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.----------------.     -=[ EM/HERF Weapons ]=-
||\ ________ /|  _ |    Part 1
|| |:      :| |o(_)|    "Putting that old Microwave Oven to use!"
|| |;-""""-;| |o(_)|
|| |________| | __ |    Author: caesium <caesium@to2600.org>

NOTE: This article is best viewed in TERMINAL font! I use high ASCII which
is standard and works perfectly fine in lynx. If you find the schematics are
fucked up. Just paste this bitch in notepad.exe (haha) and select font type
Terminal! (and if your reading this in a *nix term you should have no problems)

-=[ Disclaimer ]=-
Nor I or my affiliates will take ANY responsibility for (mis)use of the
device mentioned in this article. The device in this article is plain out
fucking lethal. If you do not respect the construction or use of this device,
it will kill your stupid ass in a flash (literally).
This device, when built will contain HIGH VOLTAGE at HIGH AMPERAGE, which
means if you touch or otherwise come into contact with a part which is
energized it will cook your ass like that cat from national lampoons christmas
This device also and obviously will emit HIGH RF ENERGY. If your in the way
of said RF energy it will cook you. This means deep thermal burns and
cataracts. It can blind you within 2 seconds or less and if you have any
plans to have children you best be keeping your twig and giggle berries well
out of harms way.
This device contains capacitor(s) which can hold lethal charges for days even
weeks. So keep that in mind. This will be further explained down the article.
Let's recap. High Voltage, High RF Energy, High Amperage. All of which speak
for themselves.
*** Your first mistake will be your last mistake. ***

-=[ Introduction ]=-
I know the disclaimer is unseasonably long. However it is very important
to convey the inherent dangers of fucking around with microwave parts.
EM/HERF weapons and/or devices have been of great curiosity it seems to many
people ive discussed it with in the scene. Perhaps this is because of the
nature of the device, or the fact that most people in the scene are depraved
maniacal fucks. Anyhow, I digress. I will in this article discuss, layout and
illustrate how one can turn a microwave and some cheap easy to get
components into a homebrew "LOOK WHAT I DID MOM!" EM/HERF Weapon. Personally,
I don't like to call this device a weapon because I do not condone its use
against personnel and the fact it makes a shitty impractical weapon. Its main
theme and idea is to destroy/jam/fuck-up electronic devices.
To construct this device you will need to have some skills as it pertains to
building housing and wiring. If you lack these skills I suggest you not even
attempt to construct this device because it will most likely end up killing you
or fucking your shit up. Please read this article several times and MAKE SURE
you have a solid idea of what I'm talking about, because forgetting to do
something or connecting something wrong or etc. will be bad news.
This EM/HERF "weapon" will emit HIGH ENERGY RF @ 2.4GHz which means it's very
very very bad for biological things... so, don't aim it at people or animals.
Remember, Alley Cats and Squirrels have feelings too.. Seriously.!

The items you will need to construct this device are:
1) Old (Working!) Microwave oven.
2) Aluminum/Tin Foil
3) Aluminum/Tin Tape & Duct Tape (come on man, next to the WD-40)
4) Parts for Triggering Circuit! *read below*
5) Wood, of suitable size (1x1) to make a frame.
6) Wire (house wire, or extension cord.)
7) Parabolic Dish. (Or a Metal Salad Bowl!)
8) A will to die.

-=[ Safety ]=-
Without safety, you only have injury. Now lets cover some safety issues
which will be key if you decide on building this crazy ass device.
The big heavy transformer that the Magnetron needs to be powered by will make
a lot of amperes at around 4.5kV (4500 volts). This is bad news if you touch
any live wires from it. Because at this voltage and at that amperage it will in
all likely hood kill you, and I'm being totally serious here. So, if you work on
this device make sure it's unplugged, the capacitor is drained, you have one
hand in your pocket and your wearing shoes. If you do all that, even if you get
shocked it should hopefully not be enough to stop your heart.
With that said, the other danger is the capacitor. Most all microwave caps have
a bleed resistor internally which shorts them out causing a slow drain. That
way they wont hold a charge for more than 5 minutes. This can be confirmed by
looking at the capacitor. Most contain a little schematic on the side showing
this. Here is a leet ascii schematic of a cap with a bleed resistor..

Ú/\/\¿          To explain. the -/\/\- is the resistor.
³    ³          and the Ä´ÃÄ is the capacitor. The resistor will
HV ÄÁÄ´ÃÄÁÄ HV      be shorting out the cap... guess what HV means?!

Now, to manually drain the cap you can take a 1 or 2 W (watt) resistor of about
10kOhms and short the terminals out. That is the safe, non-shit-your-pants way
of draining it. You could just be lazy and short it out with a screw driver but
if mr. capacitor has some juice in him, he will send your screwdriver to
screwdriver heaven and probably cause you to lay some cable. It's been my
experience that most all microwave caps have bleeders on them, so if you do see
the bleeder schematic as illustrated above, just go ahead and short the fucker
out with a screwdriver..
Now, onto RF Energy safety. RF or Radio Frequency Energy is a very very weird
mystical thing to try to explain to people because it does at times do some
really whacked shit. It's unpredictable to the layman and is invisible; and very
dangerous when strong. You wont see yourself getting burnt from it, you'll only
feel pain and go "OH FUCK!!! AAAHHHHH".. RF Burns hurt, and can give you cancer
or blind you, and sooo much more. I will explain down in the article how to
avoid becoming a statistic and where you should be in relation to the emitter
of the magnetron.
RF Energy will bounce off of many items. If metal is not grounded RF energy
will usually bounce right the fuck off it and reflect back at you.. Which as
you can gather is not a good thing. Grounded metal usually will absorb and
ground the RF energy, so try to keep this thing pointed at grounded metal only.
Side with caution, use common sense (although you probably dont have any as your
reading this silly ass shit). BUT BE SAFE!! Cause we don't want clone to lose
any valued k-line readers now do we.

-=[ Theory ]=-
This device operates on the concept that the strong RF energy will be
absorbed into the framework/chassis of the target device causing very high
voltage energy spikes into its electronics/components causing said target
device to fry or just plain break. Computer IC's (integrated circuits) are
very susceptible to this brand of attack. CMOS devices dont like static
electricity, so you can just guess how they will appreciate this..

-=[ The Magnetron ]=-
No, I did not make this name up or some dumb shit like that. The heart of
this article is this cool little diode type electron tube.

n : a diode vacuum tube in which the flow of electrons from a central cathode
to a cylindrical anode is controlled by crossed magnetic and electric fields;
used mainly in microwave oscillators.

The magnetron itself requires 3 connections to function:
1) Filament Heater & Cathode (one and the same, 2 connections)
2) Ground (the metal casing itself)
The basic idea is that we power the Magnetron, then bounce the radiation it
will produce off a really half-ass RF Mirror causing whatever is in front of
this device to receive the RF energy. Hence zappin' it.
Here is more leet ascii on what a magnetron looks like (side view):

º***º <- this cap thingy is the antenna
                                   ÇÄÄĶ    RF is emitted 180 degree's round
                                   º   º
                                   º   º
                          ÇÄ\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\Ķ  ^
                          ÇÄ/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/Ķ  |---- This flap is a
                          ÇÄ\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\Ķ      mounting bracket.
       that wavy shit ->  ÇÄ/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/Ķ
is the heat sink   ÇÄ\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\Ķ
ÌÍ###################͹ <- those #### is a big
                          ÓÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄĽ   strong ring magnet!
                           ÉÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÍ»     (both above and below)
                           º                   º
    this base contains ->  º     ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿    º
chokes and a lot of     º     ³  @  @  ³    º <<-- the @ @ are the two
   empty space...          º     ÀÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ    º  cathode/filament terminals
                           º                   º
Also, goto google and do an image search for "Magnetron" you'll get several
links and images to more info and the many different varieties these things
come in.
ANTENNA: The magnetrons antenna is a metal cap mounted ontop of a ceramic
insulator. RF Energy is emitted just as if it were a light bulb. IN ALL
POSSIBLE DIRECTIONS!!! So. If you can SEE the cap, then your in an area
which will be nailed by RF once this mofo is energized.
Here is the ascii schematic of the Magnetron:
           /       \
         ÄÄ|Ä¿   ³ |
           | ³*  ÃÄ|ÄÄÄðð
         ÄÄ|ÄÙ   ³ |   GND
           \       /

As you can see it only really has 2 terminals (leads.).. This is unusual to
most people who are not firmiliar with vacuum tubes and such. Basically, we
need to run 3v (yes, 3 volts) at like 1-2 amps through the 2 leads (this
will warm up that direct short as you can see the filament its called). And
while the 3v @ 1-2 A is running thru it we run 4.5kV @ (fucked if i know) A
thru the filament to the ground (which is the framework of the tube).
So we are doing 2 things here, we are running (on its own circuit) power to
heat the filament/cathode AND running high voltage/high amperage from the
filament/cathode to the ground (the framework). This may seem stupid to
most and its been designed like this for a reason, just connect everything
as i illustrate and it will work fine. really.!

-=[ Basic Device Layout ]=-
Here is a schematic of how this device will be wired.
              T1           F1      ³    ³     D1    GND
              ³³(                    C1   ³
       ÄÄÄÄÄÄ)³³( HIGH                    ³
             )³³( VOLTAGE!      ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ
       AC ~  )³³( Secondary     ³
       120v  )³³(           GND ³   /-----\
             )³³(ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄð    ³  /       \
       ÄÄÄÄÄÄ)³³                ÃÄÄ|Ä¿   ³ |
              ³³(ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÙ  | ³*  ÃÄ|ÄÄÄðð
              ³³(ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ|ÄÙ   ³ |   GND
                 filament          \       /
                  heater            \-----/
                   loop               M1

F1) 0.6A HV Fuse. (should look white)
F2) 1W 100kOhm Resistor (this is usually in the cap, so, forget it)
C1) 0.01 -> 1.15 uF HV Capacitor
D1) HV Diode
M1) Magnetron
T1) HV Transformer
All of the parts listed WILL be inside your microwave. The fuse will be
white usually. The Capacitor will be this large metal tube, it will be
quite obvious, and should have the bleeder inside, so you can ignore the
F2. The diode will be this black rectangular object about the size of ..
hrm,.. 3cm X 1cm .. and the magnetron is obvious... The transformer will
be this big ass heavy block of metal, if you don't know what a transformer
looks like, you should DEFINITELY NOT be building this device.
Once you scoop all this awesome shit outta the microwave you can set it

-=[ Construction ]=-
Ok, here is the deal... First take that microwave apart so you have all
the basic components. You can disconnect all the wires and shit, thats
perfectly cool, because I will tell you how to wire them back up and shit.
Once thats all done, youll need to figure out what you want to use as a
reflector.. I suggest a metal salad bowl... Why? well, because its cheap,
common, cheap, and did i say cheap?.. Get your ass to a Crappy Tire, buy
a salad bowl and drill a hole which will accommodate the antenna spout that
is sticking out of the top of the magnetron.. Dont make the hole too big.
You'll notice there is the golden mesh on the top of the magnetron, that
shit is called a RF Gasket.. Obviously, with that being said, youll want
the hole not to be larger than the gasket.
If a salad bowl doesnt tickle your fancy use something like a salad bowl
or almost as deep as one. This is very important.. DO NOT use a stupid
fucking DirecTV dish or something, thats just clown shoes man. Even the
bottom 1' of a tin trash can or something like that will work. Ever see
those big fucking things on antenna towers which look like drums?? bingo.
Those are microwave antenna's and we want something like it. So keep that
in mind. This is mostly important because of the way magnetrons radiate
RF Energy. If you choose to use that DirecTV dish, I suggest you go fuck
yourself for not listening to me.
Ok, once the dish is selected, you need to construct a box which will
house the electronics and magnetron and probably support the dish. I am not
going to help you too much with this portion, mainly because its highly
dependant on what you have available to use. I suggest hitting home depot
and looking around. I would personally use wood for a frame.
The magnetron has mounting holes in the top part. You should design your
case to use these brackets. Give all the components room. You dont want
to jam everything together because of the high voltage.
Here is a cheap illustration of a case:
\³       ÉÍÍÍÍÍ»  ³
³³       ºCAP  º  ³
*Ä´³ºMAGº     ³     ³
³³       ºXFRMR  º³
/³       ÈÍÍÍÍÍÍͼ³
You can of course build a tripod base or whatever you want onto this...
Use your imagination, be original.. Im merely telling you how to wire this
bitch up so it works and such. A great deal of its ability to function
will be in the dish/drum and the quality of the components.
A) Get Parts
B) Build chassis
C) Mount Magnetron
D) Mount Dish/Drum
E) Sheild!
Onto shielding!.. Now.. shielding is fairly simple.. You basically wrap
the entire chassis in tin foil and tape it up like Red Green with that
aluminum tape. Once this is done ensure that the foil around the box is
in direct electrical contact with the magnetron casing (which if you
remember is connected to that isolated ground circuit). This will sheild
the device from itself. Just dont touch it while its on.
Note: make a panel which you can remove easy just incase you need to play
with the internal components, or incase your stupid ass wired it wrong.
Lots of people prefer to use sheet metal with a wooden frame. If you have
access to and/or can afford to buy sheet metal, It is obviously the best
solution as then you wont have to fuck with stupid aluminum foil or etc.
Just as in the previous paragraph, ensure the sheet metal is fixed to the
frame of the magnetron for proper "grounding".
I originally built my unit pretty much as I have/am describing to you at
this very moment. My device actually worked/works. I did however do it
from scratch as at the time I didnt think to check the web for it. I have
disabled several electronic devices with it. This was about 3-4 years ago
I have since read several HERF/EM articles from several sources. That
being said I have seen shit wired in ways which will do nothing to ways
which will blow out your breakers or even cause the need for the fire
department. I highly recommend you use the fuses which I have in the ascii
schematics and side with caution and safety.. if you think its dangerous
to be near this thing while its on.. YOUR RIGHT!.. also, dont touch the
drum or dish or whatever you used as the reflector. It is hooked up to the
ground and touching it may prove to be somewhat hazardous to say the
least. It may do nothing, or it may kill you. I dont personally know cause
I didnt go near this fucker while it was on. My ass was hiding around the
corner of a brick house.. This is where I had the power switch.
In my design (this design) I used the big dangerous transformer out of the
microwave for a few reasons.. A) it was there.. B) you need AMPERAGE to
power the hungry magnetron C) neon sign transformers WONT WORK!
So, if you read any article where some schmuck used a NST (neon sign
transformer) with a magnetron, laugh. Cause all it is, is bullshit.
NST's supply 4kV->15kV+, sure they supply way more voltage. However they
supply a piddly 30->50mA.. Thats milliamperes.. Not NEARLY enough amps to
power the fucker.. So, This leads me to think that the vast majority of
people who wrote EMP/HERF articles have never even tested or used them.
What a bunch of fucking posers eh..
So, Once all this is mounted in a box and nice and clean. Then its time
to move onto wiring the internal components up. Before I go into that I
am going to explain how we are going to trigger this device.
Diagram of Overall System.
³Wall ³------->³Trigger³--------->³EM/HERF³
³Power³        ³ w/fuse³          ³DEVICE ³
With this being said, We have not yet covered triggering mechanisms. I
find myself at a loss on what to say for this, as there are several things
one can use to accomplish this task. A simple house light switch, a relay,
... the list goes on.
Whichever triggering solution you choose, make sure you put a fucking fuse
on it, seriously.. If you want, you could go real slick and throw in a
line filter, cause I assure you that this device will probably make some
decent noise on your AC mains. However, its no worse than the fucking crap
Ontario hydro pumps into my place anyways...
Also, keep in mind to keep the power cables out of the way of the
dish/drum because you dont want to inject RF into the mains directly, as
that is just asking for trouble. There are other reasons for this, but
This device has been designed so far, to run for very short periods of
time. I wouldnt run this thing for more than 2 seconds.. If you do, may
god have mercy on whatever is front of it.
Running it for more than just a few seconds will probably ruin/destroy the
magnetron. They are meant for duty cycling and that means pulsed or non
continuous operation. If you do use this device a lot, I suggest running
air over the heat sinks of the magnetron. I will not go into discussion
on that, as running this thing for not even a mere second will have
already destroyed most all electronics in front of the dish/drum.
About triggers, I suggest a simple switch. In my next issue of EM/HERF
'Weapons' I will have some interesting triggering devices displayed in
which one can use for the purposes of triggering this device. They will
be exceedingly more complex than just 3 wires and some bubble gum.
I would hate to give a full A-Z tell all. For a few reasons: I want ppl
to learn, explore, and innovate. Put your own ideas together and have
some fun. If your too lazy for this, use a fucking switch and leave me
the hell alone.
Now lets discuss wiring the primary components together. This is pretty
easy as there is only a transformer, diode, cap and magnetron.
The transformer will be weird to most ppl. Some ppl will go "gee, this is
one fucking stupid ass transformer". And for the most part, your correct!
The transformer has been designed for a microwave, not to suit your mad
hobby needs. Most of the transformers ive come across only have 1 HV out
and have the other HV lead directly connected to the frame/block of the
transformer itself. If that is the case with your transformer, fear not.
You'll need to isolate all the different connections on the transformer.
The connections:
1) Primary (two wires connected to a smaller winding, AC mains)
2) Secondary (one wire which is probably just a terminal, and the
transformer block itself.)
3) Filament Heater Coil (two wires which are apparent as this fucker
only wraps around the core like 3-6 times.)
Now, if you look at the schematic above which illustrates how this device
is wired you'll see that its designed with that Secondary which has a lead
connected to its frame, in mind.
If you keep in mind the transformer has 3 coils, and try not to confuse
yourself you should have no troubles wiring this up.
As for the GND (Ground) in the schematic, you'll have to come up with a
method of connecting all the GND's together. Then ensure the cases frame,
shielding, etc. is all grounded to the ground. You can even attach this
ground to the ground on your AC mains, and I suggest you do just that. If
you do connect that ground to the AC mains ground (your house ground) the
device should be safe to touch while running (however I would leave this
testing up to a friend you dont all that much care for.)... NOT..
(dude's gotta cover his ass,)

-=[ Operation ]=-
Operation is fairly simple.
COUNT TO 1 or 2
Thats about it. Keep in mind to stand well away from the emitter. Make
sure that any metal or etc, in the way of this thing doesnt mirror to you
or the RF will bounce back and fuck you up. Just becareful!
Suggested targets are:
* Old 286 computer.
* Yappy neighbors dog.
* Cheap calculators
* Cars for scrap (which have `puters).
* Something you dont like!
Note: If you fire this at a modern car, It will *KILL IT*. I mean, it
will seriously and absolutely fuck the cars computer in the ass like an
episode of Oz. Ever had your sheesh pushed in dog? Huh essay!?
Also, keep in mind cars are not grounded and will probably bounce 3/4 if
not more of that RF right back at you.. So, just remember that.
This device will emit a lot of Watts @ 2.4GHz .. Oh, doesnt 802.11
wireless networking run on 2.4GHz ?... NO DONT GET THOSE IDEAS!!!
-=[ Conclusion ]=-

I believe I have polluted enough minds. Just be smart and play safe.
Respect ppl, animals and property. Be intelligent and use this for
educational purposes and not to be a fucking cock sucker.
Its a fun hobby with neat interesting results. You can do cool stuff
with RF Energy, goto google and look up RF Energy and Magnetrons and
get yourself some decent edumacation. This device makes a great lab piece
just so long as you are smart about it.

-=[ Credits ]=-
Author: caesium <caesium@to2600.org>

Knowledge is power, Understanding is wisdom.
-=Toronto 2600=- http://www.to2600.org

Shouts: theclone, dec0de, kris, grinthock, jimmiejaz, and the to2600 crew.



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Minerals, vitamins, and nutrients of all microwaved food is reduced or altered so that the human body gets little or no benefit, or the human body absorbs altered compounds that cannot be broken down.
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