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Sports scandals – 100% proof that professional sports is fixed

9 November 2012 Posted by: Markus Allen Comments Off
For decades, professional wrestling enjoyed the legitimacy of being thought of as a real sport. But that all changed when the CEO of professional wrestling admitted his sport was "somewhat fake" in 1989.
These days, all professional and amateur sports are under the same cloud. There are too many coincidental bad calls against certain teams at crucial times during games.
Ask anyone if they think sports are rigged and just about everyone says, "I could see that."
The reality is sports is fixed – 100%. It has been rigged since the beginning of time.
The good news is one brave sole had the guts to go against big-time corporate forces to connect the dots and prove that professional (and amateur) sports isn't as it seems.
His name is Brian Tuohy [' | @ TheFixIsInTuohy. His book is called The Fix is In - The Showbiz Manipulation of the NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL and NASCAR. And I invited Brian to join me on a recorded call.
This just in: a listener of mine really liked this interview (see below) and followed up with me... he told me to check this out:

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