Friday, October 27, 2006



J. Croft


Yes: I’m some (white)dude you’ve never heard of, and this is going to be a long read so you can put this down, find out how “your” sports team did today… or you can make some quality time if you’re sick enough of the way your life’s going to read this.

You’re sick of having so many enemies, and I’m not just talking about the cops and courts and correctional facilities, or someone from a rival gang-that’s pretty much like you.

What I’m talking about is not only all of them, but your neighbors who some of you rob or steal from, or otherwise terrorize.

I’m talking about every single stranger you run across; that working man or woman you’re stalking right now, getting ready to strike to jack the few pitiful bucks they bust their asses for every day. Every day: busting their asses, killing themselves just a little more, for only a tiny percent of the EFFORT they put in to survive.

I’m talking about all the brain dead “middle class” ‘Murikans-trying to sustain that fleeting consumerist mirage, that FRAUD known as the “American Dream”-who don’t question for a second all the programming from the TV and government that paint you as a Threat… A picture you reinforce when you actually victimize someone outside of your ghetto. That gets you into even more trouble.

I’m talking about all the other po’ folk-cr*ckers, gre*sers, w*ps, m*cks, g*oks, kr*uts, n*ggers, h*cks, bums, crackheads, chickenheads, pimps, fry cooks, mechanics, drivers, waitresses, clerks, line workers… Who you’d seem to rather attack than, say for hypothetical example, all the motherfucking lawyers who write the laws in “our” representative bodies, who sign them into Law and then direct their bureaucratic stooges to enforce. Meanwhile, you and I are forced to hire those same motherfucking lawyers to “defend” us in their motherfucking courts-where they judge us all to whatever rules they want.

It’s not like there ain’t scarce-open up a fucking phone book!

YET, you got this Don Corleone/Scarface/ name-your-favorite-rapper-here fantasy that only makes you a menace to those around you, all your Family, Friends, and any random person at the wrong place at the wrong time. Ruthlessness wielded stupidly and I’m actually happy that so many of you ignorant gangbangers get locked up so easily.

That’s right; I don’t care to being a target of your misplaced wrath. That’s what it is; you can’t defeat the beast-the state, the corporate CEO’s and Directors, lawyers, banksters, and all the useful idiot socialist change agents(1) and thugs.

You’d love to but you could never do it on your own. Too many cops itching to battle you. Yet you feel that need to band together and stand, to hit at something, ANYTHING to reclaim some of that pride, that humanity that being the Designated Urban Boogeyman and target of hate has stripped from you… along with being deliberately trapped in a socioeconomic hellhole you call the ghetto.

Most of you not completely crazy or otherwise hopeless yearn to be the Hero, yet settle for a cheap imitation of a cartoonish hollywood ghetto anti-hero. We’ve all fallen short of who we want to be. Certainly, even what we want to be falls short of what we need to be-which tells you just how fucked we all are!

Really, we’re all fucked because we won’t hold personally accountable those who have stolen our nation, our future, our very lives from us. We’re afraid of paying the price it would take-the price of whatever comfort our sad little lives we can get-or allotted by our master, the beast. The beast-that corporate/government amalgam of tyranny that pays out our slave wages, loans us at 18% and up, that finances our retarded-as-fuck mall spending sprees for shit that we don’t use or won’t last, owns the mortgages and car notes, bullshits us with their “education” and “entertainment”.

We’d rather say “yas suh boss I’m on it, thanks fer not firing me yet”, than quit to free up the time needed to prepare ourselves for the coming struggle-mentally with knowledge about how to survive independently of the beast system, as in economic, cultural and political self-reliance. Spiritually with a renewed connection to God Our Father so we remain strong in heart and don’t falter. Physically with exercise, proper nutrition, practicing all means of self and community defense.

We’d rather play fantasy football(?!)than take that time to study how we got to be slaves, and who is personally responsible for perpetuating our slavery. How all the various groups, and peoples have been turned against each other for profit and control. How Freedom and human rights have been used by the beast to wave in our faces as it perpetrates crime after crime-all the while slowly whittling away at Our Rights.

Not me, but a lot of you would rather take massah state’s enslaving handouts than reject this theft from those just trying to get by with a job, and find a way to live outside of using taxable incomes.

We’d rather buy new junk that’ll break down in a few years using debt than freeing ourselves from that form of banker slavery, rejecting the call of the corporations to spend what little scraps are thrown your way for the labor you give in return.

We’d rather suck down another chicken wing-grown in the filthiest conditions in corporate farms, pumped full of antibiotics that will breed new strains of incurable bacteria, than eat fresh locally grown food and cleanse our bodies. Not to mention keep our money local, instead of some megacorporate traitor’s hands.

We’d rather zone out for hours flipping through about 200 channels of crap than do… damn what couldn’t we do:

*Work out, get in shape. Lift weights, walk around the block. Learn some new fighting moves. Learn how to be more self-reliant, survive.

*Spend time with those you love. Taking care of them, showing them what you learned, and them doing likewise.

*Make a new friend, even somebody outside of the circles you’re used to running.

*Make peace with those you’ve wronged, or wronged you-not just because you’ll need each other to survive in the coming years, but that we’re all in this together and if we don’t get together we’ll all surely die separately. Alone. Helpless.

*Find out everything you can about the yuppie dork who runs your ward-the one with the buttplug up his ass for turning your section of town into a open-air prison, with all the security cameras, declaring you “terrorists” that have not even a pretense of rights.

Look: I’m coming at you straight. I’m not trying to sell you religion or a new studio-manufactured artist, or a new pair of slave labor made sneakers you buy at 200 bucks because LeBron James sells them. What I am doing, is trying to address the heart of the problem we all face. That problem is we’ve been enslaved and the conditions of our slavery are about to become much, much worse. Lethally worse.

See, Americans are the most psychologically programmed people in human history. We’re programmed to associate anyone, anything waving Old Glory about as being patriotic, on their side. The beast-big government getting bigger at our expense(and lives), but they shove the flag in our faces and we shut the fuck up, remembering our programming about it supposedly being “our” government. The beast-big corporations getting bigger off selling us slave labor made crap as they steal our jobs…

…And anyway-what kind of deal is it to be a employee?! “Wage Slave” isn’t just slang-it’s reality.

The corporation-the CEO’s Directors on the board and major stockholders get about 95% of the fruits of your labor. They don’t have to own it, they just have to control it. Out of the pitiful five percent(and that percentage is rapidly dwindling)massah CEO allots us, massah state takes half of the rest through every tax it can throw at us without sparking revolt.

(Like that would happen with everyone dependent on their jobs to get by, because entrepenurialism-having your own business-has been all but killed in this country, and done so people are dependent on the beast. Hoping their job isn’t the next one shipped to China and they wind up on the streets as homeless… being equivelant to being fucked in this country.)

No wonder people turn to stealing, selling the CIA’s drugs.

It’s all done with a purpose!

You gangbangers are socially engineered to be a part of that purpose.

See, to justify a police state, there must be a “threat”. Who better than the offspring of fucked over blue collar workers trapped in inner city neighborhoods? When our common enemies, the CEO’s, bureaucrats and professional lawyer/politicians decided to start shipping your parents jobs-where as described above you get just a tiny percentage of the fruit of your labors-to Mexicans for a tenth of what they paid your parents and grandparents. Make where you live a economic dead zone. Throw in some class and racial bigotry by the lawyer/politicians and police and gangs form as a means of self-defense(at first). Have another, higher up branch of that government ship in drugs they make illegal, and enough junk guns like Lorcins, TEC-9’s, and M-11’s and you’re ready to scare Mr. and Mrs. ‘Murka into giving up more of ALL OF OUR FREEDOM… for a little blue lie of security.

More cameras are set up-the new models in England actually have loudspeakers so the “operators” can shout down on you like Big Brother. It is Big Brother.

More psychotic, over testosteroned cops from lied to death blue collar conservative roots, further mindfucked by their paramilitary training and their fetid little subculture. Who are selected more for being able to blindly follow orders than to preserve life, liberty and justice. Those three concepts are as quaint to today’s law enforcement officer as horse drawn carriages.

More enemies among the rest of America as you mindlessly, stupidly criminally lash out at folks you ought to be making amends to, try to wake them up as to their slavery. Perhaps even making some alliances-for survival sake.

More money for more prisons as your ranks are constantly culled from the streets, your property seized. As the corporate prison industry gorges on all of our tax dollars you get to spend decades caged; pumping iron, fighting over cell blocks and being degraded by forcibly made into homosexual rapists. Meanwhile, the next generation that joins your gang don’t know better because you’re locked up.

You’re tools. All of you. The beast has made a tidy profit off their socially engineered “War on Crime”.

You can’t win. With all the viciousness the United States has bred into you, all the government supplied cocaine that funds you, you’re isolated, divided, weak, actually inept at combat if you’re willing to be honest.

Yet in spite of being tools you’re still potentially dangerous to the beast.


You band together. Not too many people in America outside of tight ethnic groups do that. That alone is a threat to the beast that has systematically isolated, tamed, enslaved us. This entire society is a form of opulent, open air prison; lots of distractions, plenty of food, a illusion of Freedom and some flag waiving makes for a physically and spiritually soft people. You can be traced anywhere-in large part because you’re trained to be traceable; from your credit cards to your driver’s permits and plates.

Knowing that, it’s also important to know that there are “permitted” forms of “free assembly” allowed and forms that are not as freely allowed. Gathering at sports events, bars, malls, the beach-that’s okay because you’re merely involved in making massah CEO rich off your too-hard earned for money. Gathering together for self defense, to make yourselves money however you can in this shattered economy-that’s not allowed and you know it. In the eyes of the beast and it’s appendages in the form of the state and the media dominated mass culture, individual and collective self-defense is a cardinal sin.

You’re willing to defend yourselves. You have numbers, have (junk)guns and are willing to use them(with no skill). This makes you a issue for the beast, but nothing it isn’t skilled at turning for it’s own use. It has: you running around being a menace to your own does nothing but get the sorry excuse that passes for the American People to allow more and more of, I’ll say it yet again ALL OF OUR FREEDOMS TAKEN AWAY FROM US.


Get it? As you are, you’re no threat to the very forces that have kept you down(and done a good job of it). You are however, a threat to the very people who could support you, could fill your ranks, could provide your entrepeneurs with legitimate cash flow that could be kept in your communities, helping to revive your local economies-independently of massah bankers. You’re only a threat to those outside your sorry ass hoods PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU who you could unite with in common cause. There’s plenty of those; there’s a whole society made of, by, and for the rich and connected, that locks the rest of us-all of us-out.

Your isolation may help give you strength and a image of being bad assed, but it makes you vulnerable. When the state’s done using you as fear insturments to scare Mr. and Mrs. America into giving up the last of their Freedom, using you to keep yourselves and your communities down, they will wipe you out and grab a few cold ones.


According to the government, you’re terrorists now.

As if law enforcement and society don’t have enough incentives to go after you, the department of homeland security lists you as terrorist threats… along with animal rights activists, tax protestors and white bread militia members. The Military Commissions Act has as I write this just been signed into Law. That means you’ll get the Jose Padilla treatment; locked up indefinetely, with no contact with family or legal assistance, or receive even the pretense of a trial that’s foisted as the justice system.

You can’t stand alone!

You’ve had that lesson burned into you growing up in the government engineered ghettos. Yet even with the support of your gang you’re still alone. Your neighborhood’s afraid you’ll rob, rape or kill them. You know damn well the government and it’s agents are counting the days until martial law is declared and they can cut loose on you-strapping on the body armor, hunting you down, M-16’s blazing! The rest of America would cheerfully greet their own slavery, the loss of Freedom to take you Designated Urban Boogeymen out. Yet… and yet you and your sorry ass rivals in other gangs are too busy fighting over C.I.A. supplied drugs, turf and avenging each others dead to see how isolated you fools really are.

You won’t make it alone.

You can only steal so much from a community. You can only rely on your own numbers and talents for so long if all goods run out because the gasoline’s gone. No power, no news, no food or water-certainly no ammunition(not that you can hit anything you aim at). You can only live isolated in your own group when the entire world’s arrayed against you. At best, you go to prison or the cemetary, the shorties grow up just as ignorant as you, and the gang remains to be a tool to scare Middle Class America into accepting slavery-FOR ALL OF US. At best, because as you are you’re not much of a threat.


For starters, recognize who your real enemies are.

Who engineered urban ghettos in the first place? Joe Six Pack you’re about to jack? No.

I’ll tell you: it’s a pack of old Eastern Establishment rich. Violent, psychotic inbred bluebloods who have so much money and power, they got nothing better to do than to create a global slave state they like to call the “New World Order”. They have a number of “secret societies” they belong to:

Council on Foreign Relations
Trilateral Commission
Pilgrim’s Society
Any Yale Fraternity

Also with them are Neoconservatives and Zionists-utterly ruthless, elitist Jews, or not-Jews who’s ancestors never lived in the Middle East, yet wage war by proxy to conquer. They even went so far as to sacrifice their own people to the Nazis to help create political sympathy points to take Palestine.

And somewhere in the shadows of Catholic Church are the Jesuits, who have their own plans for a return of the Holy Roman Empire and the Inquisition. Sounds like some tin foil hat stuff but it’s regrettably true; go to,,,,, and start reading.

They the elite that control the beast-government, banks, media, churches, military. All of it. The “elite” use the lawyers in and out of public office to “evolve” the law to squeeze you. Their never ending production of enslaving edicts are obeyed, ususally without question, by the bureaucrats and the cops-who make us all obey them!

The “elite” are so powerful that over decades they can raise nations like the United States to world dominance, then without a care build up other powerful nations through economics and theft of military secrets like the ex-Soviet Union, China, India. So powerful they can keep Americans deluded that their nation is still the greatest on Earth, when it’s economy has been hollowed out by those crooks for profit and it takes all kinds of debt to sustain the illusion. Debt owed to the very “elite” that plot daily to destroy us all.

And America, this fraudulant version will fall it’s only a matter of time. Everything’s so centralized, so precariously interdependent, propped up by finance, so overstretched militarily that a engineered collapse is certain to work. We’re just strong enough to wreck the planet, but this nation will be expended and destroyed doing it. That’s the plan.

So, can you fight back? Now?

Between you gangbangers, the rural patriots, average folks trying to survive and the cops running amok… by the time everyone’s spent their ammo, run out of food, become too sick to fight THEN the “elite” will choose to ride in, offer their solution of permanent slavery and the extinction of our future for staying alive.

Right now they’re plotting to bring about their “North American Union”; Mexico, Canada, and the USA merged… picture Mexican squalor, maddeningly inefficient Canadian socialism but without any pretense of Freedom. Picture hopping through endless bureaucratic hoops, abused by cops at checkpoints every few blocks like you’re Palestinians and then having to compete with Latino rednecks for dollar-er, Amero(new currency after they finish devaluating the dollar into toilet paper)-a day slave work that maybe will either feed you or pay your rent?

Who are these “elite” that have kept us all down and plan on finishing the job?

In America, they’re the Council on Foreign Relations-a evil three piece suit wearing think tank that has been managing America for about a century now. Located at the Pratt House on 58 E. 68th Street, on the corner of Park Avenue in Manhatten-just so you know because their lackeys obviously know where you live. Their members are in every position of power imaginable.

Also, there’s a overlapping group known as the Bilderbergers-named after the European resort they originally met at. They boast members from not only America but also Europe and Asia. They meet yearly to set the agenda-want a reliable predictor of future events? Find out what they talk about and you’ll know. usually has coverage of their agenda, as does .

Remember finding out that both Bush and Kerry are members of Skull and Bones? It’s a rigged game…. They like to have occultic initiation rites where they have gay sex with each other in a crypt, rob graves of famous people and generally plot to use the stage managed left/right, elephant and donkey show they call politics to form a dialectic problem-reaction-solution toward their own brand of world domination. That when they’re not fucking their teenage assistants.

They in turn take their orders from a even more shadowy group known as the Pilgrims Society. Only the richest of the rich-and all Presidents-belong. Their mission is to literally concentrate all the world’s wealth into their hands. Since you’re probably reading this on the Internet go to go into the archives and look up articles by Charles Savoie.

All of them are of a type; respectable looking, superficially charming but utterly ruthless. Believe it or not I met one of them. has that encounter under “Once upon a night at a bar, with a traitor”. Read it and know your enemy. Know how arrogant, how overconfident, and how vulnerable they can be-hell anyone with a gun could blow one of their brains out if he was willing to take Responsibility.

THESE are the people you should be directing your hate toward!

THESE are the people you need to be preparing to wage war against-not some futile shootout with some rival gang who are just as fucked as you.

So, you agree that there are much bigger issues to combat than who dissed who or who’s selling where? Think you’re ready right now to face the Long Struggle to reclaim your Freedom? Not unless you do the following to prepare:


Do you have extra food, fuel, water filtration, tools, emergency generators for power? Noting how perilous the times are is it wise to spend every dollar you make on bullshit when any disruption could cause the supermarkets and gas stations to empty out in a couple days. A tire garden can be set up. Greenhouses, hydroponics driven by solar panels and batteries-yes that technology isn’t just for pot plants. That little old lady you stupidly terrorize might know how to keep everyone alive WHEN the party stops in this country., have the survival info you’ll need.

Security-you have most of the resources for this already but right now you’re a threat to those that can support you. You attack the people you as your community’s mindfucked dogmen are supposed to defend. Anyway you’ll never be secure if your own people are the enemy so start making amends. Don’t talk about it-just do it. Be respectful of others and their property. Clean out your ranks of those who won’t see things clearly. Guard your elders, your women, your children. Some of them might see the change, might even start doing business with you-NOT DRUGS-but just about everything else.

Physical preparation-as a group you’re more fit than most Americans but a lot of you are still out of shape, eat bad food. You know what you need to do; if you’re fat, eat less and do more, if you’re weak pump some iron. Self discipline is actually a good thing-and this is from someone who’s had a lifetime hatred of the word. Control yourselves and you can control your fate.

Financial independence-a lot of you are entrepeneurs but the deliberately engineered economic depression and racial apartheid of your ghettos needs to be overcome. Take some of those profits off that C.I.A. crack you sell and use it positively. Go to for some ideals. If you’re working a wage job it’s a nowhere proposition, find your gifts and milk them for some cash. Those with money must finance those who need it if they’re able to carry out their vision.

Inner city ghettos are highly dependent on outside power, fuel, food, sanitation. Attempts to make inner city ghettos self-sufficient(free, really) have in the past met with fierce government resistance. The early efforts of the Latin Kings to the recent shutdown by Los Angeles government of the Compton agricultural co-op make independence impossible… without seizing control of the local government.

So it’s time you found among you (or your neighborhood) loyal, attractive candidates that can pass political smear fests with flying colors. Finance their election campaigns to your wards, your school boards, your chief of police, city council. STAY THE FUCK IN THE BACKGROUND, and man the phones, post flyers, help organize rallies. A well backed slate of candidates for your local political offices could mean the beginning of you seizing back your destiny… isn’t that why you joined your gang in the first place?

I recommend the book “How to win a local election”. Should be in your local bookstore.

With control of your local public offices you can begin to make laws you can live under. Being “reformed”-actually using your unity and power you can help lead your people back to freedom-and then make your community self sufficient. INTENSE pressure from state and federal government will follow when your community rebels from the script of being a disaster zone that breeds crime and slaves for the prison system. Interference from bureaucrats, agents, state troopers, perhaps even intervention by military forces is possible, so it’s very important that you coordinate your efforts with other communities around because like the lone individual being easy pickings, isolated communities are vulnerable.

Things could get ugly. Far, far uglier than the Rodney King riots or Katrina.

You’ll need all the allies you can make before that day. Every person you meet you have to start thinking “could he be at least an ally”? You’re not looking for friends or anything like that, just new “business partners”. Deal honestly with them, and maybe they’ll even be good enough to start spreading the word that there are some of you gangbangers, like (INSERT YOUR NAME) that aren’t crazy, that can be dealt with like good folks. Not that everyone’s like that; Americans are trained to fuck each other over for their own selfish goals but there’s a surprising number of folks who won’t succumb to that cultural poison. And a lot of those are willing to cross race and class lines imposed by our common enemies.

Most importantly, you’ll need true inner strength to carry you through the scary prospect of Resisting the beast. Fortunately, Our Father hates the beast as well, but just as the devil relies on minions a lot to screw things up, so God relies on those who know and hear the Voice in their souls to do Justice. Unfortunately most of those claiming to be “born again” or whatever don’t know or don’t care-they’re just fat, lazy cowardly ‘murkans with crosses. God could get a lot more done to make our world Free and at peace if we’d stop looking for the lie of a “rapture”and a easy ticket out of our Responsibility.

Responsibility-the price of Freedom. Our ancestors were all fools and put this nation on political autopilot and got all caught up in that mirage known as the “American Dream”. Those traitors that serve the beast took advantage of their short sightedness-you know the rest. Freedom really does require eternal vigilence against not only politicians and police, but businessmen and supposed holy men that steal your money for telling religious lies spouted by liars long dead, but still useful for spiritually enslaving us.

The beast wants you to not resist, to just look out for yourselves until some supposed “rapture” comes, but God demands everything you’ve got to offer in the struggle to free this world. Any thing you can do-even something seemingly stupid-can and will help. God will find a way to use it.

God’s gonna win this anyway, but we’ll all have it easier if YOU will do your part, help God win this.

(1)CHANGE AGENT-College brainwashed fool put in a position to trick or otherwise hustle everyone into giving up just a little bit of Freedom in exchange for some fraud that either steals what little money they got or winds up taking even more Freedom.