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Ex-Indy Officer Won't Go to Jail For Arsons

Story by theindychannel.com
Posted: Fri, 12/23/2011 - 09:23pm
Updated: Fri, 12/23/2011 - 09:23pm

A former Indianapolis police officer who set a string of apartment fires won't serve time in jail.
Jesse Russell Jr., 33, was convicted of arson in September for setting a fire at the Lake View Terrace Apartments that caused $30,000 worth of damage. He pleaded guilty to another count of arson for setting fire to a box truck in the 8400 block of East Washington Street.
Russell was sentenced Friday to three years suspended and six years on probation.
Judge Grant Hawkins expressed concern about Russell's safety if he sentenced him to prison.
Prosecutors wanted Russell to serve prison time.
"It damages all of us, and it damages our credibility to stand in front of a jury and stand in front of our officers when they are on the witness stand, and say, 'This is someone we trust and believe in,'" said Deputy Prosecutor Mark Busby. "When someone like Jesse Russell tarnishes that image, it tarnishes it for everybody."

OH please!  It's the same team and when one gets caught its circle the wagons time...  http://www.firehouse.com/topic/fire-prevention-and-investigation/ex-indy-officer-wont-go-jail-arsons

Unarmed 54-Year-Old Bloodied In Raid

by Thomas MacMillan | Dec 23, 2011 12:09 pm
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A state police raid on a Winthrop Avenue apartment netted no drugs or arrests—but it left Tomas Torres hospitalized and his apartment in tatters.
Torres (pictured), who’s 54, said state cops broke down the door of his first-floor Winthrop Avenue apartment Wednesday afternoon, punched him in the face, stomped on his head, and then laughed at him as they tossed his apartment looking for drugs.
Police said he tried to jump out the window, then resisted their efforts to detain and handcuff him.
They had the wrong guy, said Torres. The police found nothing in his apartment and released him to go to the hospital, where he said he was told he has a fractured arm, he said.
It’s the second recent incident in which an unarmed New Havener has accused a state drug cop of brutality. (Click here to read about the previous one.)
Lt. J. Paul Vance, spokesman for the state police, said he had no record of state police action anywhere in New Haven on Wednesday. That doesn’t mean that a search warrant wasn’t executed, he said. He’d have a record if an arrest were made, he said.
“That sounds a little suspect right off the bat,” Vance said when told of Torres’ complaints. “We don’t beat people up as a regular course of business.”

Like I stated, you want to learn how to bullshit, hang around cops, lawyers and bureaucrats you'll have a PhD in no time.  http://www.newhavenindependent.org/index.php/archives/entry/suspected_dealer_beaten_no_arrest_made/id_43139

Family suing city of Snyder, claiming they were prohibited from performing CPR on man

The family of a man who died of an apparent heart attack in 2009 has filed a lawsuit against the city of Snyder and five police officers, claiming police restrained the family from performing potentially lifesaving treatment.
The lawsuit was filed Nov. 28 in Lubbock federal court on behalf of Darlene Bollinger and her daughter Debra Bollinger, and asks for an unspecified amount of money.
The lawsuit alleges Benny Bollinger, the husband of Darlene Bollinger and father of Debra Bollinger, was alive when Snyder police officers arrived at their home on Dec. 6, 2009, in response to a 911 call.
The officers immediately restrained Debra Bollinger, took her in a separate room and forced her to stop CPR, the lawsuit states.
Darlene Bollinger also was prohibited from assisting, according to the lawsuit.

Cops do this all the time: not lift a finger to help someone whose life is in genuine jeopardy but go one mph over the speed limit and they're on your ass like a college football coach at youth camp.  http://www.reporternews.com/news/2011/dec/22/family-suing-city-of-snyder-claiming-they-were/

Madness: Even School Children Are Being Pepper-Sprayed and Shocked with Tasers

An alarming series of incidents offers some insight into how casual police have become about deploying "less lethal" weapons.
There is something truly disturbing about a society that seeks to control the behavior of schoolchildren through fear and violence, a tactic that harkens back to an era of paddle-bruised behinds and ruler-slapped wrists. Yet, some American school districts are pushing the boundaries of corporal punishment even further with the use of Tasers against unruly schoolchildren.
The deployment of Tasers against “problem” students coincides with the introduction of police officers on school campuses, also known as School Resource Officers (SROs). According to the Los Angeles Times, as of 2009, the number of SROs carrying Tasers was well over 4,000.
As far back as 1988, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, National Congress of Parents and Teachers, American Medical Association, National Education Association, American Bar Association, and American Academy of Pediatrics recognized that inflicting pain and fear upon disobedient children is far more harmful than helpful. Yet, we continue to do it with disturbing results, despite mountains of evidence of more effective methods of discipline.
Torturing Kids Into Compliance
Neil Davison, author of "Non-Lethal” Weapons, has carried out extensive research on the history of weapons like the Taser, used to subdue individuals without causing permanent injury or death.
In a 2006 study on the early history of less-lethal weapons, Davison observes, “Electrical-shock weapons have their roots not in policing or riot control but in farming and torture.” He references Argentina, which replaced the barbed cattle prod “with an electrical version, the picana electrica, in the 1930s” which is considered “the first electronic stun technology” and “was soon adopted by the Argentinean police as a torture device for use during interrogation.” Davison adds that an “examination of the US patent record illustrates the close connection between the development of electrical weapons for use against animals, which had been patented from the early 1900’s onwards, and those for use against humans.”
Basically, the devices used to control animals and torture Argentineans, both abhorrent practices, have entered the realm of school discipline...and the results have been appalling, to say the least.
In April, the Wichita Eagle reported on Jonathan Villarreal, a sophomore at Derby High School who was ordered to pull his pants up by two school police officers while walking to the bus after school. The 17-year-old refused, arguing that he “could wear them how he wanted because school was out.” According to Villarreal, corroborated by three student witnesses, one officer “pulled him to the ground by the neck and told him to stop resisting arrest,” which Villarreal denied he was doing.
The officers then “kneed him in the back and neck while he was on the ground.” As he struggled to get up, Villarreal was repeatedly “pushed back down,” at which point “he felt his arm break.” As Villarreal was held on the ground by two officers with a broken arm, “one officer fired a Taser at his chest.”
A police department investigation determined that the officers were “justified and reasonable” in their response because Villarreal was allegedly “yelling racial slurs at a group of students” and resisting arrest, which they faulted for the teen’s broken arm.

What?  You expect your gods to burn calories whuppin your ass when they can electrocute you?

The Bill of Rights is no more. On December 15th, 2011 at the hands of a metastasizing malignancy, masquerading as purveyors of freedom, whatever hope we had of liberty and the pursuit of peace was officially assassinated. We are now a police state.
Overwhelming feelings of searing rage and disgust at the wicked abomination that is our Congress and President cannot be contained. Our government, courts, military and law enforcement — which have been controlled by socio/psychopaths for decades — continues to decompose into a rabid, sleazy, moronic, delusional group of arrogant, self-serving, sycophantic, greedy, whores.
It’s time to dispense with semantic subtleties meant to placate and avoid offense. Diplomacy is reserved for those who are worthy. No more time to waste on pandering to, analyzing, intellectualizing or sugar-coating treachery. The State is the enemy of the people. Those responsible for instilling fear, subjugation, humiliation, imprisonment, torture and murder are our own government terrorists–the U.S. Congress, the President of the United States and their minions.
They have betrayed the American citizenry, as they have the rest of the world. They have defiled and destroyed the Constitution. They have committed treason. They are grinding the 99% into the ground with every stroke of the pen; every vote cast in the name of enriching their corporate umbilical cords and bank accounts. They do not deserve respect. They are thieves who have hijacked their positions of power. They deserve exactly what the National Defense Authorization Act will now so freely foist upon the rest of us — to be tossed into a hole to rot somewhere without benefit of charges, trial, or protection from torture and murder, for the rest of their miserable, worthless existences.

So now you or I can be disappeared just as easily as you could in East Germany or the Soviet Union.


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