Monday, August 18, 2008



Against the United States Government and all interested parties controlling it’s policies

J. Croft

This BILL OF PARTICULARS is a complaint and indictment against the United States Government, it’s separate federal bodies, controlled State governmental bodies, individuals in employment and elected representatives, and all parties with either official or covert controlling interest in perpetuating the U.S. Government’s crimes against the American People:

Endorsing and encouraging banks and other financial institutions to encourage the building of debt among the American People, while at the same time denying when possible loans for small business startups squelching competition for major corporations.

Operating a national education system designed to deny Americans their heritage of Freedom, to systematically dumb down, indoctrinate and condition the People towards integration into a modern day feudalism.

Consistently and brazenly favoring major corporations and rich and powerful individuals through the laws and favoritism in lobbying for said laws.

Conducting elections in a systematically fraudulent manner with rigged voting machines, rigged counts and even falsified results.

Operating unconstitutional federal and state agencies using people easily seduced by power and authority, who abuse, assault, rob, bear false witness against and murder the People as a means of intimidation, control and conditioning.

Consistently excusing major corporations and government bodies of enviromental laws that are ruthlessly and abusively enforced upon the People for the sole purpose of stealing their property.

Operating a judicial system that knows nothing of justice, that disregards the Rights of the People, that imprisons millions of innocents in a gulag system scientifically designed to inflict torture for profit of the state and the corporations that service the system, in particular the “privately run” prisons that use inmates as slave labor.

Operating a non governmental enforcement body, the Internal Revenue Service, to collect unconstitutional income taxes, fraudulently for the private banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve.

Illegally tasking the issuance, at cost to the government via interest, to the private Federal Reserve that is owned by the same moneyed interests that control the rest of the US government and all major corporations that dominate America.

Deferring matters of national policy to private groups of well-connected figures out of the Council of Foreign Relations, the “Bilderburger” group, Trilateral Commission, and other elitist groups that actively act against the interests of the American People.

Operating unconstitutional courts whereby Jury Trials are not conducted, where property can be seized, children taken without consent and other matters of law that are the provence of Jury Trials.

Conducting a conspiracy against the American People whereby independent technological development is stifled in favor of technologies pushed by major corporations and government that make the People dependent.

Enforcing even the most minor points of at best questionably passed law and regulations with excessive force, even at the cost of the lives of those held at fault.

Perpetuating a conspiracy by which Television is used to reduce the thoughts of Americans to the most base impulses through progressively dumbed down programming, subliminals, and the very way televisions operate to induce a trance like state.

Permitting the major television and news media to perpetuate lies through biased news reporting.

Substituting property rights with the legal fiction “real estate” that can be legally taxed and seized by the government for taxes, or seized through eminent domain.

Denying the right of travel on the nation’s public roads, by requiring license to drive, which is a permit and can be revoked at will, and requiring by law insurance that the insurance corporations lobbied for.

Attempting to shut down the only real access to media by Americans, the Internet and replace it with a system as restricted as print, television and radio.

Covertly setting up a surveillance grid of sensors under pretext of “public safety”, both privately owned and government operated by which the People can be tracked without end.

Persecuting those Americans that protest and struggle against these and other tyrannies.

Running a fraudulent “drug war” that imprisons millions, steals their property and creates the legal pretext for tyranny while another covert branch ships the very drugs that are “controlled”.

Operating intelligence agencies for the purpose of spying and committing espionage against the American People.

Operating under de facto martial law where Rights are thrown to the side for “public safety”.

Economically segregating large sections of the American People so as to create class conflict, hopelessness, welfare dependency, and crime to scare everyone into accepting a police state.

Undermining the Sovereignty of the United States of America through treaty, “agreements”, trade pacts and other devices that impose unconstitutional laws upon the American People and loot the nation’s wealth and industry.

Denying recourse to the People of government abuses at all levels of government by law and policy.

Endorsing and promoting abortion, which has cost fifty million lives and stunted the future growth of America.

Encouraging millions of illegals to take underpaid menial work Americans can’t live on, exploiting them as indentured servants.

Denying defendants in trials the benefits of a Jury fully informed of their Right to nullify bad or unjustly applied law and free of interference by any judge.

Using military forces in violent assaults against the American People.

Imprisoning Americans in concentration camps.

Violating numerous treaties with Native Americans, committing genocide against them and banishing the survivors onto barely livable reservations where they’re economically and politically segregated.

Starting numerous wars under false pretenses in the name of the American People whether by goading attack or using agents masquerading as a supposed enemy, murdering many millions, conquering and devastating many foreign lands and plundering their resources for the profit of the few controlling interests that currently rule America.

Operating under the lawyer conspiracy-born U.S. Constitution that was forced into ratification under contrived emergency and duress, and cleverly worded at the time of it’s drafting to license future expansion of government power and authority under deception and fraud.

The unlimited usage of the Commerce Clause and “implied powers” to regulate absolutely every aspect of Americans lives, block true reform movements by staggered elections of Congress, by the Electoral College, and the unchallenged power of the Supreme Court until it’s tyranny far overshadows anything the British Empire attempted.

For using legalism and naked force to breach the guarantees in the Bill of Rights, including;

Right to Free Speech by mandating license to protest, by restricting certain protests to areas not conspicuous to the public, by restricting content and regulation of means of delivery in order to shut out all voices that are not backed by monied interests;

Right to Religious Freedom using the Internal Revenue Service to regulate Free Speech and Expression with 501(c)3 “tax exemption status”, with persecution of so-called “cults”;

Right to Bear Arms using the Interstate Commerce Clause to restrict Militia-appropriate weapons from the American People with taxes;

Replacing the Militia, which is of, by, and for the People with standing armies of National Guard, federal, state and local law enforcement forces now being fitted with military weaponry unconstitutionally restricted from the People, and restricting availability of suitable marksmanship and tactical training and equipment from the People;

Indoctrinating the soldiers, agents, and officers of said forces to the lie that they are the “modern day equivalent” of the lawful Constitutional Militia and only they should have weapons fit for Militia service, and instilling a air of superiority in status over the People;

Using eminent domain statutes to steal property, either for unneeded interests of the government or for private interests beholden towards;

Using judicial fiat, executive orders, unconstitutional law and government agency “policy” to “reason” the Fourth Amendment protections from “unreasonable” search and seizure out of existence;

Undermining and eliminating Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Amendment protections by working to abolish Juries independent of government control for “misdemeanors’, by imposing excessive bail and pre sentence jailing in order to force Americans into pleading into guilt, by drafting procedures designed to deny evidence and generally stacking the rules in favor of the government;

Ignoring the Ninth Amendment: “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the (P)eople.”;

Breaching the Tenth Amendment by delegating to the federal government powers reserved to the states and the People;

Ignoring state ratification of the original Thirteenth Amendment abolishing titles of royalty, specifically the title “esquire” which lawyers are bestowed to by the British Accredited Registry, and banning those bearing such title from government service, for replacing it with a subtly worded “replacement” Thirteenth Amendment endorsing slavery to the United States Government;

Creating a privately controlled legal monopoly through the BAR association by which only lawyers can write the law, make rulings and try in courts;

Illegally enforcing the unratified sixteenth amendment, the income tax and using withholding.

Repeated attempts to get rid of the Constitution and replace it with a governing document that doesn’t have to pay lip service to the Rights of the American People.

Conspiracy to murder millions of Americans and enslave the survivors in work camps and tightly controlled cities.

This Bill of Particulars is by no means complete as a complete list of violations against the American People both individually and as a Nation would be impossible to compile. Nevertheless, the violations listed above alone are sufficient to warrant a demand for recompense for damages afflicted.

We the People hereby demand such compensation and those perpetrating the above crimes and any others not mentioned to be held liable and accountable.

J. Croft



J. Croft


It’s true. The Internet is considered by the Pentagon to be an “enemy weapons system”. Why? Because this current Internet is the last flourishing bastion of Free Speech and free enterprise and Freedom is a philosophy the government is an enemy of.

Large parts of the Internet the government can shut down on it’s own but that’s not foolproof-it is also alarming to those who cherish Freedom and would lead to escalations beyond what’s planned. So the plan is to let the current Internet infrastructure die off by letting the major servers crash one by one until everyone is forced onto the reservation known as Internet 2. This will be a constricted pipeline whereby you can only go to a few thousand major corporate and government websites instead of the millions of free voices you can now. Just like cable.


Most all of Congress is bought and paid for, and they don’t like your Freedom either. They’re in lockstep with the private moneyed interests who control the US government and the major corporation like puppet masters. They fear the truth. Specifically they fear the truth about them to finally get out to the general public still mentally asleep. So any attempts to get Congress to mandate repairing this Internet will fail.

So will attempts by entrepeneurs to bolster the current internet because it’s in the government’s interest to let it collapse. Companies can be bought out, patents bought up or violations of patents brought up by major corporations in court. The FCC could simply barge in and ban it. There is no legal recourse to saving it.


There’s no saving the Internet from its earmarked demise, and without it we’re thrust back an entire technological era in communications. And we need a Internet more than we’ve ever needed it due to the enemy’s stepping up their program to rid themselves of us.

We need a Internet-so we need to build our own. From the ground up.

Now, it’s obvious a loose-knit pack of Patriots are NOT going to string up millions of miles of either copper or fiber optic line. It’s also obvious that using existing infrastructure, that those attempting to use that will be no problem to track down. And shut up.

So I propose a wireless solution.


This is going to be a series of disposable, easily built nodes using readily available, off the shelf components for ease of manufacture in small, clandestine workshops with iffy electric power and resource availability.

Broadcast signals can be encrypted, frequency shifted. They can use different frequency bands than most normal traffic, switchable in case of government interference. Logging in must be able to be handled by currently available components or devices that can be easily built in clandestine workshops.

Intel has come out with a long range wi-fi router with up to a 60 mile range. Costing about 500 dollars the device is simply a radio transceiver with modern electronics. Using this as a model, it is my contention that a reverse engineered model easily constructed from readily available components can be made in large numbers. Such efforts are necessary because the Intel node or any copies made will most likely be able to be hacked by the government and thus made useless.

The devices must be mobile, relatively small so that they can be easily moved and hidden. Preferably small enough to fit inside a van or the bed of a small truck and relatively lightweight and simple to assemble and set up.

Antenna design… must have length but it must also be able to allow portability. These things will be hunted down because to the government they will be an enemy weapons system.

The devices must be hardened as best possible against destructive electromagnetic pulse.

The devices must have it’s own power supply. Some kind of on board generator or solar panel array, but plugging it into the existing power supplies will allow it to be tracked down because electricity flows are monitored. Recent advances in solar energy could make a small, relatively rugged solar array give a strong enough current to power a node. Another consideration is using a small Tesla turbine fueled by a wood or charcoal fired tube boiler to power a on board generator.

The devices must also be cheap to build-to the point where thousands can be easily built, giving our Internet a disposability, a redundancy because the government WILL object to us raising our own communications system. The radio components should be easy enough to build, and the processors hard drives for the server are also inexpensive. Second hand components and scrap.

The devices must be powerful enough so that working in unison they can overcome jamming. Rugged enough to take abuse and able to function with not the best of components.

The devices must be rugged enough to withstand natural disasters, and abusive handling.

One avenue that, I have to repeat, needs to be explored is using Tesla technology both for transceiving signals and power generation. I am thinking of ground wave transmission, a steam engine based on Tesla turbines, or something more exotic that Nikola Tesla came up with.

Those working on this must use the maximum security. Once a working prototype is completed and tested a means of distributing a cypher to Patriots must be made. This must be slaved to a means to hop frequencies at random to confound attempts at spying or jamming. Once a working design is perfected this must be distributed freely to Patriots. This can’t be a moneymaker it must be a essential tool of Freedom. We will need our own Internet for a open source information and knowledge base to facilitate leaderless resistance.

Saturday, August 16, 2008



J. Croft

238 years ago Americans-subjects of the British Empire-felt compelled by repeated and escalating abuses of power by that government to write the words below, in part:

WHEN IN THE COURSE of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume, among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundations on such principles, and organizing its powers in as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

…The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these states. To prove this, let facts be subject to a candid world.

Such words and the rest that formed the Declaration of Independence codified in writing the will of the American People to resist tyranny. This will-first brought forth with the formation of Colonial Assemblies, strikes, protests, and the resistance to the confiscation of their firearms at Lexington and Concord, is the same will to be Free that Man has had since the origin of our species. This will carried those brave Minutemen, those Americans through seven years of constant retreat, of almost unremitting battlefield defeat until that fateful year in 1781 when the might of that British Empire was defeated decisively in open battle.

Wars end brought Freedom, which was victory-for a time. The children and grandchildren forged the greatest nation to bestride the Earth, a colossus that unbound the best in man that would otherwise be oppressed by tyranny. America grew, despite deep flaws inherent within the nation’s founding, overcame them for better or for worse as history tells. People however forget themselves. The great-grandchildren of our revolutionary forefathers forgot that to stay free a constant vigil of their government must be maintained. That this vigil must be rooted in eternal distrust of those that are entrusted with the public good, or the struggle for Freedom would begin anew.

We, the great-grandchildren of those that began to let their Responsibilities slide in checking their government, whose Revolutionary ancestors are now largely forgotten, We face that terrible struggle anew. We face it because you who in what is a mere technicality of “public service” you have become instead self-styled masters of the People, treating the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence as “just a goddamn piece of paper” as President George W. Bush famously stated. Like that illegally selected President you too think your jobs are easier so long as you are the dictators. You have usurped our Freedoms. Every complaint the Founding Fathers had listed in the original Declaration you have exceeded far beyond expectation or imagination; once again “let facts be submitted to a candid world”:

The government “has refused his assent to laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good”. Instead you have used the “law” as a shield, a cover to grab power, to steal, to oppress those that oppose your criminality; imprisoning, impoverishing and murdering We the People at your merest whim. The laws have become such a multitude, such a tangle of contradictions, technicalities impossible to challenge those that become “public servants” are in fact masters of an enslaved populace.

Worse, the government has grown in sophistication far beyond forbidding governors and other lower officials to pass legislature of pressing importance without assent, or blackmailing the People to give up representation in exchange for needed help… at least not until martial law is declared. Even so, legislatures from Congress to the local school boards are effectively as remote as the Moon to the People due to being systematically enslaved mentally-dumbed down-in state run schools, kept ignorant of even their basic Rights. Kept ignorant of the crimes perpetrated by what is supposed to be their government by fellow corporate travelers in the plutocratically owned media. They entrance the People with mind-numbing, manipulative, subliminal-ridden television that openly and knowingly lie, distort, and hide the Truth such that you can get away with the merest of blurbs. Ground down economically in every possible way by those same plutocratic overlords of Our America, the People their puppets(you in government, for you and they are one and the same)enforce an economic serfdom that eats away with a multitude of taxes that robs up to half of what remains. Such blatant yet sophisticated oppression weed out all but the most resilient of Citizens-who are promptly marginalized with the basest of slurs which the serfdom you’ve transformed the American People into readily repeat because you’ve trained them to accept every thing you their masters, their oppressors, their murderers as “truth”.

The government has since 1913 illegally and unconstitutionally handed over the powers of issuing money to a cartel of private international bankers. Such cartel, deviously titling themselves the “federal reserve” have defrauded the American People with a continually debased, illegal debt based currency that decreases in spending power each year due to their self generated inflation by issuing more currency than needed. Worse, this same cartel, these same plutocrats that own corporations and government officials alike, turned and actually had the lawful money of silver and gold outlawed for use and removed said specie from circulation. Such removal of “competition” of solid, stable money leaves the People at the “mercy” of criminals who force them into debt bondage to have at the cost of lifelong slavery what their ancestors could once had for a few years of hard work.

Government “…has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people, and eat out their sustenance”; using Constitutional clauses to enact the very tyranny the Founding Fathers fought against. With many dozens of federal agencies-standing armies of bureaucrats and heavily armed agents to enforce every petty whim with maximum force and sadistic, criminal glee the great multitude of laws provided to oppress and enslave the People. Notwithstanding the great multitude of state and local government offices and the great multitude of state and local standing armies of bureaucrats and heavily armed agents in the fifty states, the over 70,000 counties and the million or so village, town and city governments. All enforcing all their petty whims with the same maximum force and sadistic, criminal glee laws the great multitude of laws they themselves generate to oppress and enslave the People.

“…Has kept among us, in times of peace, standing armies without the consent of our legislatures..” Standing armies, indeed: the military-industrial complex, those same plutocrats that own the major media and the illegal federal reserve, have through their owned political servants in Congress made the maintenance of vast standing armies and naval forces over the entire Earth for their own twisted ends national policy. That national policy being to use the resources of this Nation in a deliberately self-destructing campaign of economic and political domination and war by baiting other nations into attacking or setting up false-flag operations, victimizing every nation, every people on Earth with the end goal of world conquest. The true, plutocratic masters of this truly slave nation have “…affected to render the military independent of, and superior to, the civil power” as a central thrust of their campaign so as to remove any possible obstacle those of the People that object.

As the King of Great Britain attempted 238 years before, those plutocratic masters have “combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving… assent to their acts of pretended legislation…” by entangling by treaties with foreign governments and foreign supernational government bodies to subjugate the nation legally to foreign law and foreign rule. And by secret plot the very dissolution of the American nation into a larger federal empire under their more convenient and total rule, and far exceeding any King of Great Britain did;

For using military forces against innocent people, even going so far as to awarding their soldiers commendations for attacking the wrong target;

For protection of anyone in government service that serve this traitorous agenda the full legal protection while fully punishing anyone who upholds their Patriotic duty to defend their Nation against all enemies foreign and domestic;

For cutting off our trade with all parts of the world-not with embargo, but with the government policy of so-called “free trade agreements” with nations that produce their goods with slave labor, while imposing punishing tariffs on our goods, to have the effect of starving, gutting and killing American industry;

For systematically favoring the plutocrats that secretly control the government in all matters, for writing tax laws favoring them while small businessmen, family farms and entrepeneurs the backbone of America are ruthlessly crushed;

For operating an unconstitutional private banking cartel as the nation’s illegal central bank, for destroying the money of the United States of America both by substitution of fraudulent debt notes masquerading as dollars and by systematic, deliberate devaluation of said currency, and for conspiring to outlaw the lawful possession of lawful gold and silver;

For imposing upon us great multitudes of taxes and fines great and small, even stealing our money before its even handed to us, with the consent and design of traitors in the various legislatures;

For depriving us in many cases, the benefits of a trial by jury, by manipulation of court rules, by duress imposed with asset forfeiture laws, by imprisonment before trial with excessive bond or even without bond, by fellow conspirators in private legal practice impostering as “defense” attorneys who plot to drive everyone into plea bargaining while robbing them as well;

For transporting American Citizens to places beyond American jurisdiction to avoid American legal standards for pretended offenses of “terrorism” and using torture;

For making lawyers the sole writers and arbritors of the law, and for making so many that the body of law acquires a form of legalistic lawlessness open to interpretation by the lawyers themselves;

For ignoring the lost 13th Amendment abolishing titles of nobility and barring said nobles from public service-which would bar esquires and “your honors”… lawyers and judges and politicians;

For illegally and unconstitutionally imposing the 16th Amendment imposing a direct income tax barred by the Constitution;

For unlawfully breaking up families, for ignoring abuses endemic in foster homes;

For abolishing the free system of English Common Law so as to impose the bondage of Admiralty Law that imposes legal contracts upon unsuspecting people, for using that same contract law to nullify our Rights and Freedoms;

For conspiring over generations to weaken the minds and will of the American People by their very upbringing through state operated schools that fail to provide even a basic education but mentally condition the People to serve and obey;

For assaulting our very health with approved toxins in the food and water and air, for ruthlessly crushing healthy alternatives;

For granting monopolies over the use of media resources to private plutocratic cartels that use those resources to further dumb down and condition the People to accept their enslavement;

For expanding and consolidating its power over the states and local governments so as to make them adjunct to the federal government;

For theft of the People’s property in the name of ‘eminent domain’, and for such theft to benefit certain monied private interests;

For selling the public roads to private foreign interests, for theft of property and whole towns to construct massive infrastructure that only facilitate our economic conquest;

For perpetrating wars of conquest in our name, for goading foreign powers into attacking our armed forces deliberately placed into harm’s way, for using American forces not for national defense but in manipulation toward a goal of world domination;

For the use of secret military and intelligence agencies to penetrate, subvert and take over state and local governments so as to maintain control and to spy on the People;

For denying Freedom of Religion by compelling compliance with Internal Revenue Service rules for tax exemption status by stifling Free Speech and for conspiring to use the churches to persuade the People to voluntarily disarm and accept the destruction of Freedom;

For the systematic usurpation of the People’s Right to Bear Arms, by gradual transformation of that Right into a licensed privilege;

For further violating the Second Amendment by replacing the Militia that constitute the whole of the American People with state controlled police forces and National Guard and conditioning them to support this usurpation of the People’s Right to Bear Arms;

For further violating the Second Amendment banning by tax and interstate commerce clauses the acquisition of arms suitable for militia service, and usurping the bearing of arms by infringing on possession, and use of arms even for personal defense;

For depriving the People of the Right of Free Speech except by permit and further restricting protest in areas away from public notice;

For abusing the word reasonable-as in reasoning away bit by bit the Fourth Amendment protections from government spying and unwarranted searches;

For denying the Right to a Jury Trial for “misdemeanors” in violation of the Sixth Amendment, and to impose financial hardships designed to force a plea bargain;

For using absurd asset forfeiture statutes to steal the People’s property without compensation, without even a lawful charge;

For conspiring to destroy all other Rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights and any and all other Rights implied in the first ten amendments, including separation of powers, Rights to travel and private property, of association, of belief;

For exempting those that work within and for the government of the restrictions placed on the People, for granting immunity for any and all conduct;

For banning certain drugs, prohibiting their possession, then engaging in conspiracy to distribute said drugs to the most vulnerable communities, and waging a so-called ‘drug war’ to further profit by incarcerating millions of Americans, and using said ‘drug war’ as excuse to federalize the local police forces and equip them with military weaponry unconstitutionally forbidden for the People and the unorganized militia;

For suppressing technologies and innovation through regulations and intimidation, for favoring technologies benefiting large corporations and their plutocratic masters so as to retain control over the People;

For running a false two-party political racket throughout all sections of government, for systematically shutting out alternative candidates, for using all available manner of vote fraud and ballot box fixing to steal elections;

For exploiting certain flawed clauses in the US Constitution and Amendments to expand power far beyond the People’s expectations or wishes, for repeated and never ending abuses of the Constitution to expand power and control over the People;

For any other crimes against the People not specifically enumerated in this Declaration;

For ending the Constitutional Republic in favor of a militaristic police state;

The United States government has abdicated its legitimate claims by using any and all methods of trickery, deceit and brute force to wage war against us, whether individually or as whole communities by disaster natural or manmade.

The government has plundered our economy, massacred our People in their homes and communities with military force, and destroyed countless lives over the most trivial of technicalities.

The government is at this time raising yet more armies both in government service and private to complete the works of death, desolation, and tyranny worldwide, “…already begun with circumstances of cruelty and perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages…” totally unworthy of a nation that prides itself on calling itself Free. The government conspires to finish the transformation of America from a Republic into a dictatorship and to crush even the memory of Freedom.

As our Forefathers had to endure 238 years ago, at every stage of these oppressions we have petitioned for redress in the most humble terms. As happened before, our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A government, whose character is thus marked by every act which defines a tyrant IS UNFIT TO BE THE SERVANT OF A FREE PEOPLE.

We the People hereby declare our independence from the US government, and will no longer recognize its supposed authority nor the authority of any agent or officer both public and private;

We declare our independence from any and all laws, rules, proclamations, orders, decrees and regulations issued by the United States Government, any and all obligations null and void, and no longer recognize the authority invested by the US government of any and all agents;

We declare our independence from any obligation public or private thereof, and any and all debts null and void;

We declare our intent to rebel and resist such agents as best possible and to resist any and all attempts to subjugate us;

We declare our intent to resurrect Our America and replace the United States government with one truly and forevermore subservient to the People. We pledge our lives, our property, and our Sacred Honor.

J. Croft