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Flash mission perogative, intel op needed for the Iowa Caucus
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Word is that the Republican Caucus in Iowa is going to have their meeting in secret in order to prevent a Ron Paul nomination victory. Someone needs to get boots on the ground, find the location of the meeting and make it public, then stake out as many of the alternate locations as possible.

Caucus members tend to not be the best secret keepers, and will be made up up VIPs mostly from around the state, however national level VIPs will travel to the area in order to push their own agendas.

With these VIPs go their personal entourages, and that also ALWAYS means some advance people. The Advance teams usually involve at least one security person, a protocol person, and a travel manager. Lower level people will have one person or firm conduction all three functions.

The advance people tend to need to be in charge of booking lodging, arranging security and meeting some representatives of the press ahead of time in order to schedule news releases and interviews. They also may be in contact with lobbyists and delegates. Identification of the advance people and their activities can be used to determine the overall travel agenda of the VIPs, which in turn will give you a pretty good idea on where to look for the larger scale meeting taking place.

You will be looking for the following:
A surge in vehicle rentals in a given area (check airports to see if reservations are backlogged for any reason). Check for some new type of gathering, like a convention listed under some other cause or purpose which did not appear to be scheduled very far out, or does not have fairly well known keynote speakers in a given industry that is associated with that convention.

If you are in the security business, check for inquiries for bodyguard and security services at a convention or gathering that usually does not involve them. Whatever this thing is, it will involve a fair number of security contracts. On the upper end, that means jobs for ex-cops, people who are part time US Marshals, sometimes ex-military people with VIP security experience. See if someone who does not normally work in Iowa is suddenly getting scheduled to work there, and find out which town. People who previously had been scheduled to work the caucus will probably at least know the town they are expected to show up to, the town where they are expected to get their hotel rooms and stay ect.

Look for notices of an increase in law enforcement activity in some particular area for no obvious reason.

Delegates like entertainment, so the upscale hookers and escort agencies will likely be given backdoor intel on where to be ready to handle business. Likewise, the security guys and feds for some reason seem to really like Hooters, you might get intel there. Otherwise, look for an upsurge in business at middle to upscale stripper clubs, 30-something in shape military looking guys with not much of any explanation of why they are in town.

Spikes in hotel reservations are a biggie, people booking limo services, executive sedan services, and busses. Caterers will also be contacted by advance people and need to arrange things ahead of time. Gas station attendants, caterers and drivers for those services can be a source of intel.

The most important information to gain at this point will be the location of the caucus. Preferably roughly two days notice in the closed forums, one days notice in the open forums. A month or a week would be nice, but I am guessing the intel would only have a half life of hours before it becomes fairly well known.

The other task will of course be vetting the false info, verifying information and sorting out who is BS and who is not. Remember for future reference who is passing correct information vs those who were given bad information and passed it along vs those who prove to be intentionally passing false information. Keep in mind who those people are, especially those who later prove to have been intentionally passing false information.

I would have to check the laws on this, but it may also be possible that the whole thing could legitimately be conducted in another state, but I am not sure. If so, then it would likely be in a neighboring state.

I have not been an ardent Ron Paul supporter for a number of reasons, but secrecy and subterfuge in selecting a presidential candidate is absolutely unacceptable. If we don't do something, a lot of something, then this could be the end of the Republican party as we know it, and effectively put this country into one party rule. Ron Paul, win or lose, has to be given an honest and fair chance at a presidential nomination or the credibility of the electoral system, and the long term interests of Republicans, will be over.

You know how little play we have with the Democrats and how badly third parties traditionally perform, but the third party option remains as a fallback plan, not the main plan. Plan A is for Ron Paul to run on the ticket of an established first party, not represent a spoiler vote like Ross Perot did.

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