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Gray State Meets First Funding Goal
Ironwill III at Resistor in the Rockies - 12 hours ago

Good news for those of us who want Gray State to make it to the big screen. The film makers for Gray State have met their first funding goal of $50K by raising over $61K. According to their website, "This funding will be used to assemble a professional investor proposal and business plan to secure additional funding, purchase a script breakdown, and push the project into the preproduction

Fighting the Wrong Enemy

Arctic Patriot at Arctic Patriot - 13 hours ago
Why anyone in America would fear Islam is beyond me. Don't fear Islam. Fear a government that would bring it here in the name of diversity and multiculturalism. Don't fear Muslims. Fear your elected officials who will force you to integrate such a system into your society. You people are fighting the wrong enemy. We never learn. Say it with me. Multiculturalism. Mult-eye-cult-your-ahl-is-em. Even that term, however, is pregnant with flat-out misdirection and lies. More accurately, it is *anti-culturalism*. Ant-eye-cult-your-ahl-is-em. Digging deeper, down to the root of th... more »

Saving Something of Value

Arctic Patriot at Arctic Patriot - 13 hours ago
*No one ever chooses abortion just for the fun of aborting. Abortion is always chosen in order to save something that is considered of more value than the child in the womb.* ..... *Yet the silence on this matter of abortions induced by war in the Church, in pro-life circles and in Christian peace and justice efforts is thunderous. It is as if abortion for saving a person’s reputation is absolutely evil; abortion for saving a family’s economic life is absolutely evil; abortion for saving a person’s job is absolutely evil; abortion for saving a person from what he or she perceive... more »

III Congress: Spread the word

Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 14 hours ago
We are coming off the weekend, so I'd ask everyone hit your mail lists and phone trees and drive them to the III Congress site. Have them sign up to help tie our Local, Local, Local together, put our legal defense funds in place, and more. Let's hit it hard this week. Our militias have been working for years. Imagine what they can do with some political cover from the national level. Imagine what we can do by aligning and helping with the militias. Not Command & Control - but Political legitimacy the same way Jefferson & Company showed the public that is was ok to support t... more »

Tyler Durden: According To Google Trends, What Is More Popular Than "Ammo"? "Bulk Ammo"

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 14 hours ago
*“A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition” -- Rudyard Kipling.* I love it. *While "Fiscal Cliff" may be having its 15-minutes of fame - a la "Honey Boo Boo" or "Sneezing Panda" - there is one thing that has consistently been more and more searched in the last eight years. According to Google Trends, internet users are skipping just plain old simple "ammo" as a search query, and in a tried and true American tradition, confirm that size matters. The size of the ammo order that is, as can be confirmed by the following chart showing queries for ... more »

David Codrea: Timeline appears to conflict with agent’s testimony in Reese case

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 15 hours ago
Revelations by the Albuquerque Journal that ties existed between a Columbus, N.M., gun trafficking conspiracy and the Fast and Furious gunwalking operation highlight a disconnect with pretrial testimony given by an ATF agent in yet a third case, that of the Reese family, a tip received this morning by Gun Rights Examiner from a source close to the case suggests.

Flashback: Free on Amazon

Arctic Patriot at Arctic Patriot - 17 hours ago
Archer Garrett's *Flashback* is being offered for free this week (starting Monday) on Amazon. I'd recommend picking it up.

Never Again! Unless It's Against the "Right" People!

Arctic Patriot at Arctic Patriot - 23 hours ago
This comment on this post at WRSA really made me think.* * *Not taking the Jews out of the discussion would lead to “Those 14million (*#(*@)# Jews commit all the evil in the world and beat up on those 1 billion muslims all the time” stupidity.* *muslims are the scourge of the planet. Especially when you realize that if you could push a button and delete all the muslims, the world would be a much more peaceful place.* This mentality is, in my opinion, more than a little hypocritical. Why is it that the same people who say "Never Again!" are the ones pushing hardest for "it" to hap... more »

Would you let a man fascinated with man-on-man porn live with your gay son?

Kerodin at III Percent Patriots - 1 day ago
We have a snert or two playing games over at the Congress site. They think they are ultra clever by using names that even a 3rd grader would think are lame. I'm not going to bother you with the names, the entire thing really is that insignificant. Our Mods just delete the names and move on. Instead, I'll offer a simple rhetorical inquiry that will make sense to a few people who know the truth. My rhetorical questions: I have a question for every mother and father out there: If you were a mother, even a three-time loser of a mother with a law degree (who is unemployable) with a... more »

Pro-Life AND Pro-War?

Arctic Patriot at Arctic Patriot - 1 day ago
An interesting article is linked to here by *Patriot's Lament.*

I hope the Praxis junkies are satisfied with today's binge. . .

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 1 day ago
because I'm spending the rest of today on Absolved.

Praxis: Casualty Evacuation by Way of the Israeli-designed Injured Personnel Carrier.

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 1 day ago
The Agilte Injured Personnel Carrier weighs only three-quarters of a pound, yet it can bear 5,000 pounds and enables a rescuer to carry someone on his or her back. The unit's 12.5-foot length folds down to just 10 inches. According to the manufacturer: *"The IPC is made of high-tensile military strength webbing or seat belt material, and it folds into an accordion shape so it's small enough to throw in a camping bag . . . It has built-in padding and it's sewn together in Delaware by the same people who make the harnesses for the US Air Force's V22 and C5 Aircraft."* *IPC folded f... more »

Praxis: Kevlar Helmet Update.

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 1 day ago
*Enhanced Combat Helmet (ECH)* MICH The Comfortable Life Saver *The U.S. Army has ordered another 60,000 MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet) helmets. Formerly called the Gallet, after the designer, and now known as the FAST ballistic helmet, the manufacturer has long been known for designing helmets for fire, police, and rescue personnel. When first issued to troops eight years ago the MICH was 14 percent lighter (at 1.36 kg/3 pounds) and more comfortable than the 1980s era PASGT. MICH was most appreciated because it can be worn for long periods without becoming uncom... more »

Praxis: SAPI plate problems.

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 1 day ago
*ESAPI Plates.* "Deadly Defects Detected And Disposed Of."

Now this headline is just plain hysterically funny.

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 1 day ago
*"Mitt Romney? A LEADER of the GOP? That's the best laugh I've had since 1919."* The Associated Press sez: "Mitt Romney's loss creates GOP leadership vacuum." This sock-puppet was forced upon the party by the real GOP leadership who were frightened of the prospect of a Tea Party-backed candidate. They got, in return, exactly what they did with Bob Dole and John McCain and what they deserved with Dubya in 2000. But don't try to sell me on the notion that Romney was some sort of principled political LEADER. He was an opportunist who had his head handed to him by an opponent who sho... more »

More bizarre details on the Wyoming patricide-by-compound-bow case.

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 1 day ago
"Hero instructor fought son in Wyoming college bow-and-arrow murder-suicide, police say." *Arnold's body was found in the gutter of her street, and evidence suggested much of the attack occurred outside the home, Walsh said. Neighbor Heather Meier said she came home from work Friday afternoon after picking up her 7-year-old daughter from school, and the two saw Arnold's body still lying in the street. "As soon as we got home, we just shut the curtains," she said Saturday. "You know, tried to just watch some TV, have some snacks, mind our own business."* I'm going to give this wo... more »

A Cautionary Tale: Navy purchaser diverted $74,000 for plane, gadgets

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 1 day ago
"While stationed with the Navy SEALs, Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Lee Tappen wanted an easy way to fly home to the West Coast to see his wife. The plan he devised now could land him in prison. Tappen, 35, admitted in federal court Wednesday that he built a plane, on the government's dime, out of parts he ordered through his job. He pleaded guilty to filing a false claim and faces up to five years in prison when he is sentenced April 1." This is a cautionary tale that reflects how easy it is for a soldier, sailor or marine to throw away a promising career by diverting government assets a... more »

Logistics: Inexpensive AR Mags.

Dutchman6 at Sipsey Street Irregulars - 1 day ago
A reader direcxts my attention to this deal: "New C Products 30rd .223/5.56 curved Aluminum Lightweight magazine for AR15/M16 type Rifles. Feature Chrome Silicon Springs, Black Teflon coated Finish, and C-Products Orange or Black anti-tilt follower." Buy 10 or more at $8.50 each from AIM Surplus. He notes: "I ordered a dozen for myself and the shipping was less than $11. Not a bad deal." I have dealt with AIM in the past and found them to be excellent on quality and service.

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