Friday, December 30, 2011


The Carl Gustav, affectionately known as "The Goose."
A tip of the boonie hat to Irregular Michael, who provides us this link to "Tank Snipers!" by Jack Murphy:
More and more reports are coming out telling us that the Taliban in Afghanistan has finally figured out the limited range of American rifles and other small arms. Acting accordingly, we are told that they are maintaining as much stand off as possible when engaging US forces, remaining just outside the maximum effective range of our soldier’s ammunition while firing at them with heavy machine guns and RPGs. The Carl Gustaf has the potential to change that when employed properly. “Existing systems…such as the M141 Bunker Defeat Munition, M72 LAW, M136 AT-4 and the SMAW, are only effective inside of 500 meters. The Army says the Carl-Gustaf [max effective range 1,000m] is more effective than waiting on mortars and less expensive than artillery or Javelin missiles.”
Afghanistan has also seen the resurgence in interest of the old M40 series 106mm recoilless rifle as well. Murphy follows up with another story on the ins and outs of the Goose: Carl Gustaf, Tactical Employment and Training

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