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J. Croft

If there’s anything I want you to take from my essays, it’s to be your own leader.

That isn’t however how Americans… or what passes for Americans… are. We as a society are conditioned from birth to defer all thinking, all the important decisions to “experts”. Doctors, CEO’s, talk show pundits, cops, bureaucrats, actors, shyster ass lawyers who have a lock on what is supposed to be our government. They make the decisions we’re forced to live with.

Doctors poison us with their drugs and we go back to them to take more prescriptions for more poison to alleviate what their first dosage of death did to us. Doctors long ago surrendered to the insurance racket known as HMO’s which have about destroyed what little benefit America’s hospitals had.

CEOs export the American economy, stick us with more taxes and we have to work two, three jobs and still make less than when we had the factories. CEOs lobby the shysters to favor them in the laws, kill our Main Streets in favor of their megacorporate superstores and we have to buy with what little money we have left over after being taxed to death crap made in China.

Talk show pundits who all but monopolize the key decision making positions bind us to international treaties that steal our Rights, our land, our wealth and we have to accept that even if we do keep our jobs, our houses can be stolen by eminent domain or to protect some mythical ‘wetland’, we have carbon taxes shoved down our throats… when we exhale carbon… that plants use like we use oxygen. You can thank those walking fossils for engineering America’s rise as a world-straddling empire and all the blood shed in our name. You can thank those council on foreign relation member TRAITORS for our continuing decline into a third world hellhole coming apart at our racial seams. Meanwhile most ‘murikans pick their noses in incomprehension thanks to the deliberate dumbing down we as a nation have been subjected to for the past century.

Cops are bullshitted into thinking all the injustices we as Americans are subjected to is the norm and we’re subjected to many of them scratching the ‘expert’ inflicted wounds, making the racial and social divides worse. Cops drink the kool aid that they’re ‘exceptional’, that they’re the only ones to exercise the 2nd Amendment, that they’re ‘a breed apart’, ‘the thin blue line’; we get to experience their overbearing arrogance-at best. Cops are encouraged to set up innocent people, manufacture busts from traffic tickets to planting drugs and rusty .25 pistols to justify murder, use their arrest victims to sell drugs or go to prison; meanwhile we’re conditioned by the twenty Law n’ Order shows that the cops are dicks but they’re dicks to protect us.

Bureaucrats steal our money in enforcement of their petty rules and we let them. Bureaucrats attack our Freedoms and we allow them to live. Bureaucrats sic agents and cops to enforce their bullshit rules on those Americans still willing to make a stand against their tyranny, and we leave them twisting in the wind-cheer for our oppressors in fact.

Actors… this true for a lot of them… shoot their ignorant mouths off about issues they don’t understand, and because we’re so dumbed down we get confused the distinction between TV characters and those that play them; treat them as experts. Actors spit out their politically correct Freedom thievery, property thievery, lies and because they’re on the TV we treat every verbal fart of theirs as pronouncements from God. Because the TV set is our fucking god.

Lawyers… I could write a whole article-wait I did write a article about these shysters: Kill All Lawyers. Google that. Suffice it to say, we let these motherfuckers write the laws we meekly obey, even unto the poor house, the jail house, the morgue. We let them administer their laws which they enforce with armies of cops, agents, bureaucrats and we block that out as we cling desperately to the TV god we buy at 28%APR. We let them bring us to trial in their fraudulent courts, submit to their kangaroo trials, where judge, prosecutor and ‘your’ defense attorney work as a tag team to fuck you.

I can’t believe I almost forgot this, given the recent headlines… the bankers. They’re the worst fucking ‘experts’ of all; experts at hustling our money from us, multiplying that many fold. Meanwhile they make us use their fraudulent federal reserve notes as they decrease the value of them by forever inflating them, so saving what you can is a exercise in futility, you need a second job, you need to take on debt to finance what your parents and grandparents could buy out of pocket. Next thing you know you lose your job because those bankster fucks crash the economy, you lose your job and you lose all the money you poured into your debts as your house, car and all your goods are repo’d.

Do you get it?

You rely on ‘experts’ to run your life you get screwed. You have been getting screwed. And you’ve been trained to like it. By ‘experts’.

Our ancestors, who fought and beat the British Empire certainly didn’t rely on so-called ‘experts’. They didn’t rely on cops to bear arms for them, media to form their very thoughts, bureaucrats to give them permission to fight, actors to emulate and worship, and certainly not lawyers to interpret law and figure out it was bad. The farmers, workers, merchants and frontiersmen practiced law themselves, didn’t need to worship anyone but God, didn’t need cops to defend them. They did need to defend themselves from those parasitic elements and so do we-more than ever.

Our ancestors, simple everyday folks not so different from a lot of us, drove back the greatest army on Earth at Lexington and Concord. …Picture 90’s militiamen standing up to the 100 machine gun equipped ATF army that besieged the peaceable Americans at Mt. Carmel… Waco to most folks… and driving those back shooting cowards back to town and laying siege to that town to drive them from there! That is what those Americans accomplished on April 19, 1775. They formed the backbone of resistance whether it be valiantly formed into ranks going toe to toe against the redcoats, or much more intelligently using their rifles and shooting their leaders.

…Okay, there’s one huge difference between those Americans, and today’s 300lb sacks of diabetic fat-those Americans were willing to FIGHT AND DIE FOR THEIR FREEDOM. They were so willing to fight and die for Freedom, many of the Hessian mercenaries imported by the British like Blackwater in Iraq, defected and joined our side. Freedom is that powerful a concept-which is why it had to be made forgotten to Americans. That took the lawyers and their bankster masters who took over America with the 1787 Constitution two centuries to lay the foundation of tyranny in the very structure of the document; slowly grow their power through obscure clauses and emergencies real and manufactured; lull Americans to sleep generation by generation through slowly evolving public education that dumbed them down; evolve and transform the economy into a industrial plutocracy that favored the money men and crushed everyone else; introduce gun control to disarm blacks and police to give the appearance of protecting the people; introduction and expansion of a fraudulent monetary system designed to systematically impoverish the American People.

The heart of this multi-generation conspiracy? That the government will lead you. The government will take care of you-just obey and don’t make waves. That’s why you’ve been dumbed down, lulled into complacency, apathy, distraction, dependency, disarmed-all the components of slavery. That’s why all the ‘experts’ in your town government, state government, media, academia, corporations, financial institutions, federal agencies feel they have license to rule over you. They do.

Again, you are the government’s slaves.

So stop letting others lead you.

Lead yourself. Start making up your own mind about things, and not what others peer pressure you into, because they’re in lock-step with the mainstream group mind; all the millions of TV watching ‘murikans who emulate the culture and social ideals presented by the TV set… Programmed by the very enemies I’ve been warning you about; they have been slowly disarming you mind, making you apathetic and dependent, in body by encouraging bad health and pacifism, and spiritually with Santa Claus Christianity. The world is 180 degrees opposite what the TV depicts which is why your naïve ass is going to get killed if you don’t wake up.

Lead yourself. Find your own way to God-stop relying on money grubbing blasphemous televangelists to dictate God to you through that Santa Claus Christianity. They want you to subsist on a false sense of piety, being apathetic, letting others lead, do the duty toward your fellow man YOU need to be doing, giving your money and time to some huge, honking, gaudy megachurch. Ever ask how many homeless families could have been GIVEN homes with the money and materials WASTED on those blasphemous temples of vanity? Their so-called prosperity gospel is but a guide for you to be as wasteful, selfish and gluttonous as any other ‘murikan-only you ask God to bless you for it!

Lead yourself. Find organic foods that are delicious. Grow your own organic food, liberate your body from corporate gene altered, chemically poisoned garbage. Stop drinking tap water or any beverage made from tap water-it has chlorine, bacteria, flouride… flouride is the other reason why so many Americans are so apathetic and dulled. It’s a poison. Processed foods are poisonous, filled with high frutcose corn syrup, MSG, other toxins designed to attack your health. Then you get to spend your life’s savings… or otherwise hock the rest of your life in debt slavery… trying in vain to stop the cancers, the diabetes ravaging every other adult American with more poisonous drugs. The same people that sell you your poisoned food, sell you your poisoned pharmeceuticals.

Lead yourself. Get a military pattern semiautomatic rifle, magazines, web gear, essential spare parts and as much ammo as you can lay your hands on. Get rifle training from and go to to round out your training as a member of the Unorganized Militia of EVERY ADULT AMERICAN.(Oh no there’s that word-‘militia! Pack of racist redneck commandos stroking their guns in the back woods! Why, I saw on TV how those evil militiamen took over a hospital, and held that red headed little boy from The Sixth Sense hostage, but Chuck Norris came and saved the day!) Yeah right. Get over your programmed response to YOU taking up arms, learning their use and defending yourselves-because Blackwater sure as hell won’t! If you need further convincing, read these:


Lead yourself. Wean yourself from the beast’s economy; barter, stop consuming crap you won’t use twice, discover your true skills and find ways to make a living in the free, underground economy. Because you’ve been herded by the sabotaged school system and the sabotaged economy that all but bar entrepenurialship and invention into working for some corporation-right off the bat you take home but a small fraction of what you would if you were self employed. Then, the government wades in, takes from a quarter to half of that five percent(maybe) of the results of your labor the corporation might leave you. Which if it were a dollar is about two cents; and guess what? One cent goes to all kinds of sales and property taxes, any fines the courts can nick out of you, fees for every last little thing. That last cent goes to the basics; clothing, feeding yourself, shelter-and if you have any left over and you don’t have kids, you can drink or get a buzz and try to forget for a few hours just what kind of wage slave you are. You can be your own boss and keep all your money when you join the free, underground economy AND starve the beast.

Lead yourself. Network with other like-minded Free Americans, scout out a small, corrupt town ripe for takeover by Patriots. Stage a Recall Election NOW, don’t wait for the next election cycle there’s no time. Make that town a example of Free America and grow the Revolution. Because if you’ve read this far you’ve had it with this fraud of a country as much as I, so start changing your government. It IS your government, and the reason those in public service don’t act like it’s YOUR government is because YOU won’t get rid of those crooks. So, be smart, pick that scandal ridden town where the government officials waddle about like they’re untouchable, start a recall petition drive for all of them. Get a slate of candidates people can relate to and rely on to clean things up. Be smart, take precautions against dirty tricks like losing the petitions, snitches planting drugs in your campaign office so the SWAT team can raid you, vote fraud, etc. When you take over, liquidate all the investments you’ll find in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and invest in your town; eliminate taxes, drive out the thug police, give loans to local start up businesses and build a Main Street economy.

Lead yourself. Support those in the state legislatures that are asserting their sovereignty, restoring Freedom at the state level. This is a movement that surprised me, but I am pleased that as of this writing 29 states have binding resolutions upholding their 10th Amendment rights against the federal government. The beast moved too far and now there’s a reaction. That is why they’re building an army to handle the Patriots, with the Army combat brigades fresh from slaughtering Iraqi civilians, why they’re employing mercenaries, why they’ve spent decades conditioning cops, keeping them psychologically apart in their own subculture; to treat us as the enemy. Because Free people leading themselves are the enemy of any tyrannical regime.

Lead yourself. Spread the message of Freedom. Burn DVD copies of Loose Change, From Freedom to Fascism, Alex Jones’ films. Hand print copies of whatever essays inspired you. Or make your own if you have the voice to do so, because the more voices there are to awaken and prepare the American people, the more of this country we can save and salvage. Perhaps you can come up with the words, the images that will be the spark that awakens all the millions of walking, spending, eating comatose slaves of the beast.

I’ve been writing essays on the internet for the past four years. I’d like to thank those who have encouraged me, your words mean more to me than anything. I’d like to thank those who take time to read what I’ve written to audiences, I’m honored that my words have inspired. God willing, I’ll be writing but for a new medium-video. I intend to take the thoughts I have, put them in a form that a lot more people will take in than 5,000 word essays. If you’re interested in helping, whether by setting up a Nevada incorporation, banking account, contributing to a money bomb, have a camera, or other forms of assistance by all means contact me at .

Friday, February 27, 2009



J. Croft

...but there's a but... in a minute.

I am finally going to enter into video. It's past time I took what I put into essays and translate that into video.

I see Freedom Guide as a new front in the war for freedom, where news, commentary, documentary and narrative content blend together, feed off each other in a synergy that will activate people. I plan on incorporating content from other notable voices in the Freedom Movement into the site. For income-to be able to do more-DVD's... Blue Ray disks hopefully... will be sold and they will have content not available on the website... to get people to buy them, sending cash flow back into Freedom Guide. I see no shame in making money while fighting for Freedom-look at all that Alex Jones and David Icke do. I should be able to do the same... probably better.

I will however, need some things. Things I can't get on my own. That's why I'm calling for a Freedom Guide Bomb.

Things I need-the buts:

Remailer: need a remailer to handle the corporate mail in NE Ohio.

Nevada Incorporation to sign over to me; basically all I'd want is to be handed the keys-so to speak-of a corporation to put Freedom Guide under. I don't have a SSN# and I'm lucky to get money together for food. It would have to have a bank account already bundled, with nominees. I believe would be a good place to get this. It would also be used to issue shares to contributors. I've tried to think of ways to do this 100% free market... but I need this so someone with a few dollars is going to have to step up to the plate. Plus I need a account to receive money. If you have a way to do this all underground, lemme know.

Book Publisher: I plan on compiling my articles plus themed content into a series of books. I'm looking for a no b.s. publisher with connections in the Patriot community to print and distribute under the Freedom Guide corporation.

Money Bomb; Alex Jones has had two money bombs to get his new studio. Rayelan Allen of Rumor Mill News relies on donations to get her by. Well, cameras and a computer to adequetly handle modern video takes money and time. For those that have read my articles I would ask them to consider how much more I could do in video, how much benefit they've derived from my writings and ask God to send money... hate sounding like Oral Roberts but it takes money to get things done in America. You want me to take Freedom Guide to the next level, that's what I need.

Comments and questions? Send them to my e-mail:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Got an e-mail, very short from someone stating the government is starting to round up all the Patriots willing to fight. He states that they're trying to do this in as low key a manner as possible so as to not alert the others. I replied asking for more details if he can deliver them...

This is a follow up from my contact, the original post here:

"J,Dont even know where to start.if you use edit so it wont come back to here,my computor may be compromised,the police were in it.i had a restraining order by the wife for not saying a word or doing contact with her at all.

A sherrif swat team kicked in my door ready to kill,i was cool.they had a warrent to search for alist of guns i had registered over the last 40 years.Most of which came and gone over the years,turned in to them or she has to plant on me.I bailed out and got home.This is a tactic to get intel on gun people and get weapons and supplies plus gain dollars for a broke county.

I believe this to be going on elsewhere too.I must add I am 66 years old with a totally clean record.I have heard back from some people i dont know"so it has begun".T in soviet cali"

And a P.S.:

"Oh yes during the raid i found out they had a list of names they were looking for,i live it must have been a list of attorney said this shit never happens over a family law thing."

I also received confirmation from a second source:


wanted to let you know that naturopathic MDs here in the midwest seem
to be taking a hit from the govmint as well. One MD in particular
has had to stop practicing medicine. His case is currently in the
state appeals process.

Best Wishes while keeping the six G's in mind:
God, Guardian Angels, groceries, guns, guard dogs, and guts!"

More, regrettably. A second confirmation:

"Have been listening to a guy on WWRB SW who says the authorities have
come to get him because of his radical comments on his show and they
will be coming for the rest of us in the next few weeks to take us to
the camps or worse. Dovetails with your post on the board today.

This guy calls himself "The Fugitive" the most dangerous man on
broadcast radio!

An entertaining show to say the least."

So, that's how they're operating y'all: use any legal excuse to bust gun owners and get as many other gun owners to bust by technicality as well.

Destroy all your transaction records that could implicate private buyers and sellers they're being used to zero in on all Americans who still exercise their full Second Amendment rights.

And don't have everything in one basket; take Boston T. Party's advice in his book "Bulletproof Privacy" at and have a trailer in some yard you rent or a cabin not in your name... or an apartment-whatever you can get that don't have your name and address on. Have a stash there, a cache or two if possible buried, and your on-person rifle, pistol and ammo.


Beyond that, ask God for guidance. He wants us to win.

J. Croft

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


J. Croft

Newsweek had on its cover “we are all socialists now”; first off what the fuck is this “we” crap?! My stuff-what little there is-ain’t yours and it certainly ain’t some human sized turd with a government job. I got bad news for you, the “socialists” are communists and they’ve been cultivated in the universities for generations now. Whether they’re Barack Hussein Obama or the five bubbas running your little shitburg’s city council voting in a SWAT team that’ll just be used to terrorize everyone, they’ve been filled with a lot of BS about how they’re the “intelligentsia”. How they’re better, smarter than you and therefore have to rule you. By the time they graduate they’re all power hungry, insufferable little shits.

And then they get to law school. Become lawyers and therefore license to “practice law”; whether arguing cases in America’s kangaroo courts, or presiding as judge, or writing and enacting the laws in the first place. The lawyers have made America’s political system into their own racket-all in service to the foreign financiers that are liquidating what’s left of America. Do they care? Have they ever?!!

Their monopolization of political power through the farce of the two party system alone is enough to seek to remove the traitors from office. Those that have eyes to see and ears to hear… hopefully they will have the brains to comprehend what they’re reading here, and a pair to actually do something. Something needs to be done; the federal government is reaching down and taking over the state and local governments so we need to act to start taking back what is supposed to be OUR government-NOW!

So target your first town with care. Go over the criteria I laid out in my essay “It’s Time” at my blog. That and search for the most corrupt little shitburg that fits.

After that, there are three obstacles we’re going to face.

The first obstacle? All the Walter Mitty lip service “patriots” who’d rather shoot down ideals, start fights within their own ranks, and stroke the actions on their semiautomatic weapons than actually doing something about the tyranny that is now in full bloom. While we still have some form of elected government at the local level we can easily defeat in a recall election.

Yes: many in the freedom movement are posers, cammie clad serfs with as much credibility in their actions as some rich white teenager claiming on the internet he’s some bad ass gangsta. Unfortunately they’re the norm for most of what passes for Americans; let someone else handle the problem so long as they can watch the ball game on the weekend. Rather argue arcane bits of some dead person’s philosophy, or pick a fight with those who are supposed to be on the same side-over nothing-than do something about the enemy that has radicalized them in the first place. Unbelievable thinking about it, but oh so true.

Look, finding patriots in a land of TV lobotomized debt slaves is challenge enough, but you’ve got the additional problem of all the TV lobotomized debt slaves taking on the airs of Free Men without the understanding of what that means. So look at their actions, or lack of. Perhaps some will see that this is a God given opportunity to make amends for being do-nothings but most won’t. All you can do is persevere, keep putting your message out until it finds audience in for-real Patriots who will click with the ideal of taking their government back.

So, you’re going to put together your campaign staff. Have your candidates-MAKE CERTAIN THEY’RE SQUEAKY CLEAN AND BEYOND REPROACH!! God knows the enemy is going to have the resources to do an investigation, don’t make their job any easier. If dirt does come up, or is manufactured pray to God your candidates have the force of personality to make the dirt moot. Better to get new candidates and try in a different town though.

Gather your forces. Depending on the town and your numbers… or lack… you and yours should establish legal residence in your target town before your petition drive. Ideally they should be people known in the area, or know the area well enough to be accepted by the local townsfolk. Being accepted is very important as people will listen to those like them more readily than “outsiders”. Don’t believe me? Ask a office type when leftist protestors rumble in and start yelling and a few still have sense to engage in dialog-see if they don’t think they’re off-putting. Cultural similarities go a long way toward bridging the ideological gap we have with the rest of modern America.

HAVE A FULL TICKET OF CANDIDATES TO SWEEP THAT GOVERNMENT CLEAN!!!! These criminals are like cockroaches you have to get rid of them all, or what’s the point? This will deliver the message that you and yours are serious about cleaning up your government. Each person must have a facet of the campaign that reflects them and yet complements the ticket at the same time.

You’re going to need to delegate. Someone needs to run the phone and pamphlet staff. Someone needs to handle the bills. Someone who knows what dirty tricks the state will pull needs to run security. You’ll need two campaign offices; an official office and the office you’re going to keep secret so that you opponents don’t plant drugs and stage a SWAT raid.

Cash will be needed, to print pamphlets, pay for the utilities, events, etc. Hopefully, patriotism will drive your staff to volunteer part time, in which case you’ll potentially need double the staff so they can support themselves. Yes most Americans can hardly scrap enough cash together to pay the bills, so you’re going to have to find other means than dollar bills to acquire what you need, get who you need. Offer a room to stay in for campaign work, or someone can fix something, or offer training in some skill or cut their lawn or whatever. Barter still works.

A media saavy crew is vital. Fortunately HD cameras and HD video capable laptops are in the price range of a small town campaign. Finding media saavy Patriots? Hit the message boards. Hit craigslist. Lots of college age kids are looking to DO something. You get to provide that. If they’re hard up, offer room and board.

You’ll need Militia undercover-NOT THE WALTER MITTY GUN STROKERS-to covertly provide security, in case of the worst… I mean we need men of action who know how to stay hidden and are willing to do whatever is necessary.

All these people are going to have to be recruited, largely from the patriot movement… who are willing to provide the time and effort. Like I stated there are too many lip service patriots so you’d better start your recruiting and vetting process now, right after you read this.

All right-all that was to address the FIRST obstacle! The second obstacle is going to be the recall petition process itself. Keep in mind that it is going to be the same pack of self-serving gangsters in office garb you’re seeking to remove from power that will be administering your recall petition. Given the proven, outlandish history of vote fraud in America this will be a challenge.

So-first thing after you set up your campaign is to begin the propaganda campaign; you selected this particular town to take back because of the especially obnoxious manner in which those “public servants” crush and squeeze the people. Air their dirty laundry, slap the people in their faces with how they could expose their loved ones, friends and neighbors to tyranny.

Use video. Professionally produced spots work best in a TV enslaved America, I hate to say. But whatever the means, get that dirty laundry aired. Our enemies will have dirty laundry, or they wouldn’t have been targeted in the first place.

Never, ever miss an opportunity to confront your opposition, even if they’re not doing anything. Confront their bully boys when they harass people, confront them in restaurants, in church, at the mall. Confront them with their own Consolidated Annual Financial Report when they make excuses at town hall meetings for more taxes. Have your own film crew whenever you do this…

Everyone must record writing their name on the petition. The government will do anything to state that the recall petition didn’t go through-not enough votes, disqualified votes, whatever. For that matter everyone voting for your ticket must record their vote and all the records must be compiled to be able to challenge any vote fraud in court. Because you must count on the enemy hacking the black boxes, messing with hanging chads or absconding with the paper ballots behind locked doors and armed guards.

Your last and most formidable obstacle will be the very residents of your target town. Your election campaign rests on activating enough people to swamp those ballot boxes with votes for your candidates. Typical small town elections don’t have high vote counts because politics is boring… until those politicians do something that affects Americans personally-and that’s the conumdrum we face. A lifetime of TV programs, mind enslaving state schools and peer pressure not to speak out, not to be smart makes ‘murikans an easy flock for our opponents to fleece and otherwise manage. They’ve suffered from Stockholm Syndrome for so long, it’s ingrained into them that they suffer “authority” even when they throw families out onto the street for a $200 property tax.

Take your film crew and ask these people hard questions. Structure your questions in a way that starts relatively easy but that will lead your target to an epiphany. We need to cause as many epiphanies as possible, because only through crisis will Americans change, start taking back their nation. It’s the only way this will work and we’ll all pay the price for this character flaw. Best start the process now while it’s under our terms.

In review:

Get your group together-good luck with all the lip service patriots and walter mitty gun strokers, they are legion and worse than useless. Good news is there still are Patriots worthy of the name, they just need a purpose. Know what your campaign will need and fill the needed slots.

Target your town, using the criteria laid out in my essay “It’s Time”; same blog you found this one. I’ll get into that deeper in my next essay. Know your enemy, the dirt, the issues the locals have with them. That will form your campaign. Know the demographics. Know the rules regarding recall petitions and monitor them.

Don’t let up on the campaign! Pamphlets, videos; make it short and to the point, attacking each issue, each opposing candidate. Confront citizens, ask them hard questions on why they’d let their family and friends be exposed to such tyranny-shake them out of their Stockholm Syndrome.

Monitor the election; independently record each and every vote, compile them and compare with the official stats; any fraud, hammer em.

Have some for-real Patriots to covertly provide security.

We can do this.

You can do this! Your family and friends are counting on you to save them from tyranny, whether they know it or not.

J. Croft

Monday, February 09, 2009



Time to begin the Second American Revolution. Time to take that first step-and take back a town!

J. Croft


Before I proceed I’d like to thank each and every one of you for your support for my essays these past four years. Your encouragement means more than I can express. It’s a good thing when you come up with thoughts, ideals, put them to words and people out there understand what you’re saying. So I hope you’ll agree that taking action and getting results are more critical than ever. Because I’m going to ask you do something; get together with others as sick of just protesting, talking yourselves blue about change and burning precious hours in endless circular arguments on the net. Because I am, too.

Time to put the ideals I’ve given you into real life results. We’re going to take over a town, kick off the Second American Revolution with a Recall Election.

We’re going to come up with a list of candidate towns; these will be based on the following criteria:

*Good geographic distance from major urban areas. Keep the mindless urban hordes at bay, reduce political influence of urban and state governments.

*Mix of local industry, resources, agriculture, potential for independent power generation. If a collapse goes forward, the more the candidate town can be self-sufficient, the better.

*Potential defensibility. Expecting trouble is prudent. Terrain can work with us like, say, in Appalachia, out West, the Ozarks. Towns in the Great Plains are like France in 1940; a flat expanse asking for assault. Plus local populations in mountain communities stand a chance of not being completely gelded.

*A review of that town’s Consolidated Annual Financial Report; a lot of what we’re going to do rests on just how much that town has bilked Americans for their taxes just to invest it. Given the current economic climate, yes there may not be much left-or there may be enough land, buildings, assets, cashable investments, etc. to give that town a economic rebirth.

*Political vulnerability of existing local government. This is the most important criteria. So important that I personally would be willing to compromise on other criteria if we can find a corrupt little shitburg whose people are ready for change-that we will give them!

We’re not going to get our Second American Revolution at the national level-we tried that, we don’t have the numbers, media penetration, or political strength. We have to build that strength one state at a time. Which means we have to build up our strength to take over that state one county at a time. Which means we have to build up our strength to take over that county one town at a time-and we as a movement have to take that first step, because with our numbers and relative strength concentrating, taking over a town and using it as a real world showcase for our ideals and showing Americans what Freedom really is is the only way we can penetrate the enemy’s cultural and media grip on them.

So which town will that be?

Help choose that town. Use your God given intelligence, mull the criteria and give us some candidate towns that need our attention first. Go to this message board:

We’ll post candidate towns, gather intel, have lots of arguments about where to concentrate our efforts. It’ll be worth even the effort, but victory and emulation as our Revolution spreads like Ebola across America… can you picture it? Yet we can’t take that journey until we take that first step-that first step beyond mere internet theorizing and flaming each other because we’re all understandably frustrated we can’t get our message out. A Second American Revolution in a corrupt shitburg and transforming it into a model community of Free Humanity, and publicizing the results in a never ending stream of news reports will get the message out.

So if you’re into actually doing something about the way things are going spread this message to the four winds! We’ll go from there, narrow our choices to a few towns or even one town. Then, establishing legal residencies-a mail drop in a house will do-we’ll begin with that town and states applicable emergency recall petition rules. We’ll select our candidates and begin our campaign as I’ve outlined in my articles.

It’s time. Let’s do it already!

J. Croft

There is no need for Patriots to wait for a full election cycle to replace corrupt public officials and take back YOUR government! Use the power of a Recall Petition.

It worked in 2003 in California to replace Grey Davis… except that it was a op to get Arnold Schwarzenegger in who otherwise couldn’t have gotten elected.

We can use this! Gather all the Patriots in your state, pick a town that’s corrupt. File legal residency, and start a recall petition. Usually, you have 90 days to get all the names.

Then stage your election. Take precautions to have duplicate offices, have squeaky clean candidates who won’t sell out.

When you get in… you’ll know what to do.


Recall of State Officials
March 21, 2006


Recall is a procedure that allows citizens to remove and replace a public official before the end of a term of office. Historically, recall has been used most frequently at the local level. By some estimates, three-fourths of recall elections are at the city council or school board level. This brief, however, focuses only on the recall as it applies to state officials.

Recall differs from another method for removing officials from office - impeachment - in that it is a political device while impeachment is a legal process. Impeachment requires the House to bring specific charges and the Senate to act as a jury. In most of the eighteen recall states, specific grounds are not required, and the recall of a state official is by an election.

Eighteen states permit the recall of state officials:

New Jersey
North Dakota
Rhode Island

The District of Columbia also provides for recalls. Virginia is not listed as a recall state because its process, while requiring citizen petitions, allows a recall trial rather than an election. In at least 29 states (some sources place this number at 36), recall elections may be held in local jurisdictions.



Ala. Code §11-44-130 - 11-44-134
Municipal commissioners and mayors
No restrictions on when a recall petition may be commenced

No specific grounds are required

No time limit for gathering signatures

Signature requirement is number equal to 3% of the inhabitants of the municipality according to the last federal census who are qualified to vote for a successor (§11-44-130). Signature requirement is number equal to 30% of those who voted in the last election (§11-44E-16 8)


Const. Art. 11, §8

AS§29.26-240 et seq.
All elected public officials in the state, except judicial officers
Recall may commence after first 120 days in office.

Grounds for recall are misconduct in office, incompetence, or failure to perform prescribed duties.

Time for gathering signatures is 60 days.

Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the votes cast for that office in the last regular election.


Const. Art. 8
Every public officer in the state holding elective office, either by election or appointment
Recall may commence after 6 months in office.

No specific grounds are required.

Time for gathering signatures is 120 days.

Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the votes cast for that office in the last regular election.


Ark. Code §14-47-112, 14-48-114, 14-61-119, 14-92-209
Mayor, member of board of directors, commissioners of suburban improvement districts (for the latter, a petition triggers a recall hearing, rather than an election)
Recall may commence after 6 months in office

No specific grounds are required

No time limit for gathering signatures

Signature requirement for mayors and directors is number equal to 35% of ballots cast for all candidates for the office at the preceding primary at which the officials were nominated or elected; for commissioners of suburban improvement districts requirement is number equal to 25% of the owners of realty within the district


Const. Art. 2, §19

Election Code §11000 et seq.
Elective officer of a city, county, school district, community college district, or special district, or a judge of a trial court

County and city charter provisions providing for recall are not affected by state provisions.
Recall may commence after 90 days in office. Recall may not commence if officer has 6 months or less left in term.

No specific grounds are required.

Time for gathering signatures is 40 - 160 days (depending upon the size of the jurisdiction).

Signature requirement varies according to the number of registered voters in the jurisdiction: 30% if registration is less than 1,000; 25% if registration is between 1,000 and 9,999; 20% if registration is between 10,000 and 49,999; 15% if registration is between 50,000 and 99,999; 10% if registration is 100,000 and above.


Const. Art. 21, §4

CRS §31-4-501 et seq.
Elective officers of any county, city and county, city and town

Cities, counties and towns may provide for the manner of exercising the recall, but cannot require a petition be signed by more than 25% of the entire vote cast in the last election for the office subject to recall.


Fla. Stat. Ann §100.361
Any member of the governing body of a municipality or charter county
No recall may commence until official has served at least one-fourth of his term

Grounds for recall are malfeasance, misfeasance, neglect of duty, drunkenness, incompetence, permanent inability to perform official duties, and conviction of a felony involving moral turpitude

Time for gathering signatures is 30 days

Signature requirement varies according to the number of registered voters in the jurisdiction: 50 electors or 10% of the total electors, whichever is greater, in a district of fewer than 500 electors; 100 electors or 10% of the total electors, whichever is greater, in a district of 500-1,999 electors; 250 electors or 10% of the total electors, whichever is greater, in a district of 2,000-4,999 electors; 500 electors or 10% of the total electors, whichever is greater, in a district of 5,000-9,999 electors; 1,000 electors or 10% of total electors, whichever is greater, in a district of 10,000-24,999 electors; 1,000 electors or 5% of the total electors, whichever is greater, in a district of 25,000 or more electors


Const. Art. 2, §2.4

Ga. Code §21-4-1 et seq.
All state and local officials who hold elective office
No recall may commence during the first or last 180 days in office.

Grounds for recall are conduct which relates to and adversely affects the administration of his or her office and adversely affects the rights and interests of the public; and act(s) of malfeasance, violation of oath of office, failure to perform duties prescribed by law willful misuse, conversion or misappropriation of public property or funds.

Time for gathering signatures is 45 days for a petition requiring 5,000 signatures or more; 30 days for a petition requiring fewer than 5,000 signatures.

Signature requirement is number equal to 30% of the electors registered and qualified to vote at the last regular election.


Const. Art. 6, §6

Idaho Code §34-1701 et seq.
Every public officer in the state of Idaho, excepting the judicial officers. Specifically includes: County officers–members of the board of county commissioners, sheriff, treasurer, assessor, prosecuting attorney, clerk of the district court, and coroner. City officers-mayor, members of the city council. Special district elected officers for whom recall procedure is not otherwise provided by law.
Recall may commence after 90 days in office.

No specific grounds are required.

Time for gathering signatures is 60 days.

Signature requirement is number equal to 20% of the number of electors registered to vote at the last regular election at which the officer was elected. For special district elected officers, requirement is 50% instead of 20%.


Const. Art. 4, §3

KSA §25-4301 et seq.
All elected public officials in the state, except judicial officers
Recall may not commence during first 120 or last 200 days in office.

Grounds for recall are conviction of a felony, misconduct in office or failure to perform duties prescribed by law.

Time for gathering signatures is 90 days.

Signature requirement is number equal to 40% of the votes cast for the office in the last election.


Const. Art. 10, §26

La.R.S. §18:1300 et seq.
Any state, district, parochial, ward, or municipal official except judges of the courts of record
Recall may not commence during last 6 months in office.

No specific grounds are required

Time for gathering signatures is 90 days.

Signature requirement is number equal to 33 1/3% of the electors of the voting area, unless fewer than 1,000 electors reside within the voting area, in which case the petition must be signed by at least 40% of those electors.


Const. Art. 2, §8

MCL §168.951 - 168.975
All elective officers except judges of courts of record
Recall may not commence during last 6 months in office.

No specific grounds are required

Time for gathering signatures is 90 days.

Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the persons voting in the electoral district at the time of the last election for governor


Minn. Stat. Ann. §351.14 - 351.23
Any public official who is elected to countywide office or appointed to an elective countywide office, including county attorney, county sheriff, county auditor, county recorder, county treasurer, soil and water conservation supervisor, county commissioner elected or appointed from a commissioner district or a soil and water conservation district supervisor elected or appointed from a supervisor district
Recall may not be commenced in the 180 days immediately preceding a general election for the office which is held by the officer subject to the recall.

Grounds for recall are malfeasance or nonfeasance in the performance of official duties during the current or any previous term. Prior to circulating a petition, there must be a court hearing to determine if there is probably cause for the grounds for recall.

No time limit for gathering signatures.

Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the persons who voted in the last election for the office which is held by the official named in the petition


MRS §77.650, 78.260
any elective office in a third class city
Recall may not commence during first 6 months in office

Grounds for recall are misconduct in office, incompetence, and failure to perform duties prescribed by law.

Time for gathering signatures is 60 days.

Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the total registered voters in the city


MCA §2-16-601 et seq.
Every person holding a public office of the state or any of its political subdivisions, either by election or appointment
Recall may not commence during first 2 months in office.

Grounds for recall are physical or mental lack of fitness, incompetence, violation of oath of office, official misconduct, or conviction of a felony offense

Time for gathering signatures is 3 months.

Signature requirement for county officials is 15% of the persons registered to vote at the last county general election; for municipal or school district officials requirement is 20% of the persons registered to vote at the last election


NRS §31-786 - 31-973 and 32-1301 - 32-1309
Any elected official of a political subdivision and any elected member of the governing bodies of cities, villages, counties, irrigation districts, natural resources districts, public power districts, school districts, community college areas, educational service units, hospital districts, metropolitan utilities districts, and sanitary and improvement districts.

The recall procedure and special election provisions apply to the mayor and members of the city council of municipalities with a home rule charter notwithstanding any contrary provisions of the home rule charter.
Recall may not commence during first 6 months in office or within 6 months prior to the incumbent filing deadline for the office

No specific grounds are required.

Time for gathering signatures is 30 days.

Signature requirement is number equal to 35% of the total vote cast for that office in the last election except that a) for an office for which more than one candidate is chosen, requirement is 35% of number of votes cast for the person receiving the highest number of votes for that office in the last election; b) for a member of a board of a Class I school district, requirement is number equal to 25% of total number of registered voters residing in the district; c) for a village officer, requirement is 45% of the total votes cast for the person receiving the most votes for that office in the last election


Const. Art. 2, §9
Every public officer in the State of Nevada is subject to recall from office by the registered voters of the state, or of the county, district, or municipality which he represents.
Recall may not commence during first 6 months in office.

No specific grounds are required

Time for gathering signatures is 60 days.

Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the persons voting in the last election

New Hampshire

RSA 49D:3(e)
Charters adopted by towns, cities, village districts and unincorporated places may provide for recall.
Provisions vary by jurisdiction’s individual charter.

New Jersey*

Const. Art. 1, §2(b)

Any elected official in the state or representing the state in the United States Congress. Includes local officials.
Recall may not commence during first year in office.

No specific grounds are required

Time for gathering signatures is 160 days.

Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the registered voters of the district

New Mexico

Const. Art. 10, §9
Elected official of a county
A recall election cannot be conducted after May 1 in a calendar year in which an election is to be held for the office subject to the proposed recall.

Grounds for recall are malfeasance or misfeasance in office or violation of the oath of office during the official’s current term. Prior to circulating a petition, there must be a court hearing to determine if there is probably cause for the grounds for recall.

No time limit for gathering signatures.

Signature requirement is number equal to 33 1/3% of persons who voted in the last election for the office

North Dakota*

Const. Art. 3, §10
Any elected official of the state, of any county or of any legislative or county commissioner district
Recall may be commenced at any time.

No specific grounds are required.

No time limit on gathering signatures.

Signature requirement is number equal to 25% of the those who voted in the last election


ORC §705.92
Any elective officer of a municipal corporation
Recall may not commence during last 190 days in office.

No specific grounds are required

Time for gathering signatures is 90 days.

Signature requirement is number equal to 15% of the total votes cast in the last regular municipal election


Const. Art. 2, §18

ORS §249.865 - 249.880
Every public officer in Oregon
Recall may not commence during first 6 months in office.

No specific grounds are required

Time for gathering signatures is 90 days.

Signature requirement is number equal to 15% of all votes cast in the electoral district for governor at the last election

South Dakota

SDCL §9-13-29 - 9-13-35
The mayor, or any commissioner or any alderman in municipalities of the first and second classes with or without a city manager
Recall may commence at any time.

Grounds for recall are misconduct, malfeasance, nonfeasance, crimes in office, drunkenness, gross incompetency, corruption, theft, oppression, or gross partiality

Time for gathering signatures is 60 days.

Signature requirement is number equal to 15% of registered voters in the municipality, based on the total number of registered voters at the time of the last general election


Tenn. Code Ann. §6-31-301
Members of boards of education, city council members
No recall election may be held during the 90 days before or the 90 days after a municipal election

No specific grounds are required.

No time limit for gathering signatures.

Signature requirement is number equaling 66% of the total vote cast for the candidate receiving the highest number of votes at the last election


Const. Art. 1, §33-34

RCW §29.82.010 et seq.
Every elective public officer of the state of Washington expect judges of courts of record
Recall may not commence during last 6 months in office. [effective until July 1, 2004]

Grounds for recall are acts of malfeasance or misfeasance while in office or violation of oath of office

Time for gathering signatures is 180 days. [effective until July 1, 2004]

Signature requirement for city officers of cities of the first class and county officers of counties of the first, second and third classes is 25% of total votes cast for the office at the last election; for all other political subdivisions, requirement is 35% of total votes cast for the office at the last election

West Virginia

WV Code §8-12-4(3)
Any city may be charter provision provide for the recall of an elected officer.
Recall may commence at any time.

No specific grounds are required.

No restriction on time for gathering signatures.

Signature requirement is number equaling 20% of the qualified voters of the city.


Const. Art. 13, §12

WSA §9.10
The qualified electors of the state, of any county, city, village, town, of any congressional, legislative, judicial or school district, or of any prosecutorial unit may petition for the recall of any incumbent elective official
Recall may not commence during first year in office.

No specific grounds are required

Time for gathering signatures is 60 days.

Signature requirement for county officials is number equal to 25% of the votes cast for governor in the county the county the officer represents; for a city, town, village or school district officer, requirement is 25% of the votes cast for president in the district the officeholder represents


Wyo. Stat. §15-4-110
Any elected officer of a city or town operating under the commission form of government.
Recall may commence at any time.

No specific grounds are required.

No restriction on time for gathering signatures.

Signature requirement is number equaling 25% of all registered electors in the city or town.

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J. Croft

Yes I’m talking to you.

If you spend most of your time regurgitating dead men’s philosophy you agree with but won’t take the actions to live up to those words because its enough just to look cool to your internet friends…

If you thrive off pointless internet flame wars with people who are on the same side as yours…

If you beat your chest, tell everyone you’d never give in to the beast but say “yas suh boss” when you’re hit on to pinch fellow Patriots, or even just obeying their ridiculous rules…

If you pledge to help out fellow Patriots, but when it comes down to it, when they’re in trouble you’re nowhere to be found…

…then you’re nothing but some lip service patriot who should never had bothered in the first place, have done nothing for the Cause.

It’s bad enough I get labeled a “tin foil hat wearing idiot” by those who refuse to awaken, I got to face indifference and yes, flak, from so-called “patriots” who can only be aroused to attack those actually trying to get something accomplished.

They’re jealous. You’re jealous because you have fantasies about yourself you’re too lazy, apathetic, frightened to make reality. In fact you’re so used to having your reality dictated by others that this act you put on-being patriots-isn’t really a threat to our enemy the state. Because those in power know that when your cards are called you fold. Every time.

What about me, you say?

Some trolls would say I’m a lip service patriot typing away at my blog, a keyboard commando, whatever. First on that, I’d like to see THEIR blogs. I’d like to see just exactly WHAT they have sacrificed in getting the education about our situation, honing their writing skills, to even begin to try to change some minds. Yes, long form essays aren’t for most people but I’ve Sacrificed a lucrative career, being plugged into the beast for sustenance to emancipate myself. To be Free. I’ve spent the past four years trying to wake people up, get them activated, point them in directions that will actually produce results.

This isn’t a game for me. I am probably one of the more outlandishly abrasive, bold writers on the net and even though I take precautions to be anonymous I cannot expect to remain untouched by the beast… beyond the personal sacrifices I’ve made. I’d like to go to bars every night, get blotted, hang with cool, pretty women. I’d like to have nice cars, go on road trips, have a business, ply that money into investments and filmmaking. I can’t do that and free myself from the beast’s control grid.

Way things are going… I wrote a essay titled “No apologies, no retreat, no quitting, no surrender” and I’ll keep swinging at the beast with my words as long as possible, given conditions. I give no guarantees I won’t go down in homelessness, or get found and silenced-which one of you lip service patriots will pick up the flag I bear when I’m felled?

Well, that’s me; there are others who’ve done far more:

David Icke(yes he’s British, so what-he’s more a Patriot than you Walter Mittys), he’s been writing, researching, investigating, speaking out about the beast since 1990 or so. Not even American and he’s done more for the Patriot Movement than all you lip service patriots put together, so can the cracks about reptilloids running the planet from the 5th dimension-he’s been right on nearly everything. What have you been right about?

I know a very brave couple. A.P. Magee and Stella. They’ve spent over a decade on a weekly radio show; “Domestic Decay”. is where you could find them and that’s how I found them, on the net. They’ve endured harassment, ridicule, ostracism. They’ve had city councilmen they criticized try and take their radio show away. They risk getting arrested when they tried to reach out to hostile, brainwashed, roided up tin badge gods with copies of “Vampire Killer 2000”.

You know what the worst they’ve had to endure? The indifference of many, if not most, of their listening audience, to their efforts. Lip service patriots abound when a call to do something about taking back the government from the beast’s control is made.

Rayelan Allen, publisher of Rumor Mill News endured years of hell being married to a CIA agent and all the games the government played with her. Afterward she started Rumor Mill to air the tidbits she and others get from that shadowy world. She gave up a lucrative career as a psychic and subsists on a pension and what donations she can scrap together. She’s not the only one scraping by at RMN either but that’s not the point; the point is they sacrifice, have sacrificed and will continue to sacrifice. Something you’ve never done.

Charlie Puckett, the former commander of the Kentucky State Milita, he walked the walk. Formed a militia, got hundreds of people in the militia movement. Turned out it was a waste of time when the feds came gunning for him and all those lip service patriots threw him under the short bus they came in. The man served years in a federal penitentiary-who came to his defense? Who even kicked money for his shyster? Charlie Puckett was forgotten, left to rot in prison along with the militia he founded. After he got out, he disappeared: I don’t blame him either given how NOBODY helped him.

Any of the hundreds of lip service patriots even try to contact him, even to apologize for being the little bitches they are?

Jim Tucker has been investigating the Bilderburgers longer than I’ve been alive. Every time the inbreeds have a meeting he’s there and somehow manages to get the dirt on what they’re up to-and not get killed. I’d like to know where all the keyboard commandos and lip service patriots are… or maybe I don’t, I’d probably off myself in despair knowing just how lazy, apathetic “murikans” have degenerated.

Seriously, you lip service patriots are nothing more but uppity slaves. Serfs with guns and a lifestyle acquired through lifetime debt servitude. You dress and talk like you’re free but your slave conditioning is there and kicks into gear just as soon as any challenge by the beast threatens.

William Cooper walked the walk. This wasn’t just talk for him, this wasn’t a game. He was in the U.S. military, he was in the beast, found out just how wicked it was. And like another Patriot, Marine General Smedley Butler he rebelled, resisted the beast. He put out a book, “Behold a Pale Horse”, he had a radio show. He was martyred right after 9/11, to shut him up. And I regret not actively entering the Patriot Movement earlier, I’d like to have at least corresponded with the man. William Cooper was more a man than all you lip service patriots put together.

Certainly if you want to talk martyrs you cannot forget to mention the 93 men, women and children murdered at Waco by the federal government. You cannot forget how the beast swept the matter under the rug. What I can’t forget is how so many people professing to be “patriots” didn’t and wouldn’t hold those who ordered their murders accountable, nor those that pulled the strings and dodged any responsibility to account. Where were all those lip service patriots? Certainly some voted Republican(figure out they and the Democrats are one and the same at the national level?) Certainly most ran around the woods playing Rambo in the militias; until the Murrah Building black op by the government was blamed on those militias and, where did all those fine ‘murikans go?

The Weavers… who came to their aid when federal agents were trying to set Randy Weaver up-exploiting a poverty stricken backwoods man with controversial beliefs to gain a bust, murdering his wife, two of his children and a friend? Gerry Spence, a shyster lawyer, stepped up to the plate but where were all those lip service patriots beating their chests vowing to resist tyranny?

I’d bet Gordon Kahl is asking this from the grave. He had the balls to trade gunfire with the beast’s minions-more than could be said for those that professed to have had his back.

Now, Alex Jones…

Alex Jones gets a lot of flak: “Alex Jones is a egomaniacal wannabe celebrity. Alex Jones is out to make a buck. Alex Jones is an asshole. Alex Jones is a shill. Alex Jones is too quick on the draw, etc(I’ve said that myself). Alex Jones won’t attack the Jesuits, he is one, wife’s a Zionist, etc, he’s a huckster.”


Look, Alex Jones isn’t perfect, and he’s admitted he has his flaws but he IS on the radio six days a week, IS making movies that have done so much to awaken people. C’mon, admit it. Alex Jones is the biggest gun we got. Where’s your videos? Where’s your talk show? Where’s your audience? Where are you while he’s protesting, bullhorning the beast’s minions?

Alex Jones is running a BUSINESS. He’s in the Adult World and needs CASH FLOW to keep his radio show going, his filmmaking, his protests. How many lip service patriots are out building a voice, a following, spreading the truth-oh wait, they’re too busy bitching on their keyboards how big Alex Jones is. Get over it, or get off your 300lb funky, diabetic asses and do better… or do anything in the first place!

So I say again to the lip service patriots-what have YOU done for the cause… ever?

Don’t you have ANY shame?

Don’t you feel ANY responsibility to go beyond regurgitating other dead people’s philosophy?

Don’t you feel ANY genuine motivation to move beyond putting on woodland camo, strut around with your tricked out M-4 clone at your meets, your hutarees-or whatever you call it when you get together-and yap your mouths spewing out the same platitudes you do on your keyboards and gossip? Not get any training in or recruiting?

Why don’t you see that there can be no enemies in the Patriot Movement? Yes the beast infiltrates organizations and tries to entrap good people and bust up opposition, but that doesn’t mean you need to help.

Why don’t you see that you need to travel outside your too-worn circles, reach out to others, be able to relate where they’re at, who they are?

Why don’t you see that getting things done requires ACTION? By YOU?

I’m someone who looks for solutions. They’re not that hard to figure out:

*Having rifles and being proficient in their use both for personal protection and as part of your Militia responsibility.

*Getting involved with local government-taking it back to build a political base to retaking the state and federal government.

*Becoming self sufficient by pursuing your talents, starting your own business, grow your own food.

*Cut yourselves off from the beast system, its debt slavery, taxes, obligations.

*Right wrongs committed in our name by our enemies in positions of power.

*Getting your mind, body and spirit in order to be able to do all the above, and more.

You turn back and fight the beast by taking ACTION. The beast is at war with us all, and adept at exploiting both our strengths and our weaknesses and turning them against us. This is the most critical time in our history-what we do, and don’t do every moment can determine whether we win or lose. From what I’ve studied, times like these are rare and if we miss our opportunity to end the cycle of manipulated growth and destruction of civilization we won’t have another shot at Freedom for a very long time. Hopefully this will put into perspective how you conduct yourself.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009



J. Croft

If revolution is needed anywhere, it is in the United States of America, yet it isn't. It's a mystery, we have all the ingredients:

*Oppressive overclass openly looting us, exploiting us, keeping us down and divided against each other

*Legacy, dimly remembered, of Freedom and Revolution

*Widespread, if monitored and heavily regulated, firearms ownership
So, what happened?

I'll tell you what happened; the beast up to now has been so damn good at putting down previous rebellions and revolutions Americans have subconsciously adopted a slave mentality.
This the reason we put up with tax rates up to 60%, and more. Reason we put up with so much lording over by officious bureaucrats and thug cops, shysters making so many laws the legal system takes on an officious lawlessness.

America's elite have feared another American Revolution since 1775, so they've been very careful in gradually taming us, getting us as a people to "trust our leaders". When they got enough of us to trust them, THEN they started to harness us with laws and regulations. Once they got their chains on us THEN they started taking away, whipping us, yanking on our collective bridle reminding us who we let be our bosses.

The rest of the world now knows America is a slave state, a prison state: we act like prisoners, all afraid if we don't behave and do what we're told we will be punished. And the beast employs the worst kinds of people who will happily administer that punishment.

What is needed, now, is a successful resistance. Unfortunately the beast employs the best psychologists to mold our trusting, flouride damaged minds, and to spot any troublemakers. Lawyers who run all public offices, have a monopoly on the practice of law and who have no vested interest whatsoever in any revolution. Soldiers and cops who refuse to know better, who only care that it is only THEY who will have the guns and the training to use them as the 21st century version of the elites knights.

I tell you, they CAN be fought, and they CAN be beat! Their economic system can be beat by opting out. Their laws can be ignored if we'd get together and start taking back local government, slashing taxes, using CAFR investments to self invest and lock out corporate traitors like Wal Mart.

Their military isn't invincible either. Neither are their SWAT teams-there's ways to beat them both which I plan to show you in the near future.


The Whole World Is Rioting as the Economic Crisis Worsens -- Why Aren't We?
By Joshua Holland, AlterNet. Posted February 3, 2009.

Americans are rightfully angry about the economic decline, but with a few small exceptions, quietly so. Why? It depends on whom you ask.

Explosive anger is spilling out onto the streets of Europe. The meltdown of the global economy is igniting massive social unrest in a region that has long been a symbol of political stability and social cohesion.

It's not a new trend: A wave of upheaval is spreading from the poorer countries on the periphery of the global economy to the prosperous core.

Over the past few years, a series of riots spread across what is patronizingly known as the Third World. Furious mobs have raged against skyrocketing food and energy prices, stagnating wages and unemployment in India, Senegal, Yemen, Indonesia, Morocco, Cameroon, Brazil, Panama, the Philippines, Egypt, Mexico and elsewhere.

For the most part, those living in wealthier countries took little notice. But now, with the global economy crashing down around us, people in even the wealthiest nations are mad as hell and reacting violently to what they view as an inadequate response to their tumbling economies.
The Telegraph (UK) warned last month that protests over governments' handling of the crisis "are widespread and gathering pace," and "may spark a new revolution":

A depression triggered in America is being played out in Europe with increasing violence, and other forms of social unrest are spreading. In Iceland, a government has fallen. Workers have marched in Zaragoza, as Spanish unemployment heads towards 20 percent. There have been riots and bloodshed in Greece, protests in Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary and Bulgaria. The police have suppressed public discontent in Russia and will be challenged again at large gatherings this weekend.

Consider a snapshot of a single week of unrest, courtesy of the Guardian:

Greece: "There are many wellsprings of the serial protests rolling across Europe. In Athens, it was students and young people who suddenly mobilized to turn parts of the city into no-go areas. They were sick of the lack of jobs and prospects, the failings of the education system and seized with pessimism over their future. "This week it was the farmers' turn, rolling their tractors out to block the motorways, main road and border crossings across the Balkans to try to obtain better procurement prices for their produce."

Latvia: "The old Baltic trading city had seen nothing like it since the happy days of kicking out the Russians and overthrowing communism two decades ago. More than 10,000 people converged on the 13th century cathedral to show the Latvian government what they thought of its efforts at containing the economic crisis. The peaceful protest morphed into a late-night rampage as a minority headed for the parliament, battled with riot police and trashed parts of the old city. The following day, there were similar scenes in Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital next door." France: "Burned-out cars, masked youths, smashed shop windows and more than a million striking workers. The scenes from France are familiar, but not so familiar to President Nicolas Sarkozy, confronting the first big wave of industrial unrest of his time in the Elysée Palace. "France, meanwhile, is moving into recession, and unemployment is going up. The latest jobless figures were to have been released yesterday, but were held back, apparently for fear of inflaming the protests."

Iceland: "Proud of its status as one of the world's most developed, most productive and most equal societies, Iceland is in the throes of what is, by its staid standards, a revolution. "Riot police in Reykjavik, the coolest of capitals. Building bonfires in front of the world's oldest parliament. The yogurt flying at the free market men who have run the country for decades and brought it to its knees."

Britain (via the Times of London): "Wildcat strikes flared at more than 19 sites across the country in response to claims that British tradesmen were being barred from construction jobs by contractors using cheaper foreign workers." Russia (via Al-Jazeera): "Thousands of protesters have rallied across Russia to criticize the government's economic policies and its response to the global financial crisis. "Russian police forcefully broke up many of the anti-government protests on Saturday, arresting dozens of demonstrators."

At least in Western Europe, cries of "burn the shit down!" are being heard in countries with some of the highest standards of living in the world -- states with adequate social safety nets; countries where all citizens have access to decent health care and heavily subsidized educations. Places where minimum wages are also living wages, and a dignified retirement is in large part guaranteed.

The far ends of the ideological spectrum appear to be gaining currency as the crisis develops, and people grow increasingly hostile toward the politics of the status quo.

The Financial Times quotes Olivier Besancenot, a young leader of "France's extreme left," promising "to reinvent and re-establish the anti-capitalist project." "We want the established powers to be blown apart," Besancenot said. Europe's far right is gaining momentum, too, using the economy and populist outrage over immigration to gain a legitimacy it hasn't enjoyed in some time.

Notably absent from the list of countries where the economic crunch is rending the social fabric is the good ole US of A, a state with the greatest level of economic inequality in the wealthy world.
Outside of a few scattered and quickly contained protests, the citizens of the U.S. -- a country born of revolution, but with an elite that's been terrified of that legacy since immediately after its founding -- have been calm, despite opinion polls showing that Americans are more dissatisfied with the direction in which the country has been headed since they began measuring such things.
It's a baffling disconnect, considering that real wages for all but the top 10 percent of the economic pile haven't increased in 35 years.

It's more bizarre still when you consider that while European governments have handled their own bailouts relatively transparently, the U.S. government has doled out close to $10 trillion in bailouts, loan guarantees and fiscal stimulus -- if there were a million-dollar bill, that would be a stack of 10 million of them -- with a stunning lack of oversight or accountability.

Even the congressional commission charged with overseeing key parts of the banking bailout can't get answers to basic questions like "who's getting what?"

Americans are rightfully angry about that state of affairs, but with a few small exceptions, quietly so. Why? It depends on whom you ask.

In a 2006 interview with Harper's, Barack Obama shared a subtle, but rather fundamental observation about America's political culture: "Since the founding," he said, "the American political tradition has been reformist, not revolutionary." If there is to be positive change, Obama has argued, it must be gradual; "brick by brick," as he put it in one of his final campaign speeches.

Mark Ames, author of Going Postal: Rage, Murder, and Rebellion -- From Reagan's Workplaces to Clinton's Columbine and Beyond, argues that Americans have been beaten down to a degree that they're now a pacified population, largely willing to accept any economic outrage its elites impose on them.

In a 2005 interview with AlterNet, Ames said the "slave mentality" is stronger in the U.S. than elsewhere, "in part because no other country on earth has so successfully crushed every internal rebellion."

Slaves in the Caribbean for example rebelled a lot more because their oppressors weren't as good at oppressing as Americans were. America has put down every rebellion, brutally, from the Whiskey Rebellion to the Confederate rebellion to the proletarian rebellions, Black Panthers, white militias ... you name it. This creates a powerful slave mentality, a sense that it's pointless to rebel.

Anyone who has witnessed the brutal police riots that have become so common since the infamous "Battle in Seattle" protests against the World Trade Organization in 1999 can tell you there's some merit to the argument.

It's also the case that European societies tend to be more homogenous than the mishmash of tribes we call the United States. Whereas Americans are divided by religion, region, ethnicity, urban-rural tensions and all the other trappings of the "culture wars," the primary split in most European countries is class.

Thomas Frank argued eloquently in What's the Matter With Kansas that those wedge social issues that the American right nurtures with such care obscure the fundamental differences between the rich and poor, the powerful and the disenfranchised.

Indeed, any hint of discussion of economic inequality in the U.S. is shot down with cries of "class warfare" -- exactly what is playing out in the streets of much of the world today.

As the crisis deepens, as virtually every analyst predicts it will, that may well change. As The Nation's Bill Greider told Democracy Now's Amy Goodman, "you can't do this to people year after year -- that is, upturn their lives, take away what they thought they had earned, and so forth and so on, without provoking rather intense political reactions. ... We're just, just beginning to see a few bubbles like that around this country. I don't say we're going to have riots, but I think ... people, out of their own distress and anger, will organize their own politics, and they will make themselves seen and heard around this country."

Stay tuned.