Monday, March 16, 2009



J. Croft

Our Father, the father of everything, everyone, the creator, loves us.

See, Creation is an act of love; an ideal is mulled over, sifted, tested, given form in thought. Created. Love is giving. Love is sacrifice-your time and energy and thought-for something else. A new creation.

Normal people when they have a child together experience such joy in their creation, that 9 months of swollen bellies, doting, back pain, biting tongues, mood swings, sweating the numbers on how they’re going to take care of this kid; all that passes away when they hold their child for the first time. That is how Our Father feels about His Universe. Every galaxy, planet, species, every creature, the very atoms and subatomic particles that so ghostly, sparsely make all of us and everything God loves.

Our Father loves His Creation. Loving parents rejoice when their children grow, learn, advance, exceed themselves and most of all do as they did and have children of their own-and they grow, learn ,advance and exceed their parents.

Inventors engineers, architects, builders and artists of all kinds show their love when they design and build devices, buildings, machines that make life better for their fellow man without unduly damaging the world God so graciously gave us. Their love-put to form in their inventions-that make all of our lives better is a reflection of the building blocks God gave us. God approves of invention, of His Children making their lives better, to not be dependent on how many game animals are in a territory, of dependence on the sun, rain, the seasons.

Those that have seen the heart of God, seen enough of creation to see that Man deserves, needs to be able to grow, learn, advance, exceed previous generations and sought to make certain they could-they reflect the love of Freedom God has, and the need to shoulder the Responsibility of jealously safeguarding that Freedom. God approves of people such as the American Minutemen who faced down the British Army at Lexington and Concord. People such as Patrick Henry, Sam Adams, Thomas Jefferson who saw beyond themselves, saw what Man could be if despots, tyrants and their sycophant agents and thug soldiers could be swept aside by the righteous uprising of the People. God approves and loves people like the returning G.I’s of Athens, Tennessee who in 1946 saw corrupt government-loathsome creatures not fit to be called men who used their positions of public service for personal profit at the expense of everyone. Those veterans did the right thing and sought to use the ballot box to sweep THEIR government of those that betrayed the public trust-and when the ballot box was literally stolen at gunpoint by those despots, their sycophant agents and their thug soldiers they once again did the right thing. They brought arms and took back their ballot box, their government by righteous force.

Freedom fighters of all walks, of all races are the apple of God’s eye. He sees people who will not succumb to the demons that long ago consumed the current rulers of this world make their stand and He approves. God approves those that will not back down to the psychotic control freak sycophants that must enforce every rule every law passed. God approves those that challenge those despots who cling onto public office as if it were their own fiefdom to drain the People of all. God approves those great and small that bring the truth of our situation to those that don’t know, even those that don’t want to know because they are afraid that by facing what they quietly fear their carefully crafted little illusion will shatter, never to be put together again.

They’re right.

They would have to face their Responsibility to make our world better for their children. Today that means not just inventing, building, creating. It means fighting:

*Fighting those that use public office for their own personal gain at the expense of everyone else. That means everyone from the tin badge god who won’t wake up, gets off rousting whoever they think they can get away with assaulting and ruining their lives, to the chiefs of police who hire the thugs, who slavishly follow an agenda of conquest-conquest of us.

*Fighting city and county officials rubber stamping agendas by dark forces so long as they rule, so long as they can get a cut of the taxes and rule their little fiefdoms. Rule with their property taxes, hiding them in investments that could eliminate the need for taxes… but taxation is control.

*Fighting the state and federal office holders and bureaucrats who view their power over the American People as absolute. Arrogant state troopers, arrogant DMV clerks, arrogant bureaucrats, arrogant agents and tactical teams with military hardware-all waging wars of conquest against each of us.

*Fighting the scientists, engineers, inventors who give no thought as to what they make nor how it is used against their fellow man. Everything from surveillance systems integrated into our computer screens to killer robots portending the Terminator, to bioweapons that could exterminate us all. These idiots give no thought as to how their creations are used. None.

*Fighting the lawyers, and career politicians who make ruling us from both Corporations and Congress their personal privilege. Rockefeller, Clinton, Bush, Biden, Schultz, Kissinger, Foley, Kennedy and many other names although their numbers are few they wield near absolute power over the power structures they and their ancestors built.

*Fighting the clans of banker families and so-called royalty that have made the thrones and offices of the Nations their personal property. Operating in secret, controlling uncountable wealth-wealth that could instantly turn this planet into paradise-they have been squeezing Man for centuries. They are the hands that wield the strings of their puppets… all the traitors you just read about. All to maneuver us into destroying ourselves so they can have the Earth to themselves as a paradise.

Our Father isn’t looking for the genocide of Man.

No one who can create universes yet fret over each and every creature, each and every child would-could-give license to murder, conquest, the greed of violent inbred psychopathic bluebloods and their demented minions. No one who cheers on parents, inventors, artists, those that fight for their People would want government drug trafficking and a fraudulent drug war that fuels a prison-industrial complex. Want trillions of dollars blown on gold plated weapons systems when children go cold and hungry. Want America-warts and all-the greatest triumph of Free People disappear in a global tyranny.

“So, what’s God going to do about it” you ask. You ask to see the hand of God in defeating all these enemies of Man. I’ll tell you something that’s probably a secret to you yet is so obvious you won’t believe it.

You want to know how Our Father works? He works through us; we are God’s Hands, with our actions both great and small. Unfortunately God is pretty much suffering a stroke because we won’t do what’s right-we don’t even know what we’re supposed to do because we’ve been so lied to. God’s work isn’t done because NOT ENOUGH OF US ARE DOING IT.

Dirty cops keep victimizing us because nobody cleans out the corrupt little shitburg government that hires those thugs. Nobody will get together and stop them from abusing their power.

Corrupt, greedy lawyers keep dominating the writing of law, administration of the law, judging the law because nobody gets together to systematically clean out their governments-starting at the local level because most politics is local.

Demented bureaucrats drunk with power keep wrapping us in red tape, taxes and thug enforcement agents because nobody is systematically cleaning out their governments, making these cretins find real work.(Getting a hint here? That maybe you should start the cleanup in your own town?)

Inbred ‘elites’ use the Nations as their toys-build them up and smash them against each other for their sick thrills, because we won’t compare notes, get together and chase them down to the ends of the Earth, and exterminate them.

“My pastor says to leave things in the hands of God. And that government is constituted by God so we should obey it.”


I assume you’re Christian. I’ll also assume you don’t literally worship your pastor and bust your bank so he can put more gaudy decour on his megachurch.

First, he’s been co-opted by the federal government to pacify you. He’ll use the authority you gave him, his relationship with you as a so-called ‘authority figure’ to preach Romans 13 and get you to disarm.

Which leads me to Second…

Christianity is about God and His Son Jesus, correct? Correct.

So if Jesus is the Son of God then it is Jesus’ word we should heed first-because Jesus is God’s Son and would know God’s will better than Abraham, better than Moses, better than Paul, correct? Correct.

So how come in the Christian religion Jesus’ words have only survived in tattered fragments in four thin Gospels-sandwiched between the Jewish Torah and the writings of Paul, which upon closer examination contradict Jesus on more than a few points? Why am I making an issue out of this, why do I see a discrepancy? I’ll tell you; because what Jesus told, or what has survived in the Biblical Canon contradicts what the Torah and Paul say what is God’s Will.

For example, Paul stated in Romans 13 to basically submit to authority, even if you’re a slave. From the four Canonical Gospels, Jesus had Peter arm himself with a sword. Jesus took a bullwhip and assaulted the bankers(moneychangers) at the temple, endlessly abused the Pharisees and Sadducces-the lawyers of Judea.

Paul discriminated against women. Jesus sought out the company of not only women, but criminals, lepers, children, and saved His discrimination against those that thought themselves holy-like a Pharisee like Paul did.

Paul does not deserve to be labeled any kind of disciple; he bragged that he deceived, put truer followers of Jesus’ teachings to death at the hands of the Romans. Its hard to judge from two millenia and scant written records but it seems that Paul went way out of his way to defuse the radical equality and Freedom Jesus tried to preach. Unfortunately Paul was quite successful because the Roman Empire has survived in one Empire or another.

I mentioned the Torah, the Old Testament, contradicting Jesus. It’s true.

Jesus asked His Disciples who they were praying to, and they stated they were praying to God, and Jesus told them He didn’t know the God they were praying to, that that wasn’t the Father but the devil himself. Which fits the old testament god yahweh(no capitalization intended)as it terrorized “his people” with forced marches through the desert, random murder, using them as foot soldiers in wars, imposing the maniac Jewish religion on them and when they ‘backslid’ sent foreign armies to murder and conquer them. Charming.

You didn’t know that Abraham was Sumerian? True. It’s also true that the first five books, the Pentatuch, are an heavily edited version of the Sumerian creation texts? That’s true too. yahweh exploited and twisted Sumerian history to an ignorant underclass-Abraham’s descendents-to gain Earthly followers. You know the 40 year trek through the desert, the random punishments… or you should. Read your Bible, I’m not lying. yahweh had no respect, certainly not love for either the Hebrews nor the Egyptians who got systematically terrorized. After the Hebrews got led to the ‘promised land’ and stole it from other people, committing genocide against them you had the saga of a thousand years of yahweh coming back every so often to make certain the Levite priests kept his people in terrified obedience. Or sent the Assyrins or some other empire to crush them.

So, we’re back to Paul-actually Saul-and he was a Pharisee, and Saul was damn good at his job. Saul had some ‘conversion’ via a ‘bright light’ and became a Christian. Whatever. But what can’t be dismissed is Saul’s co-opting of Jesus’ message; twisting just about everything around back to what the pattern of most organized religion is. Patriacal, overbearing, underspiritual, dominating, always wanting more money and power and then it degenerates into just another power cult. But that’s one of the Bible’s many charms, you can twist it into anything you want, I suppose. What you get for a text sewn together literally at sword point by the emperor Constantine to reunify the Roman Empire. The Canonical Bible was sewn together like a frankenstein monster-a psychopath god, a cunning deceiver wrapped around just enough of what tattered rags of Jesus’ teachings to twist folks into obeying inbreeds. Look up the Council of Nicea-326 AD.

Organized religion is in the hands of powerful men with their own agendas. Always has been. Jesus warned us not to have organized churches-we got churches everywhere sucking in the wealth of billions. For what? To pay pedophiles and perverts. To build gaudy stadiums of worship-for the pastor. To invest just like every other corrupt entity on Earth to turn those dollars over. Meanwhile, that sweet old granny who just dived into her rent money to salve the megachurch induced guilt is going to be throw out on the street. Get any help from her megachurch… I dare you to hold your breath.

The Roman Catholic Church of course, needs no explanation.

Jesus hates hypocrites. Priests, lawyers-those that hold themselves most sacred drew the most wrath. Why don’t we emulate Jesus and do likewise?

Jesus would not tolerate the bankers looting the Nations of Earth, impoverishing the People, co-op their governments to institute war and a global police state to stifle the expected dissent.

Jesus would not tolerate the likes of John Hagee, Paul and Jan Couch, Pat Robertson et al in virtual blackface for murdering men, women and children because they’re Palestinians. In virtual blackface for the beast which is for all intents and purposes making what’s known as biblical prophecy come true… all to exterminate us and leave the planet for the inbred psychotic blueblood ‘royalty’.

Jesus stated none are good but the Father. Jesus also said you talk to Our Father in a quiet place, alone, where you quiet yourself until you can hear Him.

Our Father is in our hearts. You pause and quiet everything else and you focus on your heart you’ll hear Our Father.

Our Father doesn’t want empty promises, He demands action. He demands that you see the suffering of your fellow man, and do something, anything. Because the beast and its minions are at war with us, have been at war with us since the very beginning, since long before the rise of Sumeria.

America represents the last, best hope of Man to right what has been wrong with this planet. Unfortunately we Americans have forgotten ourselves, trusted the beast, which assumed the form like that of Our America but like Paul’s fraudulent theology is a twisted funhouse mirror fraud. The illuminati inbreeds have turned America, the land of the Free into history’s greatest, most horrible practical joke.

Wake up. Clean your body, your mind up. Pray to Our Father in a quiet place and listen for His voice. Start helping others out, not expecting reward but especially in secret so that only you and Our Father know. Heed Jesus’ last commandment to get arms and know how to use them. Fight for what is yours, starting from your town hall and work your way up. In fact, don’t let those traitors sit one more day in your offices-begin a recall election now and remove them! Spread the Second American Revolution across the land, then across the Earth.

We don’t have to have an apocalypse-even if it was written in a text cobbled together by a debauched Roman Emperor who was just looking for a ideology, a religion to reunite a debauched, murderous Roman Empire. A loving creative God doesn’t wish your extermination. He wishes our enemies gone so we can build a truly free human civilization that fulfills our destiny in the stars.