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SWAT tries to take down Internet meanie; raids grandma instead

Published: 27 June, 2012, 21:14
(AFP Photo / Fred Defour)
(AFP Photo / Fred Defour)

An Evansville, Indiana SWAT team recently attempted to execute a search warrant that was issued to make an example out of an anonymous Internet user who made malicious remarks on the Web. Instead, they destroyed the home of an innocent grandmother.
When members of the Midwest town’s SWAT team plotted their raid on the alleged home of the person behind some unpleasant remarks published on an Internet forum, they invited a local television crew to accompany them so that they could catch the whole thing on camera. Instead of arresting the author of the ill-tempered posts, however, the Evansville SWAT ravaged the home of an elderly woman and confiscated her 18-year-old granddaughter’s laptop.
The SWAT team did not have the name of who they were going after. They barely even had an identity. What they did have to work with, though, was the IP address of a person who logged onto the Web forums and made discouraging remarks about local law enforcement.
An archived copy of the thread in question reveals that the police department might have had a reason to be worried. “Cops be aware,” a person using the handle usarmy wrote on Topix. The thread began when another user claimed that the home addresses of Evansville Police Department officers had been leaked and was spreading online, and usarmy was hardly the first person to reply. When the person behind that username did write a response, however, they had some things to say that didn’t sit well with the EPD. In between a slew of self-censored expletives, the author implied that they were considering an attack on an unspecified member of the police department.
“4th of July a cops house gonna get hit. dont care about your kids or btchs lives. I dnt even care bout my own life. I got my reasons..times ticking,” reads one post from usarmy.
“I am proud of my county, but I hate police of any kind,” reads another. “I have explosives.:) made in America.Evansville will feel my pain.guess who's in the river.”
Acting on the assumed planned act of aggression, officials were able to figure out the author’s IP address. As several courts have ruled recently, though, that isn’t enough to exactly single out a certain home, let alone a person. While an Internet Protocol address can be linked to a computer, any person who accesses that network’s WiFi — with or without authorization — can be linked to that IP. Only last month, in fact, New York Eastern District federal court magistrate Judge Gary Brown ruled that IP address logs can’t be used on its own to link a suspect to a crime, writing “a single IP address usually supports multiple computer devices – which unlike traditional telephones can be operated simultaneously by different individuals.” District Court Judge Howard R. Lloyd made essentially the same ruling one month earlier in a Northern District of California courtroom.
Ira Milan, whose house ended up targeted by the authorities, tells the Evansville Courier & Press that she thinks the author of the posts used her granddaughter’s Internet connection from an outside location. Police Chief Billy Bolin says it is much more cut and dry, though.
“We have no way of being able to tell that,” Bolin tells the Courier, adding that the messages “definitely come back to that address.”
Police reps tell the Courier that they obtained a search warrant for computer equipment at Milan’s house so that they could collect whatever devices may have been used to make the anonymous posts. Responding to an inquiry from the paper, though, the Vanderburgh County Clerk’s Office was initially unable to locate a copy of the document; Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann also refused to comply with the request. When Bolin was asked by the media to materialize the warrant, he deferred their plea and insisted that producing the paper could compromise the investigation. What Bolin did have to say, however, was that the document did not contain the names of any suspects.
“We have an idea in our mind who it is, but we don’t have evidence yet,” Bolin explains to the Courier.
Even still, the department says that the hunch was enough to throw two flash-bang stun grenades into the front window of Ira Milan’s home. The Courier Press reports that the front door was open at the time of the incident.
“To bring a whole SWAT team seems a little excessive,” says Milan.
Authorities say it should prove their point, though.
“This is a big deal to us,” Sgt. Jason Cullum, a police department spokesman, tells the Courier Press. “This may be just somebody who was online just talking stupid. What I would suggest to anybody who visits websites like that is that their comments can be taken literally.”
A day after the raid, 18-year-old Stephanie Milan’s cellphone and laptops were still being held by police.


Why Are People Surprised?

Unprofitable Servant at The Arctic Patriot - 12 hours ago
It amazes me how many people are shocked at the Supreme Court's upholding of Marxist Medicine. Even among the "the system is broken" people, there are a surprising number of people who really seemed to hold out hope. If this shocked or disappointed you, perhaps you have not yet come to grips with where we are. *Government NEVER gives up power willingly*, seeking to rule over that which it not ought, over that which it has no right or ability to rule. This is natural, seeing that *man never gives up power willingly*, likewise seeking to rule over that which he ought not, over that ... more »

David notes "A Minor Footnote to History."

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 13 hours ago
"A source provided this to Mike and me, and it's kind of fun seeing our names in a government document that isn't a no-knock warrant or an executive order to take us out with drones." more »

Funny. Media Matters reacts to my Black Thursday post.

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 13 hours ago
*Dear Media Matters, if you are going to waste more of George Soros' money you should at least know the difference between shit and shinola. That's shinola on the right.* "Ex-Militia Blogger Who Spawned Fast And Furious Scandal Predicts Armed Insurrection Over Health Care Decision." Don't miss the comments, too. We really do understand them a lot better than they understand us. We recognize that they occupy an alternate worldview. They mere think we're isolated nuts that can be scooped up with a government butterfly net. They also seem to think that name-calling actually accomplis... more »

The Oreo Rainbow

Unprofitable Servant at The Arctic Patriot - 13 hours ago
I grew up eating Oreos with my Grandfather when he got home from work. Well. I'm done. No celebration of *that* for me. So sad. more »

Today is a milepost only in the Gunwalker investigation. Hold all applause until the end of the scandal.

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 13 hours ago
It's done. In truth, I never thought we'd get this far. Holder's defiant. Here's Issa's "Statement on Bipartisan Vote Holding Attorney General in Contempt over Refusal to Produce Fast and Furious Documents." WASHINGTON – The U.S. House of Representatives has approved a resolution holding Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over his refusal to produce Operation Fast and Furious documents subpoenaed last October. The vote on H.Res. 711, making a finding of contempt, was approved by a vote of 255 to 67. Seventeen Democrats crossed party lines to join the majority in... more »

Roberts FU to Obama?

Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 13 hours ago
So, here is the skuttlebutt: John Roberts decided to protect the Court *and*get a little payback by ensuring Mitt Romney would be our next President. How? Let ObamaCare live, let the entire American voting public know it is a tax, energize the Conservative base of the R Party and the real Tea Party voting block to ensure the Enthusiasm Gap is closed by Mitt and not Obama. He handed the big, steaming pile of ObamaCare right back to the President so he could choke on it. Pretty darned slick theory. To accept it one would have to take the position that John Roberts was willing to use... more »

House Votes Holder In Contempt of Congress

Ironwill III at Resistor in the Rockies - 16 hours ago
256-67 in favor of contempt charges. Changes nothing. Brian Terry and countless others are still dead. more »

American Liberty Congress

Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 17 hours ago
What say you, Patriots? Are you more motivated now to stand on their steps and look them in the eye? We are less than a week from the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Americans have been here before. It is our turn. Kerodin III more »

Treason - Five Supreme Court Justices Stand Accused

Ironwill III at Resistor in the Rockies - 19 hours ago
"As much as I abhor violence, I will not shed five tears for when justice is served." From Cowboy Confessional verbatim: The United States of America ceased to exist this morning.America’s constitutional foundation had been whittled away over decades of judicial abuse and congressional mischief. There had been various rallies to resurrect the republic, to make government obedient to the more »


Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 21 hours ago
Regardless of what happens with the Holder contempt vote, today will likely be remembered by freedom-loving people as Black Thursday. My response to a reporter a few moments ago: "You may call tyranny a mandate or you may call it a tax, but it still is tyranny and invites the same response." "Hey, what's the address o' the Supreme Court? I wanna write 'em a nasty letter." LATER: The other day I did an interview which will appear, I am told, on Monday. Here is a relevant portion of that which deals with the decision today. *Question: You said in an interview with the Washington Po... more »

We're All Slaves Now

Ironwill III at Resistor in the Rockies - 21 hours ago
I don't need to explain why. Or you can RESIST!The choice is YOURS! more »

Get it?

Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 22 hours ago
Do you understand now? For each and every one of you who have taken the position that the Supreme Court is the legitimate arbiter of what is, and what *is not*, Constitutional, enjoy your "Constitutional" Mandate. Now would be a very good time to start reading your Jefferson and Madison about the scope of the Judiciary. Start here at NCRenegade for some Jefferson. An act is NOT Constitutional simply because 5 men say so. Would it be Constitutional for the same 5 men to outlaw your handguns? Of course not. If one million people call a Zebra a cow, the Zebra is still not a cow. The ... more »

The Effect of the Subconscious on Performance

Rifleslinger at Art of the Rifle - 23 hours ago
*This article is based primarily on what I have gleaned by reading **Lanny Basham's****With Winning In Mind**. If you want to get your mental game in gear, you need to read it. * Of all the things you might think would limit your shooting performance, gear would be the first thing for most shooters to consider, which is not very useful. Wherever you go, there you are, right? If you are a bit more serious, you will go to technical skill, which is good. But even if you have top of the line gear and your individual skills are “there”, your performance will still only rise to the ... more »

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"Don't run we are your friends" they will shout as they impose a full bore military dictatorship and take your guns... then your lives will really be fun.

Get your marksmanship skills in order-be able to hit out to 500 meters and do it with a few of your TRUSTED friends as part of a rifle team. Shoot, scoot, shoot, scoot and do it over and over until they leave or they're dead. Record your successes for propaganda, your failures so you can learn from your mistakes.


"They opened up my bag, and I told them, 'Please, be careful. These are my grandpa's ashes,'" Gross told RTV6's Norman Cox. "She picked up the jar. She opened it up."I was told later on that she had no right to even open it, that they could have used other devices, like an X-ray machine. So she opened it up. She used her finger and was sifting through it. And then she accidentally (deliberately and maliciously) spilled it."Gross says about a quarter to a third of the contents spilled on the floor, leaving him frantically trying to gather up as much as he could while anxious passengers waited behind him."She didn't apologize. She started laughing. I was on my hands and knees picking up bone fragments. I couldn't pick up all, everything that was lost. I mean, there was a long line behind me."

End Quote

There are some who will argue about morality in fighting the up and coming fast open warfare to hit America-the only morality is the EXTERMINATION of these enemies of all decent Americans.

Hunt them down, rob them, kill them-preferably in the most agonizing manner expedient to your tactical situation.  Leave their grisly remains as a sign for their fellow room temperature IQ traitors they'd better find a better way of making a living... in another country.

When this starts, anyone and everyone connected with the beast-wherever they're at, that's a free fire zone.

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...Army training exercise... yep: training you to accept military occupation.

Get your people together, stock up on food, water purifiers, tools, knowlegede arms and ammunition. Train for accuracy-out to at least 500 yards, and train as fire teams. Be ready and willing to kill to defend yours.

Some good advice on prepping:


Advance to 12:30 where some breaking news about an event in October requiring military forces to be deployed to guard the rich and go door to door seizing guns


Fukushima Worker - The Plant Could Go 'At Any Minute'
Radioactive Black Substance Is 'Everywhere In Tokyo Now' - Vid
Tearful Fukushima Resident - 'What Has Happened To Us?' - Vid
Cesium In Rice 1,000x Higher - 1 Million Live With High Radiation
LA Times - Japan To Restart Reactors Despite Mass Protests
Japanese Outrage Over Restart Of Nuclear Plants Soaring
27,000 Bq/Kg in Kawasaki, 240 km from Fukushima
Radioactive Crawfish Brought Into Kids Classrooms
Fukushima Seafood Back In Stores Next Week...Minimal Testing
Large Portion Of Reactor 4 Top Floor Has Been Removed - Vid


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Come on now, how many hints is it going to take before you realize Ron Paul is a FRAUD:













The threat that keeps us apart

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
May 24, 2012


Noun: 1. a mass of whirling fluid or air, esp. a whirlpool or whirlwind.
2. Something regarded as a whirling mass.

So, why Vortex? Well, when something goes down into the bottom of a vortex, it is spun around and emitted in a different form than when it went in.


A recent discussion brought up an issue that has been close to me, for quite some time. I have seen many succumb to entrapment, or, just plain deceived, by agents, informants, infiltrators and other such ilk.

It seems that many think the government is squeaky clean, or, that issues, not being of national security levels of interest, don’t warrant the effort that would be necessary to ‘move in' on the patriot community.

A few years ago, I learned that as many as fifty percent of the members of Richard Butler’s Aryan Nation Church (Randy Weaver country), and of the old Posse Comitatus, were people who, for whatever reason, had changed sides, or were not quite honest in their dealings with the respective organizations.

I had read the following memorandum, which is included in the Appendix of Congressman George Hansen’s book, “To Harass Our People”, while traveling through the Washington, D.C. area, after Waco. I met with an associate of George Hansen. He gave me a Xerox copy of the memorandum, and I have no doubt as to its authenticity.

As you read the excerpts from the memorandum, take note of the extent in which the government is willing to ‘get involved’ in the “Tax Rebellion Movement” (see note 5 to District Directors). Remember, also, that this memo was written nearly 40 years ago. It would be ludicrous to think that they have not enlarged and perfected their program. [Emphasis, mine]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

FEB 26, 1973

to: Participants in Conference on Tax Rebellion Movement
from: Western Region
subject: Tax Rebellion in California

I am sending you the minutes of our meeting of February 9, 1973, on the Tax Rebellion Movement. These minutes enumerate action items for the Los Angeles and San Francisco District Directors and for Regional Office officials.

I appreciate your past attention to this serious matter, and feel confident that all of us working together can successfully overcome this challenge to our tax system.

Homer O. Crossman
Regional Commissioner

Mr. Howard advised he has been conferring with state tax officials who are anxious to cooperate with IRS in the attack on tax rebels who also do not pay state taxes; often the state can move quickly to close up a tax rebel's business or revoke his license; that we should see that the State uses its enforcement machinery on those cases which are not our targets.

Mr. Crossman reported on his discussions with Assistant U.S. Attorney Courts and Judge Crocker, Fresno, and of their interest in enforcement of the law in tax rebel cases. Mr. Hansen commented on the problem of federal judges appearing to be anti-IRS based on a belief that IRS is "highhanded". Mr. Howard reported on a change of attitude in federal judges in San Francisco after he met with a number of them and discussed the gravity of the Tax Rebellion Movement and the importance of giving prison sentences as deterrents.

There was a general discussion of the importance of meeting with U.S. Attorneys and federal judges to acquaint them with the full picture of the tax rebellion movement. Mr. Crossman pointed out that after his meeting with Mr. Couris and Judge Crocker, they requested background information on the Movement which was furnished them.

Mr. Kingman suggested the possibility of requesting religious leaders to warn their following against participation in the movement, pointing to the beneficial effects of Mormon Church President Lee's message.


Mr. Krause pointed out the importance of close planning on common targets by the tax rebellion project supervisors of the Los Angeles and San Francisco districts with planning meetings as needed.

Action items for District Directors:

1. Maintain the initiative in the attack on the tax rebels.
2. Know their plans before they arrive at our door to execute them.
3. Identify the leaders of the Movement and concentrate on them.
4. Have a plan of action in coordination with the Region rather than hit and miss defensive reactions.
5. Continue to step up the infiltration in-depth of the Movement.
6. Use all available federal, state, and local laws.
7. Use civil penalties on Porth-type cases.
8. Wage a campaign to educate U.S. Attorneys and federal judges with the importance of prison sentences on cases.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At the same time that the IRS was acting out the above to deal with what the termed "tax rebels", the federal government also had to contend with the anti-war (Vietnam) movement. In dealing with what was going on at the time, infiltration into that movement was also a part of the government's program.

One of the larger groups that were active in the anti-war movement was a broad based group known as Student for a Democratic Society (SDS). They were of so much concern to the government that the government actually started some of the SDS chapters so that they had a degree of control, and, received intelligence from other SDS chapters. If they didn't start them, they, at least, had agents and informants join the various chapters.

Another target of the government, during the anti-war movement, was Vietnam Veterans against War (VVAW). Some of the VVAW members were from Gainesville, Florida. Among them, however, were informants and agents. The agents fed them information that the 1972 Republican National Convention (Miami Beach) was being set up to set up the anti-war demonstrators. They were told that the police would shoot some protesters. This would lead to sealing off Miami Beach by raising all of the drawbridges, trapping the protesters, and making for shooting fish in a barrel. To counter this tactic, the Eight made plans to attack government buildings, police and fire stations, and then force the lowering of the drawbridges. This was to draw the police away from the Beach and allow the demonstrators to leave the Beach, avoiding the catastrophic scenario that had been fed to them. Of course, the informants and agents testified against them, however, their correspondence (which was seen by the jury) said that their plan was "for defensive purposes, only", which lead to an acquittal. However, it does demonstrate that forty years ago, the ability, means, and practice, of infiltration and entrapment were standard government tools.

For a detailed study of the infiltration of the anti-war movement, see

Who are the agents and informants?

There are any number of reasons and means by which some people will become agents of the government, or informants for the government. Though there are variations of each of these, we will cover the more general types of people and what their relationship to government is.


Starting at the top, we have undercover agents. They can be undercover agents for nearly any branch of the federal or state government. Most often, they are very well trained, to include psychology, so that they can get close to the people they are supposed to encounter and infiltrate. They generally receive very explicit instructions when they go on an operation, though they can also adjust, quite well, when a "Target of Opportunity" arises. They are full time agents (Type I) and will become very close to those in leadership. They will engross themselves in their work, often living a life outside of what would be normal for an FBI agent. They have "handlers" that are often, for months or years, the only contact they have with the parent organization.

There is second type of agent, Type II, who is called in for support; for example, the FBI agent who alleged to have explosives and other material for sale in the Georgia Militia bust. Often they have desk or other duties and are called only when needed.

A good example of the Type I is FBI agent Steven Haug. Haug, who went by "Jersey Steve", had infiltrated the Hutaree Militia. He got so close to the Hutaree leader, David Stone, he was asked to be the best man at Stone's wedding. Later, he would testify against Stone.

Another was a man, back in the nineties, who went by the name of Bob Chapman. Later, when he testified against the Florida Common Law Court, he identified himself as Robert Quigley, "IRS deep undercover agent" and instructor at the IRS undercover school. (See "Let me tell you about a man named Quigley")

These agents are often 'wired', and the recorded conversations are transcribed to be used for evidence, when their task is completed and they have turned witness against former 'friends'. A partial transcription of such a recording can be found at "Record of Activity". BC = Bob Chapman = S/I Quigley is the agent. You may note how he tries to blend in but does ask some questions attempting to entice information that can be used against the parties, later. This is from the 1995 investigation of the Florida Common Law Court that sent all but one of the defendants to prison for 12 years.

These paid agents, regular employees of the government, on special duty, are a blight on our concept of self-government. Though such agents go back to the Revolutionary War, where Washington had a staff of agents that mingled with the British to gain intelligence information, they did not join the British army or other government forces. It wasn't until early in the 20th century that the practice became common, to deal with organized crime. However, currently, the government claims to have thousands of agents working within various patriot or political groups. Must we assume that political activism is now criminal?

The other form of agent is the paid agent of a private organization. These are best described as "infiltrators". One such organization using this tactic is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) that claims to have many infiltrators within the various patriot groups, from militia to Tea Party groups, and everything in between. Their primary purpose is strictly information gathering, though if given the opportunity, they will exploit a situation.


Informants come in different varieties. Some are induced into informing on friends and associates when they are charged with a crime, themselves. They will sign a "plea agreement" (plea agreement informants) and exchange their efforts for, most often, a "withheld adjudication" -- meaning that so long as they provide good information (not necessarily truthful), and testimony, if required, they will not be prosecuted for the crime that they are alleged to have committed. See "Informants Amongst Us?" for an explanation of this process. In desperation, these informants are capable of lying (since they have already given up their integrity) and participate in entrapment, to 'save their own skin'. They are, by nature, weak and unwilling to stand up for their convictions.

A lesser version of this is the "states evidence" witness that will tell all to save his own neck. Though not an agent, active informant, or infiltrator, he is often the source of conviction of patriots because he does not have the fortitude to be a true patriot. An example of this is one of Schaeffer Cox's fellow Alaska Peacemaker Militia members, Michael O. Anderson. Cox, Lonnie Vernon, and Coleman Barney are currently (May 2012) on trial. Anderson, who was arrested, along with the other, in March 2011, has had his charges dropped and will be testifying for the state, against the other three. (Reference: Alaska Militia Trial Opens With Former Defendant as Key Witness)

Others might become informants in custody (jailhouse informants), seeking favor, or reduction of sentence. These jailhouse informants will usually testify to anything that is requested of them, to bring "jailhouse confessions" to trial. They are often used to 'enhance' the evidence against a defendant to assure conviction.

Volunteer informants come in two categories. First are those who have been charged with, or know that they have charges pending, for a crime. They will contact a government agency and offer their services, hoping for a reduction, withheld adjudication, or dismissal of charges. This is the probable scenario in the Joe Sims involvement with the Georgia Senior Militia, this past year. Joe, according to an Esquire magazine article, was in jail pending child abuse charges. He contacted the FBI and volunteered to provide information about members of the Georgia Militia.

Other volunteer informants are often James Bond wannabes or government employees seeking beneficial treatment by freelance work to aid law enforcement. There was the Viper Militia, Phoenix, Arizona, in 1996, where about a dozen concerned patriots prepared for a Red Dawn type of event. An aspiring firefighter joined the group. In his John Wayne machismo, he began suggesting more active pursuits. Later, he brought in an undercover Sheriff's Deputy, and both encouraged testing bombs, often made with materials provided by the informant or agent, and making plans to attack government buildings. Prison was the outcome for those that followed the lead of the informant and agent. What bright future lay in store for the informant, we do not know. Presumably, however, he was rewarded favorably.

Another type of informant, though not always intentional, is the "easily swayed informant". These sort don't usually have any idea that they are an informant, though they are, just the same, because they pass on information that might have destructive ends, or, they are duped into passing information that is erroneous and, potentially, destructive to the patriot community. They have, usually, been contacted by a law enforcement agent (often FBI Special Agents), or even others down the chain, including others who have been easily swayed, who convince them that they are really good guys, and an asset to their country. They are then beguiled, and act in concert with agents against the best interest of the patriot community, most often thinking that they are doing right to the community. Often, they will sway others (usually larger numbers) away from any activity that is not easily controlled. If the person is susceptible to the charms of the agent, he can go beyond that easily swayed and become a de facto agent, and never realize that he is being used. It is the psychological training that the agent uses to manipulate the person and use him to influence others, most often away from a professed course. He is, in essence, a sleeper, and can always be put to greater purpose, if the need arises. These relationships tend to be long-term, and quite congenial between the parties.

Of these last, a friend refers to them as "useful idiots". However, I think it more appropriate that they should be referred to as "guess what I know" types. Often, they pass on information just because they have found it and think that everyone should be apprised of this "wonderful;" or "dreadful" information. Rumors of foreign troops across the Mexican border, for example, have been circulating for twenty years, each time, with new adherents and a new life, with only minor revisions to the original story, and, most often, without any identifiable source.

All of those described above are contrary to the Framers concept of government. They are, by their very practice, violating the concept of the Fourth Amendment, the right to "be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects".

How do they function in the patriot community?

All of the above identified sources of benefit to the government enter the patriot community, though they do so in various ways.

First is the coward who turns state's evidence, but began by believing in a cause. Once the chips were down, he cowers and turns against those that do hold the principles highly. The turncoat, in a sense, is the worst of those who find themselves on the wrong side of the battle. There is nothing, except his nature, that would lead one to believe that he is not really on the right side -- since he was on the right side until imminent threat to his future freedom caused him to turn against those who had every reason to believe that he was as sincere as they were, and had nothing to hide.

Next, are those who become paid informants. Often, they have joined with a true belief that something is wrong; however, somewhere along the line they change ideologies. It may be the result of less conviction toward the cause; the fear of doing something 'illegal' (as the Founders did); or simply a change of heart. However, they are in and, perhaps, they can make a little money by offering their services to the government. This sort is as bad as the first; perhaps even worse, for he continues to gather and pass on intelligence, and may even go further, acting against the best interest of the Patriot Community and those he has gotten to know.

Next are those informants who have been charged with a crime and decide to "cop a plea" and become an informant for the government. Like the first, those that turn state's evidence, they are cowards and will send others to prison to avoid their own stay in the "gray bar hotel". However, since they continue to "play along" with you, they can pass on even more information, and often will set traps for you to fall prey.

Finally, in the informant category, are those who have joined in hopes of increasing their "job opportunities" with the government. Most often, they are already employees of government, as noted above, but they are playing the "spy game" in hopes of enhancing their resume. (Reference: My Life as a White Supremacist)

Now, we get into the realm of professional spies. These are the agents whose job is to invade your privacy, get dirt on you, and even more, which will be discussed later. We'll begin with the Type II agent. His job is to be available and act the part, when the need arises. Otherwise, he is just an employee with other duties. He will be a witness only to what transpired during the course of his brief interlude with the subject of the investigation.

Next comes the Type I agent. His dress, his manner, his whole life, revolves around his active participation in the group that is the target, or contains the target, of an investigation. Since his job is playing spy, he will do whatever is necessary to obtain the accolades he will get for obtaining a conviction and getting the job "well done", regardless of what techniques he uses to achieve that end.

Often, this person, let's call him the Vortex, will use others to insulate himself from exposure, if things don't go smoothly. He will also use others to achieve specific ends. He is, however, the point of contact between the government and the patriot community, hence, Vortex. The information swirls in and out, on the patriot side of the Vortex. His job is to sort out, manipulate, control that information, and pass it thorough to the government for their nefarious purposes. He is also the source of misinformation, coming from the government side, and then thrown into the swirl on the patriot side, though more about this, later.

Often, the Vortex will never even see a patriot, though he could be directing the operation from a distance. This is common with certain types of informants, where the Vortex is most often referred to as the "handler". However, for any such investigation, there will always be a Vortex; the agent or other government employee who passes information in both directions; plans, or passes on plans, for the control or expansion of the operation; and is the person, who, if exposed by the patriot community, damages or defeats the government's operation.

These agents have a plan when they go into their job. That plan can be revised to meet the exigency when circumstances warrant a change, or an expansion, of an investigation. They will also know who most of, if not all of, those who are lower level informants involved in any case they are working on. However, the informants will seldom, if ever, know who the agents are, until both find themselves on the witness stand. (Reference for Type I and Type II agents: Patriot Games)

Agents, especially Type I, will seldom be used to testify, if informants can became the "fall guys" and provide sufficient testimony to obtain a conviction. Once an agent testifies, he has probably blown his cover and will have to retire to some other duties. His effectiveness is lost, so he is a commodity that has to be protected, unless exposure is absolutely necessary.

Often, these agents will create an organization to give itself legitimacy within the patriot community. In so doing, they have established their "credentials", though you may have never heard of the organization before meeting the agent. If he can demonstrate that he has created a following, you will drop you guard, as he has apparently, achieved what all are trying to accomplish. (See Patriot Games link, above)

In all cases, if the abilities of the individual, in whatever capacity, are such that he can move up the chain of command of an organization, he will do so. This allows him to obtain access to information that others might not have access to. It allows him to obtain information from individuals in casual conversation, when that individual doesn't suspect that anything he says is going beyond the two of them. It also allows him to move upward in command, and perhaps, replace the existing command, once it is taken out because of his efforts.

Objectives of infiltration - Surveillance, profiling, disruption

We must begin to understand just what capabilities the government's has to keep track of patriots. They have an identification program that includes anybody who is likely to read this article. It will include most militia members, even those who have never gone on line, through use of informants and other means. It will include almost any attendee at a Tea Party gathering, and, probably, anybody who had gone to a Ron Paul rally, if the participant gave a name, by any means. Intelligence gathering is the source/foundation of the entire government verses the people program.

Once they get the information, they have to retain, store, manipulate, and provide access, to that information. They also have to sort that information into meaningful data. So, we'll begin by looking at what the sorting aspect entails.

The government has developed a program for categorization of everybody in this country (except, perhaps, illegal immigrants). The program is called "C3CM". It defines three major categories, though we will only concern ourselves with the first one. That is those who have, to some degree, expressed their disenchantment with government -- the patriot community. This doesn't require disobedience, or even advocacy. It only requires that you don't believe that the government is working the way that it should be.

If you are among this group, you will be categorized into one of three sub-categories. Those who are simply dissatisfied, those who are prone to act because of their dissatisfaction, and, those who are capable of leading others into exerting effort to effect change. It doesn't matter if those leaders are of a violence oriented militia, or a group that encourages voter registration and voting outside of the mainstream agenda. The fact that they are leaders and can obtain followers poses a problem for government, though the government may direct more resources at the more militant. This does not mean that the peaceful sorts are beyond efforts of government to affect their ability to lead. On the contrary, each of us has entered the patriot community rather naive, and has learned, as time went on, which can move us, inevitably, toward the more extreme means of dealing with the despotic government that we find in control of our country. If someone can influence large numbers, he is more of a threat than a few isolated die-hards.

Where would the government be able to store and manipulate such a large amount of data? Well, that goes back to a story from the past. Inslaw, Inc., had a contract with the Department of Justice to develop some tracking software -- "Promis" could be plugged into the 12 petabyte (if you were wondering about the next level, a petabyte is 1,024 terabytes) database that Sybase (the company that developed SQL for Microsoft) is developing. So, once all of the pieces fall into place, there will be little that you can do to keep from being tracked, along with almost everything that you do, by the government. (References: see

Now, as they take out any leadership, if they have moved their resource up into the upper echelons of any organization, they have attained a position that may soon leave the government resource in charge of the organization.

We began this article with a memo from the IRS Western Division, nearly forty years ago, about a tactic to be used to disrupt the "tax rebels'. Not that this was the beginning of government efforts to manipulate both people and truth, only to demonstrate, with a provable piece of evidence, that influencing, by whatever means, including judges and churches, is and has been a part of the plan for total control of the people and their actions. Would we be doing ourselves any favors to think that they would not use these same tactics, today, enhanced by both technology and experience?

Methods of Disruption

So, now, let's look at objectives that the government might pursue through their various types of informant, agents, and infiltrators:

Discredit, or, take out, leadership or those who pose a threat to the continuation of the government's effort to gain absolute control over the people, removing them from their means of influence over those who might follow them.
Discredit those who might bring attention to government tactics by suggesting questionable behavior, or, accusations, that will occupy them and remove them from any effective contribution to the patriot community.
Move those who are within government control or influence into positions of influence within the patriot community
Create division, wherever possible, any organization that begins to grow and may become effective. If possible, splinter the group into two, or more, factions, so that they don't flee elsewhere, and the government can retain controlling interest, or at least positions of influence, within each faction.
Use of a group the government has control of to create conflict with another group, creating doubt, disenchantment, and, perhaps, dissolution of the targeted group.
If a group has a structure (rules) that would make it more difficult to create disenchantment, challenge, ridicule, or ignore the rules, to create as much disturbance as possible -- hopefully to disrupt any group that might really organize into a cohesive and effective group working together for a common goal.
Stimulate discussion of controversial subjects (Waco, Oklahoma City bombing, 911, Birth Truthers, etc.) to bring division and, perhaps, conflict, oral or physical, between adherents of each side of the issues.
Promote identification of theoretical enemies (Rothschild, Illuminati, Free Masons, etc.) so that members pursue un-provable resolution, thereby creating endless squandering of time on insignificant objectives.
For those with legal pursuit as means of attacking the government, direct them on fanciful flights with erroneous objectives such as Admiralty Law, Maritime Law, Uniform Commercial Code, United States government is a corporation, etc. (reference for the last three items: Divide and Conquer)
Use of "trolls" on Internet discussion groups and other forums to detract from discussions that might cause some to think; includes ridiculing opponent, specious arguments, diversion from the subject of discussion, and other tactics intended to discourage active participation in what might otherwise be productive discussions.


The consequence of the government meddling in our affairs, if we are truly self-governed (We the People), is that the government manipulates us to achieve an increase in power and control over us. It is not our disenchantment with government that is the problem; it is the government overreaching its authority that has caused us to be concerned as to the direction of the government and its impact on us and our posterity.

To achieve their goals, they must devise means for keeping the will of the people from being manifest and force them into compliance with that will. By their efforts to fragment the patriot community, they have achieved their goal and will continue to do so.

When their efforts have identified targets of any effort at political change, outside of the two controlling parties (Democrats and Republicans), and have manipulated the others into ineffectiveness, they have effectively created a one party system, not unlike the Soviet Union's Communist Party where all power was granted only to party members.

Effectively, the government has become the master and we have been subjected to their will -- through the divisive means explained herein.


The solution to this otherwise overwhelming problem is to resist the infiltration, by whatever means necessary.

To begin with, look in to the background of all who join your organization. In the modern world that we live in, we are obliged to provide a Social Security Number (SSN) to arrange for utilities to be turned on, to borrow money or establish credit, and for many other purposes. If we wish to get a job, we are obliged to provide background information regarding previous work history, education, criminal and military records.

Why should something as important as our Liberty not require at least such evidence of background and personal history as our daily lives do? After all, there is far more at stake than whether I can buy something when I don't have the money, or even having electricity at my home.

Thorough background information should be required of all who wish to join any patriot organization, even those currently members. If someone is reluctant to provide such information, then you must wonder if they have something to hide from you that they don't have to hide from their employer or bank. If the position they are seeking might have potential risk to others, then not only the background information, but a review of records* would be in order. If any questions arise that are not properly addressed, then realize that absent satisfactory answers, you may be subjecting yourself to influence that is not in your best interest, or, worse, being set up to take a fall..
[*There are a number of sites on the Internet where court, criminal, and other records can be purchased for very nominal fees – perhaps a good investment for the security of your organization]

If someone has been charged with a crime and adjudication withheld, then they may have worked a deal with the government. Don't put them in a position that would allow them to work a deal with you.

If someone demonstrates any characteristics that lend to the possibility that they are pursuing any of the "Objectives" listed above, there may not be an indication that they have someone else's interest at heart, though the method by which they pursue such objectives should be carefully considered.

Disagreement can be resolved through reasoned discussion/debate. It should be organized and open to all, or many, of the existing members. It should be void of both personal attacks and unsubstantiated (with real evidence) accusations.

Any organization would be wise to adopt some rules and methods of evaluating all of its personnel, including existing officers and members, as well as recruits. They should be based upon the above information as well as interviews with the individual concerned.

Any organization should include within their structure a means to evaluate new members, investigate any member who comes into question, and, establish a review procedure that includes a review board, composed of already approved members, to evaluate any information, conduct hearings, and, proscribe remedies, including removal of membership.

There is no doubt that on occasion, someone may have the appearance of having the characteristics that would lead one to believe that their interest is elsewhere, though it may only be that the person's personality brings about such suspicion. However, is it better to exclude someone by error rather than allow a potential risk to the entire organization. Weigh the risk against the lesser objection to hurting someone's feelings.

These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and thanks of man and women. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain to cheap, we esteem too lightly -- Tis dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

Tom Paine, The American Crisis (December 19, 1776)

Absent our policing ourselves, our groups, and, our own patriot community, we only leave ourselves open to the disruption that the government has desired to create.


At this point in time, we have many thousands of people being deprived of their productive time and participation by "chasing ghosts" created by the government to do just that -- deprive us of time and confuse us with distractions.

At the same time, they have addressed and attacked many who would be useful to our purpose by accusations of crime, as explained in the IRS letter, in violation of federal, state, or local laws. The have, thorough seminars, advised judges to "throw the book at" patriots charged with made up crimes, removing them from any active participation in our cause.

The time has come for us to change the game. They laugh at us, now, because they are far more in control than we want to recognize. We don't recognize it because we have faith in the government -- we just want some changes that return us to the Constitutional government that is our birthright.

They, however, are playing a serious, and often deadly, game, with every intention of winning.

We fear them, yet they have no reason to fear us -- because they have subverted most elements of our movement, and have at least some influence or control on the reminder.

It is time for us to change the game around and get them to fear us. Not through violence, rather, through exposure and removal of those who would seek to undermine our ability to function productively. It is time for us to be as serious about ridding ourselves of these subversive elements as we are about our individual causes, for all are doomed to failure unless we regain control of our own activities.

Thursday, June 21, 2012



J. Croft

It was written recently by a Three Percenter that Christianity is dying because nobody is willing to kill for it.  That Islam is rapidly expanding in large part because enough of its adherents are willing to kill for it.

That is the biggest reason why the U.S. Government has been so successful in expanding their role and reach in Our America,

That is the biggest reason why the Freedom Movement, the Patriot Movement has largely failed, too few of us have been willing to kill on principle.  Oh we’ve had those willing, such as Gordon Kahl who stood toe to toe against federal agents in a shootout wanting to murder him and his son for speaking out against the fraud the U.S. perpetrates against the American People.  Christopher Monfront, who took on the crooked cops of Seattle who beat up girls in jail cells and murder people left and right on the street; bombed and shot them in classic rifle ambushes.  …Where was the support?

Where was those that ought to have spoken up and said “these Americans had the right idea”, where were those who saw in their own areas oath traitors pummeling teenage girls in jail cells, trumping charges to gain a bust? 

Ain’t those calling themselves “patriots” in front of a keyboard doing the shooting, its common convicted criminals and neer-do-wells willing to pick up the AK and shoot it out.  Certain parts of major urban areas the cops will not go in without major backup.  Why?  Because they know if they start up with their petty police state bullshit they’re going to get shot at-not too accurately but they got the will to kill. 

Our enemy employs a lot of lazy, shiftless cowards to whom a honest day’s work is like crosses and sunlight;  but they have at the ready an army of killers-mind you a lot of them want the easy kill but there’s a core group that manically train to be able to kill anyone they’re ordered to at any time.

Not the pretend-a-patriots.

No-a real Patriot grabs his rifle to blast those oath traitors in response to their crimes against the American People and they’re on their own; the rest of the herd of pretend-a-patriots suddenly remember they still sheep and go “baaah!”  And We the People keep losing ground.

No doubt the enemy has been able to operate behind the scenes controlling the media, the schools, the major generators of American mass culture, the levers of political power, banking, industry-all of whom had it as their common interest to disarm and tame the American People.  Americans: who braved slavery both black and white and struggled to be free and settle a hostile continent with little more than the clothes on their backs, rifle in hand; who rose to defend the plot of land they worked so hard to clear in order to grow the crops that will sustain them in the winter from thieves whether they be common criminals or criminals in the employ of the government; who arose to claim their Freedom for their own reasons during the American Revolution, who outshot and outfought the greatest military power on Earth; who were self-sufficient, learned in the law, and distrusted the banks and government.

…It took a long time to gain the trust of such a wary, dangerous people.  Took a coup d’etat in 1789 in Philadelphia to exploit a generated economic and political crisis to write and pass the Constitution-even then they had to add the Bill of Rights to sell this to enough Americans, yet they still had to embargo Rhode Island to get this passed.  They’ve had setbacks such as Andrew Jackson not renewing the Bank of the United States, the Anti-Freemason Party.  Certainly, attempting to control the vast body of self-sufficient, educated, armed Americans had to be done very gradually, very carefully. 

It was eventually, done.  Public schools were first spread via the Townships, then those schools were uniformly structured along the Prussian model, designed to produce drones.  Gradualism was coupled with major shocks to move their social engineering of the wild, dangerous American People via economic disruptions of the money supply and markets and of course the Civil War that while freeing the slaves from the plantations made everyone a slave to the government de jure through the 14th Amendment.  The black slaves were disarmed in the South but also the slaves who weren’t aware they were chattel in the cities were disarmed as a response to ‘crime’.  Industrialization brought the beginning of the end of the self-sufficient American as the wages were set to encourage the farmer and family businessman to abandon their business-where they get the full benefit of their labor-for more cash but they get a tiny sliver of the benefit the factory’s owner gets.

With the advent of the radio and motion pictures it became possible to unify American culturally-both mediums were controlled by the enemy from the beginning.  The World Wars further regimented the American psyche by unifying the People with their enemy the Masonic U.S. government against enemies they raised up in the first place.  Television, with Americans watching it almost their entire free time from school and the wage slave jobs created the American hive mind.  A hive mind programmed by our enemy to mentally disarm and tame the American People, in a coordinated effort with the public schools and the lawyers to make us weak, dependent, unthinking, and most importantly not willing to kill for what’s ours.  To make us sheep, but I baaah to no one. 

So that’s the psychological gulf you need to cross if you want to defend yours, to take what’s been stolen from you back-your nation, your heritage as a Free People:

*You need to free yourself from the fraud that is the U.S., recognize that Masonic entity hijacked Our America 200 years ago, has been using the American People as the fig leaf covering their ugliness.  The rest of the world has attributed us with their deeds.

*You need to recognize that truth and stop obeying the enemy’s laws, listening to the enemy’s propaganda, free yourselves from the mores and values they like to instill into us-such as the learned helplessness preventing you from going out and killing every traitor in sight.

*You need to make yourself ready, mentally and physically, to take on our enemy.

Now, you are a single person.  The enemy likes to run in packs.  Now a single oath traitor harassing some sheep in their Suburban to extort some traffic fines, they know that sheep wouldn’t fight back to save their own lives.  Anyone who might put up even a fistfight, and they call in a dozen of their fellow donut munchers to thug up on them, taze them, beat them half to death and yell at them to STOP RESISTING!

You need your own people to back you up.  Back in the day they were called the Militia. 

Your militia, you will train as a fire team using rifle marksmanship and basic combat drills to hit your enemy out to at least 500 meters with full power rifle cartridges.  You will have your militia where you can keep track of each other as needed on a moment-by-moment basis.   You will be constantly looking for potential recruits to expand your unit’s numbers and to form neighboring units to provide mutual assistance.  I go into this in a recent article “How To Start A Militia-And Get Away With It.”  I also cover much more the training your militia will need in the “Second American Revolution Victory Guide 2.0”.

The thing you will have to work on most to overcome is the mental block keeping you from killing your enemy.  It’s there, and you have to psychologically scrape away the lifetime of programming the enemy’s institutions have instilled into you to be able to stop their enforcers and agents from taking what little we have left.


Shit in the Woods

From the Loompanics catalog of 1996 this is a... editorial about the virtue of keeping one's mouth shut. About keeping one's mouth shut about other people's business. For karma's sake and because you might need those armed and trained men with a fully functional clandestine chemical lab one day... soon.

Shit in the Woods


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