Thursday, May 03, 2012



JT Ready was a racist. More than one white person is.

So are a lot of Arabs, Blacks, and Latinos.

The darker hued racists serve a purpose-pressure from below as the enemy of us all pressures us from above.

White racists can fit in that as well by stymiying dialog between the races.

Or they can be like JT Ready, reach out to OWS protesters and protect them from the kind of police state thuggery that sees a pack of peaceable Americans and their marxist handlers as batting practice. Note the last video and the clenched ass looks from the cops-no police incidents while JT and his group were around... could've been militia units that had done them but too many of them might as well think the Earth's flat.

JT and his group also patrolled the southern border, helping out individuals who would've died in the desert after their smuggler guides abandoned them and trying to stem the tide of punk ass La Raza reconquista by exploiting Mexico's poorest. He also interdicted the government protected drug trade.

5/2/2012 at 1pm local time the bodies of JT Ready and four of his family were found at his home. The media and police are spinning it like he flipped but reading and viewing the above this was a hit-likely from one of the cartels.

JT Ready was a doer-disagree with his politics there's room to do so, but he was active and because of inadequate security measures got himself and his family murdered. High profile public figures like JT Ready really need to have their people nearby willing and able to protect them-in fact their whole neighborhood has to be involved in looking out for people like this. If JT had had this basic level of protection that hit team wouldn't have succeeded.

RIP JT, I hope more of us can learn from your example.

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