Saturday, January 23, 2010


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

I spoke briefly with the Dyer Family today. They are holding up well, in spite of all that has happened. They tell me that Charles Dyer is still in ATF custody in Chickasaw, Oklahoma. They ask for our thoughts and prayers in this troubling time. They also asked me to pass along a request and plea from both the family, and Charles himself.

They wish to allow the legal system to run it's course. The family has a good attorney, and are confident that the charges can be challenged. They ask for us to keep our sense about us. Namely, we need to stop this talk about 'busting him out' or doing some crazy Boondock Saints stunt at the courthouse. This talk is only going to amp up the media blasting him and tilt the course in the prosecution's favor. Please, everyone, even if it's joking, don't say or type it anywhere!!

I am going to be keeping an eye on the forums, and deleting posts that mention or hint at the above behavior. This is to protect us as a group and Dyer as well. I know the man and admire him just as much as anyone else, and yes, I'm mad as hell at the govt. response and media bullshit, but we need to keep level heads.

Please, respect Dyer and his families wishes!!

In other news, I will try o set up a PO box in Marlow this weekend, and arrange a time to give the family the keys to the PO box. Address will come in the next few days. Remember, if you can even spare a buck or two, that would help the family and Dyer's defense. Those of you who have donated, THANK YOU!!!!



From a personal acquaintance:

I know Charles Dyer from the Marine Corps. I'm still in, and he's obviously gotten out. leading and teaching for the resistance and learning and training was always his priority. his command attempted to bring bullshit charges on him for his videos on YouTube, 2 weeks before his End of Active Service date. I'm just now finding out about all this, and I vowed to Charles then, and it holds now, that any incarceration or attempt thereof, I would make viral. I encourage every freedom fighter to do the same.

The young girl that the government is saying Sgt Charles Dyer allegedly raped and sexually assaulted over the course of seven years is his own daughter!!!!!! Charles would not do this! I personally know him and how much he cares for his daughter's well-being, as per when his command in the Marine Corps attempted to bring charges on him for conspiracy to act against the US Government.


YouTube user Livemusic rips the drug dealing, genocidal, inbred, child raping son of a fucking cunt a good one.

All I done is show the highlights.

Everyone, are the people in public service our masters? No, they are our servants. Treat them as such.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



This man virtually started the Oath Keeper movement with his brave stances on YouTube.

Now the government is getting payback: they've arrested him on charges of having a grenade launcher and child molestation.

I'd score a grenade launcher myself, but the child rape charge? That's a standard government tactic. And I even doubt that charge is valid, it's likely one of those 37mm flare launchers. I worry the batfags will bore it out to 40mm...

So, he's in jail. Contact info below:

Charles Alan Dyer
Stephen's County Jail
101 South 11th Street
Duncan, OK 73533-4758
(580) 255-0651

No threats. That will only land him in even worse trouble.

Ask about care packets, visitation rules, etc. Even so much as asking about his welfare will remind his jailers this isn't some dude or minority who has nobody who cares about them. This is someone who does and they need to act accordingly.

You know what to do.

Thursday, January 14, 2010



J. Croft

Most Americans regrettably have to have someone tell them what to think and do. What we get for the grandfolks dropping the ball on their responsibility of keeping a tight leash on their public servants. Thought everything was okay in America, went about their little lives… next thing the so-called ‘elites’ engineer a depression, shut down the economy and con everyone into thinking that the government are the ones who can save the country-instead of hanging the banksters and their private federal reserve cartel that shut off the money supply on purpose. But ‘murkans didn’t know any better back then so they accepted a bigger brother-who didn’t really provide them with jobs until World War Two came around. And there was just no stopping the enemy after that-because the enemy controlled the media, owned the media through interlocking board chairs, stock holdings. Of course they controlled the money and the US government and since ‘murkans were really na├»ve back then they listened to their own worst enemy as they systematically broke them-

-To ever increasing taxes for defenses against enemies they financed; Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union were financed to be credible foes to scare us into a national security state.

-To surrendering their free time to the television, the most diabolical means of mass thought control and time wastage ever invented. Between the reality shows, the sitcoms inducing selfish backstabbing, the million cop shows inducing worship of our enslavers, Neo-Marxist Hollywood and Madison Avenue have made the psyches of Americans their little bitch.

-To submitting to ‘reasonable’ licenses and fees… which start out voluntary to raise revenue but become mandatory, in violation of our Rights. Rights become privilege, privilege becomes restricted to certain approved people-and that list always shrinks.

-To state run schools based on an un-American Prussian model of regimentation to turn out dull, dumbed down unquestioning drones.

Can’t be Free if you submit to 60% and more tax rates. Can’t be Free if your mind and will are enslaved by American Idol and the 100 spinoffs of CSI. Can’t be Free if you’re afraid to light a cigarette in a public place, or choose not to wear a seat belt, or exercise your Second-even to defend your family. Certainly cannot be Free if you let your enemies who wish you enslaved teach you and yours, you only get lied to …when you can summon the strength to actually pay attention to the deliberately dulling curriculum.

Know for a fact you’re not free when you’re intimidated by mouthbreathers with police powers into being felt up and having your privates scanned by devices. Expect one at a mobile checkpoint real soon.

Yet we listen to our worst enemies for everything from financial advice(so they can fleece us), to fashion(so they can make us look retarded and have to buy new wardrobes every year) to health( so they can poison us), to “opinion makers” for those who actually watch the news(so they can tell the political equivalent of a pimp’s game on their ho… YOU.)

So, whom to listen to. I would say Be Your Own Leader but that requires more than common sense it requires knowledge, wisdom. Some of the things bred out of modern Americans. A backbone to use your power of NO, to refuse to demur to every demand an ‘authority figure’ presents you.

Well, willpower is something of a mental muscle, you have to exercise it in the first place in order to be strong. As for seeking advice, opinion, wisdom:

1. Everybody has an agenda. If they say they don’t they’re lying and you shouldn’t be listening to them in the first place. So, what’s their agenda-do you agree with it… enough to listen?

2. Are they attempting to implement that agenda in an intelligent fashion… let alone honestly? Do they have a half-way reasonable plan that envisions victory? Believe it or not that matters.

3. What are they getting out of it? By that I mean personally, what are they getting out of it-is it altruism, do they go out of their way to hide or deny any self-benefit, do they get a cash flow? Now that’s not necessarily bad, as things cost money. Like utilities, server costs, studios, cameras, etc. That’s understandable. Making a living, that’s understandable. Milking a movement for personal wealth and power… that can never be tolerated and demonstrates an hidden agenda.

4. Who are they connected with? Directly or indirectly? Any possibility they’re compromised, or duped? Or a deep cover operative leading you and your organization over a cliff, or nowhere-or some other kind of ringer?

5. Do they do what they say they will do? Do they follow through or do they quit on the first real obstacle? Does it seem like they’re going along with a bad pro wrestling script?

6. Are they reasonably together, given personal quirks-or do they reek of month old cat piss and ramble about really crazy shit like space beams taking down the World Trade Center, and endless postings about trillion dollar “packets” that are always diverted and delayed? Or some other silly Santa Klaus fantasy crap.

7. Do they go out of their way to fight with others… in the movement? Engage in frivolous innuendo with most asinine trains of what passes for thought? Build mountains out of typically nothing or otherwise nothing of consequence? Attack the dead TRUE Patriots?

8. Is their information accurate? Can you trust them to make an attempt at accuracy, or do they rely on a cult of personality to ride through the fact they don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, that they can post the most absurd shit and you’ll still buy it… because they tell you to “visualize” it becoming reality.

Now do some math: add up all you know and feel about who you listen to, and what they’ve accomplished, their fruits. It will be obvious who you should listen to.

…But why do you listen?

Are you looking for hope? Hope can be the most dangerous weapon against you, right along with the word reason and any derivative thereof.

Are you listening because they give you a sense of hope or accomplishment-and that’s enough? You know in your heart that it isn’t, that anything in this world can only get done if you actually work on it and not just fantasize about it and lie to yourself that suffices.

Are you looking for a painless way out of this? There isn’t.

Are you looking for answers why things are so messed up with our nation, our world? Do you do this knowing those you listen to may be ideologically skewed by the Madison Avenue artifice known as the left/right paradigm? Or otherwise discounts any truthful perspective outside of their own ideology? Have to accept your world view most likely isn’t 100 percent accurate, that a true picture of the way things are will require you to go places you’re not comfortable going. Because the only way we can get through this is with an accurate view of what opposes us in the first place.

Are you looking for solutions, workable means to getting your Freedom? That’s the most important question to ask. Most people want solutions but Americans are conditioned to subsist on style, image, good feelings about those they listen too-all of which can be induced. Meantime, those presented lead them nowhere. They ride a tsunami of hope and expectation fueled by desperation, throttled by ignorance and lacking a clear vision. Oh, they can talk a good game but the details… somehow are lacking. Next thing, they fold at the first sign of trouble devastating all the followers who gave up their jobs, life savings and shelter to follow them. Worse, they DO get into positions of power and totally punk their followers by doing exactly the opposite of what they promised. Powerful thing, neurolinguistic programming.

No, way past time you subsisted on escapism, entertainment, misplaced hopes. Way past time you looked at our situation the way it really is, looked at the enemy. How they operate, their strengths(many) their weaknesses(surprisingly many) their goals and how to defeat them. Just as important however is that you need to look at yourself-how you’ve been bred to be weak, to be a follower, to need people to guide you , to listen to like you were still a child. Essentially, Americans ARE adult sized children.

Strengthen your mind, your body, your will, your knowledge and your capabilities. Most of all strengthen your spirit. Get back with Your Father in Heaven. All you need to do that is to find a small quiet place-you can be driving. Let your mind go blank or otherwise automatic, think about God and for once let Him speak to you. From your heart. And, actually do because God has what you can consider the overhead perspective of everything. And He’s on our side. I mention this because Americans have had a solid spirituality sandblasted from the culture by the enemy, and a people who are afraid to die for their cause will not fight for it even so much as minor acts of civil disobedience-like not pay fines generated by automated speed cameras, let alone stand for their other Rights, country, family.

Maybe you'll come to the realization that you're better off being your own leader...