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Asia has long been a site for intense social engineering experiments conducted by the Illuminati.

The ultimate goal of these experiments has been twofold:  first, to observe how far a society can be pushed into inhuman and counter-reproductive behaviors; second, to enhance applied techniques towards inducing society-wide disintegration.

An attack on heterosexuality and the family has been on the forefront: In June, 2004, USA Today wrote about
the chill between the sexes in Japan:

"Nothing is happening with depressing regularity between Japanese men and women these days. Marriages, births and hanky-panky are all spiraling downward with troubling implications for the nation's future: A sagging birthrate means that fewer working-age people will be around to support a growing population of elderly; a social crisis looms.

"Only in Japan would a popular weekly news magazine deem it necessary to exhort the nation's youth to abstain from sexual abstinence: 'Young people, don't hate sex,' AERA magazine pleaded last month in a report detailing a precarious drop in sales of condoms and in business at Japan's rent-by-the-hour 'love hotels.'"

same headline appeared again last month in the Daily Mail: "No sex please, we're Japanese: Country heads for extinction as survey reveals young people shunning marriage [published Nov. 8, 2011.]

"Japan is ... heading for extinction after researchers found that more and more of the country's young people are shunning the idea of marriage and having children.

"One in four unmarried men and women in their 30's say they have never had sex, and the majority of young women prefer the single life.



Japanese society has been sexualized to such an extent that marriages are no longer viable.

"Mothers are not seen by their husbands as sexually desirable anymore. Once a child is born, the mother becomes like a relative, not a sexual partner anymore. (This may explain why so many families only have one child)....

"The Japanese sex industry is the biggest in the world (in terms of money generated). Porn magazines are available at every convenience store and read widely, even in public. Many Japanese men are obviously sexually frustrated. According to the Durex global sex survey, the Japanese are the national group that have sex the least often among the surveyed countries around the world. 37% of Japanese respondents said they had sex at least once a week (as opposed to 78% in China, 70 to 87% in southern Europe and 55 to 80% in northern Europe), and a dismal 15% admitted to being sexually satisfied.

"Extramarital affairs are an almost culturally accepted part of life in Japan. A middle-aged married man won't be in trouble at home for seeking romance with young bar hostesses, or having sex with prostitutes in a soap land or 'massage parlour'. These are accepted facets of married life in Japan."

snip... what a dysfunctional country...

Japanese "continuity" has been shredded. Family tradition and religious devotion have been crushed.

Within the past several years, a group of young Japanese men convicted of videotaping their gang rape of a female schoolmate were described by a high-level government figure with the words, "as least they are vigorous".

Japanese pornography is generally amongst the most violent and perverted sort, featuring horrific rapes, pedophilia, incest, invasion of restrooms, obsessions with menstrual blood, and the glorification of sexually sociopathic computerized machines.

Something has gone terribly wrong in Japan. Ownership of child pornography is not yet a criminal offense. Only international pressure has forced the Japanese government to crack down on child porn distribution.

The comparatively honorable ethics of Japanese Samurai culture (described by historians as one of Japan's greatest contributions to global culture) have been pressured in the direction of disorder, fragmentation, and sterility.

The Illuminati were capable of accomplishing both their short- and long-term ends in Japan for a few reasons.

Japan is a culture of silence and repression. What Westerners take for normal, outward, interpersonal communication is easily taken as a shocking affront in Japanese culture.

The Japanese do not ask direct questions, even concerning the least of things. An elaborate route of intricate behavioral and verbal rules controls and confines social exchange.

Within that sort of context, it is not difficult to produce invasions and interpositions of a very serious and profound sort, which are then permitted to grow larger and larger -- because, simply put, no one is willing to voice their open and direct objections.

For example, women who are raped or beaten often choose not to speak out, because to speak out is to become an anomaly, and to become an anomaly is to become a pariah. The last thing normal everyday Japanese individuals desire is to draw attention to themselves.

The Japanese look down upon anyone who suffers or commits errors. A woman was raped? She's an outcast because she probably set herself up for it. A family home was burglarized? They were too weak and vulnerable to prevent it. Japanese are taught to blame themselves for every mishap, crime, victimization, and miserable circumstance.

What better place to manipulate, than a land and a culture where self-blame is the automatic response to failure, and where no one is bold enough to confront the issues?

You could do anything -- even cause a nuclear disaster -- and no one of importance would speak out.

snip... yeah, thanks Japan for being Japanese!

Yeah, speaking of Fukushima:

A big negative of working with the Japanese is that they ostracize you for being an outsider. Despite teaching 11 classes a week, I am frequently told that I am a 'guest'. I have to work in a different office than the Japanese staff and I am not allowed to use any school equipment including computers.

I have had various fallings-out because I broke one of their 10 million invisible rules. In one incident, I was chastised for borrowing a mug from the school nurse. It turns out that her mugs can only be used by students receiving medical treatment. Although she gave me the mug, I was judged to have somehow intimidated her. I was asked by management to bring my own mug to school.

In Japanese schools you cannot wear your normal shoes inside the building. When I first arrived they put me in a pair of rock hard sandals and after half an hour of teaching I couldn't feel my feet. I leant on the desk to get some relief, but was told this is a grievous insult in Japan. It means you feel superior and are looking down on the students in disdain.

When I explained that I could barely walk, my monitor kept repeating, while nodding and smiling in an unhinged way, 'we must respect the Japanese custom.'They really struggle to understand a non-Japanese perspective.

Japanese culture is about conformity to a thick web of manners, and this makes it inherently exclusive and conservative.


This has led me to wonder if the Fukushima nuclear crisis was an Illuminati attack designed to wipe these people out? Or at least fatally demoralize them?

In his book 'The Fugu Plan', Rabbi Marvin Tokayer reveals declassified documents that show the WW2
Japanese elite were not privy to the Illuminati agenda. They probably still are.

The Japanese Emperor has been known to have meetings with David Rockefeller but, symbolically, he is currently in hospital and rumored to be suffering from
radiation poisoning after visiting Fukushima.

I view Fukushima as a slow kill attack on the Japanese people, working on two main fronts. Firstly, the radiation will cripple Japan. It is reported that the radiation leaking out in Fukushima is 33x worse than Chernobyl!

This will make the country increasingly inhospitable, grievously damage the economy and drain the willpower of the people.
Mongolia has just banned the import new Japanese cars due to radiation fears.

Secondly, the cost of repairing the country will bankrupt the Japanese government. A professor at the University of Tokyo has estimated that it will cost $10 trillion to clean up the mess, a price that
would bankrupt Japan many times over.

The disaster will weaken Japan over the coming decades,  forcing it to become subordinate to a
EU-style Asia-Pacific bloc.

Watching television footage of the smoking Fukushima power plant, are we witnessing ethnic cleansing on an unprecedented scale?

snip... some advice from a reader:

The Japanese dont mind being yelled at. Aggressively. Do it!

Enjoy it. It isnt racist - they want it to happen. Give them a burst, and then another, then cool off before telling them it was unfortunate that they had to receive your disapproval.

Too many foreigners are no better than the Japanese for modesty. They have a perfectly necessary fuss, the Japanese tut-tut and the foreigner thinks he is in the wrong. Not so - the Japanese were wrong in the first place. The Japanese are a man-child race who are more concerned with being nice than being good. Dont be nice to the Japanese - be good for yourself and those around you. They need it.

Maybe Japan should become extinct...

Your unquestioning conformity and obedience to a corrupt government has set up a nuclear disaster that is literally poisoning the entire Northern Hemisphere, and will shortly make Japan itself uninhabitable.

Yet you obey when your leaders tell you not complain as they burn radioactive debris, just like you obey all your social customs and mores while you take in kiddie porn and Godzilla and Gundam.  Just like you went along with going beyond industrialization and tried world conquest.

Karma's a bitch, right?  It's going to be a motherfucker to the Japanese People if you don't wake up and do something.  Something needs to be done because if there isn't a revolution in Japan, Fukushima will irradiate the planet to the point of no return.  Japan will be gone and who will stop a billion and a half asshole Chinese in a crashed global economy from trying THEIR turn at world conquest?


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