Friday, December 30, 2011


Things have changed at the jail, J4P and all of the other inmates are not being treated very well. We have a list of grievances, for example, they do not get to see daylight, its been months now, not even for one hour a day and the lights are left on 24 / 7, and more. We have also found that when he was first taken into custody it was real bad, the infections were not taken care of and J4P did suffer much. The attorney is handling much of this now. His lawyer is really good. Thanks for asking I will be sure to pass this along to Mrs Dyer.

Mail is not all getting to him, but we need you to keep on writing. If you wish you can sent letters to his mom who will add a some each week to an envelope to send or hand deliver to him.

It seems mail from family is getting through, ok. Some have reported receiving mail back from J4P, the process is very slow....PLEASE keep on writing to Sgt. Dyer. He looks forward to hearing from all of you. Anything not delivered will go to his property and his mother picks that up to save for him.

If you send only letters, with return address on it to the jail they will get to J4P, or use his moms address. You guys are the greatest and he really does enjoy the mail he is getting.

Remember all mail is read by the jail, incoming and outgoing. All addresses for the family and for Sgt. Dyer are posted on the new CHIP IN link.

Today the chip in for 2011 has expired. The CHIP IN for 2012 is already created and has three donations. Here is the link:

I know, Mrs.Dyer knows and Sgt. Dyer knows you have the widget on this forum and other personal web pages...*please change the widget to the new 2012 CHIP IN.* Let me know if you need any help with this.

Guys, thanks for caring so much, it means the world to the Dyer family, they have all expressed this to me and this news makes me happy, realizing all of you are helping by spreading the CHIP IN link.

People have added as little as $1.00 and as much as $500.00 in the chip in they all count they all add up!!!! So many more have mailed well wishes and funds directly to the family this year.

If you cant add funds that's fine, we know your heart is in the right place, then please, through out the year, keep on sharing the new 2012 CHIP IN LINK and widget.

This new CHIP IN link will need to be posted constantly during 2012, for all new members and to make it convenient for people to share the link and add funds to the link.

Thanks and Happy New Year to all of you!! God bless all of you and be safe!!

ps: we will know more about the court date this week. It could be a change to February now, in-case you are making travel plans, please hold off.
1. 2012

2. 2011 CHIP IN ended after a year, with $3025.00 in contributions.

3. 2010 CHIP IN ended after one year with $5001.00 in contributions.

If this many months has gone by without his jail situation improving, then as hard as the lawyer is working, it is obvious that it is not getting results.

I know of two other situations where untreated infection problems in jail led to medical problems later on. The more common issues are lumped into the category of "staph infections" which often enter the jail through the homeless/vagrant population and are made worse by the unclean environment. Inmates are supposed to have access to cleaning supplies and prescription antibiotics but it is often denied "for security reasons". Antibiotics in particular have no "entertainment value" so are not legitimately denied to inmates except to create more sickness and discomfort, partially because prosecutors get more leverage when a defendant looks like a pale meth scarred tweaker when they get to court.


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