Tuesday, May 08, 2012


Here is the same address for Sgt Dyer.
Below are the addresses you may also share online, offline and will need for your own records.

The address to send letters ONLY to Sgt. Dyer:

Stephens County Sheriff's Office
C/O Charles Dyer, inmate
101 South 11th
Duncan, OK 73533

For future references, because there will be many more CHIP INs made each December, the most you can make a link with CHIP IN for is one year.

If you type in to your search engine "free july4patriot" all of the chips of each previous year, will come up.

We will be sure to keep his mailing address and his family's address right on TOP of the current chip in link page. The CHIP IN pages are also for blogging. We do not add info to this often, most is posted in the forums and on his facebook support page.

http://july4patriot.chipin.com/free-july4patriot-2012 << addresses are at this link as well.



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Anonymous said...

There must be a new address now. This is the old one from last year.