Monday, October 26, 2009



J. Croft

That’s what I do and that’s what you need to do if you want to survive what’s coming. What’s here now.

What’s here now is the proverbial Fat Lady singing on the preplanned destruction of America. Our America. The jobs are gone, we’ve pissed off the entire planet, we’ve signed over responsibility for our country over to the CEO’s, banksters, lawyers, bureaucrats who have perpetrated our destruction. We’re bankrupt in every measurable way, overstretched, millions are destitute, our cities and infrastructure crumbling or outright imploding.

We by and large can’t even find our own country on a map. Can’t even properly answer why our Ancestors rebelled against the most powerful empire on Earth and won. Or do basic arithmetic in our heads. Balance our personal finances. Discern when we’re being hustled-let alone do something about it. Defend ourselves against the modern day barbarians in the bankster created urban ghettos.

Our Ancestors led themselves, could lead themselves. They were, allowing for the knowledge base, one of the most educated populations in Earth’s history. And they certainly could find their own country on a map-and name all the cities, counties, rivers, mountains, and bordering states.

Our Ancestors knew when they were getting screwed. Tried for decades before that fateful day in Massechuttsettes April 19, 1775 to alleviate, ameliorate what their king and government were doing to them.(Really it’s a pittance compared to what’s been done to us-but that just shows you how totally they’ve screwed us.)

And our Ancestors were able to fight and win against the most powerful government and military on Earth because they knew how to add, read, had business sense, grow their own food, make their own weapons and ammunition. Most of all because they were willing to fight back. At the least take over their local governments when they became corrupt-and after that day on the road back to Boston from Lexington take on the British Army and beat them.

After which our Ancestors expanded, took an entire continent-and after a long series of ill advised wars against Native Americans and each other over slavery forged a nation. Which the banksters and their lawyer and bureaucrat agents twisted into an empire-their America. Then again the banksters have always been in charge. They’ve had to be careful as Americans were smart, self-sufficient, armed, tough and willing to fight...

So they laid their groudwork, the foundation for taming us. After engineering depression and economic calamity to stir up reactions the banksters got approval for a secret convention in 1787. That is where the constitution was written; on the surface a blueprint for divided, distributed government it actually blocked reform, spread responsibility while quietly allowing this American ‘elite’ to maintain control over their presumed subjects. All you need to remind you it was an elitist document cleverly configured to seemingly promote freedom is that slavery was still recognized and a slave was 3/5 of a vote.

It was pushed onto the American People in a classic fear campaign mixed with political blackmail that saw Rhode Island subject to complete embargo to break it. Only the inclusion of a watered down Bill of Rights for the People to hold onto some hope of justice enabled it to pass, become the law of the land.

So the banksters got their government. Then they set out to get our minds.

Education was the logical choice; 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 9 months out of the year for 8 to 12 years the minds of generations of Americans were the plaything of the educators. Steeped in the Prussian school of education-turn out obedient workers and soldiers-they still maintained a high level of learning but instilled in the American regimentation, obedience.

If you can get a person to obey you, you can get them to do anything else you want. Get their kids to trust you, you can start to quietly, subtly degrade their education. In 1909 high school students could read and converse in latin. In 2009 high school kids have to go to college remedial courses to get only part of the education the high school kids in 1909 got before they reached puberty.

The law too gradually became the exclusive playground of the lawyers. See, back in the early days of America people represented themselves in court-they knew the law. A few decades after the 1787 constitution was shoved down our throats the lawyers openly took over, both representing clients and judging. A 13th Amendment banning titles of nobility and prohibiting said persons from holding office... esquire is a title of nobility... was quietly ommitted from public record. Every single judge, representative and public servant who is a lawyer is actually in violation of the law. Try to bring that up in court...

With the takeover by the lawyers and the dumbing down of Americans the next step came with the industrial revolution-the move into the cities. Starting in the 19th century the trend really came into its own after 1900 with the automobile. Millions of Americans regimented to work in the factories instead of running their own lives... gun control began to be applied to all Americans instead of just blacks and indians. And it was accepted by people who never shot a gun, never took care of themselves, depended on the very people who tried to enslave their ancestors.

Next they created the engine for our dissolution with the Federal Reserve Act passed by three traitor senators in secret session on Christmas Eve, along with the Internal Revenue Service Act as a collection service. With the nation’s treasury in the hands of a cartel of banksters-the same banksters who manipulate the stock markets and economy, forced their 1787 constitution down our throats, they had the mechanism to debase the currency when Roosevelt took us off the gold standard and stole Americans gold by law-his first act as President! Replaced with “federal reserve notes”, not even lawful money... they commenced on a century of printing more and more dollars, devaluing the bills in your pocket so you have to spend more to buy. Even after the postwar boom alleviated the effects of bankster created depression and war(Wall Street financed both Hitler and Stalin-ha! ha!)the overall trend was to destroy America with dependence on the bankster owned factories... that would be shipped overseas because its cheaper to pay a Indonesian a dollar a day instead of an American ten dollars an hour. The government made the bankster economic strip mining of their own factories official policy; having been conditioned, trained for generations to work for massah what are a nation of slaves to do? Grow their own food? Start their own business? From local to federal the tax codes and regulations were written to suppress that as much as possible while encouraging dependence on megacorporate superstores and disappearing factory jobs.

What nailed us however was the rise of mass media-motion pictures, radio, television. The best social psychologists were employed to shape, guide the minds of millions of unsuspecting Americans. Guide them into docility, into materialism, into blind patriotism when needed, apathy the rest of the time. All being mediums requiring massive amounts of investment to produce and operate they lent themselves to our enemies machinations. We came to love our oppressors.

Love our idols who made it cool to be stupid, apathetic, selfish, materialistic, ignorant of everything but keeping your wage slave job and the bankster owned sports team you’re trained to live vicariously through. Love our con artists who took us for usurious loans and interest rates. Love our thieves for ever increasing taxes and masking it behind some b.s. public good excuse as they hid the real state of govenrment finances in the consolidated annual financial reports. Love our murderers when they took the lives of people just wanting a job, or food, or promised benefits, or just because they’re a different skin color.

America has been in a 220 year civil war; a war between two Americas....

...Our America, the Land of the Free...

...and the United States government and its controlling corporate interests, it’s millions of laws and millions of lawyers, bureaucrats, and thug cops to enforce them.

...yet it hasn’t been an entirely one-sided struggle.

Whiskey Rebellion, 1791-Western PA farmers used corn liquor made with their humble stills as an alternative currency. Alexander Hamilton however, the architect of the 1787 constitution wanted to quickly assert more federal control. Those farmers, having fought government tyranny when they were British subjects started yet again on the warpath to maintain their basic livelihood. Being President George Washington’s aide d’ camp(a kind of lieutenant with authority) during the Revolutionary War and now Secretary of Treasury he had Washington personally lead an army into Western PA to crush this rebellion before it became a revolution.

Anti-Masonic Party, 1830’s-The Freemasons were the architects of the American Revolution, and ultimately the United States government and 1787 constitution. Naturally the lower level freemasons would move to take advantage, work the local offices, do favors for each other, favor each other over their fellow soldiers (“profane” to them) in battle. Our ancestors formed a party specifically to throw all the freemasons they could out of office, drive them back to their temples.... not quite far enough unfortunately.

Andrew Jackson and the Second United States Bank-President Jackson, a veteran of both the American Revolution and the War of 1812 faced off against the banksters when they wanted the charter for the Second US Bank renewed. Which was a predecessor of the cartel federal reserve system. Thanks to his actions during his term of office America enjoyed a stable dollar for eighty more years-until Americans forgot, nodded off to sleep enough for three traitorous senators to pass the federal reserve act and the 16th Amendment...

Civil War-say what you will about the Confederacy’s defense of states rights to protect slavery(you should) and the latent racism they still put up a hell of a fight against the federal government trying to assert domination over the states. Keep in mind Lincoln didn’t give a damn about blacks, would have kept slavery if they could break the power of the states. And broke they were, allowing the federal government to expand after the war. On the other hand Lincoln’s institution of the Greenback-interest free money straight from the US government to help pay for the war effort-likely contributed to his death as much as slavery or the invasion in the first place.

Battle of Little Big Horn, 1876-the Plains Indians united to oppose gold mining in the Black Hills-promised to them by treaty(the US government never honors treaties). The details of that battle are well enough known but one must realize it was due to broken promises and greed that made the Native Americans make yet another stand. They can only be thankful Custer thought the two Gatling Guns in his wagon train too heavy and balky to be taken into battle-being a quick acting cavalry officer.

Turn of the last century, ordinary Americans worked to death in the factories and mines peaceably revolted repeatedly. They formed unions to organize, form a collective bargaining position because it’s obvious you cannot deal with powerful corporations that practically own you and can literally murder you without any repercussions. The Carnegies, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, and the like bought armed thugs, belt fed machine guns and negotiated with bullets and blood. Literal battles were fought and lost-and won by Americans. Eventually the unions won significant concessions from the banksters-so their leadership was co-opted and the unions became another control mechanism for our enemies.

Bonus Army March on Washington DC, 1932-The depression was taking a horrific toll on Americans, with millions out of work, going hungry, starving. Thank the banksters for creating the financial bubbles they popped; they were creating the foundation of desperation that would allow FDR to bring in the “new deal” of socialist control and taxes. First, the American People had to be beaten down to the point of accepting this. The soldiers who braved suicidal marches over open ground against machine guns were starving, their families were starving in front of them. In desperation they made one more march on Washington DC-where Gen. Douglas McArthur, Col’s Dwight D. Eisenhower and George Patton led the U.S. Army against them with cavalry, tanks, aircraft. The shantytown they had build(“hooverville”)was burnt to the ground, murdering hundreds. The Bonus Marchers were unarmed. Probably, the banksters were hoping for such a demonstration so that Herbert Hoover would be blamed for the atrocity, and bring in FDR.

Battle of Athens, Tennessee August 2, 1946-Returning American Servicemen were greeted by a corrupt local govenrment run like a criminal racket. Nothing unusual there-most local government IS corrupt-but if you had a single beer and stepped outside a bar you were arrested, brought to their kangaroo court and robbed. That was just one example, for the criminals had many statutes with which they could profiteer at the expense of the People.

Having liberated people from totalitarian governments in Europe and the Pacific the men of McMinn County decided to do something about it-THEY FORMED A FULL TICKET OF G.I. CANDIDATES TO SWEEP THEIR GOVERNMENT CLEAN. The local criminals in public service tried intimidation-assaulting a G.I., then taking the ballots and a couple G.I.’s prisoner and barricading themselves in the local jail. The G.I.’s did something about that-going to the National Guard Armory, collecting the small arms and ammunition there and laid siege to the jail until dynamite could be procured and used to blow the doors open. The crooks surrendered, nobody was killed and the Tennessee state government declined to interfere, lest a much larger campaign get set off.

The Patriot Movement of today-in spite of all the government disinfo and dissemblers, the agent provocateurs, the systematic and all pervasive thought control and with practically no resources-this movement has been brought low repeatedly only to rise again bigger and stronger. Patriots like Gordon Kahl, William Cooper, Vicky Weaver who were murdered; their deaths only drew attention to how right they have been in resisting the beast. The 90’s Militia Movement which suffered a false-flag attack via Oklahoma City-getting the blame for what the federal government perpetrated, has been resurrected in this decade by the very actions of the banksters and their minions in completing their great and terrible plan. Barack Obama’s election alone resulted in the greatest arms procurement by the American People in history, making any martial law endgame impossible to win in the long run, even if just one out of 10,000 resists. It is imperative however that those in the struggle fight to win.

There are many ways to fight-most of the best don’t involve a single act of violence.

First, you must get ready.

Start with yourself:

Stop watching the TV! Television’s the enemy’s number one mind control weapon. It is propaganda, lies, distraction. It makes you think how the so-called “elite” want you to. Turn it the hell off.

Now that you’ve stopped watching television you’ll find you have a lot more time on your hands. Get in shape: walk, lift weights, do some participatory sport. Better yet, learn how to shoot a rifle, it not only will save your life someday, it instills discipline and a methodical approach in the basic steps of firing the shot that can be transferred to a lot of other areas of your life.

Get on the internet-while it’s still up-and learn about what’s really going on. Don’t just rely on one source, cross examine different viewpoints, develop your own conclusions. Our Ancestors who fought and won the Revolutionary War did, and they didn’t have the net. Oh, and download as much survival and how to information as possible. Especially prized are 90’s survival books. Use a public access computer that doesn’t have a web camera and that you don’t have to register to use, otherwise you might as well be doing this at home.

Cut your expenses, up your cash flow. Entrepenurialship is the way to go-stop working for massah corporation and massah state, getting less than a penny for(ever shrinking in purchasing power)federal reserve note’s worth of work you put in. If you have a trade or skill offer them under the table. If you have land grow extra vegetables. Work the swap meets, flea markets, or start one yourself. Stop paying the credit cards, they are a trap-repudiate the debt. The banksters have been at war with you, return the favor!

If your home is being foreclosed, make them produce the note at the court hearing. If they can’t the foreclosure’s null and void because they cannot prove ownership.

Form or join a survival network-a circle of people you can trust with your life. If you can’t trust them with your life, forget them. Have safe houses and several different ways of getting there. Establish mail drops and dead drops. Have a couple home defense guns at the most for your home, stash the rest with the bulk of your ammo. Get all the rifle training and survival training you can-not just the commando stuff but how to do basic survival stuff, like grow your own food, build, that sort of thing. From your circles will build the Free Communities that will organically grow and become the heart of the resurgence of Our America.

Most important of all establish your own relationship with God. Theological debates aside, all the churches are 501(c)3-that means they are not only censored by government edict, they have become fronts for instilling obedience to martial law and the end of Our America. Shun them and shun those that hear the truth but refuse to heed! Which will force you to find God on your own anyways. Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted; calm your thoughts and feel what your heart says. Close your eyes. It will take some time and effort but before long Our Father will speak-now your next task is to learn to listen. Think of God as not a dictator but the one that is overhead and sees the big picture-and wants us to win. He’s guiding us to victory and since God has perspective...

We’d be Free already if more people would listen to Our Father.


Start with your own community. Or a community that’s politically vulnerable-the ruling clique is weak or overconfident and the People are pissed. Follow the example of the GI’s of Athens Tennessee and have a full ticket of candidates-and challenge any attempt at vote fraud. Use the recall election so you don’t have to wait for the next election cycle.

I explain this in much greater detail with my articles, IT’S TIME and RECALL ELECTION: OBSTACLES TO OVERCOME:

Suffice it to state in this article, local political activism, debt repudiation, dollar substitution, the underground economy and basic survival steps are going to be the foundation of the Second American Revolution-not futile Alamo style last stands.


Any organization that you join, has already been penetrated, compromised, or was set up by the enemy in the first place to trap and divert Patriots from being effective. You have to expect this because the government has a vested interest in maintaining the status quo-which is literally killing us.

You must be on the lookout for those that either call for violent action when it would be monumentally stupid, or calls for not taking any action when the obvious needs to be done. This has happened many times. Another attack angle is the operative who will gain prominence, then reveal themselves as a flake in order to discredit the movement.
Deep Cover Operatives-these will be long term agents who will spend years, decades, building up credibility in order to gain leadership. Once they have a powerful following they will divert their organization away from actions that will be the most effective.

Most organizations will be led by good people-but the immediate lieutenants will have agendas, or be penetration agents, deep cover operatives who will monitor the org., take down names, and generally act to sabotage the group. They will automatically deny certain facts. They will sabotage efforts that are the most effective, seek to cut off and discredit those who are being attacked.

Be ready to do end runs around such operatives, as they will have wormed their way into positions of power-since our movement is mostly internet based they will be forum moderators or webmasters. So compile your own e-mails of those you can trust and communicate privately. If the website/org. owner is basically a good guy, get together and bombard his e-mail with messages about the shady characters. If the org is run by a deep cover operative, expose him and run him out-or set up another org.