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The Peoples War - Share with One and All
by Walter Burien

One of the key motivators for lies within politics is money held of which includes wealth brought in (the take) or that wealth being invested. For decades government has been increasing their take each and every year and does so from many different arenas.
The public is familiar with just one arena. That being taxation taken and debt incurred by government.

The "reality" of the situation is that over the last 65-years on all levels of government their focus transitioned from tax income to enlarging the take through investment income.

SPECIAL NOTE GIVEN: Investments that fund their own debt through the tactics of back door funding. Investment income as of the year 2000 for collective government now exceeds tax income. Is the public aware of this? No, they are not.
The way this was done outside of public view over the last 65-years was through selective presentation and the full cooperation of the syndicated media; both political parities; and organized education out of a symbiotic relationship due to the massive money involved. Government on the city; county; and state level brings in and invests more money than Midas ever dreamed about.

So why do we hear government is short on funds and needs to raise taxes ( I note that is the same pitch heard by one and all for the last 100-years, each and every year )

It is simple greed and opportunity unrestrained. If you look at government's income from taxation; investment; and enterprise operations for the last 30-years, they in almost every case have increased the take on average by by over 1000%.

EXAMPLE: Arizona on the state level in the year 1983 had a "Budget" of 2.2 billion dollars as seen in the statistical section of the State of Arizona 1992 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). Here is the link to the 1992 Arizona State CAFR - On page 159, it shows the "Budget" for 1983 at $2,274,547,000

On page 164 it notes the "Top 10 Major Employers" in the State of Arizona. From the top five, four out of five were government. In the #1 slot itself was the State government of Arizona, followed by the State University #3, County of Maricopa #4, City of Phoenix #5. Again, this was not the exception but the standard across the country from coast to coast.

Come the year 2008 as seen in the 2008 AZ CAFR - the State, page 246, "Total Primary Government Expenses", now had a "Budget" of $28,063,203,000 (numbers as noted on the page expressed in thousands so three zeros added). That is well over a 1000% increase per "the take" in 25-years!

Correspondingly, what was the increase of the income for the non-government people of Arizona over the same time period of twenty five-years? Not even a small fraction of what the state government's increased take was.

Keep in mind the State CAFR is just for State Government Inc. All of the cities, counties, school districts, etc. complete their own CAFR having their own income and investments separate to themselves.

** Collective totals of income and investments held by "all" local governments "in" Arizona would be staggering and collectively would dwarf the state totals.

Government is now primarily run by attorneys. Most elected officials, governors, senate, congress, and even our president are attorneys. The percentage is up around 70%.

Easy money as we all know attracts attorneys as does flies to you know what.

Over the decades the "I's" have been dotted and the "T's" crossed to increase the take in any fashion possible. They call it: Greed and opportunity unrestrained.

Reality speaks for itself when you look at the increase of the take over 5, 10, 15, 25-years by any local government. Look at LA County or City. Look at any local government CAFR from the 80's, 90's, and after the year 2000. Most show an increase of the take over a twenty year period over 1000%. It is not the exception but the rule.

I note this is why never a peep of any local government's CAFR from the politicians.

** The easiest way to take; spend; invest what was taken from the people is if the people never knew that wealth was there in the first place. As "truth" bears out, over the last few decades the people were kept in the dark as to government's true gross income and massive investment capital was being built, transferred, and utilized "globally".
"Treason doth never prosper; what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612
Government has evolved out of unrestrained opportunity
over the last 65-years into a corporate takeover machine. As clearly seen by the growth of government, a takeover of the populations wealth, done so by any opportunity that presents itself to do so. As the population's wealth was secured, it gave government the ability to take over the financial and industrial community also now by investment.

For government to have done so easily and effectively, it was essential to "masterfully entertain" the population into distraction so that they would not look, comprehend, and digest the basics. Those basics being: Local and Federal Government's increase of the take over the years and the utilization of that take to build massive investment funds that have the ability when utilized collectively to take over any group of public corporations, real-estate holdings, and in fact a country.

Keep in mind that the utilization of the wealth amassing within government is the definition of easy money wealth bases that have targeted takeovers of countries by war or covert operations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, etc. with the cross hairs at present targeting Iran.

Millions upon millions of individuals have been killed in doing so for that type of criminal exploitation of wealth transfer. But as always, if the public is masterfully entertained with control soundbite conditioning, the intent of murder and plunder slips through the cracks as the surface intent of murder and plunder is exercised.

When the greed and opportunity is massive from the upper echelon of controllers, so are the lies behind orchestrations put into play to accomplish the final intent of the massive wealth transfers. Noted are 911, weapons of mass destruction held by Iraq, housing market bubble, health care reform, and the current promotion of the Fiscal Cliff.

Yes there is a fiscal cliff and it did not happen in a year. It is the end result of "the take" that ever increased from all levels of government over the last three decades. A take that has plundered the wealth from many within the United States and outside of the US.

For this to have taken place it was essential to maintain the population as an easy mark and thus the masterful entertainment for distraction was maintained; refined; and soundbite saturated upon the American population. To do so, again it required the complete cooperation of the syndicated media; controlled education; both political parties; and the consortium of elected officials. With the money involved much grease was applied to the skids there.

There is nothing like massive accumulated wealth; massive gross income; and massive investment capital held to influence and hold at bay any opposition or to get the full cooperation of needed players to effect and finalize "any" intended end result.

The fiscal cliff is real
. It is real for the population of the United states. It is not real for the upper echelon of the players from within government. It is simply an "opportunity" to increase and maintain the take.

In reality and in the true interests of the people, government should be suspended for reorganization; limitation; and reinstatement under specific terms that truly benefit the people and not the intent of the inside players who have established their clear and undisputed (as established by the facts of the matter) plunder of the wealth with use of force to increase the take from others.

Their actions are criminal and repulsive when viewed under any clear light. It is not speculation but established fact when the well designed rhetoric of orchestrated distraction and masterful entertainment is stripped aside.

So, to answer the question of: "Is lying Just a part of being a Politician?"

The answer based on the money involved from every level of government is; Most definitively a yes.

I also note; can honest and ethical politicians survive in the environment that has bloomed within government of networked easy money and obscene wealth building?

No, not an ice-cubes chance in hell. The power-base come from those who built the easy money unto themselves from within. They are the controllers and I note most being attorneys. If they are crossed by the honest and ethical, DUE TO THE MONEY Involved the honest and ethical find themselves tossed to the sidelines or worse.

Due to the money involved
, the gang of elected players from the inside will utilize the power they maintain derived from the collective investment totals, networked through private associations to direct the corporations owned by government's collective investments to allocate millions of dollars through fronted Super PACs to back the inside gang's politicians designated for any office. With that type of money behind the gang's selected candidates the opposition candidates do not stand a chance, and the beat goes on.

If the corporations do not cooperate as instructed, they may just find their companies being dis-invested; loans called in; board of directors replaced by proxy vote; and targeted by government agency selectively asserted enforcement actions designed to cripple.

That old expression holds true: "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Now that you have had an education per the "reality" you are faced with, what can be done about it to reverse the tide and put the population back on the crest of the wave?

The answer to that question is simple but will require the commitment from the population in all perspective that of war. A war of intent forced upon the structure of government to modify the "Principle of Operation".

If the population became the "First Line Beneficiary" from the global investment wealth now held collectively by Local and Federal government, the following would evolve into being the new reality in place:

1. There would be no need for "any" taxation. Tax Retirement Funds (TRF), the investment return generated therefrom could and would fund any local government's operating expenses, or in other words; Their budgets.

2. Government on all level would no loner have the incentive to expand, expand, expand, to take more, more, more. Government in fact would have the incentive to downsize and be as efficient as possible now operating from the TRF management principle.

3. The population without the drain of taxation, will now be able to maintain their income, build and maintain their wealth, and from the massive investment capital building within the TRF accounts, the business community will have virtually an unlimited source for investment capitalization. The economy is now on track for a everlasting "stable" boom that leads us all into a thousand years of prosperity for one and all.

4. Government from the excellent returns derived from the TRF management accounts, driven by an ever growing wealthy population and a thriving financial / corporate / industrial community flourishes also.

Again, war is needed to make this happen. The inside player are very happy with the way things are right now for the easy money at their disposal. They will not be willing participants in changing the structure currently in place that has built and maintains their personal fortunes and empires.

But then in "reality" upon transformation, "ALL" prosper and this needs to be done as soon as possible. Not only does the population get a very - very big tic off of its back, the business and financial / industrial community gets the same tic off their backs also.

In reality, government administrations for the last several thousand years has looked at all from the population as being a productivity resource to be drained and managed. This was true going back to the time of the Pharaohs as it is today. This has never been a good situation (for the people) and never will be a good situation.

Under the TRF management principle, the most important aspect is: Government's intent changes towards the people. No longer are the people looked at as being something to be drained and managed, but the intent now changes to one of wanting to see the people as wealthy and as prosperous as possible. The more wealth amassed within the population, the greater the economy, and in as such the grander the returns derived from the TRF management accounts funding local government operations.

Again, a win - win for all involved.

The same model can go into effect for the benefit of any country and its people around the world. Canada, Russia, Australia, Mexico, and even China.

It is the force of the people that will make this happen. As stated, and as we all know, the inside players are very content with the easy take as it exists for them at this time to willingly make a change on their own accord. The people by truly applied force need to make this evolution happen.

Ready for the Millennium? A thousand years of prosperity for one and all. I think most of us all know we were promised it, and "it" has not happened yet. I say from the depth of my heart: The time for it to happen is now. It will not be an easy road, but the destination of that road is a true and prosperous Kingdom for one and all.

Truly yours,

Walter Burien -

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