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Hell has frozen over and pigs have flown. Illinois’ ban on carrying weapons is unconstitutional, according to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Moore v. Madigan.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 34 minutes ago
Many thanks to reader Dan who forwarded this link. He also reports that: "The servers are going crazy at the moment. It took me many tries to get in and D/L the document. It runs 47 pages." From the opinion:*Twenty-first century Illinois has no hostile Indians. But a Chicagoan is a good deal more likely to be attacked on a sidewalk in a rough neighborhood than in his apartment on the 35th floor of the Park Tower. A woman who is being stalked or has obtained a protective order against a violent ex-husband is more vulnerable to being attacked while walking to or from her home than ...more »

“There will be blood." Ace of Spades reports on uniion thuggery in Michigan.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 55 minutes ago
And it seems there already is blood being spilled. Latest from Obama's Brown Shirts.

James Wesley, Rawles on the subject of individual versus community in a disaster.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 59 minutes ago
My post of the link to "Doomsday Preppers are Socially Selfish" caused some argument back and forth, on email as well as the post. Looking for an Absolved quote to use from Rawles fictional work Survivors, I chanced upon this discussion which speaks to some of the points of contention. The conversation is between Lars Laine, a disabled veteran of the Iraqi conflict and L. Roy Martin, a wealthy owner of a gas generation plant who saw the collapse of the economy coming and moved to the Four Corners area of New Mexico. Both have a vital stake in the security of the area against large...more »

Dealing With Checkpoints

Arctic Pilgrimat Arctic Pilgrim- 1 hour ago
I am absolutely loving this. Well, not the violations of the man's person, or the officers' behavior. Being tased and beaten is likely not a pleasant experience. I have nothing but respect for this man. After watching these three videos, I think you will respect him, too.Watch this video for the story:Then this one, to see his actual footage:Then, see how the same pastor deals with checkpoints, after later spanking the cops in the courtroom:

Did Obama steal the 2012 election?

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 2 hours ago
"Overwhelming evidence shows vote fraud, abuse played major role in outcome." May I point out the historically obvious? Convince folks that they cannot secure their liberty and property by peaceful means -- that voting doesn't mean a thing as long as tyrannical criminals count the ballots -- and the shooting begins shortly afterward. See The Battle of Athens, Tennessee.

Jefferson & Adams: How to fight to win

Kerodinat III Percent Patriots- 2 hours ago
Short of a duel or other physical confrontation, which isn't always an option, it was Thomas Jefferson who, once again, showed the world the right way to handle a problem. You'll remember he financed his own publisher to print and distribute a local newspaper.Interesting - I know a thing or three about publishing. H & I have published magazines, books, and newspapers. It's pretty easy these days - and cheap. And powerful.When it comes to winning hearts and minds, for instance in a small population county for a project, or when it comes to revealing the yellow under-bellies ...more »

Well, isn't this precious? The head of General Electric praises ChiCom Government.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 2 hours ago
*"State run communism . . . may not be your cup of tea, but their government works."*Immelt: State Run Communism in China Works.*Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO of General Electric and Chairman of the White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness was interviewed by Charlie Rose on Bloomberg Television Monday evening. When asked about China, Immelt praised the Chinese and their centrally planned economy:**CHARLIE ROSE: China is changing. It may be being stabilized as we speak. What does that mean for China and what does it mean for the United States? Should it change expecta...more »

Aren't You Cold?

Arctic Pilgrimat Arctic Pilgrim- 2 hours ago
Says the person (wearing a gigantic winter coat over his cotton t-shirt) to AP, *"Aren't you cold?"*Says AP (wearing a thin beanie and two layers under his work shirt, without any coat at all) to the person, *"No. It's still above zero, that's not cold."*There is a matter of acclimatization. The blood physically changes to allow the body to adapt to the cold to a degree. In addition to that, I have always done better in the cold (and worse in the heat) than those around me. I don't know why. It's not that I am "tough" or anything, cold just doesn't bother me as much as it d...more »

Raging Stalkers

Kerodinat III Percent Patriots- 4 hours ago
**UPDATE** Sadly, the threat from Firestone and Carol Jane King (Esquire) to file a lawsuit against me was just more of their utter bullshit. Here's a snippet from Carol's email to me: "*Maybe I won't file suit after all since you want it sooooo bad."*Now I am seriously disappointed. I know you don't have a dime for a suit. I know you don't have the skills as an Attorney to file a suit. Now you vomit the truth and blow your bluff so quickly!? You aren't backing up because "I want it..." You are backing up because you have squat, because that's what cowards do, just like yo...more »

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- Roubini ‏: Italy thrown early into Electoral Season - This Fiscal Cliff is not a pothole says Schiff - The Oil Crash of 2013 ~ The End of our Industrial Civilization | Trends Forecasts and Prophecies Blog The Oil Crash of 2013 ~ The End of our Industrial Civilization - 9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed! | Trends Forecasts and Prophecies Blog 9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed! - 9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed! | Trends Forecasts and Prophecies Blog 9/11 Conspi...more »

I wanna cry.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 15 hours ago
Officers stunned when woman drops off $40,000 WWII German rifle to be destroyed in police buy-back scheme.

Key West Fanboys

Kerodinat III Percent Patriots- 17 hours ago
**UPDATE** Well folks, the pair of filth in Key West sent me a "Cease & Desist" in EMAIL!!!! and promised a lawsuit would follow if I persisted. So much for a lawsuit being imminent. I'm kinda sad. Then they whined to Wordpress and had the site taken down - I didn't close it. So I guess I'll just have to keep going elsewhere.Still having fun Mark & Carol? You started this - I decide when it ends.~~Yes, some of you have written about the new site especially for my stalkers from Key West.You know - the overly-fascinated old guy with a man-porn fetish and the potty mouth ...more »

Is AP A Neo-Nazi???

Arctic Pilgrimat Arctic Pilgrim- 18 hours ago
***When your enemy is skating on thin ice, get him to use a flamethrower. ~ Gary North*There is a rumor going around out there, built upon, from what I am told, a string of barely coherent reasoning, that has at its end a baseless accusation."AP is a Neo-Nazi."I had in mind to ignore this annoyance, but I figured that without addressing the fallacies, contradictions, and obvious holes in the "case against me", I will address the question and assertion at hand.Is AP a Neo-Nazi?To be clear, I will include "Nazi", and "National Socialist" in there to be safe. I am unsure if...more »

Praxis: Stealth cloth.

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 22 hours ago
The camouflage fabric 'that can make soldiers INVISIBLE': Company claims it has Pentagon backing for miracle material.

More Gary North... On Guerrilla Strategy?

Arctic Pilgrimat Arctic Pilgrim- 23 hours ago
*Choosing Your Battlefield**At some point, the guerrillas have to start working at least part-time as an army. They build up conventional arsenals. They move from newsletters to books; from books to magazines; from magazines to radio and television. At each stage, there are changes that become necessary. There **IS also a shift of support. The ranks become filled with more conventional people. Only tyrannies like the Communist Party can remain immune to this shift, but then they collapse. Guerrillas do not build civilizations. Castro is the model. Being a guerrilla is only the ini...more »

Ya just gotta love Kurt Hofmann: "If ammo needs a 'sporting purpose,' slaying aspiring tyrants must be a 'sport'."

Dutchman6at Sipsey Street Irregulars- 1 day ago
Works for me.*The far more fundamental problem is the abomination of that agency being empowered to ban or permit guns and ammunition on the basis of "sporting purposes" in the first place--an idea borrowed from a particularly distasteful source. The Founding Fathers did not devote ten percent of the Bill of Rights to the protection of the right to keep and bear sporting goods.If killing would-be tyrants and their hired muscle is a "sport," shouldn't we CSGV-designated "insurrectionists" have some hot cheerleaders prancing around us?**Now THERE'S a sporting purpose.* German G...more »

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