Monday, November 22, 2010



There’s certain people in the alternative media who lay the blame of the world’s ills on the Illuminati-dependent on what they think that is.

Some think they’re old European and Asian aristocracy, and there is a startling amount of direct blood relations of nearly all American Presidents, for example.  That this is the same clan that has branches extending back to Rome, Persia, China, and that this clan has been ruling and running the planet since the days of Sumer.

Some say they’re the Bildeburgers-the term given to a cabal of leading politicians, bankers and industrialists who meet every so often under the heaviest security possible.  Jim Tucker has spent his career, his life, covering their meetings and their leaked agendas have a tendency to become front page news, history.

Some say part of the Illuminati is the Roman Catholic Church itself-two thousand year old institution whose stored riches could literally end poverty, who keep a lot of history hidden behind the walls of Vatican City, whose Jesuit Order is rumored to have engaged in social engineering in America since the time of the Revolution.  Greg Syzmanski of has contended they are the true power.

Some say it’s the Jews.  Aside from die-hard nazis there are people who assert that there is a Jewish Cabal that has maneuvered the nations of the world to the point where as asserted in the Protocols of Zion they will induce the gentiles to destroy themselves so they can present themselves as the saviors from the apocalypse they created.
There certainly is a Jewish Cabal that controls Hollywood.  Ask Rick Sanchez about speaking about that truth; it’s an acknowledged fact by Hollywood itself but if you’re not Chosen then you’re a racist for pointing out the obvious.

The Neoconservatives worship at the altar of Zionism.  Israel certainly has been lavished with American money and American weaponry.  When Palestinians are used for target practice the media bends into a bowtie to find an excuse for Israel.

Why am I writing this?

I posted an article from J. Bruce Campbell, “Defense Against Jewish Aggression”. Why?  Because as much as we need to watch out for rogue federal law enforcement agents, infiltrators into the movement and economic sabotage, we need to stand against anyone… anyone… who seeks to destroy us and our Freedom.  Since there’s this cloak of silence about the Jewish ELITE component of the problem… note the emphasis… due to the Holocaust this acts as the perfect shield for the Zionists, the Neoconservatives and anyone looking for the world to blow up so they can get raptured.


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