to do the same here in America.

They HAVE been diong the same here in America the past two generations; FEMA camps, black helicopters, MJTF, the use of military assets-all were planned in the 70's, set up in the 80's and rolled out for Ruby Ridge, Waco.

America was shocked.  We'd won the Cold War-peacefully-against the Evil Soviet Empire and here were our protectors assaulting a church, laying siege to dozens of people and then assaulting them again with tanks and burning and gassing them to death-on Patriot's Day, April 19!

The event galvanized Patriots, and the militias grew exponentially.  They tried to cut off the supply of "assault weapons" but that only fueled the fire of Freedom.

So the US Government, after making certain none of their thugs were in the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, blew it up.  Blew it up with charges of C4 planted in the structure-a pattern they'd repeat a few years later as that Ryder truck full of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil doesn't have the brisiance-the velocity of it's explosion-necessary to shatter steel and concrete.  Tim McVeigh was the patsy they caught... doing 80mph on a stretch of country road, no license plate on his car having a hadngun with the infamous Black Talon hollowpoint ammo... a patsy who put up no resistance.  A patsy who on the stand at his trial could not answer questions because of "national security."

Well, they tar babied the militias with that false flag operation.  Patriots hid, went underground.  Others remained with their units, which by then had been infiltrated or founded by enemy agents as honey traps.  America tried to enjoy the rest of the 90's and the tech boom, watched Friends and Michael Jordan.

Well, there was Elian Gonzales...

...which was a symbolic triumph of communism-backed up by our enemy the United States Government.  Eight years can be a long time but...

...But, happy times were still here, even after the NASDAQ crash I mean, how can billions be invested in all those frivilous internet companies but that's how the US is run-ridiculous bubbles like the internet and real estate and then the rug's yanked out from under the market and all the players who moved the chess pieces got all the loot. 

Happy times ended on 9/11.  Now, there's some amount of confusion still as to who exactly perpetrated that attack and even some controversy on the how but those two rusting, asbestos filled white elephants laden with freemasonic symbolism WERE exlosively brought down in a demolition that also demolished Freedom in America.  They certainly were not taken down by 19 Muslim terrorists... six of whom were later tracked in their homelands instead of dying in New York and Washington.  And those jets certainly were not taken down by the world's most sophisticated air defense system that was ordered to stand down on a day slated for the largest amount of simulated attacks ever. 

Remember Shephard Smith's quote?  "This is the new normal.  It is forever."

The 'new normal' became the Patriot Act-drafted in the 90's by the now Vice-President Joe Biden who also authored the 1994 assault weapons ban.  Following that a few years later, the Victory Act; both Nazi pieces of legislation.  America accepted it, just as we accepted invading and conquering both Iraq and Afghanistan in our name.  We had abandoned Afghanistan after the Soviets left and had been screwing with Iraq since the CIA installed Saddam Hussein to power and had him wreck the most modern Moslem nation in the Middle East fighting a pointless war with Iran then prodded by State Department envoy April Glaspie to invade Kuwait and kicking off a 11 year war and siege of that nation.  Yes, we're supposedly pulled out of Iraq but our soldiers cannon fodder have been replaced by mercenaries.  They want you to call them 'contractors' like they're building a add-on to your home.  At the cost of over a million Iraqis lives.

Then the 'new normal' became the TSA:

It is as absurd to think that a small American child could smuggle explosives or arms as it is that these bottom-of-the-barrel control freaks and pedophiles are protecting us from any potential real terrorists... if they wanted to find those all they have to do is look at each other and their superiors.

Their 'superiors' have ordered about a half billion rounds of hollowpoint .40 caliber ammunition, their standard caliber, to do this:

so they can keep doing this:

and if you object:

Oh, wait, Obama's in power it's not Bush-wrong totalitarians now:
...We may be seeing a LOT of these fellas when they foreclose on all that debt paper they bought from the US.

And these guys will be aiding and abetting them...

There are millions of these kinds of thugs, twisted into thinking power is all there is.

There are over a hundred million Americans that have been bred and conditioned into dependency on the beast, the very beast that seeks to finish off Our America, that has built a paramilitary police force of millions-everyone from Maybury's SWAT team and their M113 to the US military itself and with all the foreign troops on 'maneuvers' so that fire support for their pedophile rapists is guaranteed.

Those hundred million Americans or so are slaves to welfare and see nothing past what's to eat and what's on TV.  They will support the beast as it wages war against us all, even going so far as to raid and assault people for growing their own food.

They mean to starve us.  They've already economically starved us so they're working on our food supply.  They'll next try and cut the internet, and then do something to shock as many people as possible into surrendering their arms, our last line of defense against the beast US government.  

So that's our struggle; over our very means of survival.  Our first battle is within ourselves... are we REALLY going to emulate European Jewry and surrender our arms, and surrender ourselves to our enemy?!

How does anyone NOT remember what happens in concentration camps:

Our strategic outlook is simple, we are to be exterminated and only total victory is an option.

We need the means to drive all our enemies from our land.  To do that we need land, resources, people. 

Land we take through our current governmental form through recall election-not waiting for the election cycles and we emulate the GIs from Athens TN in 1946.

With poltiical control we have economic control and we can build small town industry and economy.  Make that town a staging ground, a showpiece to expand the Second American Revolution.

We'll need actual territory to defend and power the greenhouses we need to build because of enemy raids, because of Fukushima and GMO contamination. 

To accomplish this the Patriot Movement must take ACTION.  Stop being news junkies, stop backing symbolic campaigns run by symbolic candidates who have no interest in supporting coherent state and local campaigns.

Most important, YOU must never accept being disarmed.  You must never again ask the enemy for permission to be armed-or anything else for that matter.  Certainly not accepting wearing anything like this:

To do all that one must be willing to risk all, to defend what's theirs against anyone with the maximum amount of force one can apply.  To find that strength one must turn to God, Our Father.  He awaits in your heart to find a quiet spot, tune out the world and find Him.

Our Father doesn't want a few million hypocritical televangelist worshippers praying for genocide as their free ticket rapture ride into Heaven.  Our Father wants you to stand, fight back and derail Revelations instead of seeing the destruction of our Earth take place.  Rapture theology was a fraud anyway perpetrated so that Christians will just worry about themselves instead of opposing the evil that has metasized in Our America.  That's a fight that's been on and off for over two centuries now-there's only room on this continent for one America.

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