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DHS Calls Veteran Giving Cease & Desist Warning This Morning
Wednesday, November 7, 2012 12:06
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—– Original Message —–
From: S
To: P
Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2012 6:46 AM
Subject: Re: BREAKING – Obama IS Conducting Secret Negotiations With Iran -

> Received this message this morning from a Patriot Poster on Facebook—
> All,
> This is my last political related message, I am done…
> You may have noticed I am removing all political posts and have disliked
> or un-joined all politically relevant content from my accounts.
> You may not be in as much danger as me, but since I am a war veteran and
> so politically active, I received a call this morning from a Special
> Agent with the Department of Homeland Security basically giving me a
> Cease and Desist warning that if my political posts and advocating do not
> stop and my resistance to President Obama’s administration does not stop
> I will be arrested> Gone was Freedom of Speech earlier this year when
> President Obama signed HR 347 into law. And that is is only the beginning
> his re-election has signed and sealed our fate.
> Be careful and simply pray, don’t post, just pray, I do believe God’s
> judgement has arrived to America, and the days ahead are going to get
> very hard and scary for those of us who live or attempt to live according
> to God’s Word and principles. Persecution of Christian Church is going to
> become widespread across America, many of us will be arrested and perhaps
> even to the point of being martyred for Christ.
> God protect our families, and please come soon Lord Jesus!

Well if he wanted to not be on any 'enhanced' enemy list he was too late when he made his first keystroke in dissent.  That's the reality we face.

The internet as we know it will soon be gone and with it any time to prepare so stock up on food, seed, water purification, ammunition, spare parts, load gear, and of course reliable military pattern rifles and pistols.

Freedom has been fucked for a long time in America-since America didn't heed the example of the GIs of Athens TN in 1946 but certainly since the enemy COINTELPRO infiltrated and took over the Freedom Movement and subverted it into uselessness.

Seriously, go out and BUY now because you won't have another chance to acquire what you need without MUCH greater cost... that is, bloodshed.

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