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A few days ago, Rawles of proposed a redoubt for patriots.

...Which is nothing that hasn't been proposed before.  This is my response at Western Rifle Shooters:

Hmmm, William Johnstone proposed this some decades back via his Ben Raines post apocalypse novels-about the “Tri States” that occupy the same sparsely populated, rugged part of America. The US government went in and eventually won.

Remember we’re dealing with a pack of bastards who made Texas back down on a bill to stop the TSA from getting their rape on with whoever they think is sexy to them. Used the threat of shutting down air travel in and out of Texas to accomplish this.

Looking at the map alone and knowing the likely numbers of patriots and resources vs a beast that is slowly digesting small businesses, farms, gun owners and anyone and anything else that might become independent and a redoubt by itself just gives the enemy a place to mass their forces.

No-Our America’s sovereignty will come from both redoubts and outposts in enemy territory. Whole states and single towns. Established groups and lone wolves working together against a common enemy.

The point is we have to present the enemy with too many targets to take out at the same time being able to marshall our resources as needed. Rawles version of the Tri-States won’t even work as proposed because you need local political control, which is something most people forget and which I’ve been emphasizing endlessly about.

Now, Arctic Patriot had his own reply which bears repeating here:

Thoughts on the "American Redoubt", posted by Rawles, linked at WRSA.

I prefer Alaska personally, but then, I'm biased...and I'm already here.

Mr Rawles, in my opinion, often presents unaffordable and unrealistic "survival" options, but his ideas are valuable in that they give a person a basic frame of reference to work from.  Building a fully-stocked second home or "retreat" is a non-starter for most people, and I recommend learning how to produce rather than storing food for twenty years.  Have "preps", for sure, but "preps" in my mind are only to tide you over until you adjust to the situation.  I digress...

On the subject of secession, and an autonomous breakaway region in North America, I know there is a lot of debate about the feasability of such a movement's success.

The US government's military might is fearful.  No doubt.  Consider though, if you would, the one thing many fail to realize, namely, that the US government is great at blowing things up, but is utterly incapable of winning wars, being stuck in a WW1/WW2 mindset.

Name me one war America has clearly won and exited in the last sixty years...

Just one.

You cannot. (Well, there's Grenada, I suppose...)

America is repeatedly spanked -or at least fought to an ugly stalemate- by peasants with AKs, Mosin-Nagants, and LPC (leather personnel carrier) technology.

An "American Redoubt", if executed with proper (crisis) timing, combined with a healthy dose of offensive 4GW to destabilize the failing artificial nationalized democracy, is likely the last best hope for the idealogical preservation of "America".

Face it folks, there is no hope of salvaging what is left of this nation.

Still unwinnable, you claim? 

Well, how's your plan to "vote" or elect your way to liberty going?  How did it work out for Jose Guerena?  The thousands molested each day at the hands of the TSA?  The recent smackdown of Texas vs. TSA?

Our system is irretrievably broken, and as unlikely as some may think succession will be, one thing is certain-

There have been absolutely no positive steps taken politically in our nation for the past sixty or so years.  Not one. 

Why not?

We have to move beyond mere politics. and look at meta-politics, namely, the forces, premises, and foundations upon which our politics are based.

Liberty is nowhere to be found in the meta-politics of this nation.  Therefore, political movement toward liberty is less likely to succeed than is secession.  You cannot mine gold or recover oil from ground that does not contain ore or oil deposits.  Likewise, liberty cannot be hoped for when it is not even in the foundation of our politics.

More on this later.  This subject really has my interest.  Not specifically the "American Redoubt", but the one of secession.  Secession seems unlikely for now...

just as unlikely as American Independence must have seemed in 1774.

I do not want a "civil war", ie one fought to wrest control of the government from the currently elected government.  The majority of the people in this nation do want a nanny state, along with some degree of statism.

I do want a peaceful secession from our artificial nationalized democracy.

Make no mistake though, there will never be a peaceful secession.  There never has been in this nation, and there never will be.

Keep this in mind also as you mull it over...

National Socialist Germany, in the height of its expansionist power, never tried to invade Switzerland.  One of the (several) reasons why -and this is pure speculation- might have been the daunting task of subjugating a mountainous nation full of citizens who were armed, trained, and resistant to invasion.

The US military is awesome at blowing things up.  I am not sure it could decisively win a 4th Generation conflict with a breakaway region, if the secession/breakaway was executed with the right timing.

I'd like to hear your thoughts.

At least think on it...

Remember Jose Guerena.


...In his comments, one guy has I think the summation of what we're doing wrong, and what we need to do:

Alan W. Mullenax said...
Oh, for Christ's sake. More jaw jacking. More key pounding. It's getting monotonous.

Listen up gentlemen. You're gonna have to reach down in to your scrotum and find out if you do in fact have testicles.

Lessee. Now I'm gonna have to move. I've gotta have food for a year. I have to have ammo to take on half the country. Yada, yada, yada.


You fucking people are gonna have to rid yourselves of that yellow streak down your back. You're gonna have to come to the understanding that we have to come together some how, somewhere, and make a stand. We need to make history and not let history make us.

I am so sick of this of I'm only gonna protect mine. Jesus! What horseshit.

Imagine for a moment those men on the Lexington Green. If they thought as you do, they never would have been there. The Redcoats would have just waltzed through and history would be quite different from what it now is.

I can be anywhere in the continental US within 36 hours. You call me, I will come. Sorry. I don't fly. Besides, they probably wouldn't allow my 30lb chest rig and weapons.

Pick the Green gentlemen. Pick the Green. Time to get jam up and jelly tight. I'll lead or I'll follow. I just wanna know I have a man to my left and a man to my right.

Times up. We can keep talking about radios, gear, weapons, capabilities, politics, etc.

Ain't gonna change. Nothing is gonna change.

Leave all that prep for the wife and kids. Pray that they make it.

I can assure you that if you don't stand up, somewhere, some how, they won't.

Now, you sons of bitches know how I feel.

Sorry Justin. Had to be said. Even if nothing comes of it.

...There isn't going to be a redoubt formed in the NW before the shooting starts, there's no time.

What IS time... time past... is to rally to the aid of fellow patriots being picked off one by one by the enemy.  Dave Olofson, Jose Guerna, Gordon Kahl, Richard Sabo, Charles Dyer... several thousand others forgotten by all but the beast as they rot in their graves or rot in their prison cells.

Some ask for a Lexington-look locally, there's plenty of choices to be had.

As much as it violates PERSEC and OPSEC we need a comm network-if one patriot is going down those that can need to back him up-RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

Now, the national debt sized question is, will you answer the call?  Because in the end you can risk all now or certainly lose all later when the beast targets you in it's most winning strategy of this 'dagger war'.

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