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J. Croft

“WHOA! You need to stop right there! You crazy or something-advocating murder?!”

Okay, I’m not advocating you to kill all lawyers. Happy? I mean, lawyers are people too. Men, women, white folks, black folks, all the other hues of the Human Race choose to hit the books for four more years of grueling study and face the scholastic gauntlet of the BAR exam. Usually, unless you got connections, or manage to bribe or get a copy of the answers you have to be pretty sharp to pass.

They put their pants on one leg at a time. They eat, sleep, fart, pick their noses, their butts just like a lot of us. Sometimes publicly…

They drive faster than allowed by law their colleagues draft at times, just like us. They see a dollar bill wafting on the ground they try their best to look slick while they swoop down to pluck it up.

Sometimes they’ll eat too sloppy and spill some spaghetti on their pin-striped suit. Sometimes they’ll think they’re making a fart and crap their pants, and try to look slick as they excuse themselves to clean up their black pants. Being smart, maybe they have a spare pair laid aside in case of such a contingency-then don them and realize only when they go RRRIIIIIIIIPPP at the crotch that they’ve grown a size or two.

Lawyers like anyone else are forever looking for a leg up, an opportunity. Every client that comes to them pays cash-the total amount may be smaller if in a lump sum up front… but that’s dependent on the client’s negotiating prowess, the sum, and that particular lawyer. Most people though take the offer that’s given-if they can afford it.

Lawyers, if they have any skills with people-and most of them do-will sell their client on their ability to get the outcome they’re looking for… or something they might live with. What those poor bastards don’t find out until too late is the simple truth that lawyers have to also maintain good relations with their colleagues-whether in other law firms working their clients for every cent, or in the courts presiding, trying over their cases for massah state, or in various political offices-forever plotting to seize more money, more power from us all.

That means if you’re their client they have to sell you out if truly defending you means pissing off those that butter their bread, that let them have a easy time “litigating” in the courts for easy cash flow as you turn and twist in whatever trouble you’re in:

You could be the target of a opportunistic turd looking for a easy score by suing you, or getting you arrested for something they set up. Soon as you hire on a lawyer, he or she will get on his phone to talk to the opposing counsel-another lawyer or the local prosecutor-and they’ll both work out a game plan for your attorney to drain you dry before the state has it’s way with you.

You could be out and about-doesn’t matter where or when-and some chump starts a fight with you, like he has a license to do so. He does because he’s the mayor’s son/live in gay companion/whatever and has to be the alpha male somewhere in his life… you being his punk bitch will do. Pick the wrong lawyer, someone who has to practice in that town, and some kind of back door deal’s made… trumped up charges are made against you, it turns into you assaulting the faggy chump and instead of the mayor’s boy toy doing time it’s you.

Kinda outlandish, over the top you say? How about this one: you’re on a lawnmower having a beer and some traitor cop gives you a DUI as you mow the lawn? And you’re CONVICTED?! By the way this is a true story-man appealed to the State Supreme Court to overturn it… think dude had a lawyer solidly backing him the first time on this ridiculous charge? Nope.

…How about the thousands of innocent Americans convicted for self-defense each year… forced into plea bargains by their step-n-fechit lawyers making that deal with the scumbag prosecutors(lawyers) that just want another prosecution on their record instead of doing the right thing and dropping the charges, the illegal, unconstitutional prohibitions on carrying a weapon for self-defense.

How about the thousands of innocent Americans that had to kill in self-defense and were forced by “their” attorneys who after bleeding them dry financially callously railroad them into accepting the state’s “deal”-deals made by their golfing buddy/prosecutors.

How about all the civil suits where the outcome is predetermined-and God help you if you’re the target because you got some money.

Now let’s flip this around-how about all the lawyers working in government… all the judges who fix the rules in favor of the state. All the prosecutors who ruthlessly condemn the innocent to years of hell in prison and destitution, all the “public pretenders” who the damned turn to as a last resort only to be sold out.

How about all the lawyers who get themselves elected to the legislatures that write all the laws the legal racketeers use against us all. All the lawyers who become mayors, governors, president who are in charge of administering and enforcing the laws the lawyers make.

How about all the really rich lawyers who serve the CEO’s and international bankers who use the sargasso sea of legalese their fellow BAR(1) lawyers write to avoid all the rules and their repercussions that the rest of us are condemned to obey or lose it all.

Lawyers are the enemy.

I’ll repeat, at length in case what you just read escaped your mental grasp: lawyers are the enemy. Not a physical threat if you encounter one-they’re typically as flabby and weak as any other person who spends most of his time clothed in fine suits.

Unfortunately, like most people who spend most of their time clothed in fine suits, they wield a disproportionate amount of political power, because they make the rules and then turn around and use the loopholes they make for themselves to get away with everything that’s wrong with our nation.

Lawyers in fact have created most of the problems with our nation, and have done so from its very origin.

Open your eyes and look around! Lawyers have transformed a once Free Nation into a tyranny of laws, and for those that write those laws-lawyers.

Lawyers teach other lawyers; taking them from the public school brain dead the neo-communist universities already mind controlled into serving the beast, as they’re turned to think they are some “intelligentsia”(2) supposedly superior to the rest of us. That’s why they view people who actually work for a living as so beneath them.

Lawyers make the laws, writing them as convoluted and complicated as possible so the People have no defense, no recourse save other lawyers who keep their convoluted law codes to themselves.(3) And yet these lawyers use their laws against us, blaming us for not knowing it, claiming “ignorance of the law is no excuse” as they rob us of everything we’ve worked for.

Lawyers are not the top of the heap. That spot belongs to their masters, the bankers and their inbred banking clans. Lawyers however, oversee the administration the enforcement of their laws. To repeat for your benefit lawyers command bureaucrats to make certain everyone obeys their laws. Bureaucrats being the small minded, jealous, control freaks that they are(too stupid to make it through law school but not stupid enough to disqualify them from “public service”) revel in the “authority” the “law” grants them. They in turn write their own rules and regulations to “guide” compliance and enforcement of lawyer’s laws, that they bust our balls with.

Bureaucrats typically are just as wimpy and out of shape as lawyers so it might seem easy to just reach over and snap one’s neck, or use them for target practice. Unfortunately these traitors have protection-and these traitors are armed. Federal agents, cops and soldiers-more authoritarians who just want to kill and rob-are commanded to enforce their rules, regulations and laws without question-and they write their own “guidelines” on how they enforce the lawyers laws and the bureaucrats regulations.

Most ‘murikans are trained by their favorite hollywood actors to love and worship their cops and troops, even when they go door to door after letting thousands of stranded Americans to die of thirst and hunger to sieze their guns, even when they shoot women and infants with high powered sniper rifles, burn them in their own churches. They hear about the up to three million of their fellow countrymen incarcerated and think “gee there must be a lot of crime”. They don’t think that they might run afoul of one of the beasts law enforcement thugs(4)that they might meet the wrong cop at the wrong time while they were minding their own business doing nothing….

… and then they get arrested. More often than not they get roughed up because massah state likes to employ the most sadistic brain-dead, unpatriotic thugs they can get. You might even get killed in the process, but that’s relatively uncommon-unless you’re a minority or a gangbanger. It’s better than 50/50 if you’re in a Patriot group.

When you are arrested by one of the state’s enforcement thugs for breaking some lawyer’s law, and indicted by lawyers employed by the state, you’re compelled to hire a lawyer yourself-because there are so many laws, regulations, rules it takes a lawyer to wade through the legal mess they and their predecessors made. “Your” lawyer is by the way, an “officer of the court”-just like the prosecutor, bailiff, the judge, the law enforcement officer who read you “your rights”. Together they administer the law… against YOU!

You definitely will be paying out some sum of cash-in court fees, because it’s a for profit business your sacrificing for. Doesn’t matter about the why-get that and any other sense about “justice” out of your head right now. To those that serve the beast, what you allegedly did or did not do is nothing more than a statistic. Driving a little faster has no more real moral impact than say, robbing a bank. Only if you happen to harm one of their own does it become personal(5)… not that you can expect justice from a pack of racketeers and thugs in the first place.

The state’s minions would prefer you to occupy a cell in one of their prisons-fighting for your life and get stuck with more time, or breaking down and wind up forced to explore your new-found femininity.(6) America spends billions in incarcerating a ever-growing number and variety of victims. Those billions spent go into someone’s pocket.

Prison guards get a pittance, but they took the job mainly for the power, physical and sexual, over slaves: when you’re in the system you’re a slave.

The administration, including the warden, get a little more. If they own stock in a firm that manufactures items and constructs for the prison system they get a lot more.

It’s the prison industry that constructs the prisons, manufactures the clothes, builds the security systems and weapons that get all the government spending-all the taxes you pay out half your wages from your corporate slave job for!

Your money flows into the corporate coffers, which then flow into the stock values, dividends of the shareholders… of which most of the shares will be owned by… wanna guess?


So what to do about them? How do we take our America back from their collective and individual grip?

PREFERRABLY, in a manner that doesn’t involve destroying what they’ve left of America in a bloody civil war.

You can start by fighting them in their own courtrooms; as a member of a Jury.

Juries have the little known-little talked about-power of JURY NULLIFICATION.

Jury Nullification is where the Jury asserts it's right to judge not just on the facts but the circumstances, and WHETHER THE LAW IS EVEN RIGHT!

Judges, prosecutors and other lawyers hate it when Juries nullify laws, setting innocent people free from their racket... all that work screwing people over and sending them to prison over some lines of coke-wasted.

All you have to do is IGNORE the judge's "instructions", which amount to JURY TAMPERING, and decide from your heart and make up your own mind.

Go to

Overturning bad law and bad lawyer(about all of them)in their own courts is a start-but just a start. If we are to free our land from their legal tyranny, we must seize our government back!

As stated, lawyers either serve the beast in some kind of official function or they have a private practice and serve it by being vultures-circling around the victims of the beast who in ignorance go to them for help. The ones in government office are more vulnerable, particularly in all the shitty little burbs they corrupt. Just look up that town’s laws on elections, and start a emergency election campaign to clean house-right now while we still have SOMETHING of a Constitutional government where the beast has to use local governments to impose most of it’s tyranny.

Find a slate of candidates. There’s lots of unemployed folks, lots of senior citizens enduring agonizing boredom yet who still can function, lots of average folks with axes to grind enough to take a chance…

You find the clauses that enable you to call an emergency election. Shouldn’t be a problem to find cause of some kind or another due to fraud, corruption-or worse.

You set up your campaign-DO NOT HAVE A CENTRAL OFFICE IT WILL BE RAIDED! Pretextes are made up all the time for “drug raids” by psychotic SWAT cops who just want to wreck your lives. Have all your records and equipment duplicated and located secretly in PRIVATE HOMES well outside the targeted town’s jurisdiction. You and your people will have to watch each other, guard each other very carefully because planting drugs or “drop guns” during unjustified stops and detainment will be standard operating procedure for the lawyers and their bully cops… you’re threatening their livelihood of being public parasites.

Document your efforts by a skilled videographer and produce videos on your peaceful efforts. Get them distributed across the internet and burned disks placed at newsstands, libraries, bars, malls, wherever they’ll be picked up.

If you choose your targeted town well, there’s enough rage by the People for you to simply tap-and offer solutions. Obvious stuff like rewriting the town’s criminal code, top to bottom cleaning out of the police force, examination of the town’s true finances according to it’s Consolidated Annual Financial Report ought to carry you over the top and into elected office.

You have to seize public office, all of them in a town. For only when you seize government office and clean out the lawyers and bureaucrats and their tazer happy thug police can you begin to do something about the plague of lawyers that infest private practice. Write some laws regarding all lawyers practicing law to submit to a examination of their records. A new standard for practicing in YOUR town should be made that weeds out all the charlatans and thieves… you’ll wind up with a short list. If they don’t pass your muster…. and they shouldn’t… they’re banned from practicing and subject to arrest and prosecution… what irony.

Rewriting YOUR town’s laws so resorting to a lawyer won’t be necessary in the first place would be a even better ideal.

To eliminate the lawyers on a national level the small town miracle you just pulled off must be replicated in neighboring towns, taking over counties, marching across the states until the metropolitian areas are under siege by Free Americans. That’s going to require that your motivated fellow townsfolk who helped you pull off your revolution move to neighboring towns across the same county and replicate what you just did-adjusting for each towns own politics and circumstances.

Pending successful campaigns across your county-which shouldn’t be a problem once you’ve cleaned out YOUR town of the scum occupying public offices and ripped out all their laws it ought to be paradise-your primary target in YOUR county is the Sheriff.

Sheriffs are the most powerful law enforcement officials in the country. They alone have the power to stop both state and federal officials from enforcing the enemy’s laws.(7) Having a Patriot Sheriff and a cleaned out Sheriff’s department will of course block any other legal attacks by lawyers… if the can’t serve papers to sue or collect judgements if their own agents are arrested.

And once you’ve taken back YOUR county from the enemy, and made it and it’s towns and townships into examples of what true American Freedom is, your motivated people need to move to surrounding counties, concentrating in the most vulnerable little shitburgs like you did in YOUR own county, dislodging the local scumbag lawyers, bureaucrats and thug TRAITOR kid tazering cops.

The movement you got up off your lazy, couch potato ass and attacked lies and fraud with TRUTH will then have a momentum all it's own as Freedom expands across the country, isolating the enemy in their bigger metropolitan areas. Big cities, providing they haven’t succumbed to Regionalization(8) will fall piecemeal just like the country did. Provided that is, if you get up off your lazy couch potato ass and start taking back your land from the lawyers. Eventually enough local power will be taken back through local towns, counties, cities and ultimately states that a move to clean out the federal government can realistically be achieved.

Go to MESSAGE TO MR. AND MRS. AMERICA and MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT where I go into further detail on what you need to do:

Yes all this sounds rather na├»ve but the only other option to freeing ourselves from the tyranny of the lawyers is to kill them all, however we have no choice-it’s us or them, our America or theirs(9). Jesus warned us of their type-appearing as virtuous as can be, the finest decor but inside the worst corruption. What would you rather have-a political war across America, or a shooting war that will destroy what’s left?

J. Croft

(1)BAR-that’s an acronym for BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTRY. The American BAR association is a branch of a British organization. The term “esquire” lawyers call themselves is a title of nobility.

There was a 13th Amendment, now lost, that banned titles of nobility to any office holder in

The legal code the lawyers have written is secretly known in their circles as admiralty law or maritime law. That gold fringe on the American flags in government offices isn’t just flag bling-it’s the symbol that that office is operating under unconstitutional law. Admiralty law is a law of contracts that has replaced the old common law that ordinary could understand-and knew. Yes, once upon a time in America, average folks represented themselves in court-but with the little remembered bankruptcy declared by FDR during the depression that law was

We are still unwittingly under bankruptcy The uniform commercial code is maritime law, it is used to regulate us. No lawyer is going to tell you this, not just because he’ll get disbarred but because in his warped worldview it’s not in his interest to tell the sheep how they’re getting sheared.

(2)Had a college professor who taught political science 101. Charming man, had a gift for public speaking. His first day he stood with his lanky frame extended his arms and proclaimed to us snot nosed college students that “we are the intelligentsia, we are the elite”. The rest of his course he spent filling us with information about the origins of America that should’ve been taught in grade school. Last day of the class I go up to him and he complimented me(I spent most of my time doodling cartoons on the desks)and I ask him what “progressive” meant, since he proclaimed himself one. He said “socialism”.

Socialists are thieves that use state power to get what they want. Remember that.

(3)Go to any library with a law section. Takes up like a quarter of the books. And the beast expects us to know the law?

(4)You’re online reading this? Google up “police brutality”-there’s millions of hits. Go to go to their forum and read in shock and horror; today’s cop is a brutal, brainwashed, authoritarian robot just bright enough to try to entrap you in some lawyer’s law.

(5)And I suppose you’re saying its way passed time these bastards got clipped. That would be rather violent, I mean, do you know what that would take to pull such CRIMINAL ACTIVITY off? You’d have to:

Get physically tough; do some exercises, learn how to fight. Learn how to shoot, both close in combat and long range rifle fire-go to for the best training. Join a militia group through for the rest.

Make some alliances with other like-minded folks, better they be in a demographic not related to yours.

Get some safe houses, make some arms caches with clothes, money.

Start making your target lists now. Know where they live, what they do , where they hang out.

Learn how to be a urban chameleon. How to dress so you blend in with the crowd you’re in, how to observe both average folks, police, where the cameras are. This is basically people hunting, and your prey is the most dangerous on Earth; the beast that controls and enslaves our nation.

Plan your raids with escape and exit plans your first priority, and build your raid operations around that concept.

Have someone with a video camera whose cool under combat conditions but won’t otherwise kill someone themselves. Documenting your victories and including educational tools on how you pull such operations off, keep the disasters as instruction on how NOT to do it.

Sound suppressed firearms give a big advantage. .22 Ruger automatic pistols are easy to fit a ad-hoc suppressor made out of a plastic tube, duct tape, some clamps, and stuffing. Any caliber bigger and you’re looking at making a really good one; to commit a federal crime that brings 10 years/100,000 dollar fine look in your local paper for the next gun show, find a book seller working the show and finding a green book called “military grade suppressors up to .50BMG”.

While you’re at the show pick up a .22 Ruger pistol from someone walking the aisles-for target shooting. You can also find “private collectors” and buy your weapons and gear unregistered. You’re also most likely to find night vision gear you can buy without mail ordering it and divulging your address to a database.

In any event, you're going to be on the run until you either die from exhaustion, get killed, or by some miracle you actually start a real shooting war you actually win...

(6)You’ll definitely find others who hate the system just like you. Unfortunately they might hate you more for being a different color or you look at them wrong. If you can make alliances in jail-do it! Just remember nothing’s free in the joint and if you don’t have some kind of skill, strength or knowledge to share or some friends they’ll take the one asset you do have-your ass.

(7)Outside of the federal government using naked military power against you and your “insurgents” so I’d also read MARTIAL LAW SURVIVAL GUIDE.

(8)Regionalization is the movement to integrate all local, and county governments into a unaccountable, unconstitutional body with all the real power and no checks or balances. Any such govenrment body will require retaking the federal government to handle… legally.