Monday, May 16, 2011

Leonidas, I'd amend that question to "what are you willing to sacrifice for a chance at victory-while there's still a chance?"

Your home?

Your family?

Your social life, your comforts?

To be able to function in a society that is rapidly becoming totalitarian, with the facade of freedom noticeably peeling off even to those hopelessly zonked out on the TV?

What if waiting for that SHTF is too late?

What if waiting for that SHTF is a scam-to keep us preoccupied with a looming crisis while the enemy always acts incrementally?

Those that signed the Declaration of Independence, those who lined up to certain death at Lexington, and chased the British Army throughout Concord back to Boston-THEY DECIDED. They did the mental math, decided and acted upon that decision.

The movement's been doing the mental math over and over... and most have made what history will prove to be the WRONG decision... but they're too afraid to man up to admit that decision. They play, pretend, to be Rebel because it's a salve for the anguish they feel in their very souls to choose the creature comforts still afforded by the beast over Freedom.

It's an understandable calculation, but it's the wrong one. I do feel however there is still time for those who have made these bad decisions to amend to God and Country.

Those that fought against the British Empire, they risked all-and a lot them gave all, even their families lives, for Freedom. Nothing less will do for us.

And Freedom does NOT involve throwing those poorer than us to the wolves, backstabbing fellow Patriots, or endlessly requoting Von Mises, Jefferson, Rand, or whoever and calling it Mission Accomplished.

Freedom involves making connections, alliances. Freedom involves getting out into one's town, finding out who does what (and to whom) and proceeding against them accordingly. Freedom involves walking the walk... how many Americans can say they do that? I mean, the enemy walks their walk-all over us-as routinely as some of us dig out a Patrick Henry quote.

Have I done enough? No. Am I trying, or at least trying to try? That I can say... I'm trying... trying to try. Sound's awful weak but I'm being truthful.

I'm gonna try to do more. I think we all can.

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