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If you don't know someone first hand, a media personality is easy to fake.
How hard would it be to fake a Rense?

Have you ever seen a fake elvis, and I mean a GOOD ONE?

I spent a christmas with a fake elvis from Branson Missouri. He was awesome. He sang LIVE, a real performance. He looked just like Elvis, acted just like elvis, and knew every Elvis line. he was AMAZING, and yet, he was not good enough for Vegas (I am talking ExCaliber, not Moe's diner). He had a fairly high class theatre in Branson. So I have a reference with a fake elvis, and how hard the act is to pull off and look real. Yet this man did it and the performance was REAL.

Question then

With the millions of dollars the CIA has to work with, how hard would it be to fake a Jeff Rense? Let's be straight here. You would need to grow your hair long, smoke a little pot, and look real tired in front of a web cam. That's a far cry from having to sing and act a part on a stage with realism, in front of a live audience. The blowup with his wife on Who knows what she looked like, and they (the CIA) have all those pictures anyway, and with someone like Rense, who is a major public figure, they could have nailed that recording that his "wife" claimed to make.

Think about this - Jeff Rense was FAMOUS for getting things RIGHT. People overlooked the hippy aspect, because his facts ALWAYS rang true, and the fact he launched my site out of the backwaters of the internet is telling of that. I did not even know about this until today, when my e-mail got scrambled and pulled old stuff forward, and I read through the mails I received when I was in jail under anonymous detention over the Fukushima report. There were those three that said Rense linked me, and for months I have looked at when my site took off and wondered how on earth that happened. Now I know. Rense did it.

Now, with Tepco posting official information about reactor 4 proving it is not going to fall over, complete with proof people can work inside the containment there, and with the corroboration of the international nuclear regulatory commission saying Tepco is not lying about #4, and with Rense linking my site as PROOF he read the Fukushima report and agreed enough to link it, why now is everything that is on his site GARBAGE that is beyond easy to debunk? Jeff Rense was never stupid enough to not read a report, never too stupid to hit the Tepco web site, and subsequently the INRC. Something is fishy here, DAMN FISHY.

Why did he EXPLODE on Makow for linking what he once did?

I smell a rat, possibly under the floorboards of the CIA. The zionists no doubt HATED Rense, and exposing the Fukushima report may have been the last straw.


A word... has been subtly sabotaging the patriot movement for a long time.

The first article I wrote that had an impact was "Message to the Police Officer" and not to seemingly hijack this posting but you will see the truth at the end.

Message To The
American Police Officer

By J. Croft

Ever feel like a tool?
Ever feel like an ass enforcing a arbitrary speed limit with the same force as you would chasing away drug dealers and creepy trench coated old men from elementary schools? Ever wonder what the hell you or your partner were doing arresting that victim of criminal assault - ever wonder what you were doing making that assault? Making an anthill into a 'prosecutable' mountain so that your partner, or God forbid, yourself, can make a collar? Or standing by and stonewalling a desperate person pleading for your help, turning them away so that they go over the edge and create another bust or two for yourself?
Ever feel like part of the problem, even though you're told that you're part of the solution? Well, thank God you at least feel some responsibility for what you and your 'brother officers' have done to help destroy America.
That's right; modern American policing is destroying America. It's a preening cult of overtestosteroned man-children; 'cowboys' looking for the slightest excuse to wreck some lives to make bustsÖ for the 'law'.
And who do you wind up sending to the disease-ridden homosexual rape camps known as prison? Poor white, black, and brown trash deliberately dumbed down and corrupted by a covertly communist education system and mass media
You're rousting the wrong people-while the criminal rich steal from us all. The criminal rich who are behind the shows that you recoil in disgust atÖ if you still can recoil in disgust.
The criminal rich who back the foundations and unions who have long ago transformed American education into a manufacturer of adult children-unable to think for themselves, ignorant of their heritage of Freedom and God, conditioned into having a programmed hostility towards knowledge and those who still value it despite the programming.
The criminal rich who have over the decades progressively made living in America a desperate struggle for survival as the jobs that can still sustain that seductive lie known once as the 'American dream' are sent overseas to poor Chinese and Indians who will NEVER know of it.
The criminal rich who are mass produced by this nation's overabundant law universities and become the trial lawyers, judges and representatives. The same pack of lawyer rat bastards who have literally downed entire forests to print all the bureaucracy that has killed all the joy of being a Free Man in America and given you 'peace officers' a cornucopia of 'law' to 'enforce'.
A rich man's game as it takes a rich man to go through eight years of law school and college and a hundred grand in tuition to become a lawyer. A move to keep as much of the people the laws are targeted against from learning their convoluted rules as possible, and still maintain this fiction that their 'laws' come from the People.
It hasn't sunk in that the law is one of America's worst rackets?
Let me run down a few catagories for you; see if they mesh with what America is supposed to be...
Traffic Laws
These are nominally to keep about two hundred million motorists safe on the road, they've long ago been turned into a vile source of revenue and colossal waste of police resources. A vile source of revenue as it's a fear based tax based mostly on driving habit, and a colossal waste as traffic detail ties down you guys-who could be investigating shady folks like Ken Lay of Enron, or tracking down who's really bringing more and more dope into the country. Or even something as picayune as the corruption of the local government-which cuts your paycheck. But it's a lot easier to play with some hapless Citizen than any local power broker who could break you, isn't it?
Used to be you had to be honestly drunk and a threat to get pulled over for this. Now, it's past overkill; the new drunk laws can mean a single beer and you're screwed. That and your Goddamn checkpoints are killing off being able to go out. This is one of the few outlets Americans seem to have left, and what do we find-a gauntlet of you bust hungry bastards to run through. "Thanks".
And if you're homeless! These lawyer made 'anti-vagrancy' laws mean if a American loses their job, winds up sleeping in their car or on the street, you guys roll on them and give them a ticket to the nearest homosexual rape palace-which you call the county jail. What the hell did these people do besides come out losing in a increasingly hostile economy? They drink and take drugs, yes-you would too if you were cast to the bottom of a socio-economic pit you have no hope of climbing out of.
Persecuting crime victims for protecting themselves; too many of you get mortally offended when average folks use a gun to prevent their own mortal demise. You see anyone but a fellow bureaucrat armed, and it's like he or she might as well have raped schoolchildren with you. You forget the Bill of Rights recognizes each and every one of us has the God given Right to armed self defense? What is about the very thought of the People being able to match you in firepower that scares you? Are you looking at all of us as opponents?
Are you that twisted, that brainwashed by that perverted cop culture you've swan dived into that your fellow Americans are your enemy? Are you even aware that you are brainwashed, conditioned into being the razor edge of the spear of totalitarianism that's being thrust into the very heart of our People?
What does freedom mean to you?
Does it mean anything? Or is it just another word?
Does it mean an ever increasing stranglehold of 'laws' that just give power to the state and it's bureaucrats in a piecemeal fashion, so as to not arouse righteous opposition?
Do these laws reflect the respect for you as a free person? Do they protect us all from a evermore invasive and belligerent government?
Does more bureaucracy not expose the people to more and more pushy, uppity, obnoxiously authoritarian small minded cretins in cheap suits-given way too much power? And, if more bureaucrats are a threat to all of our livelihoods and freedom, then doesn't it make sense that more laws and regulations would only give these white collar scumbags just that many more excuses to rob us of what is rightly ours?
Wouldn't LESS LAW be better for a free society?
You know the answers. You also know that the lawyers are not going to have a sudden change of heart and start reversing all the damage done to our nation. You also know that most bureaucrats are not going to look at a person and a rule and not enforce it.
So that leaves one person left, one safeguard remaining from the state confronting another innocent vitcim-you.
YOU are the people's last line of defense from a out of control state!
It's your choice: stand with the People or stand against them!
The time is NOW to choose! More tyrannical law is being passed by more and more tyrannical lawyers and other sycophant bureaucrats. Enforced by tyrannical bureaucrats mistakenly armed and sworn, they cause more and more people to HATE YOU. This added hatred, along with the increasingly technostalinist bent of our "laws" will make YOU a TARGET for those unable to "cope" with the loss of their Freedom. A target literally.
For the sake of our Children, our Nation and your own ability to look in the mirror without recoiling in shame, resist.
How You Can Resist
Get to know your non-cop friends again, and your neighbors. You probably let those relationships go bye-bye when you bought into the crap that cops are "a breed apart". The people you joined the force to 'serve and protect'; and you view them as scum?
Your mindset will be the first obstacle to overcome, but since you're reading this you're hopefully already on that road. The 'cop culture' like most aspects of American culture is managed by it's own 'gatekeepers' who serve an Agenda-to fill your discipline and duty oriented mind with all sorts of psychological cues that herd you into being a insufferable elitist.
Yeah, that's what that 'they' want-there's always a 'they' around to ruin it for everyone. You blindly enforcing laws which oppress everyone. 'They' fill you with pride in your profession, give you a cool looking uniform, all sorts of means to carry out your job-and you get guns! All of which are but bait-egotistical masturbation.
Assaulting this egotistical masturbation is your first duty, assaulting your 'brother officers' programming as you can is your second duty. There is a line, and it's different with each individual, but it basically is their patience at listening to you challenge what they've been programmed with. Don't count on getting them to see the light quick, as you know the programming's thorough and very deep. Don't push too much, and use examples you come across. This is a war-not a battle.
Your third duty: shielding the People as best you can from the ravages of the laws lawyers pass. Look into your heart-if you are with God, you will know which laws are sensible(stopping murder, rape, robbery, reckless drivers, crack dealers selling to grade school kids). The rest(niggling regulations, laws that rob people of their rights) must not be enforced. They must be IGNORED.
Ignoring as best you can, because your supervisors watch you to make certain you do your job as proscribed by them. You're in a bad spot, and sometimes you will be forced to pick your battles. Sometimes you won't be able to directly help someone about to get steamrolled by the state. You'll have to surreptitiously get evidence of their innocence and get it to a attorney willing to fight for their freedom. Sometimes you'll encounter a scumbag son of a bitch-who's shielded by the local powers-that-be. That person might even wear the same badge and uniform as you. Here is where you shall have a real gut check: what if there isn't a way to stop this bastard legally? What if this state sanctioned criminal plants dope to cause a raid and asset forfeiture seizure? What if this human sized cockroach is going to whack a 'troublemaker'; someone working for Freedom just like you?
How far will you go to do something about it? And can you do it smarter-as in being able to get away with it? There are people who know of these things, and one or two even wrote books on the subject if you can't get a hold of that someone. Beyond that I dare not say what you should do, except that it needs doing, and nobody's doing it at all.
There's more you can do; a lot more. You can do this under a alias or not, but it's my wish you cops would start showing the People on a individual and community level how they can defend themselves from the bureaucratic predators. How to get around the bureaucrats, and who among them are still patriots. There are bad and good in every walk of life, and if bureaucrats can see that they too can join in renewing freedom, this struggle shall end in victory that much faster! Motivating them as officers to actually stand up and as a group demand that laws start getting scrapped. Tell them that they wouldn't have so many cops and bureaucrats in their lives if there weren't so many laws for them to enforce. Make it plain that their lives will NEVER get better if they let themselves keep being hypnotized by that electronic narcotic called the TV.
Teach the People how to physically defend themselves and their communities. Yes, if you love freedom this would include the safe and effective use of firearms and when to do it. Your police and military training makes you a natural choice to teach the People. Yes, this incurs the risk of being labeled a 'militia', but for hundreds of years the gathering of all able bodied adults in case of a collective danger was a key part of American civilization. They organized and drilled and shot their rifles in public square it was that enshrined. It was when a permanent, standing US Army and a permanent standing professional police force that the Citizen's Militia quietly faded away from American public life.
The militia isn't a bad thing actually. If you actually read the older historical accounts there are examples-like during the 1800's when the James Gang got cut to pieces in Minnesota; the townsfolk got their guns and resisted, and won. Likewise, in Athens, Tennessee in 1946; returning GI's tried to win a local election to clean the crooks that had been running the town into the ground for decades. The crooks attempted to rig the election and went so far as to hide in the jail and shoot at gunpoint anyone who tried to stop them. The GI's borrowed some National Guard rifles and shot it out with them, and won. More recently, a few years ago, the State of New York attempted to enforce cigarrette taxes on a Native American Tribe and came with dozens of State Troopers; the entire Tribe greeted them with muzzles of their assault riflesÖ the Governor wisely negotiated a compromise.
So that's the point: collective resistance works! And it doesn't and shouldn't if at all possible have to be violent. A second hand personal story: days after the Columbine massacre a public school mandated ID tags for every studentÖ obstensivly to stop a massacre. A bunch of them got together and smuggled in water guns painted to look like real guns, and objects made to look like sticks of dynamite. They presented them to the principal and asked him if ID tags stopped them from bringing in their made up weapons, and would it stop real weapons from getting inÖ the ideal was scrapped.
Peaceful noncompliance works if done en masse. The emphasis should be first local; pushing back the bureaucracies that strangle our lives. Start small, always, and build on that. First you and your people could do something like get the parking meters removed. Then build on that with pushing back niggling housing codes. Your weapons are your wallets; collectively threaten to wage a tax strike, or a labor strike(don't forget to prepare with extra cash and food).
Then expand to strike at the big oppressions; property taxes, traffic laws, anti-constitutional gun bans, drivers licenses and car plates, caps on laws made. Each victory builds on itself and similar advances made by other like minded individuals. YOU can lead this; you have the drilled in discipline, social standing and leadership, AND, you know something of the dirty tricks the bureaucrats and traitor cops will pull to stop us. You're in a position to protect this necessary revolution. YesÖ a revolution to win back what our ancestors gave all for over two centuries ago.
Together we can resist and win back our freedom. Our first obstacle to unifying as a people is to overcome our racial and caste barriers-and as a cop, you are part of a casteÖ call it the enforcement caste, made up of bureaucrats and law enforcement. You as a American must reach out to those that have been maneuvered and manipulated to be your intended enemies, the working and underclass castes-the people you're sent out to roust for fines and make busts on.
Unite with them, because our enemies are the lawyer caste that makes and judges on the 'laws' they make, and the caste of the super rich. These people buy the lawyers out, and have systematically looted America of our industry, our technology, our prosperity, and by their house slave lawyers, bureaucrats, and cops, our freedoms. They've reduced us Americans to being a military state-our real economy, our society propped up on a life support of debt that they, the super rich can yank with but a few manipulations of their financial markets. They will most likely do this in a manner much like yanking the cord on life support for a dying manÖ which is what America is.
They want the world, and have used America to trample any and all opponents. They now look to use the last allotted strength of America's military might to batter the nations of Earth into a global empire run by them-with America to be consumed by economic and political collapse and a engineered multi-front civil war NOBODY but the super rich will win. And that's why you acting NOW to begin fighting for Freedom must be your one priority. This war we are in, it's bigger than one individual or family or community. But if you don't join the fight, you make victory for us all that much more difficult, and how will you face God with THAT crime on you?
From Jim Mortellaro
What an interesting essay, if one could call it that. Now here is Mr. Croft who obviously just got cited for speeding or DUI and has an ax to grind. Well, Mr. Croft, grind it on the right people, not on the ass of the Police.
Since 1964, this writer has been on the job as armed auxiliary and in certain circles, Reserve Police Officer, served in NYC and numerous towns and villages throughout Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Duchess Counties in New York State. Do the math. That'd be 41 years. And I can say without reservation, that your diatribe is so wet that it'd take months to dry out. And at least another cupla thousand words to refute.
One thing is clear, YOU are the problem. Or at least a major part of the problem. YOU have no respect for authority, a point so evident that it sticks out of your piece like a .357 magnum exit wound to the head. YOU are the problem simply because you have not the vaguest idea what the responsibilities of your police are. And you have not the vaguest idea as to the fact that the Police are not the problem.
You hit on the problem but do not take it far enough. The police are paid to enforce the law. If indeed the police did NOT uphold and enforce the law, then we would have anarchy. The law and those who make them are the problem, but it goes a lot farther than that. It goes to the root of the responsibilities of the Citizenry.
People have no respect for the law, no respect for themselves and no respect for others. They have no sense of duty and responsibility and whatever it is they do to break the law, they do vagrantly. Right out there in the open. Where OTHER citizens may observe and say, "Well, she's using her cellphone whilst driving and without a hands free and she is also exceeding the 65 mph speed limit by 15 mph, so can I!"
Think it's not so? Happens all the time. This writer has oft written about the lemming attitude of the American People. Lemmings all. They see that some people on the road are exceeding the speed limit, so they exceed the speed limit too. Pretty soon, most of the people, if not all, in a given section of highway, are driving like maniacs. It would be one thing if there was an aptitude and some talent in speeding. Alas, there is no aptitude. People cannot speed and not get into trouble. It's a no brainer. We just don't have the talent to drive properly, let alone aggressively, without getting into trouble.
The roads which I patrol on a regular basis have a maximum speed limit of 65. The only vehicles close to that limit are trucks. Four wheelers, as they are referred to by truckers, are doing an honest 75 plus. Some are actually driving in and out of traffic at speeds exceeding 90 mph. This is the USA, it is not the Autobahn in Germany, where people are used to driving at speed and have the equipment, the automobiles and the ABILITY to do so.
Here in the USA, the art of gentlemanly driving has been discontinued due to lack of interest.
I once pulled a speeder over. He was doing 90 in a 55 zone. Traffic was extremely thick. He was weaving in and out of traffic and using the shoulder. Once he passed me using the emergency shoulder, I decided this guy needed to be cited. So I pulled him over. He refused to give me his driver's license and registration. He was driving a rather expensive automobile and had a really bad attitude. His demeanor spoke Volumes. "How DARE you pull me over? How dare you bother ME. I'm important. I'm rich. You are nothing to me but a boil on the ass of society." Sound familiar, Mr. Croft?
I called for backup just as he was pulling back into traffic. That is called "evading!" He wound up becoming involved in an accident about three miles up the road, just as he was being tailed by a State Trooper. He blamed me for the accident. I was the cause. Not his driving erratically. As he was from another state, we impounded his license and car and now he has to take the train for 6 months.
Fair? You bet.
The only points you make which are valid are related to too many laws. The police agree with you on this. Notwithstanding, we are paid to uphold, enforce and respect the laws. You are paid nothing. But you have an even greater responsibility to obey the law. If you disagree with the law, or feel as we do, that there are too many laws, then blame yourself for doing nothing but sitting on your collective gluteus maximi about CHANGING the law and getting your elected representatives to understand that MORE LAW will not solve our problems.
What will solve our problems is proper parenting, a return to the basics of God and Country and good old family values.
Unless and until YOU begin to do YOUR part. Shut up. You've nothing to say which makes one dot of sense in today's society.
Outstanding citizens do their part. You've done absolutely nothing. Just how proud are you now?
Jim Mortellaro

...Maybe it'll still be here when you click on it:

Rense picked up the article and if you'd read it offered a LOT of pertinent advice... especially for buzzcut fucknuts like Jared Wheeler who shoot chained dogs and kick pregnant women in the womb.  

So Rense decides to discredit my article by adding a letter at the ass end from an asshole cop jocker crony of his.  Didn't like to my site of course.

My time in the Patriot Movement is regrettably chock full of incidents like this.  The movement is firmly under control. 

Rense apparently went too far for his handlers if Jim Stone's correct but even if he isn't Jeff Rense is still a tool.  Just use his site as a information warehouse just like and my point, the point I've been making since 2005 is TAKE ACTION!

J. Croft

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