Wednesday, December 14, 2011


More confiscationist silliness from the Sincere Advocate of Civil War Department (as long as nobody shoots his treasonous ass).

"No more guns."
We need to outlaw firearms in the hands of all civilians and start to collect every one of them and melt them down for railroad track. Yes. It would be a big job, but the longest journey begins with but a single step, in the right direction. The military and the police are the only people who should have them. No more guns!
No more guns?  Sheeeiit.  I'm going to get some more-and ammo-and I'm going to practice shooting JBTs as fast and accurately as I can.  I'll practice my baseball bat techniques for busting up confiscationalist pukes like this limp dick motherfucker.!

Sipsey Street Exclusive. File this under "Things Eric Holder Doesn't Want You To Know." The Discovery Protective Order in the case of United States v. Avila et al. An update regarding wiretaps (Ooooooh. . . )

Sipsey Street has just learned that the Issa Committee has this morning received a copy of an email in the Fast & Furious straw buyers' case sent by the US Attorney for the Southern District of California Mark Conover yesterday afternoon. Here is the transcript:
From: "Conover, Mark (USACAS)"
To: "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "Conover, Mark (USACAS)" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; "" ; ""
Cc: "Gonzalez, Jacob (USACAS)" ; "Braskett, Myra (USAAZ)" ; "Neyra, Ghian (USACAS)" ; "Knight, Sheila (USACAS)" ; "Coughlin, Timothy (USACAS)" ; "Harrigan, Shane (USACAS)" ; "Ciaffa, Robert (USACAS)" ; "Chaney, Tracie (USACAS)"
Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 2:28 PM
Subject: United States v. Avila et al. :Discovery Protective Order
After further consideration and review of Judge Teilborg’s April 1, 2011 protective order, we have decided to forgo seeking an additional protective order at this time and rely upon the current protective order. Judge Teilborg’s April 1, 2011 protective order continues to cover all discovery in this case. This includes additional wire tap related discovery recently made available by our office and all future discovery. I have attached the existing protective order below. Discovery is available to be picked up at your convenience. Paralegal Myra Braskett or her associate will be providing the discovery to you. If you have any questions please email me or call me.
Thank you.
W. Mark Conover Assistant United States Attorney Southern District of California 880 Front Street, Room 6293 San Diego, California 92101-8893 Tel: (619)557-5200 Fax: (619)557-3445
Here is the pdf of the original protective order attached to the email.
And here is a screen shot of the email:

Eric Holder lies so much he makes used car salesmen flush with embarassment...

An Open Letter To Eric Holder From An ATF Agent in Mexico

By way of Nice Deb. Outstanding letter. Click on it if you want I won't give a kitty stomper any more play than that on my blog.

Well, here's a big surprise. After all, why should the Congressional Hispanic Caucus care about several hundred dead Mexicans if it advances the gun control agenda?

"Ideology Trumps Race in Fast and Furious."
If you want evidence that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) cares more about ideology than it does about the fate of Hispanics, look no further than its collective silence when the subject turns to the failed ATF operation known as Fast and Furious. In particular, consider the number of CHC members who have called for Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation. The number stands at zero. Not so coincidentally, every member of the caucus is a Democrat; so is Holder.

Get it all y'all?  Your political leaders don't give a FUCK about you.  I'm looking at you La Raza types...

...Was a walked gun used in the Mesa shooting?

Yeah, remember Brian Terry?  It's the 1 year anniversary of his murder:


As Neil McCabe reminds at Human Events reminds us, tonight is the one year anniversary of the murder of Brian Terry with a weapon provided through the good intentions of the United States government, which only exists to help the American people.
A year. And still we wait for the FBI to figure out a way to prosecute the one wounded killer they were forced to retain without compromising their cover-up of the involvement of their one-armed paid snitch.

So how do we clean out the stables?

I guess they really want a third party challenge in 2012. GOP RINOs deal another blow to the Tea Parties.

Roy Blunt wins Senate leadership post.
Yeah, how?  They got co-opted as soon as they started gaining followers.  Why you need to be your own leader.

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