Thursday, November 29, 2007



J. Croft

The First American Revolution was a radical break with the past.

Past revolutions or coup d’etats were either power struggles between rulers and governments, or religions-which amount to still more rulers, more government bodies ordering people to murder each other. The result-aside from the need to draw new maps-was the same. Kings, dukes, bishops, knights, priests lording over the People demanding labor, tithes on Sunday, their bodies as cannon fodder for their constant wars.

And the People suffered. Almost none of the wealth ever came back to the common man as he lived too short a life and died from a farming accident, or disease, or from a bloody battle that resulted from one blueblooded inbred getting insulted by some other blueblooded inbred.

For real. Royal families are all inbred-to keep it in the family and not have any tainted “common blood”.

Well, nothing lasts forever; those violent psychotic inbred bluebloods decided to start looking for new lands to screw up like they did Europe. They came to the Americas-and conquered the despotic regimes of the Aztecs and Incas, and nearly annihilated them, setting up the colonies that would eventually become the despotic regimes of Latin America.

They provided a new market for African slaves, a convenient dumping ground for their excess population that was straining the resources they bothered to provide the People. So as millions of Native Americans died out millions of Africans, and Spanish, Germans, Irish, English, and other European commoners came… to be exploited and expended for empire-both royal and personal.

Yet, for Empire, there’s nothing more dangerous than a frontier. And America was the ultimate frontier; a continent with vast stretches of unpopulated territory, virgin forests, untapped resources beyond calculation. It was too tempting to not exploit, yet expanding westward was exactly the sociological opening that endangered the inbreds world order. Because for people who have only known servitude the chance to head west and be their own master, even with the danger of Native Americans attacking them, that chance at Freedom was too tempting as well.

With the need to take care of one’s self in the wilderness came the need for firearms. Rifles. And German blacksmiths came to the frontier, fine tuned their skills and made the finest rifles of the era. Those rifles didn’t just arm those who chose to head west; they imbuled a sense of God Given Inalienable Rights. Living independently of any Crown or Lord with one’s self responsible for their own survival imbuled a self-sufficiency and ruggedness that made the Frontier Settler as much a alien to being subject as any Native Tribesman. Regrettably, too many of those people had retained the racist and cultural supremacist attitudes of Imperial Europe but belief you’re number one and always right is a universal human affliction.

So, Americans expanded westward and for better or worse engaged the Native Americans and the half Native/half Spanish Mexicans, and won. And with rifle and plow and pick axe, under the protection of the Bill of Rights built the greatest Republic, the greatest Free State in known history.

So what happened?! What drove me to write this and you to read?

I wrote in “The Two Americas” that there are actually two Americas; the beast, the imperial machine that culturally, economically and militarily dominates Earth-and the America the beast and it’s minions have been steadfastly trying to kill… even as they use OUR America as a disguise, a foil, to commit all the atrocities that have been attributed to the United States.

The United States government stems from the Constitution that was created in 1787. The Constitution was NOT the first governing document of the United States-that honor goes to the Article of Confederation. The first government of America was a Confederacy; each state having nearly all the attributes of independent nations save for a Congress, a President, and a Navy. Needless to say that government was very constricted.

Those that came up with our Constitution were known as Federalists; they were the wealthiest, most educated of early Americans, and being “elite” they did not like the Articles restricting their power. They sought a government they could more easily exert influence and control over. To that end they manufactured so much economic and political havoc among the 13 Colonies that the Continental Congress authorized a convention to fix the Articles… and in 1787 those Federalists audaciously scrapped the Articles, and created the Constitution in secret.

Opposition was fierce but slow in response and uncoordinated; they could not defeat the Federalists but did manage to force in the Bill of Rights to get the Constitution ratified. In case you forgot, or never learned they are:

*Right of Free Speech, Assembly, Press, and Religion, and to Petition for Redress of Grievance.

*Right to bear arms.

*Right to not have troops quartered in their homes without consent.

*Right to have their home and personal effects secure from intrusion and seizure. No warrents issued without probable cause, affirmed under oath and restrictions on time and place.

*Right to not be forced to incriminate oneself, to not be tried twice for the same crime, to not be deprived of life or liberty without due process. To not have property seized by the government without just compensation.

*Right to a jury trial in a speedy and public manner and ability to mount a defense.

*Absolute right of the jury to have verdict stand as final.

*Right to not be cruelly or unusually punished, nor have excessive fines posted.

*Equality of Rights

*All other powers not designated reserved to the States and the People.

It’s these Amendments, these Rights that have impeded the elitist Federalists and their descendants the bankers, the dynastic political families like the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, the Foleys. They and their deluded toady bureaucrats, lawyers and police have mounted a stealth campaign to besiege our Rights. They create problems, cause reactions and propose solutions that ultimately take away those Rights:

*Free Speech is being restricted in government schools and at political rallies and protests. Freedom of Religion is violated by the IRS conferring 501(c3) tax free status in exchange for restrictions of political speech-violations of which are brutally punished. The Press is either controlled by the beast’s fellow travelers in the corporate media, or in the case of the Internet there’s plots to destroy it. Petition for Redress of Grievances? What’s that-who uses THAT?!

*The Right to Keep and Bear Arms DOES NOT EXIST. Except in Vermont, you cannot openly or carry concealed personal protection. The proper Militias are no more-save for the tattered remnants of the 90’s Militia Movement, and the beast constantly tries to demonize those brave souls. Military-level training is largely suppressed save for a few academies that cost thousands of dollars and the Appleseed Program.

*The quartering of troops in private homes would become a huge factor in wartime-but if things keep going in this country expect to have some troops kick you out of your own home.

*Search and seizure laws violate the 4th Amendment on it’s face-it’s dead. Thank the government manufactured “wars” on drugs and “terror”.

*Seizure laws, again, violate parts of the 5th Amendment. Due Process is increasingly being violated, and lawyers have conspired to make a true legal defense practically impossible… unless you’re rich. Trials are stretched out to further ensure bankruptcy of any defendant, violating in spirit the 6th Amendment.

*Juries have been interfered with by Judges and Prosecutors as to how they’re “allowed” to vote, by having “troublemakers” eliminated to ensure a guilty verdict.

*Excessive fines, jail time, unusually cruel conditions are universal in America’s legal system. Ask any pot smoker, street dealer, dissidents, or anyone taking their 2nd Amendment at face value.

*Certain “minorities” are given breaks and special “rights” that engender racial and social divisions and conflicts. This keeps everyone’s eyes off of the beast who perpetrates more conflict as they sieze more Rights as a response.

*The federal government, the beast, exerts power with every grant, every perk, every loan to the States and the People. Highway funds for deliberately shoddy highways are denied unless they do everything from unreasonably regulate speed to arresting people for riding a bicycle with a beer in them. Supply of funds and surplus military equipment to police forces come with obligations to obey federal mandates. Student loans for overpriced college education comes with decades of financial serfdom. Federal agencies of every kind interject and assert unconstitutional authority and power in every facet of life-government is now 40% of American GDP. Worst of all are agencies like Homeland Security, ATF, FBI, and the IRS who are destroying our Rights wholesale now that knowledge of them has disappeared from common knowledge… yet another facet of the beast’s war on us.

So you see, Our America is but a myth-a made in china flag the beast drapes around it’s criminal actions so that ignorant ‘murkans will go along with the war on them-not realizing they could be next! Our America, right now, exists only in our hearts… and our actions.

Heart and Action: what is in your heart ultimately become the acts you do and don’t do.

You believe in Freedom, Justice for All, at least the principle of equality under law, you’ll act on those beliefs, you’ll be responsible in the constant monitoring and correcting of public servants. You’ll keep and bear arms-and happily teach others in their effective usage as part of the Militia. You’ll treat each time you’re called for Jury Duty as an opportunity to use the courts to help free any innocents being persecuted by bad law or bad government officials. You’ll monitor your local police and government officials constantly-mounting emergency recall campaigns and even calling up the Militia to restore good government.

You believe in looking out after Number One and minding which side your bread’s buttered-and who butters it? Just look at the parasites and scum that consist of the lawyers, bureaucrats, bankers, and cops.

Lawyers who’ve turned America’s laws into their monopoly, their racket. Bureaucrats who choke the land and it’s People with millions of more rules and regulations. Bankers who fleece the People of their money through debt slavery and even go so far as to illegally use currency unbacked by Constitutionally mandated silver and gold-so they can debase it at whim. Cops who now set up average citizens for victimless “crimes”-violations of rules bureaucrats and lawyers make up… and beat, tazer and murder the innocent when they can.

So you see; your Heart dictates your action or inaction. And in today’s America only someone with courage and wisdom can hope to have that hard foundation in his Heart strong enough to bear the actions that are needed-that will be needed.

Our America can only arise and become triumphant IF AND ONLY IF we Patriots can awaken the True Spirit of America in others. Not just our fellow countrymen, but in all men that they have God Given, Inalienable Rights.

Ultimately, the heart is our battleground-not just the cities, towns, farms, forests and mountains, though that will come as well. To succeed, the Second American Revolution it must be made into a struggle for the heart and soul of every person.

Toward our success, I offer this plan of action.


1-The Government WILL kill you.

2-Keep your mouth SHUT.

3-Learn how to shoot.

Surviving is good, but without the hope of eventual Victory, survival is but a form of living death. The kind of death prisoners serving life know, or the billions of human beings that are born, live, and die in the 160 or so squalid dictatorships.

No, mere survival is not enough; the promise of a new dawn for mankind must be MADE, not dreamed of. That is why I’m writing this follow-on to Martial Law Survival Guide. Mainly for Americans but I’m certain the lessons can be used by just about anyone from any society on Earth. Let’s proceed.


What is your destination. What kind of society do you want to live in?

I’ll go ahead and tell you the kind of society we all should live in:

1)Society must serve the Individual; not only in her or his basic needs-protection from enemies foreign and domestic, the guarantee of Rights, dispensation of Justice but in each of us encouraging one another to be better, to as Individuals contributing what God has given each of us. Current models of society wind up having the People serve the state-either embodied by a god-king or a collective of bureaucrats, agents, professional politicians and financiers.

This model has caused nothing but endless war and misery for Man. For each and every person living on Earth the only way to stop the murders, thefts, and subjugation is to overcome the state and make the Individual fulfillment the measure of governance.

2)That being said, such Individuals, such Free People need a moral guide that unmistakably comes from God. Because only through a moral baseline lovingly instilled from birth can the baser impulses of human beings truly be suppressed-not with more guns, more laws and more prisons.

3)This Society of Sovereign, Free People must have their Rights defended by a basic law, enforceable by that Individual against the very government that would violate those Rights.

The Right to Bear Arms must be guaranteed. So must Private Property without taxation, the Right to Vote after proving competency, Freedom of Speech, Belief, and Protest. The greater demands of Justice require that Jury Trial by one’s own peers-once proven to be competent citizens-be the rule in all cases and that Jury Nullification be enshrined as an absolute Right.

4)Such a society of Sovereign, Free People require that each Individual be competent in the handling of such power. One cannot be a full citizen with the Right to Vote and serve Jury Duty without being fully educated and proven to wield such knowledge with competence. Of course, racism is about as viable in such a society as belief in flat earth.

5)With these Rights, it must be impressed upon this society of Sovereign, Free People that it’s constant, eternal defense is everyone’s Responsibility. It’s laws must be everyone’s Responsibility. It’s enforcement must be everyone’s Responsibility, as are the conduct of those entrusted with public service as is amendment, removal and punishment for the slightest breach of Public Trust-for such is TREASON!

And there is only one suitable punishment for Treason-death.

That is a rough sketch of the society I strive for with my writings, which every day bring risk of who I am being discovered by the beast. The beast of course, is a tyrant and so for the sake of future generations must be utterly destroyed. That is my goal, and it should be yours.




Our Ideal is Individual Freedom-and that society must be constructed around the preservation of Individual Freedom so each person can have the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential, which in the end contributes to the society. Real Freedom from enslaving ideologies, from enslaving government. Towards taking this Freedom, many steps must be taken-many of them will be painful. But such is the price of taking one’s Freedom.

Those steps are physical-getting in shape, becoming self-sufficient and capable of defense of one’s self and others. Mental-ruthlessly eliminating addictions, dependencies on the beast and it’s many mental traps. Spiritual-FINDING GOD IN YOUR HEART YOURSELF AS YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY BACK TO OUR FATHER. Because only having Our Father in your Heart will give you the strength to say NO.

Freedom, in today’s debased America, is an alien concept. Americans are trained from infancy to believe they’re free while actually being the most comprehensively controlled people in history.

There are many aspects of Freedom-however many people being introduced to them will not understand them, and so will tune you out. Therefore, it’s vital to know who you’re talking to and what they’re ready to hear. So, I’ve divided the common Patriot themes and ideals that have been expoused over the past half century into separate categories based on common knowledge and ability to be accepted upon first contact.

Introductory ideals

These are what average uneducated folks can readily grasp and agree with. They should be delivered in a way that entices them to find out what causes them-which will lead them to the intermediate ideals. They should be rooted in answering everyday problems that lead to a truer vision of what’s wrong.

I must state here that people are usually only ready to hear the truth when they’re ready to listen-that is when the world model they operate off of can’t explain how their life is so messed up. They struggle until they reach a epiphany, where all the little doubts in their minds come together in a perfect storm, and they awake.

Our introductory ideals must be constructed to artificially induce this perfect storm that will crack open the programming the megacorporate ran mass culture and government schools have bathed the average American their entire lives. They must be outwardly simple, easy to grasp and attract the attention of the average American’s childlike mentality, yet once viewed or read engineer the epiphany they’ve long needed.

Yes, see what average folks are bitching about and start there. Show them the beginning of the rhetorical rabbit hole as the source of their problems-yet hint that there’s a lot more to figure out.

Examples? Hmm, that’s a good one, because there are so few-I don’t know if any exist. They’ll have to be made in the first place. But let’s figure out what the average American’s worried about:

*Keeping their jobs-but their traitor bosses are cutting benefits, pay, or just shipping them to China.

*Try to provide food for their families-but all their food is poisoned, as is their water.

*Give their children an education-but they can’t add or know their history, or mentally function, but they can follow state school indoctrination and be good little Hitler Youth.

*Save for their retirement-but don’t know insurance is a fraud, their 401k’s are a fraud, even keeping their money in a bank is a fraud.

*Keeping safe in a dangerous society-but don’t know government engineers the crime and the criminals to create a problem, their crimes cause a reaction which leads to the public accepting the government’s plans to take their Freedom.

Intermediate ideals

This will be the standard issues we in the Movement struggled with, that which form the entrance to that rabbit hole analogy. It’s important not to expose the Recruit until their mind is receptive to understanding and accepting them. Fortunately most Patriot literature fills the need in this department-it’s just that we’ve lost sight of where most folks are at and that we’re trying to teach the equivalence of quantum physics to people who can’t answer 2+2 correctly.

Deepest ideals

These will be the ultimate motivation to the Recruit to join the Struggle. Spiritual, because this struggle is ultimately a struggle for the souls of every person. That people’s lives have to have purpose! Purpose! We as Americans have been placed on Earth at this time not to be spectators to Armageddon, but to STOP IT! Nothing less than the destiny of the Human Race is dependant on each of our decisions to wake up and fight.

Counterrevolutionary resistance

Already happening. America’s mainline culture is a marvel of social control and debasement. The beast has managed over a period of a century to debase the greatest, most free people in history and turned them into cowardly, greedy, materialistic slaves. Slaves. ALL OUR RHETORIC MUST STRIKE UPON EVERYONE’S SUBCONSCIOUS AWARENESS THEY ARE SLAVES!

A note on overcoming culturally induced passivity and evil

Americans are now so self-centered, so uncaring they’re literally watching people dying and not doing anything to help, they’re the first to snitch to the government against innocent people-over nothing.

Such people will only care about keeping their sad little lives as the beast’s slaves going. I see no hope for such individuals. It’s those who are repulsed at a basic level by these attitudes that are our hope.


Finding like-minded, motivated individuals

The most obvious place(and you need to hurry while it’s still permitted to operate)is the internet. Go to popular web sites, hit the Forums and Message Boards. Start talking about (1) Introductory Ideals applied to (2) local issues and people that can be related to. It will be obvious what those will be.

There are lots of frustrated people-but most will be too apathetic to do much more than bitch online and then go back to their lives of quiet slavery. The first test of the prospective recruit will be actually meeting up. If they make a date and show up, it’s downhill from there.

Downhill in varying degrees based on who you meet; maybe you’ll find someone who’s studying, learning, trying to prepare like you. Then you can work as a group, and a group is much more powerful than the sum of the individuals.

The counterrevolutionary danger of course is that you’ll be targeted by the government as a dangerous fringe group. So try to keep it quiet, small, and each person having their own group.


Persuading those who will listen to introductory ideals-well that depends on whether they’re interested.

Most people are content with their slave wages, their debt-fueled fraudulent lifestyle. Rather watch the game on TV than wake up to how they’re “American Dream” is really their nightmare. Subconsciously knowing they’re in a nightmare they go into denial, desperate to keep blissfully asleep so they can just kick back, crack open that beer and just enjoy themselves…

People are awakening. They’re awakening at varying stages. Some are noticing how prices of food and fuel keep going up while the TV lies to them that inflation is still “low”.

Some are noticing that America’s turned into a police state-how the laws, the cops have become the oppressors of the People.

Some notice on election day how their votes are changed, that candidate x can win even though they’ll get together and they all voted for y.

Some notice how the same cast of greedy rich old men get recycled in and out of positions in government and the corporations.

Some notice how America’s economic, political and military strength has been harnessed for empire and profit-even at the expense of deliberate sacrifices of soldiers at Pearl Harbor and ordinary people on 9/11 to create pretext to go to war.

So your approach is obvious; engage those who are ready to listen by where they’re at. FIRST ask them what they think is wrong; they’ll tell you… then you let them know it’s much worse than they thought.

…But you don’t give them too much, or go too deep into how bad things are. You’ll overload them, plus their mainstream cultural programming will kick in and they’ll mentally shut down-call you a kook.

So you engage them where they’re at. And you have to let them connect the dots themselves-connect the dots to where they see that 1) you know what you’re talking about and 2) they need to ask a lot more questions than you can answer at first contact. So get together with them again, and if you got a Friend, have them tag along if you can. Keep expanding their knowledge FROM WHERE THEY’RE AT.

Keep stoking their fire-for knowledge. Keep stoking their anger, keep them motivated to learn more.

Keep leading them not just to the Truth, but also, solutions. Solutions that will actually work will be what will keep your recruits, and motivate them to transform themselves-and that is where you should be having them direct their efforts. You don’t throw raw recruits into the battlefield, without training or physical, mental, spiritual preparation. Especially with a long term Revolutionary struggle, a battle to the death against the beast.

Get them to eat right-organically. Get them to kick the TV habit. Get them to start walking, or some other introductory physical conditioning.

Invite them to go shooting with you; if they’ve never used a gun before this is the Golden Opportunity to instill good shooting skills and good shooting habits. Then take them gun shopping, based on their available money. Ideally they have about 1-2000 dollars to spend on a M-14 and accessories.

So, take your recruits to the range. Turn them into riflemen. Take your recruits into the woods, turn them into Militia.

Develop your friendship-by then you should be friends. Forge a relationship with them, help them become what they’ll need to be to stand fast for the struggle to come. AND EVALUATE THEM-FIGURE OUT WHAT THEIR CHARACTER IS!! One thing the Revolution cannot afford is a traitor.

Eventually they’ll be ready to start downsizing their lifestyle to a form that will survive what’s coming.

They’ll be looking for land in the country, by a small town with a balanced economy, fairly self-sufficient if need be, near other Patriot enclaves and defensible.

Counterrevolutionary resistance

The beast is forever monitoring, cataloging, catagorizing, assessing. The beast profiles each and every one of us-through our social security numbers, driver’s licenses they can get into EVERYTHING YOU DO THAT EVER INVOLVED YOU GIVING UP THOSE IDENTIFIERS.

So, any behavioral changes your recruit will show, any shifting of their spending habits, what they watch, buy, do will show up and be interpreted by agents of the beast. If you’re already under increased scrutiny, being monitored, tracked, so will they. And if the beast is good at anything is intimidating.

They might even be so bold as to arrange a encounter where they can scare off your recruit.

What to do?

Train your recruit on privacy, proper spending habits and rapidly dropping out of the beast’s system. In short:

*Stop using credit cards-not just as insturments of debt slavery but also because what they spend on can be tracked. Same with checks. Cash and money orders are the only acceptable means of payment for the Revolutionary.

*Downsize their home down to a rented apartment. Sell all that junk-they should have done this already-and use the proceeds to liberate themselves from debt slavery.

*WHATEVER YOU DO, HAVE YOU RECRUITS BUY THEIR WEAPONS PRIVATELY! No need to tip the beast off there are more gun owners. Hit the gun shows-while they’re still around-and get them their rifles, ammo and gear. Scour the yard sales if the need’s urgent and the flea markets. Make sure none of you come off as “street”; most sellers are straight arrow law and order types.

*Have a private place to shoot in someone’s back woods. Train them there. Go over the basics of rifle and pistol shooting until they can hit consistently out to 500 yards. Get some Frontsite, Gunsight and Thunder Ranch training videos and practice the techniques. Paintball… valuable close combat simulation training.

Cultural, and social barriers to these steps are going to be intense. Friends, coworkers and most tragically family are NOT going to understand. Friends come and go, you get new coworkers when you shift jobs. Family… they will be the biggest stumbling block for the recruit. You’ll lose recruits from spouses or parents overpowering their awakening. Kids will rebel-wanting to keep their friends and lifestyle.

Or, you may get especially angry recruits, because they realize the beast has cost them their loved ones. They’ll probably be among the first to start shooting. You’ll have to keep a close eye on these.

Or, you may get more recruits via their family. You may hit the jackpot and get a few friends and coworkers. Just be discerning, okay?

And if you get too successful recruiting, the government will notice when it’s no longer just you or a couple of people-you’ve got a group-and now you’ve got a “cult” or a “terrorist cell”. Which is when you have to split up and each of your fellow Patriots starts recruiting themselves.

In all of this you have to see yourself as, say, a Master-of being Free-and your recruits as Apprentances, because this is a continuing journey for all of us.


Campaign Organization

Your candidate should concentrate on selling himself as a candidate. Have a campaign manager and support staff to run his campaign, strategize, figure out where they can get the best results for resources, fundraising.

Targeting the “right” community

This won’t be easy, there will be many, complicated and even contradictory considerations to make.

Survivability in case of the worst case scenarios(all out war, civilization collapse) must be considered. Are there enough basic resources to make the town or area self-sufficient? I’m talking water, land for farming, fuel, sources of raw materials. Are these resources nearby? Easily accessable?

Is the town geographically defensible; is it on hilltops? Are there water barriers like rivers and lakes where land traffic is channeled into narrow strips of land or bridges? How far is it away from major cities and interstate highway networks?

Is there a mix of industry? Machine shops, lumber yard, a junkyard? Small, independent businesses?

Just as important, how are the people? Is there a reasonable mix, is there several groups? What are the demographics; how many rich, how many middle class, poor?

Who runs this community? Is it a group that’s been in government forever? Do they hand off to each other offices, or is it like Boss Hogg-a single oligarch?

What have they done to piss people off-are they pissed off enough for someone to galvanize their anger into resolve to replace them with you?

Community factors-and how to stoke them to a roaring fire

Working class people are the most numerous, but they have the least time to devote to change as they are waging a daily battle to survive-that they’re slowly losing. Pointing this out to them will kill their hope things will “get better in the end” as we know they won’t by themselves.

“Minorities”-I hate using that word, but racism is used by the enemy to create racial bias against those that have been discriminated against feel they can strike at. Fighting the battle they can win-but they have to see they’re losing the war with such thinking.

Small business owners not affiliated or related to the local power structure are a resource for funds and supplies for a campaign. They’ll know how city hall really works.

Disgruntled workers at the country clubs and the fancy restaurants overhear a lot of secrets, and are in positions to plant surveillance devices.

Waging the election battle-sweeping them all out.

Keep your campaign office well out of the jurisdiction you’re campaigning for! You WILL be raided, and evidence planted, and that will be it for you.

Pamphleteering, going door to door-any activity in the town you’re trying to free, have somebody with a video camera ready to record any abuse of power by the local PD.

Hammer relentlessly on the corruption, the heavy-handed authoritarianism, the cash register “justice”. Hammer on the crooks that exploit public office for personal power.

Keep yourselves squeaky clean! Don’t give the enemy an opening! Don’t go out to bars, don’t do anything that could possibly be construed as “controversial”, that can be used against you.

The closer you get to election day, the worse the pressure.

On election day, you better have monitors to ensure no votescam fraud is happening. Hopefully, they won’t be too sleazy-maybe they’ll be overconfident, or incompetent.

IF THEY ARE… and you lose, you could try recourse through the courts, but I wouldn’t count on a win. Have people with cameras, document each and every vote and voter independently and raise hell.

Otherwise, you should win, because only a few hundred to a few thousand people, a fraction of the total of eligible voters, vote in these local elections anyway-THAT’S THE BEAST’S WEAK POINT!

After the Victory:

Liberating the town. There’s a lot of socialist scum to clean out, but once the job’s done you’re going to see immense changes.

SCRAPPING LAWS AND TAXES-There are hundreds of laws designed by lawyers for their own benefit when they take people to their own courts. Impose a ban on lawyers serving in public office. A lot of regulations designed to draw in income through fines-out. Slash taxes, and how to bridge the budget gap? Divest all investments…

RECLAIMING CAFR INVESTMENTS-Nearly every town has sunk tax dollars into for profit ventures and investments, while whining for more levies and scheming to impose more fines. Selling land and buildings, stocks, and other investment vehicles and returning the money to each resident.

RECLAIMING THE SCHOOLS-Kick out the feds and the NEA. Have a curriculum designed by home schoolers.

REIGNING IN THE POLICE-With the wholesale scrapping of laws, the cops aren’t going to have a lot to do, and they were doing way too much beforehand. With a new chief or sheriff fire everyone and hire Patriot veterans or ex-cops who wouldn’t go along with the corruption. Any and all funds and equipment gotten from the federal government MUST BE RETURNED as any money or equipment obligates local governments by contract to bow to federal authority.

FORMING VOLUNTEER MILITIAS-or call it a neighborhood watch with military training at the newly liberated police department if you like, so long as Americans are prepared to defend their newly liberated town. Militia service is as much an obligation toward maintaining good government as attending town hall meetings and paying taxes.

ADVERTISING FOR SPREADING YOUR TOWN’S REVOLUTION TO NEARBY TOWNS-For your own Revolution to succeed you absolutely must continue the momentum you got off your victory by encouraging those able and motivated to move to neighboring towns and replicating what you have accomplished. Your town’s greatly improved enviroment will attract a lot of negative attention, and one person or one town standing alone will get taken out. So that alone means your survival will depend on spreading the Revolution as aggressively as possible.

TAKING THE COUNTY-ESPECIALLY THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE-TO SHIELD THE REVOLUTION FROM FEDERAL INTERFERENCE-This is a CRITICAL step, as the only shield to federal power is the Sheriff. This means winning enough town governments to ensure a election victory, which means you really can’t afford to be satisfied with cleaning out the state loving scum in your own town because the feds will come a knocking. With the Sheriff though, the feds cannot even enter the county without permission. And without permission, your county, your town once liberated from state and federal tyranny will become ground zero for expanding the Revolution. Yes, surrounding counties will try to stop your efforts, so it’s imperative that the next counties you infiltrate you strike so that several town Revolutions happen simultaniously.

Managing Revolution-targeting efforts for best overall prospects of final victory

There are more factors regarding sucessful Revolution than merely which locales are the most corrupt. Towns and counties can be isolated and cut off economically-could your county sustain itself? Can your county be self-sufficient in food, power, basic manufacturing, can it stand a chance of defending itself militarily if need be? Probably not-not by it’s own, further necessitating the maximum aggresiveness in spreading the Second American Revolution.

This aggresiveness must be coupled with an eye for America’s internal geopolitical reality. This is a nation made interdependent on other regions and foreigners. In many areas, perhaps some form of independence could be cobbled together, but in other areas, this struggle will be much more difficult, maybe impossible until the final cleansing of the beast from the land.

What areas would be more conductive to Revolution? Putting aside purely political considerations which would mandate the inner cities, Appalachia, the Indian Reservations and much of the South be the more successful candidates, economics and geography must be factored.

The Northeast won’t be a good first choice, as there’s too much population within easy reach of the eastern seaboard cities, which will be the last areas of America to be liberated. Their only hope is as near a simultanious massive Revolution-which upon some govt. tool reading this will be planned against. So their turn will have to wait.

Appalachia, if their apathy can be overcome, will make a good base for Revolution. Good farmland, climate, terrain, there’s some development but enough for self-sufficiency as a region? Appalachia is the most defensible area east of the Missisippi.

Great Lakes region encompass rural areas as well as the rust belt cities. These are dominated from Chicago, so a hundred mile area around that bastion of government tyranny will have to be written off. Northern Michigan is isolated. Much of Indiana and Ohio has hilly terrain and lots of towns with some potential for self-sufficiency. Going west, especially in the vicinity of Chicago, the land is flat, undefensible. State slave mentalities have really taken root, so prospects are as stated, dim.

The South could do it-if they don’t erupt in racial violence. Lots of self-sufficient types, decent climate, and they’re already enured to a deprived lifestyle. Problem areas are much of Florida and Atlanta.

The Midwest will be among the last to be liberated, as the terrain is too easily taken, there’s few resources, and there’s too much dependency on centralized power grids and roads.

The Rocky Mountain region is just west-and just west of the enemy strongholds of Denver and Cheyenne will be the strongest base for Revolution, but they’ll need to overcome communications problems, energy, and isolation between bastions due to terrain and population sparcity that will wind up with a lot of besieged towns.

The Pacific Northwest, not counting the Seattle-Tacoma vicinity can be counted with the Rocky Mountains in potential.

California north of Sacramento can be counted with the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. From Sacramento-San Francisco south you must calculate as you would the Eastern Seaboard but with desert and mountainous terrain-lots’ of power centers and thouroughly socialized populace.


Spread like wildfire throughout the hinterland, and when strong enough geographically and politically begin enroaching toward the cities, eventually besieging them.

Taking the cities will be dependent on political structure. Regionally integrated cities will be much more difficult as the regional government will be hard to penetrate and have resources to respond. Fractured metropolitan areas-cities and town govenrments not politically united-will offer much better prospects for infiltration and takeover, gradually until efforts can be made in the major city itself, however it’s organized.

Prospects of a peaceful Revolution?

Best to expect and prepare for the worst. Because power corrupts and these people we struggle against have had it their way for far, far too long. They’ll use every resource at their disposal to thwart the People taking back THEIR government.

Certainly, if the People awaken a lot of these criminals can be driven out of government office. But the beast won’t go down quietly; if it is willing to burn and gas women and children at Waco, wage war against innocent peoples and nations for a fraudulent war, they’ll sic their thugs on our Revolution. Plant drugs, create scandal, perform tax audits, or maybe just send a SWAT team at the “wrong address”.

Certainly, if those that serve the beast feel the system is finally being used against them, they’ll change the rules of the game; suspend the Constitution, declare martial law and rule with naked force.

There will be no choice then but to fight back.


Completing the American Revolution

Violent Government Retaliation; a certainty.

A message to the First Resisters

First, you probably won’t survive. Perhaps the government has been surveilling you for some time. They’ll know who you are, who your friends are-and watch them as well. They’ll be ready when you “act out”.

Perhaps it’ll be one “encounter” with law enforcement too many; those cowboys are a bunch of thugs who look for a easy mark to bully. You probably won’t be 100% ready, but neither will they.

The point is, when it jumps off you’re going to be alone. Unless your true friends have eluded surveillance or escaped notice they won’t be in a position to help you right away-if at all. If out on the road you’ll have at best a fraction of your resources-but you’ll probably still have your vehicle for a bit.

But you’re going to be alone.

You’re going to be the next Eric Rudolph; man bombs two abortion clinics and spends the next five years hiding in the North Carolina hinterland, and pick out of garbage cans… Until you’ve lost fifty pounds, you’re always hungry, you’re physically sick, you’re psychologically sick of being alone and forever on the run and subconsciously you let yourself slip up. And you wind up the beast’s next trophy.

Or maybe like Ralph “bucky” Phillips: escapes jail, kills a New York State Trooper. He goes on the run, initially has support of family and friends-but the beast knew who they were. Phillips had to run and hide on his own, managed to dodge capture… for a short while. He hid, shot two more Troopers but like Rudolph he was eventually chased into exhaustion, and gave up.

You’re going to be alone-unless you have Friends, New Identity, and Purpose

Friends-relationships you’ve established before where there’s NO phone records, NO e-mail, neither you nor they under active investigation and surveillance. You have a place for them to rest and re-equip and they likewise for you.

New Identity-Doesn’t have to be ID but that would greatly help. A new identity means enough of a change of what’s established as who you are to throw off those hunting you. This will facilitate you being able to fulfil your Purpose.

Purpose-All Eric Rudolph, and Bucky Phillips had was a need to escape capture-and that’s never enough. Those making last stands like Carl Drega(killed two New Hampshire State Troopers a editor and a bureaucrat before suiciding) or Marvin Heemeyer (built a makeshift tank out of a heavy construction vehicle and demolished a town) see nothing beyond going out fighting.

To raise an army, you must do much, much better.

Run, hide-yes, of course! …What will you do next? Where will you go? Who will you try and contact? What will you do when you get there? Determining that is all up to you, I don’t want to give the beast any more clues than they got.

Most importantly, how will you get your message out? This I will go into detail.

Forget pamphleteering with long manifestos (okay, shut up, I know) nobody reads. You have to exploit the digital revolution, with laptop computers, wireless internet and the new generation of high definition camcorders you can literally put into your pocket.

First, you need your story, or event.

Have a camera fixed outside your operation. A mini camera hooked to your head gear as a point of view (POV). Capturing surveillance video would be a good ideal.

You edit your footage together either as a propaganda piece or a educational video on what not to do. How-to videos should also be made while you’re at it.

Then, using the internet distribute the videos, or burn some dvd and plant them around like pamphlets.

Growing the Resistance

The same principles that apply to peaceful Revolution apply to using force.

Growing individual cells and individuals with a common purpose; recruit motivated people by scouting for those willing to take risks, and are competent. Approach them; don’t take anyone who wants to join! Ever! You can’t take the chance they’re the enemy!

Get them trained up to at least be a rifleman, but each person has some kind of talent or knowledge that needs to be cultivated. Because you never, ever know where you’ll find a person who knows chemistry, or how to operate machine tools, has a medical background, knows someone inside the beast who’s willing to pass on info. Hell, you might find a genius who comes up with a new weapon that can be turned out in clandestine machine shops or figure out new ways of fighting. Never ever know, so keep an open mind.

Guerrilla warfare overview

Winning the support of enough Real Americans for a support/recruitment base

You do this by winning. Big victories are nice, but showing the People that resistance is possible and you can get away to fight another day or hour will provoke more resistance against the enemy, more cooperation with Fighters. Encourage each person to fight the war in the way they can best fit, because only a small fraction of people make good warriors. Most can pick up a rifle but only a few can really fight. A lot of people have no business going out looking for a fight, but they can grow food or make weapons, or spy.

With more Fighters you can wage more war. With a clandestine war economy you can keep waging war. Machine tools will be needed to manufacture weapons and weapon making equipment but the need for clandestinely produced power will be critical. Siphoning power from the grid is the worst option because your power consumption can be tracked… and machine tools need lots of power. Solar panels could be made illegal or registered, plus they’re impossible to camoflage. Power generators are fuel dependent; diesels can be fed biodiesel made from waste plants or used cooking oil. Better would be a in-engine hydrogen conversion from water as fuel. Generators are also noisy and radiate heat, and require venting for the exhaust gases. Geothermal has the best possibility if you start underground in the first place, and only in a few places is it readily tapped-you’ll need drilling equipment, and such machinery is very hard to hide, very hard to kept fueled and going without detection.

Gaining enough operational territory to begin transition to conventional warmaking

Keep your cells small, keep your cells targets small-attack the enemy as individuals. Grow your resistance, grow your active territory. Spread out across the land. Each cell should be self-sufficient as far as personal survival, but also if possible have a service or production capacity to contribute to the larger war effort.

A clandestine Internet will be needed to share information. Redundant wireless relays cheaply made with common parts along with compatable receivers and a encryption system to lock out enemy monitoring will be needed. Otherwise information sharing will be by personal contact and that is much slower.

Sooner or later, after the entire nation has active cells in number and strength efforts can be made to manufacture weapons. Raw materials will need to be processed, fabricated into new kinds of weapons a clandestine economy can make yet able to take on the current state of the art. At the same time, denying resources to the enemy is critical because this is the attrition phase to choke off weapons, food, fuel and personnel from the beast’s strongholds, the major cities.

Time must be right to permanently sieze territory. Any effort must be sustainable, and have a probability of success in taking and holding that territory. Furthermore, said territory must be able to facilitate further seizure of territories adjacant in support of strategic goals. With permanent territory the ability to wage war is greatly increased now that there’s less need for clandestine guerilla manufacturing of varying quality and output. Much greater manufacture of much better weapons and weapon systems will be possible, and the liberation that should’ve taken place through elections under a Constitutional Republic can take place.

There will be concentration camps; whatever plans are made, plan for the dispersal and integration of those freed into your cells and communities. This will be a shock to your resources even when you do your best to ready yourselves. Yet the effort must be made to get fighters and workers, and to show the beast they cannot imprison us and get away with it.

Better to free prisoners in convoys, trucks, and local jails.

Endgame: Major Cities versus the Countryside.

Possibility of infiltrating and subverting cities filled with people who’ve already rejected Revolution.

There’s some because a lot of people who want to be Free will be trapped for one reason or another. Perhaps there’s enough who want Freedom that the town can be taken. Or sections of the larger metropolitan area can be taken and the others conquered. Urban fighting by the way, favors infantry with simple, heavy weapons that shoot high explosives. Air power is fleeting and often inaccurate even if you had the US Air Force. Tanks are nothing but targets because most of their armor’s up front and you can assault a foe from any direction with cover.

Possibility of permanent division between cities under federal government and Our America.

If both sides agree to an armistice. There won’t be a peace treaty-there can’t be because both sides will be too invested in winning to stop. Because this is do or die. If the fighting doesn’t just keep going on, there will be a number of pauses as both sides catch their breaths, gather resources for the next round of fighting. This will be a long, bloody war.

The greatest sieges in history

Sieges are brutal to those subjected to them. If sustained, without reinforcement or relief the buildings get destroyed, the population has their fighters slowly killed off, the rest die of disease and starvation. America’s major cities will be extremely difficult to penetrate because they will have the most surveillance. Starving them out would be easier given the long, vulnerable supply lines between the major cities. If nuclear weapons are used, that is because the siege is broken.

How long would this horrible war last?

Not factoring in anymore federal imperialism-decades. America will be devastated. Knowing the nature of the beast however, the federal government will keep invading more defenseless third-world countries, keep trying to tighten the noose around those nations that can keep resisting, keep subverting until…

…until someone snaps and decides to resolve the United States government’s incremental imperialism with nuclear weapons. They will seek to end once and for all the beast’s power and so will attack the cities. It’s uncertain WHO will deliver the killing blow, but there are only a few possible candidates:

Our America-if we find a way to acquire military stockpiles, or some genius comes up with a way for American Patriots to manufacture one… the commander that would authorize using such weapons would be extremely ruthless. Otherwise-no.

China-I’m certain the Chinese WILL use nuclear weapons on us anyway, but to support a countryside rebellion? That wouldn’t fit with their ideology or mentality to do such a thing-RIGHT NOW they’re shipping poisoned foodstuffs to our shores. They want us dead. Period.

Britain-technically they could as they have enough weapons but they’re tied into the beast. Won’t happen.

France-don’t have the delivery systems to reach America, tied into the European Union. Won’t happen.

Israel-acquiring the delivery systems to do this, but part of the beast. Won’t happen.

India-In the more distant future, but can’t now. Currently an ally of the US due to China. Probably won’t.

Russia-Could take on the rest of the planet in nuclear warfare. Under constant pressure from the US government, China, the EU. If anyone would be cunning enough, desperate enough it’s the Russians.

To sum up:









Plain and simple it is the raising of Self-Sovereign, Free People in Free Communities. The resulting chaos of unleashed human potential shall swamp any tyranny.


You can and must be Free. You can and must be Free with like-minded others. Only through inspiration shall others be inspired to claim their Freedom.


THE single most important aspect of a Free Person is being armed. The most effective arm one can wield is the rifle, and the most effective all around type is the military pattern semi-automatic in .308. This must be coupled with a Rifleman’s practice of rapid fire marksmanship capable of downing the enemies of Man and Freedom out to at least 500 yards.


This is won when Free People band together for a common goal, say the takeover of a small community and transform it into a showcase for Freedom. It is from the creation of real life examples that political control can be won. Coinciding with wise targeting of communities as far as politics, resources, defensibility and tactical and strategic worth.


Comes when Free Communities rise up in mutual support and protection. Whether by ballot or bullet, our rise shall by it’s very nature confer to us political power.


This is the culmination. It is the successes accrued through shrewd planning and courageous struggle that the Individual-who we’ve been trying to awaken and win over to the Cause-that will sway. When Free People of all races, all nationalities rise up and overthrow their states, and the parasites that have dominated Man for millenia… even a few successes shall unleash that final torrent of will to be Free.

The battlefield ultimately for Freedom is and shall always be the Human Heart.

I have written forty four essays over the past two years. Our Father pushes me to make them, gives me the ideals that burn in my heart and mind.

Likewise, if you value your Freedom you need to find out what Our Father needs for you to do. The only way to do that is to set aside some time alone. No TV or any other distractions.

Close your eyes, and still your thoughts. Think nothing.

Hearing Our Father will take time, it’s a skill in making your mind still, listening and patience. In time though Our Father will be able to speak to your heart and sooner or later it’ll make sense. Because we are in a war for our Freedom, and Our Father needs you in the fight; because the more people in the fight, the fewer casualties the less destruction will result.




J. Croft

The following article is dedicated to my fellow Miltiaman, ConSigCor at the A Well Regulated Militia website, who asked me personally to begin working on counter-propaganda solutions to our enemy the beast’s psychological prison that has the minds and hearts of the People entrapped.

You don’t need to join the militia-you ARE the militia!


I’m talking about mindset; their culture, background, their mental state. America is a vast conglomeration of peoples yet there are common issues that could unite us. That could unite us if you can open the lock to a person’s mental conditioning. A quick list of what rules the American group mind:

Culture-for lack of a better term

Shaped by hollywood scuz merchants, all kinds of crap is promoted and sold as… well not virtue, but at least “trendy”, or “cool”. Stars wear certain clothes, do certain scripted acts, behaviors, and are presented in an idealized setting and Mr. and Mrs. America want to be just like them. The same principle is used against subcultures like Ghetto Youth are bombarded with fake gangster rappers, and cops have been under the thrall of Dirty Harry Callahan, Crockett and Tubbs, and Chuck Norris-all Constitution haters-for generations. Going into debt for a lifetime to enjoy now, screwing thy neighbor over, going with the flow,

and leave government to the corporations and those with law degrees; this abrogation of personal responsibility is cultivated in this deliberately soft society.

Constant exhaustion on the ‘murkan dream hampster wheel

Americans with careers or jobs and wanting to maintain a semblance of what their parents had, even at the pain of lifetime debt slavery, work until they’re so exhausted all they can do is crash on the couch and veg on the beast’s electronic narcotic, the TV set. Combine that with a “diet” deliberately destructive to health and it’s no wonder lots of people aren’t exactly jumping off those couches to seize back their country.

Government issued stockholm syndrome

This is state terrorism-using authority to overawe the People into frightful obedience while waving the beloved American flag. Waving the flag makes people deliberately undereducated and overconditioned in state schools to obey their massahs in government service, because they’re defending ‘murika and ball games and beer and TMZ and MTV. So long as some spokesman say it’s for our own good they’ll go along with any atrocity. Ask the ghosts of Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the World Trade Center-if seances are really real.

The murder of spirituality

Yes, murdered-and replaced with a artifice of religion, with celebrity televangelists preaching the beast’s propaganda, and belief system to a unsophisticated, unadult and unaware congregation. Unsophisticated-na├»ve ‘murkans who’s bibles are more like idols, totems of belief they open at their preacher’s cue and accept without question their slanted interpretation. Unaware-that a lot of what televangelists preach is poison that if Jesus were in the audience, would crack out that bullwhip and flay him on nationwide tv. “Prosperity” preaching, the armageddon death cultists wanting to trigger a rapture on the bodies of an exterminated human race-none of this has anything to do with the teachings of Jesus. Unaware-that their televangelists are tied into the beast. Hell they’re not even aware that there’s a beast that rules over them!

Even factoring the churchgoers out, how much time do people devote to communing with Our Father? People are programmed by the beast to fear God, to think God is the enemy and so shun Him. And without Our Father comforting and showing that while this world’s important, there’s another world beyond that’s better and that we can transform this one, there is no core support in people’s hearts for resisting the beast. All of you in the struggle know what it’s like to stand, and know you need God’s help.

All the above is a all-too brief and by no means encompasing overview of where the average ‘murikan’s mindset’s at. A beautifully designed mental prison that is highly resistant to change or even question-so long as they can look forward to the weekend ball game and barbecue and the trip to the mall.

Then there’s a person’s subculture; this is an added twist that further insulates certain groups and individuals from well meaning individuals looking to unite for common cause. Cops come to mind; they enforce the beast’s will on a local level and have guns. They could do a lot, a lot to shielding the People from the machinations of the beast and it’s minions and so are very heavily targeted with conditioning from the military in boot camp to when they first step foot into the police academies, to their “brother officers” who by the time they’re issued a badge and a gun are the ONLY people they actually respect.

Likewise, the Urban Gangbanger, whom I like to call “designated urban boogeymen” are conditioned by below even substandard state schools, economically depressed areas they’re trapped in and a steady flow of CIA smuggled cocaine and heroin to lash out ignorantly at whoever and whatever is convenient. Actually willing to not obey the beast, the gangbanger is too conditioned to look at you as either enemy or prey to want to readily listen to you.

Race too, plays a role, as America’s racial divides are cultivated by the beast to hate on each other. A successful propaganda effort will take racial tensions in mind.

So how do you appeal to such social and psychological obstacles? Appeal to common denominators and hot buttons.


Obviously, that’s to be:

*Armed and proficient with the use of their weapons

*Free of mind, physically capable, spiritually sound

*Self-sufficient as much as possible

*Willing to sacrifice all they have and are to engage in the Struggle, just like those that fought the Revolutionary War.

The above is what we’re selling. How to make what we’re selling appealing? Let’s examine each point:

Armed and proficient with the use of their weapons

That is, owning a military pattern rifle (M-14, FAL, HK-91, M-16, AK)that they’re able to shoot accurately on man-sized targets out to at least five hundred yards, as is the minimum standard. Able to make their weapon function and serve in battle conditions.

This standard is a far cry for most people, even those already owning such arms, and are police/military or are survivalist oriented. Most gun owners are either hunters with bolt action hunting rifles who get within 100-200 yards of their prey and miss a lot, shoot skeet, or “just own a gun but never shot one”.

Free of mind, physically capable, spiritually sound

Being able to think for oneself, seeking to improve skills, and understanding of the world, not automatically accepting what the TV says is reality. In shape and keeping fit with exercise, work, and eating a healthy, organic diet. Seeking God on their own, not relying on the flawed interpretation of others.

Most “Americans” are badly out of shape from lack of exercise and the poisons put into our weaponized food and water. Most Americans are programmed to be addicted to television and to accept whatever is presented as the Truth. Most Americans are either too absorbed with how wonderful they think they are or too preoccupied with the daily struggle they face to think much about God, if at all so they’re more likely to rely on their local 501(c)3 IRS approved preacher or the blow dried shills preaching blasphemy on TBN.

Self-sufficient as much as possible

Emancipation from debt slavery, not dependent on a huge inflow of cash to maintain a false lifestyle, able to draw from more than one means of income to survive, having skills and trades to support oneself instead of a wage job where most of what one works for is kept by their boss.

Most folks have been trained since childhood that debt is good-because it’s called “credit” and helps them maintain a artifice of prosperity, when all they’re doing is giving the banksters a lifetime income stream at the cost of their hopes and future. To maintain this debt bondage, wage jobs that constantly decrease in number and quality are presented as the means for people to finance this stupidity. So the corporations and banks whose Directors and CEO’s are on each others corporate boards, own each others stocks benefit all around.

Willing to sacrifice all they have and are to engage in the Struggle, just like those that fought the Revolutionary War.

That is, being part of a survival group or militia, a valued contributing part of said team. Constantly active in propagandizing, recruiting, motivating resistance, training. Going full bore into the political process to affect positive change.

If Americans don’t own a gun or can’t even handle the deer rifles they do own, look like teletubbies, are too paralzyed by debt slavery and television to do anything, then the last goal is rather moot. This is the hardest part to sell but once a person’s eyes are opened this is where we want them to be, so this must be the most glamorized.


The enemy doesn’t try and overwhelm their target with their propaganda-it doesn’t work and they don’t have to. Keeping their target mentally simpleminded, they first give their propaganda organs credibility, then have easy to digest pieces laid out like a toddler’s first puzzle. If they put them together, it adds up to cleverly spun lies. If not, they’ll lose interest and get back to watching the game on TV like they’re supposed to.

We Patriots must adjust our propaganda to our target’s simplified mindset. For example, instead of rattling off different aspects of 9/11on them at once, use one obvious glaring fault with the enemy’s propaganda. I personally like to use the fact that our Air Force-which we, and our parents and grandparents spent trillions on-let four rogue planes fly off course and unopposed in our airspace, over sensitive sites like the Indian Point nuclear power plant in New York. Unopposed while Stewart Payne and his entourage suffered a catastrophic and fatal loss of cabin pressure on their lear jet and F-16 fighters escorted the plane over the Midwest until it ran out of fuel and crashed. And ask how could Moslem terrorists subvert our air defense systems.

Then leave them to chew on that, maybe give them some quickie literature with websites or books that are on a level suitable for them to begin thinking about things.

If they’re like at least half of Americans who just want to enjoy the game, but still bitch and moan about taxes or bills (it’s always money-the enemy’s too greedy for their own good) then start where they’re at. Ask if their favorite ball player’s doing anything to bring jobs back with all the hundreds of millions they’re raking in from their contracts. Ask them how they’re doing anything at all to help.

Start where your target’s at. The more stress they’re under from their conditioning breaking down the easier getting through to them will be: unless they’ve spent their entire lives in the dump or growing up rich. Then it’s nearly impossible and you’ll just have to leave the mentally unfreed in the hands of God. But that’s just a rule of thumb so by all means, try.



You are your own most important propaganda tool. Consider the enviromental movement; yes we need to take responsibility for our conduct as individuals and as a civilization because, we live here and we’re shitting in our own home… However too many enviromentalists are ignorant of basic sales and propaganda tactics: they’re rude, obnoxious, they’re more wrapped up in some 60’s hippie culture nostalgia than in selling their message-and much of their message is used by the enemy as cover for their government supremacy. Really; some funky smelling scraggly bum two weeks out from a good hot bath screaming at office workers who are just as powerless as they are-that doesn’t do anything.

Another example is a lot of Patriots; spending years educating and freeing themselves and equipped as best as possible, they go up to pig ignorant Joe Six Pack, in full battle dress, Gadsen flag on their shoulder. So how does Joe relate to our earnest Patriot who forgot about how his learning curve and just blindly starts trashing the UN? All Joe Six Pack knows about the UN is that they have a funky old skyscraper in Manhatten and they’re in places with lots of black folks. Couple that with a openly carried firearm and being bombarded about him being part of the Militia and as soon as Patriot goes away, he’s dialing 911.

Consider how you come off. Match yourself to your target; his culture, dress, his energy. Present yourself as relateable, and more important, respectable-because that’s how people are.

Consider how you’re introducing your message. Consider your target; who he is, where he’s been, what he’s going through. Most folks are lost and feel fortunate for just a sympathetic shoulder to lean on-but this is his lucky day. Why? Because you’re going to hand him the key to unlocking the door to his mind and you’re going to show him how to turn that key himself… Because you’re also going to reveal to him that things are NOT going to get better, they’ll get much worse and that he is his own salvation.


Critical that they’re designed to provoke, to lead those that read it to begin to ask questions.

Pamphlets should first be inviting to read, fun, enticing. One sheets should have graphics on one side and print on the other that begins to get people to think.

Another is a folded pamphlet with either three or four folds, but you’ll need Microsoft Publisher or something like it in Apple.

Another kind of pamphlet that has been widely successful is the Chick Tract-this is a miniature comic book that tells in about 16 tiny pages a provocative message that gets you to consider exploring further. They’re compact, and have an irresistable cuteness that you can literally slip out of your pocket, and it’ll get swept up into someone else’s pocket. They just take more effort to make. There’s a eye catching, provocative cover, then 14 pages to tell your message and then the back cover where contact info and websites should be.

To make a “chick tract”, you need a duplex printer; partition a standard sheet of paper into eight sections of 2 1/2 inch by 4 ¼ inch. Lay them out like this:


Back Cover I Front Cover Page One I Page Forteen

---------------------- I---------------------- --------------------I----------------------

Page Thirteen I Page Two Page Three I Page Twelve

----------------------I----------------------- --------------------I---------------------

Page Eleven I Page Four Page Five I Page Ten

----------------------I----------------------- --------------------I---------------------

Page Nine I Page Six Page Seven I Page Eight

You could type in the smallest font and draw really small, or you can make full sheet pages for each page and shrink them down to the format. The reason they’re arrayed like this is that when you cut ACROSS-NEVER UP AND DOWN-you can then stack the second strip behind the first, the third behind the second, and the fourth behind the third strip. Have a stapler with a five inch reach and staple them together-bam, you got a chick tract. Go to your church and grab examples of these tracts to get a general feel on how to make them.

Pamphlets can be printed up by the thousands on your desktop computer and passed out everywhere. People don’t need to fire up a computer, it’s in their hands.

Pamphlets need to start where people are at and shock them into starting on their own journey to where we’re at.

Internet Video

We have lots of books, and a good amount of video, but most of our current material is of intermediate to advanced level of awareness and knowledge. Among them are the fine works of Alex Jones, who sets the standard for quality in the Patriot movement. Doesn’t mean someone else can’t do better, they can and probably will-maybe that person will be you.

What we need is video that like the pamphlet, is watchable, fun, and at the same time provokes people into further exploration of things they’ve spent their lives in blissful ignorance of.

We need some internet web shows, web series of episodes about five to ten minutes each for however long it takes to tell the story-the more the better. Stories about Patriots getting screwed by the beast and its minions and machinations and in a almost how-to fashion show ways to resist within the context of the story.

We need of course, more full length DVDs but don’t bite off more than you can chew.

For internet video:

Get some practice handling camera, and writing script, even for a documentary, or straight propaganda piece. Do some short stories, learn your craft.

Write your story-write it in a way so you can actually make it with what you can realistically get a hold of if you do it tomorrow. Don’t hold out for a re-enactment of 9/11 because Uncle Bob’s scratching that lotto ticket or your cousin Kyle knows someone who knows someone who performs homosex acts for Stephen Spielberg. Remember, your hero must be relateable yet as confused as your audience. There will be no problem portraying the beast as the enemy.

At the end, your audience must be motivated to find out on their own and seek out the truth. Direct them to the body of Patriot literature and video that’s been produced up to now, they ought to be ready.

Internet video like this should be produced so that a DVD with film quality video and audio can be compiled. Get you in the discipline of doing the best you can-because you need to.

SCRIPT-Make this as tight as possible. If a narrative fiction, study the screenwriting books. Get DEEP into your characters, know them like you know your family and closest friends… all their faults.

ACTORS-Match your actors to your roles as best possible. REHEARSE!!! Take a month like a theatrical production to get your actors ready… don’t be like a lot of independent filmmakers and have like, a day or something to rehearse. Take the time to get the quality.

CAMERA-High Definition cameras that can deliver a progressively scanned film-like image at 24 frames per second are available for rent or purchase. Television is at 29.97 frames per second, and interlaced with half the frames scanned then the other half. Consumer types at Best Buy are the American NTSC television video quality. European PAL format have the 25 frames per second rate that’s easier to down convert in your computer to 24 frames per second. One from Aiptek is $130 but has a chintzy digital zoom. Sanyo-if you can find them in the stores-have a optical zoom, and record in mpeg4 format that you can directly download to your computer. Canon, Panasonic, Sony and JVC have cameras in the 900-1500 range.

Higher end “prosumer” HDV camcorders from JVC, Panasonic, Canon and Sony have 24 fps progressive scanning, but the HDV format is highly compressed to fit onto a miniDV cassette. That technology’s obsolete as some of these cameras can download the full uncompressed, or nearly uncompressed output directly onto hard drives, some have interchangeable lenses that allow much superior film camera optics to be fitted. YOUR GLASS IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT.

The pinnacle isn’t film cameras, it’s the RED ONE camera that shoots at literally 35mm motion picture quality. A kit for one of these new beasts runs at $40,000. Maybe you should just rent this one….

AUDIO-You have to have a excellent audio person with the equipment, because sound is a larger part of your effort than the actual video.

COMPUTER-Buy the best computer you can. Just do it. Because hd video files are huge. The minimum would be the intel core duos but getting core quad would be much better. Have two high definition screens; one for the video, one for your editing program. Adobe, Avid, Pinnacle, and for strictly Apple, Final Cut Pro are all HD capable programs.

Some resources that go into much more detail than I can:

SCREENPLAY, by Syd Field.

30 DOLLAR FILM SCHOOL by Michael Dean

Find a local filmmaking club and get under the wing of some film students who’ve spent a lot of money and time learning how to do this. Yeah they’re typically “liberal” but come at them with cash when you’re ready, they’ll do it-and learn something.


Look where you’re target’s at; that average Joe Six Pack who only thinks about his fantasy football team or that next trip to the mall, or sweating whether to buy groceries and eat or gamble at the local convenient store for a little extra cash to cover gas-or get another payday loan because their credit cards are maxed out.

Know how they think, and give them something that will surprise them, get them to read or view it. Get them to see that they’re being exploited and oppressed in the first place. And that’s it for those introductory pieces. Leave links or titles for further exploration.

Your next level propaganda leads them to the bulk of Patriot Media that’s been produced.

Remember, start with their problems, and show them the path to solutions.

J. Croft