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This is an alert from B.A. Brooks the founder of United American Freedom Fighters and everyone must read this NOW.

Do NOT join a militia or seek out a group, they are ALL INFILTRATED by the enemy!

Those that aren't are deep, deep underground so you will not find them.

You need militia knowledge? While the internet's still available GO TO YOUR PUBLIC LIBRARY and use their computers to download from and use keywords on sites like and the torrents.

You want training? Learn to shoot on your own. Download from or reference my blog for the Rifleman post. Get an quality airsoft replica of your rifle and IN YOUR HOME practice all the tactical stuff you will need, plus make half inch wide targets and shoot in your hallway.

Certainly get in shape; walk, jog, run, lift.

Network quietly. Sniff people out. Make survival circles and if you've got quality people... are you a quality person... if you've got quality people and you've trained and prepared-there's your militia. Not some 20 star jackass or some fed operative looking to profile and target as many Americans who would resist as possible for The Day. The Day is coming...

Is the Truth Movement Hijacked? That would be the govt. number one priority, get your deep cover operatives in to steer the movement into a brick wall... how many brick walls have organizations with patriotic Americans run into? Too many. How much pissy infighting? Too much.

I myself never joined a militia group. I knew they'd all be hijacked or founded by traitors. Be warned.

J. Croft



By: B.A. Brooks


When I first got active in the patriot movement, one of my goals was to unite all militia units within The United States under some kind of allegiance with a main purpose of communication and unity. What I learned was that most militias operating in America are using the patriot movement to further their own personal agendas which range from many extreme and radical theologies. Some are pure racists while others are religious radicals, and then you have the radical religious racists. There are only a handful of actual militias operating today and I have found the rest to be just a bunch of guys with guns who wear camo. I would also be inclined to say that 99% of American militias have been infiltrated by FBI agents and or informants, if not actually being started and run by the FBI.

I have also learned that many individuals within the patriot movement are really informants/narcs and this is why I have now isolated myself from most people and organizations. It is not that hard to point out these individuals if you just sit back and watch what people are doing. Who is always starting trouble within the movement? Who is always pointing fingers and blame at others within the movement when in reality they should be focusing on the true political problems we are all facing? Who is always trying to create infighting within the movement? Who among you is trying to insight violence? When you start looking and listening, you will see clearly who these people are. I have found out in life that the person that is constantly telling you they are your best friend and will always have your back, is the first person to put a knife in your back. I do not talk about others in the movement but will tell you that a few of these individuals are highly revered by many and when they are exposed, most will be totally caught off guard and shocked. Many of you reading this article right now have unknowingly befriended FBI/CIA/ATF Agents, undercover law enforcement, informants and narcs. This is the main reason why I have disassociated my self with The American Resistance Movement, while also isolating myself from most others within the so called patriot or truth movements.

Many of these people are the real deal

but with that said, most have been seriously infiltrated or are actual federal agents. Learning the truth about all of these things has been very hard for me to accept because I have been such a huge supporter of A.R.M. and other organizations over the past several years that I must now walk away from. It was a good idea but it is over now and I urge you all to move in new directions. You can only really trust yourself, close friends and family in these Orwellian times.

I have always said that knowledge is power and that you should share your power. What do you think I meant when I said this? I meant to learn about the truth and share what you learn. Not to share your personal information with others which they can use against you in the future. When it comes to your past and personal background, it is always best to keep these things private, especially if you have had any kind of felony arrest in your past. When you share knowledge about your personal background, you are giving away your power and making yourself vulnerable and a possible target of law enforcement. Keep your private information private. Never reveal too much about yourself or your family and friends. Loose lips sink ships! Remember that you never really know who you are talking to on the internet. Even if you have progressed into phone conversations and even meet-ups, you still never know what is motivating another. Some informants do it for the added excitement that it gives to their lives, while others do it because they have been caught up in a felony arrest and have chosen to turn in others in order to save their own skin.

I have removed the forums and chat rooms from within my website because I will not stand by while some people with a low mentality end up representing everyone. Some call these people shills or trolls, and all you have to do is read the comments at most patriot sites to get a good idea of this mean, childish and hateful speech. Myself, Alex Jones and a few others within the movement have been the focus of much talk over the past several months on message boards and comment forums, in an effort to discredit our work. Mostly verbal attacks using fabricated lies and cointelpro tactics in a clear attempt to confuse issues and destroy reputations. My own mission is the same as it always has been, and that is to expose the truth within a world of lies. To stop the new world order and their agendas dead in their tracks and I will continue to report what I find, continue to write articles while working on my newest full length movie. I have added a few links under this article that will demonstrate a little of what I speak of today. Watch your backs people!

Americans are being set up
Attorney: FBI Trained NJ Blogger To Incite Others
Hal Turner Admits He Worked for the FBI
Turning the US army against Americans
Pentagon Caught Subverting Protest Group
EXCLUSIVE: Defense analyst in spy case was FBI double agent

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Posted By: J
Date: Friday, 7-Aug-2009 14:41:03 Stratiotes is a moderator over at an Appleseed Instructor, Patriot.

He's fought off a legal attack on the rifle range he uses to revive marksmanship but he is under renewed assault after FBI attempted to penetrate an Appleseed shoot to entrap him-they weren't successful. So the bastards are trying to use the same tactic they did in 2002; the berm he uses as a backstop to his range-they're making a huge court case out of it to bankrupt him, and take his farm away. Everything he's worked for.

Are we going to by typical 'murikans or do we do the right thing and rally 'round a Patriot. That wasn't even a rhetorical question-it shouldn't even be a question!

Article and link below:

AWRM is under attack. And they're attacking us through one of the administrators, James Faire. That's right. Our very own STRATIOTES.

We're limited in what we can say about this case, because of the pending litigation. So we'll tell you what we can, and let you fill in the blanks.

It started with Homeland Security running surveillance on James' farm. The FBI wired up confidential informants and sent them in to the Appleseed Shoots he was running.

They could find no criminal activity. So they had to try something else.

They started with a smear campaign. The newspaper and television station reported that James had been seen with "criminals." James holds unpopular political opinions (unpopular with that newspaper and television station, at least.) He has an unpopular hobby (firearms training and instruction). And, of course, all guns and gun owners are bad.

There was a complaint about the noise. The Snohomish County Sheriff Department, who had known about the range for years (some of the deputies even used that range), investigated. They found no violation. That should have been the end of it. It wasn't.

James Faire soon received notice that the berm that was on the property to allow for safe shooting, was in violation of several ordinances under the Shoreline Management Act. Huge penalties would apply if he did not immediately act. Penalties so huge that, in a short time, they will exceed the total value of the property. They will bankrupt and destroy him.

There are several reasons the property is not in violation. Grandfather clauses, the amount of dirt moved, all of these had been dealt with in 2002. But this isn't about land-use violations, or shooting. It's about punishing James Faire for his political activities.

They're not even being particularly original about it. They're using the same "code violation" they used against against him back in 2002. (That was about the same time government agents went after Ron Herzog and Charlie Puckett. Funny how that works, isn't it?)

He won that case back in 2002. But now they're trying the same thing again, with renewed vigor. Attorney bills are mounting, and fast. Even if he wins in court again, James could lose his farm and everything he has worked for.

Oh, Strat will fight on, even if he loses everything. It just isn't in him to surrender. Everyone who knows James, knows that.

They are determined to ruin Strat. And then they'll come after the rest of us. Because if they can get Strat, they can get the rest of us.



Folks, I hate asking people for money. To me, it's the hardest thing about being a political activist. I'm not good at it. I'd rather go door-to-door handing out flyers any day. And I'm aware this isn't the best time to do it; an awful lot of people are out of work, or working fewer hours. But right now, James Faire needs money.

You wouldn't hesitate to stand with your rifle in defense of a fellow Patriot. Well, I'm not asking you to do that. I'm asking you to stand with your checkbook. Because, sometimes, a dollar is just as effective as a bullet.

So let's make a stand, right here, right now. The folks at Lexington and Concord weren't shy about defending their property. And we shouldn't be, either. Click here to donate to James Faire's legal defense fund.

If you don't want to use PayPal, you can send a check or money order to

Mike Faire
21007 Ben Howard Road
Monroe WA 98272

Every dollar you can give counts.

$20 incoming.
If you need my rifle, just send up a flare.

This is certainly no isolated incident. All over the country FFL's, range owners and trainers are being harassed, threatened, questioned, intimidated and persecuted by the modern Gestapo.

It's time to stand and tell the tyrants; "Hell no!"

I was going to post on helping Mike, but I believe this thread should be as uncluttered as possible so I have posted my thoughts here:;f=47;t=000009;p=0&r=actu