Saturday, December 08, 2012


How to Use the Sling, Part 1: The Shooting Sling to Arm Connection

Now that everyone reading this is fully committed to learning to use a shooting sling properly, let’s get down to making it work. Remember that the sling is made up of a loop that is wrapped around the uppermost portion of the support arm and is then connected to the forward swivel/stud of the rifle. When the elbow is rested on the ground or a solid object, the sling will support the weight of the rifle, so long as your position provides a suitable framework.

How do we go about attaching the sling to the upper arm? The means of attaching the sling vary by the type of sling. What I’m going to explain instead of how to use your particular kind of sling is the manner in which your sling’s loop should be attached to the upper part of your support arm.

In explaining how to affix your sling, I need to make obvious what should already be an obvious tendency of the loop. The sling, if properly configured, will be under tension. This is necessary for it to support your rifle’s weight. This tension pulls the rifle from its front sling swivel stud towards the attachment point at your support arm. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that the sling also pulls from its attachment point at the upper part of your support arm towards the front swivel stud on your rifle.

As I explained in a previous article, we really hope that your arm is not going to come loose from its attachment point to the shoulder. Likewise, we hope that the sling swivel will stay firmly attached to the rifle. Therefore the weak link in this chain is the point at which the loop is attached to the arm. This is why there is a very specific way to attach the sling to the arm.

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