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No comment from me needed Mike Vanderboegh nailed the truth of this clusterfuck...

Hutaree Raid: An extremely well-executed federal operation aimed at the threat represented by the revitalized militia & Oath Keepers.

As a powerful political counter-stroke it was masterful. You have to give them credit. Putting a provocateur into a group of not-very-well wrapped Millennialists (see Churchill, To Shake Their Guns in the Tyrants Face) and assisting them to:

a. build and distribute pipe bombs and

b. talk about plots to kill cops that involve killing innocents, family members, etc.,

was well thought out, perfectly targeted, craftily planned, brilliantly executed and impeccably timed.

I realized this when I was outside talking to the three cops who showed up at my door to collect the birdshit Easter card. To begin with, the phone rang. Would I please meet the officer outside? Sure.

So I walked out in my shirtsleeves, thinking I would simply hand the guy (remember, I had been told they would send one officer) the ziplock bag, fill out a report, and then could go turn in after a very exhausting day.

I wasn't even off the porch before I understood something very different was going on here. Three deputies, not one. Spread out, hands on weapons, bright light in my face, commanding me to come to them. It was so ludicrous I laughed and said, "What? You want me to put my hands in the air?"

They didn't but they weren't laughing either.

Look, I told them, I just called you guys because that's what the Coroner's Office told me to do. They were tense as hell. Two of them knew me from local Pinson events, political and otherwise. The other, the one with the least experience, was the most obviously nervous and he's the one who approached from the side always training the light in my eyes.

So, after I get them calmed down and explain what is going on, it becomes obvious that they are concerned that I am a maddog militiaman. The Hutaree business was fresh in their minds. "Christian militia." "Kill cops at the funeral."

They're "militia." I'm "militia." I actually think they expected me to defend the assholes. As we had some time before the fire department trucks got there (and then they decided they weren't equipped to handle the situation so they asked for HAZMAT backup), I started talking about the many death threats I have had over the years and about my belief that it is better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable. We talked about death threats in 90s, and my ever expanding list of enemies. I told them about how the FBI had been letting certain neoNazi terrorists run free back then, and how we -- the constitutional militia -- embarrassed them finally into arresting the pukes. I told them how we worked with state and local law enforcement to prevent racist-terrorist initiated clouds of pink mist here and across the country.

They just kept coming back to the Hutaree.

And it wasn't, I sensed, merely because it had just happened. The details of the thing as reported in the media and passed along by "cop telegraph" -- based entirely on the word of a federal provacateur at this point -- had seized their imaginations. "Christian Militia." "Assassinating a police officer." "Mass killing of cops' families at a funeral." "At a FUNERAL."

"Militiaman" = "Cop killer" As obvious as two plus two.

For the Imperial Feds, this was a propaganda coup of the tenth order of magnitude.

For this wasn't really about the Hutaree. It was about the revitalized constitutional militia movement and Oath Keepers. It may not have started out to be, when they began their operation against the Hutaree back in 2008, but at some point along the line, I'll bet, somebody saw the opportunity and took it.

Based upon the nervousness, fear and hatred of the Feds for Oath Keepers (as evidenced by the number and frequency of their verbal attacks on it), we knew that at some point they were going to feel compelled to get serious about dealing with the threat OK posed to their strategic certainty. (That is, "if I issue this tyrannical order, will these people carry it out -- or turn on me?")

Gentlemen and ladies, you just witnessed the seriousness of their intent to discredit Oath Keepers. The Hutaree meme strikes at the seam between the military and police who are attracted by the Oath Keepers' simple message, and the armed citizenry who are their natural allies in supporting and defending the Constitution and in the maintenance of order in society as a whole.

The Hutaree, apparently useful idiots to a man, may indeed not be guilty of what they are charged. It does not matter. Even if all the charges are later expoosed to be the fevered imaginings of snitches and provocateurs (and I don't think they will be), the Feds have reaped an incalculable benefit from the exercise.

They have, in the minds of every cop in America, equated the word "militia" with the word "cop killer."

From now on, every cop will approach us with that in mind. Every conversation about militia will have to deal with the Hutaree first. The Feds have put us all on the ideological defensive. The fact that it enunciates a lie does not matter. People will "know" from now on that all militiamen and women are copkillers.

Brilliant. You must give them credit. It was brilliant.

More on this subject later.


And you can keep up on the gossip here:;f=26;t=000139


Don't be too impressed with the keystone coppers below who were supposed to relieve our misdeployed troops working on a decade of chasing Taliban; their weapons aren't even zeroed and they couldn't hit the side of a barn. Worse, they supply most of the arms to the Taliban who can't wait for us to get kicked out of Afghanistan's poppy fields so they can get back to stoning burka'd women for begging for bread.

Even the contractors fight among themselves. And an 8 week training cycle? God in Heaven but do they suck-the contractors are the oath traitors who will be coming for our guns and our Freedom when they're given the green light. Take heart...

The drug dealing US Govt's strategy of Afghaning the war in their own country was doomed from the start.

Full article below:

Afghani police use a rifle training course in Kabul as a DynCorp employee looks on
By T. Christian Miller, Mark Hosenball, and Ron Moreau NEWSWEEK
Published Mar 19, 2010

Mohammad Moqim watches in despair as his men struggle with their AK-47 automatic rifles, doing their best to hit man-size targets 50 meters away. A few of the police trainees lying prone in the mud are decent shots, but the rest shoot clumsily, and fumble as they try to reload their weapons. The Afghan National Police (ANP) captain sighs as he dismisses one group of trainees and orders 25 more to take their places on the firing line. "We are still at zero," says Captain Moqim, 35, an eight-year veteran of the force. "They don't listen, are undisciplined, and will never be real policemen."

Poor marksmanship is the least of it. Worse, crooked Afghan cops supply much of the ammunition used by the Taliban, according to Saleh Mohammed, an insurgent commander in Helmand province. The bullets and rocket-propelled grenades sold by the cops are cheaper and of better quality than the ammo at local markets, he says. It's easy for local cops to concoct credible excuses for using so much ammunition, especially because their supervisors try to avoid areas where the Taliban are active. Mohammed says local police sometimes even stage fake firefights so that if higher-ups question their outsize orders for ammo, villagers will say they've heard fighting.

In Taliban Country
The story of the Taliban's fall and rise, in their own words.

America has spent more than $6 billion since 2002 in an effort to create an effective Afghan police force, buying weapons, building police academies, and hiring defense contractors to train the recruits—but the program has been a disaster. More than $322 million worth of invoices for police training were approved even though the funds were poorly accounted for, according to a government audit, and fewer than 12 percent of the country's police units are capable of operating on their own. Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, the State Department's top representative in the region, has publicly called the Afghan police "an inadequate organization, riddled with corruption." During the Obama administration's review of Afghanistan policy last year, "this issue received more attention than any other except for the question of U.S. troop levels," Holbrooke later told NEWSWEEK. "We drilled down deep into this."

The worst of it is that the police are central to Washington's plans for getting out of Afghanistan. The U.S.-backed government in Kabul will never have popular support if it can't keep people safe in their own homes and streets. Yet in a United Nations poll last fall, more than half the Afghan respondents said the police are corrupt. Police commanders have been implicated in drug trafficking, and when U.S. Marines moved into the town of Aynak last summer, villagers accused the local police force of extortion, assault, and rape.

The public's distrust of the cops is palpable in the former insurgent stronghold of Marja. Village elders welcomed the U.S. Marines who recently drove out the Taliban, but told the Americans flatly they don't want the ANP to return. "The people of Marja will tell you that one of their greatest fears was the police coming back," says Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, who took over in November as chief of the U.S. program to expand and improve Afghanistan's security forces. "You constantly hear these stories about who was worse: the Afghan police that were there or the Taliban." The success of America's counterinsurgency strategy depends on the cops, who have greater contact with local communities than the Army does. "This is not about seizing land or holding terrain; it's about the people," says Caldwell. "You have to have a police force that the people accept, believe in, and trust."

More than a year after Barack Obama took office, the president is still discovering how bad things are. At a March 12 briefing on Afghanistan with his senior advisers, he asked whether the police will be ready when America's scheduled drawdown begins in July 2011, according to a senior official who was in the room. "It's inconceivable, but in fact for eight years we weren't training the police," replied Caldwell, taking part in the meeting via video link from Afghanistan. "We just never trained them before. All we did was give them a uniform." The president looked stunned. "Eight years," he said. "And we didn't train police? It's mind-boggling." The room was silent.

Efforts to build a post-Taliban police force have been plagued from the start by unrealistic goals, poor oversight, and slapdash hiring. Patrolmen were recruited locally, issued weapons, and placed on the beat with little or no formal training. Most of their techniques have been picked up on the job—including plenty of ugly habits. Even now, Caldwell says, barely a quarter of the 98,000-member force has received any formal instruction. The people who oversaw much of the training that did take place were contractors—many of them former American cops or sheriffs. They themselves had little proper direction, and the government officials overseeing their activities did not bother to examine most expenses under $3,000, leaving room for abuse. Amazingly, no single agency or individual ever had control of the training program for long, so lines of accountability were blurred.

Coalition efforts to build an Afghan police force were painfully slow at first. By 2003 the U.S. State Department decided to speed things up by deploying the Virginia-based defense contractor DynCorp International, which had held previous contracts to train police officers in Kosovo and Haiti. The company began setting up a string of training centers across the country. After the Defense Department took a role in overseeing that work in 2005, it squabbled constantly with State over whether the training should emphasize police work or counterinsurgency.

Neither the State Department nor DynCorp was prepared for the job they faced. Most of the recruits are rural villagers who have never been inside a classroom. Roughly 15 percent test positive for drugs, primarily hashish. Few know how to use a toothbrush or drive, and nearly 90 percent are illiterate. In 2005 DynCorp opened a new police academy on the outskirts of Jalalabad, and within a few months the academy's drains backed up. Maintenance workers discovered that the septic tanks were full of smooth stones—a toilet-paper substitute used by many rural Afghans. DynCorp had to bring in backhoes to repair the problem, and the company had to add two days of classes in basic hygiene.

The ANP still takes just about anyone who applies. "Our recruits are unemployed youth with no education and no prospects," says Police Col. Mohammad Hashim Babakarkhil, deputy commander of Kabul's central police-training center. Since January 2007, upwards of 2,000 police have been killed in action—more than twice the figure for Afghan Army soldiers. U.S. officers say as many as half the police casualties were a result of firearms accidents and traffic collisions.

It's practically impossible to produce competent police officers in a program of only eight weeks, says a former senior DynCorp executive, requesting anonymity because he continues to work in the industry. But that was the time frame State and Defense set for the course. "They were not going to be trained police officers. We knew that. They knew that," the former executive says. "It was a numbers game." In fact, the course has now been cut from eight weeks to six in order to squeeze in more trainees. ("We believe the training is appropriate under the circumstances," says Assistant Secretary of State David Johnson. DynCorp spokesman Douglas Ebner says the basic-training course is part of a more extensive 40-week program, and is supported by further "field monitoring, mentoring, and advising." Training hours have been extended to make up for the lost weeks, he says. DynCorp does "not make the policies, recruit the police candidates, or design the program," he adds, saying the company has "fully met" its objective of providing highly qualified police trainers.)

Whether or not recruits have mastered their subjects, almost everyone graduates. Even if they fail the firearms test, they're issued a weapon and put on the street. Only the Interior Ministry can flunk a candidate, and that rarely happens. "There were a lot of Afghans who seemed to have some patriotism and wanted to make their country better," recalls Tracy Jeansonne, a former deputy sheriff from Louisiana who worked for DynCorp from May 2006 to June 2008. "But a lot of the police officers wanted to be able to extort money from locals. If we caught them, we'd suggest they be removed. But we couldn't fire anybody. We could only make suggestions."

A former midlevel DynCorp official calls the program "dysfunctional." Requesting anonymity because he doesn't want problems with his former employer, he displays dozens of weekly reports sent to State and military officials; almost all include some mention of an Afghan police officer or commander as "corrupt." Yet of the 170,000 or so Afghans trained under the program since its inception, only about 30,000 remain on the force, according to State and Defense officials. "In terms of retention and attrition, we can say there's a problem," says Steve Kraft, who oversees the program for the State Department. The cops' base salary and hazardous-duty pay were recently raised to match Afghan Army levels, but no one knows if those changes are really helping. "Once they leave the training center, we currently don't know whether they stay with the force or quit," Kraft says. "The bottom line is, we just don't know."

And what has become of all the billions of dollars this program has cost America? Government investigators aren't entirely sure. Fundamental questions are raised in an audit of the Afghan police-training program released in February by the State and Defense departments' inspectors general. When State finally sent an "invoice-reconciliation team" to review expense receipts submitted under one particular contract, it discovered that $322 million in invoices had been "approved even though they were not allowable, allocable, or reasonable." What's more, the auditors said, half those invoices included errors.

The lapses don't stop there. The audit says State Department officials "did not conduct adequate surveillance for two task orders in excess of $1 billion." According to the auditors, State's contract supervisors didn't adequately oversee the use of government-owned property, failed to maintain contract files properly, and sometimes neglected to "match goods to receiving reports"—meaning, evidently, that they didn't verify that the U.S. government had actually received the goods it had paid for. (DynCorp's Ebner responds: "We are fully engaged with the Department of State to ensure complete and thorough reconciliation of all invoices, and recognize and welcome the emphasis on sufficient oversight personnel to complete this process.")

Those failures should have been no surprise. The audit also found that State routinely short-staffed its contract-monitoring office in Afghanistan. At one point, only three contract officers were on the ground overseeing DynCorp's $1.7 billion training contract. A former DynCorp official who worked in Afghanistan, asking not to be named because he remains in the government contracting business, says he asked the State Department repeatedly for concrete goals for the police contract but never got firm answers. "I'd ask them: 'Please explain to me what a successful training program was. What are the standards you want us to apply?' There was no vision for the future." (Assistant Secretary Johnson says, "From the start, our training program was based on a clear, professionally developed curriculum ... A simple head count of the number of individuals on the ground ignores the substantial back-office support our contract oversight personnel had from Washington.")

A new set of difficulties arose last summer. Caldwell's predecessor, Gen. Richard Formica, decided that Defense should take direct control of the training contract. To avoid a lengthy bidding competition, he suggested folding the police-training mission into an existing anti-drug and counterterrorism program overseen by the U.S. Army's Space and Missile Defense Command. Bids were limited to companies already under contract to the missile command, effectively shutting out DynCorp. In the end, only two firms wound up bidding: Northrop Grumman and Xe Services, formerly known as Blackwater.

DynCorp fought back. In December the company filed a formal protest to block the Defense Department from seizing control of the contract. Last week the Government Accountability Office upheld DynCorp's complaint and suggested that the competition be open to all comers, including DynCorp as well as Xe and Northrop. DynCorp's CEO, William Ballhaus, recently told investors that the company's contract had been extended until July in any case; now it seems the new bidding process will take much longer.

At Kabul's police training center, a team of 35 Italian carabinieri recently arrived to supplement DynCorp's efforts. Before the Italians showed up at the end of January for a one-year tour, the recruits were posting miserable scores on the firing range. But the Italians soon discovered that poor marksmanship wasn't the only reason: the sights of the AK-47 and M-16 rifles the recruits were using were badly out of line. "We zeroed all their weapons," says Lt. Rolando Tommasini. "It's a very important thing, but no one had done this in the past. I don't know why."

The Italians also had a different way of teaching the recruits to shoot. DynCorp's instructors started their firearms training with 20-round clips at 50 meters; the recruits couldn't be sure at first if they were even hitting the target. Instead the carabinieri started them off with just three bullets each and a target only seven meters away. The recruits would shoot, check the target, and be issued three more rounds. When they began gaining confidence, the distance was gradually increased to 15, then 30, and then 50 meters. On a recent day on the firing range only one of 73 recruits failed the shooting test. The Italians say that's a huge improvement. (DynCorp says its civilian police advisers are "highly qualified"; the average trainer has more than a decade of law-enforcement experience.)

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Caldwell also says it's just easier to work with paramilitary police units, such as the Italians and the French gendarmerie, than with contractors. Active-duty police units have a coherent and disciplined chain of command, Caldwell says. "When I bring in a contractor unit I'm getting a different group of folks," he says. "It may be someone who was a state patrolman, a local sheriff, or a policeman from New York City, each operating under different standards and with different backgrounds." Everything has to be negotiated. "If I say to my contractor that I want to make a change, he may say, 'Well, I'm not sure if that's really the best way,' " says Caldwell. "But if I can bring in a gendarmerie force, they're ready to go ... and take instructions well."

By the end of October, Caldwell hopes to build the force to 109,000 members, including an "elite unit" that so far has roughly 4,900 members. That outfit is called the Afghan National Civil Order Police (ANCOP). It'll be used for particularly sensitive assignments like Marja. ANCOP members get 16 weeks of training, and they're required to have at least a third-grade proficiency in reading and writing. So far, reviews from Marja are mixed. "The new police are more organized, committed, responsible, and helpful than the previous police, who were more like a criminal gang," Assadullah, a school principal, tells newsweek. (Like many Afghans, he uses only one name.) Local shopkeeper Hajji Noruddin Khan disagrees. "We are as disappointed with the new police as we were with the old police," he complains.

Quality matters. "In the rush to increase the number of trained police officers, we must remember that the end goal is a civilian police force capable of promoting good government, not a paramilitary adjunct for the counterinsurgency fight," warns Sen. John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Brig. Gen. Larry Nicholson, the top U.S. Marine commander in southern Afghanistan, puts it more succinctly: "I'd rather have one well-trained cop than 10 untrained." Besides, the fact is that no one is quite sure how many Afghan police there really are. The Americans are only now in the process of trying to create a database that will positively identify and track recruits. Without such data, it's more than difficult to catch "ghost" troops who exist only as names on the payroll, not to mention possible Taliban infiltrators.

But the buildup continues, and so does the training. On the firing range just outside Kabul, one of the few decent marksmen is Khair Mohammad, an illiterate 24-year-old from northern Afghanistan. "I've already had a lot of practice shooting at the Taliban," he says. He's been a cop for two years, serving one year in Kandahar and another on checkpoints just outside Marja. "I lost a lot of friends in the fighting," he says. Now he's getting his first taste of formal training, and hoping to join ANCOP. He figures he'd earn about double the $180 a month (including combat pay) he's been getting. His trainers are doing their best to make him worth the extra salary. "One thing the police don't know is good relations with the people," says Carabinieri Lt. Col. Massimo Deiana. "We're trying to train them to respect and relate to people." If such a skill is teachable at all, it could be far more important in the long run than knowing how to shoot straight.

With Sami Yousafzai in Kabul

T. Christian Miller is a senior reporter with ProPublica, an independent, nonprofit news organization that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. For more of Miller's previous reporting on defense contractors, go to

© 2010

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A "Christian Militia" group called the Hutaree was raided this weekend. Go HERE for updates:;f=26;t=000139;p=1

First, it was a good thing they surrendered without a fight but then again judging by a certain member called Azuurlin... who flamed me out of the blue for attacking Google-weren't we supposed to be on the same side? Judging by how they operate, how other militia groups shunned them I'm not surprised they folded.

It's good they folded because if those loudmouths had let but one round fly the feds in their hundreds of agents with armor and air backup would have shot them into bloody mush. Not swiss cheese, mush. We'd be in a real shooting civil war... over a pack of loudmouth racists.

Second, you can't prepare enough for a war, but militias are especially unprepared.

No manufacturing capacity

No economic or political support

Shunned by most Americans.

It would be for the most part a fabulous hunt for the feds. Those that realize that waging war involves more than having a website with pictures of yourselves in cammies hip shooting your AK's for the camera would do wise to rectify those deficits.

Learn how to make ammunition. Guns? There will be plenty of guns your ammo supplies are critical and where are they at?

Worse, where do you get food? A place to sleep? Medical assistance? Recruits? Intel?

Since you have a finite amount of ammunition, no local support, how do you go about to rectify that deficit with the people in your area?

Are you involved in the community-preferably through a front organization?

Do you help people in their everyday existence? Do you take in orphans and foreclosed families? Do you keep a eye out for local law enforcement and warn where the speed traps are, the checkpoints etc.?

Do you pool resources together to generate underground economic activity; enough to attract more people in and help starve the beast of their slaves labor?

Do you organize recall elections for local corrupt politicians in smaller communities? Not just to get rid of the trash but to build that political and economic base-and by extension the base of popular support all guerilla movements need?

All of this I've written about these past five years. Go through my blog...

Marching about playing Rambo on the weekends has never cut it. Make a difference while you can our survival depends on it.

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I saw what you put in the blurb... cutting and pasting an article:

Freedom GuideI'm… just going to be done with Freedom Guide. I've written just about everything I could anyway its just that what I was hoping to do-not going to happen. ... - Cached - Similar

NOT going anywhere.


From Airforce at AWRM.ORG:

For those who think breaking windows is a bad idea, here are 198 methods of nonviolent action. I recommend all of them:


Formal Statements
1. Public Speeches
2. Letters of opposition or support
3. Declarations by organizations and institutions
4. Signed public statements
5. Declarations of indictment and intention
6. Group or mass petitions

Communications with a Wider Audience
7. Slogans, caricatures, and symbols
8. Banners, posters, and displayed communications
9. Leaflets, pamphlets, and books
10. Newspapers and journals
11. Records, radio, and television
12. Skywriting and earthwriting

Group Representations
13. Deputations
14. Mock awards
15. Group lobbying
16. Picketing
17. Mock elections

Symbolic Public Acts
18. Displays of flags and symbolic colors
19. Wearing of symbols
20. Prayer and worship
21. Delivering symbolic objects
22. Protest disrobings
23. Destruction of own property
24. Symbolic lights
25. Displays of portraits
26. Paint as protest
27. New signs and names
28. Symbolic sounds
29. Symbolic reclamations
30. Rude gestures

Pressures on Individuals
31. "Haunting" officials
32. Taunting officials
33. Fraternization
34. Vigils

Drama and Music
35. Humorous skits and pranks
36. Performances of plays and music
37. Singing

38. Marches
39. Parades
40. Religious processions
41. Pilgrimages
42. Motorcades

Honoring the Dead
43. Political mourning
44. Mock funerals
45. Demonstrative funerals
46. Homage at burial places

Public Assemblies
47. Assemblies of protest or support
48. Protest meetings
49. Camouflaged meetings of protest
50. Teach-ins

Withdrawal and Renunciation
51. Walk-outs
52. Silence
53. Renouncing honors
54. Turning one's back


Ostracism of Persons
55. Social boycott
56. Selective social boycott
57. Lysistratic nonaction
58. Excommunication
59. Interdict

Noncooperation with Social Events, Customs, and Institutions
60. Suspension of social and sports activities
61. Boycott of social affairs
62. Student strike
63. Social disobedience
64. Withdrawal from social institutions

Withdrawal from the Social System
65. Stay-at-home
66. Total personal noncooperation
67. "Flight" of workers
68. Sanctuary
69. Collective disappearance
70. Protest emigration (hijrat)


Actions by Consumers
71. Consumers' boycott
72. Nonconsumption of boycotted goods
73. Policy of austerity
74. Rent withholding
75. Refusal to rent
76. National consumers' boycott
77. International consumers' boycott

Action by Workers and Producers
78. Workmen's boycott
79. Producers' boycott

Action by Middlemen
80. Suppliers' and handlers' boycott

Action by Owners and Management
81. Traders' boycott
82. Refusal to let or sell property
83. Lockout
84. Refusal of industrial assistance
85. Merchants' "general strike"

Action by Holders of Financial Resources
86. Withdrawal of bank deposits
87. Refusal to pay fees, dues, and assessments
88. Refusal to pay debts or interest
89. Severance of funds and credit
90. Revenue refusal
91. Refusal of a government's money

Action by Governments
92. Domestic embargo
93. Blacklisting of traders
94. International sellers' embargo
95. International buyers' embargo
96. International trade embargo


Symbolic Strikes
97. Protest strike
98. Quickie walkout (lightning strike)

Agricultural Strikes
99. Peasant strike
100. Farm Workers' strike

Strikes by Special Groups
101. Refusal of impressed labor
102. Prisoners' strike
103. Craft strike
104. Professional strike

Ordinary Industrial Strikes
105. Establishment strike
106. Industry strike
107. Sympathetic strike

Restricted Strikes
108. Detailed strike
109. Bumper strike
110. Slowdown strike
111. Working-to-rule strike
112. Reporting "sick" (sick-in)
113. Strike by resignation
114. Limited strike
115. Selective strike

Multi-Industry Strikes
116. Generalized strike
117. General strike

Combination of Strikes and Economic Closures
118. Hartal
119. Economic shutdown


Rejection of Authority
120. Withholding or withdrawal of allegiance
121. Refusal of public support
122. Literature and speeches advocating resistance

Citizens' Noncooperation with Government
123. Boycott of legislative bodies
124. Boycott of elections
125. Boycott of government employment and positions
126. Boycott of government depts., agencies, and other bodies
127. Withdrawal from government educational institutions
128. Boycott of government-supported organizations
129. Refusal of assistance to enforcement agents
130. Removal of own signs and placemarks
131. Refusal to accept appointed officials
132. Refusal to dissolve existing institutions

Citizens' Alternatives to Obedience
133. Reluctant and slow compliance
134. Nonobedience in absence of direct supervision
135. Popular nonobedience
136. Disguised disobedience
137. Refusal of an assemblage or meeting to disperse
138. Sitdown
139. Noncooperation with conscription and deportation
140. Hiding, escape, and false identities
141. Civil disobedience of "illegitimate" laws

Action by Government Personnel
142. Selective refusal of assistance by government aides
143. Blocking of lines of command and information
144. Stalling and obstruction
145. General administrative noncooperation
146. Judicial noncooperation
147. Deliberate inefficiency and selective noncooperation by enforcement agents
148. Mutiny

Domestic Governmental Action
149. Quasi-legal evasions and delays
150. Noncooperation by constituent governmental units

International Governmental Action
151. Changes in diplomatic and other representations
152. Delay and cancellation of diplomatic events
153. Withholding of diplomatic recognition
154. Severance of diplomatic relations
155. Withdrawal from international organizations
156. Refusal of membership in international bodies
157. Expulsion from international organizations


Psychological Intervention
158. Self-exposure to the elements
159. The fast
a) Fast of moral pressure
b) Hunger strike
c) Satyagrahic fast
160. Reverse trial
161. Nonviolent harassment

Physical Intervention
162. Sit-in
163. Stand-in
164. Ride-in
165. Wade-in
166. Mill-in
167. Pray-in
168. Nonviolent raids
169. Nonviolent air raids
170. Nonviolent invasion
171. Nonviolent interjection
172. Nonviolent obstruction
173. Nonviolent occupation

Social Intervention
174. Establishing new social patterns
175. Overloading of facilities
176. Stall-in
177. Speak-in
178. Guerrilla theater
179. Alternative social institutions
180. Alternative communication system

Economic Intervention
181. Reverse strike
182. Stay-in strike
183. Nonviolent land seizure
184. Defiance of blockades
185. Politically motivated counterfeiting
186. Preclusive purchasing
187. Seizure of assets
188. Dumping
189. Selective patronage
190. Alternative markets
191. Alternative transportation systems
192. Alternative economic institutions

Political Intervention
193. Overloading of administrative systems
194. Disclosing identities of secret agents
195. Seeking imprisonment
196. Civil disobedience of "neutral" laws
197. Work-on without collaboration
198. Dual sovereignty and parallel government

Of course, breaking windows will get their attention, too.

How many of these can we start implementing? I suspect quite a few.

More in this PDF HERE:

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For awhile now, several months, I’ve greatly reduced my participation as an Agent for Rumor Mill News.

An eclectic collection of news, I considered it a valuable place to find out news you’d never find out anyplace else. However one of the agents, Hobie, has abused his position to literally clog up the site with his 10-20 posts from his ’sources’ daily saying oh the mythical ‘packets’ that would instantly restore America, the packets are here, there, held up, in the Pentagon, Chief Supreme Court justice John Roberts has them, blah, blah, blah. The sad internet drama has literally shat on RMN.

Below is the post where it was brought up:


Posted By: J
Date: Monday, 22-Mar-2010 17:27:35 Re: HEALTH CARE BILL-I HOPE IT PASSES!


Have been reading your posts off and on for years. Will miss them. Stay safe,
warm and dry. Have lost some of them over the years due to CPU crashes, etc.
Hope RMN will keep them archived.



I’m… just going to be done with Freedom Guide. I’ve written just about everything I could anyway its just that what I was hoping to do-not going to happen. Half from general apathy half from deep cover operatives sabotaging and leading everyone astray and otherwise make ineffective our movements. So…
This is from Larry… yes definetly read this one:


I’m with you J. I’m done with the we can change the political system from within

Certainly as a overall solution but using recall elections to secure bastions of Freedom is still tactically sound. Who knows maybe we can pull something off yet but people have got to take responsibility for themselves and each other and DO.

or there’s help on the way with packets bullshit and all the other nonsense
that’s on this site.

Yes, the whole packets drama is a bunch of bullcrap that sounds like a mind control experiment to see just how gullible people can be. If so it’s an amazing success.

To be fair RMN has on all the stuff other sites won’t touch. There’s a lot of truth and a lot of crap but that’s for you to decide. It’s when complaints are registered and they’re addressed in a negative fashion that it becomes a problem.

The beast is totaly run and controlled by Khazar Zionist
Bankers and their minions, that are going for the final assault. This last go
for broke assault will be using the full force of their media, financial,
political, and military whores. The American sheeple are just to dumbed down to
be an effective adversary to their goals.

Look at it this way: in all revolutions it is a minority of awakened, aware, self-leading, self-responsible Patriots that made and carried a struggle. Most people are better off joining via support and/or nonviolent noncompliance and NONVIOLENT NONCOMPLANCE is just how to defeat the beast.

Hell just look at all the retarded
postings up on RMN anymore. People like hobie and his bullshit diversionary crap
are as good as an example as there is as to why there’s not much reason for
thinking humans to come here much anymore. I used to think their might be hope
enlightening the readers with thought provoking “tell it like it is” posters
like yourself. Posters that used to be the norm at RMN. What a sad sea of
bullshit it has now become. Now I know we only have the use
of the 2nd amendment left to us and any fool too blind to see the reality of
it will get the fate they deserve. A fate reserved for those living in a fantasy
world.A fate reserved for those not willing to open there eye’s and mind to the

Hobie this wasn’t me who wrote that but you have to admit the whole packets drama-why?!! Why not just post a notice stating that you will only report on the packets again WHEN THEY’RE ACTUALLY DELIVERED AND DISTRIBUTING?

Any reasonable person could agree with that, right?

A fate you and I J will unfortunately probably share with them.

Speak for yourself I intend to win. And I will.
But I
like you will not die a slave to these communist subhuman piece’s of dog shit.
Viva the spirit of Patrick Henry.

Amen Brother! A couple three more below:



It’s going to pass tonight, so you will get your wish…

Get ready… It’s finally time… LOCK AND LOAD!!!
From James:


I agree. Lets see how many have the stomach.For anyone coming to the door to
enforce this new law, instant execution should be carried out. It is legal. It
is moral. It is mandated by US law.

Well Hobie replied and below is his message and my reply:

Below is a reproduction of a reply I sent to Hobie about mail call about this issue:

Hobie this wasn’t me who wrote that but you
: have to admit the whole packets drama-why?!! Why not just
: post a notice stating that you will only report on the

: Any reasonable person could agree with that, right?

: [quote]Well, coupla things about that: – Despite the
: “makes me see red” a few folks experience with
: those updates, I promise you there are other Readers who
: prefer that I post them. Which group of Readers shall we
: satisfy?[/quote]

I didn’t know this was a entertainment website;)

I thought this was news you wouldn’t get anyplace else. That’s why I joined-not to fill half the board with a lame version of Lucy yanking the football from Charlie Brown as he’s about to kick the field goal.

“The packets are here”

“the packets are with John Roberts-no, Obama-no, at the Pentagon”

I could, and MOST of our readership could understand, an occasional update. But you purposely fill up this message board with your shit-yes, shit.

You fill a news website with shit what happens? Viewership may drop, or it may be replaced with people with a taste for shit. Whether or not that happens what is guaranteed to happen is that OUR CREDIBILITY DROPS.

Now, I know RMN deals with issues nobody else will tackle. Morgellons. Hyperdimensional Physics and the enemy’s usage. The Factions. Forbidden history. Alternate health. Yes, TO A POINT the news on packets is valid; but you go way too far. Have been for months and so far you’ve had cover from the front office when someone rightly criticizes you.

We’re going into a deeper level of slavery in America with this Health Care nightmare… it’s a little hard to get that with this daily ridiculousness.

[quote]: – Posting Casper’s updates here allows folks a chance to say
: what they think about them, something they don’t really get
: at fourwinds. [/quote]

It clogs up the board! You don’t find me… when I was posting regularly until you bombed RMN with your packets crap… posting every single posting from everyone either still FOOLISHLY waiting on those deliveries or those laughing/disgusted at you bogarting RMN. Maybe Rayelan should rename it the Hobie show:)

[quote]: – Ceasing to post those until such time as deliveries occur
: actually makes no sense – as, _announcements_ are expected
: to follow deliveries, in which case the whole world is
: gonna know about it and we won’t need to post anything
: then. :) [/quote]

Wow. That’s a magnificent example of pretzel logic.

It would make with the BS hobie’s sources put out-and he diligently pollutes RMN with-that he shut the hell up about the packets UNTIL they’re delivered and then make all the announcements he/they want.

Except that this is most likely some kind of spook op. And hobie is most likely a spook himself. Hell, Rayelan was married to one so she’s essentially a spook herself-setting the Factions aside for once.

[quote]: Likewise, Poof expects to “fall silent” and give
: himself a well-earned vacation at that point and will no
: longer be sending his newsletters for anyone to post.
: Casper’s update may also cease at that point. [/quote]

Can he shut the fuck up now? Maybe find a hobby or get a drug habit or something?

This is why I basically stopped posting at Rumor Mill News.

Who can take this website-given the content-take this website seriously with Casper and the other spook douchebags? I can’t. Rayelan Allen brings in readers with her podcasts, and then they get to read your shit. Shit.

RDS2301 made a comment about your shit and got ganged up on.

Striderus-where’s he?


I am or probably soon be ‘was’ about the last voice of reason on this board.

[quote]: And, it’s expected there will be at least a brief
: “non-disclosure” period for the recipients – in
: which case, we may not even know when deliveries do occur.
: :) [/quote]


[quote]: Blessings.

: –hobie


P.S. I’m duplicating this on my websites

Whether or not Rumor Mill News retains me as an Agent is entirely up to them. As of now I find it hard to put any value to staying.

Anybody care to change my mind?

J. Croft


I’ve been “decommissioned”:

Hi, J –

No surprise, I’m sure, but we thought about it, and no, we don’t care to
change your mind. You’re decommissioned as an RMN Agent.

We’re a bit saddened by it — you did “yeoman service” at RMN for a long
time, and we appreciate that.

Your several posts over the past day or so, however, showed clearly that
you were on the way out the door, no matter what. You did several things
that you really knew better than to do. Pick any one of those you like
as “the reason why” you’ve been decommissioned.

We wish you well.

Well, I guess calling people out is a no-no. Oh well RMN built their ship let them sink with it.

Now a word from an ex-Agent…

Oh you know what happened to me……sigh…..LOL

Ahhhhh and some do keep me abreast of …..ummmm ….interesting things….hahaha

haha did ya thrash his ass ? hahaha

sure em glad I’m not the only one smelling shot….. haha I was thinking it must have been from my pic of a piece of shit with omamba’s face on it…. ROTFLMAO..

yeeaappp I was a think’n the same thing….but as a Counter-Intelli front
And a second:



Sorry J,

but hummer the ‘jew’ is a zionist pecker puffer living in beloit wisc…he’s
most likely one of the local drunks we cheeser’s have to deal with. I’m not
surprised to see he’s moved on to you …iMo he’s the disrupter to rmn from
jewland….”nazi” jewland.

It really interesting that the hobbit interject that the ghost clowns get to use
1st admendment protections but yet a few of us are NOT afforded the same….I
guess showing this half black POS-POTUS face on a turd is now anti-jew too.

Your alright J these people here USED everyone to make lots of money off the
begging cup. imo rmn is nothing but a counter-intelligence front. we’ll see over
time if thats true or not….but it HAS become a NNWO newage religious shit hole
rag mag crap site as charged by …another EX-agent Lonestar that was also given
the boot ….

I believe the complainer is Never Surrender ….because if you haven’t hread or
noticed ….there’s a EGO war going on at rmn for control…and guess who and
where has the most to gain since they’re sitting on a farm owned by rmn that was
“gifted” to raye in Ohio? …..hmmmmm

funny too is that hob and NS are the only two being paid at rmn….. the rest of
us are the chumps filling their pockets as my wife has for a few years been
squawking in my ears about posting there. she the one that pointed out to me
that they appear like an intell site….which is why I posted somethings the way
I did to test that theory…

their setting up patriots for the nazi-zionist jews…..imo

just let me know if you want my saved emails from my firing where the pricks can
NOT even keep their story straight about the reasons….sigh….hahaha

Sure gimme the e-mails. I fell into the fallacy we’re supposed to be united but you can’t unite with backstabbers and con artists.

If it’s alright I’m going to post this-I won’t use your name but I need the update from former RMN agents.

Oh, did you know Alex Jones banned me from his forum? It’s true! Out of the blue. Guess he just wants people to get his prisonplanet memberships and chip ins as well.

Fuck all the shysters! I’m calling them all out!
And another one…

Thank you for your email….

I read your post and totally agree.
Striderus is gone. I have the complete string of back and forth emails
that occured until his account was closed. (he saved every one of them.)
Heard TheMythSmith is gone, too.
If you need a connect to Striderus, I can plug you in.
Definitely some kind of chaos going on so it seems in the front office.
I’m just a mushroom growing in shit.
But, when I peek out of the cave, it’s abundantly clear, is it not!
A few good folks get on a roll and then the bullshit posts start to
appear… a song here a packet there…. here a pack, there a
pack,everywhere a pack, pack……….geez!
Looking forward to talking with you at your different addy!
Best wishes!

Subject: your posting – followup -

Thought your comments were right on.
And then ole hob posts another casper bullshit post. geez!
And to read his “helping you out the rmn door” comments at the end were what pretty well gave away the whole show.

Personally, I hope you stay on just to rub it in their faces.
There are a few of those who have been “fired” who email each other once in a while using non-rmn, private accounts.
You might want to start asking and collecting them while you still have access.

Once “fired” your entire account will go down including all active and archived articles and email.

Feel free to write to me at this email address if you have any questions, comments or how-dees!

Best wishes!

Already canned.

If you got e-mails of other shitcanned RMN Agents send em. We don’t need Rayelan and them other hustlers!


And a reader who USED to value RMN for it’s one time focus on pertinent information:


J, YOu points are most valid, I have sent similar emails to Hobie and of course
they are not posted in the reading room, Have also sent emails to Rayelan and
no reply there. Something in the past three years or so has caused a real
decline in the material posted. I have similar complaints about the mucsic that
Hobie posts, what does this have to do with rumor/news??? THe response is the
usual “many readers like the Casper, music poof and” other junk posts. This awas
a very good site until 0y or there abouts. There was recently( two or three
months) a”negative” post by another agent who ms. Raye then booted from the
site. I have watched many of the old info posters go by the wayside and we are
left with blather…maybe thats why they are constantly begging for money, oh
yeah I usually send an email when there are posts begging for money. I like to
let them know that I will not donate a cent until they get rid of the junk.
have a good one. joe

And another reader lamenting on the RMN hustle:



Seems you are the only sane and true Patriot on RMN along with the former
member, Striderus. Over the three years of my viewership I have seen the RMN
energy level wane, the truth soddened with crap and socialist agents and, if it
were even possible, Raylen becoming even flakier and more desperate for money.

How is it that I have two websites, with their own domains and unlimited
bandwidth for a combined total of under $300 per year? Who and the heck is
‘that’ ignorant to fall for the endless appeal for $3,000/Month?!! She may be
likable but there is NOTHING she does to deserve making a living off that lame
RMN Advertisement whore of a website. Sure glad I never contributed and I do
quickly exit any post begging for $$$.

Yes, I know I don’t have to visit, but I assure you that my visits are quite
infrequent. I am for Pure Play Truth. That means if you don’t place the blame
for the World’s problems squarely at the feet of the Zionists and Zionist Jews,
YOU are part of the problem (not YOU as in J). Only posters on RMN such as you
conduct themselves in Pure Play.

I am a kindred spirit, J, and I am certainly prepared and capable of practicing
what I preach.

Thanks for the kind words.

Well, I lay with mangy dogs, I get the fleas.

Beware the “leaders” of this “movement”…

And yet another Reader:


You and I agree on most things. I believe, unfortunately, that the repost of
that first e-mail reply to you is going to get you thrown off this site once
Hobie sees it. Maybe, I’ll see you somewhere else on the web.

Oh and this is Hobie’s sendoff to me…

Hi, J -

The hope of a different future being held out by Casper and by Poof is opposite to the future you personally believe is coming – thus, to you, their material is “shit” and the Readers who do want that material to be available “have a taste for shit”.

You’re alleging that this material somehow “made” you stop posting regularly here. What really happened is that you made a personal sovereign choice, based on your likes and dislikes, to “take your ball and go home”.

Time was, every day, you’d post a large stack of free-standing messages, turning the place momentarily into the “J show”. But now you object to my posting Reader e-mails, threaded together so that folks are free to step over the whole thing if they want to – and you see that as the “hobie show”.

Don’t you get it? You’re projecting and mirroring, picking on things “out here” when you need to be looking “in there”. The whole thing is “an inside job”.

You’re apparently intent on making changes in your living and want to try burning a few bridges to see if it’ll help. No one could stop you from doing that if it’s your choice to do it. But in the end, it won’t help – because it’s not about those bridges, it’s about you.

You’re well aware that you’re acting in a way contrary to terms you agreed to on becoming an Agent, by thrashing about here in the Reading Room in the particular way that you’ve done it. Then, you say, it’s up to RMN whether you continue posting here. That’s dishonest. You’re trying to “resign by getting yourself decommissioned”, which would give an appearance that someone besides yourself holds responsibility for your departure.

Grow the hell up. This is what “free speech” looks like. There will probably always be people saying things that you personally don’t care for or do not believe. Your effort to get rid of speech you don’t care for is inherently elitist – it’s the same spirit that gave rise to the concepts of “hate speech” and “political correctness”.

If you’re unable to see this and feel you can’t abide with it, the course of integrity would be to resign, honorably, and not to set up a pretense that anyone but you is responsible for you.


Yeah the nerve. That’s how they train spooks I suppose…

Basically I got hosed. Punk’d.

I should have connected the dots when I offered Rayelan Allen a cut off the pay of videos-no out of pocket expenses for her… which she DECLINED.

I should have definitely connected the dots when Rayelan referred me to one of her friends who wanted to publish my articles as a book-she tried to hustle me and give all the money to Rayelan.

I finally got it through my thick head with the constant appeals for cash like a televangelist. Offered suggestions and well… she still begged even though she’s got like a hundred ads on her site and the worst pop-ups.

For what? Fairy tales about packets and trivia. And baseless attacks on Alex Jones out of jealousy and not for good reason.

And when you use your 1st to call them on it, you get banned.

Judge everyone by their fruits…

Sunday, March 21, 2010


First, I'm not buying health care. I'm out of the system anyway but even supposing I were-I wouldn't. They're pulling the same crap they did with auto insurance back in the 90's and I'm not having that either. I will not be coerced into jack, even if they got guns on me.

Which leads to my Second-I'll use my 2nd. I've been using my 1st for the last 5 years but that doesn't seem to work too well with folks. Now I'll have a lot of busybody bureaucrats and their tin badge god Oath Traitors try to convince me otherwise-OPSEC.

Third, I'm actually glad this bill is going to pass. This is the government's naked power grab we've been waiting for the past... however long you reckon it. Now it's put up or shut the fuck up time for everyone. All the bullies in government, all the uberpatriot chest beaters, all the braggarts everywhere now let's see who is going to do what.

Political struggle doesn't work-because of a lot of reasons, too many of them on us. Let the bullets fly.

update: I felt so disgusted by how American Communism was instituted and made operational I thought I would just stop writing like Paul Craig Roberts and... well, I got to do something to screw with the beast even if I done with the new age carnie act at RMN and Alex Jones. I'm going to do more with Freedom Guide. I'll make my work memorable.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


From AWRM;f=47;t=000023;p=1#000019

Originally posted by J. Croft:
I posted this as an update and at the end left this comment. Please pass this along:

To the person who gave the flare launcher/airsoft toy/whatever to Sgt. Dyer...

look I know you acted out of fear. Very understandable given the beast we live under so you sought to get rid of something not necessarily bad but could easily be presented to a uneducated and unsophisticated public as evil. God knows that between the batfaggots going after men whose AR-15's double on them and airsoft sellers there's plenty of fear being pumped out.

The greater evil is letting a innocent man get ground up by the beast because you couldn't have simply taken a torch to your little project.

You believe in God right? Then know this: if you don't stand up and help July4Patriot out of this jam-that you helped create-then you may get yourself out of the clutches of the ATF but you WILL wind up facing Almighty God Himself when you die... explain to HIM why you let one of your own take the rap.

I will also tell you this: help July4Patriot out and we'll do what we can for you just as we are trying to do for him.

Your choice. Please make the right one.

J. Croft

We may be able to prove what needs to be proven without the guy needing to come forward.

I really think this can and should be done with the BATF walking away empty handed. I think enough can be proven of J4Ps innocence without the guy personally "taking any rap" if he can come up with picture or a video showing how the airsoft M203 gets modified to run 37mm. If he is in California, then it would help to hop over the Arizona border to show it since the 37mm launchers are illegal in California. There should be no good reason to simply volunteer to go to jail as a replacement for Dyer in this case.

I am sure there are plenty here willing to anonymously filter the info and post it somewhere.

The other thing is we can get serial numbers from Airsoft replica M203s that are out in circulation right now, and compare them to the serial numbers of the stolen units, IF we can find out what the numbers were on the stolen units. Someone somewhere needs to leak those serial numbers to the public domain so that we may do the comparison. In fact, I think that can be done without anyone going to jail as Dyer's "stand" in, and Dyer could be quickly released once that gets cleared up.

Youtube video on Sgt. Dyer's flare/airsoft launcher:

Member # 4590

posted 03-16-2010 09:32 AM
here's the jist of it........July4Patriot fell victim to a fed scam run by Jim Stachowiach(or whatever his name is) and his partner Travis(A.K.A.iLLchemist,resistancemod)They are responsible for the arrest,detainment and disappearance of several patriots.If the launch tube was taken from an armory in California it was done so to generate charges against July4Patriot.


Posts: 39 From: Califonia Registered: Nov 2009

Texas Resistance
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posted 03-16-2010 10:13 AM
I hear from anothr person who met him recently that Jim Stachowiach in Georgia with ARM was a informant rat snitch.

Member # 4609

posted 03-16-2010 12:37 PM
Breacher, i spoke to Ft Irwin PMO, and they were less than helpful. On the other hand, I was able to to find the affidavit by the ATF agent, and the serial number on the launcher taken from Dyer's residence is 49553.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


That's right the FLARE LAUNCHER-37mm not the US Military issue 40mm. If you're in/around Southern California and can investigate a innocent man needs you to track down the dude who gave Sgt. Dyer the 37mm flare launcher so we can get him out of the joint!

Feds don't like dissidents y'know...

Post from;f=47;t=000023;p=1#000002

Texas Resistance
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posted 03-13-2010 07:28 PM
July 4th Patriot Needs Help From A Militiaman in So. Calif.

I have been talking to a friend who has been talking to Dyer’s mother. His mother says all he had was a 37mm flare launcher not a 40mm grenade launcher. His mother says Dyer got it from a friend in California who said it was just a 37mm flare launcher and not legal for his friend to have in California but legal for Dyer to have in Oklahoma.

I understand that when local cops searched Dyer’s residence on false child molestation charges made up by his lying bitch ex-wife they found the device and they did not know for sure if it was legal or not so they called the BATF and the BATF came and said it was a 40mm grenade launcher. We all know that the news media lies but it seems hard to believe that even a BATFaggot would lie that much and even say it was stolen military property if it was not. But neither can I believe that anyone as intelligent as Dyer would keep a 40mm grenade launcher setting around when you can’t get any rounds for it since the rounds for it are illegal to possess. I wonder if it might have been de-milled so it could not function and therefore not be illegal to possess or if it was just a legal to possess 37mm flare launcher?

Right now Dyer is setting rotting in an Oklahoma jail having been screwed over by a crooked attorney his mother paid $22,000 to get him out of jail and to defend him.

Here is how July 4th Patriot can be helped. Dyer’s mother has the name and last know address of the man in South California who gave the launcher to Dyer. Is there any militiaman in South California with some skip tracing or investigative skills brave enough to help find the man that gave Dyer the launcher and get a sworn statement as to exactly what is was and where he got it from?

What's the name?I have people waiting to move on this.Send it to me in a PM if you like.Is the person in the San Diego area?
The last known address of the man who gave July 4th Patriot the launcher is within 60 miles of Los Angeles. I will pm you and others who have volunteered with the name and address as soon as I can get it from the woman who has been talking to July 4th Patriot's mother.

The woman who is talking to Mrs. Dyer started a support group to help July 4th Patriot here:

Err, someone's going to have to post this on the Prison Planet Forum for me-for some reason I got banned. Don't know why.

3/15/10 UPDATE:

Originally posted by Texas Resistance:
It's a damn shame that the Feds have not found the man who gave July 4th Patriot the launcher. I guess they would rather have a leader of the Patriot Movement in a hell hole jail than see justice served. I'll bet the US Marshals Service could find him real quick if they wanted to.

In the last year the Feds have visited a lot of militia organizers and promoters that are openly recruiting and openly training. They would like to scare them all into going underground so the movement dies out.

It is times like this where the real commitment gets sorted out for better or for worse.

A small few of us have learned the hard way that the feds are committed first toward maintaining their power base. The courts, the laws, the resources of the government are all to that end. You need to drop the delusion that courts are about fairness and truth, because they are simply not. We would like to think they are, and it is easy to start to see your perspective fade a bit when they are fair, but that is not the purpose they are serving in these situations.

Courts, even the most corrupt ones, do serve as a legitimate public record of what is going on, even if that record requires clarification outside of the court so that history will reveal the truth to later generations, for better or for worse, but that is the way it is.

If in fact the launcher was not one of the stolen units, then the people who have claimed so have already gone past the point of no return. I think that might be why the guy is in hiding. If in fact he launcher is one of the stolen uinits, and Dyer has in his isolation from the facts of the case, been playing a predetermined cover story as his defense, then he is hosed, however it does not any longer make it necessary for the feds to continue asking the state to continue the child molestation accusation to back up the otherwise tainted warrant that was used to obtain the grenade launcher as evidence in the first place.

I can speculatively see how it might be possible that Dyer had a real M203 mounted on a high quality airsoft gun but with an airsoft cartridge compatible barrel and with the airsoft rounds in such a way that it would be confusing as to whether it is real or not, and hoping that the contingency story of claiming it is just an airsoft item will stick. If this is the case, then the feds use of isolation techniques will have worked, and unfortunately poisoned what was my best idea for a defense.

If in fact the device was one of those borderline things, like an "all metal" airsoft unit, and then set up with a 37mm or airsoft compatible barrel but bore markings and a serial number similar to a Colt unit that happened to be stolen, then given what I know of the higher end manufacturers in Hong Kong and Japan, there are quite likely to be a bunch of similar units out there with the exact same serial numbers, or numbers and markings in the sequence range very close to it. As "government marked" Airsoft guns set up for "authenticity" usually just all have the same number or will run in a similar number range without actually matching the sequence of the real world units that were used as models. If that is the case, then we may be able to find some airsoft units converted or rigged to also work with 37mm launchers which will show this to be quite likely the case.

Likewise, as has happened in a few times in the past, Airsoft manufacturers have been known to obtain real weapons on the black market in order to reverse engineer them for the toy gun designs. I know of at least one Japanese custom airsoft maker who was busted a few years ago after obtaining a real HK UMP from a C3 dealer he originally approached at a SHOT show in Vegas in 2004. It is possible that the airsoft maker had obtained one of the original stolen M203s, and copied the serial number along with all of the other markings when making the knockoffs. It is also possible that someone smart had been obtaining the knockoff pot metal receivers for the airsoft grenade launchers and was using them for custom 37mm projects as a pot metal airsoft M203 receiver would easily handle most low pressure 37mm rounds and those airsoft cluster cartridges.

For example, the unit advertised here has "authentic" Colt markings and may by coincidence bear the serial number of a Colt unit that ended up stolen from the military somewhere:

These things even match the correct weight of the grenade launchers they are modeled after, but a metallurgical analysis will show they are not made from the forged aluminum required for real units. Randy Shivak explained that to me years ago when I bought my M203 from him, as his receivers are made from the real metal, which is very tough to machine, while the airsoft units are cast and finished from softer metal. I had an "M203 casting" at the time that I was thinking of getting machined up to 80% and finishing myself, and was told that it would only be good for 37mm due to the difference in metal, and it would be a bad idea to make it even compatible with a 40mm barrel due to the liability issues of someone later on down the road installing a 40mm barrel on it and having it blow up in their face.

Likewise, the BATF is not coming out with any tests from Firing Dyer's launcher, and this may also explain why Dyer had a launcher but no 40mm rounds for it of any sort - as each round is an additional "destructive device" for prosecution purposes, and the reason you get prosecutively buried if you have a launcher with any decent number of HE rounds.

I got rid of my Shivak unit years ago when I ran into some concerns over that whole ammo and 40mm barrel compatibility issue. Each round being an additional DD charge if caught is problematic, in fact they could even get you for empty cases if you have a 40mm barrel around and empty cases for your Shivak launcher.

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posted 03-14-2010 07:56 PM
I was in a phone call with Jim Stachoviak from ARM and Illchemist was on the phone as well today, and he said he was the one that gave July4patriot the launcher. I do not have an address, but his name is Travis. I quit speaking to Jim and have had no further dealings with ARM for a couple of months now. I was contacted by Jim because I have links to sites and companies who he says are trying to kill him or slander him. I hung up on him and moved on. I did however ask about the OP to him, and that was the answer I received.
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posted 03-14-2010 09:09 PM
OK, so it is Illchemist? He probably made a 37mm launcher out of an airsoft unit. That is not hard to do actually.

I am heading out to a major airsoft importer in the next day or two to take a look at what they have on the "all metal" airsoft M203s. From what I can tell on the website, they are Colt marked and easily confused with something more real, and if adapted over to 37mm, the guy making it would think it is still legally a "non-gun" which I think he might be right about, but he is also smart to stay in hiding. That would also explain why Dyer had no ammo for the 203 and may not have even been going through much trouble to hide it. He thought it was a legal unit. Illchemist is going to stay in hiding because he is afraid of prosecution for what he probably had believed was legal, making a 37mm out of an airsoft unit. In fact, it would not surprise me if 37mm flare rounds work in some of the airsoft units with minimal modification and the airsoft units still function with the Co2 cluster rounds after the modification.

It would also explain why the feds are not parading the stuff around on TV the way they normally would.

Another thing that gets explained is recent BATFfag attention on airsoft guns with components that may be compatible with real weapons, or can be readily mistaken for the real thing. What we are certain of is that Illchemist and J4P trained a lot with the airsoft guns and had the higher end types of airsoft stuff.

The thing is, one or more of the stolen units may have made it to Asia and been duplicated, along with the serial numbers. The pictures I got of the airsoft M203s do have authentic looking markings, and the guys reverse engineering them may have actually also just copied the numbers off the stolen units when they were reverse engineering them, or may have set the serial number ranges in a similar range. I will be checking inventory at the distributor if they cooperate, to see how the serial numbers work on the airsoft units. If they all have the same serial number, then this will be easy to check out, but we need someone somewhere to find out what the serial numbers were on the actual M203s that came up missing from FT Irwin just in case the feds decide to be less than cooperative.

If this all pans out, I will post an update video which will effectively be an expert witness affidavit and we could potentially have J4P out of jail within a week. The feds will have no choice but to drop charges.

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Life liberty, and the pursuit of those who threaten them.

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posted 03-14-2010 10:00 PM
The name a friend of mine got today from July4Patriot's mother as the man who gave July4Patriot the launcher was not Travis/Illchemist (real name Travis).

I am not posting the name of the man Mrs. Dyer says was the one who gave July4Patriot the launcher but it was not Travis (Illchemsit)

However Illchemist's (Travis's) name was mentioned as one of the men July4Patriot played airsoft with. Travis is Illchemist on YouTube.

But if Illchemist, did give the launcher to July4Patriot and is it is just airsoft then Illchemist needs to act like a man about it and announce it to the world so July4Patriot can get out of jail.

Maybe the BATF cannot tell the difference between an airsoft an a M203?

[ 03-14-2010, 10:58 PM: Message edited by: Texas Resistance ]

http://TexasMilitia.Info “Seek out and join a lawful Militia or form one in your area. If you wish to remain Free you will have to fight for it...because the traitors will give us no choice in the matter” William Cooper

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posted 03-14-2010 10:57 PM
Here is an article about BATF going after airsoft guns.

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http://TexasMilitia.Info “Seek out and join a lawful Militia or form one in your area. If you wish to remain Free you will have to fight for it...because the traitors will give us no choice in the matter” William Cooper

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posted 03-15-2010 01:26 AM
Did they not also charge him with illegal possession of a silencer? which was also an airsoft toy. I remember a receipt for its purchase surfacing.


To the person who gave the flare launcher/airsoft toy/whatever to Sgt. Dyer...

look I know you acted out of fear. Very understandable given the beast we live under so you sought to get rid of something not necessarily bad but could easily be presented to a uneducated and unsophisticated public as evil. God knows that between the batfaggots going after men whose AR-15's double on them and airsoft sellers there's plenty of fear being pumped out.

The greater evil is letting a innocent man get ground up by the beast because you couldn't have simply taken a torch to your little project.

You believe in God right? Then know this: if you don't stand up and help July4Patriot out of this jam-that you helped create-then you may get yourself out of the clutches of the ATF but you WILL wind up facing Almighty God Himself when you die... explain to HIM why you let one of your own take the rap.

I will also tell you this: help July4Patriot out and we'll do what we can for you just as we are trying to do for him.

Your choice. Please make the right one.

J. Croft

Saturday, March 13, 2010


John Robb has a most excellent blog on insurgency... which we'll all be involved with one way or another at his website. He's codified the workings of a successful resistance in the following. Oh, I've included referred articles as well which is why this is a save and print article for deeper study.


JOURNAL: OSW Standing Orders (compilation)

Here's a compilation of the standing orders series for open source warfare from last year. Probably need to add some more.

1. Break Networks
2. Grow Black Economies
3. Virtualize your organization
4. Repetition is more important than scale
5. Coopetition
6. Don't fork the insurgency
7. Minimalist rule sets work best
8. Self-replicate
9. Share everything that works

STANDING ORDER 1: Break Networks
The first, and most general, standing order of any modern insurgency is simple:
...break networks...

The only caveat being: avoid breaking communications networks. These networks are small group enablers/catalysts, and enable the spread of social contagion virally. Public communications networks, as they are currently use, are asymmetric -- in that they aren't accessible (increasingly less as governments restrict access) by modern nation-states.

Within John Boyd's framework of grand strategic victory, this achieves the following:
• It disconnects the enemy from itself and its allies (attrition and physical collapse)
• It forms non-cooperative centers of gravity within the enemy camp (moral collapse)
• It creates FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt -- psychological collapse)


Miguel Barrientos said...

Have you taken a look at the ten functions of the state diagram at ? It would be interesting to come up with a list of the networks that support each function and ways of breaking them.

Reply Tuesday, 02 June 2009 at 02:03 PM

SCS said...

I think this rule needs to be clarified.

Don't break phone networks, Internet, or roads, since all of those can be used to communicate.
Should electricity, water, sewage, and garbage collection networks be broken?
Are there some examples to look at?


ISE has proposed that states must perform ten critical functions in the modern world in order to serve their citizens and fulfil their international obligations (see Ghani, Lockhart, Carnahan, 'An agenda for State-building in the 21st century,'Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, Winter 2006, and 'Closing the Sovereignty Gap,' ODI Working Paper 253, September 2005). The institute has since worked to refine this framework, including through discussions with leaders of post-conflict transitions and in the book, 'Fixing Failed States: A Framework for Rebuilding a Fractured World,' (Oxford University Press, 2008).

May 12, 2009 Global Guerrillas: BOYD ON AL QAEDA'S GRAND STRATEGY // interesting

“Grand strategy, according to Boyd, is a quest to isolate your enemy's (a nation-state or a global terrorist network) thinking processes from connections to the external/reference environment. This process of isolation is essentially the imposition of insanity on a group. To wit: any organism that operates without reference to external stimuli (the real world), falls into a destructive cycle of false internal dialogues. These corrupt internal dialogues eventually cause dissolution and defeat.


STANDING ORDER 2: Grow Black Economies

The second standing order of modern insurgencies is to generate economic connectivity in order to manufacture allies and increase the ability of the insurgency to fund itself. It's simple:
...grow black economies...

This requires cooperation with existing criminal organizations within "illegal" economies. This requires a variant on how the nation-state grew via becoming a protection racket -- protection at a rate worth that is worth the value provided and the willingness to expand the business potential of those being protected. Induced shortages, through network disruption, expand business opportunity. Further, broken "legal" economies, generate a plethora of free lancers that populate a self-reinforcing bazaar of violence.


Diving into military theory (again).
A core dynamic behind the emergence of the nation-state was it's ability to run a successful protection business (aka racket). A system that has been growing since the treaties of Westphalia in the 1600s. The protection business is relatively simple:

1. It is a monopoly. It has exclusive ownership over the use of violence. As a monopoly, it must crush all internal competitors.

2. It defends its monopoly from outside interests -- as in warfare with nation-state and non-state competitors.

3. It charges the customers (individuals and businesses) within its geographical areas of control for this service. This isn't optional. Customers presumably benefit from this protection.
Historically Successful Protection Rackets

So what made the nation-state formula for protection so superior to its competitors during its ascent over the last 400 years? It's simple. It delivered value to its customers. Let's dive into this with a paper by Charles Tilly (War Making and State Making as Organized Crime). He cites the economic historian Frederic Lane's simple formula for success:
• The protection monopoly must generate tributes in excess of the costs necessary to maintain it's monopoly.
• The protection monopoly must generate protection rents for its customers. The amount the customers benefit gain from the protection of their interests less the amount they pay for it.
• Both tributes and protection rents must be positive for long term success. Further, the nation-state that minimized protection tributes in favor of maximizing protection rents grew the fastest (historically, that was partly accomplished through economies of scale).
The Status of Modern Protection Rackets
The protection formula broke down in the latter half of the 20th Century as the nation-state became more complex. Key elements of this breakdown include:
• First, the advent of nuclear weapons made full scale war impossible (van Creveld).
• Second, the emergence of a global marketplace with global property rights meant that the commercial interests of the nation-state's remaining customers became more powerful than nation-state's interests. This restricted/limited warfare even more.
• The result has been a slow unraveling of the nation-state's ability to maintain it's monopoly over violence (and much more) within and outside its geographical borders. This has created a gap in protection at the local level into which small violent groups are now quickly converging.
Finally, there is additional evidence that the economies of scale that drove the growth of earlier protection monopolies has broken down.
What this Means

It's likely that small groups that emerge to seize local control (as in, create a TAZ), will eventually converge on the successful protection model (delineated above). In fact, we have already seen this shift with groups as diverse in origin as the Sendero Luminoso to the Taliban to the Zetas to MEND. These groups will be successful in so far as they:
• Stay decentralized and cooperative (re: opposition to the state) to ensure protection efficiency. There are few economies of scale in this environment given the leverage offered by globalization and the presence of legacy nation-states as barriers to growth.
• Generate positive protection rents for their customers. Deliver value. Protection monopolies that expand into the core businesses of its customers will become vulnerable and inefficient. Expand the business interests of customers by eliminating competition when possible and ensuring market access. Charge competitive rates and not monopoly rents (sufficient tribute but not excessive).
• Diversify. To maximize potential tributes while still delivering accelerating protection rents to customers, a protection racket should expand its customer list. This means extending protection from drug smuggling to generic smuggling (across the entire range of potential goods) to generic commercial activity (standard corporate and small business interests). Create a vibrant local commercial environment across the entire spectrum of potential activity.

NOTE: I think this is a nice expansion of the theoretical groundwork laid down in Brave New War, with the goal of laying out the entirely new framework for how 21st Century warfare will work. Of course, since I don't work for anybody exclusively, it is available to everybody. Use as you see fit.


The most likely existential security threat to the United States isn't likely to originate from southwest Asian terrorists or a conventional war with China. Instead, it will originate from Mexico's open source insurgency as:
• The Mexican state becomes hollow and unable to maintain any semblance of control over its territory. Fiscal bankruptcy, driven by declining oil revenues and a global economic depression, will eliminate any remaining legitimacy it has with the countryside (already tenuous due to extreme income stratification).
• The narco-insurgency in the northern provinces morphs into a national open source insurgency with thousands of small groups all willing to fight/corrupt/intimidate the government. Many, if not most, of these groups will be able to power themselves forward financially due to massive flows of money from black globalization. The result will be a diaspora north to the US to avoid the violence.
• Economic failure, a loss of legitimacy and economic deprivation in the US creates an environment for the rapid proliferation of domestic groups willing to fight the government in order to advance their economic interests. Catalyzed by connections to Mexico's functional and lucrative bazaar of violence (read "Iraq's Bazaar of Violence" for more on how this works), these groups carve out their own territory in the US. Experience shows that once these groups gain a foothold, they become nearly impossible to defeat (although they can be co-opted).
Sam Dillon, writing for the NYTs, provides us with a good waypoint check on this scenario. Here is a good example of how quickly the infection can spread:
Jerez, a town of 60,000 a few miles northwest of Felipe Angeles in Zacatecas, was until recently a calm place, largely untouched by organized crime, said Abel Márquez Haro, a grocery wholesaler. But recently, scores of men driving Chevrolet Suburbans and carrying automatic rifles established a menacing presence, threatening residents on the street and extorting businesspeople. The identities of the men remain a mystery, but many people in the town say they assume they are traffickers who have abandoned another Mexican state, perhaps to avoid an army crackdown.

The article goes on to explain how these groups are targeting family members of immigrant workers in the US via kidnapping/extortion. The result has been that workers that would have normally returned during an economic downturn, aren't returning due to safety concerns (and many are trying to bring the rest of their families north to safety).
NOTE: IF your are wondering how a global depression might impact national security, this is it (I suspect that the biggest hew and cry will be over how the fiscal crisis has led to the rapid defunding of hideously expensive conventional weapons systems, of no use to this threat). If you want spice, think about the implications of an economic collapse of Pakistan (needs to borrow), Russia (needs $70+ oil), and China (needs growth in US consumer spending).
Duncan Kinder said...
For a case study, read:

"At the center of this case is a hidden bit of history, say prosecutors, of how tobacco smuggling became a state enterprise in Montenegro, a Balkan republic in southeastern Europe bordering Serbia and the Adriatic Sea. Home to just 600,000 people, the country is smaller than Israel and is known for its scenic coastline. But it is also known for its smuggling routes through the heart of the Balkans, which, during the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, allowed organized crime to thrive. Italian authorities noted as much in the DIA report. "Montenegro, for a decade, was the real Tortuga of the Adriatic sea," they wrote, comparing the Balkan state to a Caribbean island notorious for its pirates. "A heaven for illicit trafficking; impunity granted to mobsters ...a place where authorities guaranteed the passage of illicitly traded goods." And investigators left no doubt who they thought was behind the billion-dollar racket: "Milo Djukanovic ruled this Tortuga."
According to the Italian indictment, from 1994 to 2002, during Djukanovic's long tenure, Montenegro was a haven for cigarette smuggling by two of Italy's mafia syndicates: the Neapolitan mafia, known as the Camorra; and the crime family of the Apulia region, in Italy's boot heel - the Sacra Corona Unita. Both syndicates set up shop in Montenegro. Almost every night dozens of pilots steered a fleet of large speedboats crammed with cigarettes across the Adriatic from the Montenegrin port of Bar to the Italian city of Bari and nearby. According to court records, during those eight years an extraordinary one billion cigarettes per month - 100,000 cases - were smuggled out of Montenegro, most of them Marlboro and Marlboro Light. Once in Italy, the untaxed cigarettes were sold by the mafia on the black market. The judicial papers originally named 15 people. Among them: Djukanovic himself; Dusanka Jeknic; a former Montenegrin finance minister; managers of the Montenegrin company MTT, allegedly set up to control the smuggling; reputed Balkan and Italian mobsters; and a Serbian businessman. In March, noting that Djukanovic is protected by diplomatic immunity, prosecutors dropped him from the indictment"

Reply Tuesday, 02 June 2009 at 10:26 AM

John Minehan said...
"Create new legitimate structures" should be in there. In the Salafist movement it seems to be Sharia Courts.

Reply Tuesday, 02 June 2009 at 11:03 AM

JR said...
John. Good idea. I'll work that in.

Reply Tuesday, 02 June 2009 at 01:22 PM

rickpetes said...

Duncan, it is also my understanding that that level of cigarette smuggling can only be accomplished with the active assistance of the tobacco companies themselves. And, if you google tobacco companies + smuggling, the first hit is:

And there a laundry list of other references.
So, perhaps, JR, Standing Order 8 should be that insurgencies get corporate support for their efforts. Corporations only love the state when they can externalize costs onto the public (absolutely think bailouts, and the pipelineistan wars), otherwise they too have no use for a strong centralized state - it diminishes profit.
Reply Tuesday, 02 June 2009 at 04:22 PM
The Dark Avenger said...
(06-16) 19:24 PDT -- Security researchers
have uncovered a sophisticated online network for buying and selling access to infected PCs, raising concerns that businesses, governments and even home computer users are growing ever more vulnerable to cybercrime.
More Technology
* HLTH and WebMD to merge in all-stock deal 06.18.09
* A daily dose of postings from The Chronicle's technology blog ( 06.18.09
* Computer-makers fight China's filter order 06.18.09
* Dungeons & Dragons handbooks subject of lawsuits 06.17.09
Called GoldenCashWorld, the network acts as a one-stop shop for people who seek to acquire, sell or trade infected computers and Web sites. Infected PCs can be used to send spam or collect documents and personal information or inject new Web sites with malicious code that can in turn be passed on to fresh PCs.
The network also includes tools for creating malicious code and stolen credentials for about 100,000 Web sites. Although it appears to be in Russia, about 40 percent of the computers compromised through the network belong to individuals or companies in the United States.
"This is the most advanced network we've found," said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, the chief technology officer of Finjan, a venture-funded security company based in San Jose that found the network two months ago. "They're trying to combine all the elements together and enable more people to participate in this crime."

Other security researchers said that sadly, they were not surprised by Finjan's discovery, which the company announced today. "It's the best way for criminal organizations to pick your pocket without walking next to you," said Samantha Madrid, a product manager at Cisco Systems.
Reply Thursday, 18 June 2009 at 01:26 PM
The Dark Avenger said...

Sorry, wrong link.


STANDING ORDER 3: Virtualize Your Organization

Modern insurgent groups don't require cohesive groups of "soldiers." They can and often virtualize through the use of contractors/freelancers. The standing order for this is simply:
...virtualize your organization...

Optimally, the bulk of a insurgent group's attacks are virtual. This means that the organization that is assembled for an attack is hired specifically for that job. They do the job and go away. This works best with non-kinetic operations (which should be the vast bulk of any group's attacks). This is self-reinforcing with network disruption -- the more system disruptions that occurs, the greater the number of freelancers available. In a short period of time, specialization of skill sets emerge within the bazaar of violence, as participant freelancer work to enhance their marketability/rates (this in turn enables high levels of productivity).

THE GUERRILLA BAZAAR: Lessons from Phishing Networks

Christopher Abad, a research scientist at Cloudmark (a spam filtering company) has done some amazing analysis on the phishing marketplace. Phishing is a method of identity theft that uses fake e-mails and bogus websites to entice unwary consumers to disclose financial information (account details, credit card numbers, personal data). This data is captured and used in financial fraud. It is a big business. To deconstruct a phishing network Christopher used an automated data collection system that monitored chat rooms and activity on compromised servers. He found that the network consisted of loosely affiliated groups with lots of horizontal specialization rather than vertically integrated gangs. He proposed the following structure for the phishing micro-economy (see diagram for more detail):

• Automated unregulated chat rooms. This network, often controlled by bots (code that automates activities and allows remote management), provides the basis for marketplace. It provides an efficient and secure method for discovering information and conducting transactions.
• Specialists: Mass e-mailers. Those individuals that specialize in sending large volumes of e-mail (sometimes through worm enabled bot networks). These e-mails initiate contact with the consumer. Template providers. Design specialists in creating the look and feel of financial institution e-mails and websites. Server managers. Individuals that can compromise Web servers and operate them remotely without detection. These servers collect information from consumers.

• Cashers. Buyers of financial information that can use it to generate bogus ATM cards and other financial frauds.

Global Guerrilla Economics

The 21st Century criminal economies like the phishing economy seen above demonstrate the same degree of decentralized self-organization we see in the market for IED (improvised explosive devices) manufacture/deployment in Iraq. Both markets aren't controlled by any single gang, or even a collection of gangs. Instead, they consist a large network of individuals (and or small groups) that trade, sell, share, and collaborate to make money and generate desired effects. Additionally, both networks exhibit strikingly high levels of:
• Efficiency. The costs for component services are low and very competitive. Financial information can cost as little as $0.50 a record. Emplacement of an IED can cost $50.
• Innovation. New methods of attack and new target sets are constantly being discovered. Both groups rapidly leverage open Internet information to refine their target set. For example: In the case of phishing, the security community's chatter provides insight into corporate vulnerabilities and exploits. Iraqi guerrillas use Google maps to plot ambushes and IED emplacement.
• Resiliency. Able to resist discovery and network-wide collapse. One major factor in their resilience is their ability to transcend national boundaries and leverage a lack of local organic control (street level enforcement).
What This Means
The arrival of these "black" networks have the following ramifications:
• Network wars. These networks are not a single entitiy. They can go to war. For example: Russian bot farmers recently attacked (denial of service) Chechen web sites in retaliation for terrorist activity against Russian targets.
• Generic networks. Skill sets from one network type can transfer to the other. The same technologies and techniques used for phishing and other criminal networks can be used to improve the efficiency of terrorist networks and provide a means of self funding. Generic networks that combine criminal enterprise and terrorist/guerrilla activity are growing. We see this in Iraq today with the fluid market for hostages.
• Rapid Growth. As global connectivity increases, the Gap increases faster than the Core (or non-state vs. state). A growth of a global community of virtual TAZs (temporary autonomous zones) will use technology to rapidly expand gaps generated transnational barriers to coordination and areas of local chaos. The lowest common denominator applies and these autonomous areas can be rapidly exported globally, including to those areas currently under state control.
Like pirates of the past (particularly those of the 1st century BC and 18th century), global guerrillas operate from geographically dispersed locations. These locations are sanctuaries of convenience on a global scale. Examples include:
• Failed and collapsed states. GGs are able to establish mobile operations centers (Sudan and Afghanistan) and generate new sources of funding (opium in Afghanistan and oil "bunkering" in Nigeria) within these vacuums of authority.
• Zones of chaotic organic order. Negotiated relationships with tribesmen in Waziristan (Pakistan), have provided security, intelligence, and supplies for GG groups. In Fallujah (Iraq), GGs have used a collapse of state authority and the subsequent rise of organic Islamic order to provide cover for cells.
• The Internet. The size and structure of the Internet provides virtual sanctuary. The Internet provides the glue that links groups that operate within the ancient modes of organic order -- religious, tribal, etc. -- that form the backbone of the physical world sanctuary, with the modern world's operational environment. However, the Internet is more than merely a communications medium, it is a place of sanctuary in itself.

Global guerrillas do not require extensive logistical structures. Their units are small, fleet, and adaptable. Despite this, they are able to inflict extensive damage by leveraging the power of networks and markets. Most GG activity is accomplished within the confines of "controlled" areas (that's where the targets are), however, much of the long term planning and training occurs within temporary autonomous zones (TAZs) -- areas beyond the control of the global nation-state system. GGs can "manufacture" TAZ sanctuaries as needed from any location that exhibits a vacuum of global order. These places provide staging grounds for offensive operations in "controlled" areas. The elimination of TAZs will be a long-run problem for nation-states. Unfortunately, military solutions can work against progress by creating a TAZ where none existed before (example: Fallujah). Here are some ideas on how to approach the problem:
• Rapidly shifting locations. Entrepreneurial guerrillas are quick to take advantage of new opportunities for sanctuary when they arise. A partial solution is to avoid the creation of power vacuums via failed or collapsed states whenever possible (example: Iraq). A failed/collapsed state is worse than a rogue state. Economic and other non-military support structures need to be strengthened to prevent state failure.
• Locations that resist interdiction. Remote, hostile territory makes rapid response difficult. Nation-states require significant periods of time to work through the complexities (mostly political) necessary to neutralize these locations.
• Diversity. Again the theme of "strength through diversity" is apparent. There isn't any single formula for eliminating TAZs. Each location requires an unique effort.
engie said...
This is actually more akin to 'hosted services' than virtualization.. Need an IT job done, connect to a remote cloud server, run your application on their cluster for x $/hour, done, disconnect, you don't need to buy and maintain a cluster of your own.
Replace IT job with security, cloud server with PMC, cluster with security force.
Eeben Barlow was onto something, shame everyone else booed him and everyone else out and left the state to have monopoly in security as well.
Reply Tuesday, 02 June 2009 at 09:01 AM
JR said...
Engie, that new use of the term "virtualization" bastardizes it. Virtual organizations and corporations have been terms of use for far longer than this new usage. Think ad hoc teams rapidly assembled and disassembled.
What you are describing is "platform leverage" when you describe how hosted services work. I'll get to that soon.
Reply Tuesday, 02 June 2009 at 09:36 AM
slapout9 said...
Hi John, very important concept close to somehting I am working on. Colonel Warden asked me to me think about a changing the 5 five rings (this was relative to LE) I was thinking of changing ring 2 to services. Example: Stalking as a crime is often done with the yellow pages (no computer)and a few friends who may not even know they are involved in a crime. Point being when you map your system as to how you want to form it for an attack by just listing the services needed as opposed to processes or system esentials it is much easier to do in the real step away from the virtual world. Like your standing orders stuff.


STANDING ORDER 4: Repetition is more important than Scale
The ability to repeat disruptions targeted on specific groups generates changes in behavior (economic, social, and psychological) akin to an excessive tax. This is in contrast to large, one-off, attacks that cause massive disruption and then quickly dissipate as the targeted system returns to equilibrium. The standing order for this is:
...repetition is more important than scale....

Simple, low cost, easy, and repeatable (in that nobody is caught) attacks are both sustainable and generate the greatest potential returns. This doesn't mean that these attacks don't have a significant impact. Network effects from disruption almost always guarantee and outsized return
-- the great is the enemy of the good enough.


STANDING ORDER 5: Coopetition not Competition

All insurgent groups, regardless of their motivation, are allies by default. Every group that joins the insurgency, makes it stronger, even if it is ideologically antagonistic. The approach should be:
...coopetition not competition...

Coopetition is a term that encompasses how rivals can compete for market share but cooperate to grow the market and speed up combined growth. In commercial coopetition, this is done by rivals sharing common platforms (a very important concept) that enable them to reduce costs (as in firms that share suppliers), widen variety, increase flexibility, etc. For example, coopetition is the basis for Internet standards and the Web. Vertical integration is an anathema to successful coopetition.

Resilient communities aren't built through one-off projects/efforts, good will, and lifestyle changes. Instead, they are a vibrant ecosystems of activity, that are innovative, robust, and efficient. The key to growing ecosystems that exhibit these qualities is to build platforms that span everything from electricity to food to security. Here's a short story about Malcom McLean to get your head around the idea of what a platform is (this is for my upcoming book on Resilient Communities) and why they are so powerful:
Malcom's Platform
In 1937, during a commercial delivery trip carrying North Carolina cotton bales to the port in Hoboken, New Jersey, Malcom McLean became frustrated at the wait he experienced to unload his cargo at the port facility. He later remarked, “I had to wait most of the day to deliver the bales, sitting there in my truck, watching stevedores load other cargo. It struck me that I was looking at a lot of wasted time and money. I watched them take each crate off the truck and slip it into a sling, which would then lift the crate into the hold of the ship.” This thought was carried forward seventeen years, when at the helm of a company with 1,776 trucks and 37 transport terminals (on the Eastern Seaboard) he gravitated to the idea that long haul routes would be better accomplished through sea transport.

However, to accomplish this, he needed to remake the shipping industry from the ground up. In other words, he needed to build a shipping platform for the shipping industry. What is a platform? At a high level, a platform takes related activities that are complex, unique, and variable and turns them into activities that are simple, universal, and standard. Here's how Malcom built his (and now our) shipping platform:

• First, he created a shipping container that could be detached from a truck and stacked on a ship without unbundling the contents.
• He followed this with new wheel systems to quickly attach containers to trucks.
• Finally, he developed container ships that allowed easy roll-on/roll-off and container stacking.
The new containerized system he developed simplified shipping by pushing the complexity of packing and unpacking cargo to the edges of the shipping network. Second, it made interconnection with the network easy, since containers were inexpensive and of a standard set of sizes. Finally, it lowered/standardized costs, reduced theft, and limited damage.
The debut of his new system was with the maiden voyage of the Ideal X, a converted oil tanker that loaded fifty-eight containers at Port Hoboken, New Jersey and unloaded them in Houston, Texas to his waiting trucks for delivery. The success of this innovation led him to radically expand his business into a powerhouse called SeaLand Industries that had twenty seven thousand containers and thirty-seven container ships by the end of the 1960s.
Obviously, it didn’t end there. The advantages in speed, cost, and flexibility were so compelling that the entire shipping industry was transformed as companies, ports, and governments adopted his containerization process. By 2000, nearly 90% of the world’s shipping was accomplished using containers in support of a vast global ecosystem of manufacturers and retailers made possible by Malcom's shipping platform.


STANDING ORDER 6: Don't Fork the Insurgency

There is a tendency, among subgroups in an open source insurgency, to increase local cohesion at the expense of whole. Usually this is done by disrupting social networks to create antagonism between member groups. The order is:

...don't fork the insurgency...

Social network disruption is nearly as easy as disrupting physical networks, but it can be very dangerous. Social network disruption should only be used if it cleaves the nation-state into non-cooperative centers of gravity without sacrificing open source cohesiveness. In contrast, social network amplification is almost always good.

NOTE: This is grand strategic mistake of al Qaeda in Iraq (unlikely to be repeated). As I mentioned in my 2005 NYTimes OP-ED entitled The Open-Source War: "there are few visible fault lines in the insurgency that can be exploited." That was true until attacks on Shiite civilians and ultimately the Golden Mosque attack forked the insurgency.

The Open-Source War

Published: October 15, 2005
IN September, the Defense Department floated a solicitation for a company to build a "system of metrics to accurately assess U.S. progress in the war on terrorism" and make suggestions on how to improve the effort. As a software executive and former Air Force counterterrorist operative, I began thinking: how would I build this system and what would I recommend?

Tim Lane
My first task would be to gauge our progress in Iraq. It is now, for better or worse, the epicenter of the war on terrorism. By most measurements, the war is going badly.
Insurgent attacks have been increasing steadily since the invasion, and the insurgents' methods are growing more sophisticated. American casualty rates remain high despite an increasingly experienced force and improvements in armor. The insurgents have also radically expanded their campaign of violence to include Iraqi troops, police officers, government officials and Shiite civilians. Since the American military's objective is to gain a monopoly on violence in Iraq, these developments indicate that it has sustained the commercial equivalent of a rapid loss in market share.
Despite this setback, the military and the Bush administration continue to claim progress, though this progress appears to be measured in the familiar metric of body counts. According to the military, it kills or captures 1,000 to 3,000 insurgents a month. Its estimate of the insurgency, however, is a mere 12,000 to 20,000 fighters. Something is clearly wrong. Simple math indicates we have destroyed the insurgency several times over since it started.
Perhaps Iraq's insurgency is much larger than the Defense Department has reported. Other observers estimate that up to 20 percent of the two million former Baathists may be involved in the insurgency. This estimate would partly explain the insurgency's ability to withstand high losses while increasing its market share of violence.
The other likely explanation is one the military itself makes: that the insurgency isn't a fragile hierarchical organization but rather a resilient network made up of small, autonomous groups. This means that the insurgency is virtually immune to attrition and decapitation. It will combine and recombine to form a viable network despite high rates of attrition. Body counts - and the military should already know this - aren't a good predictor of success.
Given this landscape, let's look at alternative strategies. First, out-innovating the insurgency will most likely prove unsuccessful. The insurgency uses an open-source community approach (similar to the decentralized development process now prevalent in the software industry) to warfare that is extremely quick and innovative. New technologies and tactics move rapidly from one end of the insurgency to the other, aided by Iraq's relatively advanced communications and transportation grid - demonstrated by the rapid increases in the sophistication of the insurgents' homemade bombs. This implies that the insurgency's innovation cycles are faster than the American military's slower bureaucratic processes (for example: its inability to deliver sufficient body and vehicle armor to our troops in Iraq).
Second, there are few visible fault lines in the insurgency that can be exploited. Like software developers in the open-source community, the insurgents have subordinated their individual goals to the common goal of the movement. This has been borne out by the relatively low levels of infighting we have seen between insurgent groups. As a result, the military is not going to find a way to chop off parts of the insurgency through political means - particularly if former Baathists are systematically excluded from participation in the new Iraqi state by the new Constitution.
Third, the United States can try to diminish the insurgency by letting it win. The disparate groups in an open-source effort are held together by a common goal. Once the goal is reached, the community often falls apart. In Iraq, the original goal for the insurgency was the withdrawal of the occupying forces. If foreign troops pull out quickly, the insurgency may fall apart. This is the same solution that was presented to Congress last month by our generals in Iraq, George Casey and John Abizaid.
Unfortunately, this solution arrived too late. There are signs that the insurgency's goal is shifting from a withdrawal of the United States military to the collapse of the Iraqi government. So, even if American troops withdraw now, violence will probably continue to escalate.
What's left? It's possible, as Microsoft has found, that there is no good monopolistic solution to a mature open-source effort. In that case, the United States might be better off adopting I.B.M.'s embrace of open source. This solution would require renouncing the state's monopoly on violence by using Shiite and Kurdish militias as a counterinsurgency. This is similar to the strategy used to halt the insurgencies in El Salvador in the 1980's and Colombia in the 1990's. In those cases, these militias used local knowledge, unconstrained tactics and high levels of motivation to defeat insurgents (this is in contrast to the ineffectiveness of Iraq's paycheck military). This option will probably work in Iraq too.
In fact, it appears the American military is embracing it. In recent campaigns in Sunni areas, hastily uniformed peshmerga and Badr militia supplemented American troops; and in Basra, Shiite militias are the de facto military power.
If an open-source counterinsurgency is the only strategic option left, it is a depressing one. The militias will probably create a situation of controlled chaos that will allow the administration to claim victory and exit the country. They will, however, exact a horrible toll on Iraq and may persist for decades. This is a far cry from spreading democracy in the Middle East. Advocates of refashioning the American military for top-down nation-building, the current flavor of the month, should recognize it as a fatal test of the concept.
John Robb is working on a book about the logic of terrorism.


STANDING ORDER 7: Minimalist rule sets work best

In many cases, modern insurgencies find themselves managing local autonomous zones (as in autonomy from nation-state governance due to inattention, weakness, mendacity, etc.). This management often requires the establishment of rule sets. The simple order is:
..minimalist rule sets work best...

Global guerrilla insurgencies, by design, aren't a replacement for the nation-state. Maximal, heavy-handed, and corrupted rule sets of the nation-state should be replaced by minimalist rule sets that are fairly applied to encourage the rapid growth of black economies, reduce resistance (among local populations), and ensure order.


Moon said...

Minimalist rule sets still require some sort of macro environment within which they will fire. What is the structure and environment-level rule set in play when you replace the top-down nation state rule sets with the minimalist?

Reply Tuesday, 02 June 2009 at 02:19 PM
JR said...

The macro environment is an increasingly interconnected global system. A flexible and highly competitive rule set that maximizes gains and minimizes costs, while increasing "profitable" connectivity to global system is the goal.
Reply Tuesday, 02 June 2009 at 02:38 PM
IrregularWarrior said...
I would agree that Global Guerrillas should be minimal in design to prevent the insurgenct group no matter its form from being bogged down in day to day governence issues. The rule sets should be designed to promote the primary function or goal of the insurgency should it be political, economic, religious or idealogical. Safety and security of the populace inside the autonomous zones should be the primary concern. Since this benefits both the population and insurgency's goal or belief system.
Reply Tuesday, 02 June 2009 at 04:36 PM
Just An Australian said...
But this is where an insurgency falls down - when it comes to the hard business of being better than the other turkeys they replace. Inevitably the pigs turn out to be just like the farmer, and Orwell gets the last laugh.
Reply Tuesday, 02 June 2009 at 04:47 PM
JR said...
Australian: Ah, that's classic insurgency. And you are right, that is where it falls down.
Modern insurgency punts on most political goods and relies on external sources of services. Take the PCC in Sao Paulo as an example.


STANDING ORDER 8: self-replicate

This is a hard point to grasp, but it provides a substantial amount of leverage for small groups. It's important to manufacture copies of yourself that can advance your goals whenever possible. In short:


This can take a direct physical form in the case of technological copies -- this includes everything from software bots (which can reach millions of "hacked" computers) and genetically engineered contagion. These technological copies will only get smarter and more responsive as technology improves.

Another method is to create socially engineered copies of your organization through the use of social media. Basically, this means providing the motivation, knowledge, and focus necessary for an unknown person (external and totally unconnected to your group) to conduct operations that advance your group's specific goals (or the general goals of the open source insurgency). All forms of self-replication will rapidly improve with advances in technology and connectivity.
STANDING ORDER 9: share or copy everything that works
In open source warfare there is no pride in exclusive ownership. Everything that can be shared, should be shared. Everything that can be used, should be used. In sum:
...share or copy everything that works...
Small insurgent groups don't have the capacity to advance and innovate, over the long term, solely through internal efforts. They must rely on other groups to advance the ball for them. To continue to improve the group must be quick to copy improvements that appear to work regardless of source. Further, since the success of a single group increases with the success of the whole open source insurgency, every innovation must be shared the moment it is put to use.
STANDING ORDER 10: release often and early
Innovations, from tactics to weapons, should be released as soon and as often as practicable. Perfectionism, sclerotic planning processes, excessive secrecy, risk aversion, and other plagues found in hierarchical organizations are the enemy of success. The rule is:

...release early and often...

Make the attack to demonstrate the innovation and generate the coverage (media). Let the other members of the open source insurgency advance the ball. Remember, with many minds looking at the problem, no bug/deficiency/defect is too difficult to overcome.

STANDING ORDER 11: co-opt, don't own, basic services

On a roll with a Roger's Rules or Sun Tzu approach to post-industrial insurgency. Probably will roll these up when I'm done, expand the discussions for each, and put them into a PDF. Refinements and critiques are always welcome.
Open source insurgencies typically don't supply basic services (within the nation-state context, political goods) or assume any responsibility for their delivery, to controlled autonomous zones and their resident populations. Instead, they parasitically ride on a degraded form of the global/national economy's corporate and public services -- from electricity to water to food. Within controlled zones, the objective is to:, don't own, basic services...

Co-option of basic services enables a steady stream of income from taxation/theft. The ongoing flow of these services enables a relatively normal functioning of the underlying social construct. It also enables global guerrillas the flexibility to focus exclusively on member/group enrichment and its ongoing war to hollow out the nation-state. In the event that broader disruption has forced the creation of black market services (as in an alternative power grid, as we saw in Baghdad), this alternative service is operated within the confines of a protection racket and is not owned directly.

Alternative services, that are owned and operated by the insurgent group, are typically not advisable unless no other alternative exists -- as in, a completely hollow or deeply failed nation-states.

Roger’s Rangers Rules or Plan of Discipline
Major Robert Rogers - 1757
(Commander of Roger’s Rangers)
This is the original version —
1. All Rangers are to be subject to the rules and articles of war; to appear at roll-call every evening on their own parade, equipped each with a firelock, sixty rounds of powder and ball, and a hatchet, at which time an officer from each company is to inspect the same, to see they are in order, so as to be ready on any emergency to march at a minute's warning; and before they are dismissed the necessary guards are to drafted, and scouts for the next day appointed.
2. Whenever you are ordered out to the enemy's forts or frontiers for discoveries, if your number be small, march in a single file, keeping at such a distance from each other as to prevent one shot from killing two men, sending one man, or more, forward, and the like on each side, at the distance of twenty yards from the main body, if the ground you march over will admit of it, to give the signal to the officer of the approach of an enemy, and of their number, & c.
3. If you march over marshes or soft ground, change your position, and march abreast of each other, to prevent the enemy from tracking you (as they would do if you marched in a single file) till you get over such ground, and then resume your former order, and march till it is quite dark before you encamp, which do, if possible, on a piece of ground that may afford your sentries the advantage of seeing or hearing the enemy at some considerable distance, keeping one half of your whole party awake alternately through the night.
4. Some time before you come to the place you would reconnoitre, make a stand, and send one or two men in whom you can confide, to look out the best ground for making your observations.
5. If you have the good fortune to take any prisoners, keep them separate till they are examined, and in your return take a different route from that in which you went out, that you may the better discover any party in your rear, and have an opportunity, if their strength be superior to your, to alter your course, or disperse, as circumstances may require.
6. If your march in a large body of three or four hundred, with a design to attack the enemy, divide your party into three columns, each headed by a proper officer, and let these columns march in single files, the columns to the right and left keeping at twenty yards distance or more from that of the center, if the ground will admit, and let proper guards be kept in the front and rear, and suitable flanking parties as a due distance as before directed, with orders to halt on all eminences, to take a view of the surrounding ground, to prevent your being ambushed, and to notify the approach or retreat of the enemy, that proper dispositions may be made for attacking, defending, & c, and if the enemy approach in your front on level ground, form a front of your three columns or main body with the advanced, guard, keeping out your flanking parties, as if you were marching under the command of trusty officers, to prevent the enemy from pressing hard on either of your wings, or surrounding you, which is the usual method of the savages, if their number will admit of it, and be careful likewise to support and strengthen your rear guard.
7. If you are obliged to receive the enemy's fire, fall or squat down, till it is over, then rise and discharge at them. If their main body is equal to yours, extend yourselves occasionally; but if superior, be careful to support and strengthen your flanking parties, to make them equal with theirs, that if possible you may repulse them to their main body, in which case push upon them with the greatest resolution, with equal force in each flank and in the center, observing to keep at a due distance from each other, and advance from tree to tree, with one half of the party before the other ten or twelve yards. If the enemy push upon you, let your front fire and fall down, and then let your rear advance thro' them and do the like, by which time those who before were in front will be ready to discharge again, and repeat the same alternately, as occasion shall require; by this means you will keep up such a constant fire, that the enemy will not be able easily to break your order, or gain your ground.
8. If you oblige the enemy to retreat, be careful, in your pursuit of them, to keep out your flanking parties, and prevent them from gaining eminences, or rising grounds, in which case they would perhaps be able to rally and repulse in their turn.
9. If you are obliged to retreat, let the front of your whole party fire and fall back, till the rear has done the same, making for the best ground you can; by this means you will oblige the enemy to pursue you, if they do it at all, in the face of a constant fire.
10. If the enemy is so superior that you are in danger of being surrounded by them, let the whole body disperse, and every one take a different road to the place of rendezvous appointed for that evening, which must every morning be altered and fixed for evening ensuing, in order to bring the whole party, or as many of them as possible, together, after any separation that may happen in the day; but if you should happen to be actually surrounded, form yourselves into a square, or if in the woods, a circle is best, and, if possible, make a stand till the darkness of the night favours your escape.
11. If your rear is attacked, the main body and flankers must face about to the right or left, as occasion shall require, and form themselves to oppose the enemy, as before directed; and the same method must be observed, if attacked in either of your flanks, by which means you will always make a rear of one of your flank-guards.
12. If you determine to rally after a retreat, in order to make a fresh stand against the enemy, by all means endeavour to do it on the most rising ground you can come at, which will give you greatly the advantage in point of situation, and enable you to repulse superior numbers.
13. If general, when pushed upon by the enemy, reserve your fire till they approach very near, which will them put them into the greater surprise and consternation, and give you an opportunity of rushing upon them with your hatchets and cutlasses to the better advantage.
14. When you encamp at night, fix your sentries in such a manner as not to be relieved from the main body till morning, profound secrecy and silence being often of the last importance in these cases. Each sentry, therefore, should consist of six men, two of whom must be constantly alert, and when relieved by their fellows, it should be done without noise; and in case those on duty see or hear anything, which alarms them, they are not to speak, but one of them is silently to retreat, and acquaint the commanding officer thereof, that proper dispositions may be made; and all occasional sentries should be fixed in like manner.
15. At the first dawn of day, awake your whole detachment; that being the time when the savages choose to fall upon their enemies, you should by all means be in readiness to receive them.
16. If the enemy should be discovered by your detachments in the morning, and their numbers are superior to yours, and a victory doubtful, you should not attack them till the evening, as then they will not know your numbers, and if you are repulsed, your retreat will be followed by the darkness of the night.
17. Before you leave your encampment, send out small parties to scout round it, to see if there be any appearance or track of an enemy that might have been near you during the night.
18. When you stop for refreshment, choose some spring or rivulet if you can, and dispose your party so as not to be surprised, posting proper guards and sentries at a due distance, and let a small party waylay the path you came in, lest the enemy should be pursuing.
19. If, in your return, you have to cross rivers, avoid the usual fords as much as possible, lest the enemy should have discovered, and be there expecting you.
20. If you have to pass by lakes, keep at some distance from the edge of the water, lest, in case of an ambuscade, or an attack from the enemy, when in that situation, your retreat should be cut off.
21. If the enemy pursue your rear, take a circle till you come to your own tracks, and there form am ambush to receive them, and give them the first fire.
22. When you return from a scout, and come near our forts, avoid the usual roads, and avenues thereto, lest the enemy should have headed you, and lay in ambush to receive you, when almost exhausted with fatigues.
23. When you pursue any party that has been near our forts or encampments, follow not directly in their tracks, lest you should be discovered by their rear guards, who, at such a time, would be most alert; but endeavour, by a different route, to head and meet them in some narrow pass, or lay in ambush to receive them when and where they least expect it.
24. If you are to embark in canoes, bateaux, or otherwise, by water, choose the evening for the time of your embarkation, as you will then have the whole night before you, to pass undiscovered by any parties of the enemy, on hills, or other places, which command a prospect of the lake or river you are upon.
25. In paddling or rowing, give orders that the boat or canoe next the sternmost, wait for her, and the third for the second, and the fourth for the third, and so on, to prevent separation, and that you may be ready to assist each other on any emergency.
26. Appoint one man in each boat to look out for fires, on the adjacent shores, from the numbers and size of which you may form some judgement of the numbers that kindled them, and whether you are able to attack them or not.
27. If you find the enemy encamped near the banks of a river, or lake, which you imagine they will attempt to cross for their security upon being attacked, leave a detachment of your party on the opposite shore to receive them, while, with the remainder, you surprise them, having them between you and the lake or river.
28. If you cannot satisfy yourself as to the enemy's number and strength, from their fire, & c. conceal your boats at some distance, and ascertain their number by a reconnoitring party, when they embark, or march, in the morning, marking the course they steer, & c. when you may pursue, ambush, and attack them, or let them pass, as prudence shall direct you. In general, however, that you may not be discovered by the enemy on the lakes and rivers at a great distance, it is safest to lay by, with your boats and party concealed all day, without noise or show, and to pursue your intended route by night; and whether you go by land or water, give out parole and countersigns, in order to know one another in the dark, and likewise appoint a station for every man to repair to, in case of any accident that may separate you.
Such in general are the rules to be observed in the Ranging service; there are, however, a thousand occurrences and circumstances which may happen that will make it necessary in some measure to depart from them and to put other arts and stratagems in practice; in which case every man's reason and judgment must be his guide, according to the particular situation and nature of things; and that he may do this to advantage, he should keep in mind a maxim never to be departed from by a commander, viz. to preserve a firmness and presence of mind on every occasion.
— From JOURNALS OF MAJOR ROGER ROGERS (as published in 1765)