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The following is from A Well Regulated Militia-their forum is now closed from outside viewing...

From Breacher
If this is the camp-to-bunker program that I think it is, and given what I have been seeing on Youtube about that deal at the Denver airport and then those big underground facilities in the central US, then yeah, I sort of have this sickening feeling on what this is about. Thing is, it is based on information that I think is still speculative in nature.

Bill Cooper stated that the enemy's plan was to collapse everything and let us destroy ourselves as they hide in their bunkers and fortified compounds.  They'll sift through the population that does go to the FEMA camps for their serfs and likely abandon the rest and let them quickly devolve into pretty much the living dead rampaging through the countryside like locusts eating whatever they can until they're killed and/or eaten.

Watch the above video by Bill Cooper:

Of course anyone who is out there trying to keep their own AO in some kind of order's going to be targeted. All the Patriots THAT ARE A THREAT TO THEM are going to be targeted and removed before this, leaving the despots and rambos and the 400lb diabetic, lil' rascal riding, Jefferson quoters the task of saving the Republic.  When we as a nation are too weak and expended to defeat them, the enemy will emerge from their bunkers, their compounds and finish remaking America into their freemasonic phoenix.

If you want a taste of what that might be like I think reading SM Stirling's series on the Domination of the Draka will prove... illuminating.  It's an alt history series about descendants of Am Rev Tories, Southeners and other displaced elitists gathering in South Africa and forging themselve into a plantation owning warrior race that conquers the world.  They conquer whole nations, wrecking everything and the survivors are broken and made into slaves.

The enemy has already stripped most Americans of what it means to be an American.  They've robbed most all of us of our self-sufficiency, our moral center, out will to fight for our Freedom.  Using the political process as a foil for our anger and our ignorance of it against us they've made us waste decades of time trying to fix things at a national level while the local level is where most of the tyranny is levied against us-and ironically, where Patriots could've taken over and used the local gov. as a shield from federal tyranny.  Using that town as an example a Second American Revolution could've spread across the land like a virus. Removing them from power where you can and then building up the political base to take down bigger threats is how you win.

The enemy knew that and made sure that wasn't to be.  You got doofs like Steve Quayle who proclaimed for years it was TOO LATE!  YOU HAVE TO BUY MY BOOK!  Alex Jones would make a blurb about it but most of his efforts were to sell his videos-which typically don't have solutions-and celebrities in the "movement" that for the most part didn't advocate those kinds of solutions.

Precious years, wasted.  I knew what had to be done back in 2005-that's when I started to write Freedom Guide.  I wrote and posted, and got on Alex Jones' forum and other forums to spread the message.  A message about solutions that could've been acted on and saved the nation. God forgive me for not finding the right words to motivate the unmotivatable to fight the easy war, the soft war.

Now we're at the edge of collapse.  Elements of the enemy will want to keep this current game going but others will want to pull the last card holding the house of cards called America and crash it down.  For those of you who want to retreat to your gulch, your backwoods compound, and wait out the collapse thinking it will take the government with it-think the fuck again.  This was planned a long time ago, and your group isolated in the woods in your little gulch or compound without allies, just sitting back as you are now-you're going to be bombed, shot, or overwhelmed by hordes of starving, crazed, abandoned FEMA camp internees.  Or some other "patriot" asshole with more firepower than you.

Should've started shooting a long time ago.

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