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Napoleonic Ammunition Conservation

Nominee for Quote of the Decade, over at WRSA:

If the absolute best that the so-called intelligentsia of the freedom movement can come up with is “Wait behind your door, trembling, until you are confronted with an overwhelmingly superior force who has come to kill you”, we are indeed completely screwed.
Or those folks pushing that position are completely full of....

One or the other.

Holiday talk at an American fast-food restaurant

This is not the situation of Team Freedom- 


This is not the enemy faced by liberty in our nation-

This is the situation, and the enemy we face.

This is how the enemy approaches citizens now, in their homes.  This is "whites of their eyes" in practice-

So is this-

And this-

And, sadly, this-

It's not too hard to understand, really.

Contemporary America has absolutely NOTHING to do with Bunker Hill, or an admonition based on Napoleonic tactics, smoothbore musket best practices, maximum effective ranges, and attempts to conserve ammunition.  Given the initiative and modern firearms, the "whites of their eyes" admonition would never had been uttered.  

In reality, had the defenders had sufficient ammunition, it never would have been uttered.

How foolish is it to choose to die with a full cartridge box.

The enemies of liberty are all around, and close.  You can see them on TV and on the internet.  They are "whites of their eyes" close to us every day.

This is not Bunker Hill.  Patriots are not nearly out of ammunition.  Smoothbore muskets are for enthusiasts, re-enactors, and museums.  The initiative is still there for the taking. 

Jose Guerena saw the whites of their eyes.  So did Solzhenitsyn, and millions of Russians.

Wait, if you wish, for many reason.  Just don't wait until it is too late.  Do not decide now to give the enemy the initiative in all cases.

Do not be the lone crossbowman holding his fire until he sees the whites of the armored knight's eyes behind his visor.  Shoot that horse down as far away as you can.  Then run, and do it again when you must.

You can see "the whites of their eyes" quite well while strapped to a torture chair.  Likewise from your cell.  You can see the whites of their eyes while standing against the wall.  There's plenty of time for that, later.

The hardest part of all that AP is for Americans conditioned their whole lives by every institution to obey to stop doing just that. It's a mindfuck to realize that you've been lied to, used, abused.
Get past that then there's the despair, and apathy-that's where a education on Freedom and those who fought for it can come in handy.

It can also be as simple as say, seeing your daughter run over and you get arrested for trying to see her. Or sticking up for what the cops like to call your 'perceived' rights. Or simply because some rookie or some copcunt has to make their bones so they can truly be 'part of the team'.

That team runs this on a local level; cops, agents, bureaucrats, prosecutors, judges, 'your' defense attorney. They get hired and take their orders from the local elected officials, which is why I've been advocating recall elections featuring full campaign tickets since 2005, why I advocated Ron Paul get some 'coat tails' going in 08.

Most of the tyranny is on a local level and will remain so even during straight FEMA martial law. I got friends who say the government will collapse with the economy but seeing the hints on how much FEMA is preparing for this and the enemy's desire to collapse the economy to starve us, that's the last thing that will happen-on it's own.

You have to MAKE it happen: get real and find a town and stage that recall election like the GIs of Athens Tennessee did in 1946, or hunt them down and shoot at them-but not like the GIs of Athens Tennessee did in 1946-you hit to kill.

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