Wednesday, June 13, 2012



The Freedom Movement’s moment of truth

J. Croft

Usually , I’d relish in telling everyone I Told You So-not so much today.

Ron and Rand Paul have thrown their support behind Mitt Romney.

I saw how this was going to go down when it became clear that Ron Paul never, not once, attacked Romney.  When he waited until the Maine Primary to begin sqeaking about the vote fraud perpetrated against his campaign. 

No-I saw how this was going to go down back in 2010; at the Prison Planet Forum the hype was started for the Ringer, I posted a reply stating if he was serious for 2012 he needed to have a plan that included raising state and especially local candidacies and to make account for the 30 million dollars or so contributed by all the “Ron Paul Revolutionaries”-got permanently banned by ol’ Alex Jones himself on the air: “…if this guy’s going to cause trouble, ban him.”

…No, regretfully, I saw this coming back in 2008.  New Hampshire Primary.  Massive, in-our-face vote fraud via Diebold machines made to be hacked.  If Ron Paul was ever real, he’d have screamed bloody murder about the vote fraud, rallied his ‘Ron Paul Revolutionaries” into a mass non-violent protest against the entire election, using this as the catalyst for the Second American Revolution.  Saw it coming when I heard the reports about Americans campaigning for Ron Paul being stifled and stymied by his main campaign office-run by Stewart Rhodes who would later found his Oath Keepers 501(c)3 organization to bridle the Oath Keeper movement of Patriotic serving Americans and lead them around in endless circles… just like Ron Paul has!

Maybe Ron Paul spearheading a SAR happened on an alternate Earth where he wasn’t a freemasonic ringer, a deep cover operative who’s entire career has been spent milking money and votes from Americans who wouldn’t let the enemy’s TV, public schools and poisons mentally geld them.   I mean, you can make pretty speeches about auditing the fed and whine about not being on the gold standard and introduce well-meaning bills that everyone knows would never be enacted into law, but call BS on the government’s version of 9/11?  Nope.  In fact he disowned the 9/11 movement on national TV.

Oppose Iran sanctions?  Nope.

Return the millions he collected off of Americans counting on him to halt the utterly planned out, utter destruction of America, and compensate those who sacrificed their normal lives?  Not going to happen because, how else was he going to grease the skids for his bucktooth inbred looking kid Rand to get in Congress as well.

Face it: Ron Paul was a ringer.  A deep cover operative whose job was to be the symbol for the fraction of Americans who wouldn’t either be comfortable with the beast system or literally just tune this crap out-controlled opposition, the man on the white horse who led the Freedom Movement around in circles, accomplishing NOTHING.    Even Alex Jones, the Pauls’ biggest cheerleader and the single biggest voice in the Freedom Movement has changed his tune; really the Pauls gave him no choice, I mean, how do you spin supporting a child murdering gun grabbing communist?

What a spell that old man cast!  Doddering ol’ bobblehead bravely appearing on CSPAN in committee verbally flailing away at Greenspan and Bernanke… stammering away giving lip service to the principles of Freedom-safe stuff.  A huge lie.  Never of course initiating anything that might have actually worked, like building a real third party from the grassroots, running for local offices and building Freedom up.  That would be a peaceful Second American Revolution, and our enemy can’t have an authentic Freedom Movement.  Well, they got their money’s worth from playing the Patriot card.

So here we are, June 2012 and we of the Freedom Movement’s out on our ass politically.  Rand and Ron Paul’s penultimate betrayal, the public endorsing of Mitt Romney has imploded a movement that existed more on the hope Ron Paul would magically become President and be able to save America from the big bad N.W.O. than any realistic plan to take our nation back and save the world in the process.

Wasted enough time, people?

So what do we do?

Start with yourself, people around you, people of like-mind.  Start building a mutual self-supporting, self-defense pocket of Freedom.

Take back the government-don't wait until the next doddering old man on a white horse comes 'round to hustle more campaign funds, start local and emulate the GIs of Athens, Tennessee in 1946; they organized an election campaign with a full campaign ticket of candidates to do the job right; enemy steals the ballot box, shoots one of their own they armed up and handled it.

Nothing I haven’t been writing about since 2005 and rather than induce carpal tunnel syndrome in repeating myself, just go to the following articles.  Read and Be Your Own Leader already!


Anonymous said...

Rand went over to the dark side but Ron Paul has never supported Romney - get it right!

J. Croft said...

No Polumetis, Ron Paul has NEVER played to win. Never. Both his 2008 and 2012 campaigns have seen institutionalized vote fraud-unchallenged. His campaign office has put most of their effort into stifling grass roots efforts at electing him.

Furthermore, Ron Paul's not stupid. He knows he'd be a figurehead at best and powerless, and the only way to solve that is to build up a political machine... like the dems and reps so the obvious solution would have been to get all his supporters... like you ... to run or support local initiatives in small towns. Create enclaves of Freedom and spread them using recall elections. I tried multiple times to bring that OBVIOUS strategy up and I did it at Infowars; Alex Jones BANNED ME.

Now, do you have it right?