Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My 9/11

MY 9/11

J. Croft

Waking up about 9:30 or so in the AM on September 11, 2001 I thought it’d be just another day off:

Go back to bed for a few more hours of sleep.

Eat, shower, get in my ride and cruise around town in the afternoon. Maybe see a movie.

Do some shopping, go out and drink in the evening.

…But sometimes you can’t get back to sleep. So I turned on the electronic narcotic that manages to rob me of my time…

What I wound up turning on was the live news coverage that day. I stared at the TV, and my first thought was “must be some kind of disaster movie. They’re spending a lot of money cuz they got the World Trade Center on fire and everything-but why is it in broadcast news video?”

Then it hit me that 9:30 in the morning’s a rather odd time to show a faux live drama… maybe some programming executive was doing some way out of character experimenting.

THE N it hit me-this is really happening! A jet really did crash into the World Trade Center!

I start flipping through the channels: all the networks, both Foxnews and CNN, all the Turner channels, MTV, CNBC-all were covering the crash.

Then the second plane hits.

This is an attack.

Has to be terrorists hijacking the airliners, yes.

Then news comes of the Pentagon getting hit.

The Pentagon? ! Wait a second, where the hell’s the Air Force?! They intercept small planes going off course all the time, and they miss three hijacked airliners?

From the initial news accounts they came out of Boston and flew jagged, obviously off course flight paths. Commercial jetliners aren’t exactly the fastest things in the air, and America’s eastern seaboard’s dotted with not only SAC air bases, but Air Force tactical wings and the National Guard squadrons as well…

…Where the hell were they? That was what was going through my mind as I watched the World Trade Center and Pentagon burn.

I join my parents at their place, as one of the towers suddenly collapses-you’ve seen the video. It was kind of like watching a rocket take off, only it’s form smoothly compresses and disappears amid a violent explosion of dust and debris.

I pace back and forth, angry beyond belief we were being attacked.

Then my father, says something that helped me put it back into perspective:

“You’re angry aren’t you?”

Yes, I said. Oh yes.

“That’s what you’re supposed to feel.” To him, he saw this was a setup of colossal proportions. Not thinking clearly at the moment I argued with him about the planes taking the buildings down, as he in frustration shook his head, reminding me they found bombs in those towers.

I went back to my place. Out of a useless, but primeval need I checked, made certain my pistol and my military pattern semiautomatic rifle(of which I had been properly trained in it’s use) were ready… but ready for what? Jihadists to roll through my town shooting up the neighborhoods in drive-bys shouting “Allah Ackbar”?

So I watched television some more: just about the only channel not putting it’s spin on that darkest day was Turner Classic Movies. That pox on God known as TBN was spinning it like it was “prophetic”; I turned the channel before I did something stupid to the set, as I had just gotten it for Saturnalia-er, x-mas.

It was coming out that there were 19 Arab hijackers that were responsible. 19 Arabs who kamikaze the whole world into World War III. The teleprompter readers on all the networks were all of a sudden introducing new buzzwords:

“War on Terror”

“New Normality-get used to it”

“Homeland Security”.

And the way they trotted those words out, it was like that too was scripted-

-Scripted?! This whole attack, scripted?! I had to get the hell outta the house. I couldn’t think.

So I drove, listened to the radio as they too were tripping over that day. Everywhere I went there was this universal feeling of violation, of outrage, of wanting to go to war. Still had a hard time thinking through the raw anger that was burning inside me, yet the clues were jumbling around in my head. The absence of our trillion dollar air defenses, the reported bombs by cops and firemen before the towers imploded like they were demolished(which they were), the rollout of new slogans to help paradigm shift Americans thinking. The reports on the internet that I was slowly recalling about shadowy deals with the Taliban that fell apart about oil pipelines, about warnings of terrorist attacks scattered throughout the media.

Rolling on by the gas stations, seeing the long lines for gas-some stations were out. Hearing reports of greedy gas stations jacking the prices all the way to 4 dollars a gallon(a outrageous sum at the time).

It was too much, so I hit the bar to drink(the same bar I had inspiration to go to about a year and a half later to have that talk with that traitor).

Everyone was in as much a state of disbelief and anger as I was. Everyone…

…Everyone except this short, stout, well built, buzzcut dude. I believe his name was Mike, but it’s been five years, so who knows. He was actually grinning of all things, like this was fucking x-mas for him!

Over beers, we talked.

I fingered him as being in the military-he stated he was a Army Ranger and that he’d be going over to Afghanistan soon.

They were that certain? Or was his mission already planned before 9/11?

Yes he was excited, as he had been anticipating this himself.

I was cautious. I had my doubts-not only about the true nature of the events of that day, but of our ability to win if we’re going into the Middle East and Central Asia-a place as far removed from America’s ocean based power as you could imagine.

Didn’t even faze him: “Hell, we’re worse than the Germans! There’s nothing worse than Americans pissed off!” Trying to work the pissed off patriot angle, all I saw was how thoroughly the planning for WW III, how deep the brainwashing of our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, and friends in the military.

He went further: “We’re going to have to give up some rights, some Freedom in order to win this”(the way he said it, it was like we’re loosing our Freedom no matter what kind of false flag operation had to be executed)

“No way!” I shouted, “No way in hell the American People would accept such a thing!”

That traitor shrugged his shoulders, smiled at me, like he knew better about such things.

That was five years ago. Seeing how things have deteriorated, how the war in Iraq has been proven a fraud, how average folks have rolled over for massa state when they grope their wives and kids privates, how much more surveillance, how much more law we’re subject to… well, he did know better about such things.

I left. I called my people alerting them to fill up their gas tanks fearing a shortage-which didn’t come.

Over the next days, weeks I scoured the Internet; a whole lot of chest beating and flag waving oh yes, but also a lot of numerological coincidences started coming out. There are a lot of astrological and numerological “coincidences” that occur throughout human history, through the design of America’s symbols, architecture. 9/11 was a day that had been in planning for a VERY long time.

I had also been visiting copvcia.com, the website of the now self-exiled Mike Ruppert who had participated in the fraud that was the drug war-busting street corner gangstas for drugs Bush, Clinton and Ollie North smuggled in. He was one of the first on the internet to call bullshit on the day’s events, at least as far as intent goes.

Over the years I read hundreds of internet reports on 9/11, printed out thousands of pages documenting the vast, murderous fraud that the shadow government perpetrated. Same shadow government that people get persecuted for if they talk about it-like if they were talking about UFO’s or Santa Claus.

The mainstream culture has kept a lid on the 9/11 truth movement, kept the brain-deadened, craven, materialism-enslaved, cowardly ‘murikans asleep. That movement has just about had it’s day, and with the upcoming operations against Syria and Iran I suspect any leeway we’ll have to seek out the truth and do something about it-peacefully-will evaporate when full martial law is in effect and soldiers go door to door looking for those on that “red list”.

Stop looking for "leaders" to lead you out of the death spiral of this once great nation. Learn to lead yourselves-at least get together some basics like stored food, firearms and training, ammo, fuel. Better yet, move to a small community with a balanced locally self-sufficient economy, water resources and hopefully locally generated electricity form a party and take over the local government. Deconstruct the beast in your own backyard and become a example of what Freedom is, so that others can be inspired and encouraged to do likewise. Form militias to resist and repel the inevitable backlash that will come... this won't be the start of a civil war because we've BEEN in one-it's just that nobody's fought back yet against the beast that perpretrated 9/11.