Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Michael Anderson Update...

Here's the latest on the Michael Anderson fiasco/kidnapping.
Michael had his hearing today, a week after his arrest. Still no charges. He was not released and no bail was allowed. He will be flown to Anchorage in cuffs and made to testify at a grand jury. He was promised,(insert very loud laughing here) that he will be released afterwards and will be free to go.

If you remember, Mike is a Fairbanks resident who was kidnapped at gunpoint by an assault team.  Said heavy infantry invaded a child-filled home and forcibly arrested him last week.  No charges have been filed to date, no chance of him being released until the .gov is done with him.

He was arrested and is being detained without having charges filed against him.

Do we understand yet?

Yeah, there's "more to the story".  No amount of "more to the story" could justify the travesty that has taken place in Fairbanks, AK.  He was charged by the state and released when the state of Alaska dropped all charges.  The oathbreaking, criminal, waste of viable tissue, oxygen thieving US Attorney Steve Skrocki ordered his kidnapping, which a gaggle of oathbreaking federal state-sponsored terrorists carried out with relish.

Steve Skrocki and his hit team make me want to throw up in tin foil and eat it.

Shame on you, Alaska, for allowing this federal scum to remain free and outside bars.


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